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Complete Recap Of Wrestlemania 30 Press Conference In New York City

WWE held their Wrestlemania XXX press conference on Tuesday from the Hard Rock Cafe in New York, New York. Below is comprehensive coverage from the event:

Josh Mathews welcomes us live from Times Square. He runs through Wrestlemania specifics, including the 7 PM special start time and introduces The Bella Twins. He asks if AJ Lee is pretty much guaranteed to lose the title. Nikki Bella said one thing they agree on is AJ will lose the title but one thing they don't agree on is who will win the title. Nikki says it will be here. Brie said it's going to be hard not to be on Summer Rae (playing off this week's Total Divas) but she's professional and willing to put personal business aside. Brie believes Daniel Bryan is going to be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. She talks about his surprise return on this week's Raw. Josh tells Nikki let's talk about her finance' John Cena. Nikki said not yet and everyone loves to break her heart. Nikki said John has helped her in and out the ring and he puts every free minute he has into his work. Nikki said the reason John Cena is the face of WWE is because he's real and authentic. Mathews asks Brie about all of the support for Daniel Bryan. She said he's so sweet and humble but recalled a fan that said earlier in the week about Daniel Bryan being pop culture. She says the fans have connected in a way with Bryan that haven't in a long time, much to Nikki's chagrin. Mathews played up Daniel Bryan "not being 100%."

Summer Rae comes in and Mathews asks if she heard what they were saying earlier. She said she didn't and said she just has to prove a lot. Summer Rae said it's going to be a lot of stiff competition on Sunday but she's excited about it. Mathews thanked them for being cordial and professional. Summer said it's a different story once they're in the ring. Brie asked Mathews who would be the better Divas Champion. Nikki asked if he'd seen the Rack Attack. Mathews talked about their being co-Divas Champions once upon a time. He thanked them for joining him and wished them good luck on Sunday.

Josh Mathews introduced The World's Strongest Man Mark Henry in a suit. Mark said Axxess is always great and it's heartwarming to see his young kids play at the attractions. Mathews mentions the 30-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Mark said out of all the guys that's going to be in the match, he's the only one that actually touched Andre. He was brought into this business because of him. The press conference begins by handing things over to Michael Cole.

Cole welcomes everyone to the center of the universe and the Hard Rock Cafe. He plays up the $100 million to the New York/New Jersey economy from Wrestlemania 29 last year. He introduces Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon to talk about it. They share a huge as she steps to the podium.

Stephanie laughed that they all have entrance music. Stephanie talked about experiencing the first Wrestlemania, specifically mentioning the matches of Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan. She said her smile was pinned from ear to ear and talked about the availability of Wrestlemania 30. She said it will be available on all pay-per-view and cable as well as the WWE Network. Speaking of the Network, she said it's the company's attempt to bring generations together and they're dedicated to putting smiles on people's faces. Stephanie talked about charitable efforts being made in New Orleans over the week. McMahon said the WWE performers have more heart than any entertainer or athlete you'll ever meet. Choked up, Stephanie said it's the most powerful thing on earth to be able to give back to children and families. This is exactly what WWE is dedicated to doing. Stephanie said they're the greatest entertainers on the planet and you're going to get a taste of that at Wrestlemania 30 on Sunday.

Cole introduced Hulk Hogan, noting all of the Wrestlemania shows that he's headlined. Hogan played to the crowd, wearing yellow sunglasses, a black bandanna and a Hulk's Rules t-shirt. He talked about Hulkamania running wild for the first time at Wrestlemania I in New York City. He said Wrestlemania is about playing towards the future and they're all immortal now because the whole thing is going down on the WWE Network. Hogan said he's really happy to be home and that he's been asking the same question for 30 years. Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania... he tells the crowd to finish and concludes with Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania, Wrestlemania and the WWE Network run wild on you?

Michael Cole introduced Triple H, also mentioning his real name of Paul Levesque. Triple H said they're usually a little rowdier and if Hogan can't get them going, how's he going to do that? Hunter talked about being an executive, a talent and most importantly, a fan with a dream to be part of the WWE. Triple H talked about watching wrestling on Saturdays in his jammies as a youngster and now it's a global phenomenon. He put over the company's social media followers and talked up the incredible milestone of Wrestlemania 30. Triple H talked about Vince McMahon's dream becoming everyone's dream and the dream of their fans. He shifted to talk about WWE NXT and put over its inclusion on WWE Network. Hunter said The Wyatts, The Shield and Big E Langston were all just in NXT one year ago but were now on the Wrestlemania lineup. He talked about the worker participation at Wrestlemania week. Triple H put over the value of the WWE Network and how it's a dream for a lot of their fans. From regional television to a global phenomenon and the moments live forever.

Triple H said he was going to take his executive hat off and put his performer's hat on. He said no one exemplifies the dream more than Daniel Bryan, the WWE Universe and the Yes Movement. However, unfortunately for Daniel Bryan, Bryan's dream intersects with his dream. And that's not going to work out so well for Daniel Bryan. Triple H said The Game will stand forever.

Daniel Bryan was introduced next, with Cole talking about the Yes Movement infiltrating college basketball arenas, soccer stadiums and more. Bryan came out doing the Yes chant but said it was funny because the press doesn't know what they're supposed to do when he does that. Bryan talked about being a little kid and wishing for and thinking about being a wrestler. Not just a wrestler but the best and to headline Wrestlemania. Here I am and it's unreal. Bryan said he has the opportunity if he can beat Triple H and that's no easy task because he hates him. Not as a person but as a businessman. Bryan said he looks a lot like a member of The Wyatt Family but when they put him in a suit (he's in a suit), there's a disconnect. Bryan said he's not here because of Triple H but because of the people. The people wouldn't have their voices denied. He said people have way more power than they think. Bryan asked if he could accomplish his dream? Yes! Yes! Yes! Wrestlemania 30 is going to be awesome.

As Cole introduced Batista as a cast member of "Guardians of the Galaxy," I lost the feed. Batista said the crowd was quiet and he had all these things he was supposed to say and the person that wrote it should be fired immediately. He said he's not good at these things because they're awkward and awful. He felt bad for Daniel Bryan because he looks funny in a suit and no one was chanting with him. Batista talked about awkward and uncomfortable silence and said he had a little bit of time between movies and he'd come back and become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Someone shouted he sucked and Batista said no they suck. Don't boo him, he'll come out there and tear them apart. Batista taunted the audience for teasing him about his skinny jeans. He said his skinny jeans how have a Tweeter site. Batista talked about the opportunity to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and it kinda sucks it's become a triple threat. He said to take a good look at him because it's the last time they'll see him as non-WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Michael Cole came back and said that was interesting. He introduced WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, who had both belts with him. He said not only is he champion but he's the face of WWE. He was hand picked by The Authority and no one could stop him. Orton said last year brought fans from all 50 different states and 34 countries but this year it will be different because not only will he defend his title, he will retain it. It doesn't matter who it is - Triple H, Daniel Bryan or Batista - he'll see you at Wrestlemania. Cole called for Daniel Bryan, Triple H and Batista for a photo opportunity with Orton.

All four men posed on the stage in what was a truly awkward moment. Batista and Orton left the stage for Hunter and Bryan to stare down one another.

Cole came back and introduced John Cena. John talked about being at Wrestlemania III and meeting Hulk Hogan 27 years later. He said it was the "I was there" moments that is what WWE is about. A performance like none other so every person that puts eyes on Wrestlemania has that one moment where they say, "I was there." Cena talked about this year, Wrestlemania 30, being available for the first time on the WWE Network. He said when you see Daniel Bryan (I hope) kick the teeth down Triple H's throat you can say, "I was there" as you're catching a cab. He put over how you can watch anywhere through WWE Network. Cena has one question for you, where ya gonna be brother when you say, "I was there."

Cole invited everyone back out for photo-ops. The Great Khali, Naomi, Cameron, Mark Henry, The Bella Twins, Eva Marie, Natalya, Summer Rae, Alberto Del Rio and Big Show joined them on the stage as the press conference ended.

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