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WWE NXT Results (4/24/14)

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WWE NXT Results (4/24/14)
From Full Sail Universary
Reported by Gesus Oliver of

Show opens with Paige walking back stage and runs into JBL. He is informing her that it's not fair for the NXT talent to not have the title there with them. He informs her that the decision has been made to strip her of the title. Paige refuses to give up title. JBL sympathizes with her and informs her that they're willing to set up a tournament. Paige then reluctantly hands the title over.

NXT Intro video

The Show starts off with Lana on stage and introduces Rusev.

Rusev vs Travis Tyler

Travis comes out of the corner with a drop kick. Travis hits the ropes and Rusev meets him with a shoulder block. Rusev drops him to the matt. Rusev hits Travis with Elbows to the chest while he's on the matt. Rusev pins Travis for two. Rusev duplexes Travis with an unorthodox suplex. He locks in the camel clutch.

Rusev wins via submission (Time 1:35)

Backstage interview with Adam Rose

Adam Rose talks about Camacho's comments regarding him last week.

Charlotte and Sasha Banks vs Emma and Paige

The match starts with action in the corner. Sasha hits the ropes and blind tagged by Charlotte. Emma gets the tag and double suplexs Charlotte. Charlotte gets Paige in a toe hold. Paige reverses. Charlotte gets nthe corner. Ties Paige up in the corner as well and Paige throws some blind elbows. Charlotte down, pin for two. Paige throws Charlottee by her hair to the matt. Tags in Emma. Emma picks up Charlotte and eats a forearm. Charlotte gets a code breaker from Emma. Charlotte gets a tag. Sasha jumps on Emma and bangs her head on the matt. Puts Emma into the corner and tags out again. They double team Emma. Charlotte pins emma for two. Charlotte figure four's Emma's head. Emma breaks out. Charlotte back into the headlock. Emma bridges out and pins Charlotte. Emma crawls for the hot tag and Charlotte pulls her away. Charlotte goes for the elbow drop misses and Emma gets the tag. Both women are hot out of the corner. Paige knocks down Sasha gets her up for the scorpion cross lock and Charlotte drop kicks Paige's knee. Charlotte hits Paige with her finisher. Charlottee pins Paige for the victory

Charlotte and Sasha Banks win via pinball (Time 5:54)

Tyson Kidd vs Mason Ryan

Mason trying to cut off the ring for Tyson. Tyson hits the ropes cross bodies Mason and gets caught. Mason drives him into the corner and gives him a knee. Mason pulls him out and clubs him on the his back. Picks him up and slams him down. Leg drops Kidd and pins for two. Tyson is up and hits the ropes to use his speed. Drop kicks Mason's knee and gives him several kicks on the matt. Kidd pins Mason for two. Kidd gets Mason in a headlock. Mason gets out. Kidd kicks Mason and gets caught. Kidd then hits the ropes and tries to slingshot in and is caught again. Mason pins Kidd for two. Mason whips kidd into the corner and Kidd reverses with knees. Tyson hits Mason with a flipping neck breaker. Pins Mason for the win

Winner via pinfall Kidd (Time 3:15)

Post match interview for Tyson Kidd from Renee Young.

Angelo Dawkins vs Tyler Breeze

Both men lock up. Dawkins gets behind and belly to back suplex. Tyler gets aggressive and throwing random punches. Tyler big kick to the back. Tyler pin for two. Tyler gets Dawkins in headlock. Dawkins gets out. Tyler gets right back on Dawkins throwing punches. Tyler Breeze hits Dawkins with the beauty shot.

Tyler Breeze wins via Pinfall (Time 2:02)

Cory Graves and Ascension vs Sami Zayn and the Usos

Uso and Victor lock up. Uso knocks down Victor and Victor gets the tag to Corey. Sami wants in and gets the tag. They chase eachother around the ring. Corey tags out quickly. Sami locks up with Konnor and takes a knee to the upper chest. Konner quickly tags Corey and he gets control of a downed Zayn. Sami gets back up and starts throwing punches on Corey. Corey gets free and tags out to Victor. Victor whips Sami into the corner. Sami reverses Victors rush with an elbow. Sami hits Victor with a high heel kick and pins him for two. Sami gets victor in a head lock and walks him into the corner to tag Jay. Jay climbs the rope and comes down on Victors arm. Jay chops Victor and whips him into the corner. Tags Jimmy and double teams victor. Pins victor for two. Jimmy whips Victor into the corner. Tags his bother Jay. Usos do some double team moves to Victor and keeps him isolated from the corner. Jay pins Victor for two. Jay grapevines Victors knee and gets the tag. Jimmy hits the ropes and splash victor pins him for two. Jimmy pulls him into the corner again and tags Sami. Sami gets control of Victor and pulls him into the corner. Tags in Jay. Jay comes in and puts Victor in the corner. Goes to rush him and Victory reverses. Victor backs Jay into his corner and gets a tag to Konnor. Konnor comes out and starts giving Jay some boots to the chest. Konnor picks up Jay and flap jacks him.

Commerical Break

We come back to Victor in control. Victor tags in. They double team Jay. Jay gets a punch into Konnor. Konnor chops Jay. Pins Jay for two. Konnor gets Kay into a headlock. Jay gets out of the headlock. Konnor tags in Corey Graves. Graves stomps on Jay. Corey gives Jay a suplex. Graves pins Jay for two. Corey gets Jay in another had lock and keeps him down on the matt. Corey rolls Jay over and pins him for two. Jay feeding off the crowd. Corey backs into the corner and Victor gets the tag. Victor starts stomping Jay. Picks up Jay and gives him a series of chops all over the ring. Victor then backs Jay into the corner and chops some more. Jay falls and Victor pins him for two. Victor then gets Uso into a head lock. Jay feeding off the crowd some more. Jay slams Victor to get free. Victor gets the tag to Konnor. Konnor comes out and whips Jay. Jay reverses for a pin of two. Jay hits Konnor with an elbow. Jay tags Jimmy. Jimmy comes out hot hitting elbows. Jimmy hits Victor with a knee and Samoan Drop. Konnor comes in and gets a Samoan Drop too. Jimmy gives Victor a big boot. Then gives him a running hip into the corner. Corey slides in and gets Jimmy in a small package. Jimmy hits Corey with a spin kick. Sami gets the tag and is in off the top rope and hits Corey with a cross body. Pins him for two. Corey crawls up the corner. Sami rushes him and and Corey catches him. Sami reverses and hits a big power bomb. Pins Corey and it's broken up by both members of the Ascension. Sami and Jimmy clothes line both members out of the ring. Sami gives Corey a big boot in the corner. Jay grabs Sami and they suicide dive outside the ring. Jimmy the legal man splashes Corey and gets the pin.

The Usos and Sami Zayn win via pin fall.

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