Live Notes From WWE Raw, What You Didn't See

Wrestling News World reader Justin O'Riley was at this week's WWE Raw from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. He sent in the following live report:

The show was indeed sold out, which bodes well for future appearances in Columbus. Speaking of which, to add to my tweet about the presale, it's only from now to Friday, May 3rd at 10 PM. There are also two special Meet and Greet appearances scheduled for two different Columbus Clippers home baseball games: Friday, May 24th, 7:15 PM gametime, fans can meet Mick Foley, and Friday, August 23rd, 7:15 PM gametime, fans can meet Jerry "The King" Lawler (who is a hardcore fan of the Cleveland Indians, the MLB affiliate of the Clippers).

The two "competitions" were not well-received by the live crowd. When The Great Khali "won" the dance-off, I swear it sounded like WWE was audibly "pumping" crowd noise into the arena, as the Great Khali was not being cheered during the actual dancing.

I was surprised by the lack of reactions for Alberto Del Rio. The crowd barely popped for him at all, as Ricardo Rodriguez received a much louder pop when he pinned Zeb Colter. I'm not sure how it appeared on live TV, but this can't be a good sign for WWE that one of their top faces is becoming stale.

Another surprise was the crowd reaction to Randy Orton, who very well may've had the loudest pop of the night. The crowd was more into that match than any other the entire night.

Finally, after the cameras when off the air, John Cena told his "haters" that he doesn't care how they feel, he wasn't going to take the night off due to the three Make-A-Wish kids. People can hate on
Cena's in-ring character, but what he did for those kids was truly awesome and admirable.

Biggest pops:
Randy Orton
Daniel Bryan and Kane
John Cena

Biggest heat:
The Shield
Cody Rhodes (no, really)
Dolph Ziggler (though he was getting some nice pops as well)

Alberto Del Rio (even the divas got more reactions)
Jack Swagger (surprising they didn't use Coulter to generate heat on the mic)
The Tug-of-War and Dance-off

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