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RAW Results 12/3/12 - McMahon Jogs Vickie's Elbow

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Pre-RAW Commercial -

Cole says we all now know they're called the Shield, but they claim they're not working for or with Punk. What's next for the Shield? And rumor has it that VKM has been spotted backstage at RAW! Will he be on the show? Why is he there?

Show Starts


Recap of the issues between Sheamus and Big Show, Ziggler and Cena and AJ. Tonight Big Show and Ziggler will team up to face Sheamus and Cena. AND, The Shield delivered their own brand of justice, and Punk was spared as Ryback was again destroyed. Punk then stood over Ryback, a foot on his chest yelling "Feed me more!" Will we learn more about The Shield's brutal attack? Find out more tonight on RAW!

Team Hell No vs Prime Time Players

Fire erupts, then organ music, out comes Team Hell No, together in a show of solidarity. Cole and King are ringside. Cole says the attack by the Shield seems to have unified them. The Shield is up high in the cheap seats. Kane says they're real tough up there. They claim to fight against injustice, and they'll give them something to fight about. The Shield just stands up there and stares, a slight smirk from Ambrose. "You suck!" chants for The Shield. Prime Time Players out the ring in blue as Cole says VKM might appear tonight on RAW.

O'Neil kicks and punches on Kane, shoulder blocks in the heel corner, but Kane fights back with blows on both O'Neil and Young. Cheap shots on Young, taking O'Neil out from the ring. Both Kane and Bryan stare up at The Shield as Prime Time Players regroup. Ambrose is alone up there.

Bryan and Young tag in and fight as Cole says Ambrose is alone up there, not just a tight shot on him. Bryan beats down Young. Kane tags in with a drop kick on a sitting Young for two. Cole is making arguments he's heard about why the Shield attacked Kane, King says Cole is stretching it. Kane works over Young's arm with an arm. Cole says this is match 899, the most ever matches for a WWE Superstar! Bryan tags in. Reigns is part way down from the sky box, but still way up and away from the ring.

Kane back in and misses a back slam when Young moves out of the way. Running knee on Kane in a corner. O'Neil tags in and on Kane with forearms. Young tags in and on Kane. Bryan tags in and the fans are going wild as The Shield is on the move through the crowd. Reigns is heading down the stairs, so is Ambrose, but where's Rollins?


O'Neil on Kane with a big clothesline. Reigns is down on the floor level, but still in the crowd, as is Ambrose, but Rollins is nowhere to be found. The camera on Ambrose watching closely as Kane blocks a suplex and counters with his own. Bryan tags in and on O'Neil with a horrid clothesline! Running drop kick on O'Neil in a corner for two. Reigns steps closer to the ring, but only a bit. Bryan catches an elbow, but Young tags in and on Bryan with elbow drops while yelling smack, then pinning Bryan for two. Bryan locks on the "NO!" lock, but O'Neil in. Kane tosses him out. Both Reigns and Ambrose at the barrier, watching THN closely. Young knocks Kane from the ring and rolls Bryan up, Bryan rolls through for the three.

Winners – THN (11:28)

Kane is ambushed outside the ring as Rollins attacks Bryan from behind inside the ring. Kane beaten down on the stairs. Bryan fighting back, but the other two join Rollins in the ring and they beat Bryan down. The three of them raise Bryan high and slam him to the mat to the heat of the fans. The Shield head out through the time keeper's booth and through the fans without a word. Video recap of the attack on Kane and Bryan outside and in the ring. King and Cole are yelling and screaming about what The Shield did to THN, that they can't be trusted.

Backstage Segment

Cena and Sheamus talking smack backstage. Sheamus thanked Cena for helping him on Smackdown. Sheamus goes off talking about this and that in a wild way. Cena stops Sheamus and says he doesn't remember anything. Cena talks about relaxing with a pint, or two. Sheamus asks him to stop at fifteen. Cena says that what they're going to do in the ring tonight translates to any language.

Backstage Segment

AJ, in a tiny black sports bra type top, with white polkadots, heading for the ring, looking slightly spacy.


Tamina vs AJ

Tamina in the ring in black ring gear with silver and red flames trim. AJ bounces out in her polkadots, with cutesey skulls and crossbones on her hips and knees.

Tamina slams AJ to the mat. AJ attacks Tamina, all over her, but thrown off. AJ attacks again, slammed into a corner. AJ leaps up top like it's nothing, but Tamina grabs her hand and flips her to the mat. Tamina works her over on the mat, then slams AJ and lands her up top. AJ over Tamina's shoulder, back bent over the shoulder, and Tamina shakes her up there. AJ slammed to the mat. AJ fights back with blows and kicks, but then runs her face into a back elbow!

Tamina pins AJ, but only gets two. Double ax handle to AJ's back, then AJ whipped and hits the mat. AJ pulled up, out and slammed back into the corner and hits the floor. Jumping head butt to AJ's forehead. Tamina drags AJ by an arm and her hair. Tamina is about to go up to fly, but AJ rolls her up quickly for three!

Winner – AJ (3:21)

AJ flees the ring and up the ramp. Tamina is left in the ring, shocked.

In Ring Segment

Punk out, sneering, with Heyman in tow. Heyman is carrying the WWE Title high in the air. On the apron Punk smiles, puts a hand on the Title, then gets in the ring.


Heyman introduces himself to huge heat. "As if you opinion mattered." This morning he left home to fly there, of all places, his children of all people were reading the new diffident WWE Encyclopedia. He's not out there to shill the book, because he doesn't like it. There's not enough about Punk in there. To give credit where due, there was something in there they'd been too busy to notice, being 379 days, tonight at midnight Punk will tie, tomorrow night at midnight, will surpass Cena as the longest reigning WWE Champ of the modern era. What that means, to Punk's massive and soul credit, is the longest reigning Champ of the past 25b years. Punk is not only our Champ, not only the best in the world, and Punk should be front and center of WWE version of Mt. Rushmore! There's no argument against it.

Punk says he stands in front of us unfairly persecuted. He's proven all this year that he's the best in the world. His face would go above Hogan, Cena, SCSA, Rock, - Heyman 'What'd' Punk through this – off mic! Punk says at HIAC he beat Ryback. At Survivor Series he beat both Cena and Ryback, so why at TLC does he have to face Ryback again? It's all of the fans who turn their faces from him. It's like you baldy who can't hold a job for 365 days, never mind a Title. The people who look at him under a magnifying glass to find faults in Punk. First it was Heyman, he was the reason Punk was Champ. Then Maddox. Now it's The Shield. They're the reason he's Champ. If it wasn't for The Shield, he wouldn't be Champ now! That's a lie! They want to know the truth? If it wasn't for Punk, they wouldn't be there. He's the reason they're there to see RAW. He's the reason we tune in every Monday. He's why we have these dismal free hours on Monday night. He's saying it again! He has nothing to do with Maddox or the Shield, but he is the hottest thing in the WWE today. He wants us to put our money where our mouths are. Change the channel! Get up and leave the arena if you don't like it!

AWESOME! Out comes Miz! Really? Really? Really? Tellt hese people to get up and go? Really? Sit down and enjoy yourslef. Best in the world, Maddox, Shield? Really? Punk talks all these lies, but we know the truth.

Punk asks who Miz is to pass judgment on him?

Miz says he's the guy who cheated, scammed and took all the short cuts, but he admits it! Everyone knows Maddox saved Punk. If the Shield hadn't saved Punk, Ryback would have fed him some Punk!

Punk says if he wanted to question Punk's credibility, he could walk his Gucci's to the ring and let Punk put his knee to Miz's face and put him to sleep.

Miz says they're Loubouton, but that's okay. Punk's credibility in the ring is why he's out there. They could fight anytime, he wants Punk on Miz TV. Prove he has nothing to hide and take a lie detector test. He contacted the Guilford county Sheriff's Dept and they're more than happy to give the equipment and technician to do it.

Heyman says Miz wants to subject Punk, the best in the world to Miz's three ring circus. He proposes to put a mic in front of an uninhibited public speaker with a mic three inches from his face with Miz there, knowing how Punk feels about Miz backstage?

Miz puts on a silly voice and says, "That is exactly what I'm proposing, you walrus!" The fans love this. Miz says if he wanted Heyman to talk, he'd throw him a fish.

"Walrus!" chants!

Punk says he demands they each apologize to Heyman.

"We are really, really sorry he's a really big walrus!" says Miz. Punk, that's exactly what he wants. Punk with a live Miz on Miz TV, on live TV. Bring your best pipe bomb. He's giving Punk the chance to clear his name. Rub it in the faces of those who say he's not the best in the world. Unless Punk is afraid of the truth. If he wants to continue with the asterisk by his 379 day reign, that asterisk!

Punk goes off and agrees to this. Then everyone will have to admit he's the best in the world. He will prove it. Punk drops his mic and is standing there seething as Heyman holds the belt high.


Cena & Sheamus vs Ziggler & Big Show

Cena to the ring. Sheamus out to tag with him. Ziggler out to ringside. Big Show comes out and gets in the ring. Big Show shows off his belt, then Ziggler on the apron, gets yelled at by Big Show.

Big Show yells at Ziggler some more, then leaves Ziggler to start with Sheamus. Ziggler on Sheamus. Sheamus reverses into a side headlock takeover on Ziggler. Sheamus keeps the hold on. Ziggler pushes off and eats a shoulder tack. Sheamus runs the ropes into a lovely drop kick to the gut! Ziggler into the ropes and eats a back elbow.

Cena tags in. They double team Ziggler. Ziggler reverses Cena's hold into a side headlock on Cena as Big Show yells at Ziggler and the dueling chants at Cena. Cena over and under a running Ziggler until he takes Ziggler down. Cena on Ziggler, but Ziggler back with a big right. Big Show tags in.

They lock up and Cena is tossed back. Cena runs the ropes and tries a shoulder block, but hits a wall of Big Show and falls to the mat. Big Show stands on Cena in a corner, then shushes the fans for a slap to Cena's chest. Into the opposite corner for a head butt, then another chest slap. Cena tries to fight back, scoops Big Show up, but then falls back with Big Show on top. Big Show tags out.

Ziggler in with what JR called Ziggler's epic elbows. He flicks his sweat, then hits his final elbow drop. Cena to his feet in a corner. Ziggler flies at him, but Cena moves and Ziggler eats corner. Both are able to tag out.

Sheamus on Big Show with blows, backs Big Show into a corner. Sheamus on Big Show with shoulder blocks in a corner, then takes Big Show down in the center of the ring. Sheamus is in control, but then a spear from Big Show and both men are down!


Head butt to Sheamus. Sheamus with blows from his knees, but hit down by Big Show. More blows from a kneeling Sheamus. Sheamus to his feet, but knocked down. Big Show walks across Sheamus and tags out. Ziggler between Sheamus and Cena, hits another lovely drop kick on Sheamus. A chinlock with body scissors on Sheamus as Big Show yells, "Keep it tight!" Sheamus to his feet, throws Ziggler off and hits his Irish curse backbreaker on Ziggler when he rushes back in. Sheamus is able to tag out.

Cena knocks Big Show off the apron, then shoulder blocks on Ziggler. Ziggler up but wiggles free. Big Show in and Sheamus stops him. Sheamus gets Big Show up, Cena gets Ziggler up. AA and white noise at the same time. Cena pins Ziggler for three.

Winners – Sheamus & Cena (11:57)

Sheamus and Cena celebrate in a big way together. Video of the AA and white noise together. Cena out to shake hands with soldiers as Sheamus celebrates in the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole and King talk about the match. Cena hugs someone behind King and Cole, as they talk to the fans about VKM and the Shield. Cena leans in and says Sheamus is a tough guy, then continues on around the ringside area. Cole talks about Punk talking about Maddox and the Shield. They go to video of Miz inviting Punk on Miz TV and into the lie detector test. Punk agrees to it. It will happen later on RAW.



Miss Piggy is looking for Kermit, but finds Flo Rida. It's a promo for Tribute To The Troops. She still has to pack, so he takes off. He must be in a rush to see the Troops!

In Ring Segment

Sandow walks out and begs our indulgence for a moment. For what's felt like an eternity, he's attempted to help us. It's proven to be futile. As our intellectual savior, he cannot and will not abandon us. Despite their handicap, he's going to pick one to be his apprentice. Who is worthy of such an honor? He looks through the crowd, picks someone and tells someone to escort that obscenely dressed person to the ring. No, not you, the person with all their teeth next to you! A guy in a Little Jimmy shirt runs up. Sandow tells everyone to pay attention, it might be them next time! Sandow tells the guy to hurry up, he's losing points already.

Please, remain silent! Sandow tells him to stand up straight. He can be Sandow's apprentice, but has to answer 3 questions.
1- H2O is the chemical formula for what?
A – Water
2- Who was the first President of the United States?
A- George Washington
3- What famed English poet wrote, "Much have I traveled in the land of gold."?
A- Serious?

Sandow says he couldn't be more serious!

The guy doesn't know.

John Keats, you ignoramus! You win the idiot of the day award! Sandow will leave him with a quote from Sandow - Ignorance is curable, stupid is forever! Leave this ring, leave this arena, I think you should be exiled from the United States of America. Hold on, hold on, you're welcome!

Sandow vs Santino

Santino out and says Sandow comes out and axes questions, but knows the answers. Santino is going to axes him a question. How many ah seashells does she sells, how many de shells, does she shells by the she shore.

Sandow says, I'm on an Arthurian search for an apprentice and he wants to discuss crustaceans? To answer Santino's question, the most common type of crustacean is a bivalve. Tell everyone I'm right, and leave.

Santino says no, it's the conch (pronounced konk). Santino giggles, then turns to konk Sandow on the head with the mic,but Sandow is ready, blocks it and takes Santino down. Santino up quickly, removes his shirt and is ready to fight. The ref holds Santino back form Sandow on the apron.


Santino fights back with blows, but kicks from Sandow. Santino power walks the ropes and rolls Sandow up for two. Sandow stomps Santino, holding Santino's arm up to really work the ribs. Sandow beats Santino down on the mat, gets heat, then a Russian leg sweep, then the elbow of disdain, but Santino kicked out. King talks about the conch joke being funny, Cole didn't agree. Santino drops down below the clothesline, then hits his hip toss. Cobra comes out, but Sandow leaves the ring. Santino out after him, but Sandow attacks on their way back in. Sandow took the cobra. Santino up, but Sandow moves and Santino hits the mat. The End from Sandow for three.

Winner – Sandow (2:45)

Sandow cartwheels for the fans, then poses on a corner.

Announce Segment

Cole wants to be the apprentice. Now it's time to stump Sandow. They're calling for Touts to stump Sandow!

Backstage Segment

Ziggler is pissed about the way Big Show treated him. Vickie says she's losing a bit of faith. Ziggler says he can beat Cena. He wants a match at TLC. She coyly gives it to him. Ziggler wants a hug, but she cuts him off, looking around nervously. He gets the hint. Ziggler tells her there's someone waiting in her office.

Vickie goes in to find Maddox and his cameraman. Vickie rails on him for being there, she didn't invite him! Maddox says he's making sure no one forgets Brad Maddox!


Backstage Segment

Vickie tells Maddox she's busy. She goes on and on about what Maddox and Punk did at HIAC. Maddox says it was all him. Maddox says that Vickie's reputation as the most powerful woman in all of WWE history stands for itself. Her vision, leadership, management skills, but with her eye for talent and entertainment. It doesn't get more entertaining than YouTube sensation than Maddox. Put this face on RAW, you go from good TV to great TV. Vickie says he wins his match tonight, he gets a contract. He agrees. He asks who? She says he will see. He says it will be great TV, he's on it. Vickie agrees it will be great TV, smirk on her face.

Sin Cara vs ADR

Sin Cara to the ring. ADR out in a Astin Martin DBS Volante. ADR comes out of the car without a scarf or shirt, just in his ring gear. The camera looks over the car again before ADR heads to the ring. Ricardo holds the ropes for ADR.

They lock up, Sin Cara backed into a corner, clean break. A kick knocks Sin Cara's feet from under him, then beats him on the mat. Sin Cara ducks a wild clothesline, then a hip toss and keeps ADR on the mat in the arm hold. ADR backs Sin Cara into a corner, then shoulder blocks. The ref backs him off, but ADR back with a kick to Sin Cara's face for two. Sin Cara back on ADR with an arm drag. King talks about Rosa wearing sexy perfume and dressing for ADR tonight. Sin Cara runs up the corner, then sends ADR flying. Sin Cara attacks ADR's arm, kicking at it and working it over. ADR fights back in the same way. A snap suplex on Sin Cara for two.

Chinlock on Sin Cara on the mat, Ricardo is watching closely from outside. ADR sends Sin Cara flying to the mat, circles around, kicks him in the back. ADR chokes Sin Cara in the second rope, but then telegraphs and Sin Cara' feet land on ADR's shoulders to send him flying. Sin Cara elevated, lands on the apron, moves out of ADR's way, then lands a kick to ADR's face as he flies through. Sin Cara off the apron, hits a sick hurricanranna and sends ADR into the barrier in a very uncomfortable looking way. Sin Cara again kicks ADR in the face as he tries to regroup from slamming into the barrier.


Sin Cara with head scissors on ADR for two. Cole says Ricardo would be unemployed if not for ADR, for what other skills does he have? A kick to ADR outside, then sends ADR back in. Sin Cara tries to get the fans into the match, but really can't. ADR sends Sin Cara from the apron to the front of the announce table. ADR sends Sin Cara into the barrier. Back in the ring ADR pins for two. ADR jumps and stomps Sin Cara in the back with one foot. ADR rips at Sin Cara's mask, then a chinlock. Sin Cara fights back, but then suplexed, ADR bridges the hold for two. Kin talks about how Sin Cara's head bounced off the mat there. ADR rushes Sin Cara in a corner, but Sin Cara moves. Ricardo tries to get involved, but doesn't. Sin Cara on ADR with a serious DDT that leaves both men on the mat, and the WWE replaying the move.

They exchange blows as King talks both men up. A back elbow from Sin Cara, then takes ADR down again in a corner. An enziguri from the apron, then Sin Cara climbs. Lovely crossbody on ADR for a long two. Sin Cara again takes ADR down on the mat, then climbs. ADR moves out of Sin Cara's way and he eats mat. ADR suddenly locks on his cross arm breaker and Sin Cara taps out.

Winner – ADR (11:08)

They replay some of Sin Cara's big moves, but one little misstep and ADR wins the match. ADR is all smiles in the ring. ADR poses and Ricardo is all smiles.

Backstage Segment

VKM, walking backstage in a medium brown suit, blue shirt and orange and navy tie, he tells someone on the crew to tell Ms Guerrero he want to talk to her, in the ring, now. The guy takes off, but VKM didn't seem to get the respect he wanted from this guy, demanded a 'Yes Sir' from him.



Recap of Miz confronting Punk, and setting him up for Miz TV later on RAW. Punk agreed to the lie detector test, then everyone will have to admit that Punk is the best in the world.

In Ring Segment

Justin announces Vickie to the ring. She comes out in a light tan mini-dress. She takes the mic and introduces VKM, but as soon as she opens her mouth, she gets HUGE heat. VKM gets some solid pop as he struts to the ring. Vickie claps for VKM, all smiles, demands everyone clap for him. She says he looks quite hansom tonight. He tells her she looks rather, almost, ah, semi-comely. Vickie takes this as a compliment.

VKM starts talking about her matches for TLC.

She puts together Cena vs Ziggler, it will be epic!

VKM tells her to add a stipulation.

She makes it No DQ. This gets her heat.

VKM tells her this is TLC, think harder!

A Ladder Match!

VKM likes this.

But they're not Champs and they need something to reach for, climbing the ladder.

VKM, says what about a briefcase of some kind. As in MITB briefcase.

Vickie says people might think bad about this. Cena could gain everything, Ziggler could lose everything. It's not fair!

VKM asks if she thinks it fair that she and Ziggler perpetuate all over the world about this AJ scandal about her and Cena? Is that fair? Doesn't she owe them something more, like making this match official?

She then makes it official, big smile on her face.

He dismisses her.

Vickie starts telling VKM that he can be dismissed now, and starts talking, but he cuts her off about the lie detector test later on tonight.

She agrees.

What if Punk's proven to be a liar about Maddox and the Shield? Shouldn't he be punished? No one likes a liar Vickie!

Vickie says, oh, yes, lying is bad.

VKM asks what the punishment would be?

Vickie says if Punk is found to be lying, they must destroy the mastermind behind it all, that's Heyman.

VKM likes where this is going.

Vickie says Punk is a Heyman Guy. And Punk wouldn't put his guy in harm's way. If Punk's lying, then next week there will be a match. Heyman vs Ryback!

VKM loves this. "That's my girl, Vickie Guerrero! Let's hear it for Vickie! Let's hear it for Vickie!" VKM leaves Vickie in the ring, and she loses all off her smiles and looks a bit ill.

Announce Segment

Cole and King talk about WWE Active and the WWE App. They show some of the pictures and stuff on it.

Backstage Segment

Maddox is heading for the ring, his cameraman filming it all.


Brad Maddox vs Orton

Maddox comes out, dark gray leather jacket with studs and patches on the shoulders over his trunks, to the ring. He struts his stuff until Orton's music hits, then he looks really nervous. Orton comes down and stares into the ring as Maddox paces and looks a bit green. Orton into the ring and poses for the fans.

Orton stares as he circles. Maddox tries to flee, but he's caught. An elbow catches Orton, this pisses him off. Maddox sent from the ring. A big clothesline outside, then Orton sends him into the ring. Orton stops Maddox before he can flee the ring. DDT from Orton. Maddox struggles to his feet, eats an RKO, then three.

Winner – Orton (1:14)

Orton doesn't get a chance to pose, his hand is only being raised before the Shield is there attacking Orton. They really beat Orton down in the ring, stomp him down hard. They all raise Orton up and slam him down on the mat. The fans really don't like this as the Shield leave the ring. Video of the Shield's attack on Orton. Orton is up on one elbow, touching his mouth after the video is over.


Backstage Segment

Vickie is screaming at a ref about something. Ziggler comes screaming in about what Vickie did to him! AJ made him do this before with Jericho. They said AJ was just a power hungry amateur, Vickie is becoming just like her!

Heyman comes in, gets right up in Vickie's face and they glare at each other. Heyman quirks an elbow. Vickie says for Heyman's say, he'd better hope Punk is telling the truth. Heyman smiles at Vickie, then turns and leaves.

Cena comes in with a big smile, saying someone told him she wanted to see him. He looks Vickie over and says he's interested, but it would last two dates and it would be a bigger disaster than Ziggler forgetting the five moves of doom. Cena says he's feeling pretty good as Vickie made a great match. Who would have known this would happen, thank Vickie Guerrero, thanks. He knows that look, Cena is the only one to cash in that case and fail. Mark his words, when he gets the case, he will cash in and win!

Cena turns to leave and Vickie stops him. She says that the women's locker room was cleaned out and they found these in AJ's locker – hair bows with Cena's cameos on them. Vickie is warning Cena about how obsessed AJ gets with guys. It's pathetic.

Cena says these are pathetic and a hack job. They're the wrong colors. He gets it, she can't leave well enough alone. Vickie says pasts keep repeating themselves.

Kofi & R-Truth vs Cesaro & Barrett

Barrett and Cesaro in the ring, waiting. Kofi bounces out to meet them. Long comes out and says since Vickie is busy, Booker isn't there, and VKM wants to spice things up, so why not a Fatal 4 Way Title Match? Which Title on the line? Kofi's IC Title, or Cesaro US Title? Vote on Twitter, the results next!


Fatal 4 Way Match – US Title - R-Truth vs Kofi vs Cesaro vs Barrett

US Title – 83%
IC Title – 17%

Cesaro kisses his belt goodbye. Kofi and Barrett fight while R-Truth and Cesaro fight. Barrett and R-Truth tossed out of the ring. Kofi and Cesaro fight in the ring. Elbow drop on Kofi, then a head butt to Kofi's face. Back slam on Kofi in a corner. Clothesline on R-Truth outside the ring. Kofi is whipped, but moves, kicks Cesaro, sends him flying from the ring. Barrett in and on Kofi hard in the ring. Cup handle slam on Kofi for two. Kofi runs the ropes, ducks Barrett's clothesline and hits a low drop kick on Cesaro throught he ropes. R-Truth in, dances around, hangs Barrett up top, crotching him, then sends him out.

Kofi in, R-Truth shake, then start fighting. They go back and forth until the both land feet on the other with a double drop kick. Kofi sends Cesaro out and Barrett out almost as soon as they come in. Kofi flies out on Barrett. R-Truth tries the same, but Cesaro moves and backs R-Truth into the barrier. Kofi flies off the stairs, but eats an upper cut from Cesaro. Cesaro rolls Kofi back into the ring.


Kofi and Cesaro exchange kicks and blows. Cesaro with a half Boston crab on Kofi. Kofi is able to kick out. R-Truth in, gets Cesaro up and slams him to the mat. The fans love R-Truth, but Barrett pulls the rope down and R-Truth flew out. Upper cuts on Barrett, Barrett back with blows. Kofi flies in from nowhere with a crossbody. Barrett breaks up the pinfall. Side slam on Kofi, R-Truth breaks up that pinfall. R-Truth takes Barrett down, but he kicks out. Barrett fights back against R-Truth. R-Truth set up top, big blows on R-Truth. Barrett climbs, but R-Truth head butts Barrett down. Cesaro on the apron and on R-Truth with blows. Cesaro up with R-Truth, but Kofi runs up and an arm drag from up top! Barrett up with R-Truth, Kofi gets involved and all flew. Cesaro in and planted Kofi for two. Cesaro is pissed!

R-Truth slingshots Cesaro into the ropes, then clotheslines Cesaro from the ring. Barrett attacks Kofi, but Kofi lands on his feet. Double hand clotheslines on Barrett, then a big flying clothesline. Boom drop on Barrett. Kofi sets up, but Cesaro pulls Kofi from the ring. Cesaro rolls in, grabs Barrett, then sets up but eats a drop kick from R-Truth. Barrett connects on R-Truth, Kofi hits TIP, but Cesaro picks up Kofi just before the three. Cesaro with his finisher, picking up Kofi's dead weight and gets the three!

Winner – Cesaro (12:23)

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Maddox's actions at HIAC. They show video of this. Cole says Maddox claims he did this on his own. Then to video of The Shield attacking Ryback, putting him through the announce table, then Punk managed to win at Survivor Series. Will Punk tell the truth on Miz TV?


Announce Segment

Cole talks about VKM in the ring and coercing Vickie into making a match for TLC – Ladder Match for MITB - Ziggler vs Cena!

Miz TV

Miz welcomes us to Miz TV! Welcome Mr. Fredrick Abrahmson, from the Guilford County Sheriff's Dept! Punk claims he had nothing to do with Maddox helping him beating Ryback at HIAC, and The Shield helping him beat Ryback and Cena at Survivor Series. He's using what all good talk show hosts use, the lie detector test. So everyone, please welcome, CM Punk.

Punk out to the ring, Heyman in tow, carrying the belt high. Miz welcomes Punk, then Punk is set up for the test. Miz starts to explain the test, but Punk cuts him off. He tells the guy to ask him if he thinks it's stupid that Miz's mic is upside-down. Punk continues to rank on Miz and his clothes. Miz is only trying to bring Punk down because his Title reign was so forgettable.

Miz says he wasn't listening, did Punk say something?

Punk says like Miz wasn't listening in wrestling school.

Miz says no, he did quite well in wrestling school.

Punk starts ranting again, ask him if Miz sucks, because he does. Miz says he doesn't, but Punk's mother does. Punk goes on, so Miz says Greensborooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Miz explains about how to get a baseline on the test, then reminds Punk that if he's caught lying, Heyman will have to face Ryback next week. "Walrus!" chants. So Miz says that he thinks they're calling him a walrus again, sorry about that.

There's a graph with a bumpy red line up on the tron, guess this is supposed to be the test – but it's a Windows performance monitor, but with some extra icons on the top – no clue what the graph is really testing, but it could be real! Miz asks Punk, "What's your name?" Miz raises his eyebrows on this one.

CM Punk.

Have you been WWE Champion for 379 days?


In 2010 at the OTL PPV, did Rey Mysterio shave your head bald?

Punk glares at Miz. Miz says, well? Punk is pissed, but then says Rey shaved his head bald.

The year I main evented WrestleMania, did you lose to Randy Orton?

Punk wants to leave, then says he knows he did. Rock attacked Cena, then he lost to Orton, a fantastic RKO ended Miz's match, but everyone would like to forget...

Miz stops Punk, saying he wouldn't like the test to be swayed, would Mr. Walrus? But Punk wants harder questions? That's fine and dandy. Does Punk think he can beat Ryback by himself?

Punk smiles and says yes, but the red line on the tron jumps in a BIG way. Punk demands to know what's going on behind him. He didn't know that was up there, that doesn't mean anything. Miz says that Punk could be lying. Miz says how about something more concrete? Did you work with Maddox to win at HIAC? Did you work with The Shield to win at Survivor Series? Did you? Answer it!

Punk glares at Miz, slightly nods, then Miz is pulled from the ring and attacked. As this start, Punk removes all the monitors and flees with Heyman. The Shield attacks Miz. The table is tossed from the ring, they bring Miz into the ring and raise him high before they slam him to the mat. Team Hell No comes out to the ring, The Shield wait for him. Bryan is working with Reigns as Ambrose and Rollins work over Kane. It's a losing battle of numbers when Ryback's music hits.

Ryback to the ring, then clothesline Ambrose, followed by Reigns and Rollins. Ambrose sent outside, then into the crowd! Bryan deals with Rollins while Kane beats on Reigns. Ryback and Ambrose fight their way to the back. Bryan and Rollins fight their way into the crowd. Kane, fighting with Reigns also fight their way into the crowd!

Punk into the ring and asks Miz if he has some questions for Punk now? Punk kicks Miz in the chest and tells him to get out of Punk's ring. Punk starts to celebrate, but Ryback hits the ring, gets Punk up and marches before Punk is shell shocked.

Ryback leaves the ring and finds a chair, into the ring. From the other side of the ring, Ryback finds a ladder and sends it in. Ryback waits for Punk to get to his feet. Ryback nails Punk in the gut with the ladder. Then Ryback grabs the chair and hits Punk in the back with it. Ryback leaves the ring, finds a table and sends it in. Ryback sets up the table, gets Punk up and powerbombs Punk through the table!

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