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NXT Live Results 5/22/14

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WWE NXT Results (5/22/14) From Full Sail University Reported by Gesus Oliver of

The show starts with Bo Dallas coming to the ring for his if he loses he leaves NXT if he wins he gets a NXT title shot match.

Bo Dallas vs Big E

Bo gets the headlock off the lock up. Big E shoves him off into the ropes and knocks him out of the ring. Bo is slow to get back into the ring. Bo runs at Big E and E jumps then shoulder blocks him down. Bo is in the corner. E gives him the punches only gets to 5. Bo hits he mat and roles out of the ring. E in pursuit and hits Bo's head on the ring. Bo rolls in and back out the other side. E still pursuing. Bo with a big knee to E. Bo slams E's head into the stairs. Bo picks E up and rolls him into the ring. Goes for the cover and Big E kicks out at 2. Bo punches him and goes for another pain to no avail. Bo locks in a reverse chin lock.


As we come back we see Big E spear Bo into the corner. Hits the ropes and Bo knocks E down. Bo goes for the pin only gets two. Bo gives E a big elbow then a huge clothesline. Bo goes for the pin only gets two. Bo tries to whip E into the corner. E reverses and whips Bo hard. Bo gets up and E gives him a series of clotheslines and a belly to belly. E then sets up and hits Bo with another big clothesline. E goes for a big ending and Bo reverses hits a DDT. Bo puts E into the corner and gives him a series of forearm shots. E gets separation from Bo and gives him a huge Belly to Belly. E goes for a pin and only gets two. Big E goes for a splash Bo reverses. Bo hits E with a double hook DDT. Goes for a pin 1, 2, and Big E kicks out before 3. Bo takes of the turn buckle. Bo gets thrown into the bare turnbuckle. Big E goes for the pin.

Winner via pin fall Big E. Bo leaves NXT.

Bo is very upset. Crying that NXT can't leave him. Backstage exclusive with Tyson Kidd

Backstage interview with Sami Zayn

Zayn gets interrupted by Tyler Breeze. A challenge gets placed for an NXT Takeover match between Tyler Breeze and Sami Zayn.

Paige vs Tamina

Both women lock up. Tamina drives Paige into the corner repeatedly. Paige hits Tamian with a series of forearms. Paige hits Tamina with a head butt. Tamina throws Paige out of the ring by her air. Locks her up in the ropes. Tamina hits Paige with a clothes line. Tamina picks up Pagie and hits her with repeated body slams. Tamina goes for the pin but only gets two. Tamina throws Paige into the ropes and clubs her in the back. Tamina then picks up Paige and bear hugs her. Paige fights back with a series or punches. Tamina drops her and throws her into the ropes. Tamina gets a huge clothesline. Tamina goes for the pin only gets two. Tamina throws Paige into the ropes and clubs Paige in the back again. Tamina sets up Paige in the torture rack. Paige fights out of it. Paige drives Tamina into the corner. Throws a few elbows. Pulls Tamina out of the corner and hits her with a series of clotheslines. Paige hits Tamina with a huge knee. Paige kicks Tamina in the gut. Tamina picks up Paige puts her in the top rope and pushes her out. Paige is down on the outside. The count gets to 5 and Tamina goes out to throw Paige back in. Tamina goes for the top rope. Sets up for the splash. Paige reverses and rolls up Tamina.

Winner via Pinfall Paige.

Camacho vs Adam Rose

Both men rush out of their corners. Commacho throws Rose into the corner and gives him a series of punches. Rose gets in the ropes and rose peddles Camacho. Rose comes out of the ropes and starts pummeling Camacho. Rose sets up Camacho in the corner and hits him repeatedly. Camacho running slams Rose. Rose crawls to the corner. Camacho stomps Rose in the corner. Rose gets up and both men exchange punches. Camacho double underhook suplexes Rose. Camacho pins Rose for two. Rose gets up and chops Camacho. Camacho grabs rose and slams his head into the turnbuckle. Rose fires up and punches Camacho. Rose hits Camacho with a spine buster. Rose splashes Camacho in the corner. Camacho climbs up the ropes. Rose goes for the party foul and Camacho shoves him off. Camacho rolls out of the ring. Ref starts the count. Camacho is hesitant to go back in the ring. Camacho decides to stay out.

Winner via count out Adam Rose

Natalya vs Banks Semi Final for the NXT Divas Title.

Natalya chases Banks and Banks hits the ropes. Banks gets in and gets rolled up for two. Natalya gets a headlock on banks. Banks gets out and gets thrown into the rope. Banks gets hit by the shoulder block. Natalya rolls up Banks for two again. Nattie runs up and over Banks then drop kicks her. Goes for the pin but only gets two. Natie gets whipped into the corner and punched then slammed to the matt. Banks stomps on Nattie on the bottom rope. Banks goes for two. Banks locks Nattie into a submission. Nattie fights out by ramming Banks into the corner. Nattie hits Banks with a butterfly suplex. Banks bulldogs Nattie out of the corner. Banks rolls out of the ropes due to momentum. Charlotte yells at Banks to get in the ring. Nattie locks in the Sharp Shooter.

Winner via submission Natayla

Natalya goes to fight Charlotte on NXT Takeover for the NXT Divas Title.

Neville vs Hawkins

Both men circle and lock up. Hawkins gets the headlock and takes down Adrian. Adrian gets out and gets his own headlock. Hawkins gets out and clotheslines Adrian. Hawkins suplexs Adrian goes for the pin only gets two. Hawkins gets a headlock on Adrian. Adrian fights his way out. Adrian gives Hawkins a few forearms. Adrian with momentum hits a series of clotheslines and drop kicks on Hawkins. Adrian goes to the top rope and hits a huge missile drop kick. Adrian sets up in the corner and hits Hawkins with an uppercut. Adrian on the top rope and hits Hawkins with the Red Arrow.

Winner via Pinfall Adrian Nevill.

Tyson Kidd comes out from backstage mic in hand. Tyson congratulates Adrian. Lets him know from his own mouth that next week the NXT title is his. Tyson drops come facts on Adrian. Tyson says NXT title is his launching pad back to WrestleMania.

Adrian says NXT is the future and that he is the future. He says the only member taking home the gold next week as per usual is Tyson's wife.

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