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RAW Results 10/22/12 - Cena Serves AJ Up With A Burger

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Pre-RAW Commercial -

Cole says that AJ just Tweeted about being called to talk to the WWE Board of Directors. Also tonight will be fallout from the contract signing, and what Punk thinks about facing Ryback at HIAC!

RAW Starts

Rey & Sin Cara vs Rhodes Scholars

Rey out in black and green with a blue Rey t-shirt over it all. He slaps hands on his way out, then removes the green over-mask and puts it on a little boy. Cole talks about AJ being called to an emergency meeting with the Board of Directors, but she will be there for the show. Sin Cara out wearing white and red. Both Rey and Sin Cara are in full versions of their own masks. Video of Rey and Sin Cara winning their match two weeks ago leading to this match. Team Rhodes Scholars comes out together. Video of them beating Ryder and Santino two weeks ago. A picture of the brackets. Rey says he's 100% and ready to fight.

Cody and Sin Cara lock up. Sin Cara backed into a corner, but Cody's dirty break was met with blows. Sin Cara' back elbow is ducked, but his hurricanranna hits its mark. Rey tags in and is on Cody hard. Cody telegraphs and is kicked, but comes back with an upper cut.

Sandow tags in and whips Rey face first into a corner. Sandow around Rey's waist, but he elbows free and hits head scissors. Sandow for a 619, but Sandow moves and Sin Cara ends up flying out, and Rey with a seated senton onto Sandow. Team Hell No is watching backstage. Sin Cara tags in with a sick springboard double team on Sandow, but Sandow comes back strong.

Cody tags in and hits a delayed slam on Sin Cara, landing him on his head. Sandow tags in and they cut off the ring to keep Sin Cara in their corner. Stomps to Sin Cara and Cody tags in. Cody tries to intimidate the ref, then Sandow tags in. Lovely snap suplex on Sin Cara, followed by a knee to the chin, then a bow. Sandow taunts Rey by reaching Sin Cara' hand for Rey. Cody tags in and keeps Sin Cara from reaching Rey. Blows to Sin Cara, but Sin Cara back with an enziguri.


Cody with Sin Cara on the mat in an arm hold. Cody drops a knee, then tags out. Sandow in with a Russian leg sweep, then he gloats. Sandow with his elbow of disdain, then pins, but Rey breaks the count.

Cody tags in, set Sin Cara up top, but Sin Cara fights back and nails a tornado DDT on Cody. Both men are down. Rey tags in with a seated senton. Cheap shot on Sandow, then tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Cody slammed face first into a corner, then Rey on him hard. Cody set up, then Sandow in and they eat a double 619. Rey pins Cody, but Sandow slides under the ref to stop the ref's arm. Sin Cara on Sandow, but a distracted Rey eats cross Rhodes for three!

Winners – Rhodes Scholars (11:14)

Rhodes Scholars celebrate, including the cart wheel. THN congratulates them, but will they win the TTC? "Hell No!" Kane has a magic trick. Now you see him (Bryan), now you don't (Kane grabs Bryan by the beard and hides him behind Kane! Bryan doesn't like this, then fire erupts from all four corners.



Ryder Touted from Cairo! Stills from their trip to Egypt.

McGillicutty vs Kofi

McGillicutty is in the ring waiting. Kofi comes bouncing out with his new IC Title! Miz is on announce. Video of Kofi knocking Miz out last week on RAW. They show it in slo-mo. Then video of Kofi defeating Miz for the IC Title on Main Event. Miz is scowling on announce.

McGillicutty on Kofi with blows in a corner, then a lovely drop kick from McGillicutty! McGillicutty throws Kofi back, then covers for one. Cole says Miz has a match with Miz at HIAC, then corrects himself that it's with Kofi, but tonight Miz faces Ryback. McGillicutty slams Kofi down for two. JR says Miz can be the first to beat Ryback and go on that momentum into HIAC. Cole says Kofi was praised all over Egypt as they feel Kofi represents all of Africa. Miz talks about how he spoke Arabic, and both Cole and JR talked Miz up for that. McGillicutty comes out of a corner, eats TIP and it's over.

Winner – Kofi (2:26)

Kofi celebrates. Miz to his feet glaring. Kofi points to Miz.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the contract signing, but the big question was who would Punk's opponent be? They go to video of the contract signing. Cena said Punk needed his ass whipped, and his life would be filled with three words – feed me more! VKM said Punk would face Ryback inside HIAC. After much trash talk off mic from Punk, Ryback took him apart. Cena is up next to talk about why he endorsed Ryback for HIAC.



Justin announces the New York Giants. A bunch of them are ringside. One of them has a spinner belt, but instead of the spinner is a huge Giants logo.

In Ring Segment

Cena out to the stage, looks at the camera as he puts his arm up to salute, pokes his elbow, makes a motion and winks – as if to say it's doing fine. Cena to the ring and Cole talks about Cena's elbow and how it's getting better. JR talks up Cena's heart and passion. Heat from the fans as the music stops. Cena says it's great, the defending Superbowl champs, and next door the home of WrestleMania. This Sunday the WWE presents HIAC – no reaction. Cena says this Sunday the WWE 'Universe' will learn that Punk... They will find out that Punk is a man who tells the truth. He's been WWE Champ for 337 days. But the most truthful thing Punk said was what he said before becoming Champ. He was a visionary, but his vision changed. This Sunday at HIAC, after 337 days, we see change! Heat from the fans. The change is 6'3", 293lbs. When change steps into the ring, all he can hear is – feed me more! Cena gets the fans chanting, but not a lot.

Ryback won't come out and talk about an unreachable brass ring, complain about a conspiracy theory, or ice cream bars. Ryback stands for one thing, destruction. Sunday, the face of the WWE will change! Cena is yelling these things, but no reaction from the fans.

Punk's music and he comes out with Heyman in tow. Heyman holds the belt high. Punk stays on the stage, hood up. Punk says he's not surprised that Cena would come out and say something nice about the Giants. He tries to endear himself to everyone. Punk's now supposed to come out and say the Giants suck. But he's a huge Giants fan, but the Giants from San Francisco. He's been Champ for 337 days, meaning Cena hasn't been, that's change you can count on. He's done all he's said. No Cena, not the Giants, not Ryback. He can speak for Ryback all he wants. All Ryback will do, promise destruction and change. But everyone knows when he makes a promise, he keeps it. He promises to walk out of HIAC still their WWE Champ! He likes Cena bring Ryback's cheerleader. Cena's realized something Punk's always known, Cena can't beat him.

Cena says he wanted to come out and tell the fans how excited he is for HIAC. Cena can beat Punk, but wasn't allowed to beat him. Cena's now cleared to fight. Punk has a Title match, but Cena wants to beat Punk's face now. Punk can keep his Title, Cena wants to give him a pre-ass whooping to that ass whooping.

Punk removes his hoodie and heads to the ring with a smile as Heyman screams about not fighting for free and that Punk has Ryback on Sunday. On the apron Punk stops and thinks. Finally he drops down and leaves, backing up the ramp holding his belt high as Heyman tells him that he's smart, never fight for free.

Announce Segment

Cole says AJ will be there within the hour. JR says Kane will face Big Show tonight.


Cesaro vs Gabriel

Cesaro out to the ring. Gabriel already in the ring and waiting.

Cesaro is still taking his jacket off well after the bell rings. Then he leaves the ring and grabs a mic. Cesaro announces himself in a couple languages – all the time the match is going. Gabriel flies out onto Cesaro. Back in the ring, Gabriel is hung up on the ropes. Cesaro has torn tendons in his hand. Upper cut to Gabriel. Cesaro picks up Gabriel, holds him, then slams him. Both feet landing on Gabriel's gut, then a chinlock on Gabriel on the mat. Gabriel works his way up and elbows free, but scooped up and slammed across the corner. A big kick to Gabriel still across the corner.

Cesaro with a reverse chinlock on Gabriel on the mat. Gabriel up, but whipped. Cesaro into Gabriel's feet. Cesaro throws Gabriel back so his neck lands on the top buckle. Gabriel fights back, finally taking Cesaro down. Gabriel climbs, but Cesaro hits the top rope. Gabriel made a very obvious job of throwing his legs out and getting crotched up top. Cesaro up and on Gabriel with blows, but Gabriel fights back sending Cesaro flying off. Cesaro back up, knocks Gabriel off the corner. Gabriel hits a sick enziguri on Cesaro standing on the corner! 450 splash on Cesaro for three!

Winner – Gabriel (4:37)

Video of that enziguri then the 450 on Cesaro.

Backstage Segment

A limo pulls up and out steps VKM! He pulls AJ out by the hand. AJ looks very upset, a bit drawn and slightly gray.


In Ring Segment

VKM and AJ are already in the ring. VKM says AJ met with the Board of Directors for several hours and the subject is the tenure of her job as GM. To tell about that meeting is AJ. Because of allegations of her fraternization with a member of the roster, she's resigning as GM of RAW. She looks about to cry. "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" She wants to say these allegations are false. She understands she could have been fired when attacking Vickie or Heyman, or other decisions that were unfair, so when asked to resign, she did. Some might think she's unstable. But she thinks some people like a crazy chicks! "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" She knows this is coming to an end a little sooner than she wanted it to. She's come so far from where she thought she would. She grew up 15 minutes form here. She doesn't know if they know her story. She's lived in cars, and gone from being homeless to being the boss. She thought she was going to be a poor girl who wouldn't make anything of her life, and they accepted her. She thanks the fans for every second because she loves every second of this job. She thanks VKM an opportunity no one else would have given her. Thank you.

Heyman comes out and says he was unaware of AJ's touching life story. Think of the one in a billion chance of a homeless girl rising up to running RAW. She rose above her lack of education, intelligence and class. Above the fact that she was born and bred a Jersey girl. Business is business, and RAW needs a GM. The Board of Directors needs a GM. VKM needs someone with class, education, dignity, and someone with ruthless aggression. He knows they've butted heads, and how wrong he's been in the past, and recently with him, but if VKM needs Heyman to step in, the next RAW GM should be Paul Heyman.

VKM looks incredulous. VKM simply leans over and says, "No." He wants to introduce not the GM, not the Co-GM, but the Managing Supervisor of RAW, Vickie Guerrero. Both AJ and Heyman are shocked. Vickie out to the ring and takes the mic from VKM. She says, first of all... heat for Vickie. She thanks the WWE Board of Directors for giving her this opportunity. The heat drowns her out. EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Heyman says, excuse me, Ms. Guerrero, now that she's in power her first decision should be a good decision, he wouldn't have giving all of that to VKM or the Board of Directors, if knowing this. He goes on about Punk losing his choice and talked down Ryback. Vickie says Punk will face Ryback at HIAC. She has more good news for Heyman. She's showing everyone that she's doing everything bigger and better than Booker. Tonight's main event will be Punk versus Sheamus. Heyman says she can't do that. "Watch me!" Tonight will be the largest Lumberjack Match in the history of Monday Night RAW! Heyman leaves the right screaming and yelling about this.

Vickie says, Tisk, tisk, tisk AJ. She knew AJ wasn't right for this job. Her immaturity and little girl dress clothes were not right for GM of RAW. These allegations are what? Not only fraternizing with the talent, but she had an affair. Vickie tells her to pack up her Barbies and her dolls, now it's Vickie's ring and AJ needs to leave.

AJ stares at Vickie, then walks around her to leave, but then stops as Vickie is screaming at her from behind. AJ cocks her head to the side, turns around and tackles Vickie. AJ absolutely goes crazy on Vickie. Punches are thrown from both of them, AJ rips at Vickie's clothes, but AJ has to tuck herself back in as some buttons were ripped off her shirt! AJ laughs, leaves the ring, then looks dreamy before skipping around the ring, holding her shirt closed, then up the ramp. On the stage AJ turns around, bites her bottom lip as she shakes out her hair in a rather sexy way!


Ryback vs Miz

"Feed me more!" Out comes Ryback to the ring with his t-shirt draped over his shoulders. Miz out to face him. Miz to the bottom of the ramp, stops, steps back and thinks things over. He doesn't look happy, but takes a few steps toward the ring. Miz makes the ref back Ryback off, but still waffles. Finally to the stairs Miz calls the ref over and talks to him. Ryback throws Miz into the ring. Miz scrambles back until the ref thinks Miz is ready to start the match.

Miz steps out of the corner as the "Goldberg" chants start. Miz is grabbed and thrown out through the ropes.Ryback out and at Miz who rushes back into the ring. Ryback in. Miz gets a foot up, but Ryback catches it and pushes Miz back. Ryback grabs Miz up, but Miz wiggles free and stomps Miz. Ryback winds up, but rushes Miz in a corner, but Miz moves. Miz then runs into Ryback and lands on the mat. Ryback hung up on the top rope. Miz climbs and flies, but Ryback catches Miz in the air and slams him to the mat. "Feed me more!" chants. Big clothesline drops Miz in a heap. Ryback gets Miz up and marches. Shellshocked for three.

Winner – Ryback (2:32)

Video of the high points of the match as JR calls Ryback tougher than the proverbial government mule! Ryback celebrates in the ring.


Eve, Otunga, Steph, Layla, Santino, and Clay talk about BA Star in Hartford.


Backstage Segment

Eve talks on her cell about everyone she's been publicly with. Kane, Bryan and Punk, but Eve's heard a rumor about AJ and Ryder, even about Primo! Kaitlyn is behind Eve. Kaitlyn says Eve says AJ isn't professional, what about attacking people. The blonde wig, and the email. Eve says he doesn't know what Kaitlyn thinks she's seen. Kaitlyn says she has a picture of her iPad. Eve spazzes out and says she's going to Booker, but Kaitlyn says Eve is the same conniving witch she's always been. Eve turns and hits Kaitlyn, then they fight. Into the food table, then Layla jumps in and attacks before they're all broken up by refs.

Backstage Segment

Josh shows off Sheamus' Brawling Buddy. Sheamus comes in and tells Josh to keep it out of the sun. Josh asks about the big main event? Sheamus talks about the chaos and all the unpredictability. Josh asks about this having a negative effect on his Big Show match on Sunday. Sheamus says he doesn't worry about... Big Show in and slaps the Brawling Buddy away. Big Show tells Sheamus to get serious. What he did to Sheamus' Brawling Buddy, that will happen at HIAC. Better get serious, says Big Show before leaving.

In Ring Segment

Bryan out yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" He takes a "Goat Face" sign and rips it up.


Bryan vs Ziggler

Ziggler slides into the ring.

They lock up, arm bar on Ziggler. He reverses on Bryan who rolls through into a lovely suplex, then Bryan yells "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" to get the fans chanting "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan around behind Ziggler. Ziggler free, ducks a roundhouse. The fans are quiet, so Bryan yells "NO!" "NO!" "NO!", but the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" doesn't last and the fans are pretty quiet again. Ziggler back Bryan into a corner, then whips him across. Bryan gets a knee up. Ziggler sent flying back, but then nails Bryan with a drop kick, then a kick to the back of the head.

Neck breaker on Bryan, and the fans are just starting to get into the match a bit. Bryan reverses a suplex, then takes down Ziggler as he was jumping over Bryan. It looked SICK! Bryan then locks on a hold and rips at Ziggler's face. Bryan takes Ziggler down, and was locking on a leg hold, but kicked back into a corner. Blows on Bryan in a corner. Bryan reverses, then locks on a figure 4! JR talks about a couple Nature Boys using that move to great success. Ziggler to the ropes, and free.

Bryan and Ziggler fight through the ropes. Ziggler tries to, and suplexes Bryan out over the top and out. Bryan is holding his left knee. Fire erupts and out walks Kane to the ring.


Chinlock on Bryan on the mat as Kane paces outside the ring. Cole talks about the Izod Center and how over a million WWE fans in that arena. Bryan runs the ropes and takes Ziggler down. A SICK drop kick on Ziggler in the corner. Bryan pins for two. Bryan kicks at a kneeling Bryan as Cole gives a shout out to kick. Ziggler ducks a roundhouse kick and then trips over Bryan as they struggle around. Sleeper on Bryan who sends Ziggler flying. Bryan tries to spear but eats a DDT for two!

Vickie Tweeted about a surprise for THN! Blows on Bryan in a corner. But then Bryan ducks a splash. Ziggler ends up outside after hitting the post! The ref is counting Ziggler out, but Bryan with a suicide dive on Ziggler and both are in a heap beside the barrier. "This is awesome!" chants, but only from like 20 guys.

Bryan rolls Ziggler in and climbs, but Ziggler runs up and sends Bryan flying face first to the mat. Both men are down and Kane looks freaked out. Ziggler up and on Bryan with blows. Bryan with a low drop kick on Ziggler's knee, then a kick to the back of Ziggler's head. Kane is getting the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants going, but Bryan is distracted and yells "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" A zig-zag from the top on Bryan for three.

Winner – Ziggler (14:01)

JR talks up Ziggler in a big way, then about the issue in THN. Kane into the ring and Bryan goes off on Kane. Kane yells that he was helping Bryan! Bryan to his feet and the "Hug it out!" chants start. Bryan pushes Kane, but Striker comes out talking softly to get them to stop. He yells at them to stop. Vickie sent them out to let them know they're going to compete in what Vickie calls a 'therapeutic game show'. This is the Newly Tag Game, like the Newlywed Game. Striker is announcing this. They're going to face Rhodes Scholars. This unique and fun game show will happen next. Striker doesn't look thrilled about any of this.



Recap of AJ talking about allegations of her fraternization with a Superstar, so she resigned as GM of RAW. VKM then announced the Managing Supervisor of RAW. Vickie went off on AJ verbally, so AJ, having nothing to lose, attacked Vickie.

Newlytag Game

Bryan and Kane are sitting side by side in the ring as Striker announces the game, saying it's to bolster their friendship. He wants to introduce our – "We've met!" says Kane. Striker tells them to tell a bit about themselves.

My name is Daniel, he's a former WHC, he doesn't have a goat face. He's the world's toughest vegan. More importantly than anything else, I'm the tag team champions!

My name is Kane, I'm a Scorpio. I enjoy long walks on the beach, rainbows and puppies.

Striker asks, seriously?

Hell No! Bryan and Kane argue, Bryan says Kane loves those things. They continue fighting.

Team Rhodes Scholars are disgusted by this. Sandow says this is the putrefaction of our society that they're fighting against, so they will not be vetting such foolishness. Cody agreed, 'What he said!" Cody says they will get to know them this Sunday. Sandow, "You're welcome!"

Kane says the game show is a total bust. Striker says THN wins by forfeit. Bryan bounces up all happy, yelling 'winner, winner, winner!' Kane to his feet and Striker flees the ring. Striker on stage says he really wishes he wishes the two of them luck this Sunday, but he doesn't, he really doesn't. But then Big Show is behind Striker and throws him across the stage. Big Show stomps to the ring.


Big Show vs Kane

The match started during the commercial. Kane backed into a corner. Big Show rears back fir a big slap to the chest, but Kane ducks out and splashes Big Show – twice. Big Show comes out and spears Kane to the mat. Big Show talks down to Bryan outside the ring. Bryan has a white towel around his neck. Kane backed into a corner, tries to kick at Big Show, but takes big blows. Bryan beats on the apron to get the fans into the match, but it doesn't work at all – they're dead. Kane slammed, then Big Show drops an elbow for two.

Blow to Kane's rib. Kane up and to a corner, but takes a blow to the head. Kane with a punch back,but Big Show with a head butt. Kane comes out into a bear hug from Big Show. JR talks about Kane coming back from hellfire and brimstone in the past. Kane tries to struggle out of the hold, almost lifts Big Show, but falls back with Big Show on top for two.

Big Show chokes Kane on a second rope. Kane back with blows. Big Show comes back, but Kane gets more blows in, then a DDT on Big Show who telegraphed. Kane hooks Big Show's leg, but only gets two from it. Kane climbs and a flying clothesline, but only for two. Kane to his feet and ready for Big Show lolling on the mat. Team Rhodes Scholars to the ramp. Bryan and Kane see them, Kane is turned around into the WMD for three.

Winner – Big Show (5:31)

Team Rhodes Scholars attack Bryan outside the ring. Bryan rolled in and takes a cross Rhodes. Bryan is left on the mat with Kane as Rhodes Scholars back up the ramp with smirks on their faces – on Sandow's face, Cody looks mad.

Backstage Segment

Santino thinks AJ did a very good jobs. Cena in and says if there's anything he can do for AJ, let him know. AJ says she knows she's done a lot she could have been fired for, but not this. AJ said that Vickie said AJ had an affair. Cena wants a name so he can find out and get the truth. AJ says it was Cena. She didn't fight it. She didn't want to drag his name into it. They had a business dinner. They're friends, who can make something of this. AJ says it's now a big mess, and she thinks it was Vickie. She didn't want this to end up like this and she doesn't know what to do. Cena pulls her into a hug and tells her not to worry, he's going to take care of it.



Miz Touting while on their tour and how it was awesome. Stills of the WWE trip to Egypt. JR says he needs to ride a camel, it's on his Bucket List.

Backstage Segment

Cena stops VKM about Vickie coming to VKM with this bogus story and VKM gives Vickie AJ's job. VKM says there was incriminating evidence. Cena says it was a business dinner! VKM says it wouldn't have happened anyway. Cena asks about Vickie. VKM says it's an interim thing, and it is what it is.

ADR w/ Ricardo vs Ryder

ADR out in an Astin Martin Vantage Coupe, announced by Ricardo. Ryder is already in the ring. JR says, "Goodnight everyone, that's all we have time for! Just kidding!"

ADR on Ryder with kicks and blows. Ryder backed into a corner, and beaten down. Knee to Ryder, then a nice snap suplex on Ryder for two. More fans chanting for Ryder than we've heard from at all in a bit. An arm/neck hold on Ryder on the mat. Ryder up and sunset flip for two, then a kick to the face drops Ryder for two. Arm bar on Ryder on the mat. Ryder up and elbows to ADR's head, so he's backed into a corner. ADR rushes and eats corner. Clotheslines to ADR, but Ryder is whipped again. Double knees to ADR's face, but ADR avoids the broski boot. ADR attacks Ryder's left arm. A kick to the arm, then ADR takes Ryder down with the cross arm breaker. Ryder taps, but ADR holds the arm much longer.

Winner – ADR (2:45)

ADR asks Orton if he likes that. He's going to cut Orton's head off in HIAC, and calls Orton a snake. ADR locks onto Ryder again while yelling for Orton to tap.

Backstage Segment

Vickie is telling people to get AJ's dolls and get out. Cena in and gets in Vickie's face. He calls Vickie a backstabbing liar. Vickie goes off about Cena's girlfriend. Vickie says Cena asked AJ out on a date on RAW. AJ went out with him. Cena cost AJ her job! Cena stomps out.


Backstage Segment

Josh with Ziggler. He asks about his victory over Bryan. Ziggler says he's happy, but what's up with the AJ thing? He thought AJ was a good egg. You can't put your hand on Vickie, then she did it again. But there's really only one person to blame – John Cena. How he's happy with himself. He thought AJ would have had better taste.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the WWE Title Match at HIAC. This goes into a video for Ryback. Ryback destroying people in the ring, bouncing to his music, stacking people up on his shoulders, marching, all while the fans chant, "Feed me more!" Then to Punk being face planted on the table and slammed to the mat. "Feed me Punk!"

Backstage Segment

Punk watches this video and isn't thrilled. He's not happy about the Lumberjack Match. He's already missing AJ! Heyman tells him not to worry about it. Monday when RAW goes live everyone will have to face the facts that he's still the reigning WWE Champ and that Punk's the best in the world. Punk doesn't look completely sure, but he nods.

In Ring Segment

The lumberjacks head to the ring en masse.


Largest Lumberjack Match in RAW's History – Sheamus vs Punk w/ Heyman

The lumberjacks are around the ring. Punk out to the ring with Heyman in tow. Punk poses in the ring. Big Show is hanging back, hood pulled up, beside announce, away from the rest. Even Ricardo is ringside as a lumberjack! Sheamus out to the ring. Big Show glares as Sheamus heads to the ring. Drew is in a big black cowboy hat, and standing with 3MB.

They dance around, Punk kicks at Sheamus who moves. They lock up, Sheamus behind and takes Punk down. Punk and Sheamus lock hands, but Sheamus is kicked in the gut. Sheamus tossed out, but the heels back off out of respect and let him get back into the ring. Punk tossed out, the heel lumberjacks, including Regal, throw Punk back into the ring.

Side headlock on Punk on the mat. To their feet and Sheamus takes Punk down, keeping the hold on Punk. Punk to his feet again, backs Sheamus into a corner. Shoulder blocks on Sheamus. Sheamus into the ropes, then head butt to Sheamus' gut. Sheamus fights back slamming Punk to the mat. Elbow drop on Punk for two. Arm and chin hold on Punk on the mat. Punk up and blows to Sheamus' gut. Sheamus clotheslines Punk out. Punk sent right back in. Backbreaker on Punk for two. Punk to the apron, Sheamus struggles to lock Punk up, but Sheamus hung up top. Punk stays on the apron, then climbs to fly onto Sheamus. Sheamus sent flying out and the heels stomp Sheamus down before tossing him back in. Punk pins Sheamus for two.


Side headlock on Sheamus in the ring. Punk backed into a corner, Sheamus on him with big blows. Punk kicks Sheamus in the head and gets two from it. Punk locks on an arm hold on the mat. Cole says something about 45 seconds, then Big Show slams his hand on announce and yells at Cole. Sheamus sent outside and the heels attack, but Clay gets in there and gets Sheamus back in the ring. Neck breaker on Sheamus and Punk climbs. Punk flies and crashes into Sheamus. Punk climbs a different corner, crashes into him again with another forearm shot. Punk climbs, but gets a blow to the gut as he flies.

Punk fights back, scoops Sheamus and slams him to the mat. Punk climbs, smiles, points, but drops to his feet on the mat and drops an elbow – guess Sheamus was too far over. Punk pins, but Sheamus kicks out with authority. Chinlock on Sheamus on the mat. Big Show stares. Sheamus starts fighting free, comes back with his two armed clotheslines on Punk. Sheamus gets Punk up and hits a rolling senton. Punk on the apron and takes Sheamus' ten forearms, then suplexed into the the ring for a long two.

Big shoulder block on Punk in a corner, but he comes out with a big drop kick on Sheamus for two. Punk rushes Sheamus who lifts him, but Punk wiggles free. Punk's running knee in a corner, then a clothesline for two. Punk slowly climbs, but Sheamus up and on Punk with blow. Sheamus to the second ropes with a lovely superplex on Punk for two.

Both men are slow to rise. Sheamus sets Punk up, but is elbowed in the back of the head. Sheamus up but wiggles free. Sheamus eats corner, then rolled up for two. Some of the fans are quietly into the match, but not many.

Punk climbs, goes for the Savage elbow, but Sheamus moves. Irish curse back breaker on Punk for two. Sheamus tries to lock in his cloverleaf, Punk is able to kick Sheamus free, but pulls the top rope down and Sheamus out. Sheamus fights through and back into the ring. Sheamus hits white noise on Punk and the fans are more into it, but Cesaro in on Sheamus, then Mahal in, but taken out by a brogue kick! Big Show on the apron, chokeslams Sheamus and Punk gets the three.

Winner – Punk (18:11)

Feed me more! The lumberjacks stop Punk who tries to flee and sends him back into the ring to face Ryback. Big back breaker on Punk, then a big power slam on Punk. Punk tries to leave the ring, but sent back in. Big powerbomb on Punk on the mat. The lumberjacks send Punk back in. Ryback raises Punk high over his head, making it look easy, then throws Punk out of the ring onto a group of heels. Punk is on the bottom of the ramp hugging Heyman's shoes as other heels tend to someone who's down outside the ring.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

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