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King Of The Ring Results 28 April, 2015

King Of The Ring Results 28 April, 2015
From the iWireless Center in Moline, Illinois
Reported on by Lee Herbert For Wrestling News World

The first King Of The Ring tournament since Sheamus was victorious against John Morrison in 2010, begins with a short tribute dedicating the forthcoming show to Verne Gagne. Nice touch. Followed then by a video tribute to the past Kings and montage of the potential Kings of the future.

Jerry "The King" Lawler is then introduced, Lawler then proceeds to introduce a video documenting the events of the previous round of matches that took place on Raw last night.

We then head backstage for an interview with the previous winner and semi-finalist Sheamus. Keeping up with his new persona he describes Neville as elf and is extremely confident of winning.

The camera then switches to Neville who explains how much he has achieved in such a short time and that he intends to succeed again as the underdog, defying the odds like he defies gravity.

Sheamus vs Neville (Semi-Final)

In our first semi-final, the freshly Mohawked Sheamus is facing British sensation Neville, who is probably the competition's biggest underdog. Sheamus went through via a disqualification victory over Dean Ambrose after Dolph Ziggler attacked him outside the ring. NXT graduate Neville defeated Luke Harper by pinfall after another breathtaking display of high flying moves. "The man who gravity forgot" on fire after beating other semi-finalist Barrett in the Extreme Rules kick off show and could pull off a shock.

Sheamus begins by doing his body size mocking routine, a little odd as Neville looks like he has been sculpted out of stone even if he is a few inches shorter in height. It isn't long before Sheamus hits a power move and starts with a full scale beat-down involving lots of knees and a back breaker. "Are you not entertained?" he cries.

Neville tries to make a comeback, using the ropes and fast kicks but it isn't long before Sheamus takes control again and a few moments later Neville is sent face first into the commentary desk from the apron. It's all about Sheamus at the moment and Neville's ribs are taking a pounding not seen since Rocky trained in the slaughterhouse.

After hitting White Noise however Dolph Ziggler comes out, distracts Sheamus just like happened in reverse on Raw, Sheamus then misses a Brogue Kick! Neville connects with a kick of his own and then takes the pinfall after hitting the biggest move in WWE today the Red Arrow. Ziggler then congratulates Neville on his victory.

Winner: Neville

Dolph Ziggler then comes on the mic and says he is here to collect his prize from Extreme Rules, he runs to the ring and it all kicks off, before you know it 8 referees are in the middle of the two and Sheamus' eye is busted open. This feud is not over by a long way.


"Bad News" Barrett is then interviewed backstage and is his usual hilarious self, dismissing everyone else in the competition as inferior to him and talking up his chances of winning. R-Truth is his usual weird self in his interview, rambling on about spiders and the moat around his potential castle. Bizarre.

Bad News Barrett vs R-Truth (Semi-Final)

In our second semi-final we have Wade "Bad News" Barrett taking on R-Truth for a place in the King Of The Ring final. Barrett got to this stage with something of a surprise win over fan favourite Dolph Ziggler last night on Raw. "Bad News" took the pinfall victory after hitting Ziggler, who had been momeneraly distracted by taunts from Sheamus, with a trademark Bull Hammer from the apron. His opponent, R-Truth, defeated Stardust in less than three minutes by pinfall, also on last nights Raw broadcast.

R-truth treats BNB to some of his dance moves but he doesn't seem impressed as he responds with a big boot to the face. He then chokes Truth on the ropes before sending him crashing out the ring with another boot. He then continues to wear him down inside the ring.

Truth hits a reversal, two clotheslines and a reverse suplex and builds some momentum, he gets a two count. Has BNB been too laid back about this? Truth gets two more two-counts after hitting BNB with high impact moves. Barrett takes control again with a sidewalk slam. It's back to Truth again and only a foot on the rope prevents a three count, but then after an illegal thumb in the eye BNB hits a stunned R-Truth with a Bull Hammer and wins by pinfall.

Winner: Bad News Barrett

We then go to a video tribute to Verne Gagne, who the evening has been dedicated to.

Dolph Ziggler is back on screen next being interviewed about his actions, he explains he is sick of Sheamus bullying people. I'm glad Ziggler finally has a decent feud to get stuck into.


Recap so far

Back now to Barrett who is as confident as ever, despite it being "unfair" he has to fight again straight away. I like these interviews between the matches, adds to the tournament feel even though we are only getting two rounds.

Bad News Barrett vs Neville (Final)

The bell rings and BNB is out of the ring avoiding Neville! Neville looks quite small next to BNB but immediately shows his speed and strength flying off the ropes and delivering a hurricanrana before hitting BNB with some kicks. BNB hits Neville with big boot, slams him outside the ring, brings him back in for more boots, a backbreaker and a submission hold to slow the match down. Neville escapes from a second back breaker and hits back before delivering a trademark standing moonsault outside the ring.

Neville has all the momentum and gets a two count with a German suplex but just as it is all going his way BNB hits Winds Of Change and gets a two count of his own. After another two count BNB signals for the Bull Hammer but Neville anticipates it. Then Neville misses with a Red Arrow and BNB hits a Hammer for the three count!

Winner: Bad News Barrett

BNB looks extremely happy during his coronation and is congratulated by Jerry Lawler. He is greeted by a chorus of boos, he says "finally there is someone with enough class and elegance to be crowned King in WWE"

Great show, really enjoyed that. I wish it had been a bigger tournament but hey you can't have it all.

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