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Linda McMahon Accused Of Exchanging Wrestlemania Ticket For Political Endorsement

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There's an interesting story making rounds today in the Linda McMahon for Senate campaign. Campaign rival Christopher Shays is making bribing accusations against Linda McMahon as Republican Town Committee chairman John Slater was ringside at Wrestlemania XXVIII in Miami and publicly endorsed McMahon a month later.

"I find it interesting that John Slater went to WrestleMania in Miami, and soon after he returned came out and endorsed Linda McMahon," said Amanda Bergen of the Shays campaign.

Slater has denied the accusations, claiming he attended the show on his own dime and sent a photo of his bank statement and ticket stub for the event to the Greenwich Time. According to the materials sent to the publication, Slater paid $355 for a central rise seat at Wrestlemania. Slater officially endorsed McMahon on May 8th.

"If they're insinuating a bribe, which I can prove never happened, that's totally wrong," Slater told Greenwich Time. "If that's the road that his campaign is now taking, it shows another reason why not to vote for him, because it's a lie."

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