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RAW Results 10/29/12 - Ryback Says More Than 3 Words!

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Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about being on the heels of HIAC and so much will happen. Vickie will confront AJ with the proof of AJ's affair with Cena. Also, did Punk retain his WWE Title? This was asked over a picture of Ryback with Punk on his his shoulders on top of the cell.

RAW Starts


Stills from the main event at HIAC. After losing Ryback chased Punk to the top of the cell and hit shellshocked!

In Ring Segment

Punk comes out with his ribs taped, dragging his right leg behind him. Cole talks about all that went down – the low blow, the quick count. A sign says 'Best cheat in the world!' and another says 'CM Punk, my favorite Waffle House cook!' and a 'Feed me Mormon' sign. Of course Heyman came out with the belt held high.

Punk says they all thought he was unbeatable, couldn't be done. They knew he'd be a victim in the trail of bodies left by Ryback. He proved us all wrong. Punk calls JR 'bucket head' and tells him he was wrong. Punk points out people and says they were wrong. He's beaten all our heroes and proved us wrong. When we thought Rey would fly, but he snatched Rey out of the sky. The Apex Predator, but the vice is stronger than the Viper. Then there's the Superman, Cena. But he's kryptonite. Ryback isn't even in the equation.

Punk wants to talk about his monumental victory that should be applauded. But it's been mired in controversy as if it was Punk who had the official put his hands on Ryback. It will be a hard pill to swallow, but it's true. He was up for shellshock, but he was shocked when it went down. The only thing he's guilty of is taking advantage of a rogue official, Brad Maddox. Just showing how incompetent he is, he was hired by AJ Lee. His incompetence reared his ug;ly head. He's the one who messed up when Punk's foot was on the rope. Maybe he was paying Punk back, but Punk had nothing to do with it.

The list goes on of our heroes who he's stopped. Triple H, even VKM. The whole Titan Industry. He's the best in the world. He's here as the WWE Champ for 344 days. He looks at Ryback differently, in his rear-view mirror, he's forgotten and won't get a rematch.

Car crash! Foley to the ring, his diving off the cell in his entrance. Foley to the ring fast in a suit and red plaid shirt, sans tie. "Foley!" chants. Punk says the homeless man clearly displaced by the hurricane in the northeast.

Foley tells Punk to stay classy. Funny coming from Punk after the shellshock on the cell by Ryback.

Punk asks why Foley is there? The last time we saw Foley was on the ground when Punk kicked his ass. He know Foley is here to embarrass him.

Foley gives a cheap pop and says Punk embarrassed himself on the cell. Foley yells that he told Punk he had a chance to live up to a legacy, a tradition, and Punk blew it.

Punk shows his shoulder and says this is tradition and what Foley's tradition does. "You suck!" from a fan. Punk says he doesn't suck, he's not from Charlotte, NC! The "You suck!" chants ring out, so Punk wants it all. Foley wants to talk tradition? They're coming up on SS, where Punk won the Title. SS is coming up, so let's have a Traditional SS Match. Team Foley against Team Punk!

Foley thinks this over. He tells Punk he's on. Punk grins. Foley stares. Punk continue to size Foley up, then says whoever Foley picks...

"Feed me more!" Ryback stomps out to the ring and Punk flees with Heyman on his tail. They go through the fans as Ryback gets his chant going with the fans.


Ryback vs JTG

Ryback still in the ring, JTG on the ramp looking a bit ill about this match.

"Goldberg" chants quietly through the fans. JTG circles, but can't flee and is slammed down. JTG lifted and slammed. JTG whipped, but moves. Thesz Press, then JTG slammed back by his head over and over. "Feed me more!" chants. Meathook clothesline on JTG and Ryback calls for the finish. JTG up, Ryback marches, then shell shocked.

Winner – Ryback (2:02)

Ryback paces the ring. Video of the high points of the match as JR and Cole talk Ryback up. Josh into the ring and asks about him having an apatite for revenge? "Revenge is a confession of pain. I am not in pain, I am hungry. When I feast again, it will be on CM Punk!" Then Ryback goes into his "Feed me Punk!" chants.


Slo-mo video of Big Show's WMD on Sheamus at HIAC.


Orton vs Barrett

Orton out to the ring. Barrett is waiting for him. Cole talks about how great Orton looked against ADR last night. Video of Barrett attacking Orton when ADR had distracted him. ADR caused Barrett to go over Orton on Smackdown. Cole says the WWE's thoughts and prayers are with those hunkered down due to Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast.

They lock up. Orton backed into corner. Clean break with a smirk from Barrett. Orton comes back with a drop kick, but outside Barrett is all over Orton's arm that was abused by ADR last night. Orton slammed down across Spanish announce as the ref counts. Barrett across announce, then tossed back in, Orton follows. Orton stomps his way around Barrett. Barrett comes back with a couple blows, then Orton beats him down a bit. Orton runs the ropes, holds on, Barrett ends up hung up top after trying to execute a big boot. Barrett sent flying outside.


Arm bar on Orton on the mat. Elbows to Orton's shoulder, and keeps the hold on. During the commercial Orton went shoulder first to the post. Big knee to Orton's gut, then Barrett pins for two. Barrett goes back to work on Orton's shoulder. Orton's arm slammed to the mat, then Barrett showboats. Orton's arm tucked back, and he's slammed into a corner. Arm wringer on Orton for two. Barrett ties Orton up in the ropes for two. Barrett again on Orton's shoulder in the ropes. Knees to Orton's gut, he's still in the ropes. Big boot drops Orton to the apron. Barrett gets two.

They continue to talk about Barrett's bare knuckles background as he continues to work Orton's shoulder. "Randy!" chants and Orton comes back with clotheslines, then that power slam of his, but not a very fast one. Barrett rolls out, but Orton catches him on the apron for Orton's DDT! The fans are heating up for Orton, then he coils on the mat. Barrett pushes Orton off and nails a tilt-a-whirl side slam on Orton for a long two.

Barrett on Orton's shoulder, but Orton counters into an RKO for three.

Winner – Orton (10:06)

Orton smirks to the fans, but shows a struggle climbing the corner with only one arm, though posing with both arms up. Video of Barrett in control until the RKO. Orton holds his shoulder as he stands on the same corner posing.

Backstage Segment

Vickie tells AJ she's there to explain her affair with Cena. AJ says she didn't have an affair with Cena! Vickie says she's been given the option to hire AJ back, if she has the character to return. Vickie says she has all she needs to know. AJ says to wait, she's sorry, she wants to perform.

Vickie asks what her biggest weakness is? AJ says she gets to emotionally attached to her job. Vickie asks if AJ means she's crazy? Vickie laughs at AJ's reaction. Vickie is leaving, but when she returns she wants AJ to give her one reason why she should be hired back.


Team Hell No vs Prime Time Players

Bryan out to the ring, looking pissed off and yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" the whole way, ripping up "YES!" signs as he goes. He's not event to the ring when fire erupts. The Prime Time Players are in the ring waiting. Kane into the ring and argues with Bryan.

Young backs Bryan into a corner, then whips Bryan who sends Young flying by one leg. Kane tags in and is hung up top by a pink clad Young. Young whipped into the face corner. Bryan takes a tag and hits a drop kick on Young in the corner. Bryan won't let Kane tag in, so O'Neil beats Bryan down and gets two for it. Young tags in with elbows to Bryan's back, then a chinlock with a knee in Bryan's back. Young drops his arms around Bryan's waist, but doesn't get anywhere with it. Cole calls Young, "Mr. Nose Days Off" but then corrects what he said.

Bryan gains control and tags out. Blows to Young in a corner, then Young is whipped and clotheslined, then whipped and clotheslined again. Side slam on Young for two. Cheap shot on O'Neil, then a chokeslam on Young. O'Neil in and Kane sends him flying from the ring, but Bryan takes the tag and locks on the "NO!" lock. Young taps out.

Winners – THN (4:26)

Bryan celebrates with both belts, but then Kane is there, calls for fire from all four and takes his left causing more arguing between the two.


Again slo-mo of Big Show's KO punch on Sheamus.

Backstage Segment

Vickie is heading for the ring with a huge smile on her face.



Recap of Punk's diatribe to start RAW, going on about Maddox possibly repaying him for costing a match, but he had nothing to do with it. Then Foley got into Punk's face about legacies and traditions and Punk blew it!

Announce Segment

JR says they will later learn who is on each team. Cole talks about Brad Maddox coming in to RAW and the big mistake he made last month when Punk had his foot on the ropes. Punk was livid at Maddox. They go to stills from HIAC, then Maddox hitting the low blow on Ryback, then the quick count. Now no one can find Maddox, but many thinks he should be fired.

In Ring Segment

Vickie comes out and says this is a new era for RAW, one with integrity and credibility. All week on Twitter she says she will bring in evidence of the inappropriate relationship between AJ and Cena. Vickie then introduces Cena to the ring. Cena comes out with a smile, a salute, then runs to the ring a slides in. he grabs a mic, then smiles around at the fans, much of the reaction is heat, but cat calls from women. Cena says he thought the allegations were outrageous, but then she went to Twitter and says she has proof, so let's see that proof.

Vickie shows video of Cena asking AJ out. Cena agrees that he
the Fighting Fruity Pebbble, the One Armed Man, and mentioned the show Manimal. It was a joke and everyone knows it!

Vickie shows slo-mo video of Cena hugging AJ last week. Cena says AJ had just lost her job due to Vickie. She lost it not because of anything but Vickie and he was being a friend.

Vickie says good friends meet for romantic dinners? Vickie shows a still of AJ and Cena over a candle lit table. Cena says that's the dinner he told everyone about last week. Vickie says he's pathetic and has an answer for everything, so how about this footage. Cena in an elevator, talking to AJ who is giving Cena the coy looks, then she gets in the elevator with him. Vickie says it seems interesting the way AJ joined him. "You are busted!" chants.

Cena says he knows how that looks. Vickie laughs. Cena says she lost her job, was going to confront Vickie, and Cena talked her out of it. They were just two people in an elevator and went their separate ways. Cena says he walked AJ to her door, that was it. Vickie asks if AJ opened the door, gave Cena those eyes, and then they said goodnight to each other? Vickie says it's a good thing she's in charge of RAW because she wouldn't have anything to do with that disgusting, ugly, slow witted...

Cena says Vickie can say what she wants about Cena, but AJ is more resilient and attractive than Vickie will ever be. Vickie turns this around again to make it look bad.

Ziggler comes out and says they can all come to the right conclusion here. They now see Cena and AJ for what they really are! Cena grabs Ziggler, tells him not to mention his and AJ's names in the same sentence again. Cena pushes Ziggler back, he lands on the mat on his bum and stays there as Cena stomps off and Vickie stands outside with that huge smile on her face.


Cesaro vs Kofi

Miz is at announce with Cole and JR, Cesaro in the ring. Cesaro says... "USA!" chants. He says while traveling this country as our US Champ, he's discovered America has the fattest kids in the world. Halloween is coming, that silly American holiday where fat kids beg treats from idiotic adults who don't see the trouble in front of them, even dressed as a fat Power Ranger. Cole says Miz is nodding in agreement. Kofi comes bouncing out to face Cesaro. Miz says that his success far exceeds Kofi's.

They lock up, Cesaro in control, sends Kofi flying, but Kofi cartwheels and fights back. Kofi set across the corner, then kicked. Cole asks what Miz has done for him lately after losing three times in a row to Kofi. Miz goes off about his past successes. Double foot land on Kofi's gut. Cole and Miz get into a yelling match about what Miz hasn't done lately. "USA!" chants from someone who doesn't realize Kofi is not a natural born American?

They fight to the outside, but Miz distracts Kofi and Cesaro attacks. Miz talks about Kofi taking his eye off his opponent, then Kofi sends Cesaro over announce and into Miz's lap. Miz runs over, pulls Kofi from the apron and attacks. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Kofi via DQ (2:32)

Cesaro and Miz beat Kofi down, but then R-Truth is out there and attacks Cesaro as Miz flees. R-Truth beats Cesaro from the ring, then raises Kofi's arm as Cesaro and Miz regroup on the ramp.


Again the slo-mo of Big Show's WMD on Sheamus at HIAC.


Backstage Segment

AJ sitting in Vickie's office. Vickie says she's sure AJ heard the lies Cena said about their relationship. AJ says there's nothing between them and Vickie knows it. Vickie goes on and on about pillow talk. All AJ has to do is admit feelings about Cena and she has a job on the roster. AJ says she won't, there's nothing there. She loves the WWE, but Vickie isn't worth her dignity or her job. AJ walks off, saying this interview is over. Vickie tells AJ she's hired. If AJ ever puts her hands on Vickie again, she will never be anywhere near the WWE again. Her first match is against Beth. AJ thinks on it, then smiles and thanks Vickie before bouncing off.


They're going Behind The Music with 3MB. They talk about loving the people and how the people love them. They're in it for the music. Mahal says he's the class clown of the group. Drew says musicians are usually skinny, but they're something different. The interviewer asks if they will finally hear some music. Of course 3MB says they can't put out top music at the drop of a hat! Then they give 3MB hand signals.

In Ring Segment

Ryder and Santino to the ring. JR says that might have been the worst interview in the WWE!


Announce Segment

The Strategist says the WWE is a True Champion for what they've done with Twitter.

Ryder & Santino vs 3MB

3MB to the ring, Drew is staying out of the match.

Mahal on Ryder with blows, then whips, but eats knees. Missile drop kick on Mahal, then Ryder tags out. Santino on Mahal. Ryder back in, but loses control. Slater in and beats on Ryder, then Mahal in for two. Arm bar on Ryder, then Slater in with blows, then a snap mare on Ryder, then a chinlock. Ryder and Slater loll all over the mat in this hold until Ryder is up and beaten down in a corner. Slater shows off, then eats corner as Ryder moves.

Santino in with blos on Slater, then a sick hip toss for two, Mahal broke it up. Ryder in and takes Mahal out of the ring. The cobra comes out, set up, but distracted by Drew. Slater on Santino, Drew back up on the apron and eats the cobra, and Slater takes Santino down for three.

Winners – 3MB (3:51)

3MB celebrates in the ring together.


Announce Segment

King returns in two weeks!

AJ vs Beth

AJ bounces out in green and black to face Beth who is already in the ring in white and red.

AJ looks nervous as Beth backs her into the ring and slaps her. Tells AJ she should be scared. Beth pushes AJ back, asks what AJ will do to her. Beth pushes AJ down to the mat hard. Beth dares AJ to do something. AJ up, glares, and attacks Beth punches on the mat. Then AJ on Beth's back and flipped to the mat. A kick to AJ's back, then Beth on AJ's hair. AJ thrown through the ropes, Beth out and picks AJ up, slamming her lower back into the apron. AJ rolled back in and Beth pins for two.

AJ pulled up by her hair, but AJ rolls Beth up with an inside cradle for three.

Winner – AJ (2:11)

Beth is in shock, the ref checks on AJ. Vickie comes out on stage and says for a girl who wants to be a Superstars, she demands a lot more from her. Beth flattens AJ from behind. Vickie tells AJ she needs to pay more attention out there and needs to do better.

Glamslam from Beth for three.

Winner – Beth (0:15)

Video of the high points of both matches. Beth is all smiles, with red lipstick on her teeth, and the ref checks on AJ who's on the mat and can't seem to get her bearings.

Announce Segment

JR and Cole talk about WWE 13 and the match ups in the game. JR says he and King had fun doing a lot of commentary for it, it was surreal. The game is out tomorrow.


Again the slo-mo of Big Show punching out Sheamus at HIAC.



Recap of the opening segment when Punk talked about now having anything to do with what Maddox did to Ryback. Then Foley was out, getting into Punk's face about legacies and traditions, Punk blew it. They go onto the same stills and video of Maddox attacking Ryback, then giving Punk the quick count.

In Ring Segment

Sheamus out to the ring in white ring and his t-shirt. He grabs a mic and listens to the few people chanting for him. He asks how they're all doin'? He's out there without a Championship around his waist, but a smile on his face. How can he smile 24 hours after losing his Title to Big Show at HIAC, isn't disappointed? Of course he is, especially in a Title match, but last night Big Show was a better man. He knocked Sheamus out. Took two punches, but he was knocked out. He didn't come to the WWE to always win, he came to fight! Last night was the greatest fight of his entire life. He stood toe to toe with a giant and pushed him to the limit, fella! That's why he came into the WWE. He kicked out of a KO punch, Big Show out of the Brogue kick, Big Show won the battle, but the war isn't over. He's dying to get back in with Big Show, he's dying for a fight. When he gets back in with Big Show it will be an all out war! When that war is over, he'll still be there with a smile on his face and the WHC where it belongs, around his waist!

Big Show's music and out he comes with the Title belt held high over his head. Big Show smiles as he puts the belt over his shoulder to head to the ring. Justin announces Big Show to the ring. Cole brings up Big Show 45 second WHC reign. Big Show says it looks good on his shoulder. The WHC, Big Show! He told Sheamus he could do it and he's out there with the smile, as if everything is dandy. He's hiding behind the smile. Hiding what they both know. He gave Big Show all he had, even his brogue kick and came up short. Big Show did what he said, walked in, knocked Sheamus out, walked out Champ. Big Show yells at the fans to not boo him for telling the truth!

Big Show says Sheamus talks about battles and wars. No other Superstars has ever pushed him to want something that bad. He learned that he has no limits. Sheamus comes at him with another war, Sheamus will be Custer. A glass of water to a burning building. It won't be enough. He wipes smiles off people's faces and will love doing it to Sheamus. He calls Sheamus a red headed ginger snap. Big Show says Sheamus can't beat him and won't take the WHC from him.

Sheamus says that Big Show said a lot, but has Big Show ever seen a ginger snap? Sheamus picks Big Show up and hits white noise as if it was nothing. Sheamus leaves Big Show to struggle to his feet as he celebrates on the ramp. Video recap of Sheamus scooping Big Show up and slamming him to the mat.


Backstage Segment

Cena says AJ is back in the ring, they will get it straightened out. Chin up. Cena leaves, AJ is left smiling. Vickie was behind them and come out smiling.

Beth comes out and thanks Vickie for restarting the match. Vickie says she shouldn't have had to restart the match, then she fires Beth.

Rey & Sin Cara vs Team Rhodes Scholars

Rey is almost to the ring in black and white – Halloween mask - he gives away his shirt to a young fan. Sin Cara out to the ring. Team Rhodes Scholars are already ringside!

Rey and Cody go back and forth in the ring until Cody takes a low drop kick to Cody's face for two. Sandow and Sin Cara both tag in. Sin Cara flips around at Sandow who hides in the ropes. Sin Cara doesn't have a neck injury from his botch last night. Hammer lock on Sin Cara, but he reverses it sending Sandow flying. Cody tags in and gets into the ring carefully. Sin Cara on Cody with kicks, then tags in Rey. They double kick Cody. Rey pins for two.

Cody back with a punch, then backs Rey to the heel corner. Sandow on Rey for two. Cody tags in and stomps Rey, then waves to the fans. Rey into a corner, blows from Cody. Rey whipped, but executes a drop toe hold into a corner. Sin Cara tags in and they double team Cody, then sends Sandow out. Sin Cara springboards beautifully out onto Cody, then Rey with a seated senton out onto Sandow!


Sandow pins Sin Cara for two, three times. Sandow drags Sin Cara by an ankle, then Cody tags in. Big delayed vertical on Sin Cara, looked nice, for two. Arm and shoulder hold on Sin Cara as Sandow yells from the corner to Sin Cara to give up and tap! Sin Cara rolls through and kicks Cody, but Cody tags out. Sandow grinds his knee into Sin Cara' face. Sandow struggles to keep Sin Cara from reaching Rey. Cody tags in, then goes for an Alabama slam on Sin Cara, but he wiggles free. Sin Cara sends Cody to the mat face first and both are down.

Rey is able to tag in and nail a seated senton, then tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Rey is really working Cody, but Sandow attacks Rey on the apron and he crumbles. Cody chokes Rey with a foot as Sandow tags in. Sandow chokes Rey, then pulled off by the ref. Side Russian leg sweep. Elbow of disdain on Rey for two. Cody tags in and stomps Rey. "619!" chants.

Sandow tags in and works over Rey, then argues with the Rey. Rey pulls an AJ and goes for a small package, but Sandow kicks out. Sandow keeps Rey from tagging out. Cody tags in and Sandow stays in for four of the five count. Cody takes Rey down for two. Big knee to Rey's head for two. Sandow tags in, and it takes two of them to keep Rey from Sin Cara. Double delayed is reversed into a double DDT, then Rey crawls to Sin Cara and tags out.

Sin Cara works over Sandow, springboard back elbow, then on Sandow, but only for two. Sin Cara gets an arm hold, kicks Sandow's legs, runs the corner, then a deep armdrag. Cody in, Sin Cara with head scissors sets Rey up, but Cody fled. Outside Cody sends Rey into the stairs. Sin Cara comes out over the top onto Cody. On the apron Sin Cara nails Sandow in the head with a kick. Sin Cara climbs, but Cody pulls Sandow out of the way, so Sin Cara eats mat. Sandow hits his finisher for three.

Winners – Team Rhodes Scholars (14:39)

Video of high points of the match. Cody sends Sandow into his cartwheel, then they hug.

Backstage Segment

Foley is all silly over WWE 13 with Kaitlyn. Talking three faces off Foley, but then Heyman is there talking about Foley possibly should be picking his team. Foley said they've been lining up to join his team. Heyman says that Foley has a target on his back by Punk who will victimize Foley at SS and show that he's best in the world. Heyman walks off and Foley looks thoughtful about this.


Announce Segment

Cole talks about partnering with Komen and how great it's been over the past month. They go to a video about breast cancer and Komen For The Cure.

Stage Segment

VKM is with the Superstars on stage, and announces those in the ring, all in Cena shirts. Dorothy Jones and the son of Susan Komen are in the ring with Cena. Cena talks about Komen for the Cure. He says the Superstars never agree with each other, every WWE employee and Superstars agreed to join and help the fight. The WWE 'Universe' made this work. Because of the 'Universe's' generosity, the check is for one million dollars for Komen for the Cure. Jones is thrilled about how this will help everyone so much. She thanks everyone involved for everything. Cena thanks the breast cancer survivors for being there with them tonight. Cena is glowing in the ring, all smiles.


ADR vs Gabriel

ADR out in an Maserati Grand Turisto. Gabriel in the ring already. ADR will be on Main Event in a 6 Man Tag Match – Halloween night. Go to JR's house for BBQ sauce.

ADR on Gabriel with kicks. Monkey flip on ADR, then a clothesline off the corner for two. Forearms to ADR, but Gabriel is whipped. Gabriel gets his feet up, head scissors send ADR flying, then Gabriel kicks out through the ropes on ADR. ADR slams Gabriel's arm in the ropes, then pins for two. Arm hold on Gabriel who yells and screams about it. Gabriel up and free, but into a back breaker for two. Kick to Gabriel on the mat. ADR back on Gabriel's arm. ADR slams Gabriel back on the wrenched arm for two.

Again ADR on Gabriel arm on the mat. Gabriel up, but slammed back by his hair. The ref yells at ADR for it. ADR stomps Gabriel's head a couple times for two. And back on that arm in the exact same hold as he's used each time on Gabriel. Gabriel up and elbows free. ADR runs into Gabriel's feet, then a lovely back kick from Gabriel. Gabriel off the top rope with a great moonsault for two on ADR!

ADR in a corner, but moves and Gabriel eats corner. ADR manages to hit the move he completely botched last night, then locks on the cross arm breaker. Gabriel taps out.

Winner – ADR (5:20)

Video of the high points of the match, then ADR celebrates.


In Ring Segment

Heyman in the ring and introduces himself. He's humbled to introduce not only the WWE Champ, the man on the WWE 13 video game, and the best in the world, CM Punk. Punk comes limping out in a black hoodie with a red X over the chest, not the hoodie he had on earlier (I don't think). Heyman claps and smiles for Punk as he yells at fans. There's a big 'WWE 13' on the back of the hoodie. Punk and Heyman shake hands when Punk gets into the ring. Cole talks about people playing Superstars like Austin and Rock to take out Punk. The WWE 13 game cover unfurls from above.

Heyman continues talking up Punk, saying he's the best WWE Champ of all time. When Punk asked him to put together Team Punk, he remembered that it was his goal to serve the best in the world. The first is a movie star, a reality star, a WWE and IC Champ – Miz! Miz comes stomping out to the ring, big smile on his face.

If Punk thinks that's awesome, then look at these coming Tag Team Champions, Team Rhodes Scholars! Hey come out to the ring.

There's even more because he wanted someone who could be his co-captain. For the first time the English speaking people, ADR. Heyman rolled his R beautifully! ADR comes out with Ricardo. Ricardo holds the ropes for ADR. Heyman shakes hands with ADR and Ricardo.

Heat for the team, Punk tells them to shut up and listen to someone who knows something! SS will be a celebration of one year of Punk being Champ. How better than taking a delusion and disrespectful so-called legend out of his misery. He wants what Punk has, the spotlight. He will teach Foley about respect, then how to survive.

Foley out to the ring. "Foley!" chants. He says Punk wants to talk about surviving? Is that what Punk did at HIAC? It's weaseling. Weaseled his way out of HIAC, then away from Ryback. 344 days? Quite a statistic, but he doesn't have trouble referring to him as Champ, but as a man. A man wouldn't enlist the talent of a crooked ref.

Punk says he had nothing to do with that. Will Foley announce his team, or should they beat Foley down now? Foley says he'd walk to the gates of hell with all these guys, and they've all earned his respect. The first being Kofi! Kofi comes out and Miz tries to act cool about it.

Since SS is all about teamwork, so he's got the TTC, Team Hell No! Bryan and Kane come out to the ring arguing. Team Rhodes Scholars calm each other.

Then next participant doesn't play well with others. They've beaten the hell out of each other, and he doesn't like Foley, but hates the others more. Apex Predator, Orton!

Punk says he's impressed, all Champs in their own right. He's going to tell them their plan is to eliminate the rest so Punk can teach Foley about respect. Foley says that would be a good idea, if he was competing, but he's not. He'll be standing in the corner while these four, and this man face them.

"Feed me more!" Of course it's Ryback out to the ring, but the fighting starts before Ryback makes his way to the ring. Ryback in, but Punk and Heyman retreat from the ring. Ryback stands in the center of the ring and stares through Punk the whole way as Team Foley beats down the heels. Punk holds his belt high on the ramp as Ryback and Team Foley gets the "Feed me more!" chants, then Cody takes the meathook clothesline that about turns him inside out. "Goldberg!" chants. Cody up, Ryback marches, then shellshocked! Heyman talks to Punk on the stage as Ryback gets the chant going again.

Biggest pop
Team Hell No

Biggest heat
Big Show

Most mixed

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