RAW Results 8/20/12 - Do The Divas Want To Work The Ring?


Pre-show Announce Segment

King and Cole talk up Brock and Trip, their fierce and physical battle, that they both left the ring last night, at SummerSlam, under their own power. Brock will be in the ring in less than 15b minutes.

In Ring Segment

This post SummerSlam RAW starts with Brock's music. Out comes Brock with Heyman in tow. Brock has a smirk, Heyman, that sadistic smile. Even to the ring Brock has a slight grin on his lips. King says the smiles is because some think that last night was Trip's last match.

They show stills from last night's main event. Brock tried for the Kimora lock, two pedigrees, but then Brock got the hold and Brock Trip's arm, with it, the spirit of the WWE.

Heyman on mic gets huge heat. He says he's talking and gets more heat. He understands how they feel because last night at SummerSlam, when Brock faced Trip, it was a most uncomfortable match to watch. Not just because of Trip's amazing way of withstanding punishment, but Trip... You know, he sat at that desk, doing much better than those two, six years ago, and watched Trip suffer a torn quad. His quad was completely ripped off the bone, yet Trip finished that fight. What a warrior Trip was. This man continued despite a debilitating injury. That couldn't stop Trip, but Brock could. Last night at SummerSlam Brock defeated Trip and forced Trip to tap out! For those who don't know what that means, it means Brock forced to quit! On his own family! On his company! On his friends! On his fans! On all of you! Brock made Trip suffer, stripped him of his dignity, took away his manhood. Forced Trip to the mat and left Trip as a beaten shell of a former man!

Heyman says he doesn't feel sorry for Trip, and neither should the fans. This was a fight Trip picked. It wasn't just a fight with Brock he couldn't win, but Trip brought the ref into the locker room and said to let the rules be bent, be broken. He wanted it to be a fight to the finish! That's exactly what it was, but not the finish Trip was looking for. At this time, on behalf of his client, he wants to call that ref, Scott Armstrong, down to the ring, because Brock would like to address Armstrong. Send him to the ring, Brock is awaiting his arrival. Mr. Armstrong, you're being paged by Brock.

Armstrong comes out, his head hung low. Slowly to the ring. Heyman tells him to hurry, it's live TV. Brock doesn't bite. Many other things, but not bite. Brock would like to speak to him. King is worried about this. Heyman wants to be sure Trip did tell him to let the rules be bent and broken, let this be a fight to the finish, no matter who might be getting hurt? Last night Heyman had two words for Trip – tap out. Tonight Brock has two words for Armstrong. Brock up to Armstrong, hand around his neck, then pats Armstrong on the chest and says, "Good job."

Heyman claps for this. Not only did Brock end the career of Trip, he's put the whole WWE in danger. Heyman anoints Brock the new King of Kings. The master of the Brocktagon! Conqueror of the WWE 'Universe'. This means each and every one of us are loyal subjects to the lord and master of the WWE 'Universe'. The Conqueror himself, Brock Lesnar. Brock's music plays and they leave the ring together. Slowly up the ramp as Cole and King talk about Trip maybe being done in the WWE. They show video of Brock breaking HBK's arm, and tell us that HBK will be there via satellite. Up on stage Brock waves before leaving.


Announce Segment

Cole talks about how the Triple Threat Match was most talked about on social media and how Punk went over. Punk Touted earlier about what's next. Punk says he's throwing AJ a curve ball and tonight he's picking his next opponent tonight.

6 Man Tag Match – Kofi & R-Truth & Sin Cara vs Cody & Young & O'Neil

Kofi and R-Truth to the ring with Little Jimmy. They're playing with their Brawling Buddies. Video of Kofi after SummerSlam. Kofi says it was a huge win, then R-Truth rushes up and throws a cooler of water over Little Jimmy's head. R-Truth was all smiles about this. Sin Cara out to the ring. Cody out, his drawing of Sin Cara up on the tron. Young and O'Neil out in pink. Young tries to pick Cody's hair, Cody wants nothing of it.

Kofi and Young lock up, Young behind Kofi, backed into a corner, and clean break. Side headlock on Young. "Kofi!" chants. Shoulder block drops Kofi. Kofi flies over a running Young. Young runs the ropes back and forth a couple times until Young runs into Kofi's back elbow for two. R-Truth tags in and they double team hip toss Young. Kofi kicks Young, then they double drop kick O'Neil who rushes in. Cody ducks clotheslines from R-Truth and Kofi, then Sin Cara pulls Cody from the ring. Sin Cara climbs, but Cody flees the ringside area. Double baseball slides to the Prime Time Players.


Kofi tags R-Truth in. R-Truth dances, then attacks Young. A kick to the back of Young's head for two. "What's up?" Blows to R-Truth' head, then Cody with a blind tag. Side Russian leg sweep for two. Front slam on R-Truth and then Cody tries to get the fans chanting for him. O'Neil tags in and kicks R-Truth. Forearm to R-Truth, then O'Neil stomps R-Truth for two. Head hold on R-Truth and the ref admonishes as R-Truth's feet are under the ropes. R-Truth tries to fight back and eats a big boot for two.

Young tags in and is slammed down on R-Truth for two. Body scissors on R-Truth on the mat. Blows to R-Truth, and O'Neil tags in. shoulder blocks to R-Truth in the heel corner. R-Truth with cheap shots, but then into a huge clothesline for two. Chinlock on R-Truth on the mat. The fans clap for R-Truth and Young tries to quiet them. Cheap shot on Kofi gives R-Truth a chance to hit a drop kick on O'Neil.

Cody and Sin Cara tag in. Sin Cara on Cody hard, head scissors, then an enziguri from the apron. Flying crossbody from Sin Cara, then the Prime Time Players rush in, so they eat drop kicks from Kofi and R-Truth! R-Truth elevates Kofi out onto Young and O'Neil. Cody goes after Sin Cara's mask, so Sin Cara is able to pin him for the three!

Winners – Kofi & R-Truth & Sin Cara (10:28)

Video of the high points of the match. Cody was more worried about the mask than the match. The faces celebrate in the ring as Young, O'Neil and Cody yell smack from the ramp.

Announce Segment

Kane and Ryder will face Miz and Bryan later!

Backstage Segment

Striker says to AJ that Punk would like to pick his... "I'm back!" says Otunga from behind AJ. He shakes hands with AJ and talks about his movie with Halle Berry. He says she might need some legal counsel. Harvard educated legal counsel. He says he'll file a lawsuit in the blink of an eye on anyone who calls her crazy. She needs to be protected from any and all liability. AJ's head snaps when he says protected and call him on it. She wants to hear the word protected again. He's there to offer his services. She says to offer his services in the ring, against an opponent of her choosing. Striker is very impressed with this. Striker asks about Punk picking his opponent. AJ says she likes that. Punk can pick who he wants – pending her approval. AJ then skips off down the hall.


Announce Segment

King talk Cole talk about the Social Media Ambassador of the night Khloe Kardashian Odom. She's been Tweeting all night about RAW.

Ryback vs Mike & Andy

Ryback out to the ring in his normal way. Mike Spinner and Andy
Taphores (No clue how his name is spelled or pronounced) are in the ring. Cole says that Ryback reads a book or two a month to keep mentally sharp and increase his knowledge.

Ryback kicks one guy and tosses him out. The other takes shoulder blocks, then forearm to the back drops him. He's slammed to the mat face first. "Goldberg!" chants. Ryback picks him up over and over and slams him down to the mat. Ryback says something about Jinder, then slams the other guy from the apron to the mat. Ryback grabs both guys, but Jinder attacks him from behind.

Winner – Ryback via DQ (1:28)

Knee to Ryback's jaw. Jinder stomps Ryback, then the camel clutch. Ryback is able to get to his feet, Jinder on his back, then jaw Jackson him! Jinder flees fast. Jinder watching from the ramp, sees Ryback hit a hard clothesline on a jobber. Ryback gets both up and marches, then slams them back. They yell smack back and forth, then Ryback wants to be fed more. I think the fans chanting with him are piped in a bit.

Backstage Segment

Jericho backstage texting. Ziggler comes up and says Jericho got one win, but in this industry, what have you done for me lately? Ziggler demands a rematch with Jericho, tonight. Jericho laughs at Ziggler and says he's the Ayatollah of Eock and Rola! He's Y2J. He a six time World Champ and knows how to win a big one, does Ziggler?

AJ skips in and around them. She tells them to break it up. She knows they want a rematch. But she wants to make it interesting. Raising the stakes. If Jericho loses, his contract is suspended. Of Ziggler loses, his MITB contract goes to Jericho! AJ skips off grinning.

Backstage Segment

ADR is yelling at Ricardo in Spanish before stomping off.


In Ring Segment

Ricardo announces ADR who walks out onto the stage and out. Cole says ADR has files a formal protest with Booker about what happened last night. He says he should be standing in front of those peasants as the new WHC. Last night he was robbed by the ref and the peasant Sheamus! The fans keep 'What-ing?' ADR. Stills of ADR's foot on the rope. He says he was robbed. We think he's going to stand there and take it? He demands a Title match against Sheamus, right now!

AJ comes skipping out in her black suit and red blouse. "Hola Alberto," says AJ in a very coy way with a little wave from the stage. She goes on to say that she has no authority over the WHC, that's Booker's scene. But she can put him in a match now that might help Booker decide. "Say hello to your little friend," AJ says, "your opponent. Orton's music hits.

ADR w/ Ricardo vs Orton

Orton to the ring very slowly. ADR leaves the ring as Orton says hello to a few children ringside, then gets in the ring. Orton poses on a corner, gets huge pop.


Orton and ADR in the ring, circling, then Sheamus' music hits. He comes out and ADR starts yelling and freaking out. Sheamus slaps hands and heads for announce.

Orton on ADR with blows, then an upper cut and drop kick for two. Side headlock on ADR. ADR pushes out and eats a shoulder block. Sheamus is glib about his win on announce. ADR into the ring with a kick to the gut, then slingshot suplex for two. Orton stomps his way around ADR, then drops a knee for two. Sheamus says if the ref hands it to him, he'll take it. Blows to ADR in a corner. Orton up and on ADR with blows, but only five before ADR ducks under and Orton eats corner. ADR pins Orton for two. ADR stomps Orton's face, then locks a chinlock on Orton in the center of the ring. Sheamus is happy to be a peasant. Orton whipped, but moves and rolls ADR up for a long two. Drop kick to Orton's head for two.

Sheamus says the car is too high class for him, he's a simple fella. Cole asks Sheamus is he has a pinto. He says he has a mule and cart back home. The mule's name is Pepe, he takes Sheamus to town for a pint of milk. (I will fully admit that I had to stop the show here for a moment so I could laugh out loud, then write in what Sheamus said – it was so deadpan and off the cuff that it was perfect!)

Orton to his feet, but eats a suplex. ADR double stomps Orton's gut. ADR punches the mat to mock Orton, then climbs. Orton takes ADR's legs out and on him with blows up top. Orton climbs and sets up his father's famous move, and hits the superplex. Orton pins for two.

They exchange blows on their knees, then to their feet. Orton gains control, but is then kicked. Clotheslines to ADR, then Orton slams ADR to the mat. ADR to the apron, Orton sets up, but is elevated over the top and eats an enziguri for two. ADR stomps away at Orton on the mat. Sheamus mocks Cole for his lame remarks. Back breaker to ADR. Kicks to Orton, calls for his finisher, but eats a neck breaker for two. ADR whipped, eats an elbow, then set up top. Orton puts ADR's feet on the second ropes and hits his 'vintage' DDT. Orton hears his voices, then Ricardo on the apron. Sheamus up and chases off Ricardo. Back stabber to distracted Orton. Orton's foot on the ropes, Sheamus shows the ref who stops the count. ADR and Sheamus argue about the foot. RKO and Orton gets the three.

Winner – Orton (8:34)

Cole yells at Sheamus that he's a tattle-tale. Video of Sheamus showing the ref that Orton's foot was on the rope, then the RKO. Sheamus laughed at ADR's loss. Sheamus poses ringside. ADR can barely stand as he holds onto Ricardo to stay vertical. They don't show a posing Orton at all.


Punk asked after his match about the ending of his match being controversial. Punk says the only controversy had to win twice. Little AJ had to get involved and he had to beat Big Show twice. What was controversial? The interviewer said that Punk had to steal the win. Punk says the only controversy was that he had to win twice.



Cesaro talking in 5 languages before beating Santino for the US Title last night. Then Aksana distracted Santino so Cesaro could win. They Touted after the match was over, showing Santino flat out on the mat.


The WWE took over LA. Clips from Axxess. Signings, Santino working as a chef and waiting tables. Sheamus, Eve, R-Truth, Kofi and Horny visit ill children in the hospital. Then to a B.A.Star event with other mainstream stars like Ryan Ochoa and James Durbin.

Funkasaurus vs Sandow

Funkasaurus and the Dactyls out in green and white. They dance in the ring, and off came Clay's pants! Video of Sandow attacking Clay two weeks ago on RAW. Clay is seething in the ring.


Clay is still in the ring dancing. Sandow's music and out he comes to the ring. The Dactyls are not impressed. Split screen and Sandow says, "As your intellectual savior and martyr, I cannot allow this dancing buffoon to continue to riddle the impetuous hearts and ignorant minds of the WWE 'Universe'. So tonight, I send the so called Funkasaurus back into extinction. You're welcome."

Sandow goes low but eats corner. Blows on Sandow in a corner. Clay backed off. Sandow on Clay's knee in the corner, but tossed off by his head. Bit clothesline to Sandow. Body drop on Sandow. Chop to Sandow's shoulder. Sandow eats corner a couple times, then a third. The Dactyls cheer Clay on. Belly-to-belly on Sandow. Elbow drop on Sandow. Sandow on Clay with blows, but can't stand up to Clay's blows. Sandow whipped, then splashed in the corner. Clay rubs his back all over Sandow, then bum slams Sandow. Running head butt on Sandow. Sandow whipped, but moves. Clay falls down and Sandow rolls Clay up for three – holding Clay's tights the whole time.

Winner – Sandow (2:40)

Sandow says, "You're welcome," to the Dactyls. Cartwheel from Sandow, but then Clay is behind him. Clay suplexes Sandow, then a big splash on Sandow on the mat. Funkasaurus music plays and he dances with the Dactyls and some little kids.

Announce Segment

They show Tweets from Superstars about the possible end of Trip's career in the ring. HBK is shown getting ready to talk to the fans via satellite.


Slam of The Week

Brock beating up HBK last week, then Trip running to HBK's rescue, but then Brock broke HBK's arm.

Via Satellite

Cole says that many says Trip's career is over after last night, how does HBK feel about this. HBK has his arm in a sling and he's sitting in front of a pannelled wall, a wooden armoir and a lamp with a rather ugly shade. HBK says he knows what's going through Trip's head right now. You can tell yourself that the end is near. You can prepare yourself and do everything everyone says you should, but nothing prepares you for that day that. POW, it hits you right in the face. All the thoughts you've given it, it's silent and private on your own, but it happens in front of thousands and millions. That's the humbling part of it. You can't prepare yourself for that. You can't prepare yourself to face your own professional mortality. You can talk about it all day long.

He knows what Trip is feeling. HBK thinks that what we saw last night could be the end of an amazing career. Trip is the warrior. Always has been. He's a man of honor, integrity. Something Heyman and Brock know nothing about. Trip went out there every night and gave it everything he had. Last night was no exception. He left every once of his being in that ring. Last night and every night prior. That's who the Game is. You know, the past couple week he came around because he wanted to support his friend. As he looks back he sees how stupid that was. He became a distraction, more than anything else. Another burden on the shoulders of Trip. Who knows, had he been there in Trip's corner it might have been different, might not have made any difference. No matter what, last week he told Trip where his heart was, but he didn't tell Trip the truth, and that's what he needed to hear. He needed to hear HBK says he couldn't beat Brock. It isn't easy to look your friend in the eye, someone who's been there through thick and thin, that you think it's over for them. (HBK looks like he's about to cry. Tears are welling in his eyes.) HBK is choked up, can barely speak. He says time has run its course. A big sniff, then HBK says, "Hunter, I want you to know this. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You are one of the greatest Superstars to have ever lived. I've always respected you, and I've always been proud of you. And I've always loved you. We all love you. On behalf of myself and the entire WWE 'Universe', we thank you for a job well done." They then show a still of Trip crumbled on the mat from last night's match.


Otunga vs Big Show

Otunga comes out in his nanny cape. He wears it to the ring, then throws it off and poses, garnering a little heat, but little more. Big Show's music hits and he stomps to the ring.

Big Show rushes Otunga and backs him into a corner. Slap to Otunga's chest, then another. Otunga slammed to the mat. Blows to Otunga's gut, then to the mat and Big Show steps on Otunga. Head butt drops Otunga to the mat. Otunga tries to fight back, but another blow to Otunga's back. Otunga choked in the ropes. A big slap to Otunga's chest in a corner. Otunga up, but then a knee to his gut. Big Show again slams Otunga to the mat. Big Show yells and sets up – WMD and it's over.

Winner – Big Show (2:07)

Big Show paces the ring, still seething. Big Show stomps up the ramp still mat. Video from after his match last night. Big Show yells that it wasn't a Triple Threat Match, it was Handicap Match! How was that fair? How was that fair? Cheer for Cena or Punk, neither have worked like him and gotten screwed like him! When does he get his one on one? Big Show says exactly, he doesn't get one!


Kane & Ryder vs Bryan & Miz

Fire erupts, then Kane to the ring. He calls fire from all four corners. Video of Kane's tirade backstage after Bryan beat him last night. Josh tried to get an interview, but was tossed away hard. He'll be back to work next week. Ryder out to the ring with a big smile on his face. Ryder stops outside the ring as Kane stares and seethes at him. Ryder carefully gets in the ring. Bryan out yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" at the fans who yell "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan rips up a sign, but stops outside the ring to look up at Kane in fear. Miz out with his ego pulled tightly around him, strap over his shoulder. Miz and Bryan head to the ring together, but Bryan has to stop and yell "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" and "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" face to face with a fan.

Bryan tags out and flees. Kane pulls Miz in over the top and beats him down in a corner. Kane chaes the ref off. Miz into another corner, then tags Ryder in. Ryder on Miz in a corner. Ryder whipped, but gets his feet up. Missile drop kick from Ryder that King says is beautiful. Miz then gains control and stomps Ryder. Big boot to Ryder for two.

Bryan tags in and on Ryder with upper cuts. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans. Bryan drops knees on Ryder who's arm is tucked back. Bryan taunts Kane to tag Ryder from the center of the ring. Bryan kicks Ryder's chest over and over yelling "NO!" each time. Bryan drops a knee on Ryder for two. Bryan then taunts Kane some more, not letting Ryder get to him, then hits an upper cut on Ryder.

Miz tags in and locks a chinlock on Ryder in the center of the ring. Ryder up, but then a neck breaker from Miz for two. Bryan tags in and on Ryder with kicks in the heel corner, yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" each time. Bryan then taunts Kane by standing out of his reach. Miz with cheap shots on Ryder. Bryan rushes Ryder who ducks and Miz takes the bump. Ryder kicks Bryan off and is able to make it to Kane and tag out.

Bryan wants to tag out, but Miz drops from the corner. Big slap to Kane, then Bryan flees the ring. Bryan over the barrier and out. Kane doesn't chase through the fans, but throws the stairs aside. Back in the ring and a big chokeslam to Ryder. Kane out and pulls the shield off announce. He tosses chairs all over the place, then sees the time keeper hiding. He grabs him, then slams him into the barrier. Kane back into the ring and grabs Ryder again. Tombstone on Ryder. Kane leaves the ring and staggers back and forth, then runs up the ramp.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Cena not being happy about how Punk won. Video of Cena when he's asked of Punk is the best in the world. Cenasays Punk is lucky. Things happen. He can't blame anyone for it. Cena won't say Punk is the best in the world.

Backstage Segment

Striker with Punk. Punk says he's still WWE Champ. But who's his next opponent? He thanks AJ for having enough respect in him to let him chose his own opponent. He's picking someone who can take a beating, someone the 'Universe' looks up to, someone people say he can't beat. His next opponent is Cena. On one condition. He'll call out Cena later, but it's one condition. He needs respect and tonight will demand respect from Cena.


Divas #1 Contenders Battle Royal

Aksana, Eve, Fox, Natalya, Tamina, Kaitlyn, and Rosa are in the ring, all staring over at Layla who is sitting at announce in a very tight black dress.

The bell and they're still watching Layla, not fighting. Finally the fighting starts. Tamina slams Rosa to the mat hard. Aksana slams Rosa by her hair to the mat. Rosa and Aksana roll around on the mat, then eliminate each other. Kaitlyn and Eve are fighting on the mat as Tamina and Fox fight in the ring. Sick head butt from Tamina on Fox! Tamina then helps Natalya try to eliminate Kaitlyn. Tamina brings Kaitlyn back in and Kaitlyn is double suplexed by tani and Natalya. Fox is beaten back and forth between Tamina and Natalya. Announce is too quiet – they are tongue tied. Tamina and Natalya try for a double delayed suplex, but Fox gets free. Natalya slams Fox back into a corner, yelling the whole way. Tamina purposely sends Natalya flying into Fox who moves ad Natalya flies out of the ring. Tamina then sends Fox out and then Tamina is eliminated.

This leaves Eve and Kaitlyn in the ring fighting each other, again. Eve gets Kaitlyn on her shoulders, but Kaitlyn gets free. Kaitlyn's first clothesline from the ring doesn't work, so Kaitlyn hits it again and gets the win.

Winner – Kaitlyn (3:58)

Layla points and laughs at Eve as Kaitlyn celebrates in the ring, all smiles.


More stills from Brock vs Trip last night at SummerSlam. King and Cole say almost exactly the same things they did during the previous time they showed those stills earlier in the show. They then show video of Heyman calling Brock the new King of Kings, conqueror of the Brocktagon. He goes on about Brock being the lord and master of the WWE, etc. Brock later Touted – he's accomplished all he said he'd do. He's leaving the WWE and never coming back. This gets solid pop from the fans.


Announce Segment

AJ Tweeted that Bryan needs anger management therapy.

Backstage Segment

Vickie is going off about AJ being a witch and she has to represent a World Champ. Ziggler needs to win this for her. Ziggler, who was sitting contemplative, bounces up and goes off on Vickie about this being for her. He says he might never get another shot like this and won't lose it. If he loses this, he might not be the greatest of all time. This is the biggest match of his career. Vickie yells, "We have to win!" over and over until Ziggler shakes her and tells her, "We will win." Ziggler leaves the room and Vickie is left shaking her head.


Contract vs Contract Match – Jericho vs Ziggler w/ Vickie

EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! She yells about Ziggler sending Jericho packing, Mr. Dolph Ziggler! Ziggler out, dances on stage, then heads for the ring. Lights go out, then there's Jericho on stage in his blinkie jacket. Jericho, his ribs still taped, heads to the ring. "Y2J!" chants.

They lock up and Jericho gets a side headlock on Ziggler. Ziggler pushes out and eats a shoulder block. Jericho tries a couple quick covers, so Ziggler flees the ring. Ziggler back into the ring into another two! Big chop to Ziggler on the mat. Another chop drops Ziggler to the mat. Blows on Ziggler in a corner. Ziggler uses the break to attack. Elbow drop on Jericho for two as Vickie yells at the ref to count faster! Blows on Jericho. Jericho is whipped but gets a foot up. Missile drop kick on Ziggler for two.

Jericho elevates Ziggler out. Ziggler to the apron and Jericho hits a slingshot drop kick knocking Ziggler from the apron again. "Y2J!" chants.


Chinlock on Jericho on the mat. Jericho works to his feet, but then melts back to the mat. Ziggler stands on his head while keeping the hold on. Jericho starts coming back, Ziggler elbows on Jericho, lets go and drops an elbow for two. Ziggler locks the hold back on and Jericho back to his knees. Jericho up and suplexes free of the hold. Jericho uses the corner to get to his feet. Ziggler rushes Jericho, but eats feet.

Shoulder blocks to Ziggler, then Jericho climbs. Jericho with double ax handle on Ziggler, but misses his running bulldog. Ziggler end up set up top and takes ten blows. Jericho jumps, hooks his feet under Dolph's arms and slams him to the mat for two.

Ziggler hits a big DDT on Jericho for two. Vickie keeps screeching! Jericho ducks the zig-zag and tries for the walls but Ziggler gets free. Jericho manages a small package for two. Clothesline on Ziggler. Jericho pushes Ziggler off and is able to hit his bulldog. Ziggler's knees come up to stop the lionsault. Zig-zag and Ziggler gets the three!

Winner – Ziggler (10:34)

Vickie is screeching in excitement. Ziggler celebrates his win, then Vickie points at Jericho and laughs. Video of the high points of the match. Vickie is all smiles as Ziggler poses on a corner. Jericho looks like he's about to cry. Ziggler keeps celebrating, posing, showing off. Jericho starts seething. Ziggler points and laughs, then poses again. Jericho grabs the case from Vickie's hands. Ziggler's music stops and he gets down to look at Jericho. Jericho asks Ziggler if he wants the case. The case to Ziggler's gut, then over his back. Vickie is screeching again. Ziggler to his feet and Ziggler eats a code breaker. Jericho has a small cut on his right cheek that is bleeding a bit (either the case or from Ziggler's boots). Jericho leaves the ring soaking in the fan reaction which still seems to be mostly positive. Jericho up the ramp, slapping hands half heartedly with fans. Jericho then back up the ramp, looks around at the fans and the show fades.


Trailer for WWE's movie The Day.

Backstage Segment

Punk is heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Punk's music and he comes out in a Punk t-shirt, loose black gym shorts, and his ring boots with the bright pink covers he debuted last night at SummerSlam. He's getting a mixed reaction, but not very loud. Punk leaves the ring and goes to announce.

Punk says to King that after winning last night he was going to talk about his next contender, but saw King and thought about how King said he turned his back on the 'Universe'. He wants King to admit it was a lie.

King says he meant no malice, but felt at that moment that he'd turned his back.

Punk tells him to admit he's wrong and apologize.

King doesn't respond to Punk. Punk is starting to say more when Cena's music hits. Punk is standing there staring at King as Cena comes out. Cena to the ring, so Punk heads in too. Cole says that it was convenient.

Some serious heat for Cena, more than usual it seems. Punk asks Cena that he couldn't have waited. He knew Punk was going to call him out. He must have seen he was dealing with business, but Cena had to steal the spotlight. That's what he wants to talk to Cena about, because it's indicative of the way things are run around there. WrestleMania until last night at SummerSlam, Punk's been taking a backseat to Cena. Punk throws his strap down on the mat in front of him. Punk goes on to say he's been taking the back seat to Cena, to Rock, and doing it out of respect. But respect is a two way street and not now, nor has it ever been reciprocated, in kind, the way it should be toward himself. He's the WWE Champion and has been for nine months and walking through airports people ask him, 'How are you Champ?' but then follow it up with, 'Hey, why weren't you in the main event last night?' 'How come you're taking a back seat to John Cena?' He tells them every match Punk's in is the main event, Cena goes on last because he respects Cena. It's because he respects Cena that he allows Cena to go on last.

Cena gives a quirky head tilt to that comment.

Punk continues with a BUT! "CM Punk!" chants erupt, but then dwindle off to some heat. Punk says taking a backseat doesn't make any sense. Cena's the guy he beat over a year ago for that Title. They guy Punk beat at SummerSlam. The people there don't respect that Punk has to take a back seat to the guy he beat LAST NIGHT at SummerSlam.

Cena nods a bit, taking this all in.

Punk says that last year he had to hold this company up to get the respect he deserves, and he's been given respect in kind, and taken a backseat since then. Punk asks Cena if he wants to know why he's the #1 contender for what belongs to Punk? Because Punk's going to beat Cena again. Because he has to beat him again. Hen he thinks about it, in all the times he's defeated Cena, it obviously doesn't matter. He looks out there and sees a sea of green. He sees hats, foam fingers and t-shirts and wristbands and sees the C-Nation in Fresno, California. Big pop for Punk's cheap pop. It dons on Punk what he needs Cena to do and that's the one condition. If Cena wants what Punk knows he wants...

Big "Cena!" chant erupts – mostly women and children. This is what Cena has to do. All these people who would follow Cena off a cliff are going to do what Cena does and say what Cena says, and they'll listen to what Cena has to say. The Title shot at Night of Champions is Cena's alls he has to do is say, live on TV, in front of everybody, admit that Punk is the best in the world.

Cena smirks slightly, then...

"Just tell the truth, John."

Cena says Punk is always one to speak his mind, but allow him to retort. Punk has been the WWE Champ for nine months, that means Cena hasn't been the WWE Champ in nine months. It's certainly not everybody, but he sees the t-shirts and the signs and asks himself why? He'll tell Punk. Through all the wins and losses, through all the good times and bad times, all the ups and downs, 'our' relationship is built off one word, and that word is not Championship. That word is is the word Punk so desperately seeks to attain, respect. He will provide an example. Cena then gives a cheap pop to Fresno and the fans go wild!

He goes on about the Fresno State University. For some reason if Fresno State doesn't win the Championship, the fans won't turn their back on their team. The fans love their team, are proud of their city and what it represents. It represents who they are. Like this (Cena's shirt) represents all of them. Less of a pop for this. Cena goes on to say Punk makes valid points, but Cena won't let 'all of us' down.

He might be throwing away a Championship, but he's not going to call Punk the best in the world. Because, to succeed, he has to believe, in his heart of hearts, that he is the best. That is not for acceptance, not out of arrogance, not cocky, it's because he believes in the fans and wants them to believe in him. He's spent one full calendar year telling everybody that would listen that he would beat the Rock at WrestleMania. There was not second in that match that he thought he would lose, and if he gets another shot, he knows he will say he can beat him again!

Because if the day comes that you don't believe in yourself, there's the door. Get the hell out! Know what? Nine months, congratulations. Cena once held it for 380 days straight. In that time, never once did he run down, slide into the ring and demand anything from anyone, in or outside the ropes.

Punk's been the WWE Champ for nine months, and he's right, he's firmly in the backseat. He's been the WWE Champ 274 days and all anyone remembers is the night Punk blew a kiss to VKM and left town. Punk glares. Cena say now Punk wants him to sacrifice the integrity he took ten years to build just so he can get a chance at the Title? No, he's not there to stroke Punk's ego. Punk says something off mic.

Cena says he's there to offer Punk vindication. He tells Punk to prove it. Punk can choose the #1 contender. Cena didn't say Punk's the best in the world, so Punk can choose whoever he wants. If it's not Cena, he can live with that. He's confident in his ability that he will get another shot at the Title. So don't choose Cena and see what happens. There's one moment, one match that can define that. NoC is in Cena's backyard, his hometown, if Punk walks into NoC, faces Cena and leaves WWE Champ, then that is the moment that will define Punk's existence.

Punk is about to say something, but Cena stops him. He's not saying he doesn't think Punk can do it, and there's a mutual respect between them. Right now, the choice is Punk. Choose anybody, Cena doesn't care. But don't come out there and demand respect from these people because if he doesn't choose Cena on the main stage of the main event of NoC, "frankly Jack, you have no respect for that, and no respect for you."

Cena turns and leaves the ring without a backward glance. Punk squats down in the ring, looking really pissed. A lot of cat calls from the fans. Punk then demands the apology from King. Punk says it makes complete sense. King said Punk turned his back on each and everyone of the 'Universe', and damn it, that's nothing he's ever done. So King get in that ring, have a conversation.

King, not looking terribly happy, gets up and heads for the ring. The fans are behind King all the way. King gets in the ring. Punk says King said Punk turned his back on the fans. King went too far and owes him an apology. King says he thinks this was all a misunderstanding, but if that's what Punk wants, "I apologize."

King turns to leave, but Punk stops King with a hand on his arm. Punk says he's not finished. If Cena doesn't want to say it, King is the minister of propaganda in the WWE 'Universe'. The fans will buy what king's selling. Punk wants to hear King say that Punk is the best in the world. Punk is right in King's face.

King says that Punk can call him the minister of propaganda, but he's been out here a lot of years behind that announce table and built a rapport with the WWE 'Universe'.

Punk says that's good, tell them what they already know. Tell them the truth. That's all King has to do. It's not hard. Then Punk will forget about King lying about Punk turning his back. Just say Punk's the best in the world.

King says that he can't say that. If Punk doesn't mind, let him go do his job. King walks by Punk, bumping his shoulder on the way by, and Punk drops his pipebomb to the mat. A round kick to the back of King's head and King drops to the mat hard. Punk stares down at King prone on the mat, then looks up at the fans. He's getting some heat, but still not a huge amount. Punk puts his strap over his shoulder and gets more heat and cat calls. Punk squats down and looks at King who hasn't moved. Punk then looks up at the fans, listens to the heat and cat calls. "I'll teach you some respect!" comes a yell from a deep voice just after RAW fades out.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

Most mixed

Most wild reaction

Sorry the ending of this was so late, but I wanted to make sure I got every bit of it down for you, and after three hours of RAW, it was difficult to keep up. This last segment was really solid and worth watching. It shows that there are guys in the WWE who can go on mic and really keep the fans sucked in.

Make sure you check out my RIB tomorrow for more reactions to tonight's RAW. There's much to discuss!

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