RAW Results 8/13/12 - OMG, Brock Broke HBK's Arm!


RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

Punk vs Big Show

Justin announces Punk. He checked his watch on stage and headed for the ring, seemed to be in quite good spirits, even after how RAW ended last week. Big Show out to face him. Video of Punk attacking Big Show last week, but being punched out by Big Show. Big Show then pushed out Cena and stood over them with the WWE Title belt.

They lock up, but Punk tossed off. Punk tossed again, then on Big Show with kicks and blows in a corner. More kicks, but then a head butt form Big Show drops Punk. Big punch to Punk's gut. Punk choked in the ropes for the count of four. Another big punch to Punk's gut in a corner, then a slap to his chest. Punk up with punches on Big Show, but then runs into Big Show's chest and pushed off. Big Show says, "All night long Punk, all night long." Big Show stands on Punk. King talks about them being jet lagged from China. Big Show stands on Punk again, then pulls Punk up, shushes the fans and slaps his chest.

"CM Punk!" chants. Punk tries to fight back, but a head butt and a slam to the mat leaves Punk in a crumpled heap. "Who can stop me? Not him!" Big Show yells pointing down to Punk. Big Show walks on Punk's lower back in the middle of the ring. Punk up and runs the ropes to kick a telegraphing Big Show. Blows and then clotheslines to Big Show, but he stays standing. Punk into a corner, but on Big Show with that high knee. Big Show pushes Punk off him, then spears him in the center of the ring.

Bryan's music and the fans go wild! Bryan out yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Bryan to King says he deserves to be in the WWE Title Match at SummerSlam. Side slam to Punk for two. Bryan still going off about deserving to be in that match, not facing Kane. Big Show climbs, but Punk kicks his leg out. Punk up with a flying clothesline on Big Show for two. Bryan in and attacks Punk.

Winner – Punk via DQ (6:00)

"NO!" lock on Punk in the center of the ring. Big Show with an elbow drop on Punk still in the hold. Cena rushes the ring and clotheslines Big Show from the ring. Bryan kicks Cena in the leg, so Cena elevates Bryan from the ring and out.

AJ's music and she skips to the ring in a gray suit, but this time a bit slimmer cut, and her blazer is short sleeved, white lace edged cami peaking out from the V in the collar. "Oh Daniel, you're clearly still dealing with your anger management issues. But you may have ruined this match, but you will make it up to everyone here when you team with Big Show. To take on the team of Punk and Cena." AJ from the ring and skips up the ramp to leave Punk and Cena in the ring talking, possibly arguing.


Backstage Segment

JTG going off to Kaitlyn about three hours and the boys not getting the time, it's crazy! AJ behind him and asks what's wrong? He doesn't like her as a GM? He wants to compete so badly? Get to the ring, she'll find her an opponent.

AJ then asks Kaitlyn if she thinks AJ is unstable. Kaitlyn says she can think of many words to describe AJ, and unstable isn't one of them. Kaitlyn leaves AJ happy, but then she rethinks Kaitlyn's words and isn't sure what Kaitlyn meant by that.

JTG vs Ryback

Cole explains JTG's Tweets about not being appreciated. Ryback's music hits and Cole laughs a bit on who was chosen to face JTG.

JTG is selling his facial expressions, then thrown back by Ryback hard! JTG hides in the ropes for the ref to back Ryback off. "Goldberg!" chants are getting loud. Ryback telegraphs, so JTG down with an upper cut, then a slap! Ryback says, "My turn!" and hits a belly-to-belly! "Get up!" big boot to JTG. JTG slammed down to the mat a couple times, then JTG slammed hard to the mat, shoulders first. Chants of "Feed me more!" are much louder than the 'Goldberg' chants were. Huge clothesline to JTG. JTG up, Ryback marches, then slams JTG to the mat for three.

Winner – Ryback (1:51)

Video of the high points of the match and Ryback has the fans chanting, "Feed me more!" with him!

Announce Segment

Piper is there and we get to pick who's in the Pit with him!



The Pre-PPV match for SummerSlam will be a US Title Match when Antonio Cesaro goes after Santino!

Backstage Segment

Piper talking to himself. Everybody knows who will be in the Pit but him. "You pickin'?" It's HBK. Piper says he'd be intimidated fighting Brock. HBK says he isn't fighting him. Piper says better HBK than him. HBK takes a call. Trip is late, Mr. Big-Wig flew commercial (right!) and isn't there. HBK is very nervous and tells Trip to hurry up!

Slater vs R-Truth

Slater is in the ring, ready to turn it all around, baby! R-Truth to the ring with Little Jimmy, Kofi is out of the country.

They lock up, R-Truth backed into a corner, but salt' punch is wild. Hip toss to Slater, then R-Truth dances, but Slater rolls away. In a corner a huge upper cut to Slater. Blows back and forth, then a neck breaker on R-Truth for two. Slater stomps R-Truth, then plays air guitar. Chinlock on R-Truth, but he's up off the mat fast. R-Truth whipped, but moves so Slater eats corner. Clotheslines to Slater, then a face buster on Slater for three.

Winner – R-Truth (1:36)

Slater rolls from the ring and the Prime Time Players' music hits. They come to the ring in pink ring gear and sparkly shirts to attack R-Truth. They beat on R-Truth, then a spinebuster on R-Truth. Prime Time Players do their little dance over R-Truth.



Mark Henry in London for the Olympics. Much of it is stills and Touts, but he very obviously had a wonderful time in London.

Announce Segment

King congratulates all the Olympians and talks about how great it was to watch them all. They go on to talking about Pauly D being the Social Media Ambassador tonight on Twitter.


Recap of ADR on Smackdown this past week. They showed a bunch of video – the car attack on Sheamus, then Sheamus abusing ADR's car last week. Last Friday ADR says he filed a report about the stolen car. ADR has cops (?) there to attack and hold Sheamus for ADR. ADR was supposed to be in a WHC Title match, but it was only an attack on Sheamus.

After it was over Booker was mad and said ADR crossed the line and Booker takes ADR out of the SummerSlam match, it's over. He knows ADR can dig that, suckah!

On Tout ADR says he will be talking to Booker as no GM is bigger than ADR!

In Ring Segment

Sin Cara out to the ring, seeming much slower than I remember him running to the ring.


SD Rebound

Cody attacked Sin Cara for being ugly, but was beaten by Sin Cara!

Sin Cara vs Tensai w/ Sakamoto

Sin Cara ducks Tensai, but is taken down. Sin Cara wiggles from of Tensai, but then a huge shoulder block drops Sin Cara. Sin Cara rolls out of the way of Tensai's splash. Sin Cara off the top with what looks like should have been a swanton bomb, but I'm not sure he even touched Tensai when he landed! Sin Cara to run the ropes and Sakamoto tried to get involved, but Sin Cara attacks him. Sin Cara sends Tensai barreling into Sakamoto on the apron. Enziguri on Tensai, then a big DDT on Tensai for three.

Winner – Sin Cara (0:57)

Sin Cara flees the area, then Tensai brings Sakamoto into the ring. Sakamoto slammed to the mat, then Samoan splash on Sakamoto.

Backstage Segment

HBK asks a member of the crew if he's cool with something. If he sees Brock, please let him know. He's not looking for Brock, but wants to know if he's seen.

Announce Segment

They go through how to Tweet for who we want in Piper's Pit.


Piper's Pit

King in the ring introduces Rowdy Roddy Piper. Piper needs to catch up to speed. Ziggler has MITB, says Jericho can't win. Miz is in a movie. Now RAW Interactive, so Piper changes the questions and they change the answers.

Jericho 55%
Miz 21%
Ziggler 24%

Jericho out to the ring in ring gear and his blinkie jacket, but not blinking. Jericho is all smiles and calls for even more pop getting into the ring. "Y2J!" chants. Piper says last time he saw Jericho, Rourke punched his lights out. Last time Jericho saw Piper was at WrestleMania when he punches him out, his hand still hurts. Jericho is thrilled to be on Piper's Pit for the first time ever thanks to the fans. Piper says they have a lot in common. They cheered Piper, now they're cheering Jericho and supporting him to win at SummerSlam because Ziggler says Jericho can't Winter he big one any more. Piper knows how Jericho feels. Cole says this Piper's Pit is starting to stink. Piper says he knows Jericho's dad. He wasn't a quitter and he won the big one. Come SummerSlam, he doesn't care what Ziggler of Miz has to say, it's what that little boy in the red shirt says... shot of the little boy...

EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! "What is that sound?" asks Piper. EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Vickie out on a very cool black and white shirt, but too sheer tights, and announces Ziggler. On his way to the ring Ziggler asks how long Piper's been doing that same routine? It's been decades! It's not interesting, fun or ground breaking, it's just sad.

"A lot of pink. There's a lot of pink on you. I was rookie four years in a row! Must be for the girls he's hanging out with."

Ziggler says, "This isn't about Piper. Jericho, pay attention to this deranged individual, that's where you're headed." 'What?' "How many failed return attempts does it take?" 'What?' "To realize you just can't get it done anymore?" 'What?' "After I beat you this Sunday..." 'What?' "I want you to take that obnoxious light up jacket and hang it with Roddy's kilt because you're finished." 'What?'

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention to what you were saying. I was too busy staring at that bowl of spaghetti on your head."

Vickie says, "Watch how you talk to Dolph Ziggler!"

"Would you shut the hell up?" "Shut up!" "Y2J!" chants. Jericho says he hasn't forgotten Vickie slapping him on Smackdown, hasn't gotten the stench of her cheap perfume out of his pores, but he's going to tell them all this, and every Jerichaholic out there, they think he can't win the big one? "I will prove them wrong on Sunday Ziggy, because I am going to beat you at SummerSlam. That is a guarantee that I will never, eeever, go back on! You got it?

Piper tries to get a 'Y2J' chant going and Miz's music hits. "Really? Really Jericho? Really? Really? See, Ziggler and him are not the best of friends, but they have one thing in common, they can win the big ones. Ziggler won MITB, and I won at WrestleMania, and won the IC Title. I don't care what the fans voted for, he's taking matters into his own hands. Ziggler can be his guest, Piper, Jericho, you can get out of my ring right now."

Miz tries to take Piper's mic and Piper yells, "NO!"

"Let go!"


Jericho hits Miz over the head with his mic, then goes after Ziggler with it! Punches on Ziggler, then Miz thrown out through the ropes. Ziggler tries to hit Jericho with the case, but is clotheslined from the ring. Jericho holds the case high, then Piper raises Jericho's hand. A side hug between Jericho and Piper as the fans go wild.


Triple Threat Match – Jericho vs Miz vs Ziggler w. Vickie

During the commercial AJ Tweeted – If the boys want to discuss winning the big one, let's see who can win a Triple Threat Match. Jericho vs Miz vs Dolph. Next on #RAW

Ziggler and Miz look at Jericho. Ziggler on Jericho, then Miz in. Jericho on Miz, then on Ziggler. Miz whipped and clotheslined. Miz slammed, then low drop kick on Ziggler. Snap mare on Miz, then kick to the back of Miz. Jericho struggled through a delayed vertical suplex that it seemed as though Miz didn't give any bounce to, only helps by keeping his body perfectly rigid. Jericho muscles Miz up and over, but it's a struggle! Chop drops Miz to the mat hard. Jericho kicks Miz, but running the ropes is tripped by Ziggler.

Ziggler in stomping Jericho as Vickie cheers him on. Miz then stomps Jericho. King thinks Vickie is copying his shirts. Miz holds Jericho and Ziggler punches him. They then switch for Miz to hit Jericho. Miz chokes Jericho in the ropes. "Y2J!" chants. Both Miz and Ziggler on Jericho. Double suplex on Jericho. Cole is still ripping on the debacle of Piper's Pit. Elbow drop from Ziggler on Jericho, then Ziggler jumps and another elbow drop. Ziggler pins, but Miz pulls him off Jericho. "It's a Triple Threat Match son."

Jericho up and on Miz, sends Miz out over the top. Ziggler rushes Jericho and is sent out. Jericho launches himself over and flies onto both Miz and Ziggler. Jericho up on announce to pose. The front guard of announce is ripped off and slammed onto Miz and Ziggler. Ziggler into the ring, Jericho onto the apron, kicks back at Miz who drops, but then Ziggler knocks Jericho off the apron. Jericho flies to announce.


Chinlock on Jericho in the center of the ring by Miz. "Y2J!" chants. Jericho up and elbows free, but into a high knee from Miz. Ziggler still lolling by announce. Miz slams Jericho up into the bottom rope. Ziggler in and is kicked out by Miz. Miz on Jericho for two. Miz slams his legs down on Jericho's kidneys, then again, the whole time talking smack at Jericho. Chinlock on Jericho after Miz pulls at Jericho's face a bit. Miz is sitting on Jericho's bum with the hold. Foley is watching and Tweeting about the match. Jericho up and whipped, but moves and Miz lands crotch first in the corner. Shoulder block drops Miz, then lionsault drops Ziggler from apron. Running bulldog from Jericho on Miz. Lionsault on Miz for two, but Ziggler in and Jericho up to attck him. Ziggler sent out. Miz rushes Jericho, is elevated, but Miz doesn't put enough bounce behind it and only makes it half way over the top, rather than hitting the apron he ends up crotched on the top rope. It was fairly obvious that this wasn't the original plan by everyone's reactions to it.

Miz climbs, Jericho climbs and sets up for a superplex, but Ziggler in and makes it a tower with a superplex and powerbomb! Ziggler tries to pin Jericho, Jericho reverses for a long two. Zig-zag on Jericho, but only got two for it. Both are down on the mat and Vickie is screeching. Jericho slowly up, Ziggler stalks him, but Miz in with a SCF on Miz, Jericho breaks the count.

Jericho on Miz with blows, Miz gains control, but Jericho free and sets up the walls, but Miz muscles out. Ziggler in and on Miz, but then a code breaker on Ziggler! Jericho slowly crawls to pin Ziggler, the ref is counting and Vickie puts Ziggler's leg on the ropes. Miz in and rolls up Jericho for two. Miz sets up, Jericho reverses and locks on the walls. Vickie up and the ref doesn't see Miz tapping. Ziggler in with a zig-zag on Jericho for three.

Winner – Ziggler (14:04)

Ziggler and Vickie celebrate. Video recap of the win. Jericho on the mat looking very mad at his loss.

Backstage Segment

Punk is stretching and Eve comes up behind him in her ring gear. She congratulates him. He asks on what? She says the new CM Punk. He says he's not new. No black hat, no twirling the mustache. He's the Champ for 8 months and only fighting for what he deserves. Eve says no one believes that, especially Cena. Punk says that he'll go tell Cena that right now.


King says that Brock and Trip will sign their contract for SummerSlam tonight.


Announce Segment

Cole talks about Pauly D. He's Tweeted about Slater, and Ziggler. They promote D later this week doing something (sorry, missed it).


Recap of Bryan's attack on Punk in the opening match. Big Show drops an elbow on a locked Punk until Cena rushes out and eliminates Big Show and Bryan from the ring. This prompted AJ to skip out and announce their later tag match where Punk and Cena will face Bryan and Big Show. I just noticed that AJ was wearing black ballet flats, but I doubt she could skip in high heels, at least not as easily as in flats.

Backstage Segment

HBK walking along looking old and worried. He gets to catering. Cena behind him and HBK jumps a mile. Cena asks if he's okay. HBK says he's distracted and leaves.

Punk is behind Cena. Cena says that he has to go out and follow Punk's lead? Punk says last week Cena accused him of being that guy. He's not going to say he likes the Triple Threat Match, he won't stab anybody in the back, but he will make sure that neither Cena and Big Show will walk out Champ. He's the best in the world and at the end of the night he will make sure it's all about Punk.



A Wade Barrett video. Actually, it was the same video they showed last week.

Layla & Kaitlyn vs Eve & Beth

Layla out in pink, Kaitlyn in bright green zebra print. Beth out in black and blue, Eve in gun metal and white. They push the Eve vs Kaitlyn match on Smackdown this week to be Booker's assistant.

Beth kicks Layla, then gets her up. Layla over Beth's head, but Layla sloppily wiggled free and pins Beth for two. Layla dives for Kaitlyn, but Beth catches her. A group of guys, maybe as many as six – but very loud – are chanting, "We want tables!" Layla slammed back into the heel corner and Eve tags in.

Forearms to Layla, but an arm drag takes ever down. Layla kicks Eve in the gut, bounces on ropes to hit a cross body on Eve for two. Side headlock on Eve. Eve finally pushes out, Layla starts to run the ropes from momentum, but only jumps over Eve once, then jumps back over Eve with both feet. Layla gets silly with a look on her face and silly dancing. Eve is getting up and looking at Layla in shock and disgust! Layla the bounces her bum into Eve's face. Layla bounces around the ring. Eve goes after Kaitlyn who drops down. Layla takes Eve down for two.

Kaitlyn tags in and a side slam on Eve for two. Cole talks about how powerful Kaitlyn is, that she's up there with Beth. A number of people think Kaitlyn will be a Divas Champ before long. Kaitlyn takes Eve down and pins with a bridge for two. Kaitlyn whipped, but elbows Eve. Kaitlyn up but pulled down to land on the mat. Blowson Kaitlyn, then Eve pins for two. Eve drags Kaitlyn to her corner by her hair.

Beth tags in and they double team Kaitlyn. A sick kick to Kaitlyn, then Beth chokes Kaitlyn with a foot. Kaitlyn slammed into the heel corner, then cheap shot on Layla. Layla in giving the heels chance to double team Kaitlyn. Beth rushes Kaitlyn but eats foot. Beth gets Kaitlyn up on her shoulder, but Kaitlyn gets free. Cheap shot on Eve, then Beth runs into Eve on the apron, so Kaitlyn rolls Beth up for three. Layla ran through the ring to keep Eve from breaking it up.

Winners – Layla & Kaitlyn (4:10)

Layla and Kaitlyn flee the ring to celebrate. Beth and Eve in the ring in shock.


Brock and Trip's feud, starting way back at Trip telling Brock he won't be getting what Laurinaitis promised, but all Brock has coming to him. Brock then 'broke' Trip's arm. Trip's arm is miraculously better, so Trip challenges Brock to SummerSlam. Heyman said no. Trip says Brock is too much of a coward to tall Trip no to his face? Heyman mentioned Trip's kids. Trip attacked Heyman, then Steph attacked Heyman. They go through the rest of all that went down. (There was one short video clip of this earlier. Sorry, I ignored it and hit the FF button as if it was a commercial. I'm a horrible play-by-play chick, but I'll make it up to you somehow.)


Home Video Dominance

WWE Home Videos has 75 out of the Top 100 selling sports DVDs in America.

Big Show & Bryan vs Cena & Punk

Big Show out to the ring. Bryan out yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Big Show tries to talk to Bryan in the ring, but Bryan ignores him and yells at the fans "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" as they yell "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Cole and King talk about the Top 10 Fantasy Matches That Never Happened on .com, that Savage vs Punk was on the list. Cena out to the ring with a salute and a slide into the ring. Punk looks bored waiting for the Cena love and posing to stop. Punk claps with one hand to show his feelings on the matter.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants and Bryan is mad. Side headlock on Bryan from Cena. Cena pushed off and shoulder blocks Bryan. Punk takes the tag. Cena is slow leaving the ring. Dueling chants for Cena. Side headlock takedown on Bryan. Punk keeps the hold on as they get to their feet. Shoulder block drops Bryan. Punk reverses Bryan's and hits his own hip toss. Cena tags himself in.

Big Show wants in, Bryan yells "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" while the fans and Big Show yell "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Side headlock on Cena. Cena pushes out, Bryan runs the ropes over and under Cena. Cena hits a hip toss, then drop kick on Bryan. Punk tries to tag in, but can't reach.

Big Show tags in with head butts and blows on Cena. Cena is whipped and falls to the mat. Dueling chants for Cena about takes the roof off. Cena on Big Show with blows, but his shoulder block is swatted away. Bryan yelling to Big Show that he can do that!


Cena down in a corner, Big Show sizes him up, then a back splash on Cena in the corner. Cena falls to the mat. Cena on Big Show with blows, Cena dives at Big Show, right into a bear hug. Bryan takes a tag from behind and yells at Big Show to getr out of the ring. "You shouldn't 'a done that."

Bryan rushes Cena and eats post. Cena gets tagged out by Punk. Bryan takes Punk down, Punk wants to tag out, but Cena isn't there. Big Show tags in and a big blow to Punk's gut. Cena is back on the apron. Punk to the ropes and pulls himself up. Huge dueling chants for Cena that barely quiet for Big Show's shushing and the big slap. Punk tries to fight back, but into a bear hug when Cena was ready to tag in. the fans clap for Punk to fight out of it. Punk with elbows to Big Show's head, but Punk into a big body drop from Big Show. Punk is laying on the mat, so Big Show walks on him. Punk with elbows to Big Show, a cheap shot to Bryan, then slammed to the mat by Big Show. Bryan takes the tag, Big Show isn't impressed so wanders to the barrier and leans.

Kicks to a kneeling Punk. Punk up with kicks on Bryan and both are down. Cena wants in the match. Punk asks if Cena wants the ta. Shoulder blocks to Bryan, then a slam. Punk smirks at Cena. Punk has set up and is hitting the 5 knuckle shuffle when Cena takes the tag. Punk stops. Cena hits the high knee in the corner, then Punk's bulldog. Punk is not happy, so he took his belt to leave. Bryan rolls Cena up, but Cena free. Cena up, hits an AA and pins Bryan for three.

Winners – Cena & Punk (12:36)

Cena is celebrating when Big Show head for him, so Punk into the ring and nails Big Show with the WWE Title belt. Cena down and looks at Punk holding the strap. Cena stares. Punk steps up to Cena with his hand out. Cena just stares at Punk. Punk looks at his hand to Cena and back and forth. Punk, off mic, says something about Cena not shaking his hand? Maybe Cena's 'that guy'. Punk leaves the ring and stomps up the ramp and out. Cena is still standing in the ring. Video recap of Punk hitting Cena's moves, then looked at Cena. Cena took the tag and hit Punk's moves.

Backstage Segment

Josh stops Punk and asks if there's any explanation about what happened out there. Punk says Cena went into business for himself. He was out for himself, not for the win of the team. He put his hand to Cena and Cena wouldn't shake it. Where Punk's from, that's a big sign of disrespect. After Punk wins at SummerSlam, he's going to show everyone something about respect.



Stills from their time in Tokyo, Japan. Then they were in Shanghai, China. They were in Taipei, Taiwan on Sunday, for the first time ever.

Backstage Segment

Heyman and Brock are talking well away as the camera peers around a corner.

Sandow vs Christian

Sandow out to the ring. Video of Sandow attacking Funkasaurus last week on RAW. Sandow is all proud of himself in the ring. Christian out to face him.

Knees to Christian, then he's whipped. Shoulder blocks to Christian in the corner. Russian leg sweep on Christian, then Sandow shows off before pinning for two. Christian whipped, but gets his foot up. Christian over Sandow, then on him with blows. Clothesline on Sandow who ends up in the ropes, so Christian out with an upper cut. Christian climbs and hits a flying upper cut on Sandow.

Sandow flees the ring, when Christian follows he lands shoulder first into the stairs, then his head kicked into the stairs a number of times before returning to the ring. Funkasaurus' music hits and he distracts Sandow. Christian rolls Sandow up for two, but can't complete it. Sandow hits his finisher and rolls Christian up for three.

Winner – Sandow (2:11)

Sandow sneers at Funkasaurus. Sandow wipes off his chest and hits his cartwheel before posing again.

Backstage Segment

HBK quickly looks around a corner, but Brock isn't there. HBK turns around right into Brock who is standing there with his arms crossed. HBK looks up at Brock, then leaves. Brock stares, then smiles.


Slam of The Week

Last Monday HBK told Brock that he was siding with Trip, would be in Trip's corner. Brock says that the only reason HBK thinks Trip can beat Brock is because HBK's never been in the ring with Brock, until now. Trip to the ring. Brock told Trip he'd see him at SummerSlam, but HBK he'd see before then.

In Ring Segment

Brock and Heyman to the ring for the contract signing. Much heat from the fans. Heyman introduces himself. He stands before us with great humility as the advocate for Brock Lesnar. We've all heard that Trip has experienced flight delays, and they might think they wouldn't believe that, but they know no one wants this match than Trip. Trip wants this match more than Brock. Brock quit the WWE, but Trip needs this match. It's the most personal match in Trip's career. It is the single most personal fight of Trip's life. This Sunday at SummerSlam Trip's honor and dignity is at stake. His place is his family is on the line when he faces the fighter with ultimate credentials by the name of Brock Lesnar.

"Thank you for your most irrelevant opinion because ladies and gentlemen, because that is why I stand before you tonight with this, a save and hold harmless indemnification agreement, because I will not allow my client Brock Lesnar to be held legally responsible for what happens to Triple H this Sunday. If you're looking for just a really good wrestling match. If you're looking for two men competing where the better man emerges victorious. That's not what you're going to get. You're going to get an uncomfortable beating. You're going to see a man get stripped of his retire career. You're going to see one man go down, not in a blaze of glory, but suffer mercilessly at the hands of a merciless individual. The most dominant force to step into a WWE ring, by the name of Brock Lesnar."

Heat for Heyman. He says not everybody agrees with him. A HOFer, the greatest to ever step foot in a ring, HBK. "Mr. Lesnar, is Mr. Michaels in the arena this evening?"

"Yes he is," says Brock in his slight drawl, but with an evil smile on his face.

Heyman says if HBK wants to tell Brock to his face that Trip will beat Brock, or even withstand the beating from Brock, he can come down and say it to Brock's face. The fans like that idea. Heyman says HBK's not coming out and Heyman doesn't blame HBK, "Because there's no shame in being afraid of Brock Lesnar. There's no shame in understanding the fact that none of your prayers will ever come answered when you come face to face with the beast incarnate. And even though it's well known all around the world that everyone from Texas has a yellow streak running up and down their spine," HUGE heat for Heyman here, but he doesn't stop and says, "Shawn Michaels should not feel..."

Heyman is cut off by HBK's music. Cole doesn't think this is a good idea. As HBK comes to the ring, Heyman and Brock shake hands and achieving their goal. HBK into the to stand on the other side of the table from Brock and listen to the , "HBK!" chants. Heyman tells HBK to sign the contract, he'll accept it. HBK stands there and stares at Brock and Heyman. Brock, his arms crossed, stares back. "Let's go Texas!" chants fill the arena, and while they're off tempo, they are heartfelt chants.

Triple H's music hits and HBK turns to look to his best friend coming out. Trip loosens and removes his tie. His jacket is off and tossed aside as he starts down the ramp. Trip's light pink shirt is opened two buttons down. Trip into the ring and stands across the table from Brock with loud and solid "Triple H!" chants backing him. Trip opens the contract, but barely looks away from Brock's eyes as he signs it.

Brock steps up so his thighs are touching the table as Heyman says over and over, off mic, "It's just a contract signing! It's just a contract signing!" Heyman's hands go to his head as if he's worried what Brock might do. Brock glares, then signs the contract, throws it and the clipboard against Trip's chest before fleeing the ring with Heyman. In front of announce Brock has a huge smile on his face. Brock around the ring to HUGE heat from the fans. Trip looks down at Brock who says something to him as HBK puts his hand on his best friend's arm Brock up the ramp and looks back down to the ring at Trip. HBK and Trip are talking, but Trip's eyes are on Brock.



Recap of ADR and his goons attacking Sheamus last week on Smackdown. Earlier the WWE 'Universe' was asked who we wanted Sheamus to face, via Tout. The first guy says that ADR isn't above anyone in the WWE. The next guy wants the fight to go on. The third guy agrees with Booker. The next group of guys – three in one Tout – argue about what happened.

Backstage Segment

Trip says he's sorry about being late. HBK says he's been in the ring with Trip and Taker, Brock is on a whole different level. Trip asks if HBK thinks he can't win. HBK tells Trip he has to beat Brock on his own. HBK says Trip know where his heart is on this. HBK turns and walks away. Trip is looking rather angsty over it all.


Recap of Punk taking out Big Show before Big Show can take out Cena.

Backstage Segment

Striker runs up to Big Show and asks how all this effects going into SummerSlam? Big Show says it doesn't change anything. Beeping horns can be heard, and some yelling. Striker apologizes and heads off to find out what is happening, the camera is ahead of him.

HBK has basically t-boned Heyman. HBK is half hanging out of the driver's side window and yelling at Heyman as Heyman apologizes. Brock rushes up and grabs HBK from behind, as he yells, "I told ya I was gonna get ya!" HBK is pulled from the car as Brock's bum slams into the camera a couple times sending it to a black screen, but with the WWE logo still on the screen and all audio. Of course it sounds like Brock is beating the heck out of HBK as Heyman is yelling to "I got a message, I got a message! Tell Triple H this!" It sounds like Brock yelling, "You little weasel, get up! I got a message for you Hunter, this is just a taste!"



Of course they recap Striker talking to Big Show, then running to find out what all the beeping and yelling was. They play all the audio before going back live.

Backstage Segment

The windshield of HBK's car has been shattered as if one big thing slammed into the middle of it and broke it inward. There's people milling around and a ref is asking AJ where HBK is. She says she doesn't know! She doesn't know what's going on. Trip gets there and demands to know where Shawn is. Trip asks everyone around the car, then AJ. She says Brock took him, dragged him away. Trip slams his hand into the car and takes off.

Announce Segment

Cole and King talking about what just happened backstage. The fans see it before King and Cole. Brock carries HBK from backstage, but around beside the stage. Brock puts HBK on the apron and climbs in the ring laughing the whole time. HBK is playing up being beaten and confused. HBK raised up and Brock hits the F5.

Brock locks on the Kimura lock. HBK is flailing around as much as he can. "Triple H!" chants. Trip comes running from backstage and down the ramp. Heyman yells at Trip to stop or Brock will break HBK's arm. "Take one more step, just one more step and Brock Lesnar will break your best friend's arm. Please, don't take another step. Think about the consequences!"

Of course Trip is torn, wants to save HBK, but doesn't want his arm broken.

"Don't take one more step. You lose this round!"

Trip yells to Brock, "Don't you do this!" HBK is yelling in pain as Trip is freaking out in worry. Brock then 'breaks' HBK's arm. Trip rushes the ring, but Brock flees. Trip gives chase, but then returns to HBK who is flopping and flailing all over the mat, holding his arm and wailing in agony.

Up on the stage Heyman has his head in his hands, "Oh my God, you broke his arm! You broke his arm!"

"Oh God, no! Please, no!" Trip is apologizing to HBK, but HBK yells, "Get away from me!"

Brock makes like he's heading for the ring, but then stops and smiles. Brock shakes his head at Trip. Trip strips off his shirt and yells that they don't have to wait, they should do it now! The fans go wild when Trip's shirt comes off, even though HBK is still wailing on the mat.

Biggest pop
Triple H

Biggest heat
Big Show

Most mixed

Thanks for reading my WNW RAW Live Results. If anyone has any constructive criticism, I'd love to hear it. I know that some nights I get a bit behind toward the end of the show if there's a lot of talking, but I would rather be a bit behind and give you a more rounded view of the show than just slap together something that isn't cohesive, that doesn't give you as much of a visual image as I possibly can. Body language, facial expressions, location in the ring, even clothes can add so much to the overall product, and I try to pass that on to you as much as possible. So, as I said, constructive criticism would be appreciated.


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