RAW Results 9/3/12 - Heyman Building A Stable?


Pre-RAW Commercial Segment

Video of Punk beating up King in the cage, and Cena freaking out trying to get the cage raised so he could rescue King. Cole set up for answers coming on RAW.

Pre-Show Text

King's music hits, but he doesn't come out. 30 seconds, still no King!

RAW this week starts with video of the issues between King and Punk that started RAW last week. The video changes to black and white with blue highlights – King versus Punk in the SCM last week. Then video of AJ announcing Punk will face Cena at NoC. The Punk locks them in the cage and he beat down King while Punk's demands to King play over the video. Punk demands respect.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about his entrance to RAW. As per usual, his music was cut by King's, but King didn't come out. This is why – video of Punk and King fighting backstage. Refs finally break them up, but King breaks free and runs at Punk only to eat a big boot. King is left on the floor.

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

Sheamus to the ring as Cole talks about Punk ambushing King backstage before the show started and King is being attended to. Sheamus grabs a mic and says they're off to a jump start in Chicago. Every time he goes there,t he party never ends. He's there to say the party will end for ADR. That's because at NoC he's...

Punk's music cuts Sheamus off and he comes out in jeans, Punk t-shirt, belt and mic in hands – very Orton-esque looking. Punk sucks up the hometown love on stage with a big smile. "CM Punk!" chants fill the arena. Punk waits, then tells Sheamus not to come out and talk to HIS hometown. They can't relate to Sheamus, they can relate to Punk because he's from there.

"How's everybody doin'?" Punk asks the fans.

What they all saw was Punk beating King. What they didn't see was King jumping him from behind. There's one King in Chicago, but if you swing, you'd better not miss. What King just got was Chicago style! (My DVR had a total fit, so I missed a bit of the wording, but not the overall flavor of the segment – sorry!) Punk talks about what King said on 1,000th episode of RAW. And Cena agrees with King, if you agree with King, you don't agree with Punk. He's been the WWE Champ for 288 days. It's Cena who's turned his back on the WWE 'Universe'.

Sheamus cuts Punk off and says he knows where they are. Punk wants to talk about disrespect? Sheamus says he's the WHC, then challenges Punk to the ring. Punk says he's beat up one goon tonight, that's enough. Sheamus might be the WHC, but at best, that makes him second best in the world. There's a pecking order, and Sheamus' behind him, so shut up. Sheamus tells Punk to turn around, he's speaking out his ass, so might as well look at it.

AJ's music and she skips out in her white suit. AJ says NoC is two weeks away, giving her an idea for two main events. The challengers will face off – Cena vs ADR. The other is Champ versus Champ. Sheamus will face Punk. AJ's music hits and she skips down the ramp, around the ring, then back up the ramp and out. Sheamus is left talking smack in the ring. Punk is smirking on stage.


Ziggler vs Orton

EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Vickie out in an off white outfit. Vickie says she has issues with AJ, but will discuss them with us later. She's introducing the man who will beat Orton, just like he beat Jericho – Dolph Ziggler! Out comes Ziggler yelling smack at the fans. Video of Orton defeating Ziggler on SD last week. Ziggler earlier Tweeted that he's the hardest working man in the WWE and should be Champ. Orton out to the ring, looking very focused. Cole talking about the fans on Twitter about King.

They lock up. Ziggler shoulder block didn't drop Orton, but his drop kick did. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Orton's shoulder block drops Ziggler, then another and a drop kick for one. Orton stomps Ziggler's ankle, then pulls Ziggler up and rakes his eyes. Ziggler whipped, floats over, but is kicked and Orton hits a slingshot suplex for two. Ziggler up and kicking. Blows on Orton in a corner, the ref has to pull Ziggler off Orton.ort whipped, but comes out with a big clothesline. Ziggler tossed from the ring. Orton out and sends Ziggler into the barrier. Ziggler pulled up by his hair and tossed again. A big clothesline drops Ziggler.


Ziggler fighting back with blows, but takes a head butt. Ziggler elevated high and dropped to the mat. Ziggler backed into the corner and takes 10 blows. Orton tellgraphes and is dropped. Swinging neck breaker to Orton. They go outside and Orton shoulder first into the barrier. Ziggler pulls Orton up, and rolls him in. Ziggler in after him, but only gets two for his work.

Ziggler flicks his sweat at Orton, drops an elbow and pins, but only for two. Chinlock on Orton. "Randy" chants. Ziggler keeps Orton down on the mat in the hold, then stands on his head to show off. Ziggler then bridges to show off, all the time keeping the hold. Orton finally up to his feet and punches free, but a knee to the gut drops him. Orton dodges Ziggler's elbow drop. They exchange blows, then Ziggler is whipped, but a high elbow to Orton. Running clothesline to Orton for two.

Ziggler climbs, but Orton trips Ziggler and crotches him. Orton with an upper cut, then a head butt. Orton up with Ziggler, pops his pecs, then hits his father's superplex beautifully. Orton pins, but only gets two for his troubles! They replay the superplex. Orton with clotheslines, then that sick power slam! Ziggler to the apron, but hangs Orton up top. Didn't last. 'Vintage' Orton with his backbreaker for two.

Ziggler with a big DDT on Orton for two. Ziggler is frustrated, Vickie is screeching! Ziggler with a wild miss, then Orton with his through the ropes DDT. Orton hears voices, but Ziggler pushes Orton off. Orton with a beautiful roll up, but Ziggler pins Orton, holds his tights and gets the three.

Winner – Ziggler (13:41)

Miz's music hits and he comes out to announce and joins Cole. Monday Night Miz, commentary just got awesome!


Announce Segment

Cole talks about King being evaluated and Miz has joined him at announce. They talk about last week's Anger Management Therapy.

Anger Management #1

They have their anger collages. Bryan is asked to share his collage. Bryan has a sheep of paper that says "NO!" all over it. He says "NO!", people say "YES!" he can't take all this any more and rips it up. He was thanked for sharing. Kane was asked to share. His is blank. Does Kane feel blank inside. "You wanna see how I feel inside?" Kane gets up, walks over, crumples the paper and throws it away. He throws his arms and the trash can erupts in fire.

"Teacher's pet," says Bryan.

Backstage Segment

Sin Cara and Rey join up to head to the ring. Then video from SD when Sin Cara puts the mask on Cody's head after the match. Back to Sin Cara and Rey heading to the ring together.


Rey & Sin Cara vs Tensai & Cody

Rey's music and he comes out in black pants, but a white with red mask. He takes off the over mask to reveal a black and gold mask. Of course Rey gave the mask to a young fan. Sin Cara out in his usual red and white. Tensai' music and he comes out with Sakamoto. Tensai isn't even to the ring with Cody's music hits. He comes out to join his partner in the ring. Tensai is showing his size by trying to intimidate Rey and Sin Cara.

Cody kicks at Sin Cara. Sin Cara with a slingshot back elbow. Cody backs into his corner, but doesn't tag out.


Tensai pulls Sin Cara to his feet and head butt him over and over in the heel corner. Cody tags in and stomps Sin Cara down on the mat. Rey tries to help and is backed off. Cody pins for two. Sin Cara is kept from reaching Rey. Cody locks on a surf board! Cole is talking about King being attacked. Miz says Sin Cara is really ugly as Cody tries to get the mask off Sin Cara.

Tensai tags in and is all over Sin Cara. Sin Cara slammed to the mat. King isn't cleared to return to ringside. Having chest pains and troubles breathing. Sin Cara with both feet to Tensai's face in a corner. Cody tags in. he tries to keep Sin Cara from reaching Rey, but Sin Cara fights back and Rey tags in.

Blows, then head scissors on Cody. Rey climbs and hits a seated senton on Cody for two. Cody on Rey, Rey counters and gets two. Tensai broke the count and attacks Rey, but ends up eating a 619. Sin Cara takes Tensai out. Cody back in and lands a drop kick on Sin Cara. Rey is able to fight back, hits a 619 on Cody, then tags out. Sin Cara with a swanton on Cody for three.

Winners – Sin Cara & Rey (7:51)

Video of the high points of the match. Cole asks what the 619 feels like. "It hurts," Miz says deadpan.

Anger Management #2

They're standing with their arms crossed and holding hands in a circle of trust. All have to move their chairs back. The doc wants Bryan and Kane to demonstrate. Doc wants Bryan to fall back and Kane will catch him. Bryan is not happy about this. Kane will catch you. "I will?" Bryan yells "NO!" but then he says he will do it. Bryan falls back, but after crashing into Kane, Kane grabs him. They are both supposed to catch Harold. Harold wasn't thrilled, but does it. Harold falls back, they both pull their hands away. Kane asks if Bryan knew Kane wasn't going to catch him? Bryan asks the same. Bryan then says he thinks he understands Kane. Doc says Harold needs medical treatment.

In Ring Segment

Sheamus out to the ring. Punk's music and he comes, still in jeans. Miz is getting overly excited on announce, this is what RAW's all about, Champ versus Champ! Punk grabs a mic and gets a cheap pop. He says there's a lot Sheamus doesn't know about his city. First being that they respect his decisions. They understand that the WWE Champ vs the WHC is nothing less than a WrestleMania main event. Punk is nothing less than a main event wrestler. You don't parade Punk out at 8pm and expect him to wrestle. It's Labor Day, a lot of people have taken a day off from work. He's sure they will respect Punk doing the same thing. Punk drops his pipebomb and leaves the ring. Some heat for Punk as he leaves with his strap held high.

Sheamus says Punk wants to talk disrespect? That's what he's doing leaving the ring. They want to see this match. AJ stops Punk backstage. She tells him he can't leave. He tells her to check his contract, he has personal days and this is one. He gets in a limo and leaves. Striker up and asks AJ what she's going to do. She asks who he is. He doesn't answer. She asks again, but nothing. She says she doesn't care, tell Sheamus to stay in the ring, she'll find him an opponent.


Sheamus vs Swagger

ADR on the ramp with Ricardo. ADR goes over to announce and joins them there. Swagger's music hits and he comes out looking all pumped up.

They circle and lock up. Swagger backed into a corner, then out. Swagger's losing streak is about 9 months long. A really hard shoulder block on Swagger for two. Shoulder blocks to Sheamus in a corner. Swagger whipped, sends Sheamus to the apron. Sheamus climbs and shoulder block off the rope on Swagger for two. Swagger fights back, takes out Sheamus' knee and tries to pin. Swagger beats Sheamus down in a corner. Sheamus whipped, but gets a foot up. Clotheslines to Swagger, then a shoulder black in a corner. Swagger avoids a high knee. Swagger up on Sheamus' shoulders, but gets free. Swagger with a splash off the second ropes, but only gets two.

Swagger eats Sheamus' high knee. Sheamus locks on a LOVELY Texas cloverleaf! Swagger tags out.

Winner – Sheamus (2:43)

Lots of glaring and smack between ADR and Sheamus. Ricardo distracts Sheamus and ADR attacks. RVD in and hard into a corner. White noise on ADR and Sheamus has the fans behind him. Sheamus tries to give ADR a brogue kick, but Ricardo rushed over and took the bump for ADR (beautifully). Sheamus up the ramp celebrating as people come out to tend to Ricardo who's in a heap on the mat.



Recap of the post-match fight and the big bump Ricardo took. They show how they tried to revive Ricardo after the bump.

Eve vs Kaitlyn

Eve out looking mad, but then puts on a smile and hams it up. Kaitlyn out in black and pink.

WWE Rewind

Divas Battle Royal when Kaitlyn eliminated Eve to become the #1 Contender.

Layla is now at announce.

They lock up, Eve behind Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn reverses and takes Eve down. Crossbody on Eve for two. Side headlock on Eve, but she pushes free. Eve jumps over Kaitlyn running the ropes. Forearm to Eve's face and she is tackled by Kaitlyn. Layla giths Cole and Miz about who is a real Diva.

The fight is broken up, then Eve offers her hand and they shake. Drop toe hold on Kaitlyn. Miz talks up Eve in a huge way, Layla calls him Mr. Phoney. Side headlock takeover. Miz mocks Cole, but in a way that worked.

Kaitlyn tries to jump over Eve and they collide. The ref keeps Eve back until Kaitlyn is ready. Eve then attacks with a neck breaker for three.

Winner – Eve (3:10)

Eve then helps Kaitlyn up and shakes her hand. Eve then out and offers her hand to Layla. Miz and Cole scream at Layla to be a good sport, to shake her hand. Layla does, but doesn't believe her. Eve up the ramp all smiles and sticky sweet.

Backstage Segment

Swagger walking along tights over his shoulder, and AJ stops him. Swagger says he's leaving, taking time off. She's better than this. He has to do something. AJ begs him not to leave her. Brock left, then Jericho left, even Punk left. She asked Swagger to please not leave her. Swagger says he's sorry and walks away.


Anger Management #3

Doc's proud of them all, but especially Kane and Bryan. Bryan says he used to have an anger problem but not now. He'll give Kane a SummerSlam rematch, where he beat Kane. Kane says he thanks Bryan and says he will take him up on it and hopes to not eviscerate Bryan.
Bryan says he can't eviscerate if he's tapping out. Kane says he can take Bryan out in this room. Harold tries to cut in, but they both yell, "Shut up Harold!" They argue back and forth, everyone flees the room. Kane's hand around Bryan's throat, until Doc yells at them, they've learned nothing! Nothing!

Announce Segment

Cole says it's up the fans to vote for what will happen to Bryan and Kane.
#WWE Match

Backstage Segment

Striker asks for an update on Ricardo condition. ADR is about in tears. Otunga comes out and says his client has no comment at this time.


Announce Segment

Cole talks about Rock stopping a robbery on the set. Cole talks about WWE calling it #BootsToBurgalurs on Twitter.

Ryback vs Mahal

Mahal in the ring. Ryback comes out to face him.

They lock up. "Goldberg!" chants fill the arena. Arm bar on Ryback, but Mahal is tossed off. Forearms to Ryback's back. Ryback on Mahal who kicks back. Mahal then off the top. Ryback fights back with a slam and body drop. Power bomb on Ryback. "Feed me more" chants. Clothesline to Mahal, then Ryback gets Mahal up and marches. Mahal slammed to the mat for three.

Winner – Ryback (2:12)

Video recap of Ryback's amazing power and domination. He's in the ring wanting to be fed more.

Announce Segment

Cole talks up the WWE ap. Miz is checking out his page on a tablet at announce. He says it knows more about him than he does. Cole then pushes the Bryan/Kane Poll on Twitter.


Backstage Segment

Striker knocks on AJ's office door, then again. She comes out without her blazer on. He says things are falling apart on RAW, what's she going to do about it. She says to tell ADR and Cena that their match is a Falls Count Anywhere match. Striker doesn't move, so she yells, "Go tell them!"

In Ring Segment

Bryan out to the ring, trying not to get mad at the fans yelling at him. He poses and tries to keep his cool. Bryan is trying to stay calm, deep breathing. Fire erupts, then Kane's music and out he comes to the ring. Kane stares at Bryan as he gets in the ring, then calls fire from all four. Video of Kane facing ADR on SD. Kane lost his match and then lost it and attacked Josh again. Josh was tossed around outside the ring, then inside Kane said he was sorry, then chokeslammed him. Bryan and Kane stand in the ring waiting. Neither look happy.

Cole on mic brings up the three choices of the poll. The fans there seem to want the hug
#match 18%
#tag 27%
#hug 55%

"YES!" from the fans when they don't hug, so Bryan starts yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Kane just tilts his head and looks. They approach from their corners a bit. "Hug it out!" chants. They about reach the center of the ring and Kane backs off. The ref motions for them both to get in the center of the ring. Bryan puts his arms out, but then backs off and starts yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" at the fans yelling "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" They gets close, both not looking happy, then Bryan chest bumps Kane. The fans give them serious heat for that. The ref demands more.

They get close, almost hug, then Bryan backs off. Kane tilts his head, steps back in, Bryan comes back and puts his harms around Bryan's waist, Kane stands with his arms out. Bryan backs off yelling that Kane didn't hug him. "Hug him back!" chants. Cole says this is one of the most bazaar moments he's witnessed. Kane then hugged Bryan, sort of, but Bryan didn't hug back. Miz tells Cole they have to hug at the same time. "Two people must brace each other," says Miz. Cole corrects him that it's embrace. "Thanks English Major!"

They get back in and finally have a big hug. They clutch up big. Bryan backs up and offers his hand. Kane shakes. They're both all smiles. Kane slugs Bryan on the arm. Bryan slugs back a bit harder. Kane hits back harder. Bryan pushes Kane. Kane pushes Bryan back hard.

Bryan tries to regroup, he steps up to Kane, but then pushes even harder. Pushes, face palms. Then Bryan kicking on Kane, Bryan off the ropes eats a big boot. Bryan pulls the top rope down, Kane outside. Bryan flies at Kane and eats a blow. Bryan into the barrier a couple times, then Kane with a chair. Bryan sent into the ring, Kane climbs in and chokeslams Bryan to the mat. Kane grabs the chair, puts it around Bryan's head, then Kane climbs. Refs rush the ring and try to block Kane from flying, but Bryan up and hits Kane with the chair. Bryan flees. Up the ramp and out and Kane is all discombobulated in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Santino is power walking to get reading for his US Title re-match.


US Title Match – Santino vs Cesaro (C) w/ Aksana

Santino out to the ring. Cesaro out with Aksana. Aksana in black leather pants and a red belly shirt with a wide mesh back and absolutely no bra! Split screen Cesaro translates 'success'.

They grasp hands and Santino lightly slaps Cesaro. Hip toss and cobra is out, then away. Aksana on apron, then down. Santino tries to get the cobra out, but Cesaro takes Santino down. Miz talks up Santino, how he's comedic but seems to get it done. Upper cuts to Santino in a corner, then a short clothesline to Santino. Another short clothesline, then Cesaro dropped chin first in the corner and Santino reaches the cobra. Cesaro attacks Santino from behind. Cesaro with the neutralizer for three, Santino's cobra is only part way on Santino's hand.

Winner – Cesaro (2:06)

Aksana in to celebrate with Cesaro.


A new bullying video with new celebrities.


Ryder vs Slater

They're both in the ring and ready as Cole talks about their tw war.

Miz talks up Ryder's online work, and rips on Slater, he has to step up online. Slater takes Ryder down. Slater with a flap-jack. Slater stomps Ryder. Ryder back with blows, but is then whipped. Slater with a neck breaker for two. Elbows over a sitting Ryder's chest. Knee drop to Ryder's face for two. Chinlock on Ryder. Slater on Ryder in a corner. Slater runs into Ryder's knees in a corner. Ryder on Slater in a corner, gets the fans behind him and hits the broski boot. Rough Ryder reversed, but then takes Slater down and hits a rough Ryder on Slater for three. Miz goes wild over Ryder's win on RAW!

Winner – Ryder (3:00)

EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Vickie is out with her personal issues with AJ. She's not leaving the ring until AJ comes out so Vickie can give her a piece of her mind. She demands a chair. Hurry up! Hurry up! Set it up. About time! Vickie just sits there being mad.


Vickie is still in the ring. She reminds us that AJ overstepped her boundaries by putting Ziggler's MITB contract on the line. Last week she did this – video of AJ slapping, then taking down Vickie in the ring.

Vickie says AJ put her hands on her. AJ is losing control of her show. If AJ doesn't want to come out, then she will have a chat with AJ. To the empty chair Vickie tells AJ she's failed and it's time to leave. That's ridiculous, she won't do that to herself. AJ needs to find her priorities. AJ's music and she stomps out, still sans blazer.

Wolf whistles for AJ. She says she just got off the phone with the WWE Board of Directors. She was told her actions have been inappropriate, sometimes juvenile and she's not to put her hands on anyone again, ever. They want her to apologize. She says she's sorry.

Vickie says that's so touching. Vickie asks if she's apologizing because she's an inept GM or attacking her? In case she doesn't understand, Vickie wants an apology right now!

AJ's head tilts to the side and she glares at Vickie, very focused and scary. "Slap her!" chants. AJ swallows, looks about to cry, then says she's sorry.

Vickie says that's pathetic. "Apologize, and make it mean something!"

AJ glares, then swallows, shakes her head, her lips shake, she apologizes again. More glaring from AJ, then Vickie slaps her across the face. AJ wants to hit back. "Oh no AJ, you can't touch me!" Vickie sings at her. AJ is seething. Vickie walks over and slaps AJ again. Vickie tells AJ to do it, then leaves the ring cackling. Vickie tries to skip up the ramp, cackling the whole way. Vickie then skips out.

AJ paces in the ring, head cocking to the side. She slams down the mic. She paces more, then kicks the chair. AJ has a screaming fit in the ring, slamming the chair down, then throwing it from the ring, up the ramp. On her knees, screaming, punching the mat, crying, shaking. Cole says, very quietly, barely audibly, that he thinks she's having a nervous breakdown.



Recap of the fight between King and Punk to start the show. King wasn't cleared to go ringside. Then to Punk taking the night off in his hometown. Backstage AJ tried to stop him, but he called her bro and took a personal day before leaving in a limo.

Announce Segment

Cole asked Miz what he thought, and Miz says Punk turned his back on the WWE 'Universe'. Cole says that's exactly what King said that started all this.

Falls Count Anywhere - Cena vs ADR

Cena's music hits and he comes out to enormous heat! The heat can clearly be heard over the fake pop in his music. Cena poses with a smile and gets even more heat. ADR out in a sexy red convertible (sorry, I don't know cars and Cole didn't say what it is), but without his announcer. Video of the bump Ricardo took earlier. Otunga Touted that they're going after Sheamus legally and they will address it on SD.


ADR with a backbreaker on Cena for two. ADR stomps Cena in a corner, then pins for two. Cole still talking about King's chest injuries. Dueling chants for Cena in a chinlock. Cena up and on ADR with blows and kicks. A horrible double clothesline dropped them both. ADR ducks a clothesline and nails a back breaker for two. Cole and Miz talk about Austin walking out and comparing it to Punk earlier. ADR up and flies, but eats a drop kick from Cena midair!

Cena takes ADR down and hits his 5 knuckle shuffle. ADR up, but ADR grabs the top rope. Cena sent flying in the ring, then into the stairs outside. ADR double stomps Cena's gut. Cena into the barrier to dueling chants. Cena reverses and takes ADR Cena pins by the barrier for two.

Cena removes the shroud from announce, then takes out the monitors. Cena doesn't see ADR, then eats an enziguri beside announce for two. ADR looks at announce, then pulls Cena up for a suplex, but Cena reverses for an AA, but ADR reverses and sends Cena head first into the post. ADR looks around for a weapon and finds a chair. He swings, Cena ducks and ADR hits post. Cena sends ADR over the barrier.

Cena pulls the stairs over next to announce. ADR to ringside, and sent into the barrier. Cena gets ADR up, walks, climbs the stairs, but then ADR reverses and they both slam back through announce. ADR pins for two. Cena back into the ring. ADR with a mic says, "Cena don't you understand, you're beneath me! Sheamus is beneath him. Chicago is beneath him! I'm going to break your arm." Heat on ADR. ADR tries to lock on his finisher, but Cena reverses and locks on the STF. ADR is able to reach the mic he dropped and hits Cena in the head with the mic to get free.

ADR rushes Cena, but ends up flying out through the ropes. Cena staggers out and ADR is on him. ADR hits a suplex on Cena on the ramp with a metallic crash for two. They fight out to where the Ferrari is parked. Cena grabs a speaker to hit Cena with, but ADR goes for the leg.

The go behind the curtain and a cameraman is running to find them. They're exchanging blows and kicks. A case of bottled water flies. ADR sent through the curtain in the interview area. Pieces fall everywhere. The crew is all lined up with watch back there. Cena reverses from ADR and hits an AA on ADR on top of a bunch of cases. Punk is there and kicks Cena in the head! Punk pulls ADR down and lays him across Cena. ADR gets the three.

Winner – ADR (13:13)

Punk picks Cena up for his GTS, but rather than his knee, Cena's face his the font of a car. Punk says one word, "Respect!" Punk stands in the passenger doorway, holds up the belt, then gets in. the car starts to pull away, but then the driver looks out the window, down at Cena. It's Heyman!

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

Biggest reactions
AJ's breakdown
Kane & Bryan's hug

What an interesting ending to RAW! Make sure you check in to read my RAW Is Blogged tomorrow for my reactions to this show. Also make sure you tell me what you agree with me on, and what you think I've lost my noodle over.


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