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RAW Results 11/26/12 - But How Strong Is The Shield?

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Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins putting Ryback through a table, twice, and getting an answer from them. Also, what will Vickie have to say about AJ and Cena?

(Please bear with me as I am typing on a new keyboard this evening. I will work my hardest, but I am really not used to what I'm typing with.)


The narrator talks about the controversy of AJ and Cena – all that's gone on with that, and with Ziggler last week. Then on to Punk's party last week where Ryback was trying to crash (even though Heyman invited him, Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins attacked Ryback and put him through announce – again!

Ryback vs O'Neil w/ Young

"Feed me more!" Out comes Ryback. On stage he yells, "Wake up!" Cole talks about the NXT upstarts, but there's been no answers. Cole says he had an exclusive interview with the NXT Upstarts who offer their manifesto. O'Neil in the ring, Young outside, both waiting for Ryback.

O'Neil on Ryback into a corner. Ryback fights back. O'Neil with a shoulder block on Ryback, dropping Ryback to the mat! Clothesline drops Ryback! Thesz Press on O'Neil. Ryback slams O'Neil face first to the mat. O'Neil rolls out, but Ryback out and drops him. "I hit hard!" says Ryback. Spinebuster from O'Neil for almost one! O'Neil tried for the spinebuster again, but Ryback free and sends O'Neil flying back into Young on the apron. Young lands hard. Meathook clothesline on O'Neil, then he says, "Finish it!" O'Neil lifted, Ryback marches, shellshocked.

Winner – Ryback (3:17)

Video of the high points of the match. The fans sounded into the match and behind Ryback, even counting the three with the ref! Ryback then says there's one Punk, three outsiders in black, he wants all four and will stand there all night until he gets what he wants. He then says, and gets the chant going – "Feed me more!"


In Ring Segment

"Feed me more!" Out comes five guys in yellow 'security' polo shirts. They all get in the ring, line up in front of Ryback, and one of them, the biggest steps up. Ryback sends him flying from the ring, easily. He steps toward them, they step back, but then Vickie comes out. She's a very understanding person, and she's sure he's angry and embarrassed about going through a table, twice, but he won't put his hands on security, or hold up her show, she has no choice...

Ryback tells her she's right, she has no choice. No choice but to give Punk to Ryback at TLC, and he's not leaving the ring.

She says she will give him that, but he has to leave the ring.

SHUT UP! He wasn't done speaking, he wants Punk at TLC, but with tables, with ladders, with chairs!


SHUT UP! There's no security to stop him, he can rip this place from pillar to post if he wants to.

She agrees to it all, but would he please leave the ring. Ryback makes a quick move toward the four security guys, they scatter! Ryback's music, and he leaves the ring strutting, and with a smile on his face.


Cole talks about how Rosa was upset about being 'Swoggled. Video of Horns bringing flowers to the ring for Rosa, but when she leaned in, he squirted water at her.

Earlier today she rips on Horns, who is way high on an anvil case. He says no one wants to kiss her! ADR gets in Horns' face, than no woman wants to be near him, he's horrible and disgusting. ADR is about to hurt Horns, but then Khali is there. ADR leaves, and Khali picks up Horns up and puts him on the floor. High five and they walk off together.

ADR vs Khali

ADR out in a Maserati Grand Turismo.


Khali on ADR in a corner, with a big slap to the chest. ADR eats corner as Rosa watches on a monitor backstage. Another big slap to ADR's chest. This time it's a big slap to ADR's back. ADR down to the mat. ADR with kicks to Khali's leg, then a low drop kick. A kick to Khali's head, then ADR works on Khali's left arm. Khali easily pushes ADR off, but he comes back with a kick to Khali's head. A head stomp on Khali for two.

ADR on Khali's arm on a bottom rope. Khali to his feet, ADR's running enziguri that actually landed on Khali's arm. Clotheslines to ADR, then his chop. Ricardo tries to distract Khali, so Horns bites Ricardo on the bum! Arm cracker, then ADR locks on the cross arm breaker. Khali taps out.

Winner – ADR (3:34)

Rosa celebrates backstage. ADR poses in a corner. Video of Ricardo's bum being bitten, but then Khali lost the match.

Backstage Segment

Vickie is reading the WWE Magazine. Punk and Heyman in and Punk is all over Vickie for the Title shot she gave Ryback. Punk is pissed about the danger Punk is being put in, and after he beat Ryback twice. Heyman says with the scandal, maybe she's not thinking with a clear head. Heyman says she's brilliant. She's biased against Cena, and against Punk. Vickie goes off about how Maddox caused Punk's win, and then Punk's boys caused Punk to win at HIAC. Vickie says that Punk will face either Bryan or Kane later, the fans will choose. Punk got right up in Vickie's face, so Heyman pulled him out of Vickie's office.

Announce Segment

Cole gave the hashtags for Punk's match. Before talking about his interview with Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns next.


Slam of the Week -

Punk's party last week, then Ryback came out, but Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns came out and put Ryback through announce – again.

Announce Segment

King says the way those guys show up, it's hard not to think they're with Punk.


Cole says he's known them for a while now, worked with them in developmental. Many people have said... Who? Just ask. Cole asks if they're working for Punk.

Ambrose and Rollins both say that everyone around here has to answer to someone, and everyone answers to the WWE 'Universe'. That's a popularity contest. They saw things going wrong, and righted it. It's coincidence that it's helped Punk. It's about righting wrong. Punk had to face two guys. It could have been anyone, but 365 is a milestone.

Cole asks Reigns if he has something to say. He says when he has something to say, he'll say it.

They're about principles, it's all about honor. They're a shield from injustice.

Reigns says he has something to say, we've said enough, this interview is over. They, all three, leave.

Announce Segment

Cole says he believes that they're making a name for themselves,nothing to do with Punk. King coughs that it's BS.



Another dancing promo for Fandango.

Fox vs Tamina

Fox in the ring. Tamina out in a horrid outfit – looks like she's covered in strips of bacon. Tamina, split screen, says she hates when someone doesn't know her place. AJ needs to leave Vickie alone.

Fox on Tamina with blows and kicks in a corner, stomps Tamina down. Fox snake eyes in the corner. Fox back on Tamina, but then eats a short clothesline from Tamina. Tamina sneers at Fox, then a forearm to Fox's upper back. Fox with a small package for two. Clothesline on Fox, then Fox on Tamina shoulders, samoan drop on Fox. Tamina places Fox, using her hair, then she goes out and climbs. Superfly splash for three.

Winner – Tamina (2:09)

Video of the high points of the match.


R-Truth, Layla, Eve, Miz and VKM went to the Persian Gulf to meet with soldiers.

Backstage Segment

Cena heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Cena out to the ring. Video of AJ and Cena kissing, then on to the altercation in the mens locker room, and the STF on Ziggler on the stage at Smackdown. Cena says after seeing that Ziggler had what's coming to him. But Cena's been in the WWE for ten years. He's had WrestleMania moments with HBK, Trip and Rock, but never been interrogated about AJ being that good of a kisser. He's a gentleman who doesn't kiss and tell, but he'll tell us...

EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! She loves to say I told you so! Cena, after his display of disgusting lust, that proves they've been having an affair. It's put her in a giving mood, and she has a gift her him and AJ. He hopes she's retiring... She got them matching robes. He won't touch it, doesn't know where it's been. She can't wait to watch them squirm, then implode. This is psychotic AJ Lee! AJ cost Bryan the WHC at WrestleMania! Proposed to Punk without ever going on a date with him. Then Kane even confirmed that AJ is unstable.

AJ's music and she comes out in snug jeans and a white tank tied in the back. Vickie asks if she's out to deny she was a panting love sick puppy every time any guy looked at her. AJ says in the past she's had issues with men, but she's working to be a better person. Does Vickie know what a better person is? Didn't think so! But this was all about her having improper relations while she was GM. Thanks Vickie, she's not GM, so she can do anything she wants. She can do this – touch Cena's ear. Or this – grabs Cena's ass. He drops his mic. Or this – she leans for a kiss, but Vickie tells her to stop. AJ says being GM, Vickie can't, and being the boss is the only way she can land a man. She's not that lovesick puppy she was, and there's only one lovesick dog in the ring right now!

Ziggler comes out and says that this episode of Springer is entertaining, but they're all losing sight of the real story – Cena can't deal that Ziggler tackled him through a bathroom wall, and he took it. Then, unprovoked, Cena cheap shotted him on Smackdown. Why would Cena resort to such cowardly tactics. He was wracking his brain, but he knows what's eating Cena up inside. When he kissed AJ, she jumped on him and shoved her tongue down his throat, he knew AJ was thinking about Ziggler the entire time.

Cena says he knows the sun will rise, they're on RAW, and they're in Lafayette, Louisiana, and he's going to shove this mic down...

Vickie says they're not doing this on stage, or in the bathroom, in this ring, they will face off, tonight!



Redskins locker room and a spinner belt presented to the MVP on Thanksgiving.

Tensai vs Kofi

Tensai in the ring. Barrett to announce. Kofi comes bouncing out to the ring. Video of Barrett beating Kofi last week on RAW.

Kicks to Tensai, but then Kofi beat down in a corner. Kofi set up top, and takes Tensai down. Kofi runs the ropes and into a back elbow. Elbow drop on Kofi for two. Head lock on Kofi. Kofi fights free, but a sick arm drop on Kofi, then wrenches Kofi's arm back as Tensai screams a lot. Tensai holds Kofi's shoulder to the mat, then wrenches back the arm. Kofi to his feet and free. Kofi runs up a corner and flies onto Tensai. Kofi with clotheslines, finally knocking Tensai to the mat. Boom drop. Tensai blocks Kofi, then slams Kofi down hard in a corner. Tensai climbs, but Kofi moves and Tensai lands on his feet. Kofi kicks back into the ring. Kofi up and flies, Tensai actually falls back correctly taking the cross body, making it look correct, for three.

Winner – Kofi

Barrett grabs the IC Title, climbs in the ring, looking at the belt, hands it to Kofi, and continued through the ring and out the other side. Kofi looks shocked.

Backstage Segment

Bryan says no one likes Kane, they like Bryan, he has proof. Bryan pulls up a map. The blue states are Bryan's, the red are Kane's – none are red. Luckily voting is global. All the world is blue. They don't have voting data in hell, so maybe Kane's winning there. Bryan and Kane argue, it's almost a fist fight when Josh shows up with the poll results.

#WWEBryan - 49%
#WWEKane – 51%

Kane says Bryan's polling data was wrong, red rules! Josh tells Bryan has a first time ever match with Rey, right now! Bryan runs off.

Bryan vs Rey

Bryan out to the ring, yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" to the fans "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" and ripping up signs along the way.


Rey out in black and white, hands his over-mask to a kid, but doesn't put it on him. Rey has dyed his bit of a beard bright red – Sheamus red!

They circle, then lock up. They break and Bryan yells "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" This gets a few "YES!" chants going, nut not much. Bryan flips Rey to the mat and yells "NO!" Arm bar on Rey, he kicks Bryan in the leg to get free. Bryan runs the ropes, over and under Rey, and into a body drop. Rey flips Bryan from the ring. Bryan ducks Rey flying from the apron, but Bryan flies from the apron and lands a knee right on Rey's chin.

Back in the ring, Bryan with a hammer lock on Rey. They work around on the mat, then up, but Rey sends Bryan flying, then a drop toe hold lands Bryan face first in a corner. Big clothesline drops Rey. Bryan sends Rey skidding across the mat and out. Rey slides in as Bryan slides out. Bryan is confused about Rey not being out there and starts yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" again.


High knee to Bryan, but then Bryan reverses a whip. Rey moves and Bryan eats corner. Rey up, faces away, and Bryan crotches him and hangs Rey upside-down. Bryan with a baseball slide to Rey's face, then Bryan stomps at Rey. The ref releases Rey, but then Bryan sets up for a surfboard, but then changes his mind and drops an elbow on Rey. Bryan sends Rey sliding from the ring again. Bryan out and sends Rey into the post. Rey bounces off and into the barrier. King talks about Rey's dyed face fur. Back in t ring Bryan gets two. King tells Cole to pay attention to the important parts of the match – meaning Rey's dyed chin fur. Bryan head butts Rey, then sets him up top. Bryan climbs, pulls Rey up, Rey with blows, then a head butt sends Bryan flying. Rey with a seated senton, then SICK head scissors on Bryan. Rey kicks Bryan in the side of the head and pins for two.

Bryan fights back, tries to lock on the "NO!" lock, but Rey makes it to the ropes before it's locked in. Bryan gets the "YES!" chants going from the fans as he kicks at Rey yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Monkey flip into the corner, Bryan falls back as Rey lands 619 on Bryan for three.

Winner – Rey (12:20)

Rey backs up the ramp getting the fans to yell "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Backstage Segment

ADR and Ricardo walking along, talking in Spanish. Rosa up, thanks ADR for defending her, more in Spanish, ADR says whatever she needs, and he leaves her looking dreamy eyed.

Backstage Segment

Ziggler getting ready for his match. Josh asks if making things so personal, it gives Cena extra incentive tonight?

Ziggler says he's MITB, the sole survivor and beat Orton on Smackdown. Cena is single minded on a weak, narrow minded nut case who won't deal well with what Ziggler does to her boyfriend tonight.



Promo for Sandow versus Cena on Main Event this week.

Announce Segment

Cole and King talk about the kiss between Cena and AJ, then how AJ stormed the mens locker room to confront Ziggler. Video of AJ doing just that. Ziggler really ripped her apart, called her trash, and she went crazy on him. Cena pulled her off Ziggler, but Ziggler attacked Cena's knee, then the tackle through the toilet stalls until O'Neil pulled Ziggler off Cena. Then, on Smackdown, Ziggler faced Orton, and beat Orton with a handful of tights, but retreating to the stage, Cena grabbed him from behind and locked on the STF. Ziggler called this a cowardly attack.

Ziggler vs Cena

Ziggler out to the ring, looking hyped up and quite focused. Cena out, as riled up as ever.

They lock up. Ziggler runs the ropes over and under Cena. Arm drag on Ziggler, then arm bar on the mat. Ziggler to the ropes, Cena breaks. It's been about a year since these two faced off on RAW – according to Cole. Side headlock on Ziggler. Ziggler pushes off, Cena runs the ropes, then hip toss on Ziggler. Side headlock takeover on Ziggler. Ziggler to his feet, gets free, but runs into a back elbow. Ziggler whipped, but gets an elbow up. Ziggler hit a cutter type move that seemed to leave Cena a bit glassy eyed on the mat for a moment.


Cena is outside on the floor, the stairs are askew. During the break Cena went into the stairs and Cena really sent them flying in a beautiful way. Back in the ring, Cena on the mat, Ziggler does sit ups to show off. Cena bounces over and pins Ziggler for two. Ziggler fights back, then hits his epic elbows, over and over on Cena, but before the last one he shakes his hips and flicks sweat, and Cena moves. Clotheslines to Ziggler, Cena sets up, but when Cena goes for the 5 knuckle shuffle, Ziggler with a kick to Cena's head! A sick DDT on Cena for two.

Ziggler into a corner, Cena tries to lock on the STF, but Ziggler kicks out. Ziggler jumps on Cena's back with a sleeper. Cena down to his knees, back to his feet and free. Cena drops Ziggler and locks on the STF, but Ziggler somehow struggles to the bottom rope! Cena holds on as long as he can. Both to their feet and Ziggler lands a beautiful drop kick on Cena! Ziggler climbs, crossbody, but Cena holds on and rolls through. Cole calls it 'vintage' Cena. Cena goes for the AA, but Ziggler holds on to Cena's shorts and doesn't take the whole move, and hit his zig/zag for a long two.

They exchange blows, Ziggler rolls Cena up for two. Cena slams Ziggler to the mat. Cena again goes for the 5 knuckle shuffle, but then Cena stumbled and really sells his knee 'injury'. Cena talks to a DOC outside. Ziggler tries to take off the pad, AJ ran out and stopped him. Vickie out and AJ goes all tilted head at Vickie and backs her off, but doesn't touch Vickie. Ziggler with the case, but Cena ducks, gets Ziggler up, hits the AA and gets the three.

Winner – Cena (11:46)

Cena celebrates. AJ into the ring, waits for Cena to get down. She waits. He sees her, she looks all coy. He reaches for his hand, but she grabs him for some hot kissing. Video of the end of the match. Cena thanks AJ for what she did. Cena raises AJ's hand, then bows with her. He holds the ropes for her, then he slides out. He wraps a protective, yet sweaty arm around AJ as they walk up the ramp together.

Backstage Segment

Sheamus heading for the ring.


Recap of the wonderful The Soup episode from last week! They're replaying it after RAW tonight!


Sheamus vs Cesaro

Sheamus out to the ring. Video of Sheamus facing Big Show at Survivor Series. Big Show pulled the ref into the brogue kick. Things got screwy, and Big Show retained by DQ. Sheamus beat Big Show with a chair after it was over. They will be facing off in a Chairs Match at TLC. Cesaro comes out to face him.

They lock up, struggle around, finally Cesaro pushes off and shoulder blocks Sheamus. They struggle some more and Sheamus nails the shoulder block. Headlock takeover on Cesaro. Sheamus keeps the hold on the mat, then to their feet and more struggling. Cesaro on Sheamus in a corner with blows, Sheamus reverses it, then Cesaro in some control. Sheamus whipped, comes out with a sick shoulder block, then a lovely suplex on Cesaro. Cesaro backs Sheamus into a corner, takes him down. The ref back him off and Sheamus comes out fight. Sheamus to the apron, hangs Cesaro's back up hard on the top rope! Drop kick to Sheamus through the ropes, but then Cena pulled outside and sent into the barrier. Sheamus drags Cesaro up the stairs, Cesaro grabs Sheamus legs out from under him and Sheamus lands really badly on the stairs – knee and face – and landed in a crumpled heap on the floor.


Cesaro with his arms locks around Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus to his feet and tries to get free, but eats an upper cut. They exchange blows, until Sheamus with clotheslines and a shoulder block in a corner, but then Cesaro out with a clothesline for two on Sheamus! Cesaro gut wrenches Sheamus and throws him over for two. Sheamus to the apron, Cesaro gets Sheamus into the ropes and lands a couple upper cuts. Sheamus back with forearms and knees. Sheamus with his forearms on Cesaro, but with Sheamus on the apron and Cesaro in the ring. Sheamus launches himself over the top for two. Irish curse back breaker for two. Cesaro reverse whipped, but gets an elbow up. Sheamus gets Cesaro up, but he elbows out. Sheamus slams Cesaro for two.

Both on the mat for a few moments. Sheamus tries for his cloverleaf, but Cesaro to the ropes before he's locked up. Cesaro easily gets Sheamus on his shoulders and slams him in an impressive way for a long two. Both men look spent. Cesaro struggles to his feet. Sheamus sitting in a corner kicks Cesaro off a couple times, then pulls himself backward up the corner. Sheamus' battering ram is met with a SICK upper cut. Cesaro tries for his finisher, but Sheamus free and hits his brogue kick. Cesaro from the ring. The ref is counting Cesaro out, Big Show's music hits. Cesaro is counted out

Winner – Sheamus (12:52)

Sheamus tells Big Show if he brings the chair down, he'd better use it. Big Show is telling everyone that he'll be WHC until he retires. He'll be happy to retire Big Show at TLC. If it takes 100 chair shots, he will to win at TLC. Big Show called him barbaric, with a chair in his hand at TLC, he'll show Big Show what barbaric is. Big Show rips a leg off the chair, then punches it a couple times, tosses it down, around, then it all comes apart. Sheamus just glares.

Announce Segment

Cole and King talk about WWE 13. They show HBK facing Punk in the game. King talks up doing commentary for the game.



More stills from the USS John C Stennis where the Superstars and VKM visited this weekend.

Sandow vs Ryder

He tells them to silent the music,he's about the speak. For reasons of good form he finds it imperative to tell us that he's in the WWE to rescue us from the doldrums of our ignorance. He will further his crusade by disassembling a mouth breathing miscreant in the ring this evening. Ryder out to the ring in Ghostbuster-esque trunks, Justin is late announcing him.

Ryder backs Sandow into a corner, Sandow yells at the ref to get Ryder away. Ryder sends Sandow running the ropes, Ryder takes Sandow down, so Sandow leave the ring to regroup. Ryder out and Sandow attacks. Both back in the ring. Sandow on Ryder, gets him to the apron and attacks. Sandow pins for two.

Sandow holds Ryder's arm up and drops knees into Ryder's ribs. Chinlock on Ryder on the mat. Ryder to his feet, but slammed down by Sandow. Sandow holds Ryder and knees him over and over. Sandow takes Ryder down and drops an elbow for two. Arm and chin hold on Ryder on the mat, Ryder to his feet and fights out, but takes a head butt and falls to the mat. Sandow telegraphs and has his face slammed to the mat. Both are down. Big back elbow to Sandow. Sandow rushes Ryder in a corner, but eats both knees. A back elbow to Sandow in a corner. Ryder sets up, but Sandow rolls out. Ryder kicks out at Sandow outside and lands the kick. Sandow back in and Ryder climbs, but Sandow knocks Ryder to the mat. Sandow hits his finisher 'the end' for three.

Winner – Sandow (4:51)

Sandow celebrates. Video of the high points of the match. Sandow with his rotation of illumination. King says it looks like a corny cartwheel to him.

Backstage Segment

Heyman, standing outside Punk's door, hugging the belt. Josh asks about how Punk feels about facing Kane tonight. Heyman goes off about how horrible it is that Punk has to face Kane. How Punk's beaten Savage's record. How Punk's been treated. Heyman goes on and on until Josh leaves. Heyman mouths something, almost to the belt. Might have been 'I love you', but I'm not sure. (Any help here would be appreciated.)



Recap of Cole's interview with Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns. Ambrose and Rollins explained why they did what they did, they're a shield from injustice. It's not about benefiting Punk, it's about right and wrong. 365 days as Champ in this era is a milestone. Reigns will say something when he has something to say. More about them being a shield from injustice. Then Reigns stated they said enough, the interview was over.

Kane vs Punk

Fire erupts and out comes Kane. Kane calls fire from all four, then waits. Punk comes out, his WWE Title around his waist. Punk kneels checks Heyman watch, then they head for the ring together.

Punk and Kane dance around a bit before locking up. Punk backed into a corner. Punk gives a dirty break. Punk backs Kane back into a corner. Chop to Kane. Kane comes out, slams Punk into the corner and stomps him down. Kane works Punk's arm over, then an upper cut in the corner. Kane telegraphs and is kicked for it. Punk locks a front facelock on Punk, but Kane picks up Punk and hangs him up top before sending him flying outside.


Punk works over Kane's left leg on the mat. Kane fights back with blows to Punk's head. Punk rolls out to regroup, seems to be favoring a knee. Kane follows him out, Punk back in and hangs Kane up top. Punk dives through the ropes onto Kane, but is again favoring his knee. Punk limps over to Kane, throws him back into the ring. Punk stomps on Kane in a corner, then yells he's the best in the world! Kane to his feet and eats Punk's running knee. Chants for Punk from a group of guys! Another running high knee. Punk goes for the high knee, but Kane nails Punk with a fist. Clothesline on Punk in a corner, side slam for two.

Kane climbs and flies with his clothesline. Punk struggles to his feet, but ducks the chokeslam and hits a swinging neck breaker on Kane. Punk to the apron and uses the ropes to get up, flies right into a chokeslam. Kane goes to pin, but Heyman pulls Punk's foot under the ropes. Kane draws his hand across his throat, Taker-style. The Shield surrounds the ring. Kane gets Punk up, but he wiggled free. Punk gets Kane up and manages to hit GTS for three.

Winner – Punk (10:20)/

Punk looks around the ring at the Shield. They slowly climb up on the apron, look like they're after Punk. They get in the ring and Punk backs off and the Shield attacks Kane. Punk leaves the ring. Bryan runs to the ring to help Kane. The Shield beat down Bryan.

"Feed me more!" and out comes Ryback. On the stage Ryback takes down his straps. Ryback runs down and Punk vaults himself over the barrier and down behind it in one movement, as if his knee never hurt at all. Ryback into the ring and attacks. He, powerbombs Ambrose, attacks Rollins and Reigns. Punk back in the ring. Ryback gets Punk up for a powerbomb, but Reigns spears Ryback and they all hit the mat. The Shield gets Ryback up and slam him to the mat. They stand around Ryback in the ring as Punk stares in at them. Punk to the apron.

Video recap of what the Shield did. Back to real time and the Shield is going over the barrier together. Punk stands in the ring, posing with his belt held high and a foot on Ryback's chest.

Biggest pop
Team Hell No
AJ & Cena

Biggest heat
The Shield
Big Show

Most mixed

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