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RAW Results 11/5/12 - WWE Bounces Back From PG Wearing Only A Towel

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Yes, I know that RAW isn't actually live, but it's as close as we can get at this point, so please bear with me. I'll try to give you my normal play-by-play write up, as I always do, but my DVR is acting up in a big way, so please be understanding if I miss any of the smaller things because of it.

Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole says that Maddox will be there to tell his side of the story. Also, Vickie claims she has more evidence against AJ and Cena!

Show Starts


The opening video is narrated by a deep male voice. He runs through Foley challenging Punk to a Traditional Survivor Series Match. Punk agrees, then Foley pulls a fast one with Ryback.

Backstage Segment

Miz tells Heyman that he didn't like being left behind last week on RAW. He thinks Heyman and Punk are full of crap. He doesn't need Punk or Heyman, he quits. Miz stomps out and Heyman looks at a Survivor Series poster of Miz with his arms crossed.

Music & Pyro


The same male narrator goes through the Brad Maddox issue, then Vickie's accusations of an affair between AJ and Cena. Vickie will present evidence tonight on RAW!

6 Man Tag Match – Rey & Sin Cara & R-Truth vs Cesaro & Prime Time Players

Rey out to the ring in black and gold. R-Truth and Sin Cara are in the ring waiting. Cesaro out to the ringside area as R-Truth glares. Tout from Cesaro ripping on R-Truth for his actions, then R-Truth coming back with a variety of languages say "You're gonna get got!" (All the same, of course!) Young and O'Neil out in black and red, dancing and acting as if they're all that, but the fans don't agree.

Cesaro and Sin Cara lock up. Sin Cara taken down, Cesaro with his ego. Cesaro stomps Sin Cara, then flips Sin Cara to his feet, then Sin Cara with an arm drag and bad head scissors on Cesaro. R-Truth tags in and eats an upper cut. Cesaro tags in Young. R-Truth gets the fans going and a side headlock on Young. Shoulder block drops Young, then gets a "What's up?" from the fans. Blows on Young, then Rey tags in. Rey on Young for two. JR gets on Cole for the pronunciation of Birmingham, England and Birmingham, Alabama.

O'Neil tags in and works Rey. Rey up, but punches free and tags out. Sin Cara on O'Neil for two. R-Truth tags in, Sin Cara holds O'Neil for a low drop kick for two.


Young runs into a heel kick form R-Truth. R-Truth holds Young as Sin Cara tags in and comes in over the top. Head scissors puts Young on the mat. Sin Cara botches his rope running into the arm drag, then tags out. Rey and Sin Cara double team Young and set him up, so Cesaro takes the tag and nails Rey with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker on Rey. O'Neil tags in, raises Rey high, then numerous back breakers, then still holding Rey and barks at the fans.

Cesaro tags in and shows off. Rey lifted, held as if he weighed nothing, then suplexed for two. Front facelock on Rey, Cesaro between Rey and his corner and the fans start clapping for Rey, but Rey can't gain control. Drop toe hold to Cesaro eats corner, but Rey can't flee. Rey reverses into a DDT and tags out.

R-Truth on Cesaro with clotheslines, then takes young out. Corkscrew on Cesaro, then draws O'Neil in and Rey pulls the rope down for him to head out. Sin Cara and sends Young from the ring. Head scissors on Cesaro, 619 from Rey, then R-Truth hits his finisher – Little Jimmy – on Cesaro for three.

Winners – Rey & Sin Cara & R-Truth (11:11)

Rey and Sin Cara dance like the Prime Time Players, mocking them as they back up the ramp.



Recap of King's collapse, but King will be back next week on RAW!


Recap of Vickie showing her evidence to Cena in the ring last week. Cena has an answer for everything. She then showed the elevator footage and laughed. On Twitter Vickie and Ziggler have been pouring it on.

In Ring Segment

Vickie is announced to huge heat! She walks to the ring saying she's proud of herself, her accomplishments and that AJ was fired from GM as RAW. Hankie-pankie is not allowed, something Cena has a problem with. Now she wants to review this outrageous scandal. Video #1 – Cena asked AJ on a date. #2 – They embrace romantically! #3 – Cena lures AJ into a hotel elevator. She loves that Cena reluctantly admitted that he walked AJ to her room. They all know it didn't end there, so she's...

Cena's music and out he comes, back in green. Vickie says she runs a clean show and he's not going to stop her from showing...

Cena cuts her off. He heard what they heard – Vickie runs a clean show. Vickie running a clean show is like Cena learning another wrestling move, it isn't going to happen! Is it four or five now? Do the tackles count? They do? Okay!

Cena goes off about Vickie being married to Edge and got the WHC on him. Then Edge came to his senses, so she moved to Ziggler and got him the WHC. Since he's been out there, they've been asking how she is, she should answer. She is a toffy nosed, dodgy old slapper!

Vickie shows footage of AJ in a bathrobe going down a hallway, knocks on a door and goes in.

Cena says that's no evidence. He calls her Encyclopedia Brown, tells her she has nothing.

She says she has footage from another camera, and it's Cena putting a Do Not Disturb sign up while wearing a towel.

Cena says those are two different cameras. He was in a towel hanging the sign because he didn't want to be disturbed. Manipulating the truth, congratulations!

Vickie then calls out AJ to defend herself in person. "We want AJ!" chants. Then to AJ backstage. She's seething and says Vickie doesn't want her out there. If she goes out there and explains herself, she'll give Vickie the beating of her life. If she does, then she will be fired and won't do what she loves to do.

Ziggler is there, arm around AJ, and says we all know what AJ loves to do.

Cena takes off running to the back. Vickie cackles, then says, "Thank you."



Promo about to help those affected by Sandy in NJ, set up by the Governor.

Backstage Segment

Heyman talks up this guy for Team Punk. It's Barrett. Barrett didn't trust him last week, doesn't trust him this week, but now Heyman owes him, and he wants that in writing.

Bryan w/ Kane vs Cody w/ Sandow

Bryan out to the ring yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" as the fans yell "YES!" "YES!" "YES!". Cody is already in the ring, Sandow outside.

They lock up. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Cody with an upper cut then stomps Bryan to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan whipped, flips over Cody, then a sick clothesline on Cody. Cole runs through the teams for Survivor Series. Kicks on Cody, but then telegraphs and is kicked for it. Bryan comes back sending Cody over the top and out. Kane stalks Cody, but then Sandow attacks Kane. Cody avoids Bryan through the ropes, but then Sandow takes a flying Bryan. Disaster kick to Bryan outside. Back in Bryan is distracted by Sandow and Cody picked up the three.

Winner – Cody (1:55)

Cody grabs a mic and says that was an impressive victory by ½ of the future Tag Team Champs, Team Rhodes Scholars. Sandow can beat Kane as easily.

Sandow lifted to the apron by his hair, but then flees out the other side. Kane gives chase.


Kane vs Sandow

Sandow choked in the ropes and Cody looks worried. Sandow runs into a back elbow by Kane for two. Body drop on Sandow. Blows on Sandow in a corner. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" But then Sandow back with blows. Kane take shim down, then whips Sandow, but he gets an elbow up. Big right then big boot from Kane. Cody on the apron, but Bryan pulls him off. Bryan on Cody with blows. Cody flees across the ring, Bryan after him, the ref stops Bryan and sends him backstage. Cody likes this until he's thrown out too. Sandow looked scared with Cody leaving him alone out there. Sandow tries to beg Kane, but Kane hits him. Sandow whipped and clotheslined. Then again in the opposite corner. Sandow up, side slam. Kane climbs. Big clothesline off the top, then a chokeslam on Sandow for three.

Winner – Kane (3:55)

Kane calls fire from all four and poses over Sandow who's prone on the mat.

Announce Segment

Cole says Maddox will tell his side of the story next on RAW!


In Ring Segment

Cole is in the center of the ring. He talks about Maddox being at the center of the most controversial match in WWE history. Maddox comes out in brown pants, matching vest and a short sleeved red plaid shirt. He looks nervous , but cocky as he heads to the ring. Cole says last week he met with the Board of Directors to discuss this. Video of Maddox's attack on Ryback. Cole asks what he told the Board of Directors, and is he working with Heyman and Punk?

Maddox takes the mic and says no. That was all him. It was his plan. 'What?' All his life, all he's ever wanted to do was be a WWE Superstar. "Feed me more!" chants. All he's wanted is to be a Superstar. For years he had the door shut in his face. He's sent tapes everywhere, been to tryouts, live events, he once paid $2000 for a tryout! Finally, after all of that he was given a chance with a developmental contract. Apparently, even down there he wasn't good enough. Why? Because he's not a freak, giant or monster. Or flip three times in the air and land on his feet? "You can't wrestle!" chants. Even when WWE officials told him he'd never, never, never, never make it to the main roster of the WWE, his dream didn't die. It got stronger. He's going to be someone, no matter how many people tell him he won't! So, he made a vow to himself to do whatever it takes to get to the WWE. That's why he became a ref. Then RAW went to three hours and AJ called him in, he just needed a chance to make an impact. He smirks at the camera. He knows what he did wasn't right. It was all him. Punk didn't know what he was going to do. He was as surprised as Ryback and the fans. His actions were because he wanted to be somebody! "Feed me more!" I'm somebody now! People know my name in England!

His dream is to be a WWE Superstar. He wants a contract and a match with Ryback. At this point no one's going to forget who Brad Maddox is! "Feed me more!" "Feed me more!"

"No chance, that's what you got..." Yup, VKM comes out and the fans go wild. VKM says Maddox wants a contract and face Ryback. It's one thing to be famous, another thing to have a deathwish. He doesn't believe mix and thinks Punk and Heyman are all in this and he will get to the bottom of it. Maddox wants a contract? VKM will him a million dollar contract if he can beat Ryback next week. Now get out of his ring!

Speaking of contracts – he leaves and comes back with Vickie. VKM says he didn't want to step on her toes, is it okay? Yes. She agrees that Punk had his hands in this.

She agrees with him.

Then why is she letting Punk hide in that match at Survivor Series. She isn't, is she?


So Punk will face?

Mr. MITB Dolph Ziggler!

VKM doesn't like this and says it should be the man who was screwed.

Vickie says, Ryback?

VKM says it should be more. It should be a Triple Threat Match. With who? If she says Ziggler, then she's fired.

Vickie says he's in a scandal right now and it wouldn't look very good if he was in...

Vickie finally says Cena's name, not happily.

VKM says Vickie might not always make the popular decision, but she makes the right decision – eventually!

In Ring Segment

Sheamus to the ring.


Sheamus vs Miz

Sheamus waits in the ring. Miz out to face him. Big Show's music hits and he comes out in his ring gear, hoodie with the hood up, WHC over his shoulder. Video of Sheamus taking two KO shots at HIAC. Then on Monday Sheamus ginger snapped on Big Show and hit white noise. Big Show sneers at Sheamus, then heads to announce.

They lock up. Side headlock, then shoulder block to Miz. Miz was dropping before Sheamus touched him. Side headlock takeover on Miz, Sheamus keeps control. Miz pushes off, takes a shoulder block. Sheamus blocks a hip toss and hits a clothesline. Miz on the apron, but he escapes Sheamus. Cole pisses off Big Show who's getting mad about taking white noise last week. JR says it was an amazing feat of strength. Sheamus takes Miz down in the ring, but Miz fights back in a corner. Sheamus with blows on Miz, whips Miz. Miz tries to float over, gets caught and a rolling senton.

Miz comes back with a clothesline on Sheamus for two, then works Sheamus over on the mat. Chinlock on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus blocks a suplex and hangs Miz up top across the gut, then locks him in the ropes for his forearms over the top rope. Miz takes an extra blow that knocks him to the floor. Sheamus goes out and ends up eating announce table, then post. Big Show laughs at Sheamus. Back in the ring a seated Sheamus takes a big boot for two. Big Show laughs about all of this. Chinlock on Sheamus on the mat.


Miz climbs and nails Sheamus with an ax handle to the skull for two. Miz chokes Sheamus in the ropes for the full ref's count, then lets go. Miz pins for two. Miz outside and blows on Sheamus on the apron. Miz then sends Sheamus into the stairs as Big Show claims Sheamus is shaken by what Big Show did. Big Show messes with Cole, trying to put his fist next to Cole's face.

Chinlock on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus to his feet and falls back to free himself. Both men are down. Big Show says Sheamus doesn't have heart, he's just stubborn. Miz with his 'vintage' back, then neck breaker for two. Miz kicks Sheamus in the ribs, then a foot on his throat. Big Show says Sheamus is intimidated by Big Show being out there. Miz rips at Sheamus face on the mat. Miz poses for the fans, sets up Sheamus, then rushes him but eats ax handle clotheslines! Knee lift to Miz. Miz up but wiggles free. Miz gets his feet into Sheamus' face, but Sheamus comes back and slams Miz to the mat for two.

Miz pushed into a corner. Sheamus elevated to the apron. Sheamus climbs and lands his shoulder block for two. Sheamus gets Miz up, but he wiggles free. Miz is able to roll Sheamus up for two. A DDT from Miz for two as Big Show laughs about Miz destroying Sheamus and how great that would be. Sheamus ducks Miz blow and tries to set up, but can't lock in the cloverleaf. Miz ducks the brogue kick. Miz rushes Sheamus and lifted into white noise. Cole said Big Show got that last week and Big Show is pissed. Sheamus sets up and lands brogue kick for three.

Winner – Sheamus (14:43)

Sheamus looks at Big Show who raises the belt high. Video of the high points of ending of the match. Big Show is still holding his WHC high, glaring at Sheamus in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Ziggler is pacing outside VKM's office. Vickie comes out and tells Ziggler he'll be happy. It's now Team Ziggler! Punk comes out of the office and he's pissed. This cranky old bastard is trying to screw Punk. Ziggler is Captain and Punk is in a Triple Threat Match! He beat up VKM and VKM is out to get him. Vickie announces that tonight it will be Ziggler and Punk face Ryback and Cena. Neither Punk or Ziggler is happy with this. Punk just keeps saying, over and over, 'What is wrong with her?' The fans can be heard chanting "Feed me more!"



Promo for Fandangoo.

Backstage Segment

Sheamus talking to Regal. Sheamus thanks Regal for all his help. Regal congratulates Sheamus, but Sheamus tells him to hold it until he wins his WHC back, then he'll take Regal out for a pint.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Vickie's videos possibly being doctored. Then on to the Vickie as Vickie narrates. Then to Cena laughing about it, but says it's no evidence. Then Vickie shows the video of Cena in a towel. Cena really laughed at this. AJ wouldn't go to the ring because she couldn't hold her temper against Vickie. Then Ziggler showed up with a rather dirty innuendo. Cena took off to AJ's aid and Vickie laughed more.

In Ring Segment

Eve out in her newer red outfit and bright red lipstick. Aksana out in red lace to tag with her.


Eve & Aksana vs Layla & Kaitlyn

Eve to the ring in lilac. Kaitlyn in the ring in green and black.

Aksana sways her hips as she circles. She and Layla lock up, then the break and Aksana shakes her bootie. Layla runs the ropes into a lovely roll up for two. Layla keeps rolling Aksana up in different ways. Layla bounces the ropes in the corner, but Aksana trips her and Layla lands badly. Layla pulled from the ropes and slammed by her hair. Layla again slammed by her hair. The fans are chanting for someone, but I can't hear who. Aksana tries to dominate and pin Layla, but can't get three. Lots of wolf whistles for Aksana, but not the way they chanted for AJ to come out earlier.

Eve tags in and chokes Layla as Eve sits up top. Elbow drop into Layla's back. Front facelock on Layla, but she gets to her feet. Eve fights to keep Layla from Kaitlyn. Layla tags out, the ref doesn't see it and makes Kaitlyn leave the ring as Eve dominates Layla. Knees to Layla, then Eve taunts Kaitlyn and is double kicked into a corner and Layla tags out.

Big body drop on Eve, then clotheslines and shoulder blocks on Eve. Aksana breaks the count and Layla kicks her in the face. Eve takes Layla out, but Kaitlyn hits her finisher on Eve for three.

Winners – Layla & Kaitlyn (4:58)

Backstage Segment

ADR and Ricardo talking. Ricardo says it's Team ADR. ADR runs into Rosa who excuses herself in Spanish, but coyly. ADR tries to brush it off, but Ricardo is all eyes.


Kofi vs ADR w/ Ricardo

Kofi bounces out to the ring. Ricardo announces ADR to the ring. ADR comes out in a Astin Martin DV9 Spider. JR and Cole joke about ADR having a huge garage, all over the world! Video of Ricardo costing Orton the match on Smackdown, but backstage Ricardo was burnt by coffee and chili as ADR and Orton fought. Striker went face first into a cake – such a waste of a cake! Tomorrow night ADR faces Orton in a Falls Count Anywhere Match on Main Event.

Side headlock takeover on Kofi, and ADR keeps the hold on. Kofi up and pushes out, but eats a shoulder block. Kofi bounces over ADR as he runs the ropes, but Kofi is able to elbow ADR into the mat. ADR on Kofi on the mat, but Kofi reverses free like it's nothing, but ADR back with blows and then kicks in a corner. Kofi reverses a whip, then on ADR with blows. Upper cut on ADR for two. Kofi backed into a corner, whipped, but floats and takes ADR down. ADR elevates Kofi to the apron, but ADR pushes Kofi off into the barrier. JR talks up how nice Kofi is, and how well educated, being that he's a college graduate. Back in the ring ADR pins for two.

Body scissors on Kofi on the mat. ADR keeps grabbing Kofi's hair, but finally Kofi gets free, but then into a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for two. Double foot stomp on Kofi, then a snap suplex on Kofi for two. ADR back on with the body scissors and is admonished for grabbing Kofi's hair. Kofi is able to get free and roll ADR up for two. A back kick, then a couple walking stomps on Kofi. Kofi crawls into the ropes and is chokes in there. ADR up top, then locks an arm hold and hangs himself over the top rope and holds for almost five. ADR back in and rushes Kofi, but lands shoulder first on the post.

Big clotheslines on ADR, then a boom drop. Kofi sets up for TIP, but ADR ducks and sets up for his own finisher, pauses, but Kofi reverses into SOS for a long two. Kofi whipped, but gets his feet up. Kofi springboards off the corner, but ADR ducks the crossbody. Orton's music and ADR is distracted. Kofi rolls up ADR for three.

Winner – Kofi (7:54)

Kofi leaves the ring and celebrates up the ramp. ADR still in the ring seething. Orton is there and ADR turns around, right into the RKO and the fans love it. Orton stares down at ADR on the mat. Orton stares, then slightly smirks, then back down at ADR.

Announce Segment

Cole sets up for Maddox explaining himself in the ring earlier. Then to video of Maddox talking about his dreams to be a WWE Superstar. Then VKM came out and offered Maddox a million dollar contract next week if mix can beat Ryback.

In Ring Segment

Team CoBro to the ring.



Promo for to raise money for those affected by Sandy.

Team CoBro vs Primo & Epico w/ Rosa

The Colons to the ring with Rosa.

Santino and Primo lock up. Arm bar on Santino, Santino reverses it and into a hammerlock on the mat. Back to their feet, Primo reverses into the hammerlock. They go back and forth until Santino gets an arm drag. Santino tries to keep it silly, but is punched in the face. Rather than running the ropes, Santino poser walks and hits a hip toss on Primo. Ryder tags in, flapjack on Primo for two. Ryder goes for a splash, but Primo drops and Ryder eats ropes.

Epico tags in and they bounce over the ropes. Primo tags in, Epico with a suplex, then Primo with a leg drop over the top then trombones to mock Santino. Ryder is able to reverse into a small cradle, but Santino is in distracting the ref. Epico tags in with a lovely drop kick on Ryder. Epico keeps Ryder from tagging out. Primo tags in as Rosa yells outside. Primo pins Ryder for two. Chinlock on Ryder on the mat. Ryder to his feet, reverses and a neck breaker on Primo.

Both tag out. Santino on Epico with blows. Split, then hip toss on Epico, but Primo breaks the count. Ryder takes Primo out, then knocks Epico down. Cobra comes out and takes Epico down for three.

Winner – Team CoBro (5:00)

Team CoBro celebrates in the ring, tromboning together as Cole says you have to love them. JR plays deadpan to Cole's excitement.


Funkasaurus vs Barrett

The Dactyls out in silver, Funkasaurus follow them out in red and white. They dance in the ring, then off comes his pants and pyro from the corners. Barrett out to face Clay.

They lock up, Clay pushes off, they lock up, Clay pushes off, then blows on Barrett. Knee raise and Clay is getting heat for beating on Barrett. Barrett slammed down and pinned, but only for two. Barrett comes back with a huge side slam on Clay, then stomps him in the ring. Barrett out with knees to Clay's head hanging off the apron. Back in Barrett pins for one. Chinlock on Clay on the mat. The Dactyls are cheering for Clay, but the fans are for Barrett. Clay punches out and takes Barrett down with running head butts. Big splash on Barrett in a corner. Barrett whipped, but this time moves. Clay kicked in the gut, then finishes Clay with the elbow for three.

Winner – Barrett (3:01)

Barrett celebrates in the ring. Video of Barrett's high points in the match. Barrett will face Sheamus on Main Event on Wednesday night.


Slater w/ Mahal vs Jey Uso w/ Jimmy

Slater to the ring with Mahal in tow. They play air guitar in the ring. The Usos out on stage dancing, then to the ring.

A big slap, then head butt to Slater. Slater is slammed to the mat, then a leg drop from Jey. Double hand clothesline to Slater. Slater on Jey in a corner, then Jey reverses it. Slater with a kick on Jey as there's a few "3MB!" chants. Chinlock on Jey on the mat. Jey to his feet but slammed back on the mat. Jey comes back with a blow, but is whipped and hits the mat for two. Chinlock on Jey on the mat. Jimmy slams his hands on the mat, but little reaction from the fans. Slater caught Jey with a horrible kick to the head/neck area for two. Another reverse chinlock on the mat.

Jimmy can't get the fans interested in this match. Jey throws Slater off, and a couple of kicks, then a 'sweet island music' (JR) on Slater got two. Slater with his smash hit for three.

Winner – Slater (3:54)

Mahal and Slater celebrate in the ring, but then Slater rolls out quickly and Mahal has to rush to catch up with him on the ramp.

Announce Segment

Cole and JR give a promo for WWE 13.


Punk w/ Heyman & Ziggler w/ Vickie vs Cena & Ryback

Punk out to the ring with Heyman carrying the WWE Title belt above his head. Heyman hands the belt to Punk before he enters the ring. Punk poses with the belt, then kisses it before giving it back to Heyman who again holds the belt high. Punk wants to recap for those who haven't paid attention the past couple weeks. He beat Ryback at HIAC, but since then everyone thinks it's tainted. Everyone says that Maddox was working for Punk and Heyman. Tonight Maddox said he did it on his own. But at Survivor Series Punk has to face Ryback and Cena in a Triple Threat Match. He's held the WWE Championship for 351 days, and has proven he's better than everyone in the arena, in the back, worldwide who wants to lace their boots. He's excelled and beaten all who have stepped in the ring. At Survivor Series he will celebrate 364 days as Champ. He won't be stopped. He'll provide fact that he's best in the world! Ziggler comes out to the ring, case in hand. Cena's music and out he comes, again. Cena poses in the ring while the ref holds back Ziggler. Out comes Ryback to round out the match. Even Cena looks a bit nervous.


Cena and Punk circle, then lock up. Side headlock takeover on Punk. Head scissors on Punk on the mat, but he gets free and on Cena with a side headlock. Cena reverses the hold on Punk. "CM Punk!" chants fill the arena. Cena free, a shoulder block on Punk. Ziggler tags in and Cena takes him down. Snap mare on Ziggler, then Cena with a knee in Ziggler's back. Ziggler up, but into a front facelock. Ziggler free and on Cena with blows. Ziggler whipped and eats Cena's bulldog.

Punk tagged in. Punk whipped, but moves and Cena chest first into the corner and yells in pain. Punk stomps Cena, then tags out. They wishbone Cena before Punk leaves. Ziggler with elbow drop after elbow drop, at least 15 before a huge elbow drop for two. Ziggler hooks his toes under Cena's side and does a few situps. Cena tries to pin Ziggler, but doesn't get far.

Punk tags in with a 'vintage' running knee as JR says Ziggler's elbows were epic. Punk gets Cena up, Cena reverses and Punk up, but Punk reverses. Punk pins for two. Ryback is growling in his corner. Dueling chant for Cena as he tries to get to his corner. Cena somehow hits an AA, but both men are down. Heyman yelling outside. Ziggler tags in and stops Cena from tagging out. Ziggler chokes Cena with a foot while yelling at the ref. Cena fights back with a back elbow to Ziggler's chin. Both men down. Zig-zag on Cena, but Cena kicks out at two.

Punk is hurting, but tags in. "Feed me more!" from the fans. Neck breaker on Cena for two. Punk with a fig4 on Cena's head. Cena works to his feet and electric chairs Punk. Both men down. Punk was heading for a camera and had to wave him off as he couldn't tag him in. Punk back on Cena to keep him from tagging out.

Ziggler tags in with a kick after Punk's snap mare on Cena. Ziggler circles Cena, then climbs. Punk asks Ziggler if he knows what he's doing. Ziggler off the top, but Cena moves. Both tag out!

Clotheslines on Punk, then a body drop and a spinebuster. Ziggler in and lifted high. Ziggler dropped on Punk, then sent outside with a meathook. "Feed me more!" Meathook clothesline on Punk. Ryback gets Punk up, marches, shellshocked!

Winners – Ryback & Cena (10:12)

Cena pulls himself up so his chin is on the apron. Cena into the ring. He and Ryback stare at each other. Then Ryback gets the "Feed me more!" chants going.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

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