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RAW Results 11/19/12 - NXT Attacks Again!

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Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about Sheamus going off on Big Show with a chair last night.


Recap of Sheamus facing Big Show at Survivor Series. Then onto Punk being WWE Champ for 365 days, but who were the three who attacked Ryback, and who masterminded the assault?

In Ring Segment

Cole talks about the three guys from NXT who attacked Ryback and Cena. Ryback says last night he was about to feast on the WWE Championship, but Punk employed three to take food from his mouth. Ryback's a predator and Punk and his three men are his prey. They can make it easy on themselves and come to the ring. If they don't, he'll tear this damn place apart until he finds each and every one of them. "Feed me more!" "Feed me more!" "Feed me more!"

Vickie on stage says he won't tear anything up tonight. Ryback had two Title shots and blew it. She likes how he destroys people, but if he does, he will face a fine or suspension. She likes how he destroys people, so let's see how his appetite is!

Ryback vs Tensai

Tensai to the ring.

Tensai goes at Ryback, but Ryback Jackson his jaw, but Tensai comes back and slams Ryback down. A splash on Ryback in a corner, but Ryback comes back with a Thesz Press like it's nothing. Tensai slammed back on the mat over and over. "Feed me more!" from the fans? Tensai with a hand around Ryback's throat. Ryback free, but a spinebuster, then a senton splash on Ryback, but only for one!

Tensai on Ryback, but then eats a sick powerslam! Tensai up with chops to Ryback's neck, but then Tensai is slammed back on the mat like it was nothing. A big clothesline sends Tensai from the ring. Ryback follows outside as he says 'Punk' over and over. Tensai into the barrier, then back into the ring. "Feed me more!" but not sure it's all the fans. Meathook clothesline on Tensai, then pulls Tensai up. Tensai again sandbags Ryback, but Ryback gets him up and marches before hitting shellshocked for three!

Winner – Ryback (3:33)

"Feed me more!" Video of the high points of the match, including Tensai not helping Ryback lift him at all! "Feed me more!" "Feed me more!" "Feed me more!" King says Tensai was an appetizer.

Backstage Segment

Sheamus is going off on a ref about what went down in his match last night. It was a disgrace!

Backstage Segment

Split screen, Kofi and Barrett head for the ring.


Kofi vs Barrett

Kofi comes bouncing out to the ring. Barrett out to face him. Video of Barrett talking up his team winning at Survivor Series, but that he took out Kofi and is better than him. He's going after the IC Title, Kofi is an embarrassment.

Kofi on Barrett with kicks and blows. Side headlock, but then Kofi runs into Barrett's shoulder and lands hard. Kofi takes Barrett down for two. Barrett works Kofi over in a corner, but is backed off. Kofi fights back with a drop toe hold into a corner. Kofi on Barrett with blows, then takes him down for two. Barrett is whipped, but gets an elbow up. Barrett with a lock on Kofi's face, then takes him down. A knee to Kofi's head, then they exchange blows in a corner. Barrett gains control, but the ref backs him off. Barrett back on Kofi in the corner, but eats an elbow and a few kicks, but comes back with his own. Snap mare on Kofi for two.

Barrett nails Kofi with a neckbreaker for two. Kofi fights back with blows, but Barrett right there and clotheslines Kofi from the ring.


Chinlock on Kofi on the mat. Video of Barrett ripping at Kofi's face when the ref couldn't see it. Kofi still down on the mat. During the commercial, Kofi took a big boot to the face. Kofi to his feet, but kicked in the knee and down, all the while still holding his face. Kofi into the ropes and takes knees to the face, then a big boot knocks Kofi out to the floor. Kofi is in a heap on the floor outside, so Barrett follows, scrapes Kofi up and slams him face first into the stairs. Blows to Kofi as the ref counts. Barrett rolls Kofi in, then a kick to Kofi's ribs for two. Elbow drop and Kofi is back to holding his eye. Another kick to Kofi's ribs. King keeps saying the ref needs to check Kofi's eye as Kofi manages to kick out.

Chinlock on Kofi on the mat. Kofi to his feet, sunset flip on Barrett for two, then a big kick to Barrett's head. Barrett rolls out to regroup, but when he comes back in Kofi is on him with a Thesz Press, then ax handle clotheslines and Barrett is taken down! Boom drop, then Barrett grabs Kofi's ankle. Kofi kicks out, but then eats Barrett's tilt-a-whirl side slam. Barrett was sure he had the match, but Kofi kicked out. Kofi kicks Barrett in the head, then comes off the corner with a great crossbody for two. SOS from Kofi, but still couldn't get the win. Barrett grabs Kofi and rakes his eye on the rope, then that sick elbow and Barrett gets the three.

Winner – Barrett (12:38)

Video of the high points of the match – Barrett raking Kofi's eyes, then that tilt-a-whirl side slam. Kofi was on Barrett, but then the elbow ended it all. Barrett celebrates in a corner and points to his elbow as the ref tends to Kofi on the mat.

Announce Segment

King says Punk's been Champ for 365 days and so there will be a celebration tonight. Cole says that Punk has a rabbit's foot to continue his reign. Last night Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns, three guys from NXT caused Punk's win last night. And then there's Maddox and how he cause Ryback last month.


Recap of Maddox's speech, the offer VKM gave him, then Maddox getting flattened by Ryback last week. Cole talks about the YouTube video about Maddox.

Backstage Segment

Heyman is backstage with Punk's picture talking up the celebration, tells people to call their friends, then knocks on Punk's door. Punk comes out to show off his 'I'm a Paul Heyman guy' shirt. Punk likes the picture, but then Heyman goes off about the celebration tonight. Striker shows up and asks about any affiliation with Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns. Punk says that Striker is disrespecting him with these questions and he will hurt Striker. Heyman tells him to relax, it's a celebration, everyone is invited, even Ryback. Punk's face falls and asks to speak to Heyman in his dressing room.


Kaitlyn vs Aksana

Both in the ring and the bell sounds quickly – Kaitlyn in pants and a tiny top like last night. Aksana keeps hiding in the ropes from Kaitlyn, then leaves the ring. Kaitlyn follws her out and eats a big clothesline. Back in the ring Aksana pins for two. Lots of yelling from Aksana, then Aksana hangs back over the ropes with a sick arm bar on Kaitlyn. Back in the ring Aksana locks on another arm hold and keeps control of Kaitlyn on the mat.

Kaitlyn fights free, but is then whipped and hits the mat – selling more then she was tossed. Aksana crawls sexily across the ring and then slaps Kaitlyn across the face. Kaitlyn manages to fight back, sends Aksana flying by her hair, then a sick shoulder block drops Aksana. Aksana slammed face first onto the mat. Kaitlyn gets Aksana up, struggles a bit to get her hands in the right place, then slams Aksana down on her knee for three.

Winner – Kaitlyn (3:01)

Kaitlyn celebrates and some of the fans seem happy to see her in the ring and see her win.



The Soup crossover clips.

Funkasaurus vs Cesaro

R-Truth is at announce, but Little Jimmy isn't there, he's out there to be serious. Funkasaurus and his Dactyls out to the ring. Cesaro out to face him. R-Truth doesn't make excuses for last night. Every dog has his day. The silly dog comments start flying. Cesaro mocks R-Truth from the ring.

Clay backs Cesaro into a corner, then on him with blows after a clean break. Cesaro is whipped, but moves. Clay doesn't eat corner, but Cesaro nails him with a headbutt (that was nowhere near touching) to the back of the head. Cesaro beats Clay down, then double stomps Clay in the gut. Clay comes back with a headbutt to a running Cesaro, then walks over Cesaro before going up, but Cesaro moves out of the way of the splash. Cesaro climbs and hits Clay with a flying uppercut. Cesaro managed to get Clay up and hits the neutralizer for three!

Winner – Cesaro (2:32)

Video of the high points – the flying upper cut, then getting Clay up for the finisher. Cesaro continues to mock R-Truth from inside the ring.


Cena grants his 300th Wish. Judy Harrison talks about how her son got to meet Cena six weeks before he passed away (I remembered seeing Cena surprised Jonathan on the Today Show and didn't know Jonathan had passed on). Cena was honored for his work with Make-A-Wish. Judy talks up Cena in a big way, and deservedly so. Cena says that this is just the beginning.

Backstage Segment

Vickie is talking to a couple backstage, thanking them, telling them to relax and breathe.


Slam of the Week

AJ giving it all back to Vickie last night at Survivor Series with mocked up pictures of Vickie with Ricardo, Funkasaurus and JR. then Tamina rushed the ring and attacked AJ, leaving her in a heap on the mat.

In Ring Segment

Vickie comes out leading the couple she'd been speaking to backstage. (She needs boob tape as she's flopping all over the place!) Vickie says she would like the set the record straight. As soon as she speaks the heat starts. She says she'd never lay a hand on a Superstars, but this doesn't mean she can be treated that way. For weeks AJ has made a fool of herself, Cena and all of us for her lies. They accused her of manufacturing lies about their affair. She has eyewitnesses. Miss Whitney Smith si a waitress in Sacramento. That's where they had their alleged business dinner. Vickie tells her to take her time and tell her story.

She says they requested a private table in the corner. Through the whole meal they were touchy-feely, looking in each others eyes, talking about more than business.

Mr. Doug Brady is a parking attendant who has a story. He saw Cena and AJ remain in a parked car for an hour. He's not one to snoop, but they were parked next to a family, and the father came to complain. Vickie asks what he saw, but AJ's music cuts her off.

AJ out in a tiny t-shirt and short shorts. She doesn't know what Vickie paid them, but she's sick of Vickie with her doctored photos and videos that she's twisted into a scandal. Vickie wants to fire her so bad, then fire her. If not, then do everyone a favor and shut the hell up!

Vickie goes on and on about AJ lying every week. Don't worry, she'll take it from here. While AJ was lip locking with Cena in the car, Brady was taking pictures. Vickie cautions to shield small children as she's showing photo of them lip locking in the car. Cena's music.

Cena out, the witnesses flee and he takes the mic from AJ. He says this is a load of crap, all to give people something to talk about, here's how you give them something to talk about. He removes his hat, says to AJ that he hopes she doesn't mind, then lip locks with AJ. Finally they break apart and he turns to Vickie. AJ spins Cena around and is all over him. They continue to make out in the ring until Ziggler turns Cena around and they start fighting. Ziggler up for the AA, but out over the top. Cena follows, but staggers, seems to really twist his ankle and might have injured himself. AJ is left ringside looking shocked.

Backstage Segment

Orton heading for the ring for his match.


2 Out of 3 Falls Match – ADR w/ Ricardo vs Orton

ADR comes out in a silver Mercedes SL550. Cole says that Survivor Series was proudly presented by Kmart. King cut into him and said it probably was, but that was last night, this is RAW. Cole says he was hoping King wouldn't notice. Orton comes out to the ring.

Orton on ADR with punches. ADR reverses a whip, but Orton out with a clothesline for two. Kicks to Orton in a corner. The ref pulls him back, then ADR with a snap mare for two. ADR grabs Orton, but Orton pushed him off and hits a lovely drop kick to ADR for two. King loves Orton's drop kick, and Ziggler is great too, but he really likes Orton's. ADR on Orton with blows, but Orton fights back. Orton hits a suplex that looked like he did all the work on (more sandbagging?). Orton walks around ADR, but from the mat ADR kicks up and nails Orton in the upper arm, then an arm cracker on Orton. ADR tries to lock Orton up, but Orton sends him flying out through the ropes.

Orton reaches out to grab ADR's hair and ADR hangs Orton's arm up and then slams it into the post over and over. The ref admonishes ADR over and over, then calls for the bell.

1st fall winner – Orton


Arm hold on Orton on the mat. Head butts for Orton and ADR lets go, but retains control and pins Orton for two. ADR back on Orton with an arm bar on the mat. Chants from the fans for Orton, and he gets free and suplexes ADR. ADR runs into clotheslines, then that power slam on ADR. The fans go wild for Orton and Orton grabs ADR, but ADR grabs Orton and locks on the cross arm breaker. Orton taps out.

2nd fall winner – ADR

Orton into a corner selling his arm pain. The ref checks on Orton who yells back to him that he's got it. Ricardo was on the apron, might have handed something to ADR. Orton to his feet and into the match. ADR backs Orton into a corner, but Orton can't use that arm to fight back. Orton whipped, rolls up on the corner, then when ADR gets there, he rolls down ADR's back and uses the momentum to roll ADR for a long two.

ADR on Orton's arm in a corner, manages to roll Orton up for two. Orton somehow comes back with a back breaker on ADR. Orton is about to run the ropes, but Ricardo grabs his ankle and trips him, right in front of the ref. The ref throws Ricardo out! Orton is distracted and takes a back cracker from ADR for a long two.

Orton prone on the mat, then ADR mocks Orton, punching the mat, goes for the RKO, but is pushed off. ADR to the apron and eats Orton's sick DDT. Orton drops down, but pounding the mat hurts. Orton goes for the RKO, but ADR reverses it into the cross arm breaker! Orton holds his other hand, but can't keep it held. Orton manages to roll ADR back so his shoulders are down. ADR has to break. Orton kicks ADR and manages his RKO for three!

Winner – Orton (13:33)

Orton celebrates in a corner. Video of Orton's final win. Orton is still posing, but holding his left arm as he does so.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Punk's celebration later. King then talks about the lip lock Cena put on AJ. Video of Cena being all coy about giving people something to talk about, being the perfect gentleman, asking AJ, but then things get heated! But then Ziggler attacks. They show when Cena's ankle or knee let go as he landed outside and hobbled his way up the ramp.

Backstage Segment

The trainer telling Cena he might have a torn meniscus. AJ is all apologies to Cena as his knee is being taped up.


Khali vs Primo & Epico

All three are in the ring, Khali dancing, then Hornswoggle out with flowers. He stays ringside.

Primo is tossed around by Khali, but then Horns looks around the side of the ring and smiles at Rosa who is in quite the sexy sparkly red dress. He brings the flowers to her, she leans in to kiss him, and water squirts out at her. Khali takes Epico down for three.

Winner – Khali (1:09)

Rosa is livid as she screeches and Horns dances in the ring with Khali. Video of the match, then back to the dancing in the ring.

Backstage Segment

They're preparing for Punk's celebration. Heyman in and looks at the papers and goes off, screaming that they needed balloons, and they shouldn't have to ask for them, it's a celebration!

Backstage Segment

Miz is heading for the ring.


Miz vs Otunga

Otunga is climbing into the ring and showing off his Abs. Miz out to the ring to face him. Cole brought up the Browns' loss, King said he almost had another heart attack.

Otunga on him with a knee, then forearm. Otunga stomps Miz down in a corner. The ref pulls Otunga off and Miz on Otunga. Otunga back with a kick, then sending Miz shoulder first into the post. Otunga pins for two. Scoop slam on Miz, then uses the ropes for elbow drops, twice, but only gets one for it! Chinlock on Miz on the mat, but he's up quickly, hen a sick shot to the back of Miz's head that really doesn't look right, and this coming off King saying how Otunga has improved in the ring.

Reverse chinlock on Miz on the mat. He gets free, but then eats a sick clothesline and shoulder tackle from Otunga for two. Otunga holds Miz, then hits him with a couple short forearms that thumped Miz's chest hard. Chinlock on Miz on the mat. He gets up and elbows free quickly. Miz ducks Otunga's back elbow and rolls Otunga up for two. A clothesline about knocks Miz's head off, so says King, and gives Otunga another two. Chinlock on Miz on the mat. Up again, but then Otunga on Miz's back. Miz slowly crumbles down back to the mat. Miz slowly back to his feet and fights free. Sunset flip on Otunga for two. Miz rolls Otunga from a corner for two. Miz fights back with a couple lefts, then some in a corner, the ref pulls Miz back. Miz's running clothesline in the corner, then Miz climbs. Double ax handle off the top from Miz, and it looked solid. Miz is able to hit his SCF and get the three on Otunga.

Winner – Miz (6:07)

Cole talks about what Foley said last night about the jury still being out on Miz. Miz celebrates in the ring.

Announce Segment

King defends Foley, saying that Foley was talking about Miz's attitude. Cole calls the PPV scandalous. Stills from the WHC Match between Big Show and Sheamus where the ending of the match was very confusing. Then Sheamus nailed Big Show with over 30 chair shots – so says King.



Recap of Ryback on mic starting the show. Ryback stating he'd be hunting down Punk and his three friends, tearing the place apart, but Vickie threatened Ryback with fines or suspension, then she fed Tensai to Ryback. Cole talks about Heyman inviting Ryback to Punk's celebration.

Sheamus vs Sandow

Sheamus out to the ring, chair in hand. Sheamus says before he knocks the bejazzus out of his opponent, he has to get this off his chest. This started off with two warriors fighting for the WHC. They had such a great fight at HIAC, it won't be forgotten. Then Big Show made it personal by attacking Regal. Then he pulled a ref in front of Sheamus, keeping Sheamus from winning the WHC. The funny thing is that through all this Big Show shown the type of person he is. Through it all, Big Show keeps running away. After HIAC Sheamus had a smile on his face. Well, he's no smiling anymore. He then calls Big Show out to settle this. Big Show's music and he comes limping to the stage. Much heat for Big Show. Sheamus asks Big Show if he remembers this – the chair. Big Show says he does, but they have nothing to settle. Big Show said at HIAC he'd knock Sheamus out and win the WHC. Sh,m cuts into Big Show, but Big Show yells at Sheamus to shut his mouth, he's the WHC, and he will talk. Last night Sheamus beat him within an inch of his life with that chair when he lost his Irish temper. But Big Show is the WHC, and Sheamus has shown that he's like his Irish ancestors, barbaric! Sandow's music hits and out he comes as if Big Show hadn't just been screeching on the stage. Sheamus had to get the chair out of the ring before he'd get in the ring.

They lock up, Sandow backed into a corner, but Sheamus on Sandow with blows. Sandow yells at the ref to get Sheamus off him! They lock up, Sandow elbowed to the mat and hides in the ropes. A kick to Sheamus' gut, then a side headlock, but then Sandow runs into a shoulder block and hits the mat hard. Sandow rolls out to regroup. Sandow back in, kicks at Sheamus, but his foot is caught and he's slammed back. Side headlock takeover on Sandow. Sandow gets Sheamus into a corner and attacks savagely with his hands, and choking with a foot. Sheamus comes out of the corner with blows and knees Sandow in the face in another corner. Sheamus whipped and comes out with his two handed clothesline to Sandow's face!

Sandow gains some control, beats Sheamus down in a corner, but then Sheamus blocks a suplex and manages to suplex Sandow for two. An arm bar on Sandow, then Sheamus takes him down, standing on Sandow's arm, then drops a knee down on Sandow's shoulder. Shoulder block drops Sandow. Sheamus blocks Sandow, then grabs a handful of beard and sends Sandow out over the top simply by the handful of face fur! King says that it might be the first time he ever saw that.


Sandow sends Sheamus shoulder first into a corner. During the break Sandow went after Sheamus' beard. Sandow slams Sheamus to the floor hard with a neck breaker outside. Back in Sandow only got two. Sandow stomps the heck out of Sheamus, but only gets one for it. Chinlock on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus works to his feet and punches free, but takes knees to the gut that lands him back on the mat for two. Cole talks about Cody's health, King talks up how hard the Superstars work. Sheamus choked into the ropes. Sandow out and on Sheamus with blows on the apron as the ref yells at him to get into the ring. Sandow pulls his knee-pad down, then drops a knee on Sheamus' throat. Chinlock on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus to his knees, then his feet, but slammed back down on the mat and Sandow on him with blows to the head. Sandow bows to the fans, then back on Sheamus with a chinlock on the mat.

Sheamus is turning red and looking mad. To his feet, but a knee to the gut drops Sheamus. Again Sandow on Sheamus with that reverse chinlock! Sheamus to his knees, then feet and punches free. Knee to Sheamus' gut, then a side Russian leg sweep. Sandow sets up for his finisher, but grandstands too long and takes an Irish curse back breaker. High knee to Sandow, then another. Sheamus with his forearms over the ropes, then suplexes Sandow into the ring. Sheamus up top, then hits his battering ram shoulder dropping Sandow. Sheamus gets Sandow up and hits white noise. Rather than covering, Sheamus beats his chest and gets the fans riles up. He pounds his chest and Sandow is flattened by the brogue kick.

Winner – Sheamus (14:47)

Video of the brogue kick. Sheamus down with the fans and pounding his chest. Sheamus slaps hands on his way out of the arena.

Backstage Segment

Vickie talking to Tamina. AJ in. Vickie introduces them. AJ and Tamina stand toe to toe, Tamina looking almost straight down as AJ looks almost straight up at her. AJ says she plans on getting to know Tamina a lot better soon. AJ knows that Vickie sent Ziggler to attack Cena. Vickie laughs, but as AJ steps up, Tamina puts out an arm. AJ says Cena is hurt, what is Vickie going to do? Vickie says nothing. AJ says then she will.


Announce Segment

Cole says Heyman is still backstage shouting out orders for this celebration. Cole reminds us that Ryback has been invited to the party.

Backstage Segment

Layla is telling AJ to think. It's not worth is. AJ finds the locker room. Layla tells AJ to not go in there. AJ tells Layla to leave her the heck alone. AJ stomps into the men's locker room and shocks all the guys in there, some in only towels (Slater). AJ stomps up to Ziggler who is sitting in a corner, just chilling and trying to look like he's too cool for it all. AJ asks Ziggler, who the hell do you think you are? Ziggler tells her that girls like her are a dime a dozen. She came from nothing and is nothing. When someone pays the least bit of attention they glomb on, but then they're alone again. They lose their pride. He's seen girls like him all his life. They're all the same. Sad, weak pitiful. Face it AJ, you're just trash. Ziggler sits back down and AJ attacks him. She just wails on him until she's pulled away by Cena. Cena and Ziggler fight. Ziggler kicks at Cena's knee and really beats on him. Ziggler tackles Cena through some bathroom stalls. Ziggler is pulled off, but then attacks again. Finally a ref is there, gets some order and calls for a doctor as AJ stands there not knowing what to do.



Recap of AJ getting up in Ziggler's face and getting told she's just trash, but then she attacks. Cena pulls her off, but then Ziggler is on him and Cena is left holding his knee.

Backstage Segment

Josh speculates about Cena's knee after that further attack.

Sin Cara & Rey vs Team Hell No

Sin Cara out in white and gold. Prime Time Players are at announce. O'Neil was the one who pulled Ziggler off Cena. O'Neil says they saved Cena's life back there. Rey out in black and orange. Of course Rey stops and sees kids on his way out, and gives away his over-mask to a young boy. Bryan out to the ring yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" He rips up a sign on his way out. Fire erupts and out comes his partner, Kane. Kane calls fire from all four as Bryan yells at him through it all.

Kane kicks Sin Cara to the mat. Kicks on Kane's leg, but Sin Cara is pushed down. Sin Cara to the apron and kicks Kane in the head. Kane ducks Sin Cara and sends him sprawling. Bryan steals the tag and is on Sin Cara in a corner with kicks. "NO!" Snap mare on Sin Cara, then Bryan up and flies, but Sin Cara avoids the knee. Sin Cara runs the corner and hits his arm drag on Bryan. Rey tags in and they double kick Bryan – front and back, but Rey only gets two. Bryan on Rey with kicks, but then Bryan telegraphs and is kicked for it. Kane steals the tag and they argue. Rey kicks on Kane, then a cheap pop on Bryan! Kane set up, but moves out of the way of 619. seated senton outside on Kane, then Bryan flies out on Rey. Sin Cara flies out on Bryan. Bodies everywhere outside.


Kane has Sin Cara on the mat with a head hold. Video of a big boot on Sin Cara. Side slam on Sin Cara in the ring as Young picks his hair on announce. Bryan tags in and sets Sin Cara up into a lovely surfboard, then wrenches his head back in a most unnatural way. Bryan then stomps the heck out of Sin Cara while the fans chant "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Kane tags in and kicks a sitting Sin Cara in the head. Kane pins Sin Cara for two. Hips to Sin Cara in a corner. Bryan tags in and stops a crawling Sin Cara from reaching Rey.

Chinlock on Sin Cara on the mat. Young and O'Neil are holding their own on announce with both Cole and King. Sin Cara whipped, but Bryan is slow and is kicked for it. Sin Cara takes Bryan down hard to the mat. Both Kane and Rey tag in. low drop kick on Kane's knee for two. Knees to Rey, then he's whipped with Kane following it with a clothesline. Rey fights back and pins Kane, but Bryan breaks it up. Rey up top and flies, right into an upper cut for two.

Rey up, but wiggles free and 619 on Kane. Rey up and flies, but Kane catches Rey for s chokeslam. Young and O'Neil rush the ring and attack Kane in the ring.

Winners – N/A (10:55)

Sin Cara with a kick to the back of Young's head. Bryan then sets up O'Neil right next to Young. 619 on both, then Kane chokeslams O'Neil to the mat. THN are left standing in the ring. Rey and Sin Cara outside, Prime Time Players on the floor. Kane and Bryan argue again.

Backstage Segment

Heyman is so happy to do this for Punk. Punk has paid his dues. No one will tarnish this night for Punk, he personally guarantees it. His celebration awaits. Punk looks almost giddy.



Recap of AJ and Cena making out in the ring, then Ziggler attacking Cena. They again show Cena 'injuring' himself. Cole says Cena might have a partially torn meniscus. AJ was pissed and went into the mens locker room and got into it with Ziggler, verbally, then physically.

In Ring Segment

Heyman announces himself in the ring. He gets heat. He tells them they don't boo him. He's there to honor a man who's defended the WWE Title for 365 and they have the nerve to boo him. Are they angry with him? Upset with Punk for defending against Cena and Ryback. Or mad because they made fun of King last week. They Tweet, Tout and cry for the AE, but when they give them a taste of it, they don't like it anymore. They have the temerity to chant ECW at him, but when they give a little extreme, they don't like it, do they. The WWE 'Universe' hasn't been able to handle the greatness of the WWE Champ standing before them by standing in the ring and raising the bar so high, even in the hyper-competitive environment of the WWE, he's well above the rest. Put smiles on your faces for 365 days for your reigning WWE Champ, CM Punk!

Punk comes out in his new 'Heyman guy' t-shirt. He's all smiles and Heyman claps for Punk as he heads for the ring. A big hug between Heyman and Punk, Heyman says that he loves Punk. Punk won't even pose on the corners for the fans. Heyman wipes away tears, then hands the mic to Punk. Punk calls for more heat, the fans give it. He says HBK couldn't do it. Trip couldn't do it. Bret Hart, couldn't do it. That makes Punk the best there is, the best there wasn't he best there ever will be. Taker couldn't do it. Duane, the Rock couldn't do it. 365 as WWE Champ. 1 calendar year.

Video of Punk narrating how great he is over video from this past year. From when Punk won the WWE Title, then beating everyone he did to make it through the year. Jericho tapped, taking Rock out. Pinning Big Show, taunting Cena. Punk pinning Ryback at HIAC, then last night.

Heyman is still telling Punk how great he is. "CM Punk!"chants. Punk says it's a celebration. Not just about the past, but the future and seeing his place in history. That's at the top. His goal is to surpass Bruno Sammartino and become the longest reigning WWE Champ in history. Heyman says he knew Bruno Sammartino when he was a kid. He belongs in the HOF, but truth be told, he could never beat Punk. Truth be told, Hogan (#9) couldn't beat Punk. Another Heyman guy, SCSA couldn't, on his best day, beat Punk. Punk trumpets in the ring. At the Royal Rumble it will be proven that not even the Rock can beat Punk.

Punk thanks Heyman for setting this up. He says people ask him what his most important victory has been. Before last night he'd have been hard pressed, because there's been a lot, but beating Ryback and Cena is #1 with a bullet. No one believed. Only two did, and they're both in the ring. The deck stacked against him and Punk showed... "Feed me more!"

Punk is pissed as Ryback comes out to the ring, but Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns attack Ryback. Ryback gets free and into the ring. They are back in him in the ring and drag him out. Outside the ring, in front of announce they pound on Ryback. They clear announce and set Ryback up again. They, again, put Ryback trough announce. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns stand around looking down at Ryback, then get into the ring. Punk leaves the ring when they enter. Punk slowly walks over to Ryback, squats down, smiles, then stands up and poses with a foot on Ryback's chest yelling, "Best in the world!"

Biggest pop
AJ & Cena kiss
Team Hell No

Biggest heat
Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns

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