UPDATED: Liv Morgan Update From Last Night’s Raw - WWE Wrestling News World

For those who missed it, The Bella Twins and Natalya faced off against the Riott Squad

During one spot in the match, Brie Bella was delivering YES Kicks to Liv Morgan, and delivered two kicks that connected to Morgan’s face. She appeared to be knocked out after the first kick, and was blasted in the face a second time as she went face first to the mat. 

Liv did suffer a concussion last night during the spot with Brie, and has no memory of the spot happening.

Backstage, Brie was visibly upset and felt terrible. Morgan was to see more medical professionals today. 

Morgan was apparently on auto-pilot during the match and ran back in to do the triple suplex spot.  Apparently, Liv needed to be restrained from getting back into the match again after that.  Despite Michael Cole saying Liv was brought to the back to be looked at, she was clearly still at ringside being observed by the doctor. 

We're only hearing rumors right now, but apparently Brie apologized after the match and Liv wasn't angry but the rest of the Riott Squad was as they are extremely close in real life as well as on screen.  Apparently, after the botch kicks there was also a botched shot to the face of Ruby Riott who is understandably unhappy with Brie after the match last night.  However, keep in mind these are just rumors for now, we haven't been able to confirm that yet.

Zack Reacts: I've had a day to think about this and it doesn't make me any less angry. The botch spot was a bad one and this is on top of the suicide dive Brie did last week that nearly broke her own neck.  The argument of ring rust only goes so far.  Maryse didn't have ring rust this badly, neither did some of the other women who returned for the Royal Rumble. Brie could take all the time she needed to return.  At some point we have to question whether she's ready to be back in the ring.  One of the most horrifying parts of this spot was after when Brie carries Liv by her neck to the Riott Squad's corner, not smart when this could have been a neck issue.  The match should have been temporarily stopped, they should have cut to commercial, there were half a dozen better ways they could have handled it.  I know it's wrestling and not ballet before anyone say it, however, recklessness and poor judgement still needs to be called out. 

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