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WWE NXT Results (4/17/14)

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WWE NXT Results (4/17/14)
From Full Sail Universary
Reported by Gesus Oliver of

Show starts with Collin Cassidy (Big Bambino) making his way to the ring or singles action. Aiden English comes out next and serenades us with a beautifully sung entrance.

Big Cas vs Aiden English

Both men come out of their corner and Aiden gives Big Cas a boot to the gut. Big Cas throws him in the corner and chops him. Pulls him out and gives him a knee. Then a club to the back. Puts Aiden in the corner again and chops him. Picks Aiden off the matt and gives him the Big Boot. Goes for the pin only gets 2. Aiden gets out of the ring to create separation. Cas goes out after him and gets a knee. Aiden comes back in and gets control of the match. Big Cas climbs up the corner and gets a series of elbows. Aiden pulls out Cas and gives him a knee and goes for the pin for 2. Aiden kicks Big Cas in the back. Then puts him in the ropes and Aiden chokes Cas. Irish whip Big Cas reverses to a back drop. Gets Aiden up for suplex. Aiden revers and goes for his finisher. Big Cas reverses that. Big Cas goes again for the suplex Aiden reverses into a small package and pins for the win.

Winner via pinfall Aiden English

Backstage segment with Tyler Breeze.

A video of Paige after announcing she won the Divas Title.

Raw backstage Footage of a Paige interview about holding both championships.

Commacho vs Oliver Grey

Both men lock up. Oliver gets behind Commacho and tastes an Eblow. Oliver gives Commacho a drop kick. Commacho Irish Whips Oliver and gives him an below. Puts him in the corner and stomps him. Pulls him out and gives him a running suplex. Pinks Grey for two. Picks up Grey and clubs his back. Commacho gives Grey a samoan drop pins him for the win.

Winner via pinfall Commacho (Time: 58 seconds)

Backstage interview with Bo Dallas

Ascension is up next.

Ascension vs Wesley Blake and Cal Bishop

Ascension comes out with big clothes lines to Wesley. Wesley is dumped outside. Victor attacks Wesley with a series of chops. Victor rolls him in. Victor stalks Wesley and threw him into his corner. Tags Connor and stomps Blake in the corner. Conner tags out. Victor in and shuts off the ring. Another Tag and they do the Hi-Low for the pin and victory.

Ascension wins via pinall (Time: 2:13)

Backstage interview with the BFF's CJ Parker makes his way to the ring to address the NXT universe. Khali cuts him off.CJ Parker vs The Great Khali CJ Parker chops Khali and Khali pushes CJ down. Khali puts CJ in the corner and silences the crowd to chop CJ. Khali dumps CJ out of the ring and Parker hits his head on the ramp. CJ gets in the ring and has Khali in the corner. Gives him a series of punches to Khali. Khali pushes CJ down. CJ goes o the top rope and gets Khali's big chop. Then a big boot. CJ gets up to a series of clothes lines. CJ gets up and again and gets a Punjabi Plunge. Khali pins CJ for the win. Winner via pinfall Khali (Time: 2:35)Emma respondes to the Tag team challenge from the BFF's.Backstage exclusive with Sami Zayn about his match and the ref ending it.

Team Team match Jason Jordan and Todd Dilenger vs Sawyer and Baron Corbin

Jason and Baron lock up. Baron gets Jason in a head lock.. Blind tag and a double team. Todd gets a pin for 2. Puts Baron in the corner and chops him. Todd irish whips Baron and baron reverses. Baron gives Todd a massive clothes line, pin for 2. Baron tags Sawyer. Sawyer gives Todd a series of elbows on the ground. Sawyer drives Todd into the corner and tags out. Baron gives Todd a stalling suplex. pins Todd for 2. Puts Todd into a headlock. Todd feeding off the crowd gets up and suplexed for his troubles. corbin gives him an below and misses. Both teams on the hot tag. JJ flips Baron over. Tags out. They do a double team DDT and pin fall for the victory.

Winner via pinfall Jason Jordan and Todd Dillenger. (Time 4:28)

Brodus Clay vs Adrian Nevil ©

Adrian gives Brodus a couple of fling elbows. Backs Brodus into the corner. Brodus fights his way out and whips Aidan. Aidan gets behind Brodus for a headlock and gets thrown off. Brodus puts Adrian into the corner and whips him into the other corner. Brodus gives Adrian a capture suplex. Picks him off the part and punches him in the heart. Pins Adrian for two. Brodus sits Adrian up and clubs him. Brodus clubs Adrian's head. Brodus sits on Adrian pins him for two. Picks Adrian up and Adrian gives Brodus a series of kicks. Brodus backs Adrian into the corner and gives him a series of punches. Brodus then chokes Adrian. Brodus then stands on Adrian. Adrian is slow to get up. Brodus picks him up and slams him down. Brodus locks in the trapezius hold. Adrian feeds off the crowd and fights back. Gives Brodus a series of strikes. Brodus goes for the power bomb and Adrian fights out. Gives Brodus a few more kicks to the knee. Then drop kicks Brodus' knee. Adrian kids Brodus to the temple from the outside. Adrian hits Brodus with a flying forearm. Adrian goes to the top rope and misses on the Red Arrow. Brodus headbutss Adrian and Adrian rolls out of the ring. Brodus in pursuit. Brodus suplexes Adrian to the outside. From the top of the steps goes for the Eblow and misses. Both men slow to get up and beats the 10 count.

Winner via count out Adrian Nevil (Time 6:31)

Brodus tries to fight after the match is over and Adrian Drop kicks Brodus through the ropes. Brodus then backs up the ramp.

Welcome everyone to Matt Kunka and Gesus Oliver's Open Thread for WWE Legends' House and NXT. We will not have live results for Legends' House, but once NXT starts, refresh the page for live results.

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