RAW Results 9/17/12 - I'm The Tag Team Champions! No I'm The Tag Team Champions!


Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about the ending of NoC, and that they have previously unseen footage to show us about the end of the main event last night.

Music & Pyro

The first pictures of the video are Cena in his new pink shirt. Cole talks about how controversial the end of NoC was last night.

In Ring Segment

Punk's music, but put comes Heyman with an egotistical smirk on his face. Heyman introduces himself to heat. Last night he felt like us, he got to witness history in an enormous fashion. He watched Punk defend the WWE Championship against Cena. Heat for Heyman. The end of the match is embroiled in controversy, so he's going to ask Chad Patten to the ring to defend his ruling to the entire WWE audience.

Patten to the ring. Heyman thanks him for coming out. Heyman shows a still photo of the end of the match and it shows both sets of shoulders down and he counted them both down. Everyone's been on Patten's case, even Cena was all over him last night. Patten made the right decision, didn't he? Patten says he did. Heyman says they admire him for his conviction. There's more evidence to vindicate Patten. A fan took a video, but it was removed from the internet, of course it had to be by Cena. They show the video of the German suplex, then the ref counting them both down. Heyman says no more needs to be seen. It was a draw, and that goes to the Champ – Punk. That's what Punk says, he deserves their respect and the refuse to give it to you (Heyman means to Punk).

Cena's music hits and he heads to the ring. Heyman says in the interest of clarity.

"Paul, shut up." Cena goes on to tell Heyman that he agrees, Patten did the right thing. "Cena sucks!" chants. Cena says his fans know him, he can barely use his cell phone, never mind taking a video down online! Patten is a respected official who has no bias toward Cena. He was talking to Patten about the finality of the decision. Last night was a battle, his ankle is taped and the match was taken to WrestleMania proportions. That's like ending the Superbowl in a tie! He's sure everyone wanted to see that battle end in a real way. Heyman is a Punk supporter, and Punk has always clamored for respect, but retaining in a tie, did Punk really earn the respect he's seeking.

Since Cena values his opinion, in one word, yes. "NO!" from the fans. Cena says Heyman and Punk's feeling of respect differ. Respect isn't earned by hitting someone after the match is over. It's about beating everyone and getting in the ring and yelling you're the best in the world! Like the fans, he wants to know who the winner will be. He wants to do it tonight, even with his bad ankle. They have a ref, all they need is Punk.

Heyman says Punk will tell Cena to his face what he feels of Cena's challenge – when he gets there. But hearing it from Heyman is the same because he's the voice, of the voice of the voiceless.

ADR's music and he comes out with Ricardo in tow! On the stage he tells Cena to stop crying, he had his chance and lost. ADR, on the other hand didn't have a chance due to Booker. The brogue kick was banned, then reinstated just before his Title match. Unlike Cena, ADR wasn't completely ready, so if anyone deserves a rematch it's the man who never lies, ADR.

AJ's music and she skips out wearing black shirt, black blazer, black and white tie and matching black shorts. She skips around the ring, then in. She says speaking on behalf of Booker, they both deserves second chances. She's combining last night's main event into a super main event. ADR and Punk will team up to face Sheamus, and wait for it, Cena. Who knows, this could go a great way in deciding who will get a rematch and who will be in it.

Backstage Segment

Rey and Sin Cara head for the ring.


Announce Segment

Cole is on announce wearing a 'Long Live The King's t-shirt. Cole then talks about King's life getting saved ringside. Cole shows the Tout King put out only a couple days after his heart attack (was up on WNW). Earlier today King touched down in Memphis. Cole says he can't wait to see King back on announce, and shows off his shirt. Next week on RAW, an exclusive interview. "I can't wait to talk to you friend," says Cole (actually made me mist up in his lovely honesty.) Cole announces JBL to announce. Justin then announces JR to announce! All three of them on announce for RAW tonight! JBL has his white cowboy hat, JR with his black one and his face fur.

Rey & Sin Cara vs Primo & Epico

Primo and Epico are already ringside. Rey's music and he emerges from the fog in black and gold with a blue mask that he ends up removing to give to a tiny little girl in the crowd. Sin Cara out in blue and silver this week as the three men on announce try to figure out their interactions going forward.

Primo on Sin Cara. Back elbow on Primo, then a deep arm drag on Primo. Rey tags in, and on his knees for Sin Cara to fly from. Rey pins for two. Sin Cara tags in, they double kick Primo, front and back. Sin Cara gets two for it.


Epico with a front facelock on Sin Cara on the mat. Primo tags in and wrenches on Sin Cara, but is sent flying. JR is trending, but JBL isn't. Tornado DDT on Primo and both are down.

Both tag out. Rey with a sick arm drag, then serious kicks for two. Rey whipped, up on Epico, wiggles free and hits a hurricanranna. Sin Cara tags in, Epico set up, then head scissors sets up Primo two, and a double 619. Seated senton on Primo outside, on the inside of the ring Sin Cara takes Epico down for three.

Winners – Rey & Sin Cara (6:40)

Video of the high points of the match, then they celebrate and pose. Suddenly the Prime Time Players are behind and attacking Sin Cara and Rey! O'Neil with his big bomb on Rey after Young took Sin Cara down. They leave Rey and Sin Cara on the mat and grab a mic. O'Neil claims they were the legitimate contenders for the TTC. That's the last, nothing will be taken from them. They're the takers. Take what they want, and give what they want. Young tries to say the same thing, but stumbles over his words and looks a mess for it. JBL likes this and agrees that this is a good thing.


Just a blip of Bryan and Kane staring off with the TTC in the center of the ring last night.

Announce Segment

Cole and JBL talk Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There's a big WWE and Susan G. Komen logo on the ramp. Then it goes into a video about breast cancer and being a survivor.


Announce Segment

Miz TV will debut tonight with his first guest being Booker T!

Beth vs Eve

Layla is on announce, Beth is already in the ring. Eve out in dark silver and purple. Kaitlyn was hurt last night, so Eve was given the match. JR says Kaitlyn doesn't need surgery.

JBL goes off about Jesse Ventura's aliens built Stonehenge. Of course Eve attacked Kaitlyn. Layla agrees, then JBL goes off on Layla about shaking hands with Eve and how it cost her the match. Layla agrees it was all Eve's plan. Beth slams Eve back. Beth takes Eve down hard. Beth scoops Eve up and rushes a corner, but Eve pushes off and Beth eats corner. Eve gets the three.

Winner – Eve (1:39)

JBL talks about five years in the Gracie camp, that's what you get. Eve is all smiles and love all around


Slam of The Week

Kidd out and got in Cesaro face, then Funkasaurus out to the ring. Kidd and Funkasaurus took Cesaro down.

Funkasaurus vs Slater

The Funkadactyls out, both of them, in gold. Funkasaurus out in black, and so JBL tells JR to get out there with him as JR has a black hat as well. Cesaro and Aksana are at announce. Slater is ringside, waiting for his match.

Slater pushes Clay, but then eats a clothesline. Slater on Clay with kicks and blows in a corner, then another in the center. Chop block, then low drop kick on Clay. Cesaro goes off calling Clay an embarrassment in five languages. Slater tries for a DDT, but is throw across the ring. Head butt to Slater's chest. Cesaro distracts Clay, so Slater goes for the kill, but only gets two out of it before being tossed way off. Slater up, but flies into a head butt. Splash and Slater is done!

Winner – Funkasaurus (2:02)

JBL goes off about Funkasaurus needing to stop all this ad needing to get serious. Video of the high points of the match. Funkasaurus and the Dactyls are dancing with kids in the ring while JR and JBL argue about the kids having this memory, or Clay not working to get ahead.

Backstage Segment

Miz, in a suit, is heading for the ring.


Miz TV

Miz out to the ring in a black suit, black shirt, textured silver tie and a breast cancer ribbon. Miz asks what you get a Champ who has beaten the odds? You get him his very own talk show! Mizfits and miztakes, welcome to Miz TV! The WWE logo is upside down over the ring. When you look at Piper's Pit, Cutting Edge, Highlight reel, Piper, Edge and Jericho were never as charismatic or awesome as Miz. Last night at NoC he proved himself when he beat three Superstars that this match threw at him. The man who thought he had Miz beat Booker T.

Booker out in a gray pinstriped suit, white shirt and pale gray tie. Miz asks how it feels to have the prestige of being the first guest on Miz TV. It's an honor, humbling, best moment in his carer. Better than being five time (you get it) Champ, better than his WrestleMania, better than when Miz beat Rey to retain his Title. He has a question. He's been racking his brain, why is Booker against him? "Booker T!" chants. Miz asks why Booker banned the brogue kick, then reinstated it. Booker misses the spotlight, doesn't he? Booker just stares at Miz. Miz says that Booker so misses the attention that his days are done, his time is over. Isn't it, his time is over. "Boring!" chants.

Booker stops the Miz on the way to Miz's mouth. JBL says he agrees with the fans, boring. Booker says it's time for Miz to have a new guest. "Boring!" chants. Ryback's music hits.

Ryback into the ring, Miz flees to heat. Ryback flips a sofa and sends it out at announce, toward Miz. A tall directors chair flies out at Miz. Ryback picks up the loveseat and tosses it up the ramp at Miz. JBL says Ryback shouldn't bust up the set. If he wants to go after Miz, then he needs to go after Miz! JBL says someone needs to sedate Ryback.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about what happened to King last week on RAW. Cole again shows King's Tout. Cole says King is at home, and watching. JR says that it takes two of them to replace King. JBL says no wonder King is in the HOF having to put up with Cole and JR!


Backstage Segment

Punk and Heyman talking, then Josh comes in and asks if Punk is looking forward to teaming ADR? Of course not, it shows the rampant disrespect. He walked in NoC as Champ and walked out as Champ, what does he have to do to get respect?

Santino vs Ziggler

Santino out to the ring power walking and slapping hands. Into the ring he trumpets as Cole pushes HIAC. EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! She announces Mr. MITB, Dolph Ziggler! Ziggler out in silver trunks and black showoff shirt, case in hand.

They lock up, then a sweet motion Santino sends Ziggler flipping over his hip and to the mat. Ziggler comes back slamming Santino down hard. Santino runs the ropes, but then power walks and takes Ziggler down for two. Arm drag on Ziggler, but Ziggler punches Santino to the mat. Neck breaker on Santino. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants from a good portion of the fans and JBL says the fans should love Ziggler! Ziggler digs the cobra out and rubs in in Santino's face, telling him the fans are laughing at him, and that he's a joke! Santino back on Ziggler with blows, but a right drops Santino again. One foot on Santino's chest for a two count. Blows to Santino as Cole and JBL talk about everyone, but Cena, cashing in to win. Blows to Ziggler, then his hip toss. Head butt, but cobra is missing. Santino argues with Vickie to get it back. From behind a zig-zag! Vickie cackles. Ziggler easily takes Santino down for three.

Winner – Ziggler (4:09)

Video of Santino trying to get cobra, but then him being taken down for three. Santino gets his cobra back as Ziggler and Vickie back up the ramp. Cole says Ziggler is trending. JBL says he'll trend more when he's Champ.


Another tiny blip of Bryan and Kane yelling at each other that their each the TTC!


SD Rebound

Barrett on mic saying he's going to give a sample to someone next week, then business will be booming.

Barrett vs Gabriel

Wade Barrett out to the ring. Gabriel out to face him. Neither receive much reaction.

Gabriel kicks at Barrett, then with slow head scissors on Barrett for two. Gabriel off the second ropes, but Barrett fights back with a blow to the gut. Gabriel out, Barrett follows with a knee to his gut. Gabriel back in, but wrapped around the post, from the inside. Barrett is all pumped up and looking for a reaction, but the fans are almost silent. Back in the ring Gabriel is whipped. Back breaker on Gabriel for two. Knee to Gabriel's gut, then blows to the kidneys. A blow drops Gabriel in front of a dead audience. Barrett gets two, then back on Gabriel's ribs with an abdominal stretch. A VERY loud "We want Nexus!" chant breaks out and Barrett looks a bit shocked.

Barrett face first into a corner, then kicks and blows from Gabriel, but then Barrett back on Gabriel's ribs. Gabriel reverses on Barrett, then a sweet springboard moonsault on Barrett for a long two. Forearms to Barrett's head, then blows on Barrett. Barrett slams Gabriel to the mat, then rips at Gabriel's nose. A big right and Gabriel drops like a sack of bricks for three. JBL says that blow would have dropped a horse.

Winner – Barrett (4:08)

Video of the high points of the match as JR brings up his government mule. Barrett celebrates.


Backstage Segment

R-Truth trying to put a party hat on Little Jimmy. Kofi in and R-Truth says 'Happy Birthday', it's no Kofi's brithday, but it is Subway's and Jared is there. The first Subway was in Bridgeport. Kofi and R-Truth leave. Sandow in and says his sandwich is a grilled capon, Gouda and a zucchini reduction. Jared offers a meatball marinara, Sandow takes it and leaves. Ryder in with woo woo woo, Jared says, you know it. He ends up with an Italian BMT. Ryback in asks to be fed more. Jared give him one, Ryback takes a second and leaves.

Backstage Segment

Sheamus talks about kicking ADR's head off and retaining. Cena is out on his own planet. Sheamus tells Cena to not be down on himself. He's not, he's a realist. Cena says they really need to fight and prove themselves. Sheamus says they will, then go down to the pub and drink to the brogue kick, Jewish New Year, Mexican Independence Day. Cena didn't look impressed.

Backstage Segment

Bryan is running through the halls yelling, "I'm the Tag Team Champion. Then, in another hall, Kane is running and yelling the same.


Announce Segment

Cole again talks about King and his heart attack. Video of King returning home. He got off the plane and hugged Dr. Sampson when he got to the ground. Then King waved as he climbed in an SUV.

Tag Team Championship Rematch – Kofi & R-Truth vs Bryan & Kane (C)

Kofi and R-Truth out to the ring with Little Jimmy. They pose on corners as JBL has a hissy fit that it's not anger management, it's all talent! Bryan out yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" as the fans yell "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" JBL says there's no reason for this. He's facing someone with an imaginary friend and they're worried about Bryan? Fire erupts and the lights go out. Smoke and organ music, then here comes Kane with his over mask on, belt over his shoulder. Bryan glares at Kane as he climbs in the ring. Fire from all four, then the over mask comes off. Tweets from WWE Superstars about Kane and Bryan. Kane and Bryan argue about who is the TTC. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans as they keep arguing. The ref takes the belts, very cautiously. JBL says Kane has never been stable!

Side headlock on Kofi. Kofi pushes off but eats a shoulder block from Bryan. Bryan runs the ropes, over and under Kofi until a back elbow drops him. R-Truth tags in. Arm bar on R-Truth, Bryan is about to tag out, then yells "NO!" Bryan telegraphs and is kicked for it. Kofi tags in with a crossbody for two.

Kane takes the tag in and they slap at each other a bit, but then Kane backed into the corner with blows. Kane throws Kofi into the corner and is on him with blows. Head butt to the back of Kofi's head. Kofi whipped, but floats over and on Kane with kicks. Kane back on Kofi with knees to the ribs. Kofi pulls down the top rope and Kane goes out. Bryan rushes in, but is elevated and sent out onto Kane outside. They argue out there.


Bear hug on R-Truth in the center of the ring. R-Truth's eyes bugging out of his head. R-Truth fights free with blows, but then backed hard into a corner. R-Truth gets his feet up, then off the corner with a missile drop kick. Kofi tags in and on Kane with blows and a drop kick. Kane into a corner, and Kofi on him with blows. Kofi tries to whip Kane, but can't and is whipped, but kicks Kane. Cross body on Kane, then a face kick from Kofi. Boom drop, and sets up for the TIP, but Kane catches Kofi for a chokeslam. Kofi counters and is free, but comes off the corner with a crossbody, but eats a big blow while flying!

Bryan takes a tag with a hard blow. They argue giving Kofi time to tag out. R-Truth on Bryan with blows, dances, then Bryan slammed to the mat face first for two. Blows on Bryan, then an arm bar and Kofi tags in. R-Truth slams Kofi back first onto Bryan for two. JBL yells that it was a rotten cover. Arm hold on Bryan on the mat. Cole defends Kofi. Bryan fights out, but right into a drop kick for two.

R-Truth tags in and they double leg sweep, then knee and elbow drops, then Kofi pins for two. Kane is seething on the apron; pacing and yelling at Bryan. Chinlock on Bryan on the mat. Bryan elbows free, but then whipped. Bryan moves and a drop toe hold makes R-Truth eat corner. Bryan voluntarily tags out.

Kane from the top, then a 'vintage' clothesline. Sidewalk slam on R-Truth. Bryan was caught trying to steal a tag. Kane grabs Bryan, but Bryan hangs Kane up. R-Truth pins Kane, but Bryan breaks up the attempt. Kane grabs and chokeslams R-Truth. Bryan takes the tag from behind and locks on the "NO!" lock. R-Truth taps out.

Winners – Bryan & Kane (12:51)

Bryan grabs both of the belts and yells that he's the Tag Team Champions. Kane in and there when Bryan turns. Bryan, holding both belts, yells this over and over into Kane's face. Kane takes them and does the same back to Bryan. Bryan starts yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" as the fans yell "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan then makes a calming motion. "Hug it out!" chants. Bryan puts his arms out for a hug and tells Kane to come on. JBL yells for RAW to go to commercial! Kane then about falls into Bryan's arms. They hug each other. Bryan tries to take both belts when they break their hug, but Kane holds his tight. They both hold their belts high and yell the same thing over and over again in each others faces.


Big Show led a B.A.Star rally. Steph and Otunga were there as well. Steph talks about all their doing. This was right in Bridgeport today. There's a bunch of kids from the Lighthouse In The Community Afterschool Program in the stands.

Backstage Segment

Orton heading for the ring.


Orton vs Tensai

Orton out in his slow and robotic way, slight smirk on his face. Tensai out to the ring, pushing Sakamoto aside on his way out.

They lock up, Orton backed into a corner, but side steps and leaves Tensai standing there. Kicks to Tensai, but a hand around Orton's throat and he's backed into a corner. Back elbow from Tensai, then Orton back on him with blows. A big shoulder block drops Orton. Head butts to Orton in a corner, then a big shoulder to Orton's lower back and WWE cuts the noise – did Orton cuss?

Another shot to Orton's kidneys, then Tensai rips at Orton's face. Blow to Orton's kidney area, then again rips on Orton's face as he lolls on the ropes. Orton fights back with forearms, but it doesn't last. Orton up and slammed to the mat for a long two. Tensai rakes his forearm across Orton's forehead. Elbow drop on Orton for two. Orton pulled to his feet and into a bear hug. Orton fights back with blows, but a head butt drops Orton. Knees to a prone Orton. Tensai with his Vulcan nerve pinch as a very loud "Albert!" chant grows.

Orton to his feet and elbows out of the nerve pinch, but Tensai with more blows to Orton's lower back. Orton manages his power slam on Tensai! Tensai rolls from the ring. Orton tries to pull Tensai to apron for the DDT. Orton is able to come back with his DDT, then sets up, but Tensai pushes Orton off into a corner, but then Orton sidesteps, then Tensai coming back from the corner he eats the RKO for three.

Winner – Orton (6:01)

JBL talks up Orton in a huge way.


Backstage Segment

Heyman and Punk talking, Heyman saying she's abusing her authority. Long comes up and says that Punk needs to follow ADR's lead in the match. Heyman says Punk has been Champ for 303 days. Otunga converses in Otunga's ear. He says that is irrelevant, Punk looks like he sleeps in a cardboard box. Punk whispers in Heyman ear, then Heyman says ADR should stop driving all these expensive cars and buy a time machine and go back to when Punk beat ADR for the Title. Punk steps up and says he will enjoy competing with ADR tonight. ADR says it will be an honor.

In Ring Segment

Sandow out. Silence the music, I am about to speak. He's please to announce that the season of sloth, or summer vacation, has come to an end. Now is his favorite season, back to school. As our intellectual savior and martyr plans to ready us for this. JR, slobberknocker isn't a word. He has a list of acceptable words.

Temerity - Please have the temerity to not interrupt him.
Ignoramus. WWE has an ignoramus at every corner.
Miscreant. You are all miscreants.

Ryder's music and he comes out to the ramp, as he walks down he has some words of his own. The first is shut, two is up. The third is now. AJ made a match between them that starts now. Woo woo woo, you know it.


Ryder vs Sandow

Side headlock on Ryder on the mat. Ryder up and pushes off. Sandow runs the ropes, over and under Ryder, then taken down. Sandow sent over the top and out. Ryder up over the top onto Sandow. Sandow rolled back in. Ryder pins for one. Ryder hug up top as Cole and JBL argue over who has the stupider name – JBL or woo woo woo. Sandow pulls Ryder into a knee to the gut, then rubs Ryder's face on the mat. Knee drop on Ryder. JBL goes off that Cole thinks temerity is a big word. Ignoramus, in the dictionary, should have a black cat or Cole's face listed. "Let's Ryder, woo woo woo!" chants. Ryder slammed to the mat, then takes an elbow drop from Sandow for two.

Shoulder blocks on Ryder in a corner as they continue arguing words on announce. Ryder whipped, moves, then rolls Sandow up for two. Small package on Sandow for two. Back elbow to Sandow, then Sandow face first and slammed back. Big punch on Sandow in a corner, but Sandow rolls out before the broski boot and is taken down outside. Sandow rolled in, but comes back on Ryder in a corner. Sandow rushes him, but eats Ryder's feet. Woo woo woo and a broski boot for a very long two. Sandow manages his neckbreaker finisher and poses to get his three.

Winner Sandow (8:46)

Sandow enjoys his music. Video of the high points of the match. Sandow smiles, gives us his cartwheel, then bows and leaves with a smile.


Again King landing at home, hugging the doctor who saved his life last week.


Sheamus & Cena vs ADR w/ Ricardo & Punk w/ Heyman

Sheamus out to the ring, music playing as RAW comes back from commercial. Cena out in his new black and pink gear. Justin announces Ricardo, JBL says, "I love this guy!" ADR out in a 2012 Rolls Royce Ghost. JBL loves him because ADR reminds him of somebody – shocker! Punk out to the ring – finally the Champ is the last one out. He comes out in the gray hoodie he's been wearing all night, with Heyman in tow. Punk part way down the ramp, turns and raises his hand. Heyman runs down and gives Punk a high five! Another photo of Cena pinning Punk, and both having shoulders down. Punk stands in the center of the ring, his belt held high over his head, eyes focused with a pissed look on his face, not at all moving, Heyman claps. Punk just continues standing there, belt held high, for a couple minutes!


Cena and Punk circle, then Punk tags ADR in. Cena looks confused. Punk out to talk to Heyman. ADR doesn't look happy. Punk finally climbs back up on the apron. Side headlock on Cena. Cena free, takes ADR down with side headlock takeover. ADR on Cena with kicks, then kicks Cena down in a corner. Big monkey flip on ADR, then a big body drop, but only gets two for his troubles.

Sheamus tags in and sends ADR into a corner and on him tight with blows. ADR whipped, but gets his feet up. Sheamus gets ADR up, and a roll through on ADR for two. Cena tags in, ADR purposefully tags out. Cena on Punk, hits his bulldog, Punk tries to hold onto the apron skirt, but Cena drags him up and sets up for an AA. Punk gets Cena in the eye, then flees the ring to talk with Heyman. Punk back in to stomp on Cena who is still nursing that eye.

ADR tags in and on Cena whyile Punk holds him. ADR chokes Cena in the ropes, then Punk with a cheap shot on Cena. Punk tags in and they double team Cena.

Super Cena tries to fight back, against both, but a drop toe hold drops Cena. He's able to get to Sheamus and tags out. Sheamus hard on Punk with blows for two. Punk whipped, but comes back with a back elbow. Punk rushes over and tags out.

Big boot takes Sheamus down, then blows on Sheamus by the ropes. ADR sent out and almost ends up hanging by his arm the way Sheamus did last night. Ten blows to ADR over the top rope. ADR tries to fight back, but takes white noise. Sheamus calls for the brogue kick, but Punk attacks from behind on the apron, then ADR rushes him and nails a back stabber. ADR with an arm hold on Sheamus, with the arm in the ropes.

Punk tags in and kicks Sheamus while he's down. Sheamus comes back with blows. A drop kick on Sheamus' knee drops him. Punk yells at Sheamus, as he has him on the mat, asking if Sheamus wants to be a tough guy? Surfboard on Sheamus. Sheamus reverses and lands on Punk for two. Sheamus dragged to the heel corner, ADR tags in. Chinlock on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus to his feet and punches free, but then runs into a knee, then a kick for two. ADR kicks at Sheamus while he's down. ADR rushes Sheamus, but straight into a sick back breaker! Both men down.

Both tag out. Shoulder block to Punk, then a back slam. Cena sets up for the 5 knuckle shuffle. Punk reverses, but ends up in the STF! ADR breaks up the hold, but then eats a brogue kick. In all the confusion Punk is set up and eats an AA. Cena pins for three, but Punk has his foot on the rope before the three.

Winners – Cena & Sheamus (10:24)

Video recap shows that Punk's foot was on the rope, and is still where it was. Punk and Heyman argue with the ref about his call. The ref leaves the ring, so Punk and Heyman follow him. They badger the ref up the ramp. The ref say he didn't see it. Punk says he knows the ref didn't see it the first time, but he saw it on the replay. At the top of the ramp Punk just continued to yell, "My foot was on the ropes!" over and over as he follows the ref out and RAW goes off the air.

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Bryan & Kane

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