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Complete Coverage Of WWE Payback Kickoff - Hornswoggle Loses His Hair

WWE Payback Kickoff
From the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois
Report by Brooks Oglesby of

The crowd is shown filing into the Allstate Arena. Josh Mathews welcomes the audience to the WWE Payback Kickoff panel, featuring Booker T, Kofi Kingston & Alex Riley. There are already deafening CM Punk chants from the crowd. Josh prefaces the Mask vs. Hair match between El Torito & Hornswoggle. He asks the panelists their thoughts on the match.

Kofi says he wants to see a bald Hornswoggle. He says he looks like he has a misshapen head. Alex says that Hornswoggle is a very ugly man, and he'll look worse without the hair. Booker says Hornswoggle has to lose as well.

Mathews then prefaces tonight's 6-man No Holds Barred Elimination match between Evolution & The Shield, showing a clip of the contract signing from Raw. He defers to the panel for their thoughts.

Booker says this is Evolution's opportunity to assert their dominance, as The Shield is not backing down yet. Kofi says that Evolution has been in control for a long time, and The Shield is trying to take over. Alex notes that Triple H is ready, showing off an Instagram photo he posted, with the caption "Si vis pacem, para bellum," or "If you want peace, prepare for war."

Hornswoggle is shown backstage brushing his hair and getting hyped up with 3MB.

Mathews introduces a clip of last Monday's Raw in which The Wyatt Family went after Jerry Lawler, ahead of tonight's Last Man Standing match between John Cena & Bray Wyatt. Josh asks the panel what will happen in that match tonight.

Riley says he's been backing Wyatt for months now, so he's sticking with him tonight. He expects The Usos may get involved to help Cena tonight. Kofi says Bray has gotten into Cena's head more than anyone, so he's got to go with Bray. Booker says it's coming to a head tonight, and somebody's gonna get hurt.

Mathews then brings up the situation surrounding Daniel Bryan & the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. CM Punk chants have to be muted as they go to the clip from Raw where Stephanie McMahon lays out her ultimatum: Bryan gives up his title or Brie Bella is fired.

Byron Saxton is backstage with Nikki Bella. He asks if she's spoken with Brie, and Nikki says she hasn't, as she and Daniel have been keeping to themselves this week. Nikki says Brie loves being in that ring, but she also loves Daniel. She wishes she could say more but she doesn't know.

Booker says this is different from when Sharmell was his valet, as Brie could be fired. Some of Kofi's tweets attacking Stephanie's decision are shown. Kofi defends them, saying that Bryan's had to fight to get here, and Stephanie's still trying to strip him of the title. Mathews sends the show to Michael Cole and the rest of commentary at ringside.

Los Matadores with El Torito make their way to the ring. El Torito is wearing a jersey with "2/3" on it. El Torito's tail is shown to be growing back. 3MB with Hornswoggle are out next.

El Torito vs. Hornswoggle: Hair vs. Mask Match

Hornswoggle drops Torito with a right hand. He swings again but Torito dodges. Torito drops Hornswoggle with a shoulder block, followed by a dropkick. They reverse each other's Irish whips attempts, leading Torito to go for an airplane spin. Both men leave the maneuver dizzy. Hornswoggle goes for a splash but misses, citing his dizziness. El Torito hits a spinning heel kick for a two count. Hornswoggle pushes Torito off into Charles Robinson's arms. Robinson drops him back on Hornswoggle. Outside the ring, Heath Slater grabs scissors and chases Torito under the ring. Slater comes out the other side first, running from Torito, who is now holding the the shears. Torito gets on the apron and Hornswoggle sends him off the barricade. Hornswoggle throws him into the ringpost before getting him back into the ring. Hornswoggle goes for a moonsault off the second rope, but Torito dodges it. 3MB gets onto the apron but Los Matadores knock them off. Jinder Mahal goes for a plancha but he misses as well. One of the Matadores jumps over the top rope onto 3MB and the other jumps from the top rope. Hornswoggle teases a suicide dive to the outside, but stops. Drew McIntyre jumps over him and the top rope onto the competitors outside. Hornswoggle then suicide dives through the bottom rope. Heath Slater gets onto the apron and taunts, but Torito gets to the top rope and hits a diving hurricanrana onto Slater, sending him on the other Superstars. Torito trips Hornswoggle, sending him into the bottom turnbuckle. He then hits a bronco buster. Hornswoggle takes advantage and hits a powerbomb onto the tail for a two-count. Hornswoggle pulls off Torito's mask, but Torito has another underneath it. While Hornswoggle is distracted with the mask, Torito hits a springboard backfip from the top rope to get the pin.

Winner: El Torito

Los Matadores celebrate int the ring while Hornswoggle disputes the decision, as he has El Torito's mask. Nonetheless, Hornswoggle is strapped into the seat at ringside and Torito gets behind him. He gets scissors and starts to cut his hair, little by little. As Hornswoggle protests, Torito begins shaving the top of Hornswoggle's head. One of the Matadores starts covering Hornswoggle's head in shaving cream. Hornswoggle looks to be on the verge of tears as the haircut continues. Torito gets a disposable razor as commentary takes us back to match highlights. Back to the haircut, Hornswoggle's starting to resemble Hulk Hogan, with only hair on the back and sides of his head remaining. As the haircut continues, commentary sends the show back to the panel.

Booker T and Kofi Kingston are laughing. Alex Riley says that is the ugliest thing he's ever seen. Mathews notes that Cody Rhodes & Goldust will face RyBaxel tonight, cutting to a exclusive in which RyBaxel taunt them backstage for having a win record like Barry Horowitz. Ryback pushes Goldust and RyBaxel walks off.

Backstage, Cody says this is the arena where The Brotherhood was born as he and Goldust prepare for their match. CM Punk chants continue as Booker T says he has breaking news. He says that Kofi Kingston will face Bo Dallas tonight. Booker says that Kofi hasn't had a chance to warm up yet, but Kofi says that we'll see how prepared he is. Mathews asks if he's 100% after what happened with Cesaro on Smackdown, but he says he wouldn't admit it if he wasn't. Kofi asks Booker how he's going to get into the WWE Hall of Fame by sitting matches out. Sheamus is shown walking backstage as Kickoff comes to a close.

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