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Full Recap From Wrestlemania 29 Press Conference - More Celebrities Announced

Michael Cole opened the Wrestlemania 29 press conference by introducing himself as the "voice of WWE." He confirmed both Diddy and Living Colour will perform live at the pay-per-view on Sunday. The company is expecting over 75,000 fans at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Cole announced Charlie Sheen, Jimmy Fallon, Mike Tyson, Snookie and Lil Wayne are among the celebrities that will be involved at the pay-per-view.

He plugged Thursday night's "Superstars for Sandy Relief" reception which will be hosted by Vince McMahon along with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Diddy at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City.

Fandango interrupted with his entrance. He pronounced his name before handing it back to Michael Cole. Cole announced John Saboor, who he likes to call "the office."

Saboor thanked everyone who helped bring Wrestlemania to the area and announced 125,000 fans would be taking part in the weekend festivities. He ran down the highlights of the weekend including the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and the pay-per-view itself. He said the official Road to Wrestlemania XXX will begin Monday night with WWE Raw from the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ. Saboor announced Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon said Wrestlemania in the New York/New Jersey is a dream come true for him personally. He talked about coining the phrase "Sports Entertainment" at Wrestlemania 1. He reviewed celebrity involvement at Wrestlemania over the years, calling it a hybrid and said nothing comes close to it. McMahon made a weird reference to seal mating calls, roller-coasters and the Grand Canyon not comparing to the excitement of Wrestlemania.

Ricardo Rodriguez came out and introduced World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. He called Wrestlemania the most important night of his life. He said it's the first time a superstar born and raised in Mexico will defend the World Heavyweight title. Del Rio said all his friends and family are going to be there and there is no way he's losing his title to Jack Swagger. He switched to Spanish to communicate with the Latino media. Del Rio closed by saying he was born in Mexico but made in America.

Michael Cole introduced George Fertitta, who talked about the economic impact of Wrestlemania and spoke on behalf of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Cole introduced members of the New York Giants who were at the press conference with a customized WWE "spinner belt" that was presented to them by Triple H after they won the Super Bowl in 2012. He then introduced Paul "Triple H" Levesque.

Triple H opened with the "Are You Ready?" bit and said Brock Lesnar better be ready because this Sunday, at the biggest even they have he's going to learn the biggest lesson of a lifetime. As he undoes his tie, Stephanie McMahon came out. She said you're supposed to have your executive hat on, not your Triple H hate. Stephanie asked if he wanted to slap around Fandango a little bit if that would help.

Stephanie said if her husband seems a little worked up, they all are because Wrestlemania is only three days away. She put over her great grandfather, grandfather and father. She touted the company's global distribution and announced the over capacity crowd of over 75,000 people that will watch Wrestlemania 29 live at MetLife Stadium. Stephanie announces Coldplay will be involved at the pay-per-view as well. She plugged the auction on Thursday night to benefit hundreds of thousands of Hurricane Sandy victims. Stephanie discussed anti-bullying rallies, Cena working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and put over the work with their fans. She touted WWE's social media followers of 148 million. Stephanie talked about streaming the press conference live and the streaming pre and post Wrestlemania shows on Sunday. She said to top all of this they're going to have "one hell of a good time."

Cole introduced who may be the most dangerous man in WWE right now, "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry. Henry asked the crowd how everyone is doing and says he's the strongest man in the world. He said as easily as you can see that smile, it can leave his face in a heartbeat. Henry is very proud to be born in Texas but he lives in Harlem, New York. He appreciates and respect WWE's fans but there is not greater stage than Wrestlemania. Henry says he's been with WWE for 17 years and it's some of the best years of his life and he will not go on a stage in New York/New Jersey and embarrass himself. He proclaimed Ryback is in a lot of trouble.

President and CEO of the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority Wayne Hasenbalg was introduced. Hasenbalg said they are so appreciative to have the opportunity to host Wrestlemania 29. He said Mr. McMahon surprised him and everyone in the room by saying WWE was in to bring the show to New Jersey. Wayne said others should aspire to do more like WWE does and put over their work with Hurricane Sandy relief.

Cole announced CM Punk to the press conference. Cole put over Punk's 434-day title reign and said if he can beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, his ticket to the Hall of Fame will be punched. Punk made reference to Vince McMahon's earlier comments (including the bizarre seal story) and said he's not here to bore. CM Punk said for over 20 years The Undertaker has been a legend in a WWE. Punk said legends are just like streaks and records - they're meant to be broken. He said everyone is going to remember his match against The Undertaker and it will be one of the greatest matches at Wrestlemania. Punk said he won't only break the streak but he'll break The Undertaker.

WWE Champion The Rock was introduced next. He positioned the WWE title on the podium and asked the photographs how it looked. Rock talked about his WWE debut taking place in Madison Square Garden over 15 years ago. He talked about everything coming full circle to be able to perform as WWE Champion. Rock talked about his grandfather and father wrestling before him. He talked about how much it means for him to be able to give back to the business that gave so much to him. Rock said on a personal level he knows what this event means to the McMahon family, Vince McMahon's dad and his family. He thanked the fans and the media and said he can chase Vin Diesel down, battle Cobra in G.I. Joe but nothing compares to kicking John Cena's candy ass. The Rock said the best part about this Sunday is you need a partner, a guy, an opponent. He said there is no one better of an opponent for him than John Cena. Rock said no one even comes close. He tells Cena to get ready.

Cole introduced who has been the "heart and soul" of this company for the last decade and will go for his record-setting 15th WWE title reign on Sunday. He put over all those that spoke before him like only Cena can. Cena said if you are involved with WWE in any way you are going to get more than you bargained for. He watched Wrestlemania XXVIII on DVD last night and thinks this year will surpass it as they have their best lineup and production this year. Cena asked for a moment to speak to his French and Chinese fans. He spoke in the other languages, getting a laugh from the crowd. Cena said everyone is asking if he has any predictions for this Sunday. He predicts a few surprises, some magical moments and for all to be entertained.

Cole invited The Rock back out to the stage for a photo opp with Cena. They starred each other down with the WWE title in the middle with flashbulbs going off everywhere as they played "Victory" by Puff Daddy featuring Notorious B.I.G & Busta Rhymes. Cole invited all the superstars back out. They all posed while "I'm Coming Home" played with Vince McMahon getting between Rock and Cena and lifting up each of their arms.

Photos From The Wrestlemania 29 Press Conference In New York City

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