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RAW Results 1/14/13 - It's A Rumble In Houston

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Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about how ADR won the WHC. He will be on RAW live tonight. Also, The Rock will be on RAW live tonight.

Show Starts

Music & Pyro

They cut together a lot of old opening videos. Tons of SCSA, The Rock, Trip, but even Gangrel and Ken Shamrock were in there!

In Ring Segment

Vince McMahon welcomes us to the 20th Anniversary of RAW! What we've seen on RAW through the years is entertainment. According to Neilson, over 4,000,000,000 viewers have enjoyed RAW! Why? Because of one reason, because he's a certifiable iconic genius! And because of each and every fan. Thank you! We've made history and will continue to make history tonight with matches like Cena vs Ziggler – in a steel cage. A Rock Concert in this ring. He hopes we enjoy the 20th Anniversary of RAW and...

Big Show's music cuts VKM off. He comes out in a beautifully cut suit, but his collar is open, and no tie. He grabs a mic and apologizes and says the celebration has to wait. The people have to wait. They need to address the travesty that happened to him on Smackdown.

VKM says things haven't changed here – he doesn't like being told what to do, he doesn't like being interrupted, and he doesn't like being referred to by his first name, Vince.

Big Show steps back, calls him 'Sir' and says they need to address what happened...

VKM cuts Big Show off and says, look at you, you've lost weight!

Big Show stammers, says he's been cutting back on his carbs, and feels a bit slimmer.

VKM says he wasn't referring to that, he was referring to the WHC belt.

Big Show doesn't look happy about that. He says he's out there to address...

VKM corrects him by saying, Mr. McMahon.

Mr. McMahon, Sir, I'd like to address what happened on Friday.

VKM wants to roll the footage.

Big Show doesn't want this, he doesn't think the truck is prepared. They need to talk.

VKM says that in Houston, and around the world would like to see it. They roll the footage of ADR defeating Big Show for the WHC on Smackdown by rolling the announce table onto Big Show in their Last Man Standing Match. ADR celebrated in the stands.

Big Show says, Vince, this is exactly what I'm talking about.

Mr. McMahon, damn it!

Mr. McMahon that's exactly what he's talking about. He wasn't prepared for that kind of match. Why did Booker do that? Make ADR a hero to the Latinos? Booker is jealous of him! He has an iron clad contract which makes Booker and everyone else in this country (I think he meant company, but not sure) inferior to me! Heat for Big Show. Mr. McMahon, Sir, we need to address what happened on Smackdown.

VKM asks what Big Show would want him to do?

Big Show says being VKM's giant, his most precious commodity, he suggests the inferior ADR is stripped of the WHC.

ADR's music and out comes Ricardo with a pile of something. He puts it down and announces ADR. ADR walks out with a red scarf and new white, green and red ring gear, belt around his waist. ADR says for someone who talks about being a giant so much, he comes off very small. Big Show had fun bully Ricardo, but when someone takes him down, he turns into a crying baby. He has an idea, instead of complaining to Mr. McMahon, why not do something about it? Big Show against ADR for the WHC, tonight?


"Si!" chants from the fans fill the arena!

Big Show turns back to VKM, refers to him as Mr. McMahon, and says this is what he's talking about. He wasn't prepared Friday and isn't ready tonight. He's in a custom made suit!

ADR goes off about Big Show not being prepared? He's bigger and stronger than ADR, show some cajones perro!

Big Show says if he thinks he's going to waste his rematch tonight, ADR is delusional. He'll fight ADR when Big Show wants to fight him. He thinks a fitting place to do that is not in Houston. He suggests the Royal Rumble PPV. See, a smart man like himself chooses the battleground. At the end people won't talk about The Rock, Punk, who won the Royal Rumble Match, they'll be talking about Big Show. At the Royal Rumble, perro, I'm going to knock you out and take my WHC. Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame.

ADR calls Big Show something else in Spanish, then has to translate – fat jackass.

Big Show asks if they're all okay with their WHC insulting him like that? The fans love it an tell Big Show this. "Si!" chants. Big Show asks what the letter C has to do with anything?

ADR tells him to relax. Not everything is bad. They have a gift for Big Show. Ricardo uncovers a bucket.

Big Show tells Ricardo if he throws water on that suit, he will break his spine in half, does he understand? "Si!" chants. Ricardo throws the bucket of red, white and green confetti at him. Big Show rushes Ricardo, but ADR jumps on him. Big Show rushes ADR in a corner and eats feet. ADR up and somehow hits a sick hurricanranna on Big Show! An enziguri in a corner.

VKM says, ladies and gentlemen, your WHC, ADR!

Announce Segment

Cole introduces himself, King and JBL on announce.



Bob Barker on RAW September 7, 2009. Jericho gets up in Barker's face. Later Chavito gets beaten down by Barker backstage.

Barrett vs Orton

Barrett already in the ring. Orton out to face him.

They lock up, Orton backed into a corner. Barrett without a clean break. Barrett runs the ropes into a Thesz Press, then beats on Barrett. They end up outside. Barrett tries to get the upper hand, but Orton blocks. Barrett eats the top of announce. Upper cut, then Barrett into the barrier and hits the floor. Back into the ring Orton pins for two. Orton stomps his way around Barrett. A boot to Barrett's head. Orton sends Barrett out. Cole says this is episode 1,025, over 2,090 hours of TV entertainment.


Orton elbows out of a chinlock, but then right into a high knee. During the break Barrett blocked Orton and sent him out to the floor. He's back on Orton with a reverse chinlock on the mat. The fans behind Orton as he gets to his feet and headbutts free. Barrett telegraphs and is kicked, but then Barrett takes Orton down again for two. Barrett sets Orton up on the apron, then kicks Orton in the head for two. Reverse chinlock on the mat, but Orton struggles to his knees, then reaches for the ropes. Orton to his feet and suplexes free of Barrett.

Both slow to their feet. They exchange blows. Kicks and blows from Barrett. Orton whipped, but comes out with a clothesline. More clothesline, then that sick power slam. Barrett on the apron, Orton approaches and Barrett hangs him up top. Orton in and feeds Barrett a backbreaker. Barrett to the apron and he eats Orton's 'vintage' DDT! JBL calls it 'vintage', mocking Cole. Orton pounds the mat, but Barrett up and pushes Orton off. Orton shoulder first into the corner, then he eats Barrett's elbow for three.

Winner – Barrett (10:04)

Barrett celebrates, then the announcers talk up the Rock Concert and that the first of 2013 HOFers.


Did You Know?

When RAW debuted on January 11, 1993: Kofi Kingston was 11 years old, Cody Rhodes was 7 years old, and AJ Lee was just 5 years old!

Backstage Segment

Booker stops Eve and says that he and Vickie have decided that after the things Eve's pulled recently, that there will be a stip tonight. If Eve thinks about DQ our Count out, she will be stripped of her Divas Title. Eve gets mad, but then tries o seduce Booker. He takes off his glasses peers deep into her eyes, then laughs like crazy. Tell me you did no just try that!?! Both laugh at Eve. Eve gets pissed at Teddy Long and slaps him hard before stomping off. Booker, still giggling asks if Long is okay.


Cole sets up for Anger Management that took place earlier with Dr. Shelby. They go to Bryan saying he doesn't understand why they needed a follow up, but neither want to be there. Bryan wants to lie to Shelby. The sooner they get out of there, the better. They shake and Shelby comes in gushing at them and asks who wants a group hug. They both agree and all hug.

Bryan says clearly they've beaten this anger problem, can they go?

Shelby has one last question to ask each of them about their anger issues. Starting with Bryan, what is your favorite part about Kane?

I like that he's tall. I like that he can set things on fire by lowering his arms somehow. (Kane is all smiles through this.) And he's um, quite a good dancer.

Kane in a whisper, asks Bryan what he's doing? Bryan shrugs with a mischeivious smile.

Shelby asks Kane what the best part about Bryan is.

In the ring he is very agile. Bryan nods and smiles. He's got a great beard. And he's not afraid to admit that sometimes he wears women's clothing.

Bryan turns on Kane with a whispered by demanding, what!??! Kane shrugs.

Shelby says they've made great progress and free to go, after one more thing. Shelby asks for someone to be sent in. it's Team Rhodes Scholars. They're there to trigger their anger. It's exposure therapy.

Sandow cuts him off and says it's closer to systematic desensitization, by Pavlov, you're welcome.

Shelby says that Sandow and Cody will purposely antagonize them, but wants them to wash those feelings away and go to their happy place.

Cody asks what type of crack pot psychology this is? Sandow says Freud wouldn't have had to create an artificial contentment.

Shelby says they're there help him, not critique his work.

If they wanted them there to help, then he should have a rudimentary idea of what he wants to accomplish.

Shelby, getting hot under the collar says he knows what he wants to accomplish.

Cody asks if he does. He doesn't know who's the biggest failure, Team Hell No as a tag team, or Shelby as a therapist. Sandow asks if he even graduated from an accredited institution? Where did you get your medical degree? These two would be better served by getting advice from Dr. Phill.

Shelby snaps and yells at Bryan and Kane to get them as Shelby jumps on the couch.

Kane says, "Now that's what I call a happy place!"

All three start chanting "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" together!

Kane w/ Bryan vs Sandow w/ Rhodes

Kane and Bryan to the ring together.


Sandow and Rhodes are at the ring.

Sandow rolls out, gets on the apron and Kane brings him over the top and in. Sandow whipped and clotheslined in a corner, then in the opposite corner. Side slam on Sandow for two. Kane to the apron, then climbs. Sandow rolls out. Dr. Shelby is trending on Twitter.

Sandow attacks Kane as he's climbing back into the ring. Sandow with double ax handle drops on Kane, then the elbow of disdain on Kane for two. Bryan starts pounding the apron. Sandow up and flies, but Kane catches him and chokeslams him for three.

Winner – Kane (1:58)

Kane calls fire from all four as Bryan twitches and covers his ears. Team Rhodes Scholars flee up the ramp.



Recap of Ricardo throwing confetti on Big Show, then ADR beating Big Show in the ring.

In Ring Segment

Justin announces Mick Foley to the ring as the first inductee into the WWE HOF, Class of 2013. Fans were chanting for Foley before his music hit. He comes out in his Wanted shirt, flannel shirt, and black WWE shirt over it all. On announce they discuss which face will be inducted? "Foley!" chants.

He thanks for the chants, then a cheap pop for the fans, and then The Shield's 'music' hits. The Shield comes through the stands. Foley drops the mic and gets ready for them. The surround the ring, but Foley motions for them to get in there.

"Feed me more!" Foley slides from the ring as they turn and wait for Ryback. They're all over Ryback, but he tosses them off. Ambrose and Rollins out, then Reigns flattened. They come back in and jump Ryback. Orton in, but Ryback is down and they're all on Orton. Sheamus rushes down and gets in the fray. An upper cut, then Reigns tossed out. Ambrose is left in the ring, so Ryback grabs him up, marches and hits shellshocked. The Shield back up the ramp together looking a bit worse for wear, Ryback pulls down his straps, this time a red singlet, and is ready for more. He, Orton and Sheamus line up inside the ring, still ready for more.

Video recap of the fight in the ring with The Shield. Ryback is still in the ring leading the "Feed me more!" chants. Josh is in the ring talking about it being apparent that he's gotten some retribution. Ryback says it's apparent that The Shield has cost him all his matches against Punk. He cannot rest until he gives back to The Shield what they have taken from him. "Feed me Shield!" "Feed me Shield!" "Feed me Shield!"

Announce Segment

King and JBL pick on Cole's gimmick. They go to a video of crazy gimmicks. Goldust, Goon, Bastion Booker, Gilberg, Max Moon, Doink, Boogeyman, the guy who streaked, Regal as a manly man – but mostly Goldust.


Divas Championship Match – Eve (c) vs Kaitlyn

If Eve gets a DQ, or counted out, she will be stripped of the belt. Kaitlyn in the ring. Eve out to face her in a green and gold outfit. Kaitlyn was Diva of The Month in the WWE Magazine.

They circle, kleyells smack, then they lock up. They try to muscle around. Side headlock onkle. Eve cant' take her over, Kaitlyn keeps blocking. Kaitlyn flips Eve off her. Eve slides out of the ring and Kaitlyn won't back off. Eve in and cowers from Kaitlyn. A kick to Kaitlyn's head and Eve pins for two. Blows to Kaitlyn's head on the mat. Eve takes Kaitlyn down for two.

A flipping back slam from Eve on the mat for two. Kaitlyn into a corner, then stomped down. Eve sits up top and chokes Kaitlyn off her feet after pulling her hair. Eve flips off the corner and takes Kaitlyn down hard in a lovely submission hold with Eve's legs around Kaitlyn's neck. Kaitlyn tries to reach the ropes as Eve fights it. Kaitlyn to the ropes and Eve has to break. Kaitlyn rolls Eve up for a quick two.

Forearm to Eve's face, then a couple clotheslines, then a big clothesline takes Eve off her feet. Back DDT on Eve for a long two! More kicks to Kaitlyn's head and face while they're on the mat. Eve's twisting neck breaker on Eve for two! Eve is pissed and goes all fists. Kaitlyn up and gets Eve up on her shoulders. Eve down to Kaitlyn's knee, but Eve rolls out. Kaitlyn out, but sent into the barrier. Eve sends Kaitlyn over the barrier, then rushes to the ring for Kaitlyn to be counted out. Kaitlyn in behind Eve. Eve turns and eats a SICK spear from Kaitlyn for three!

Winner – Kaitlyn (5:27)

Recap of the high points of the match. Kaitlyn poses with her new Divas Championship, in front of her hometown!

Backstage Segment

Josh with Clay. To video of what Punk said about Clay last week on RAW. Clay says Punk needs to keep his name out his mouth. I don't shuck and jive because I have to, I shuck and jive because I was born to. He's about to find his pipe bomb blow up in his face, Punk!



March 12, 2007 – Hair vs Hair contract signing between VKM and Trump. Trump pushes VKM through a table before leaving the ring. VKM was seething!

Clay vs Punk

The Dactyls out, Funkasaurus joins them on their way to the ring, wearing his new orange t-shirt. They dance in the ring together. They talk about Max Moon and HBK on announce. They're counting the number of times HBK's mentioned tonight. Punk out, down to a knee, checks his watch, then to the ring with Heyman in tow. Of course Heyman is carrying the Title. 421 days! Punk to the apron, wipes his feet, then poses on the corner to Clay, pointing to the strap Heyman is holding.

Punk with blows and kicks, but Clay backs him into a corner, then takes Punk down. Punk flees the ring. JBL says this is how Clay should be! Punk on the apron and brought in the hard way. Punk into a corner and blows from Clay until the ref pulls him off. Punk slammed to the mat, then elbow drops on Punk. Punk whipped, but gets a foot up. Punk off the top rope with a forearm. Blows to Clay's head as he kneels. Neck breaker on Clay. Punk does a little Charleston move to mock Clay. Another neck breaker on Clay to big "CM Punk!" chants. Headlock on Clay on the mat as Heyman holds the belt high. Clay up, but an elbow to the top of his head. Kicks to Clay, but then Clay t-bones Punk! Clotheslines from Clay, but Punk avoids the corner splash.

Punk on Clay's knees, then climbs. Punk hits his Savage elbow and locks on the anaconda vice, screaming the whole time. Clay taps out.

Winner – Punk (3:41)

Punk again dances around the ring with a nasty smirk. Video high points of the match.

Heyman in the ring, and Punk has a mic. He says he came out to do what he does every Monday night. Later The Rock is going to come out and do whatever he does. Some might think that one is more entertaining than the other, and you're entitled to your opinion. What you're not entitled to is our own facts. It's nobody's opinion that he made a 400lbs monster tap. It's a fact.

Punk raises the belt over his head and says it's the most important Title in the world. Fact! It belongs to Punk. Fact! For 421 days no a sole has beaten him for it. Fact. The Rock will come out and sing and dance, and entertain, maybe. That's your opinion, and you're entitled to it, just like The Rock is. At Royal Rumble, no matter our opinion or The Rock's, he will not leave the Champion. That is a fact, because I'm the best in the world, and that's not just my opinion. That's a fact! Punk's music plays as he poses and hands the belt back to Heyman. Punk calls for more reaction from the fans as he circles the ring yelling at the fans off mic.


Announce Segment

Cole talks about the great moments shown. These are Cole's favorites, the best vehicular moments in the history of RAW! Austin with the beer truck! Lita in an ambulance being driven by Kane. Austin on his 4X4 on VKM's limo. Kane into the top of a limo that runs into an 18 wheeler. A limo getting hit by another car while DX was inside. Santa/Foley getting hit by ADR a few weeks ago. Austin filled VKM's car with cement. VKM's limo loses an axle. Edge running around dressed like Flair. VKM dumps Bisch in the back of a trash truck. Sheamus with ADR's car. Cryme Tyme and Cena beat down JBL's car. Austin with a Zamboni. Austin in a monster truck on The Rock's car. Kofi destroying Orton's NASCAR. The final car was VKM's limo blowing up when he was supposedly killed.

Backstage Segment

Foley is on the phone telling Dewey and Mickey that he knows what it looked like, but he was totally getting ready to defend himself. The Rock shows up and Foley gets off the phone. Foley extends his hand.

You think The Rock walked all the way across this arena just to shake your hand. You think The Rock will shake your hand?

Smiles and they hug like the Rock and Sock Connection they are.

Foley says finally, he makes it into the HOF.

The Rock agrees that finally, he did!

Finally, people are going to acknowledge Foley's contributions. Finally, in front of my... finally?

If I didn't know any better I'd think you'd want The Rock to say Finally, The Rock...

And Sock...

Together – Have come back to Houston!

The Rock says not only do they have The Rock and Sock Connection. They have the jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising...

Foley gets in, but The Rock wants to do this himself.

Trail blazing, eye brow raising, don't be shy, don't need a disclaimer, you're not only a hardcore legend, you're a bona-fide Hall of Famer!

EXCUSE ME! Could they get any louder? She has a huge show to run and can't hear herself think. Shut up! It's her show, not The Rock's or Foley's. Foley a HOFer? They should be like baseball, elect nobody! Does she make herself clear? Does The Rock have anything to say to her. He doesn't. That's what she thought!

Holy pec pop of love, he thought The Rock was going to hit the verbal Smackdown on her!

If you trust me!

You rock bottomed me last year!

Nobody's going to remember that! Enjoy The Rock Concert here from Houston.

Over The Top Rope Challenge

Sheamus to the ring.


3MB are in the ring.

They all stare, then 3MB attack Sheamus. JBL is still laughing at Slater and his mother telling them their chance in the Royal Rumble. They try to raise Sheamus up, but he fights back and takes Slater down. Mahal and Drew on Sheamus, but for second. Sheamus gets Drew up and rolls through, landing Drew on Mahal. Slater back up and the three beat Sheamus down some more. They pull Sheamus up and try to send him out, but he fights back with blows to the head. Slater tells them what to do, Mahal climbs and the other three hold Sheamus. Sheamus runs into the ropes and sends Mahal out. Sheamus grabs Drew and throws him out. Slater is alone and the fans want the brogue kick. Slater ducks and Sheamus hung up top. Sheamus on the apron fights Slater. Mahal and Drew grab Sheamus and pull him down. Slater remains in the ring and the winner.

Winners – 3MB (3:14)

They celebrate in the ring. Mahal pulled from the ring, Sheamus in to face Drew with Slater on his shoulders. Drew to a knee and Slater eats the first brogue kicks. Drew gets the second, Mahal the third. Sheamus is pumped up.

Backstage Segment

Josh asks about Steel Cage Match and how it's to keep people out, like Big E. Cena yells that this is the 20th Anniversary of RAW, they should be talking about Austin, The Rock, Kane, Taker, Game, Meat, HBK, Y2J, DOA, Hogan, Hall, Nash, Los Guerreros, Los Conquistadors, Batista, Basham Brothers, Braden Walker, wait, wait, wait. He was never on RAW, great highlight reel though. Recent history, forget about it. Recent history? I ate Fruity Pebbles, became invisible, became visible, got liked, got hated, got Tweeted, got Touted, had a bowel movement the size of Papa Shango, who cares? The recent future has me looking at Dolph Ziggler, his gang of misfits and a steel cage. Three may be company in Jack Tripper's apartment, but in that house, out there belongs to him. Tonight Ziggler will do exactly what the WWF did ten years ago, and get the F out! Cena waves his hand in front of his face and leaves.

Stage Segment

Miz out in a very snazzy light gray plaid suit, white shirt and black tie. He says tonight there's a very special guest on Miz TV. He's a WWE HOFer, and it's going to be awesome! Would they like a hint? He repeats for more reaction. Woooooo!



Recap of The Shield going after Foley, but getting taken down by Ryback, Orton and Sheamus.

Miz TV

Miz is in the ring with his set. In the history of great talk shows on RAW – The Cutting Edge, The Highlight Reel, Piper's Pit, welcome to the most must see talk show of the past 20 years, welcome to Miz TV! This man needs no introduction! He's the only two time HOFer in WWE history. The Nature Boy Ric Flair! Out comes Flair in a putty colored suit, purple striped shirt and mauve tie. He is more cool than anyone as he struts to the ring.

Houston, what's going on?

They sit and Miz says Flair's done everything on this show. Had a classic match with Mr. Perfect, started Evolution, been TLC Matches, musical chairs, not that it was a match, but he wants to know his favorite moment in 20 years of RAW?

Truthfully, it's well known, the night on RAW after he retired after being beaten by HBK. That was the biggest night of his life. Other than the birth of his children, that night on RAW was the biggest of his life. But let's talk about the future. This company gets bigger and better every Monday night, and he's proud to be there. He was talking to his good friend, Howel Brown III the other day, and he said Naitch, the day Ryback brings The Shield down will be a magic moment on RAW, and Flair's looking forward to that too. Into the camera Flair says, hello my brother! There's the Rolex Shawn gave me baby! There's my rings!

Really? Really? Wooo!

They go back and forth with this, then Miz stops him and says, that was pretty awesome, do it again! Flair starts strutting around the open area in the ring. Woooo! They go back and forth with the Woooo! Flair continues to strut. Miz says that was a magical moment for him. The WWE has had some of the most unforgettable Superstars, and some have their own unique style and voice, take a look.

They go to video of Sandow, Spirit Squad, DX, Cole, Jericho, Foley, DX again, R-Truth, Punk, Laurinaitis, Val Venis, Bryan, Kane, Miz, Vickie, Austin, Snitsky, Booker T, Goldust, Flair, Ron Simmons, Hurricane, Lance Storm, Trip, Cena, VKM, Ryback, Ryder, E&C, The Rock,ending with Austin.

Miz says the catchphrases were good, but one was missing, and he drives in a?


He flies in a?

He's a super hero?

No, he takes this away from the ladies?

Oh no, this show is PG, I'm not doing that again brother!

Come on!

I've got four ex-wives, I need a job brother!

You want to hear? This is for The Rock? Limousine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, son of a gun that has kissed...

Cesaro's music cuts them off. He doesn't need a catchphrase because he doesn't rely on crutches. When he saw them out there, he had to see what America is. They embody what America is. "USA!" chants. A failed reality show star is more focused on fame than greatness is hosting a talk show where his guest is the 16 time world Champ who made ten million dollars and spent twenty million...

Thirty million, brother.

Spent thirty million to keep the illusion of past greatness. Cesaro into the ring. Just like America, no matter how great Flair was, he has nothing to show for it. Except maybe a bar tab he can't pay. The only thing this (4 horsemen fingers) stands for is Flair's four ex-wives.

Miz gets up and throws the chairs aside. He'll pay Flair's bar tab, but will give Cesaro the receipt right now.

Unlike the typical American, he's going to be the bigger man and walk away. Flair wouldn't let him. Flair stops him and chops him. Cesaro into a mic check, then Flair sets Cesaro up, but motions for Miz to do it, all the while holding Cesaro's foot. Miz locks on a fig 4, a huge grin on his face, as Flair struts around the ring. Off comes Flair's jacket. Off comes Miz's jacket. Flair drops a knee on his own jacket, then an elbow on Miz's jacket. Not sure Miz will ever stop grinning!



January 19, 1998 – Mike Tyson comes to the ring to shake hands with VKM. Austin's music cut them off. Austin wanted a piece of Tyson's ass, then flipped the double bird. They start to scuffle in the ring. Brisco and Slaughter had to help get Austin from the ring.

Bryan w/ Kane vs Rhodes w/ Sandow

Bryan to the ring yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" with Kane in tow. Video of Shelby going crazy about Dr. Phil, then they all chanted "YES!" together. Rhodes is plucking his 'stache ringside.

They circle, then Bryan into a corner. Huge news about Eve on the WWE App. Bryan taken down and Rhodes works Bryan's right knee. Bryan is slammed onto his knee for two. Blows to Bryan's head. Rhodes drops a foot, using the ropes for height. Bryan grabs Rhodes and locks on the "YES!" lock. Rhodes taps out.

Winner – Bryan (1:15)

Bryan and Kane celebrate in the ring.


Eve with Striker and freaking out about Ryder stalking her, Cena getting nasty at her, Kaitlyn blaming her for the ankle. She doesn't need the WWE, she quits! She has a reality show and doesn't need this, she quits!


Backstage Segment

AJ looking off to the skies, Big E beside her looking vacant. What's her favorite element of the past 20 years of RAW? The romance. Passion. What says that better than a WWE wedding? Let's take a look at Edge and Lita for example. They were interrupted by a rather unholy guest. Video of Edge marrying Lita in a trampy dress, then Kane comes through the mat and ends up trashing the place and tombstoning the priest!

AJ talks about the unbridled passion when Trip and Steph renewed their vows. Steph loves Trip, but he sees her for what she truly is, a no good lying BLEEP! VKM's eyes bugged out, and he ate a pedigree. Trip's ring comes off and Steph goes crazy!

What about... Big E cuts her off and says that those were great but that this wedding moment almost made him shed a tear. He looks pointedly at the camera and crosses his arms again. Bryan to marry AJ, she says yes, but it was to VKM and she was the new RAW GM!

AJ doesn't look to happy about this. It was the best moment of her life and it was taken away. She lost it all because of Cena! Ziggler in to hug and comfort AJ. He tells Cena he will feel the same pain he caused, both in and out of the ring. He won't be blind sided, he's been preparing for this his whole life. Tonight he proves he's just that damn good. And when he wins tonight, it's going to be the greatest show stealing performance in the history of Monday Night RAW. Show! Off. The three leave together.

Announce Segment

The man, JR, comes out to the ring. Cole says he personally invited JR to come and call this Steel Cage Match with them tonight!


Steel Cage Match – John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler climbs in the ring. AJ and Big E stay outside. Cole has left announce for this match, JBL tells JR to keep it permanently, if he wants. Cena out to the ring. Cena stops, give his shirt to a girl with Downs Syndrome ringside before getting into the ring. JBL calls AJ the Cathy Bates of the WWE, and should be in a cage herself.

Ziggler tries to flee, but Cena stops him. Cena takes him down, then to his feet to keep Ziggler from the door. Ziggler tries to climb and Cena stops him. Blows to Ziggler during dueling chants. Snap suplex on Ziggler and Big E is pacing outside. Chinlock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler to his feet, then Cena takes him down. Cena runs the ropes and into a drop kick for two.

Cena into the cage, then hits the mat. Ziggler splashes Cena in a corner, then a neck breaker. Another neck breaker to Cena with dueling Cena chants. Cena blocks the third, but ends up eating a sitting shoulder for two. A blow drops Cena. Ziggler is caught and sent flying, but Ziggler catches the cage and climbs. Ziggler pulled down and Cena climbs. Ziggler up on the top rope with Cena and they exchange blows. Cena falls, but then up and hits the ropes to crotch Ziggler up top.


Ziggler is down, Cena climbing. Ziggler up, and they're both straddling the top of the cage. They exchange blows and Cena to the top rope. Cena pulls Cena down. Ziggler with a drop kick off the top rope dropping both of them to the mat! During the break Big E kept Cena from leaving the ring but supporting Cena's foot and his weight with one hand. Cena face first into the cage. Ziggler taunts Cena, then on him with blows. Cena strong arms a block so he doesn't eat the cage again.

Clotheslines, then a slam to Ziggler. 5 knuckle shuffle and Ziggler is up. Cena staggers and Ziggler grabs the cage and climbs. Cena with Ziggler's tights and we see a lot of bum. Back and for the between them and both are down. Ziggler crawls, reaches the door and he's almost out. Cena grabs Ziggler's feet, Big E grabs his arms and they play tug-a-war. Cena wins and tries to locks on the STF, but Ziggler reverses it into a sleeper! They're on the mat, but Super Cena manages to get to his feet. JBL yells that Cena is out on his feet. Cena starts to climb a corner with Ziggler still holding on with the sleeper. Cena collapses and they both hit the mat hard. AJ is beside herself ringside.

Cena crawls to the door, Ziggler climbs, but Ziggler sees him and grabs Cena's feet. Cena kicks Ziggler off in a big way. Cena to his feet, stepping out, but eats the door, ala Big E! Ziggler pins Cena for two. Ziggler to the door, but Cena climbs. Cena kicks the door closed on Ziggler's face. Big E with a chair starts beating the cage so Cena can't climb down. Somehow Ziggler grabs Cena for a big zig-zag for a long two.

Ziggler climbs, gets to the top, but Cena grabs him. Ziggler sent back in the hard way. Cena sits up top of the ropes recovering. Ziggler dives at Cena, but Cena slams Ziggler back to the mat for two. AJ has a screaming fit outside the ring. Slapping her hands on announce, walking around screeching, then she starts to climb the cage. AJ to the top and straddles. Big E into the ring with the case. The case is tossed down as Big E and Cena throw punches. A ref yells at AJ up top as Ziggler grabs the case and swings it at the back of Cena's head, but Cena ducks and Big E eats the case full on in the face. AA on Ziggler for three. King accidentally says Ziggler won, then quickly fixed his words.

Winner – Cena (16:35)

Cena leaves the whole mess as AJ is still sitting up top and starts screaming her head off. Cena, on stage, says it's all in a day's work. AJ is glaring up at him and pulling her hair.


The Rock Concert

The Rock's music and out comes The Great One. He stops, poses, pops his eye brow, points, says things off mic. To the other side of the ring, more talking. Then to the ring and in. The Rock poses on a corner. Cole is asking why The Rock returned. King says it's in his blood! He's lived it, loved it, his father and grandfather, it's in his blood!

The Rock grabs the mic set up for him and soaks it in before speaking. What an amazing night tonight. What an honor it is to close the night out with them. Brought back some amazing memories. His first time on RAW, he came out looking like the biggest bad ass RAW has ever seen! Straight beast! They show a picture of The Rock's first night where he came out in a goofy outfit with curly hair and the silliest grin ever! Sweet moon walking baby Moses, why? That hair cut, the smile, that outfit. He looked like an escaped mental patient looking to audition for the Backstreet Boys. That picture goes to show that if you put your mind to it, you can overcome anything!

He sits down and gets comfortable. "Rocky!" chants. He says tonight... Will you take that picture off? Thank you. It's not about the past, it's about the present. The 20th Anniversary of RAW, and the return of The Rock Concert in Houston, Texas. This first The Rock song is sung to the tune of Heartbreak Hotel. He's going to sing to somebody who really deserves it.

Well The Rock knows all the Divas,
but at one thing she's the best,
the one who wears an ugly suit and has big floppy breasts.
(Heyman's pic on the tron)
His name is Paul Heyman,
his name is Paul Heyman,
he's so ugly, make you cry!
Well you're running down the people,
The Rock knows your secret fears,
your fat covers up your little penis
that you haven't seen in years!
He hasn't seen it,
He hasn't seen it,
He hasn't seen it
in years!

"Rocky!" chants. Thanks, before the next song, he has to mention someone who's there. Texas' own, Dusty Hill from ZZ Top! Dusty waves.

Cause every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man!

The Rock asks how the ladies are doing tonight. Then again. You know what my favorite curve on a woman is? Someone from the crowd yells something, but The Rock says no, it's a family show. His favorite curve on a woman is her smile. Go ahead fellas, use that in your repertoire. Get you that good lovin'. There's a special woman... A woman yells that she loves him. He tells her he loves her too, or sounds like someone The Rock could love at least. He wants to sing a very special song to her tonight. No, not Cookie Puss! (The Rock has been sitting there strumming lightly on his guitar through all this.) He asks Vickie to come out. Don't be shy, come on out. I just want to sing a song to you. Vickie comes out like a scared cat. He has a special song for her, she ran off last time. Another cheap pop, and Vickie doesn't look impressed. One of his favorite artists, Eric Clapton.

Late in the evening
she's wondering what clothes to wear
she puts on her makeup
she brushes her short black hair (Vickie is smiling and touching her hair)
and then she'll ask me
do I look alright
and I say no beotch,
you look horrible tonight. (Vickie is disgusted by this.)

(The Rock tells Vickie to not go anywhere, she will want to hear this, the world wants to sing it to you.)

Abuse all your power
waste everybody's time
you dress like a hooker
not the expensive kind
So get your ass to the airport
take a one way flight
because beotch
you look horrible tonight.
I said beotch
you look horrible tonight.

Vickie screeched at The Rock, how dare he do that to her?

I said beotch
you look horrible tonight.

The Rock says that she's one horrible looking beotch. More cheap pops for the fans. He talks about kicking ass and says he wants to call out someone. CM Punk. The Rock wants to tell him something man to man, come on out. The Rock stands and waits for Punk to come out, and he does. Punk comes out slowly with Heyman in tow, holding that belt up.

Heat for Punk as they come out to the stage. Punk holds up his belt and gets more heat.

The Rock says he comes out and talks about facts. Here's the facts. For 421 days no one, no one has been able to stop Punk. Fact, that man behind Punk, his manager, has Twinkie tits. Punk and Heyman glare. The Rock says that last week Punk said facing Punk would be like boxing with God, a fact. He wanted to bring Punk out to tell him, man to man, in front of the world, you aint God. (Punk smirks.) But as God is my witness, in 13 days, I will beat you for the WWE Title.

Punk stops smirking and looks at his spinner belt that no longer spins, then glares. He hands the belt to Heyman, then whispers something in Heyman's ear. Punk runs down the ramp and tackled The Rock. They roll around on the floor, blows being thrown and four refs are out there pulling them apart. Cole says, "We have a rumble in Houston!" They are pulled apart, but of course Punk breaks free and dives at The Rock. They throw blows and they're again pulled apart.

Something happens and a cameraman is knocked and the view goes screwy. The next thing is The Rock is back on Punk, more blows being thrown. Arn, Booker, and Fit Finlay have all joined in the fight to keep these two mega Superstars apart! Finlay is with The Rock, Arn is with a bunch of refs holding Punk back. Punk yells, "Come on, just bring it!" RAW fades to black.

Biggest pop
The Rock
Ric Flair
Mick Foley
ADR & Ricardo

Biggest heat
Big Show
The Shield
Ziggler/AJ/Big E
Team Rhodes Scholars

Most mixed

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