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Smackdown 2/21/12 - GMs Face Off

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This Live Super Smackdown starts with music and pyro.

In Ring Segment

Lilian announces D-Bry to the ring. He comes out with AJ in tow. AJ in a very cropped tank and tight gray skinny jeans. Stills from Sheamus attacking D-Bry after the Elimination Chamber Sunday. D-Bry clears his throat on mic. He says in July when he win the MITB contract and said he was going to main event WrestleMania, not a single person that believed him. Yet here he stands as our World Heavyweight Champion! And, he's heading to the main event of WrestleMania! D-Bry says Santino was trying to channel Rocky Balboa going into Elimination Chamber, but D-Bry's a role model, the real Rocky story. Santino, Khali, Cody, Wade – 'What?' between each name – Big Show. He beat them all! We want Rocky? "Yo AJ, I did it!" Yes, yes, yes! But, as he was celebrating, physically spent after defeating five other men in the most brutal match ever constructed... "CM Punk!" chants fill the arena. It was ruined. His moment was ruined by Sheamus. No pop for Sheamus. Now it's his turn. He's going to ruin Sheamus' moment at WrestleMania. He'll show Sheamus and everyone over the world that he'll be victorious. Just like tonight, he'll be victorious over Punk. Heat for that. We want to talk about the best in the...

"Awesome!" Miz's music hit and he comes out with a smirk on his face. Miz and his ego climbs in the ring. Miz says to look at D-Bry, the World Heavyweight Champion. Who'a thunk it? D-Bry was wrong, so wrong. He wasn't the only one to believe he'd becomes a World Champion. Miz mentored him to become Champ. From that first day, Miz knew he had the skill, determination and temperament to become Champion. He's not out there asking for thanks, or steal his spotlight. He's there to congratulate him for being in the main event of WrestleMania, like Miz did last year. As he continues in Miz's footsteps, and embarrass Sheamus at WrestleMania, he thinks they should form a tag team. Not like any other tag team...

Sheamus cuts Miz off. Sheamus to the ring with a smile on his face. Sheamus takes Miz's mic. Sheamus congratulates D-Bry on being a massive arse. On being a hypocrite. He's no role model, just a coward. He'd rather hide behind a woman's skirt than be a man. Also, would like to congratulate D-Bry for hanging out with someone almost as conceited as D-Bry – meaning Miz. Good job. The thing is, when WrestleMania is over, no one will congratulate D-Bry. Hey'll say he got exactly what he deserved.

Miz says Sheamus deserves to be taken down a notch or two. How dare Sheamus come out there and take the thunder of the World Heavyweight Champion? Sheamus asks Miz to do him a favor, let the lad who actually has a match at WrestleMania talk, eh? Sheamus turns back to D-Bry who bitch slaps Sheamus. D-Bry flees and Miz attacks. Sheamus takes Miz out and sends him over the top. Sheamus looks up to see D-Bry on the stage holding AJ's hand. AJ looks scared.


Sheamus vs Miz

Sheamus with Miz's arm wrenched and a knee on Miz's head. Miz to his feet and kicks out. Sheamus telegraphs and gets kicked, but Miz over the top. He lands on the apron but gets Sheamus' ten forearms to his chest. Miz falls to the floor. Sheamus out and kicks Miz while he's down. Miz sent into the ring, gets a shoulder block through the ropes, then Sheamus over the top rope with a shoulder block for long two. Miz hangs Sheamus' arm and shoulder up top. Miz back into the ring and eats a shoulder block. Upper cut to Miz, then whipped, but Miz moves and Sheamus took the post shoulder first and rather hard.

Miz out and sends Sheamus back into the ring. Blocked clothesline, then Miz works Sheamus' arm. "Let's go Sheamus!" chants. Sheamus eats Miz's foot, then blows in a corner. Miz hits his corner clothesline, then climbs. Double axe handle to Sheamus' head, then a boot to a kneeling Sheamus' face. Miz on Sheamus' left arm with a hold. Sheamus free, but Miz kicks at Sheamus over and over. Sheamus comes back with double hand clotheslines to Miz, then one in a corner. Back breaker on Miz for two. Miz whipped, but gets an elbow up. Miz's back/neck breaker moves for two. Miz sets up for the SCF, but Sheamus elbows Miz to the face, then an arm drag. Miz ducks the brogue kick. Miz tried to fight back, but Sheamus hit his new finisher for three.

Winner – Sheamus

Sheamus celebrates. Video of the high points of the match, including the finisher. Bokoer says Miz got put to sleep – wrong wrestler's finisher! Sheamus celebrates more.

Backstage Segment

Aksana with Long, but then Laurinaitis in with Otunga. Laurinaitis says this is why he should be permanent GM of RAW and Smackdown. He has a special place for Laurinaitis' office. Laurinaitis wants Long's office. Long says he has a special place for Laurinaitis and his bow tie wearing piniski can hang out. It even has a bathroom. It has MEN on the door. Otunga says Long's office should be in the dumpster, after he beats Zeke tonight. Long tells them not to forget to flush.


Kofi & R-Truth vs Swagger & Dolph w/ Vickie

Kofi out to the ring in his blue and yellow ring togs. R-Truth out to tag with him. EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!! She announces Swagger and Dolph. Dolph has his new shirt hanging over his bum again.

Swagger and R-Truth lock up. R-Truth free and dances, then hits Swagger with a right and a cheap shot on Dolph. Huge shoulder block to R-Truth! Swagger splashes R-Truth and pins for two. R-Truth eats corner and Dolph tags in. snap mare to R-Truth, Dolph shows off then drops an elbow. More showing off, then a standing camel clutch on R-Truth. R-Truth fights out, then makes sure Dolph eats corner. Kofi gets the tag and comes in from the top with a clothesline. Clotheslines, back elbows and a drop kick to Dolph. Kofi eats corner, but then climbs and off the top with a crossbody. Kofi pins, Swagger breaks it up. R-Truth in, but over the top and Vickie screeches at him. Kofi clotheslines Swagger from the ring and Vickie VERY badly trips and has a fit sitting on her rump outside. Kofi pulls Dolph up who hit a thumb to Kofi's eye, then a zig-zag on Kofi for three.

Winners – Swagger & Dolph

Swagger and Dolph show off in celebration. Video of the high points of the match, including Vickie's fit, but they're all smiling now. Kofi and R-Truth console each other in the ring.


For Face Off.

Announce Segment

They talk about the feud between Big Show and Henry. Video of Big Show hitting Henry last week in Long's office.



They replay Ron Simmons lovely video.

Backstage Segment

Red Solo cups set up, Santino is hitting them from below with cobra. It's target practice. Santino talks to his hand. Slater throws all the cups off with one hand. Santino says it isn't an ordinary cobra. Slater isn't impressed, but the cobra spits in his eyes. It spits in his face. Then does it again, but Santino has to calm cobra after it was done.


Cole talks about Punk's word war with Chris Brown. Punk posted a video there.



WrestleMania is in 40 days.

Drew vs Khali

Drew is in the ring. Khali comes out to the ring. Drew is over yelling in Josh's face about not wanting this match and it's all Long's fault.

The bell, then Drew talks to Khali, then pushes him. Khali pushes Drew down. Punjabi plunge and Khali pins for three.

Winner - Khali


From the battle royal last night. Jericho managed to finish by eliminating Big Show with Cody's help.

Backstage Segment

Striker brings up Cody to Big Show, Big Show says Cody is on the top his 'you know what' list, like Big Show is on the top of Henry's 'you know what' list. Tonight he'll end that by knocking Henry out. If he gets his hands on Cody, parking lot, arena, swimming pool, he'll snap Cody's neck.


WWE Rewind

Big Show punched out Henry in Long's office after Henry got mouthy. Then Big Show trashed the office.

Mark Henry vs Big Show

Henry out to the ring looking cranky. Big Show comes out all pumped up. Big Show gives his hat to a little kid.

Big Show on Henry with a kick and blows. Henry backed into a corner, then Big Show splashes him there. A big right drops Big Show to the mat. Kick to Big Show's face, then an elbow drop to Big Show. Head butt to the back of Big Show's neck. Henry talks smack at Big Show. Big Show to his knees with blows on Henry. Big Show to his feet, more blows, but a clothesline drops Big Show. Henry talks more smack. Double axe handle to Big Show's back for two.

Henry stands on Big Show, but holds the ropes. Punch to the side of Big Show's head. Choking Big Show with his foot. More blows to Big Show was Henry screams at Big Show about not sneaking up on him, and he's calling the shots. Big Show whipped, but gets a foot up. Clotheslines to Henry. Spears Henry and the fans are wild. Cody's music and comes out saying Big Show choke slamming someone, must not be WrestleMania! Cody calls Big Show all sorts of names, talking about how pathetic and fat Big Show is. Video of Big Show facing Akebono in a sumo match, in full sumo gear – dimply ass and all.

Big Show is not impressed, Cody laughs at this. Henry scoops up Big Show and slams him to the mat. Big Show kicks out and Cody is upset, shocked. Henry eats a WMD and Henry is down. Rather than pinning Henry, Big Show leaves Henry on the mat and goes after Cody.

Winner – Big Show as Henry couldn't continue? Henry bia countout?

Video highlights of the match, down to the last punch.

RAW Rebound

Recap of that amazing segment between Taker and Triple H, and video clips of old matches mixed in. Set to music, and Trip demands Hell In A Cell.


Are You Serious?

Showing clips of the YouTube show.

Zeke w/ Long vs Otunga w/ Laurinaitis

Long out with Zeke. Laurinaitis out with Otunga, both of which get heat. Cole verbally attacks Lilian for not announcing Laurinaitis correctly. Said she should be fired for it. Split screen and Zeke talks about how upset he his over his loss and how he's going to take Otunga out.

Otunga on Zeke's knee, then reverse headlock on Zeke, then forearms to his chest. Cole reads a text from Laurinaitis cutting on Jish (sic) Matthews and how Cole should give Jish some lessons. Otunga on Zeke with a forearm, but a shoulder block dropped Otunga. Zeke on Otunga in a corner, then clotheslines. Otunga whipped, then another clothesline. Sloppy side slam from Zeke. Otunga up in the torture rack but Otunga grabs the ropes and gets free. Spinebuster and Otunga gets the three, again.

Winner – Otunga

Otunga poses and shows off as Zeke rolls from the ring. Video highlights of the match. Otunga is still posing in the ring.


Another bleeping promo for Face Off!



Recap of Eve's heel turn in front of the Bellas. Then Cena shows up and hears it all. Eve went all psycho in the ring on Cena who branded her a hoski. Cole says that Cena and the fans were horrible to Eve. Eve was just being honest, people use people.

Backstage Segment

Striker with Punk. He looks like he's about to explode introducing Punk to the camera. He goes on about Punk facing Jericho at WrestleMania and D-Bry tonight. Punk says it's great to be back on Smackdown. It was his home for many years and he loves the GM here, unlike on RAW. He's incompetent. Snicklefritz can go work his job at Men's Wear House. He can see him being the spokes person. Punk continues to mock Laurinaitis. He'll address Jericho live on RAW, him and his Lite Brite jacket. D-Bry has been his friend for years, but the World Heavyweight Championship has changed him. He thought he was a radical on Smackdown being straight edge, but then D-Bry comes out and doesn't own a TV, doesn't eat meat, he can get behind that, but if he tells AJ that she has to shave her head, he'll go after D-Bry for copyright infringement. But he's a changed man. D-Bry knows how to win. Tonight Punk teaches D-Bry how to lose.


Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk

D-Bry out to the ring celebrating and showing off his belt. He glares at a fan right in the front before getting in the ring. He's still celebrating after the music goes off. "CM Punk!" chants before his music even starts. Cole talks more about how major media has picked up the argument between Punk and Chris Brown. #notnopunks is trending #1 on Twitter.

They dance around and finally lock up. D-Bry into a corner and they jockey for position. Drop toe hold on Punk, then an arm bar, Punk free and a side headlock on D-Bry. Shoulder block and Punk holds the ropes for D-Bry's drop kick to land flat on the mat. Punk rolls but D-Bry rolls through. Headlock takeover on D-Bry. Arm drag on Punk. They stop and stare at each other. Stalemate.


Side headlock on D-Bry on the mat. Punk up and pushes out and a knee flips D-Bry to the mat. Punk stomps down on D-Bry for two. D-Bry worked a strange hold on Punk's arm, then kicks him in a corner. Punk whipped, but gets his feet up. Punk up and flew, but D-Bry moves and Punk lands on his arm and starts screaming. D-Bry grabs the arm, then wrenches it over his own shoulder and slams it down. D-Bry then on the arm on the mat. A kick to Punk's chest. D-Bry still on that left arm, Punk throws a couple punches, but then takes a fast snap suplex before going right back to that arm.

Kicks to Punk's chest, but he catches the next one and goes for an elbow drop, but D-Bry moves and Punk screams. Knee drop to Punk's head. Punk's arms wrenched back, a foot in the middle of Punk's back. Punk up and tries to get free, but no, and back down on the mat. D-Bry's head in the center of Punk's back. Punk free and slams D-Bry to the mat! Both men are down on the mat.

Punk tries to get his left arm back. Kicks to D-Bry, then a hich knee and up for GTS, but D-Bry free and tries for la bell, but then Punk kicks and misses D-Bry who holds the ropes. D-Bry rolls out and shakes his head. D-Bry backs up the ramp, but Sheamus is there and throws D-Bry back into the ring. A round house kick to D-Bry's head for three.

Winner – Punk

Laurinaitis out with My name is John Laurinaitis, Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim RAW General Manager. He won't allow this injustice. Due to outside interference, this match will continue. He tells the ref to ring the bell.

Punk on D-Bry with blows and kicks. A knee to a running D-Bry. Laurinaitis takes one of the nice chairs, rolls it over in front of announce and sits to watch the rest of the match.


Kick to the back of Punk's head while he's down on the mat. Split screen to show that during the break Punk was mocking D-Bry's way of celebrating. Punk rolls D-Bry, up, D-Bry reverses and holds the ropes for the three.

Winner – D-Bry

Laurinaitis on his feet clapping for D-Bry, even though he saw D-Bry cheating, right in front of him. Of course this means Long comes out and is unhappy about things. He says it's not going to end like that. He and everyone in the arena saw what happened. Cole asked, "What happened?" Long says we all saw D-Bry use the ropes and it's not going to end like that. Start the match right now. Long and Laurinaitis get into it verbally ringside. Long tells the ref that this is his show, so start the match again.

Punk with forearms and D-Bry with kicks exchanging blows. Back and forth until D-Bry sent over the top. Punk comes out through the ropes and while he was basically caught by D-Bry, he had a bit too much momentum and the top of his head hit the barrier. Punk is left holding his head in his hands. Back in the ring, Punk off the top with a springboard clothesline for a long two. Punk's knee pad is down for a high knee in the corner, but D-Bry back winging Punk's arm around and slamming him to the mat.

Laurinaitis in his comfy chair, Long in a folding chair. Big running drop kick to Punk in the corner for two. Upper cut to Punk. Punk set up top, D-Bry up and hits head scissors on Punk, but Punk held on a bit, retained some control and rolled through for the two. Kicks to Punk's chest, but Punk drops below and rolls D-Bry up for two. D-Bry tries for the la bell bu Punk gets free. Snake eyes for D-Bry, then a kick to the back of his head, but D-Bry gets a foot on the bottom rope!

Both take a tiny breather as the fans chant for Punk. Bry6 dragged to the center of the ring. Punk out and climbs, slowly. Punk readies for his Savage elbow, but D-Bry knocks his legs and Punk tumbles to the apron, but stays on his feet. D-Bry sets up for a superplex, but Punk punches and throws him off. Bryback up and sent flying back again. Punk looks about to cry, but to his feet, but D-Bry up again and set up.

Punk up and D-Bry is able to hit the superplex. Punk grabs D-Bry's feet with his own and each had the other down. The ref counts and they both think they won. The ref is confused, the GMs are arguing again as the fans chant for Punk. Laurinaitis into the ring and raises D-Bry's hand. Long in and raises Punk's hand.

Laurinaitis can't understand why Long would say that. In the middle of the ring the two former wrestlers argue. Laurinaitis' jacket off and slammed to the mat. Long takes his jacket off and throws it in Laurinaitis' face. Laurinaitis throws it back in Long's face! Long turns and walks out of the ring. On the stage Long looks back to the ring, obviously very mad. Laurinaitis points up at Long in rage.

Biggest pop
Big Show

Biggest heat

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