RAW Results 9/24/12 - Confusion Abound!


Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about how Punk is furious over the call made against him in the main event last week when his foot was clearly on the ropes.

In Ring Segment

RAW starts with Punk in a chair in the center of the ring, Heyman introduces himself and Punk, the best in the world. Unfortunately they have some bad news because this show is grinding to a halt right now. RAW won't be presented until justice is served. He's sure we all know what he's talking about. During the main event of RAW... there's footage. They play footage of Cena pinning Punk, but Punk's foot landing on the rope. Then in slo-mo and Punk's foot is on the rope before three. The WWE 'Universe' are all witness to a grand injustice that's befallen Punk. He's summoning out Brad Maddox, the ref from that match. He will come out, apologize, then tender his resignation. They have all night, Heyman's hanging with the best in the world.

Maddox comes out looking very nervous. Slowly and cautiously out and Heyman tells him to get inside the ring. Everyone dreams of their big moment, this is his.

Mr. Heyman, Mr. Punk. He made a mistake. His first main event match and was nervous. He should have checked the ropes.

Heyman says he's right and that's been in the rule book from day one. Now resign. Heyman keeps yelling at him off mic to resign, but the fans chant "NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Maddox says he doesn't feel... Punk is up and doesn't care what he feels. He embarrassed himself and Punk. How is he employed? How does he look inn the mirror? How does he stand up and pretend to be a man.

Maddox says when RAW went to three hours AJ Lee called him up and...

Heyman yells at him that he's not a ref, he's a scab, a rookie.

Punk goes off about Maddox being a buffoon that was hired by the idiot GM? If AJ was anything she'd fire Maddox. If she had a brain, she'd...

AJ's music and she comes skipping out in her shorts suit, tie hanging loose and a sexy move getting into the ring. She sends Maddox to the back.

Heyman assumes she's out there to reverse the decision and fix the matter.

AJ says that when you assume, you make and ass out of you and me, mostly you. She's not about to let them berate an official and hold up her show. Who the hell does Heyman think he is?

Punk says he's the WWE Champ! He's the reason she has a job, she gets a paycheck and why the fans are there. Him, nobody else. Nobody disrespects him. He knows why there's hostility between them. Why not watch why she has it out for him. AJ looks pissed as video of AJ baring her soul, then proposing to Punk. That's the reason for that tension. That's why he sent out an incompetent ref last week. She forgets that match every happened, he forgets about her showing up in his shirt all the time and all the texts that she wouldn't want seen by everyone. Why not let everyone know how intimate they were behind closed doors. Why there's that skip in her step. Tell them he's the best in the world.

Heyman backs Punk off and asks for him to let Heyman do this. Heyman turns back to AJ and says based on everything he's seen tonight... Heyman gets down on a knee, looks up at AJ and asks her to marry him! 'Marry me and your wildest dreams of power will be achieved beyond belief!' They will be more powerful than Brad and Angelina, Trip and Steph! He can come up with all the ideas, and she can take credit for it all. He likes them young, dumb, uninhibited and ambitious! AJ thinks smirks, then slaps Heyman to the mat! AJ from the ring and Heyman looks shocked. Punk pull him to his feet as JR calls Heyman a slimeball, and spells it out.


Backstage Segment

Another ref is talking to Maddox about things. AJ walks up and he apologizes to AJ and thanks her for standing up for him. AJ says it won't happen again because... (her head tilts and she's out in space – eyes far away) she says he will never work in this industry again. He made her look like and idiot. She put him in the main event and he made her look bad. Maddox can't get her back from her haze and walks off. AJ snaps back with a smile.

Ziggler vs Kofi

EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Vickie introduces Ziggler to the ring. Kofi and Ziggler had a war of words on Twitter this week leading to this match. They threw a number of barbs at each other. Kofi out with R-Truth in tow with Little Jimmy. R-Truth has popcorn and a drink for Little Jimmy and brings him to announce, a chair set up for Little Jimmy! Vickie over and makes faces at Little Jimmy over and over. Ziggler out yelling, Kofi out to the argument and Vickie ends up wearing the drink; Kofi's fault. The ref comes out and throws Vickie, R-Truth and Little Jimmy from ringside. Vickie screeches at the top of her lungs and chases R-Truth and Little Jimmy up the ramp.

Kofi ducks Ziggler, and on him with kicks. Kofi's drop kick didn't even touch Ziggler – at least 4 inches from Ziggler, but he sold the move! Ziggler clotheslined from the ring, then Kofi flies out onto Ziggler. RAW goes to commercial as Kofi gets the fans into the match.


They exchange blows. Ziggler whipped, but Kofi eats corner. Big suplex from Ziggler for two. Chinlock on Kofi on the mat as fans chant for him quietly. Cole talks about Criss Angel Tweeting about Little Jimmy. Ziggler takes Kofi down for two. JR talks up Ziggler's mean streak and how great he really can be. Kofi starts fighting back, but a well executed drop kick from Ziggler brings him back in control of the match. Chinlock on Kofi on the mat. Kofi works to his feet and free. Ziggler flies at Kofi in a corner, but Kofi moves. Both men are down.

They exchange blows. Kofi with clotheslines and a drop kick. Kofi is all pumped up and hits his boom drop with a spin in the air. Kofi sets up for TIP, but Ziggler reverses, back and forth until Kofi nails Ziggler with a boot to the face. Springboard right to Ziggler for two. Kofi bounces up a corner with a crossbody for two. Ziggler manages to take Kofi down for two. JR talks up the ref being in the right spot to make the call.

Kofi manages to hit his SOS, but somehow Ziggler kicks out of the move! Kofi looks a bit frustrated, but climbs and waits. Kofi flies and Ziggler tries to counter, but they go back and forth until Kofi off the top with a crossbody for a long two!

Kofi is ready again for the TIP, but Ziggler ducks and Kofi is sent to a corner upside-down and then a zig-zag for three!

Winner – Ziggler (11:07)

Video of the high points of the match. Ziggler backs up the ramp, case in hand. He's all pumped up.

Announce Segment

JR talks about Cena's elbow surgery. It was supposed to be done by scope, but it was a mess in there so they really had to do a lot of work in there. Cena will be live to update his health for the fans.



On Smackdown Bryan and Kane argued about who would face Sandow, but then Bryan distracted Kane – I'm the Tag Team Champs! - and cost him the match. Kane backstage and Shelby got between them. So Bryan ended up in a match with Cody, but Kane distracted and Bryan lost the match. Kane laughed at Bryan about this.


Cole talks about a new therapy earlier. Shelby and Bryan in a restaurant talking. Bryan says he's the Tag Team Champs. Shelby says that's not grammatically correct. He thinks outside of competition they can coexist. Kane over to them, apron over his gear, asks to take Bryan's order. Bryan wants a vegi platter and a partner who's not a seven foot tall freak. Shelby says this isn't Kane, it's Gerald, he's a waiter. Kane agrees. He says there's a new cook today because the one this morning got in his face, so this morning he took the cook by his goat beard and stuck his head in the fryer. Then he chopped his goat beard and sprinkled it over everyone's meals. Everyone there gags. Shelby says, 'Kane, you don't mean that!' Kane says, 'I don't know what you mean, I'm Gerold.' and walks off.


O'Neil & Young vs Ryder & Santino

Prime Time Players are in the ring barking. Santino and Ryder come out to Santino's music.

Young and Ryder lock up. Young tries to be arrogant and is slapped. Flap Jack on Young for two. Ryder ducks Young, but then Young ducks a crossbody and Ryder hits the ropes. Ryder reverses a suplex and tags out. Santino on Young with blows, then a suplex. Diving headbott on Young, but O'Neil breaks it up. Ryder to get O'Neil out, then Young slams Ryder into the post. Blind tag and Santino didn't see it O'Neil in behind a cobra'd Santino, but Santino didn't have a chance. Santino was down for three. JR brings up the ref being so careful in the end of the match.

Winners – Young & O'Neil (1:53)

Announce Segment

Cole talks about how quickly King's been bouncing back, better than thought possible. JR then talks about a Special Guest on RAW, an alumnus.


In Ring Segment

Car crash music! Mrs. Foley's baby boy! Foley to the ring in plaid and a black sleeveless vest over it. "Foley!" chants. He stops them. He's there as a card carrying member of the WWE 'Universe'. He's moved by the show, but a year ago he was inspired by Punk. What type of change did he inspire? Bullying refs, following Heyman blindly? He gave a voice to the voiceless...

Punk's music and he's out in a blue hoodie over his blue trunks and gray Punk t-shirt. Punk gets into it with a fan ringside. Foley looks confused as he waits for Punk who finally gets in the ring.

Punk tells Foley to not come out and grandstand in front of the fans. Don't attempt to remain relevant. Selling a new kids book?

Foley says that's not why he's there. He struggled with issues of relevancy until Punk cleared that up a year ago. After Punk inspired the world Foley sent Punk a text and got one back in two minutes thanking Foley and how much it meant coming from him. Unless Punk only answered a couple of those texts, then he's a voice of one who's still relevant.

Punk tells the fans (seems to be looking toward someone in particular who must have yelled something I missed) to show some respect, shut up jerks. You have something to say, come over here and I'll shove the mic down your throat.

Foley says he was a Heyman guy. He didn't become anything in this business until he learned to make decisions for himself. He thinks Heyman's been in his ear longer than a month.

He gets it, Heyman slime, a liar.

Foley says he heard that Heyman would rather climb a tree to tell a lie, than stand on the ground and tell the truth. He never saw that side of him. Heyman never lied to him, but in the end, Heyman will do what's right for Heyman, not for Punk. It baffled Foley, why would Punk, one of the most inspirational and best talkers would need a mouthpiece. Punk needs to decide if he'll be and inspiration, or a Kool Aid drinker.

Punk asks if they're done?

Foley says he's not. He is willing to talk about HIAC. That match 14 years ago made him a legend, but shortened his career. But, not one day did he have to ask for respect, he earned it that night. Anyone who's endured HIAC is respected for the rest of their career. Don't believe him? Ask HBK! Ask Triple H. Ask Taker.

Punk says that was a brilliant speech. He wants the old Punk?

Punk asks Albany if that's what they want. Well he's a little confused. He heard that same speech from Cena after beating him at SummerSlam. The to cement his legacy, walking into Cena's backyard and walking out as Champ, then Punk is the best in the world. Look at him now, WWE Champ! Then Bret Hart, someone he has nothing in common with. What is it about you guys that you want to latch onto Punk, saying they see a lot of themselves in Punk. Punk says he's not like Foley, or Bret. He listened to the same crap speech from Cena, and he listened to it from Bret. He disrespected Bret in his hometown, and then he punched Punk in the face, and Punk's sure everybody liked that. The fans cheer. Punk says what would be more embarrassing is if Punk tried to put his hands on Foley right now. You know why? Not because Foley would take him down, not because he's been embarrassed, but because he wouldn't lower himself to try to put his hands on Foley. Like all these fans, Foley's beneath Punk. The only thing Punk's done is tell the truth. He's not sure how many Title shots Cena needs, and how many times he has to beat Cena to prove he's best in the world. The one thing he doesn't need to do is anything for the fans. Punk goes off about not having to not do anything for the fans. Foley was the one who wanted the fans to stand for him, so he jumped off his house, tacks, glass, even set fire to himself. All Punk will do is bring them to his knees, but by his voice. He won't do it in a HIAC. He beat Cena. He raised the bar by 309!

Punk goes off about not having to not do anything for the fans. Foley was the one who wanted the fans to stand for him, so he jumped off his house, tacks, glass, even set fire to himself. All Punk will do is bring them to his knees, but by his voice. He won't do it in a HIAC. He beat Cena. He raised the bar by 309!

Foley gives a number 29, the number of days he held the WWE Title in his three reigns. No one remembers that. No one cares. Does Punk want to be a statistic of a legend. He spoke to AJ and she gave Foley the chance to come out here. Cena might be ready for HIAC. Cena is here tonight, Punk has to go in and face Cena to say yes or no. when Punk makes that decision, he needs to make the right one. Make it for Punk, make it for Foley, make it for the fans. Have a nice day. Foley leaves Punk standing in the ring.


Miz vs Ryback

Miz comes out to the stage, poses, then heads to the ring, looks over to some fans who took some pictures, then into the ring. Video from Miz TV last week when Booker set up for Ryback who trashed Miz's set. Miz isn't at all impressed as he waits in the ring. Ryback's music and out he comes in his Ryback shirt ponchoed over his shoulders. There's some Ryback signs out there.

They circle, then Miz to the ropes. Miz strikes first, then on Ryback, but one right drops Miz. Shoulder blocks on Miz in a corner, then Miz launched across the ring. Ryback into a back elbow. Miz up on a shoulder, Miz wiggled free, but brought back up and slammed. Miz slammed to the mat over and over. Miz rolls from the ring. Ryback out and grabs Miz's ankle as he climbs in. Ryback kicked back into the barrier, but then dumps Miz into the ring.

Miz on Ryback with blows to the head, then a DDT, but Ryback kicks out. 'Wicked spinebuster' says Cole. JR says it's a kneehook clothesline from Ryback. Miz up and Ryback marches. Miz slammed to the mat for three.

Winner – Ryback (2:56)

Video of the high points of the match. Ryback gets the chants going, and some are chanting with him, but not many.

Anger Management

Bryan doesn't like that they have to stay there and work out their issues. Kane agrees. Bryan brings up how they beat eight men. The sound of them screaming as they beat them with chairs. They both start yelling at their table, slamming their hands down ala Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. They both have their big O, then Mae Young says she'll have what they're having. (Mae looked clearer eyed than she's looked in quite a long time. Much more aware of the world than she's seemed these past couple years.)


Backstage Segment

AJ talking to the refs, telling them they're the backbone of the WWE. They don't have replays, and mistakes will be made. She slaps Maddox on his back. They happen, but have a great rest of the show.

The refs leave, ADR, Otunga and Ricardo come in and she talks about the brogue kick. ADR asks for another Title Match? No! AJ is smiles and giggles. She's made a tag match – Rey, Sin Cara and Sheamus versus ADR, Otunga and Ricardo. Otunga and ADR are pissed, Ricardo is excited and runs off smiling!

Barrett vs Kidd

Kidd in the ring. Barrett out to face him.

Drop kick on Barrett, then kicks and another drop kick to Barrett's head for two. Barrett fights back with a big kick to Kidd' gut. Barrett ties Kidd up in the ropes and wails on him, then a kick knocks him to the floor. Barrett out and slams Kidd back into the apron. Kidd rolled in. Barrett in, pulls Kidd to his feet on the apron. Kidd up over the top and pins Barrett for two.

Big sidewalk slam on Kidd slows the match again. Barrett's new elbow finisher called the souvenir for three.

Winner - Barrett (2:19)

They push the finisher being an elbow and show it again.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about how King didn't have a pulse for a full minute, and how lucky King is. King isn't ready to be back yet, but he'll be there via satellite live after the commercial.


In Ring Segment

Cole says they will attempt to go live to King in Memphis. He says ti was two weeks ago his friend collapsed at announce calling RAW. It was a heart attack. A doctor says it's a miracle the condition King is in considering what his body went through. WWE 'Universe', join him in welcoming from Memphis, Jerry 'The King's Lawler!

King is sitting on a throne, wearing a lot of spray tan. Cole says King looks absolutely fantastic. King says he still has a raspy voice due to the ventilator. He feels better than he should and it feels great to be back with the WWE 'Universe'. This happened two weeks ago, what's the last thing he remembers?

King says he remembers the opening segment. He knows he had a match tagging with Orton, but he remembers nothing before waking up in the hospital.

King says they had been in Aruba, and he thought they were still there.

Each time they've spoken he's asked Cole to thank the fans. He's received so many well wishes, is he shocked?

King had no idea, but it's unbelievable the response, prayers and well wishers. Not just the WWE 'Universe', but everyone he's ever met have sent their well wishes through every means possible. It means so much and thank you for everything from the bottom of his heart.

When will King return to announce on RAW?

(His voice is about gone by this point.) King says it was a matter of time, since RAW went to three hours, he defies anyone to sit next to Cole for three hours and not have a heart attack. Just kidding! He's leaving that up to the doctors. He'd love to be in Albany. As soon as he can, he'll be on the first plane smoking back to RAW! King smiles broadly to the fans.

Otunga & ADR & Ricardo vs Rey & Sin Cara & Sheamus

Otunga out to the ring. Ricardo announces ADR who comes out in a 1950 Rolls Royce in white and black.


WWE Rewind

On Smackdown Sheamus and Orton defeat Ziggler and ADR.

6 Man Tag Match

Sin Cara out to the ring in gold and white as Cole continues to gush about seeing King. Rey out in blue and red. He gives hisshirt to a little kid already in a Rey mask, then his mask to a child next to him. Rey touches heads with more kids on his way to the ring. Sheamus out slapping hands and pumped for the match. JR likes that Sheamus likes to fight and has a great heart.


Sheamus sends Otunga over the top rope, but Ricardo and ADR pull Otunga from the apron to save him, but Sheamus out with a shoulder block on Otunga. The other two are taken out by flying Rey and Sin Cara. Otunga back in and down with Sheamus' foot holding him down as Sin Cara tags in. kicks to Otunga, but Otunga takes Sin Cara down.

Deep arm drag on Ricardo sends him flying. Cheap shot from ADR and Ricardo gets two. ADR tags in and hits a snap suplex for two. Rey gets a "Sin Cara!" chant going. Side headlock on Sin Cara. Sin Cara free, but then stomped down to the mat for two. Ricardo has stripped off his jacket and tie and begs for the tag. ADR instructs him, but Sin Cara works all over Ricardo, looking sloppy due to Ricardo not supposed to be a wrestler, but it worked.

Rey and ADR tag in. Rey on ADR with a drop kick on ADR's knee. Rey gets two. Rey pushed back into a corner, but a drop toe hold to ADR into the corner. Rey climbs, but ADR runs up with a sick enziguri on Rey for two. Prime Time Players are watching backstage.

Otunga tags in and slams Rey to the mat. Otunga asks Ricardo if he wants some, so Otunga close so Ricardo can tag in. Ricardo pins, but can't get the win, so he holds Rey's ankle to Otunga to tag in. Then ADR tags in with another enziguri on Rey for two. JR talks up ADR's enziguri, and for good reason, it's a beautiful move from him. Headlock on Rey on the mat, but he works his way up. Sunset flip on Rey, but he rolls through and a drop kick on a sitting ADR. Both are down.

Sheamus and Otunga tag in. Ax handle clotheslines to Otunga, then a high knee. Otunga free from white noise and ducks the brogue. Ricardo gets the tag as Otunga flees. Sheamus pulls Ricardo in. Ricardo tries to flee, but caught in the ropes for nine blows. ADR comes in, eats a blow, then Ricardo gets the tenth. Rey hits 619 on Ricardo. Rey on ADR outside with a hurricanranna onto the barrier. Sin Cara gets the tag and the three.

Winners – Rey & Sin Cara & Sheamus (9:54)

All three celebrate in the ring. Otunga is recuperating in the heel corner, back to the faces. The faces talk, and Otunga up into a brogue kick. JR calls Sheamus a 'walking slobberknocker!' Video of the high points of the match. The three faces celebrate on the ramp.


Anger Management

Bryan and Kane sitting with Shelby. Shelby says they've made tremendous progress today. Now one last thing. He calls the waitress over. Kane gets the salad, Bryan the pasta and meatballs. Shelby wants them to take one bite, walk a mile in each others shoes. One bite. Bryan looks disgusted biting into the meatball as Kane eats a bite of salad. Shelby asks how Kane feels. A huge belch in Shelby face. Bryan says it wasn't as bad as he thought. Then Bryan looks green, really sells being terribly sick and holding it back, then barfs in Shelby's lap.

Kane puts up a finger and simply says, "Check please!"

Ringside Segment

Cole leaves announce, but doesn't get in the ring. He says we will be picking Kane and Bryan's team name. Here's the choices -



In Ring Segment

Bryan's music and he comes out shaking his head. Before he hits the ramp he's already yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" The fans are chanting "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" right back at him. Up on a corner with "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Cole talks about an article about Bryan in the WWE Magazine this month, the one with Orton on the cover. The lights go out, the organ music plays, out comes Kane with both masks on. To the side of the ring, puts down the belt and pulls himself up and in with the top rope before calling fire from all four.

Cole on mic says it's time to find out what the WWE 'Universe' has decided to call this team!

Team Teamwork - 3%
Team Hell No - 59%
Team Friendship – 38%

Suddenly Cody and Sandow are in the ring attacking Team Hell No! After taking them down, Cody grabs a mic and says they will be the new TTC, named Rhodes Scholar. Sandow says those misguided miscreants have a reason to be angry. You're welcome!


Heyman asking AJ to marry him and all that entails. AJ slaps the taste out of Heyman mouth. Later Foley went off on Punk that it's not about dates, but the moments that define them! AJ is upset, so Foley is out there to extend this opportunity to Punk. Cena's there tonight.


Layla & Fox vs Beth & Eve

Fox and Layla out to the ring together. (Last time I saw Fox she was on the heel side of a tag match – I'm confused!) Beth and Eve out to Eve's music.

Beth is kicked by Layla, then eats the corner. Layla bounces around the corner, then crossbody on Beth. Fox tags in and Beth takes a drop kick from Layla, then two from Fox, but then Fox up over Beth in a corner with a split, then rolls up Beth for two. Beth catches Fox over her shoulder and slams her to the match for two. Beth stands on Fox's head with one foot, then a slingshot suplex. Eve in a with a cheap shot on Layla, then takes Fox down for three. Eve is celebrating as if she did most of the work in this match and Beth looks mad about this.

Winners – Beth & Eve (1:30)

Kaitlyn's music and she comes out on one crutch. She thanks Eve for Tweeting her the well wishes. She says she scored the security footage from NoC. She couldn't see her face, but she saw her hair, she was a blonde. Eve goes off on Beth for doing this to Kaitlyn. They argue, Beth is mad, yells that Eve's a liar! Beth turns back to Eve and is taken down by her.

Backstage Segment

Cena is talking off mic to someone.


Funkasaurus vs Tensai

The Funkadactyls out in silver. Funkasaurus joins them in white, but in a black hat. Cole talks about he and JR having a dance contest. JR says he thinks he won that one. Cole says he think he did. Funkasaurus pant leg didn't come off cleanly. Tensai comes out without Sakamoto.

They lock up, move around still locked until Tensai in a corner, but a cheap upper cut on Clay. Clay into a corner and eats blows. Tensai runs into Clay's head butt, then splashes Tensai in a corner. Explodes suplex on Tensai. Tensai moves out of the way of Clay's splat. Clay moves out of the way of Tensai's back splash.

Big Show's music and out to the ring. Big Show stands there, then punches Tensai out from the apron. Big Show into the ring. Clay stares at Big Show, then rushes him, but runs into the WMD and is out. Video of the WMDs. Big Show walks up the ramp, looks over his shoulder and leaves.

No Contest (1:46)


In Ring Segment

Cena's music and he comes out to a mixed reaction, and not at all bouncy. He's in his pink and black ring gear, but is walking slowly and carefully gets in the ring. Cena looks drawn and in pain. He's getting quite a bit of heat, so he holds his mic out for it, but not with his normal vigor.

As always there's mixed emotions about him being there tonight. He feels the same way, he wasn't supposed to be there. With his future in question, he wanted to thank the fans personally. He wanted to thank the fans for their support of the Susan G. Komen. The support from the we has been overwhelming. He doesn't care if the fans hate him, they're a powerful group of people. Thanks for their support and well wishes, even these guys (the haters). After the week he's had, we have no idea how good it is to hear that. "Cena!" chants – women and children. He's had a bit of a tough run and is there to apologize. He's there to apologize Patten and Maddox. He's shocked that they're being questioned and by who. Punk misquoted Cena. He didn't say if Punk walked out NoC as Champ that he wouldn't be the best in the world, it would be a defining moment. Since then Punk's turned into a... into a... into a monkey franking, ship sinking, son of a bee sting that better get his gall darn crap happy doggy Beth straightened away before he chin checks it. He did everything he could to make that PG, he hopes it's alright. Anyway, they have a lot of fun on Monday night, some boo, some cheer, but every Monday night is crazy because of them. The fact that he has to sit on the bench sucks. Tonight he's going to make a guarantee. He doesn't know when he's going to get to speak again, so he's just going to say it. He's not going to guarantee his recovery, he's not going to guarantee it's a long term career decision. He's just going to walk into HIAC. Not as a time keeper or announcer. He's coming in to fight. At HIAC, he will guarantee Punk...

Punk's music. He comes out, Heyman in tow. Heyman holds Punk's belt high as he walks behind Punk down the ramp. Punk stops and glares at a little red headed boy who talks smack. Then further to a little girl, all of maybe three who reaches to touch Punk's hand, but when she gets close, Punk moves his hand back. He keeps teasing her and she keeps reaching. Then Punk and Heyman head to the ring.

Punk says that was quite a speech. It made him think of what he hears every four years from the politicians. Cena missed his calling. Cena is calling Cena's integrity, but Punk doesn't buy into what Cena shovels. Those in Albany might, but he won't. There's only one Punk, he's the one who beat Cena at MITB, then two SummerSlams in a row, then in Cena's backyard at NoC. He's had the Title the tenth longest ever. He's not taking that from the hand of a one armed man.

Why not just shut up and accept his challenge for HIAC.

Punk says Cena gets these Title shots time after time. There's a lot backstage who would be chomping at the chance. The reason he's not facing Cena at HIAC is... "CM Punk!" chants and boos. Punk says he's not going to do Cena's passive aggressive thing, he's going to tell them to shut the hell up and let him talking. Cena coming to the ring with his arm in a sling is a stupid move. Punk's giving Cena a bit of advice – run. His legs work, so run. Run while he can. He's turning around and when he turns back he's going to hurt Cena. He'll hurt Cena worse than he's ever hurt anybody before. He's going to hurt Cena so bad that the last days will look like a picnic at the beach, compared to the next eight months of grueling rehab he'll suffer, understand? He's the WWE Champion and commands respect! Up in Cena's face, Punk tells Cena he has until five. Punk turns his back and slowly counts. Heyman turns his back too. Punk is adjusting something under his hoodie while his back is turned on Cena.

Cena pulls a metal pipe from his lower back, was tucked into the back of his jorts. Punk and Heyman turn around to see Punk holding the pipe. Heyman flees the ring, and while Punk looks like he's trying to flee as well, he's not fast enough and Cena gets him across the ribs with the pipe. Real men wear pink, I hope to see you at HIAC! Punk flees the ringside area, as does Heyman. Punk on the ramp holding his ribs and acting like he can't breathe. "Now that's what I call a pipe bomb!" Cena leaves the ring and walks over to a woman in the front row and gives her the pipe.

Backstage Segment

Punk is walking along, coughing. He passes by Foley who just stares. Punk walks by, stops, returns, then kicks Foley in the gut so he crumbles. Punk walks away, but then turns back to say something. Punk looks shocked, unable to speak, his eyes wide. The camera pans to show Ryback standing beside Foley staring and waiting for Punk to say or do something. RAW ends.

Biggest pop
Team Hell No

Biggest heat
Rhodes Scholar
Prime Time Players

Most mixed

I have looked at my schedule and decided that I really didn't have the time to write an RIB I'd be proud to post, so I've asked Brooks to step in for me. I do want to mention a few things very quickly.

It was great to see King doing so well.

There was too much talking and too many matches that were under three minutes.

I think they did a solid bit of story building with the Divas. Hopefully they won't drop the ball.

I'm worried about the end of RAW. The last thing I want to see is Ryback in a HIAC match with Punk. That would be an absolute train wreck. Hopefully that was a red herring!

It was so cute to see the love Cole has for King. It really showed Cole's humanity in such a lovely way.

One last thing, be kind to everyone filling in for me.


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