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NXT Results (6/19/2014) - Ascension Retains, Plot Thickens With Tyson Kidd

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WWE NXT Results (6/19/14) From Full Sail University Reported by Gesus Oliver of

Show started off with Natalya backstage talking to JBL about a change for Kidd.

Divas Match Sasha Banks vs Alexis Bliss

Sasha slaps Alexis to start the match. Alexis gets an arm drag. Alexis tilt a whirls and small packages Banks. Sasha sets up in the corner and Alexis monkey flips her. Alexis throws an elbow goes for a head scissors gets reversed and back breaker. Sasha goes for a pin only gets two. Sasha throws Alexis on the mat and locks in a surfboard. Sasha goes for a pin fall. There is turmoil outside the ring with Charlottte and Summer. Sasha pulling Alexis' hair. Gets distracted by the fight at ringside and Sasha gets rolled up.

Winner via pinfall Alexis Bliss.

Backstage segment with Tyson Kidd and Natalya. Commercial Backstage Segment with Aiden English and ?

Singles Match Mojo Rawley vs Garret Dillon

Both men lock up and Mojo gets Garret's head. They chain wrestle on the matt. Mojo sets up Garret in the corner and spears him into it. Mojo runs again and goes face first in the second turnbuckle. Garret sidewalk slams Mojo and pins him for two. Garret puts Mojo in the corner and chops him. Garret then chokes Mojo on the second rope. Garret gives Mojo a kick to the side. Garret hits a chin breaker. Mojo starts fighting back but gets caught in an abdominal stretch. Mojo starts to fight back and arm tosses Garret. Mojo throws a few punches and whips Garret into the ropes and shoulder block. Mojo splashes Garret in the corner gets some speed and does it again. Then hits Garret with a hyperdrive.

Winner via Pinfall Mojo Rawley (Time 3:36)

Backstage segment with Sami Zayn and Kidd Commercial NXT comes back with CJ Parker in the crowd again. Tyler Breeze has entered the building. Aiden enchants those in the arena and millions sitting at home with his

Tag match Aiden English Simon Gotch, known now as The Vaudevillians vs Travis Tyler and Angelo Dawkins

Gotch and Dawkins start out. Dawkins with a belly to belly. Gotch gets the arm and hammerlocks him down. Dawkins gets up and tags out to Tyler. Tyler comes out and gets hooked up. Gotch backs up and tags in Aiden. Aiden comes out with a neck breaker. Aiden drops a leg. Aiden locks in an armlock standing then falls back to wrench on it. Picks up Tyler and tags out. Gotch then takes down Tyler locks in a standing armlock then falls down too. Gotch continues to work the arm. Gotch picks up Tyler maintains head control and tags out. Aiden comes in and throws a few knees then tags out. Aiden holds up Tyler as Gotch hits him in the gut. Gotch gets tyler u on his shoulders tags out and throws Tyler. Aiden Swantons him.

Winner via pinball The Vaudevillians

Backstage Sawftment with Collin Cassidy Commercial Backstage segment with RVD

Singles Match Tyler Breeze vs Kalisto

Both men lock up and Kalisto backed into the corner. Both men break up the hold. Both men lock up again pushed into the corner and breaks the hold again for Kalisto to flip out. Tyler gets a headlock on Kalisto. Tyler whips him to the mat. Kalisto gets back to his feet. Tries to bounce Tyler off his head with the ropes but Tyler slides back down to the mat maintaining head control. Kalisto tries to kick up and rolls Tyler over for a two count. Tyler rolls back. Kalisto tries to bounce Tyler off his head but Tyler maintains control yet again. Kalisto finally breaks the hold. Kalisto off the second rope and hits Tyler. Kalisto hurricanrana's Tyler to the outside.


We come back to Tyler Breeze giving Kalisto a chin breaker. Then puts him in the corner and Tyler stomps him. Tyler pulls out Kalisto and pins him for two. Tyler locks in another headlock. Kalisto feeding off the crowd gets up but Tyler hits him with a knee. Kalisto hurricanranas Tyler again and rolls him up for a pin of two. Tyler hits Kalisto and is down. Tyler mounts Kalisto and lands a few punches. Tyler tries a series of pins to only get two. Tyler picks up Kalisto and locks in another headlock. Kalisto feeds off the crowd again but Tyler bulldogs Kalisto into the turnbuckle. Kalisto in the ropes and kicks Tyler. Kalisto springboard cross bodies Tyler. Both men are down and the ref starts counting. Both men finally get up at nine. Both men exchange punches. Kalisto hits Tyler goes for a pin but only gets two. Kalisto to the top rope Tyler come running and Kalisto cartwheels down. Kalisto in the ropes to hit Tyler and Tyler hits the beauty shot.

Winner Via Pinfall Tyler Breeze (Time 10:31)


NXT Tag Team Championship Konnor and Viktor known as The Ascension vs Tyson Kidd and Sami Zayn

Match starts with Sami and Viktor. Viktor throws Sami in to the ropes and hits him in the back. Puts Sami in the corner and whips him back in. Viktor chops Sami. Viktor take him out throws him in the ropes and hits him in the back again. Sami throws a kick to Viktor and goes for a pin but gets two. Viktor backs up Sami tags out and Konnor in throwing a few uppercuts on Sami. Sami in the corner and getting stomped by Konnor. Konnor tags out. Viktor in goes for a pin but gets two. Viktor throws a few more uppercuts on Sami. Sami back in the corner and Viktor tags out. Konnor in and stomping Sami again. Sami out and trying to get the tag but Viktor back suplexes Sami. Tyson looks angry. Tyson gets off the apron and watches the match from the ramp. Sami battles back and cross bodies Viktor. Sami goes for the tag and realizes no Tyson. Viktor tags out. Konnor sets up in the corner. Sami turns around gets speared. Konnor tags out and gets hit with the Fall Of Man.

Winner via Pinfall The Ascension (Time 4:03)

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