WWE Tribute To The Troops Results From Fort Bragg 12/13/11


Tribute To The Troops starts with a video of troops with wrestlers talking about how much the US Armed Forces do for us as a country. They're in Fort Bragg with videos from many big name stars. Tonight they pay Tribute To The Troops.

Music and pyro.

Cole welcomes us to the 9th annual Tribute To The Troops.

A video from Obama. He thanks all our men and women in uniform. He's proud of their service and the families who give so much. At the end of the month all troops will be out of Iraq. He and his families wish them all happy holidays.

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

Orton sucks up the love as he walks down the ramp, eyes closed part of the way, but a sweet smile on his face. Wade out to face Orton. Video of Orton beating the clock on SD. After Orton won, Wade attacked. Wade then fled, so Orton put Dolph through a table.

"Randy!" chants. They lock up, but Orton on Wade with blows. Wade eats a turnbuckle pad. Orton is whipped but comes out with a clothesline. Orton stomps Wade as King talks about Thibault (sp?). Orton drops a knee but only gets two. Back elbow to Wade, then one of Orton's new suplex for two. Orton telegraphs and is kicked for it. A big boot from Wade for two. Blows to Orton on the mat and Wade poses. Orton choked in the ropes, then knees to Orton's head in the ropes. Orton eats a big boot and lands on the apron. Wade pins for two.

Chinlock on Orton as the fans chant for him. Orton gets free with a back suplex. A back kick to Orton lands him back on the mat. Wade sets up and hits his cup handle slam on Orton for two. Wade up in a corner, but Orton up and at Wade with blows. Orton up and hits his father's famous superplex. Orton pins for two. They exchange blows, but then Wade telegraphs and is kicked. Clotheslines then that slam to Wade. Orton rushes Wade but eats feet. Back breaker from Orton, then he tries for his DDT but Wade gets free. Wade out, but Orton out and beats on Wade. Orton tries to DDT Wade off the apron, but Wade slams Orton back into the barrier. The ref is counting nand Orton scrabbles, but can't get into the ring in time.

Double Count Out

Orton on Wade with big blows. Orton then slammed into the stairs shoulder first. Wade pulls out a table and slides it in the ring. Orton is rolled in the ring, then stomped by Wade. Wade half sets up the table, but Orton is moving. Wade grabs him but eats a beautiful drop kick! Orton finishes setting up the table. Orton sets up Wade, but Otunga is suddenly there and attacks Orton from behind. Orton beaten down in a corner. Otunga sets up Orton, but Orton hits his RKO. Cole yells that Orton can't do that to Otunga, he's a lawyer! Wade up on the stage stares down the ramp at Orton. "Table!" chants fill the arena. Orton grabs Otunga and powerbombs Otunga through the table! Orton again stares up at Wade. Wade glares back with blood on his lip.

Nicole Kidman on video thanks the troops and wishes them and their families a happy and safe holiday season.

> Commercial

Jake Gyllenhaal on video thanks the troops. He has a profound respect for those who defend us. He wishes them a happy and healthy holiday season.

Backstage Josh stops Wade and asks him about facing Orton in a Tables Match tonight and what Orton did to Otunga might happen to him. He has the psychological advantage over Orton. The only thing Orton will hear is a table breaking over his head.

Justin announces Nickelback performing RAW's theme song Burn It To The Ground.

Cole and King talk about the Golden Knights. They go to video about the Superstars jumping from a plane. Kofi and ADR talk smack about the other chickening out. It's also Punk, Eve and Cody jumping. They each jump with a partner strapped to their backs. Cody specifically seemed to be having a blast. They each talk about how great it was and how great the troops are. Punk specifically says he wants to give back that much more after that amusement park ride!

Swagger w/ Dolph vs Zack Ryder w/ Sgt. Slaughter

Cole thinks he'd be a great guy for Special Forces. King says he'd be shot at from both sides! Ryder says he speaks for them all in saying Dolph's the last person they want representing the USA. Ryder calls for a GI fist pump for Sgt. Slaughter! He comes out to the ring. Slaughter removes his hat to show a Broski headband! A handshake to Ryder, then Slaughter to the outside.

They lock up and Ryder backed into a corner and beats him down. Swagger telegraphs and is kicked for it. Ryder climbed and a missile drop kick on Swagger for two. Clothesline to Ryder for two. Forearms to Ryder's back. "Broski!" chants. Swagger picks Ryder up and slams him to the mat for two. Slaughter gets the fans chanting, "USA!" Ryder takes Swagger's leg, somehow spins around the leg and rolls Swagger up for two in a beautiful way. They exchange blows, but Ryder is whipped. Swagger eats knees, then a fist pump and Ryder's kick to Swagger's head. Swagger with double forearms to Ryder's face for two.

Ryder sent outside and Dolph clotheslines Ryder, then jumps on the announce table and lounges across it while playing with his phone. If he was face, I'd say it was a true Eddie move. Slaughter over and yells at Dolph. Dolph to his feet and Slaughter clotheslines Dolph over announce. Swagger out and yelling at Slaughter. Swagger takes Slaughter down with a kick and then blows. A kick to Ryder, then Swagger primps. Ryder rolled in, Swagger follows. "Broski!" chants. Swagger tries to splash Ryder off the corner, but eats feet. Ruff Ryder for three.

Winner > Ryder

Swagger staggers to his feet in the ring, but Slaughter is behind him and locks on the cobra clutch. Ryder and Slaughter celebrate. Dolph is seen leaving the area with what appears to be the second busted lip of the night

Rey says Slim Jims are one of the most requested snacks by the Armed Forces. Big Show and Eve talk about how every two Slim Jims bought, they will donate one to the troops.

Hugh Jackman on video thanks the troops for what they're doing. Don't let any Aussi service men lead them astray.

Video of the Bellas are at Westpoint. They watched IOCT, the obstacle course they have to pass to graduate.

8 Diva Tag Team Match > Bellas & Beth & Natalya vs Kelly & Eve & Foxy & Maria Menounos

Bellas out in camo. Natalya and Beth out in purple Santa type outfits. In the front row is Major General Rodney O. Anderson, Deputy Comanding Chief of the XVIII Airborne Corps. Kelly, Eve and Foxy out in Santa and camo outfits. They waited for Maria to join them. Video from two years ago on RAW when Maria kicked Beth, then slapped her in a Tag Match.

Eve and a Bella in, but the Bella wants Maria. Maria in. side headlock takeover on Maria. Maria free, puts the hold on and takes Brie down. Eve in and the other Bella tags out. Snap mare to Nikki, then Eve's standing moonsault. Natalya breaks that up. Beth tags in and on Eve. Enziguri on Beth, then Kelly tags in. Kelly up top and flies onto Beth. Kelly's tilt-a-whirl on Beth. Beth eats turnbuckle pad, then a moonsault, the Bella breaks the count. Foxy takes her out and they all get involved. The fight goes outside. Maria rushes in and grabs Beth. Maria slammed into a corner but turned things around and pinned Beth for three.

Winners – Kelly, Eve, Foxy & Maria

Beth is outside shocked, Natalya calms her down.

Cole says if Maria had done that a few weeks ago she might have won a Slammy. Oh yeeeeeaaaaaah! From King. Cole calls him on his Savage impersonation, King says he does that every time he eats a Slim Jim! They continue to talk up Slim Jims.

Kermit and Miss Piggy say what an honor it is to pay tribute to the troops. Piggy talks about the ladies in uniform who really kick... Kermit says this is a shout out. Piggy is shouting, but ends up sending kissies to the troops and hope they come home soon.

> Commercial

Celine Dion she wishes the troops a happy holidays. She thanks the troops for all they do, we all appreciate them. They're in our hearts and in our minds, always.

George Wallace comes out to the stage. It's so cold that the kids with the pants hanging off their butts have pulled them up. He went on to Vegas putting holiday decorations in August. He talks up Halloween and how he went to a party as a butler and worked his butt off. He talks about all the food at Thanksgiving. Why don't we eat turkey year round, then onto stuffing and all the stuff shoved up the turkey's butt. Then you can have Christmas. He goes on to talking about people saying stupid stuff. King is building a house and starting from the ground up, good that he's not starting with the roof and chimney. You hear cats making love, but never see them. He says the troops can come to his show in Vegas for free in all of 2012 – that's when the troops got really loud!

King and Cole talk about Wallace being funny, then they go onto the Trip and Nash Match at TLC. Video building up their feud and readying for their Match.

Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes

Booker out to announce to join King and Cole. Booker will face Cody for the IC Title at TLC. Bryan out to the ring to much of Cole's complaints, the same as Booker coming out! Cody comes out glaring with a black eye. Video of Cody attacking Booker on SD. But later in the show Booker got in the ring and attacked Cody, blackening his eye.

They lock up. Arm drag from Bryan. Cody on Bryan's rib, but not for long. Drop kick from Bryan, Cody hides in the ropes. Cody picks Bryan up and lands him across the top buckle. Cody stomps Bryan's ribs. Knee to Bryan's ribs for two. Cody locks up Bryan and bows him up in his submission hold. Blows and upper cut to Cody, but Cody right back with a kick to Bryan's ribs for two. Bryan whipped, then stomped. Booker is so riled up that no one can understand him. Bryan whipped but runs and flips over Cody. Clothesline to Cody, then upper cut. Cody whipped and eats a drop kick in the corner. Bryan pins Cody for two.

Bryan telegraphs and eats an upper cut. Cody runs the ropes, then ends up clotheslined outside. Bryan out and they fight in front of announce. Snap mare to Bryan as Cody talks smack. Booker leaves announce to check on Bryan. The ref wants Booker gone. "Booker T! Chants. Cody sends Bryan back in and on Bryan's ribs. Cody leans out through the ropes at Booker and eats a right hook. Cody falls back and Bryan rolls him up for three in one smooth move.

Winner > Bryan

Cole goes off on Booker who admits he lost his cool. Cody calls Booker into the ring. Booker in and they exchange blows. A sweet one armed back body drop on Cody who then flees the ring and the area. Cody then runs back in and eats one blow before fleeing again. Booker's music and he hits his spin-a-roonie! The troops are wild!

Carson Daly wishes the troops the warmest holiday wishes.

Mary J Blige is there to perform Need Someone.

Backstage Kofi and Evan walking along. They meet Miss USA. They all boom, boom boom and she's off.

Robin Williams says he's been to visit troops overseas and is inspired by them. He gets into 'wrestler voice' as he wishes happy holidays.

> Commercial

J.R. Martinez who won Dancing With The Stars was in the military and was badly hurt. He was burned quite badly and has many scars, most visibly on his head, face and neck. Eve does a short interview about him helping the troops through his words. She talks about how Superstars dance in the ring. Video of Santino, J.R. Gives him a 7, Cole a 3 and then really likes Eve's dancing and gives her a 9 for potential. She presents him with a spinner belt and he loves it. He actually said, "Purple heart what?"

Air Boom vs Epico & Primo w/ Rosa

Hornswoggle is the special guess ring announcer! He announces Kofi and Evan to the ring. Rosa, Epico and Primo all out in black.

Kofi and Primo start off. Monkey flip on Primo for two. Evan tags in and lands on Primo's gut as he holds the ropes and Kofi holds Primo's feet so he's parallel to the. Epico in and Evan's cross body looked to end bad, but landed an arm drag on Epico! Kick to Primo for two. Standing moonsault to Primo for two. Kofi tags in and they hit a double bulldog. Kofi up top and distracted by Epico to land on the mat. Kofi is wrenched over Primo's knee. Kofi dives and tags out. Evan in with high knees and kicks to Epico. High knee on rpi, Primo breaks the count. Primo slams Kofi back off the apron. Back stabber from Epico on Evan for three.

Winners – Primo & Epico

Matthew McConaughey wishes all the troops a happy and safe holiday season.

Nickelback performs When We Stand Together.

Christina Aguilera thanks the service men and women. Happy holidays.

Christian out with a crutch and his neck brace, mic in hand as he hobbles. He's still suffering a neck injury from Big Show, ankle injury from Sheamus, the emotional trauma from the lack of love from the fans. He's there to show support for his Canadian Army. Sheamus comes out and Christian hobbles away quickly.

Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre

Sheamus all smiles to and in the ring. Drew out with a sneer.

They lock up and muscle around. Drew into the corner but back with blows. Drew whipped and eats a clothesline. Head butts over and over in the corner. Drew's eyes bugged out and rolled back. A short clothesline to Drew, then sets up for the Celtic cross but Drew dropped and fled the ring. Drew back in with a thumb to the eye. Blows to Sheamus. Drew chokes Sheamus in the ropes, but Sheamus takes him down hard and on Drew with blows. Knees to the back of Drew's head. Drew up and eats a brogue kick for three.

Winner > Sheamus

Replay of the thumb to the eye, then the finisher. Sheamus is all smiles in the ring and the fans love him.

Jimmy Fallon with accent talking about having a nice Irish Christmas. He thanks the troops. Sheamus in and knees Fallon in the ribs and says, "I'm looking over a late night poser who I've overlooked before." Happy holidays fellas.

> Commercial

Regis Philbin thanks the troops. He's always been a big wrestling fan. He hopes they've enjoyed the show and they best of luck.

Mary J Blige sings Family Affair.

Bradley Cooper thanks the men and women of the armed forces and wishes them a happy and safe holiday season.

ADR & Miz & Henry vs Big Show & CM Punk & Cena

ADR out in a 2009 Bentley Arnage. Miz out to the ring as if they all love him. Henry out to much heat. Video of Henry visiting the National Guard. It was him and AJ visiting them. Big Show out slapping hands and getting lots of love. Punk out to join Big Show. Cena out to the ring through huge pop. In the ring Cena can be seen saying that this is his favorite show of the year, right here. Video of Kane's return last night.

Miz and Punk start. Shoulder block to Punk, then an arm drag to Miz. Side headlock on Miz, then a kick to his back. Leg drop to Miz for two. Cena wants in and Big Show chants for Cena. He tags in and the fans go wild. Punk and Cena double team Miz in a most lovely way. Miz runs the ropes, both Punk and Cena leapfrog. Then Cena drops down below Miz and Punk nails Miz with a drop kick. Both Cena and Punk go to pin Miz at the same time. Punk realizes he's not legal and leaves the ring with a red face and huge grin. Cena pins for two.

Monkey flip on Miz. Big chop to Miz in a corner. Headlock on Miz and Big Show tags in. Big Show shushes the fans then big slap to Miz's chest. Miz staggers and tags ADR on his way by. ADR is NOT impressed. ADR kicks at Big Show but gets a chest slap. ADR staggers and tags Henry in. Henry in and they are face to face. Henry pushes Big Show off. Big Show on Henry. Shoulder block to Big Show. "Big Show!" chants. Henry slams Big Show to the mat for two. More chants for Big Show. ADR again tagged in against his will. Kicks to Big Show's head over and over, but ADR is tossed off hard when he tries to pin Big Show. Miz tags in and stops the heck out of Big Show! Henry tags in and hats Big Show with a couple rights. Big Show chants turn to Cena chants. Bear hug on Big Show. Head butts to Henry, over and over. Back kick to Henry. They both rush and clothesline each other. Cena gets the fans clapping.

Punk gets the hot tag, Miz also tags in. Flying clothesline from Punk off the top rope. Another clothesline then swinging neck breaker from Punk. Big knee, then bulldog from Punk. Punk out and climbs the corner, then on top of Big Show's shoulders. Big Show takes a few steps, then Punk drops an elbow on Miz. Punk locks on his anaconda, but ADR in and kicks Punk in the head. Miz tags out. Henry in with a huge head butt! Big right to Punk. Punk is clotheslined, but somehow out of Henry's slam. A big kick to Henry, then Cena tags in.

Shoulder block on Henry. Cena sorta slams Henry. 5 knuckle shuffle, then ADR and Miz in on Cena. Big Show in and chokeslams ADR, GTS on Miz. Henry up and eats a Big Show punch. Cena somehow gets Henry up and hits his AA for three.

Winners > Big Show & Cena & Punk

Super Cena is all fine now as they pose in a corner together, then celebrate. Video of the high points of the Match. Cena with a mic and all the rest of the Superstars are out on the stage. He thanks everyone and says he speaks for the WWE and thanks the men and women in the US military. It's the holiday season, season forgiving, but every citizen knows that everyday is a day of giving wearing those colors. This event means the world to them as it's their way of giving back to them. The name of this event is Tribute To The Troops. Tonight they saw Superstars and celebrities, but the heart and soul of this event is the heart and soul that defends and protects the United States of America. This is their night, their time. Let the world hear the spirit of Fort Bragg. The fans go wild! Let the world hear the spirit of the United States of America! The Superstars down and shaking hands with the troops. They're out there, Sheamus is out in the middle of the troops and having a blast.


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