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RAW Results - King Reigns Again!

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Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole announces that while King had a massive heart attack on RAW nine weeks ago on RAW, he will be returning tonight! Also, Cena will be face to face with Punk.


Veteran's Day video, narrated by Cena.


Narrated, as it was last last week, King had a terrible heart attack, but he's returning tonight. Vickie is still causing problems with Cena and AJ. Maddox demanded a contract, VKM told him he'd get $1,000,000 contract if he beat Ryback. After 358 days as Champ, Punk has to face Cena tonight.

Orton vs Ziggler

Orton out to the ring. Cole is at announce with JR, and they talk about the show to come tonight. Then to video of the Falls Count Anywhere Match between Orton and ADR on Smackdown last week. Ziggler out to face him, case in hand. Cole talks about it now being Team Ziggler to take on Team Foley. Who will be the final member of Team Foley?

They lock up. Side headlock on Orton who pushes out and eats a shoulder block. Ziggler ducks Orton three times, but is then thrown high to land hard. Ziggler to the apron and brought up to vertical, then into a slingshot suplex for two! Orton dominates briefly until an elbow and a lovely drop kick on Orton for two. Neck breaker on Orton, then into these quick elbow drops on Orton, then ones JR called epic last week, but Ziggler only got two for all those elbow.

Chinlock on Orton, but he works to his feet and suplexes free as the fans get louder. Clotheslines on Ziggler, then he ducks Ziggler and hits his quick power slam. Jerry Lawler is trending on Twitter. Orton nails Ziggler with his DDT, then is on the mat. ADR on the apron distracts Orton, but Orton ducks Ziggler and manages to roll Ziggler up for three.

Winner – Orton (3:19)

Ricardo jumps on Orton's back, so ADR in and Ziggler attacks Orton. Kofi runs down and clears the ring to rescue his team mate. Out comes Long and says Vickie is too busy with the AJ scandal. Since this is a Super show, on behalf of Booker – re-start the match as a Tag Team Match!

ADR & Ziggler vs Orton & Kofi

Kofi on Ziggler with blows, then a lovely upper cut drops Ziggler to the mat. Then a sick drop kick on Ziggler and he's into the ropes.


ADR stomps Kofi, then with a knee in Kofi's back he pulls Kofi's hair up. To their feet and Kofi tries to fight free, but into the heel corner and Ziggler tags in. Kofi counters Ziggler with a backslide for two. Sweet drop kick on Kofi for two. They're so impressed with that drop kick they show it again in slo-mo. Chinlock on Ziggler who goes into his headstand, then into the bridge. Kofi struggles to a knee, reaching for Orton, but thrown into another corner. Ziggler splashes, but eats corner. Both men are down!

Both tag out. Orton with clotheslines on ADR, then that sick power slam. ADR to the apron, but wiggles into the ring. Orton holds his mouth and backs off. Kofi takes the tag. SOS on ADR, but Ziggler breaks the count. Ziggler and Orton fight to the outside. Kofi sets up, but Ricardo up and distracts Kofi. A lovely enziguri in the corner on Kofi for three.

Winners – ADR & Ziggler (7:46)

ADR poses while is Orton seething outside the ring. Video of the high points of the match. Orton in and pulls Kofi to his feet.

Announce Segment

Cole again announces that King will return tonight. He says King is raring to go.

Backstage Segment

Vickie, with a nasty sneer on her face is heading to the ring with even more evidence of the AJ scandal.


In Ring Segment

Vickie is in the ring with Ziggler. Ziggler says that a scandal is an action or event that is legally or morally wrong that causes public outrage. He's not out there to hide behind his former manager Vickie. He's out there for one reason, the truth. The truth cannot be denied. They then show all the photos and video tapes they previously showed.

Vickie said last week – then the heat got so much louder. Vickie says that AJ said if she was in the ring with Vickie that if she was in the ring with Vickie she will give Vickie the beating of her life. She's the managing supervisor and will not be threatened by a vengeful little girl. She could have suspended AJ, but didn't. Now AJ needs to come out and explain herself. Vickie told AJ to come out.

AJ out in gray jeans and a tiny black top showing much waist. AJ asked what Vickie wanted. She caused AJ her job, so...

Vickie says that AJ caused her own job. Vickie told AJ to admit she had an affair with Cena. "Shut up Vickie!" chants.

AJ says she won't lie. She won't like because her name is Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie says she's AJ's boss. She tells AJ to be careful what she says, but none of it will matter when she discloses this evidence. She needs to admit the affair with Cena and it will all be taken care of. Vickie gets screechy telling AJ to admit it.

Finally AJ cracks and says okay, she admits it. She admits the truth. Cena and AJ, are just friends. AJ cocks her head and gives Vickie that smile. Nothing inappropriate has happened between them. This isn't about the truth, it's that VKM appointed AJ the RAW GM, not Vickie. That she's physically embarrassed Vickie in the ring. Twice. She can't stand the fact that if AJ wanted to, she could do it again. Vickie is just throwing her weight around... AJ looks at Vickie's bum... and says Vickie's weight is pretty considerable.

Vickie says she caused a mess for herself. She has been forwarded unsolicited voice mails.

It's a voice mail of AJ talking to Cena about what happened the night before was a mistake.

AJ admits it's her voice, but she didn't leave that voice mail.

The next one is AJ saying they have to stop doing this. She wants to stop, but when she sees him, she looses control.

AJ is confused and wants to know how Vickie did that.

The next one is AJ telling Cena that he drives her crazy. They should be together.

AJ says Vickie hacked into Cena's phone and pieced those messages together. She starts getting in Vickie's face, but Ziggler cuts her off and says they can't deny what happened, now AJ can't see him. What's less satisfying? That Cena won't see her now, or all those nights in his hotel room?

Cena's music and he comes stomping out. AJ stops him physically, tells her she can handle it, then turns and bitch slaps Ziggler. Cena then punches Ziggler who rolls from the ring. Cena talks to AJ off mic in the ring, both are very unhappy about all of this.

Announce Segment

Big Show and Sheamus had a brawl in a pub in the UK. Cole then asks the fans to join them in support of the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.


Backstage Segment

AJ is freaking backstage trying to figure out what that was. Cena wants to make sure she's alright. They're making her life miserable over something that never happened, never would happen.

AJ asked about how it never would happen?

He said over something that never happened. Then they turn into embarrassed teens and Cena leaves.

Slam of the Week

Video of Sheamus and Regal getting beaten up in a pub by Big Show.

Regal vs Big Show

Regal is in the ring pissed and pacing. Big Show to the ring. Video of Regal and Sheamus facing Big Show and Barrett last week on Smackdown.

Regal is pissed and goes at Big Show, but a forearm to the back drops Regal, then blows in a corner on Regal. Into another corner and more blows on Regal. Regal keeps coming back at Big Show, and keeps getting punched down. Big Show slams Regal to the mat, but Regal moves out of the way of Big Show's elbow. Regal comes back with lefts and an upper cut, but then chokeslammed to the mat for three.

Winner – Big Show (1:38)

Regal's chest looks like raw meat from Big Show's slaps. Big Show about to leave the ring, but then decides to hit Regal with the WMD, but the cheers go up and Sheamus rushes the ring. Sheamus is all over Big Show, tackles him, then on him with blows. Finally Big Show rolls from the ring and walks away. Regal is still down on the mat.


Kaitlyn vs Layla

Both are in the ring and ready.

Kaitlyn rolled Layla up for two. Layla rolls Kaitlyn up for two. Eve is on announce in a sheer black top and red skirt saying neither of these women deserves a shot at the Divas Title as she's beaten them both. "We want puppies!" chants. Kaitlyn takes Layla down hard for three.

Winner – Kaitlyn (1:04)

Kaitlyn rolls out and stares at Eve who stands and stares back.


Cole says King will be back, but then goes to video of that night. The match was going, then King dropped. They showed the video of King down, then being taken out. As we hear Cole's words talking about King, they show video of them shocking King, then performing CPR on him, just beating on his chest to keep his heart going. They should have put a warning before that video, because that shook me. That's not something I'd want my youngest to see without warning. As much as I adore and respect King, that was really very hard to watch, and not something I want to see again.


In Ring Segment

Cole and JR are in the ring. Cole says nine weeks ago King collapsed at ringside. They all didn't know if this would ever happen, but here he is. JR announces his colleague and friend, Jerry 'The King's Lawler.

King comes out to the ring in one of his normally tacky shirts, crown in hand. The fans go absolutely wild, as they should. King down and into the ring with a close hug for JR, then after a jokingly apprehensive look, King hugs Cole. Cole obviously doesn't want to let go of King, but finally does. "Jerry!" chants.

King says he has no idea what he should say right now. This is so overwhelming and means so much. He was thinking there was a time he didn't think he'd step foot in a WWE ring, for it to happen is so much to him. Every holiday season he watches It's A Wonderful Live. It's about a guy who didn't know how much his life meant to all his family and friends. It took a near death experience for him to realize that. He's lived that movie. He can't get over how many of his friends and fans are out there and thanks from the bottom of his... heart. It's great to be back...

Punk's music, and out he comes with Heyman. Cole is going off about Punk coming out and ruining this moment for King. The ultimate in disrespect! Huge heat for Punk when his music goes off. King is standing at announce staring. Punk says he's glad King left the ring when he did, because if he didn't, he'd beat King to death. Again.

Right, boo Punk for all he does. But never anything against King. He died and came back. He's a zombie! Punk loves zombies! But King's behavior is disrespectful. An old man putting on his tights and getting in the ring with the WWE Champ is in bad taste. What does he think would happen? Of course he had a heart attack! Shame on the fans for the hate mail blaming Punk for it all. It's not his fault. The blame falls squarely on King's shoulder. People point at Punk and say he's a bad person. Shame on King for this heart attack stunt. Backstage they talk about the number of minutes King was dead. But the number that means something, 358. He's tied Big Daddy Cool Diesel for the 9th longest reigning Champ. 365, one week and he will beat Ryback and Cena, like he has before, and it's one year. Honestly, he's glad King's back and has a front row seat to watch him do what he does. Just try not to croak before the PPV.

King says he'll try not to, but the way he sees it, the only thing on life support is Punk's Title run.

Punk says that if King feels that way about it... Heyman starts coughing and Punk rushes to him. Heyman on the mat and Punk is tending to him. Heyman clings to his chest as Punk throws the X. Punk beats on Heyman's chest, then suddenly Heyman is fine. Heyman sits up and points at King laughing. Punk says that Heyman almost gave him a heart attack.

Car crash and out comes Foley. Cole is apologizing to King and everyone watching for that disgraceful display.

Foley says it doesn't surprise him that someone who demands respect like Punk can't give it to a man who commands respect like King. Punk goes off about Heyman's heart attack. Punk says that they have nothing going on now that he's not the Captain of his team. Foley needs to worry about the last member of his team. Punk stumbles and starts saying SummerSlam, but fixes it to Survivor Series.

Foley says the WWE 'Universe' will pick the last member of his team. Punk tells him to never worry about what the fans want or thing. Punk goes on a worthless rant, but Punk goes screaming at Punk about King, he was dead. DEAD! He's back with us, and thanks to the thoughts and prayers of the WWE 'Universe'. When he found out that while he was overseas fulfilling his time with the troops, that his team was changed. He's learned that Punk doesn't care anything about anything but himself, but now he's in a position where Cena and Ryback will strip Punk of his Title.

Punk says there's nothing Foley can teach him because Punk isn't going to fly off his roof. None of this involves Foley, why is he even out there. Foley says that it does because he learned earlier that tonight, this of finger pointing and roof jumping, will be the Special Guest Enforcer for Punk's match tonight. Have a nice day!

Backstage Segment

Maddox is stretching and getting ready for his match.


Backstage Segment

Punk going off about the problems they have and Heyman needs to fix it. Heyman needs to fix all their problems. Punk stomps off and Heyman is left looking after him.

Sin Cara & Rey Kidd & Gabriel vs Prime Time Players & Primo & Epico w/ Rosa

Sin Cara out to the ring. Cole is still spouting about Punk, but King says he didn't expect anything more or less from him. Rey out in yellow and red. King says he's missed this so much and glad to be back. Missed Cole? No, missed all this.

O'Neil on Gabriel, then Young tags in and O'Neil drops Young on Gabriel for two. Epico tags in with a suplex for two. Chinlock on Gabriel, and now Ricardo is heading to the ring. He goes over and hands a 'note' to Rosa. Primo yells at Ricardo to leave, this gives Gabriel the time to hit a drop kick on Primo. Rosa is all smiles at the note.

Rey tags in with head scissors, but Primo moves from the 619. Rey creatively sends Primo out flying, then flies out onto Primo. All eight men rush at each other outside the ring.


O'Neil throws Rey hard into the side of the ring. Back in the ring Rey is raised high over his head, then a couple back breaker while staring at the face team. Bear hug on Rey in the center of the ring. Rey elbows free, but dropped by a shoulder. Primo in and pins for two. Front facelock on Rey on the mat. Rey up and elbows free. Sunset flip on Rey, but he rolls through with a kick to Primo's head.

Young tags in and keeps Rey from tagging out. Rey gets his feet into Young's face, then hits a hurricanranna sending Young into a corner. Kidd gets the tag and takes Young apart all over the ring. Primo rushes in with a back stabber, then Gabriel in sending Primo out. O'Neil sends Gabriel out. Rey sends O'Neil out. Epico sends Rey out, then Sin Cara flies out and almost creams himself and Epico into the barrier. Young set up for the 619 and eats the move. Then Gabriel tags in with the 450 for three!

Winners – Rey & Sin Cara & Gabriel & Kidd (9:58)

Video of the high points of the match. The four faces mock the Prime Time Players as the back up the ramp.


About the WWE's involvement with the National Guard. There's a bunch of National Guard members in the audience who get their faces shown on camera. Big "USA" chants from the fans.

Backstage Segment

Maddox is still getting ready and Heyman comes up to him. Heyman asks one guy to shut off his camera, but not the one who's shot we're actually watching from, then tells Maddox that they need to take a walk. With an arm around Maddox, Heyman leads him away.



Fandango, with only one 'O' this week. This time we see his face and he's dancing.

Backstage Segment

Miz is on his cell phone talking about being on the poster, so he will be on the PPV. Ziggler comes in and says that Miz is going to come begging to be on his team. Ziggler talks up what he did tonight in the ring. Miz says he didn't see all that, but he saw that Ziggler was slapped by a girl. Foley comes in and Ziggler goes off about letting the 'Universe' pick his team member. Ziggler leaves and Foley says, "Amy Shumer says hello!" (?)

Miz then asks about being put on Foley's ballot tonight. Miz explained why he'd love to beat Team Ziggler, so Foley gives him a shot on the ballot. Foley doesn't think he has a chance, but he's on.

Announce Segment


In Ring Segment

R-Truth out to the ring. Cesaro out in a suit, sans tie, with a man purse slung across and his US Title belt. Cesaro rips on the USA as he walks to announce. He will prove on Sunday why the US doesn't mess with a true superpower!


Tensai vs R-Truth

Chinlock on R-Truth on the mat. He gets free and into a couple shoulder blocks as King talks about Cesaro's man purse. Vulcan nerve pinch on R-Truth, then pins him for two. Arm bar on R-Truth as Cesaro rips on those of us from the USA. Drop kick on Tensai. R-Truth with a blow on Tensai, then hangs him up top. Missile drop kick on Tensai. Cesaro asks if King talks Memphis, but Cesaro speaking English. R-Truth finishes Tensai and gets three.

Winner – R-Truth (2:17)

Cesaro talks smack to R-Truth, but R-Truth out and takes the mic from his hand.

"Knock knock?"

"I said knock knock!" The fans answer, 'Who's there?'

"Europe!" The fans answer, 'Europe who?'

"Europe in my face right now, but on Sunday I'm going to knock your teeth down your esophagus. That's what's up!"

Announce Segment

Promo for WWE 13.

Backstage Segment

Maddox heading for the ring.


nWo The Revolution DVD set is available now!


WWE Rewind

Video of Maddox in the ring last week saying that he wants to be a WWE Superstar and wants a contract, and wants a match with Ryback – no one will forget Maddox now! VKM came out and told mix he'd get a million dollar contract if he could be Ryback on RAW this week.

Announce Segment

King and Cole talk about Maddox, then on to Vickie with AJ and Cena. Video of Vickie playing the incriminating messages AJ left on Cena's voice mail, and AJ not knowing how Vickie made those tapes. Then Ziggler got in AJ's face about Cena leaving AJ and their nights together. But Cena to the rescue! AJ slapped Ziggler, then Cena punched him. Then, later, King returned and was choked up, but then Punk out to rip the segment apart. Punk was a jerk, but then Foley came out and got right in Punk's face and says he's the Special Guest Enforcer tonight.

$1,000,000 Contract Match – Brad Maddox vs Ryback

Ryback comes out trying to show off to no music or pyro, but a siren sounds. It's an ambulance backing into the arena. The cameraman had been following Maddox for a YouTube show, but the look on Maddox's face was priceless. Splitscreen Maddox says win or lose, tonight's the greatest of his night. He's a WWE Superstar, and after tonight, no one will forget the name Brad Maddox! Ryback's music and out he comes. Stills from HIAC when Maddox screwed Ryback. A stretcher rolled to ringside, three EMTs are with it.

Maddox flees the ring when the bell sounds. He can't be counted out. He's been Tweeting nasty things to Ryback all week. "Feed me more!" chants. Maddox in one side and out the next. Maddox back in and to his feet. Maddox bounces around the ring, but Ryback grabs him before he can flee. Maddox slammed to the mat. Ryback grabs his feet and pulls up. Maddox splats onto the mat. Ryback pulls Maddox up and slams him back, over and over as the fans count. He hit it seven times.

The ref checks on Maddox, but he wants to keep going. This time Ryback slams him down face first a couple times. Maddox thrown into a corner upside-down. Ryback says simply, "You're dead." Running powerslam from Ryback. "Feed me more!" chants, but not from the fans in the arena! Maddox set up, Ryback hits his running meathook clothesline on Maddox sending him flying from the ring. Ryback goes out and sends Maddox back into the ring. Maddox flops around, then Ryback pulls him up. Power bomb on Maddox. Then a second time. Then a third time.

The ref backs Ryback up and he checks on Maddox, but he wants to continue. "Feed me more!" chants actually seem to be from the fans this time. Ryback gets Maddox up, marches, then shellshocked for three.

Winner – Ryback (5:43)

Video of the high points of the match. Maddox onto the stretcher as Ryback gets the fans chanting "Feed me more!" with him. Then Ryback leaves the ring and flips the stretcher the long way. Maddox slammed into the barrier. Maddox on the floor and Ryback backs way up. Maddox to his feet and eats a running meathook clothesline. "I hit hard!" yells Ryback. Ryback pulls Maddox up onto his shoulder and carries Maddox up beside the ramp and slams him back first into the back of the ambulance. King things Ryback will put Maddox in, then flip the ambulance. Ryback tosses Maddox into the back of the obviously emptied ambulance, then goes to pose on the ramp and get the "Feed me more!" chants going again.


Announce Segment

Recap of Ryback's attack on Maddox and careful placement of Maddox in the ambulance that left during the break. King and Cole go through the voting for Team Foley.

Sheamus vs Otunga

Otunga in the ring flexing. Sheamus out to face him. Video of Sheamus rescuing Regal earlier on RAW.

They lock up. Otunga backed into a corner, but Otunga with kicks on Sheamus. Otunga runs the ropes right into a back elbow. Otunga talks smack and poses at Sheamus. Backstage Regal, Aksana and McGillicutty are watching this match. Sheamus on Otunga hard. Shoulder blocks on Otunga in a corner, then forearms. Double armed clothesline, then knee drops all over Otunga. Otunga up easily and Sheamus marches around a bit with Otunga held there easily. White noise. Sheamus to a corner and waits for Otunga to get to his feet as he gets the fans chanting for him. Big brogue kick on Otunga for three.

Winner – Sheamus (2:23)

Video of the high points of this match. Sheamus with a mic says he hopes Big Show is watching, fella. That's exactly what will happen to him at Survivor Series. He'll take that brogue and kickit into Big Show skull and win back his WHC.

Backstage Big Show is beating up Regal. Big Show says that this is what will happen at Survivor Series. A KO punch to Regal. Sheamus leaves the ring running.


Backstage Segment

Josh is talking about Regal. He's regained consciousness. He might have a concussion and possibly a broken jaw.


Narrated by Kevin Costner talking about the Wounded Warrior Project. (.org)

Backstage Segment

Kane walking along, Bryan yelling his name, then saying they need to talk. Bryan is all upset about Kane having a new partner tonight. Kane's over mask comes off. He says Kane doesn't have a new partner, they have a new teammate! Bryan says if Foley had asked him, he would have said no. Bryan goes off about going to Foley about only teaming with each other. He turns back to find that Kane ad left him there alone. "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Then Bryan's face was all red and looked about to cry.

Team Rhodes Scholars vs Kane & Miz

Team Rhodes Scholars to the ring together. Fire erupts, then Kane out to the ring. Kane called fire from all four. Justin is going to announce the results for Team Foley.

6% - Santino
34% - Ryder
60% - Miz

Miz out to the ring all smiles, but he doesn't make it there before Bryan's music hits and he comes out yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" to the fans' "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan wants to shake Miz's hand, and actually pulls Miz's hand into his and shakes with a big smile. Then Bryan into the ring raises Kane's hand high.


Suplex on Sandow from Kane. Bryan is sitting at announce, but without a mic. Miz tags in and takes Sandow down for two. Hammerlock on Sandow, but Sandow elbows out. Blows on Sandow in a corner as Bryan cheers Miz on. Big running clothesline on Sandow in the corner for two. Miz tags out and slams Sandow down. Low drop kick on Sandow for two. Kane gets Sandow up, but he wiggled free and tags out. Kane brings Miz in. "Miz is awesome!" chants. Miz tags in and works Cody a big. Cody elevated outside and flies down onto Cody. Cody rolled in, but then turns to face Bryan who is heading in his direction. Kick to Miz's head on the apron. Sandow tags in as Kane yells at Bryan to sit. Bryan says he was just rooting Miz on. Elbow of disdain on Miz. Bryan says Miz is awesome.

Cody tags in and works Miz. Sandow tags in with a snap mare, then chinlock on Miz on the mat. Bryan cheers Miz on some more in a very lame way. Miz up and works free. Miz hits his 'vintage' neck and backbreaker moves. Both are down.

Cody and Kane tag in. clotheslines on Cody as Bryan cheers him in. Upper cut on Kane, but then a sick clothesline on Cody. Cody whipped and clotheslined, then again. Kane pins for two. Bryan in the face corner. Kane climbs and flies onto Cody. Sandow rushes into a right, then clotheslined outside. Bryan goes after Miz, but Cody eats the move and Miz sends him back into the ring. Cody eats a chokeslam for three.

Winners – Kane & Miz (5:33)

Bryan in to celebrate with Kane, but Kane doesn't know what happened outside. Finally Kane ends up yelling at both of them as they yell at each other.


Promo for Tribute To The Troops. The Muppets will be there, so will Flo Ride, Kid Rock and the WWE Superstars. King and Cole talk about how hard Norfolk worked to get TTTT this year.


Punk vs Cena – Special Guest Enforcer – Foley

Foley out to the ring. Punk out with Heyman in tow. Cena out to face him.

They lock up. Shoulder block on Punk. Punk runs the ropes over and under Cena, then into a hip toss. Arm bar on Punk on the mat. Dueling chants for Cena as loud as I've heard in a very long time. Punk gets to the ropes and free of Cena's hold.


Punk up top and jumps down on Cena with a double ax handle on Cena outside. Punk rolls Cena in and follows. Cena reverses Punk into a backslide for two. Punk takes Cena down for two. Reverse chinlock on Cena, who Punk forced to his knees. Heyman is leaning on the apron fondling the belt. Cena to his feet, then muscles free. Punk ducks Cena and jumps on Cena's back with a sleeper. Cena backs into a corner and Punk lets go.

They exchange blows and kicks. Cena ducks Punk and nails a few shoulder blocks, then slams Punk to the mat. Cena sets up for the 5 knuckle shuffle, but Punk reversed it into a roll up for two. Cena to his feet in a corner and eats Punk's high knee. Cena slammed to the mat and Punk climbs. Punk sets up, but Cena rolls out of the way. Cena to his feet while Foley cheer-leads outside. 5 knuckle shuffle on Punk, then slams him to the mat. Punk up for the AA, but elbows free. A back kick to Cena's face, then his gut dropping Cena to the mat.

Punk calls for his finisher. Cena isn't all the way up, then Punk up for the AA, but Punk slams Cena to the mat face first. Punk locks on a strange hold, doesn't look like his normal anaconda. Cena to the ropes as Foley shows the ref. Punk to the apron and a slingshot, but Cena side steps Punk. STF locked in, but Heyman in to distract. Foley drags Heyman from the ring. Kick to Cena's head for two. Cena up, but counters as he's almost eating the GTS. Cena locks on the STF and the fans are WILD! Punk somehow makes it to the ropes, but Cena holds on until he has to let go.

Punk rolls out of the ring and starts crawling up the ramp. Punk to his feet and is leaving to serious heat from the fans. Ryback on the ramp and Punk stops. Punk heads to the side and starts climbing the barrier, but Cena stops him and sends him into the ring. Cena up for the GTS, Cena reverses and gets Punk up. Cena hits the AA for three.

Winner – Cena (13:19)

Cena can barely stand, but turns and Cena is standing there in the ring shaking. They both step up, each on either side of the belt. Ryback bounces his head a bit and the "Feed me more!" chants – some actually from the fans. They both reach for the belt and get half of it. Punk up, sees them holding the belt. The belt gets flung and Punk drops down outside. Ryback and Cena both go for the belt again, each getting half. They stand there holding the belt between them, staring at each other. Punk back up on the apron and looks like he's about to cry over who he sees holding his WWE Title.

Biggest pop
Jerry 'The King's Lawler

Biggest heat
Vickie Guerrero

Most mixed

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