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NXT Results (6/5/14)

WWE NXT Results (6/05/14) From Full Sail University Reported by Gesus Oliver of

Show starts out recapping NXT Takeover

The #1 contender for the NXT Title has entered the building.

Mojo Rawley vs Aiden English

Aiden comes out kicking and gets caught and clotheslined. Mojo sets up in the corner and splashes him. Aiden catches him and clotheslines him. Aiden gives him a few stomps. Picks up Mojo and gives him a few knees and takes him back down for a pin only getting two. Aiden slams his head into the corner and chops him. Mojo on the ground gets a punt to the gut and pinned for two. Aiden locks in a headlock. Mojo tries to get out but shoved into the corner. Mojo punches Aiden into the corner. Mojo pulls him out and hits him with the hyper drive for the win.

Winner via pinfall Mojo Rawley (Time 2:48)

Recap of the title match

Backstage interview with Natalia

Bayley vs Charlotte

Both women lock up and Charlotte gets the headlock. Bayley shoves her off into the ropes and gets a shoulder block. Two exchange arm drags but Bayley comes out on top with a suplex. Bayley to the top rope and hits a huge arm drag. Charlotte up and hits her own arm drag gets a pin for two. Charlotte up and snaps down Bayley and locks in a figure four head sisscors. Bayley rolls through. Charlotte kicks Bayley in the gut but Bayley throwing a few Axe Handles. Bayley splashes Charlotte in the corner. Bayley on the out site hitting Sasha. Bayley in on the second rope and hits Charlotte with an elbow. Bayley gets a pin for two. Charlotte up and hits Bayley with an elbow. The match gets interrupted by Summer Rae returning to NXT. Bayley tries for a blackslide pin but Charlotte kicks out. Charlotte hits Bayley with a Bow Down to the queen.

Winner via pinfall Charlotte. (Time 4:30)

Summer Rae and the BFF's partakes in a post match beatdown.

Paige and Emma come out to save Paige.

Tag Team Match Jason Jordan and Tye Dilenger vs Stewart and Phillip

Jordan and Black Trunks lock up. Black Trunks takes Jordan's back. Jordan reverses him and slams him to the mat. Jordan maintains control and backs up to corner for a tag. Todd in and snap mares Black Trunks. Tye then chops Black Trunks. Tye puts Black Trunks into the corner head first then chops him. Black Trunks reverses top chop Tye then reverses again and chops him. Tye tags out. Jordan kicks Black Trunks into the gut and tags out. Tye in and whips Black Trunks into the corner. Black Trunks gets an elbow to block and uses the opportunity to tag out. In comes red trunks. Red trunks hits the ropes gets caught and slammed down. Tye tags out and comes in Jordan. Slams Red trunks into the corner. Jordan pulls him out and maintains the headlock. Jordan picks him up and scoop slams him down. Jordan picks up red trunks and throws him back into the corner head first then tags out. Tye is in and drops a knee. Tye goes for a move and is reversed by Red Trunks. Tye is then pushed into the corner and Red trunks tag out. Black Trunks in controls Tye into the corner and tags back out. Red trunks kicks Tye and Tye gets out of the corner and chops red trunks. Red reverses and whips Tye into the corner. Red Trunks controlling Tye in the corner and tags out again. Black trunks in throws a few more punches and tags out. Red trunks back in. Whips Tye gets caught telegraphing the move and eats a boot. Jordan tagged in whips Red trunks elevates him and lands face first. Jordan spears Red trunks in the corner then Jordan slams him in the middle of the ring.

Winner via pinfall Tye Dilinger and Jason Jordan.

CJ Parker is in the crowd

Backstage segment with the BFFs.

Tyler Breeze has entered the ring and cuts a promo about Taking over at NXT Takeover.

Tyler Breeze debuts his new Music Video.

Justin Gabriel vs Neville for the NXT Championship in a no DQ match.

Both men lock up and Justin is backed into the corner. Both men break up clean. Neville gets the back of Justin and is slammed down. Justin gets control of Neville's arm. Neville drags him to the ground. Both men circle and lock up. Neville gets control of the arm. Justin rolls out and reverses into a fireman's carry into another arm lock. Neville is up and pushes off the ropes then shoulder blocked down. Neville hurricanrana's Justin to the matt and rolls outside. Justin comes back in and hits Neville with a clothes line. Then clotheslines Neville to the outside. Justin runs to dive outside Neville catches him and Justin tumbles over the top rope. The Ref starts the count for some reason? Neville Rolls Justin back into the ring. Neville locks in another arm lock.


We come back to Neville into the corner. Justin comes in and gets caught with an elbow. both men exchange Elbows and Neville gets whipped into the opposite turnbuckle. Justin comes in with a forearm and snaps Neville to the mat. Justin suplexes Neville and gts him in a submission. Neville fights out runs the ropes and gives Justin a forearm. Neville to the second rope and hits a dropkick. Neville goes for a pin for two. Neville sets up in the corner. Neville goes for a maneuver gets reversed and slammed for a pin of two. Justin goes for a belly to back but is reversed. Justin then clubs Neville in the back. Neville fights back but gets taken down. Justin moonsaults and misses. Neville hits the ropes but gets hit with a drop kick in the air instead of landing the cross body. Justin pins for a two count. Justin goes up the top rope and misses the 450 splash. Neville takes advantage and drop kicks Justin the corner. Neville goes to the top rope and lands the Red Arrow.

Winner via Pinfall Adrian Neville.

Tysonn Kidd comes out to the ring and gets the mic.

He explains his actions at NXT Takeover Fallout and deserves being hated. He is embarrassed by not shaking Adrian's hand. He starts dropping some facts on Neville. He askes for one more chance at the title then extends his hand. Neville clarifies the request, agrees and shakes his hand.

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