RAW Results - Was That A Swan Song?


The Pre-RAW commercial shows the fans all hot and ready for RAW. The camera keeps panning the audience as Cole talks. Cole asks what's going to happen with Punk after kicking King in the head? What about Brock breaking Trip's arm at SummerSlam, is it the end for him? RAW starts at the top of the hour! (I received a text from Gesus saying that the very top tier of the arena are blacked out due to lack of selling out.)

RAW this week starts with video recapping Punk demanding respect from King, then from Cena in the ring last week on RAW. Cena refused to call Punk the best in the world because he has to believe he's the best in the world every night. If you don't believe you're the best in the world, then it's time to get out! NoC is in his hometown, and that could be Punk's defining moment.

After Cena left, Punk demanded King say Punk's the best in the world. King said he couldn't say that, as he left he was kicked in the back of the head by Punk.

Music & Pyro

Announce Segment

Cole says that King Tweeted after RAW, that if Punk's the best in the world, he shouldn't have to kick someone – King leaves announce to go to the ring.

King says this is not the way RAW normally starts, but he has something to get off his chest. As they went off on 1,000th episode of RAW, he made a remark Punk took as derogatory. He admitted that he might have misspoken. When Punk demanded an apology. He thought out of respect for the WWE Championship. He came in and apologized to Punk, but was then kicked in the back of the head.

Last week he apologized. This week he wants an apology from Punk. "CM Punk" chants filter through, but nothing very strong. Punk's music hits and he comes out looking VERY pissed, but then smiled at King on his way to the ring. Cole says Punk thought King's apology was insincere.

Punk, with his hair buzzed down to about ½ inch, says King wants the WWE Champ to apologize for doing his job? On the 1,000th episode of RAW King said, and Punk quotes, "CM Punk has just turned his back on the WWE 'Universe'." Because he justifiably beat the crap out of Rock for a gross lack of respect, then King painted him as a bad guy? He's not a bad guy! King turned his back on the WWE 'Universe' when he slandered their beloved Champ! It's because of King's lack of respect that Punk kicked him in the head. He didn't ambush King! King tried to leave Punk's ring, pushed Punk out of the way, then King got docked in the head. "I will take down anybody who shows me resp... Disrespect." Punk says he's sorry, sorry that all it takes to get into the WWE HOF is to beat a bunch of nobodies from Memphis, to get into a slap fight with a Hollywood comedian. To act like a juvenile, infantile 14 year old for his entire 23 year career here in the WWE. Punk's sorry that King's jealousy of Punk stems from King never being WWE Champ himself. He's sorry that when he finally got his big WrestleMania moment, he couldn't beat Cole. He's sorry he's raising his voice right now, and sorry king's become WWE's circus seal who will regurgitate any stupid opinion that's barked into his ear. Most of all, Punk's sorry about the man King's become. Is King upset? Did he touch a nerve? Does King want to fight him? Punk right up against King and says King's just a commentator, Punk's the best in the world. He knows because everyone paid money to see Punk. To see Punk embarrass King.

King says he's out there for an apology, not a fight. Punk says that he can see King wants it, but what does King think would happen in a fight with him. If Punk's not the best in the world, who is? He'll fight King. King will leave embarrassed. It will be because Punk will beat him to an inch of his life, or because King wouldn't fight Punk. Think about it. Punk drops his pipebomb and leaves the ring yelling 'respect' a couple times up the ramp.

King calls up to Punk that he'll think about it. King heads back to announce. Cole says King just got punked out.


Ryback vs Swagger

Swagger is in the ring, waiting. Ryback out to face him.

Swagger bounces and they lock up. Knees to Ryback and drops him briefly. Swagger runs into a bog boot. Swagger slammed down to the mat over and over by his head. Swagger up and slams face down on the mat. Swagger with a drop toe hold, the shoulder block on Ryback. Ryback climbs onto Swagger for a slam (horribly and obviously). Swagger tries for his splash, but is reversed, as is his ankle lock. Swagger whipped and Ryback goes for a body drop, but Swagger ends up landing on his head/face! Ryback gets his 'Feed me more!' chant and a big clothesline. Ryback gets Swagger up, marches, then slams Swagger for three.

Winner – Ryback (2:13)

More Ryback chants and the video recap. Swagger is left sitting against the barrier rubbing his left shoulder and looking like he's going to pitch a Christian-esque hissy fit.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Trip's arm being broken by Brock at SummerSlam, and what will Trip have to say. Cena will face Miz later. King is browbeaten by Cole about facing Punk. The camera goes in close on a contemplative King's face.


Layla vs Natalya

Layla out in yellow. Natalya in the ring in pink. Video of the Battle Royal last week, Kaitlyn got the win. EXCUSE ME!! EXCUSE ME!! This match needs to end quickly, she has an important announcement to make.

Natalya takes Layla down. Some mat work and Layla is slammed to the mat, then kicked. Natalya pins by sitting on Layla. Layla throws her off and Natalya lands on her bum. Layla hits a beautiful arm/leg drag/pin! Layla off the corner with a crossbody for two. Arm bar and Natalya to the ropes, so Layla slams Natalya, then dances like a goober, then a spin-a-roonie? Bum slams to Natalya's face. Natalya rolls out yelling that it wasn't funny. Layla with a baseball slide and Natalya pulls the apron out and traps Layla.

Back in the ring Natalya on Layla hard! Tried to the sharpshooter, but Layla kicks out and and Natalya stuck in the ropes. Vickie is annoyed and waiting. Natalya gets Layla up for a delayed, but Layla reverses into a small package for two. Layla kicks Natalya in the head and gets the three.

Winner – Layla (2:54)

Vickie glares in as Layla is announced the winner.

In Ring Segment

EXCUSE ME!! EXCUSE ME!! Vickie tells Layla that she's done now, be gone! Layla and Vickie glare and circle. EXCUSE ME!! "I have something to say!" She says last week AJ made a match between Jericho and Ziggler. She added in the stips. It's an abuse of power and not fair. No one on the WWE roster has the guts to speak up to the new GM except her! EXCUSE ME!! If the WWE Board of Directors is watching, it's time to put RAW in the hands of an adult like her, not a mentally deranged child!

AJ skips out in a gray suit, with black piping and buttons, with black scooped neck top under it. All the way down the ramp, and to the ring. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans. AJ looks all coy and smiles at Vickie, takes the mic sweetly, then slaps the taste out of Vickie's mouth. AJ tackles Vickie and they tussle on the mat a bit. Vickie flees up the mat holding her face. AJ to her feet, readjusts her clothes, her hair, then tips her head and smiles. They show a recap of that and AJ has that evil smile on her face while watching.


Cole sets up some of Trip's time in DX. Very short clips of both very early DX, the abuse upon VKM, and the more recent cleaned up DX, after HBK was reborn. They then show a still of Trip on the mat from SummerSlam with the words 'Game Over?' underneath.



'Last Week' Group therapy for 'anger management'! Bryan is there in his "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" shirt. He says he's fine, couldn't be calmer. The leader says they're waiting on someone, but will start. A little boy in a goat mask comes in and Bryan freaks out that he doesn't have a goat face. Bryan calls him a brat and demands he takes off the mask – yelling at the little boy.

The leader of the group goes over and explains that the little boy is his son, and he's a goat in his school play about Noah's Ark. The leader talks to his little boy as Bryan sits down. The guy next to Bryan pats Bryan on the back and tells him it will be okay. Bryan tells him not to touch him. The leader is still smiling at Bryan. (Gesus says this segment went over hugely with the fans in attendance.)

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Dominic Monaghan being the Social Media Ambassador and how he's been Tweeting all evening about RAW. Also, Punk Tweeted about King, saying, 'I know he's just a commentator, so to help him decide, @JerryLawler is man enough to fight me. I'll let him have the first punch. #respect' Cole asks if King will face Punk tonight. King takes off his head set and stands on his desk. He says Punk says he beat up nobodies in Memphis. Those nobodies were Jesse Ventura, Harley Race, Jack Brisco, Graham, the list goes on and on. He doesn't know how long Punk would have lasted down there. Also, Punk said he acts like a 14 y/o out there. That might be true. He said King's not been WWE Champ. That's true. That he beat up a comedian. That comedian was one of the best comedians and he had a lot of respect for Andy Kaufman. Punk said King's a HOFer, and you don't get in there unless you stand up when the time is right. King knows he's not the best in the world, but doesn't think Punk is either. He's never backed down from a challenge and won't tonight. Punk wants to know if King will fight him, damn right he'll fight Punk tonight. King gets down off the table and walks away up the ramp. (Gesus said the fans really didn't seem to care about King, and much of that came across on the TV as well.)



About Rey and his interview in the magazine. Also a poster of Cena!

Cena vs Miz

Cena comes out to solid sounding pop. Miz out to face him.

Cole is alone on announce. The bell, but Cena listens to the fans. They circle, then lock up. Side headlock takeover on Cena. Miz keeps the hold on tight on the mat. Dueling chants for Cena. Cena free, Miz runs the ropes, Cena with a side headlock takeover on Miz! To their feet, Miz pushes out and Cena runs the ropes, then Cena with the same takeover! Cena holds on tight on the mat.


Josh to announce during the commercial. Miz flees the ring to avoid an AA. Miz in with a wild blow. Miz whipped, then running bulldog from Cena for two. Cena telegraphs and is kicked, then kicked again for two. Cena on the mat uses the ropes in a corner to sit up. Miz readies and hits his big running clothesline in the corner. Miz climbs, double ax handle rakes down Cena's face for two. Chinlock on Cena on the mat. Cole says Miz said his movie will be bigger and better than Cena's version of the movie. Dueling chants for Cena who's to his feet.

Cena muscles out, but a big knee to Cena's ribs. Suplex from Miz, but Cena suplexes right back. Back and neck breakers from Miz for two. Big kick to a sitting Cena's face for two. Miz is seething. Another big kick to Cena's face for two.

Miz looks around at the fans who are again with dueling chants for Cena. This time Miz tries to kick Cena, he's caught up in the STF, but Miz gets to the ropes. Miz kicks Cena to drop him, then a big DDT to a kneeling Cena for two. Josh and Cole talk about Trip's career possibly being over. Miz sets up for his finisher, but Cena reverses and they struggle. Cena slammed to the mat for two. Miz is really mad now. He readies again, but misses the clothesline in the corner.

Running shoulder blocks from Cena, then Miz slammed to the mat. 5 knuckle shuffle to Miz, then he's up. AA on Miz and Cena gets the three.

Winner – Cena (10:51)

Cena up soaking up the love from the fans. (¾ for Cena, ¼ against says Gesus.)

Announce Segment

Cole says it's a Twitter Poll – What type of match do we want to see Punk and King in tonight?


Cole talks about it possibly being the end for Trip, but he's done so much. Video of Trip doing great, then him tearing his quad. On to Trip's return at MSG. Back to Trip dominating everyone, right down to little Rey. Cage matches, using his sledge, everything. Then back to the 'Game Over?' picture.


Announce Segment

Sheamus and Orton will face Ziggler and ADR later tonight.


Bryan in therapy. One guy talking about his boss taking all the glory for the work he does. When he gets angry, bad things happen. Bryan looks like he's napping. Bryan asks how he feels about that? Bryan's boss is his former girlfriend/fiance who left him at the alter on live TV. Then she puts him in a match with her boy toy, and evil, demonic guy who he beat and she still made him go there! That's a bad boss! She goes around skipping as if she doesn't have a care in the world while he's stuck there with them. He can't see how it could be worse.

The leader got a text that the last patient is there. Kane walks in dressed in full ring gear, both masks. Bryan isn't happy and says this is what he's talking about. Kane sits next to Bryan, the rest of the people slide away in fear.

Slater vs Santino

Slater out to the ring, all smiles. Slater Touted about beating Sin Cara on SummerSlam. His streak will keep going on RAW, no matter who he's facing! Santino comes out in his new t-shirt to face Slater.

Santino kicks at Slater who backs away and yells smack. Santino hugs Slater around the waist, then spins around on Slater's back laughing. Slater up smiling and dances. Santino then dances and while distracted takes a blow. More blows from Slater for two. Knees to Santino's back, then punches to the head. More of Slater showing off, then chokes Santino in the ropes. Slater slingshots Santino up into the bottom rope for two.

Slater on the second ropes, but Santino rolls away to the other corner. Slater up, Santino rolls away. Slater pins for two, but Santino fights back with his blows, hip tosses head butt and out comes the cobra! But Aksana's music hits and she comes out in a black leather corset top and skin tight red pants! Cobra drags Santino to the ropes. Cobra stares as Santino tries to argue with him. Slater spins Santino around, and the cobra spins into Slater! Santino pins Slater, but the cobra stares at Aksana the whole time!

Winner – Santino 3:14)

Aksana on stage making her hand into a cobra to stare at cobra, then she leaves and Santino argues more with cobra.

Announce Segment

More of WWE Superstars Tweeting about whether Trip's done of not.


Announce Segment

Josh and Cole talking about the WWE ap! Then they talk about tweeting about what type of match for later.

Funkasaurus & Sin Cara vs Sandow & Cody

Funkasaurus and the Dactyls out in green and white, dancing the whole time. Cole and Josh talk about Sandow and Funkasaurus feuding. Sin Cara out to the ring. Sandow out and says as our intellectual savior and martyr, he's elated to say he's experienced a miracle, someone he can have an intelligent conversation with, his partner tonight, Cody Rhodes. Cody says that this match is very apropos as Clay has the same girth as most in Milwaukee, and Sin Cara shares their hideous looks. At least Sin Cara is considerate enough to wear a mask, for now.


Cody with a chinlock on Sin Cara on the mat. Knee to s sitting Sin Cara's face for two. Sandow tags in and hits a Russian leg sweep on Sin Cara. Elbow drop for two. Sandow stomps Sin Cara and tags Cody in. blows to Sin Cara, his mask slips, then he comes back with head scissors on Cody. Sandow yelling at Cody to get to him.

Clay tags in with clotheslines and a splash to Cody in a corner. Big power slam on Cody, Sandow breaks the count and stomps Clay's knee. Sin Cara pulls the ropes down and Sandow out, Sin Cara flies onto Sandow outside. Headbutt to Cody, then Clay splashes Cody for three. (Time is short due to match starting during the commercials.)

Winners – Funkasaurus & Sin Cara (2:37)

Sin Cara dances with Funkasaurus, the Dactyls and some kids,


Cole says this is the final installment of 'anger management.' Kane is thanked for coming, would he be more comfortable removing his mask? He does to show his other mask. Kane is asked if he'd like to say a little about himself. "I'm the Devil's favorite demon." says Kane simply and without much inflection. The leader says, "Great." Then asks about Kane's childhood, 'sharing is caring'. Kane says. "I grew up locked in a basement, suffering severe psychological and emotional scarring, then my brother lit our parents on fire. From there I was shuffled around to a series of mental institutions until I was gown, at which point I buried my brother alive. Twice. Since then I've set a couple of people on fire and abducted various coworkers. Oh, and I, ah, once electrocuted a man's testicles." The scene seems to cut to later in Kane's story. "Years ago I had a girlfriend named Katie, um, let's just say that didn't turn out so well." Cut scene. "My real father is a man named Paul Bearer who I recently trapped in a meat locker. I've been married, divorced, broke up my ex-wive's wedding and tombstoned a priest. And for reasons that are never quite explained, I have an unhealthy obsession with torturing Pete Rose."

The leader thinks they should call it a day. He wants them all to make an anger collage. Bryan wants to know if this is therapy of arts and crafts. Is he really a doctor? He looks like Mr. Rogers in that cheap sweater and bad pants! The guy who had been sitting next to Bryan slid his seat close to Kane as everyone else leaves the room. This guy is all smiles at Kane. He thanks Kane for sharing and puts a hand on Kane's knee. They stand and the guy reaches for a hug. Kane grabs this guy around the throat and says, "No problem, Harold." Kane lets Harold go and leaves the room. (Gesus said it went over wonderfully with the fans in the arena.)

Backstage Segment

Bryan is heading for the ring, trying to stay calm the whole way.



Cole talks up Trip as being one of WWE's most fierce warriors. Trip's voice over the video talking up his accolades, that he's done everything there is to do. Clips of Trip winning gold, KOTR, beating big names, winning more gold, fans chanting for him.

R-Truth w/ Kofi vs Bryan

R-Truth and Kofi out to the ring, R-Truth in ring gear, Kofi in a lovely tan suit and lilac shirt. Bryan out wearing a "NO!" jacket. He's trying not to yell back at the fans, obviously struggling to not yell back at all the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans. I think the fans right in front start chanting, "AJ Lee!" at Bryan!

R-Truth and Bryan fist bump and R-Truth claps for Bryan. They work back and forth. "Goat face!" chants. R-Truth points to Little Jimmy in the ring, Bryan fist bumps Little Jimmy, then Bryan on R-Truth in a corner hard. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" R-Truth whipped and kicks at Bryan. Big clotheslines from R-Truth, then blows to Bryan. Forearm to Bryan for two.

Bryan elevated over the top and out. Big blow to Bryan as Kofi talks up his partner. R-Truth takes a mic, gives a cheap pop usig Little Jimmy, then gets the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" going. Bryan starts yelling "NO!" and the fans go right at him! Right in the face of a fan, Bryan goes back and forth – "NO!" "YES!" "NO!" "YES!" "NO!" "YES!" "NO!" "YES!" R-Truth in the ring, the ref counts Bryan out.

Winner – R-Truth via Countout (3:06)

Finally Bryan realizes he lost the match and stares at Kofi and R-Truth celebrating in the ring. Bryan then pitches a total fit! He throws stairs around, then into the ring yelling "NO!" to each "YES!" (Gesus says the fans were not really into the match until Bryan snapped, then they loved it!)

Announce Segment

Cole talks through stills of Trip with two pedigrees, but then Brock broke his arm and beat Trip.


Announce Segment

More about the Twitter poll for the main event.

In Ring Segment

Justin announces Trip in a very slow, methodical and sad way. Trip out in white shirt, red patterned tie, left arm in a cast. He stops on the stage to soak it in, then slowly to the ring. In the ring he continues to soak it all in. King and Josh are both on their feet out of respect for Trip, but it looked like they were at a funeral! One kid started a decent, "Triple H!" chant, but it died fast. Some solid pop for Trip, but some heat around the edges. Then the "Triple H!" chants again, but a couple of people give heat.

He says to cut to the chase, everyone wants to know if he's going to retire. "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" He says one thing he's learned about the WWE, never say never, right. Let's go back to the beginning. When he started his career he wanted to do two things. Step in this ring and do things people wouldn't forget. The other was to retire from all of this, before all of this retired him.

That being said, everybody comes to a crossroad – he chokes up on the last word here. Everybody comes to a crossroad in their career. He stops and thinks. You have to ask yourself when you're there if it's time. Time is the one thing you cannot fight. Time will win. He never wanted to be the guy who was just hanging. Never wanted to be the guy just hanging around, waiting for the nostalgia pop. The guy getting in the ring for the check. Didn't want to be the guy to beat up and crippled inside to hold his own kids, the one who couldn't have a life when this was over. That being said, for the first time he finds himself at that crossroads. Brock has made him ask that question, is he done?

Trip, not looking at the fans, still down. He says he doesn't know. He's beat up, probably more tired than he's ever been in his life. He's broken, again – arm raised to show the cast. What he wants to do and come out and be the Cerebral Assassin, wants to be the King of Kings, he wants to be the Game, be Triple H! He wants to say he's going to rise up again and kick Brock Lesnar's ass, because that's what he does! The fans are behind him. "Triple H!" is louder this time, but short.

That's what he wants to do, but he can't. The truth is because he doesn't know if he can. More looking down at the mat. Brock has forced him to look inside and ask if he's done. Many fans say "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" If he can't say that he can come back and beat Brock, and be better than before, then maybe he's answered his own question. Trip taps his chin with the mic. "You can do it!" chants from the fans.

He says maybe he can, but while he's out there, he can take a minute to say something and say thank you. Whether you love them, hate them, respect them, anyone down that ramp, stepped through those ropes, into that ring, does so for one reason. They put their bodies, health on the line, leave it all in this ring, sweat, pay the price for our entertainment. Every single person, just before their music hits, their alone and inside themselves, the question whether anyone will care. He thinks, every time he's walked through that curtain, he felt we cared. That's gotten him through all of it. Exhausted, broken, beaten, torn, broken, what got him through it was all of our reactions and he thanks us from the bottom of his heart.

With a choke in his voice, Trip says, "Thank you for letting me play the Game."

We all gave him the reaction every night and for that he won't forget any of us. If he's succeeded in his career, he's done something in this ring and we'll never forget him. "Thank you." Trip drops the mic, has red rimmed eyes, tears in them as he looks around at the fans. "Thank you Hunter!" chants. Tears are streaming down Trip's face at this chant. He looks around at the fans gives one more of those tension filled poses, even with the cast, then touches hands and shakes hands as he heads for the ramp. On stage he stops, looks around, touches his heart and backs out.


Slam of The Week

Jericho versus Ziggler on RAW last week. After a great match, Ziggler beat Jericho and ended this contractual run.

ADR & Ziggler vs Orton & Sheamus

The lights go down, Jericho's music hits, there's a body out there, but it's Ziggler! Ziggler asks if they were expecting someone else? Jericho gone because of him. Now the fans will never, ever see Jericho again. (None of Jericho's inflection with Jericho's words.) Ziggler to the ring sans Vickie. Ricardo announces ADR who comes out in a white 1963 Mercedes 190SL convertible. Video of ADR facing Orton last week. Orton had to tap out, so ADR is #1 contender. ADR throws Ricardo shoe at Sheamus, Sheamus in and fights ADR, but is taken down. Ziggler out with the case, but before he can cash in, Ziggler eats an RKO. Orton's music and he comes out as slowly as ever. Orton into the ring and the ref keeps the heels back for Orton to pose. Sheamus out to join Orton.

Ziggler and Orton lock up. Orton runs the rope and shoulder block into Ziggler. Running ropes and Ziggler into a clothesline. Slingshot suplex on Ziggler, ADR in and sent out. Sheamus on ADR outside. Power slam from Orton, then Ziggler flees to regroup, holding his face outside.



ADR slams Orton face first to the stairs. Back in and Ziggler tags in. elbow drop on Orton for two. Ziggler stops Orton, then locks a chinlock on Orton on the mat. Orton works to his feet and elbows free. Orton runs into a high knee for two. ADR tags in.

ADR pins for one. ADR on Orton's left arm with blows. An arm hold on the mat, but Orton struggles to his feet and rakes ADR's eyes. It doesn't get Orton far, and he's whipped. ADR rushes Orton who moves. Orton gets two, then sends ADR flying up over the top ropes and out. Ricardo checks on ADR outside as Orton tries to reach Sheamus. Ricardo rolls ADR in, both tag out.

Sheamus on Ziggler with clotheslines, then a high knee to get the fans into it. Sheamus telegraphs and is kicked. Ziggler with a cheap shot on Orton. Back breaker to Ziggler, then Sheamus pins, but ADR breaks the attempt. Ricardo sends the case into Ziggler, but Orton is on him with a back breaker. Brogue kick from Sheamus and he gets the three.

Winners – Orton & Sheamus (8:38)

Sheamus celebrates, then a half hug between him and Orton! Ricardo and ADR yelling smack into the ring. Video of the ending of the match. Orton smirks up at ADR, Sheamus motions for them to return.

Backstage Segment

King says he respects that 'he' has King's back, but not tonight. Camera pans and it's Cena. King says he's not fighting Punk for Cena, he's fighting Punk for himself.


WWE Rewind

Kane, backstage after SummerSlam, attacks Josh while looking for Bryan. Kane rips the back area apart looking for him.

Ryder vs Otunga

Kane's music hits and Josh freaks out. Fire and out comes Kane. Josh to his feet, bot Cole rips on Josh for not being professional. Josh says he's not going to find out and flees. Kane over to announce as Josh is still running. Kane sits as Cole tells him that seat is taken. Kane puts on a headset, Cole standing well away welcomes Kane to the announce team and says he's sure Kane will be better than Josh.

Ryder to the ring. Cole says they can be Gorilla and Bobby out there, but he doesn't like how Kane is looking at Ryder. He hopes Dr. Shelby got through to Kane. Otunga out and throws off his cape to pose on the stage. He's the Jerk of The Month. Otunga might be someone Kane should know. Cole doesn't know if Kane's into Social Media at all, but he should check out Z on YouTube. Kane doesn't say a word.

Otunga on Ryder hard. Ryder into a corner, then eats a back elbow. Otunga with a clothesline, then shoulder block on Ryder for two. Cole, still standing, commentates and tries to drag Kane into the conversation. Suplex on Ryder for two. Cole asks Kane if the classes have worked. Kane didn't rip into Harold when he wanted a hug, though Kane's not used to that type of emotion. Ryder whipped, but gets Ryder's elbow. Ryder takes Otunga down with the rough ryder for three.

Winner – Ryder (2:26)

Kane to his feet, removes his head set and into the ring. Ryder's arm is raised, but behind him is Kane. Kane thinks about it, then sees Otunga. Ryder is tossed aside and it's Otunga who takes the chokeslam. The lights go red and Kane stares at Ryder.

Backstage Segment

Punk is kicking something back there, warming up for his match. Cole gives us the choices to vote for on Twitter again.


In Ring Segment

Josh is in the ring to announce what the Main Event will be between King and Punk. As Gesus told me there was a cage above the ring, I knew it had to be a Cage Match.
Tables – 20%
Cage – 48%
NoDQ – 32%

Stage Segment

AJ out to the stage. She says regardless of the results of tonight's match, Punk will defend his Title at NoC against her choice – John Cena!

In Ring Segment

The cage is being lowered over the ring.

Backstage Segment

King is heading determinedly to the ring.


Cage Match – Jerry 'The King' Lawler vs CM Punk

King to cage, looks it over, then climbs in. King paces in the ring as Cole says Punk is playing games by making King wait. Punk's music hits and he comes out, kneels down, checks his invisible watch, yells, then continues to the ring. Punk just Tweeted that 'I'm the new King of Memphis. He knocked King out last week and will do it again this week.' Punk into the ring and holds the strap up at King, smirking. Punk then hands his belt out.

Punk puts his chin out and says he's the man of his word, consider it a handicap. Punk taunts King into hitting him, taking the first shot. A huge right drops Punk who has to regroup in the opposite corner, holds his mouth, eyes wide.

A kick to King's leg, then another and another. Knees to King in a corner, then a neck breaker to King in the center of the ring. Forearms to King's chest over his shoulder. Chinlock on King who's kneeling on the mat. Cole talks about what a mistake it was for King to take this match, after goading King into accepting. Punk says he's the new King of Memphis, then locks on a chinlock with forearms to King's face. King struggles to his feet, but is slammed down to the mat.

Punk climbs a corner, slowly, then turns and poses, but then jumps down, attacks King, then hits a low drop kick on a sitting King. Punk climbs, but King knocks the ropes and Punk is crotched on the corner. King to the door, but Punk drags King back in. Elbow drops, over and over on King. Punk is singing about Memphis. King reverses a neck breaker sending Punk face first into the cage.

King slowly crawls, but there's "Boring!" chants (Gesus mentioned, but then I heard them on the TV.) King fights back, sends Punk into the cage again, then King takes him down. King on Punk with blows to the head. King up and drives his flying fist down on to Punk for two!

King to the door, but Punk attacks. Running knee to King in the corner and Cole says it's the turning point of the match. Punk is busted open, uses his tape to wipe it. Motions for the GTS, but then slams King down and locks on the anaconda and King taps out.

Winner – Punk (7:39)

The ref has to force Punk to let go of King. Punk leaves the ring, grabs his belt, then grabs a mic. Punk looks at the door, then looks under the ring. Punk dumps a tool box out, grabs a chain and goes into the ring. Punk uses a lock and chains the door shut.

Punk down to a knee, locks on a headlock and says, just the facts King, he has one arm, but his mouth works just fine. He's giving King one more shot. He wants to hear King say he's the best in the world. "SAY IT!" Punk yells.

"Hell no!"

Forearm blows over King's shoulder. Punk says he's the best wrestler in the world and he wants to hear King say it. "SAY IT!" Forearms to King, then blows to his head.

Cena runs to the ringside area and demands they raise the cage. Cena is told they can't for some reason. A guy is working on one corner and it looks as though the cage is clamped down to the corners somehow, though I've never seen them not able to raise a cage when needed after a match.

Punk, staring out at Cena, drops knees, over and over, onto King's face. Cena yells at Punk that he's way out of line. "I am the best wrestler in the world. The cage comes up and Punk flees. Cena in to King's side. Punk walks up the ramp, arm raised in the air. Cena glares up at Punk while people work on King who's eyes are closed and he's not at all moving.

Biggest pop
AJ Lee

Biggest heat
Ziggler as Jericho!

Most mixed

Biggest reaction

Everyone who read my Blogs knows that I'm very good friends with WNW reader & Predictor, Gesus. I have to thank him and his wife Rikki in a huge way for texting me all through RAW with little bits of information that didn't come through the TV. I think it added a lot to the RAW Results, and I'd love to know what people think about how that worked out as I think he's going to RAW again next week.

As always, thanks for reading, and make sure you check in tomorrow for RIB and read all my reactions to this RAW.


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