RAW Results 9/10/12 - King Collapses At Announce


Pre-RAW Commercial

King and Cole talk up Bret Hart returning to Montreal, and that he'll be talking with both Punk and Cena tonight!

In Ring Segment

RAW this week starts with Justin announcing Bret Hart to the ring! The fans go wild. He comes out in jeans, a pink plaid shirt, un-tucked, and a blue blazer! He really gets the fans pumped up. King says the arena is shaking in reaction to Bret! The music stops and the fans get louder. Bret can't talk for the noise that just won't stop. Bret thanks the fans, tell them they're too kind. He shrugs and they get louder. He says that it's 15 years... More from the fans. He tells them to have a seat. It took a long time to get here – The fans start singing to Bret. He hopes everyone in Canada are listening to this. So many things have happened in 15 years. Last time he was there was one of the ("Thank you Bret!" chants) darkest and proudest of his life. He thanks them all for being with him, they've been in his heart for 15 years. Looking back it was the people of Montreal who got him through those days. It was a distinctly Canadian moment. For years and years, God bless everybody in Montreal.

Punk's music and he comes out, his hair buzzed down even shorter, in his t-shirt and hot pink trunks. Punk stops and a fan is screaming in Punk's face, Punk just stares. Into the ring and circles Bret. Bret just watches.

Punk points at Bret, then says, with all due respect, the past 15 years has been put in that encyclopedia he wrote about himself. He wouldn't write a tome like that, but if he did, it would be called 'What If?' What if Bret faced Punk rather than HBK? What would have happened?

Bret has no doubt in his mind it would have taken less than a minute to put on the sharpshooter on Punk in less than a minute and have Punk's feet touching his head!

Punk doesn't believe him, and Bret doesn't believe it. Punk says the WWE as Bret knows it wouldn't exist. Punk vs Hart? He doesn't need VKM to screw anyone. Punk would win, causing no one to be there. VKM wouldn't have screwed Bret, Punk would have jumped the sinking ship to WCW and the WWE would be dead.

Bret says he doesn't think Punk is brilliant. That was executed by the best there is, the best there was, the best there will ever be. It's that simple.

Punk says it kills him that Bret calls himself that, absolutley kills him. He can call himself King of England, or King of Memphis, but doesn't make it true, right Jerry?

Bret says he and King go back a long time. Not once did King walk out of the ring. But after leaving King laying, it was Punk who walked off, watch this... Video of Punk attacking Cena at the end of RAW last week, then Heyman being shown driving the car.

Punk is glaring. What can he say? He was in his hometown. A town that treats Champs respectfully, and was in a hurry to enjoy his day off. He forgot a few things and returned, but Cena was right in front of him. Where's Cena? Does he have Bret's back. He didn't like what Punk did to King, will Cena run out to rescue Bret when it gets too hot?

Bret says he spoke to Cena and wanted to come out on his own, Bret respected Cena enough to ask for that.

Punk says Bret doesn't have any respect for him. He's been Champ longer than Bret ever was. He will beat Cena and cement his history as the greatest WWE Champ of all time. Did Bret hear the fans when he came out? That's what Punk deserves in every arena across the world. Bret's like Cena. Over hyped, over rated. At NoC he'll Punk Cena to sleep.

Bret says like Punk's putting the fans to sleep now! The fans chant for Bret.

Punk says at NoC he'll leave Cena a beaten, broken down empty shell of a man, like Bret is. Punk drops his pipe bomb and leaves the ring. "Asshole!" chants for Punk who leaves the ring yelling that he's the best in the world!


Announce Segment


Kofi w/ R-Truth vs Miz & Cesaro w/ Aksana

Kofi and R-Truth out with Little Jimmy in tow. Miz out to the ring. Cesaro out with Aksana. Cesaro says prestige in five languages on his way to the ring.

Kofi and Miz lock up. Side headlock on Miz, Miz pushes out, Kofi ducks and nails a monkey flip for two. R-Truth tags in, they double leg sweep and slam down on Miz. Miz rolls out. Cesaro in and sent out. Kofi sent flying out over the top onto them.


Cesaro locks a hold on R-Truth on the mat as Aksana lounges sexily on the apron blowing kisses to Cesaro. Miz tags in and lands on Miz in the ropes. Miz pims for two. R-Truth into a corner, Miz with blows but pulled off. Miz calls for the heat and hits his corner clothesline. Miz climbs and nails R-Truth with a double ax handle on R-Truth's upper back, but only got one. Chinlock on R-Truth on the mat. R-Truth free and Miz runs into a lovely drop kick. Both men are down.

Both tag out and Kofi off the top on Cesaro. Clotheslines, then a drop kick on Cesaro. A boom drop on Cesaro and Kofi sets up. Miz on the apron eats a drop kick, but Cesaro on Kofi. Kofi reverses with a kick to the head. Cross body on Cesaro, but Miz breaks it up. R-Truth takes Miz out, Cesaro takes R-Truth out and pins Kofi for two, holding the tights. TIP and Kofi gets the three!

Winners – Kofi & R-Truth (8:09)

They celebrate in the ring.


Sheamus beat Swagger with a Texas cloverleaf, then ADR in and attacks Sheamus. Sheamus set up for the brogue kick, Ricardo takes the kick for ADR. Ricardo was knocked out. Cole says allegedly Ricardo has head and neck injuries. King says Ricardo refused medical coverage, so it is allegedly. Cole brought up Otunga, so King called him an ambulance chaser. They then show video from SD where Booker banned the brogue kick.

Backstage Segment

Sheamus talking to Bret off mic.


Announce Segment

King talks about WWE being back on Saturday morning. King talks about a court deposition this morning.


Sheamus was sworn in, his lawyer cuts him off from cussing Otunga out. Sheamus says his last name is Lipschitz! His Mum is Irish, Dad is Jewish. They drank a lot, then felt guilty about it. Then Sheamus says that's not his real last name! He's joking. He never gives his last name.

Otunga brings up the night Ricardo was kicked. 'Si Senor!' Otunga rips on Sheamus for that. Sheamus then admits he did kick Ricardo, but was attacked by ADR from behind. Otunga then brings up Chad Patten? Otunga shows the picture of Sheamus' kick. Then asked if Sheamus knows Daniel Bryan? "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Otunga got Sheamus back on track and Sheamus made a joke about the match lasting only 18 seconds.

Otunga goes off and Sheamus' lawyer objects to each of Otunga's question as they're outside of Sheamus' realm of knowledge. Sheamus steps in and says that the brogue kick doesn't discriminate. A brogue kick to the camera and Sheamus sings Hava Nagila!


6 Divas Tag Match – Eve & Layla & Kaitlyn vs Beth & Natalya & Fox

Layla, Kaitlyn and Eve out to the ring together. The other three Divas out to face them.

Kaitlyn and Beth lock up. Kaitlyn behind Beth, but backed into a corner. Beth back elbows rather than a clean break. Shoulder block to Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn whipped, stop herself and takes Beth down. Natalya takes the tag and they take Kaitlyn down. Natalya pins for two. Natalya slaps Kaitlyn, but Kaitlyn ducks Natalya, but is kicked from outside by Fox. Clothesline to Kaitlyn for two. Fox tags in and kicks Kaitlyn in the gut as Natalya holds her. Suplex and Fox bridges the two. Fox hing up top, Kaitlyn tags out.

Layla in and cheap shots on Beth and Natalya. Cross body on Fox, then Fox telegraphs and is kicked. Eve steals a blind tag and takes Fox down for three. Eve poses and smiles as she pins Fox.

Winners – Eve & Layla & Kaitlyn (2:24)

Eve with big hugs for her team, neither like it. Eve is all smiles.

Backstage Segment

AJ watching the monitor with her head tilted. Punk up to AJ and says that Cena doesn't have a match, but Punk does? Is that fair and impartial. Is it because Punk rejected her, or embarrassed that the world saw her breakdown. AJ says she should make Punk face Sheamus, who he walked out on last week. Since he walked out on the people last week, they will chose his fate this week. AJ leaves, then Punk turns, right into a smiling Funkasaurus, 'What's up?' he asks with a wide grin!


Punk vs Orton

Punk out to huge heat! WWE.com Exclusive has the untold history of Punk and Heyman. Cole stands up and is on mic. The results are -
#Brodus 12%
#King 13%
#Orton 75%

Orton out to the ring in his normal slow way. Punk squatting in a corner, twiddling his fingers waiting. Orton into the ring and poses, after the ref backs Punk.

They both stare a bit, then lock up. Side headlock on Orton. Orton pushes out, but shoulder block drops him. They stare down, then lock up. Side headlock on Orton. He pushes out and eats a shoulder block. Orton hit a really bad hip toss. Punk needed to recuperate in a corner for a moment. They lock up, side headlock on Punk. Dueling "Let's go Orton" and "CM Punk!" chants. Knees to Orton in a corner, then Punk stomps him down. Orton pulled from the corner, stomped, then back breaker for one.

Chinlock on Orton. Orton up, but slammed back to the mat and the hold tightened. Orton fights free. Punk whipped, floats over, but then flees Orton and the ring. Orton wants Punk back in, but Punk turns and walks up the ramp. Orton gives chase and attacks from behind. Blows on Punk down the ramp. Punk into the barrier. At nine they're back in the ring. Well, Orton on the apron, Punk kicks Orton's leg out and he hits the floor.


Orton in an abdominal stretch, but gets free and slams Punk. Orton's knee drop misses when Punk moves. Punk stomps, then drops an elbow – ala HBK, according to Cole - off the corner for two. Punk keeps stomping and working over Orton, but only gets two. Punk climbs, but Orton kicks the ropes before Punk can hit his Savage elbow. Orton on Punk, who's still sitting up top, with blows. Orton climbs and hits Cowboy's superplex, but only gets two from it.

Both kneeling, they exchange blows. They work to their feet, Orton on the advantage, but runs into a back kick, then a kick to the feet, but Orton back with clotheslines! Body drop on Punk and Orton yells, "Come on Montreal!" Punk to the apron, Orton sets up, but Punk kicks Orton I the side of the head. Flying clothesline off the top rope for two. Punk motions for the GTS as he gets to his feet. Orton pulled up, set up, but elbows free. Punk counters the RKO. Back breaker on Punk for two.

Orton pulls Punk up, to the apron, Orton hits his DDT in what Cole calls 'vintage' Orton! Punk in a heap on the mat, and Orton hears voices. Suddenly Ziggler behind Orton attacking. RKO on Ziggler. Punk comes at Orton but eats that sick power slam. Orton is ready for Punk, but Ziggler again attacks Orton.

Winner – Orton via DQ (13:45)

Punk and Ziggler on Orton, so King rushes the ring and attacks Punk! Punk and Ziggler sent from the ring, both King and Orton circle. They leave the ring in unison and get on their foes!


King & Orton vs Punk & Ziggler w/ Vickie

Ziggler is still beating on Orton in a corner. Neck breaker on Orton for two. Orton whipped, comes out with a clothesline, then stomps his way around Ziggler. Orton rakes his shin across Ziggler's face. Orton struggles through a slingshot suplex. King tags in and hits a drop kick on Ziggler. King to the second ropes, then flying fist – 'vintage' Lawler. A second flying fist for two! Big drop kick to King as Punk plays with the tag string like a toy. Ziggler drops a big elbow on King for two. Side headlock on King on the mat. Punk is shown saying, 'I don't care!" with a shrug. King free, but kicked and punched to the mat. Ziggler talks smack to Orton. Orton stares at Ziggler like he's a piece of meat. Ziggler taunts King who wants to tag out. More blows to King, then pushes King over. Ziggler flicks his sweat at Orton, then drops another elbow on King for two. Chinlock on King on the mat. Punk looks bored as Vickie is screeching. King to his feet and suplexes free! Both men are down and making a show of struggling.

Orton gets the tag with clotheslines and that sick power slam. Ziggler sent very sloppily to the apron, but Ziggler fights free and send Orton flying high over the top and out.

Heyman stomps to the ring, the way only he can. Punk drops down, talks to Heyman through the 'ECW' chants. EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Right in Heyman and Punk's faces. They stare at her, then go back to talking. She keeps going on about there being a match going on. Heyman grabs the strap and gives it to Punk as Ziggler beats on Orton. Punk is talking about Montreal. An RKO, then King got the three.

Winners – King & Orton (7:05)

Punk and Heyman leave as soon as the bell is rung. King and Orton are left staring up the ramp in utter shock.


Backstage Segment

Striker stops Punk and Heyman and asks about the nature of their relationship. "I'm a Paul Heyman guy," is all Punk says before they walk away.

Announce Segment

King is not impressed with Punk leaving the match with Heyman. Cole brings up anger management.


The fans votes for Kane and Bryan to hug it out. They show each little incarnation of their hug last week on RAW, then the fallout after the monumental hug – the same video they showed on Smackdown last week.

Backstage Segment

Kane is pacing, Bryan walks in. Bryan says he was told Kane had something to say to him, Kane says the same. Kane goes off about what a sadistic evil monster the person behind him is – it's the doctor! They want to know why Shelby is there. AJ wanted him there. They will either heal, or fall into a bottomless abyss, but they will have to trust one another.


WWE Rewind

Ryder defeated Slater last week on RAW.

Slater vs Ryback

Slater says last week Ryder did something he's never done with a lady, got lucky! Ryder's been talking a lot and Slater wants his rematch now! Ryder, on the tron, says Ryder is not his opponent, but close enough. Ryback's music hits and he comes to the ring. Slater looks a bit ill.

"Goldberg" chants as soon as the bell! Slater with side headlock, but he's pushed off an flips and flails out of the ring. Slater into a big shoulder block. More "Goldberg" chants. Ryback's mouth is busted briefly. Slater takes Ryback down, but flipped off hard when Slater tries to pin. Slater on Ryback again, another pin attempt and flies off. Slater talks smack, then eats a sick clothesline! Big powerbomb to Slater, then Ryback calls to finish it. Slater up, Ryback marches, Slater slammed and it's over. The fans counted the 1-2-3, but that's the loudest they got.

Winner – Ryback (2:13)

Video of the high points of the match. Ryback chants, "Feed me more!" and some of the fans were chanting along with him.

Announce Segment

Cole is showing the WWE ap as Ryback is still in the ring chanting.

Backstage Segment

Prime Time Players in with AJ, she's wearing black pants, a blue button down and a black tie, collar open and tie is loose. She tells them they're not the #1 contenders for the TTC. They go all 'millions of dollars' and she says they're irritating. She tells them that they haven't faced all the teams. Who? She chants Kane and Bryan, Kane and Bryan. O'Neil tells her she's crazy, she smiles it off, playing with the bottom of her tie, as they leave her office.


Prime Time Players vs Bryan & Kane

Bryan out to the ring, trying to stay calm through all the ysy chants. Bryan up to a fan yelling "YES!" "YES!" "YES!", but Bryan walks away. Fire, and out comes Kane. Kane to the ring and calls fire from all four. O'Neil and Young out to the ring in bright green trunks. Kane and Bryan argue about who will start.

Kane tells Bryan to go. O'Neil on Kane, but Kane with a huge clothesline. Kane on O'Neil in a corner. Blows to O'Neil, then O'Neil to the face corner and tags Bryan in, very hard. Bryan kicks on O'Neil yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" each time. Young tags in and on Bryan with a clothesline for one. Then tries again and only gets one. O'Neil in and a double shoulder block to Bryan. O'Neil pins for two. O'Neil scoops Bryan up and slams him to the mat. O'Neil stomps Bryan, then into the heel corner with back elbows on Bryan. The ref pulls him off and Young kicks Bryan.

Young tags in and suplexes Bryan, a bridging pin for two. A reverse chinlock on Bryan. Bryan free, but into a back elbow. O'Neil tags in, and O'Neil slams Young onto Bryan. O'Neil then chokes Bryan in the ropes. Bryan int a corner, but fights back with blows, then kicks. Bryan picked up and a side breaker on Bryan for two. O'Neil yells at Bryan to 'get up' and then stomps Bryan while yelling "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" each time, then barks. Chinlock on Bryan as he rips on Bryan's face.

Young tags in and Bryan tries to fight back. Blows, kicks, upper cuts, and then a snap mare into a chinlock on Bryan. O'Neil tells Young to 'punish 'im'. Bryan works to his feet and blows on Young to get free. Kicks to Young's thigh, then a suplex and both are down. Kane wants the tag, Bryan says no. Bryan climbs, but Young moves. Young pins Bryan for two. Chinlock on Bryan on the mat. Bryan to his feet, ax handles to get free, then takes Young down. Both are down, Kane wants the tag, Bryan shakes his head no. Bryan on Young with kicks to the chest. A big kick to Young and Kane took the blind tag.

Young whipped, then clothesline in the corner. Across the ring, another big clothesline in a corner for two. Kane up. Clothesline from up top on Young. Chokeslam on Young. O'Neil rushes in and sent flying out. Bryan takes the blind tag. Bryan with a big smile to Kane. Kane chokeslams Bryan down on the mat, but he lands across Young and gets the three!

Winners – Kane & Bryan (8:29)

Kane back into the ring, pulls Bryan to his feet while raising his arm for the win. Video recap of how they won the match. Kane is still staring down at his partner going into NoC to face Kofi and R-Truth for the TTC! Kane still staring, Bryan is just coming back to the ring world.


The opening segment where Punk went off on Bret about respect, and how he will cement himself as the greatest WWE Champ of all time when he beats Cena in his hometown at NoC.


Slam of The Week

Sheamus defeated Swagger with the Texas cloverleaf last week, then ADR and Ricardo attacked Sheamus in the ring. Ricardo pushed ADR out of the way and took the brogue kick.

ADR w/ Ricardo vs Tyson Kidd

Justin announces Ricardo. Ricardo comes out slowly from backstage and gives ADR a little less then forceful introduction. ADR comes out in a white 2010 Bentley GTC convertible. ADR comes down to the ring with Ricardo. Kidd out to the ring.

ADR on Kidd with kicks and blows. A big kick to the back of Kidd's head, but then eats a drop kick. Kidd grabs ADR, but is kicked off. They struggle back and forth until ADR gains control. Kidd's chin wrenched back with ADR's knee in his back. Kidd to his feet and fights free. Kidd ducks ADR who goes through the ropes. A big kick to ADR from the apron. Flying elbow from the top rope is dodged by ADR. ADR stomps Kidd, but then Kidd reverses ADR and locks on the sharpshooter!

ADR manages to get to the ropes to break the hold. Kidd over the top with a leg drop on the apron, but ADR moves. ADR really wrenches Kidd's arm over the bottom rope. In the ring ADR locks on his cross arm breaker and Kidd taps out.

Winner – ADR (2:57)

ADR grabs a mic and asks if Sheamus is watching how he just destroyed this Canadian peasant. That's nothing compared to what he will do at NoC. Sheamus lost the brogue kick, but will lose the WHC.

Announce Segment

Cole says that King passed out on announce. He's out back and receiving CPR. Cole is almost in tears, can barely speak. He says this isn't part of the show, this is real. They're performing CPR as he speaks.


Sheamus vs Otunga

Sheamus out to the ring. Cole is completely quiet on announce. They show Tweets on the screen about bringing back the brogue kick. Otunga out in his cape, throws it off and poses on the stage. Cole still hasn't said a word.

Otunga rushes Sheamus and attacks him, Cole hasn't spoken, but is at announce. Otunga on Sheamus with blows and stomps, but then grabs Sheamus' face yells at him and slaps him. Sheamus gets mad and beats on Otunga. Otunga to the apron for the ten blows. Back breaker in the ring. Nothing at all from Cole. Sheamus locks on the Texas cloverleaf and Otunga taps out.

Winner – Sheamus (1:31)

Sheamus celebrates in the ring, but the fans seem quiet. Sheamus slaps hands up the ramp, but then turns and looks around at the fans part way up the ramp. Sheamus smirks a bit and heads back to the ring. "Brogue kick!" chants – not loud, but some. They fans are with Sheamus while setting it up. Otunga eats a brogue kick and the fans cheer. Sheamus poses, but AJ's music hits. She says Sheamus just defied authority and... Can you dig it, suckah! Booker comes out. He doesn't know what AJ was about to say, but this is WHC business. AJ stomps off pissed. Booker tells Sheamus that he wasn't to use that kick while Booker investigates. If Sheamus uses that kick at any time, on anybody, for any reason, until the investigation is final, Sheamus will be stripped of the Title.

Backstage Segment

Bret is talking to Rey off mic. (Still not a word from Cole, announce has been completely silent.)



Recap of the #1 Contenders Match where Kane chokeslammed Bryan. This is not being narrated at all, the show is on autopilot. A Tout from Kofi and R-Truth about who they will face at NoC, and that the Prime Time Players are out.

Backstage Segment

Bryan is going off on Kane about how he could have really hurt Bryan. Kane said they won, didn't they? Shelby told them to talk it out. Bryan said he got the win and could like the team of Bryan and Kane. Kane says Kane and Bryan. Bryan disagrees, back and forth until Kane says the team of Kane and the rotting, eviscerated corpse of Bryan. How about the big red machine that Bryan beat at SummerSlam? Shelby asked about Team Friendship? They both yell "NO!" in his face. They both stomp off still arguing.

Announce Segment

Cole says that this is not part of the show. Cole says King collapsed to the ground. They performed CPR. King was taken to a local hospital. He's being given oxygen, but is breathing on his own. This is serious and for him, there will be no further commentary this evening. They will try to update King's condition if possible.

In Ring Segment

Rey out in yellow and blue.


Rey vs Cody

Cody out to the ring to face Rey.

Rey runs the ropes, then stomps Cody's face. Cody runs the ropes and hits Rey with an upper cut. Cody on Rey in a corner and tries for some reaction, but the fans are not at all into the match. Cody pins for two. Cody again tries for heat, but gets little. Rey slammed face first on the mat, then cop grinds his forearm on Rey's face. Cody grabs Rey, Rey reverses and sends Cody flying from the ring. Rey, from the apron, hits head scissors on Cody.

Cody gets Rey on his shoulder, but Rey gets free. Cody slingshots a kick at Rey for two. Cody yelling at Rey to get some fan reaction, looks around to very little. Cody stomps Rey, the ref checks to make sure Rey can continue. Cody runs at Rey, but lands shoulder first into the post. Rey hits head scissors, then a bulldog on Cody for two.

A big kick to a kneeling Cody for two. The fans a bit more into the match. Rey points, then climbs. Seated senton off the top, but Cody grabs Rey. Rey wiggles free and hits a drop kick on Cody. Before Rey can hit 619, he hits a drop kick through the ropes on Miz. Cross Rhodes on Rey for three.

Winner – Cody (4:37)

Miz into the ring and head for Rey, but eats cross Rhodes! Cody picks up the belt, holds it high, yells, 'My baby!', then lays it across Miz who is holding his head on the mat.

Backstage Segment

Cena, heading for the ring, stops and nods at a member of the crew working on something. He nods back.


Announce Segment

Cole again says this is real life, not part of the show. He goes on to tell about King collapsing and falling to the floor, then stretchered out. The update is that King is more responsive. He's responding to light. He's in an isolated section of the ER, going to have a CAT scan. In true King way, he's fighting. Our prayers are with you King, keep fighting.


In Ring Segment

Bret Hart back out to the ring. Bret introduces Cena to the ring, he gets much heat. Not as much as Punk, but the crowd is subdued now, so it could have been as strong as Punk's otherwise. Cena shakes Bret's hand, then raises it. Cena grabs a mic. He thanks Bret for the opportunity for the interview.

Bret says he's watching that feud with Punk and it reminds him of the problems he had with HBK. They had mutual respect, but years later they had this feud about the Title that almost destroyed their lives. Looking at Cena he sees a lot of himself, and in Punk he sees a lot of the old HBK.

Cena thanks Bret for even mentioning him with Bret and HBK. Huge heat for Cena. The differences between Punk and HBK is..."You can't wrestle!" Cena says the fans know, he couldn't have laced Bret's boots. But the difference between Punk and HBK is that when HBK was a jerk, he owned up to it. Punk is so insecure that he has to demand respect. HBK stood for something. The fans love Bret for standing for something. Punk is a desperate delusional young man that thinks leather and gold my any means deserves respect.

Bret asks Cena what he's going to do to shut this phony little Punk up.

Phony? Phony? Punk comes out on stage, no music and asks, did Bret call him a phony?

Cena says yes, Bret did. Does that make Cena want to come down and fight? If so, Cena say's Punk a phony. Punk has two choices now. He can stay up there and keep talking, or come to the ring and fight it out. 40 feet and ropes stand between Punk and the worst mistake of his life.

Punk says Cena's the pot calling the kettle. The biggest phony calling Punk a phony. He's coming out to defend his name against such rampant disrespect. It almost breaks his heart that Bret and Cena are so much alike, and that's not good. They can stand around patting each others backs, but can't face that they were both surpassed by people far superior to themselves. Cena, he's talking about Punk. Bret, he's talking about HBK. And you can't draw a line between himself and HBK, not old or new, he's far better than HBK. And that hillbilly Bret made tap out, Austin, Punk's better than him. He's better than the Rock. He took out Rock in one night what Cena couldn't do in a year. He's the best talker, technician, the best brawler, wrestler and he doesn't say these things because of insecurity, he says it because he is it. That makes him anything but a phony.

Cena says Punk's right. He's right because that last statement makes his a liar, a hypocrite and a conceited scum bag. Congratulations. Punk can add those to his resume. One thing Cena can says about Montreal is that it's a very honest city. For years the WWE has referred to this building as Bizarro World. Quite franky the fans there are just honest, they tell how they feel, whether they want to hear it or not. Tonight he's going to learn from Montreal and hit Punk with a dose of truth, whether Punk wants to hear it or not. For three hundred days Punk has been WWE Champion. For three hundred days that Championship has been irrelevant. Month after month Punk watched main event after main event pass Punk by and claims it's a political conspiracy against Punk. The fact is there's no Punk. See, Punk's been there for many, many, many years, and ironically enough the night Punk made the most noise was ironically the night his mic was turned off. Cena remembers those days. Talk about change. Passionate, convicting talk about change! Then one triumphant night in Chicago when Punk was the victor and the world said they finally got change! They were lied to, fooled by a false claim! Change was not ice cream bars, change wasn't even new talent. All he meant by change was make Punk a star. We don't even know who Punk is. In one of those rants Punk said Cena had become what he despises. In reference to success, no. He went from an underdog to an odds on favorite as himself. Though all the wins, losses Championships, the year he didn't win the big one at WrestleMania, the embarrassment, the humility, he's had to stand up and do it as himself. Cena says then there's Punk. He's changed his ideology numerous times, stabbed his friends in the back, steals colors from HOFers, steal the elbow of the late Randy Savage. All because Punk has yet to find himself. He's not saying Punk's not tough, he's been in the ring with Punk. He's not saying Punk's not accomplished, but his latest phase of development is all about the Title. Punk thinks that because he has the belt he deserves respect. No, Punk has retained it at any means necessary, that does not define a Champ in Cena's eyes. That's not what earns respect. At NoC Punk will have to search for a new identity. Punk's been loud these past couple weeks because he realizes at NoC he's in serious jeopardy of losing that Title. Cena says he didn't want to do this, but the city of Montreal owes him one, so he's going to pay it back to them. So then he starts speaking in French. I cannot say what Cena said, my French is just too rusty.

Punk says that Cena has lowered himself to speak their language. To speak the language of the locals? Cena lowered himself.

Enough! Cena says he doesn't lower himself to them because they are the reason they're there! "You are an ignorant son of a BLEEP!" Cena got really hot under the collar here, and Punk got right back in his face saying something off mic to Cena. Cena says to show a little bit of respect! Punk says he's going to win at NoC, but Cena's going to kick his ass! Cena throws down the mic. They stare off at each other. Punk swings – not sure if it was for Cena or Bret, but Cena blocks it. Cena backs off removes his shirt and is ready to fight. Punk stares, then starts to swing at Bret, but Bret blocks an throws a blow of his own. Punk goes down and rolls from the ring. Cena yells smack out of the ring at Punk. Punk hugs the belt close to his chest and leaves.

Announce Segment

King's condition has stabilized. He's breathing on his own, his heart is beating on its own. Cole goes over what happened earlier to King. They're now getting King ready for a CAT scan. Cole tells us to continue thinking about King and praying for him. Keep watching online for updates on King's condition. Cole says, "On a personal note, beat this thing. Get 'em King."

I'm going to end this differently because this was a quite different RAW. I went back and re-watched the end of King's tag match, and then the #1 Contenders Match. I'm shocked at what happened with King. All I can think about is if he's going to be okay. Going back I could hear when King's voice got very quiet, then he stopped talking. Cole was quiet there off and on, and I have to admit I'm mad at myself that I didn't notice. It's my job to notice. The most important thing is that we keep King in our thoughts and prayers. He's been a strong and all reaching force in the wrestling industry, so it's time to be strong for him and keep our thoughts with him in this terrible time he's dealing with.

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