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NXT (6/12/14) Results - Neville Retains Against Tyson Kidd.

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WWE NXT Results (6/12/14) From Full Sail University Reported by Gesus Oliver of

Six Diva Tag Match Bayley/Emma/Paige vs Charlotte/Sasha Banks/Summer Rae aka The BFF's

The women lock up and jockey for position. Emma backed up and throws Charlotte off the lock up. Emma into the ropes and ties Charlotte up for a roll up pin for two. Both women up and Emma with a big slap. Charlotte shoves Emma then slams her into the corner and tags out to Sasha. Sasha stomps Emma then tags out to Charlotte again. Emma whips Charlotte tin o the corner charges and goes up and over. Emma hits Charlotte with a big below. Sasha on the outside pulls Emma off the apron.


WE come back to Summer Rae having Emma in a headlock. Emma tries to get up and slammed back down. Rae mocking her dance. Emma backed up into the corner Rae tags out out sasha who chokes Emma tags out to Charlotte. Charlotte in and locks Emma into a figure four headlock. Emma rolling around and bridges out. Charlotte breaks the hold. Emma crawls for a tag but Charlotte hot on her trail grabs her and locks in the Figure Four headlock again. Emma tries to roll but Charlotte uses the momentum and slams her to the matt. Emma shoved in the corner. Charlotte tags out to Sasha. Rae on the outside mingling with the fans. Sasha suplexes Emma and pins her for two. Sasha picks her up again and gives another suplex to a pin for two. Sasha in control of Emma backs her into the corner and tags out to Summer. Summer does some damage and tags back out to Sasha. Same thing from Sasha and tags in Rae again. Summer backs up into the corner again. Charlotte yelling "Tag me." and Rae tags her in. Charlotte does some damage again and tags in Sasha. Sasha pulls her out and snaps her to the matt and locks in a headlock. Emma is out and whipped into the turn buckle. Sasha comes running and Emma out to lock the Emma lock on the ropes. Separation between the women and Emma gets the hot tag to Bayley. Bayley coming out throwing elbows to Charlotte. Puts her in the corner spears and splashes here. Then suplexes her to the matt for the pin. Sasha comes in and does does Paige. Bayley comes running at Charlotte she does and pulls up Bayley for two. Distraction on the outside Bayley gets the roll up pin on Charlotte.

Winners via pinfall Paige, Emma, and Bayley. (Time 9:01)

Earlier tonight segment. A Masked wrestler signs an NXT contract. Backstage segment with the BFF's in the locker room fighting. Alexis Bliss challenges them to a match CJ Parker in the crowd.

Singles Match Big Colin Cassidy VS Sylvester Lefort

Both men starting out talking trash to each other. Collin backs Sylvester into the corner and throws him. Sylvester back up and tossed into the other corner. Collin comes running and Sylvester kicks him in the knee. Sylvester take advantage and roughs up Big Cas punching him back. Collin pushes Sylvester into the ropes and shoulder blocks him. Big Cas throwing a few knees and forearm hits Sylvester on the back. Big Cas sets up in the corner S A W F T SAWWWFt and big boots Sylvester. Sylvester slowly standing up and gets an East River Crossing.

Winner via Pinfall Big Cas (Time 2:23) Sawft!

Backstage Segemnt with Tyson Kidd and Natalya Backstage segment with Aiden English gracing us with his beautiful voice. He gets interrupted by an unknown man.

Singles Match Sami Zayn vs Mr. NXT

Both men circle eacother and finally lock up. Mr. NXT gets the headlock on Sami. Sami Bounces Mr. NXT and Mr. NXT get the hit and Sami is on the matt. Mr. NXT with a headlock on Sami again. Sami bounces Mr. NXT off the ropes and gets a shoulder block. Both men then run the ropes and Sami hits some deep arm drags. Sami mocking Mr. NXT with Bo taunts for an unknown reason. Mr. NXT gives Sami a knee to the gut. Backs Sami into the corner and starts beating on him. Mr. NXT drags out Sami and gives him a few elbows. Mr. NXT goes for another elbow Sami ducks pushes him into the ropes and gets a clothesline. Mr. NXT goes for a tilt a whirl DDT Sami reveres on the top rope gets on Mr. NXT's shoulder and pulls off the mask! I'm shocked!!!! Sami gives Mr. NXT a Helluva Kick.

Winner via pinfall Sami Zayn (Time 3:58)

Sami goes backstage and gets security. Security climbs int othe ring and Bo tries to run away. Security finally get ahold of Bo and carry him out of the arena with an ounce of Bolice Botality.

Singles Match for the NXT Championship Adrian Neville vs Tyson Kidd.

Both men circle each other. Tyson gets the control of Neville's back. Neville shoves him off and we are back to square one. Both mean lock up and Tyson gets control of Neville's arm. Neville reverses and has Tyson's kid. Tyson reverses again has control of the arm puts him to he matt for a one count picks him up and brings him down. Tyson has Neville pinned to the matt with arm control. Neville reverses as he gets up to his feet and gets reverses again and broken down to his knees. Neville role out and snapmares Tyson to the matt and gets head control. Tyson gets out and gets control of the arm again. Neville gets up whipped into the corner flipped out and Tyson for two. Neville lifts Tyson up and over the rope. Neville does a suicide to the outside of the ring. Flips over the top rope and takes Tyson to the ground. Natalya in the corner concerned. Neville picks up Tyson rolls him into the ring pins him for only two.


We come back to Tyson spring boarding to the outside leg dropping Neville. Tyson goes for the pin gets only two. Picks up Neville whips and shoulder blocks him to the matt. Tyson pins for two. Tyson locks in a headlock. Neville fights to his feet but brought back down. Neville fights out again but gets whipped reveres and rolls through for a drop kick from Tyson. Tyson rolls up and gets a two count on Neville. Tyson drops a leg. Picks him up and Tyson backs drops Neville. Pins for two then locks in another headlock. Neville fights his way up again. Creates separation hits the second rope and fights off a leg sweep. Neville top rope big missile drop kick on Tyson. Tyson up in the corner and is splashed. Neville suplexes Tyson bridges into the pin for a two count. Neville gets a scissors kick to Tyson backflip splashes Tyson pins him for two. Neville on the outside gets kicked by Tyson Neville in the ropes Tyson climbs to the top rope. Hits a huge leg drop on Neville goes for a pin and Neville gets a foot on the rope. The ref counts three but creates confusion clearing up the mistake. Tyson picks up Neville and hangs him up in the turnbuckle. Tyson gives a few knees. Tyson sets up in the other corner and hits a big drop kick on the upside down Neville. Tyson fights with the Ref pleading his case. Tyson sets up the sharpshooter and locks it in. Neville struggling. Neville crawling to the rope and one last burst gets the rope. Tyson drops the hold immediately. Tyson picks up Neville and Neville gets a surprise small package for two on Tyson. Tyson goes for Neville but gets a kick for his troubles. Neville on the top rope setting up for a Red Arrow. Tyson gets the ropes. Setups up for a blockbuster but gets a swinging neck breaker. Pins Neville for two. Tyson goes for another pin but only gets two. Tyson composing himself. Tyson on the outside gets a chair and brings it into the ring. Natalya grabs the chair. This distraction Neville hits a super kick. Goes to the top rope and hits the Red Arrow.

Winner via Pinfall (Time 14:40)

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