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Lex Luger Appears On Hardcore Pawn; Mick Foley Tweets The Rumored Match With Him Against CM Punk

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- For anyone who did not catch the new episode of Hardcore Pawn that aired tonight on TruTV, former WCW World Champion, Lex Luger, appeared in the show. He was a customer in the episode as he was trying to sell his ring gear to the pawn shop. He was getting the money for charity. For those wondering, both sides were able to reach a deal.

- WWE TLC was talked about before Survivor Series on what the main event match could be, and one rumored match was Mick Foley vs. CM Punk. While we already knew what the original plan was, and what the plan is now, Mick Foley sent a tweet from his official Twitter account about the possible match he would have against Punk. The tweet is embedded below:

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