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RAW Results 10/15/12 - It's Trouble In Paradise For Miz

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Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about how crazy RAW ended last week with VKM in a brawn. Tonight Punk will have to choose who he's facing at HIAC. The whole time the camera pans the crowd.

Show Starts


Recap of VKM in control of Punk last week, but a low blow stopped VKM. Ryback came to the ring, so Punk fled. Cena threw Punk back into the ring one armed. Clothesline to Punk from Ryback, then Punk fled to the stands. Punk has to pick who he faces at HIAC, or VKM will pick for him.

Music & Pyro

Announce Segment

Cole and JR on announce tonight. JR says Punk Tweeted earlier that he's picked who he will face at HIAC.

In Ring Segment

Big Show says two weeks ago he was in that ring... Heat for Big Show. He starts again and says he was there for a debate. It was a clever joke put together by Booker an Sheamus to make him look foolish. He's not the one who looked like a fool. The fans look like fools. They tell him to watch out for the brogue kick, but look what happens when Sheamus tries to brogue kick a giant. Video of Big Show sending Sheamus from the ring after catching his foot. Big Show says he loves that look on his face. A look of someone way of their head.

"You suck!" chants.

Big Show says on Smackdown they had a scientific challenge. Which was stronger? He didn't want to do it, but we all know what happened. Video of Sheamus pissing off Big Show and Big Show punches the bag. In two weeks he won't be punching a bag, he'll KO Sheamus and become the largest WHC! Just so he doesn't have to hear anymore vile garbage about his last Title reign of 45 seconds. They love to Tweet him '45 seconds, fella.' He'll correct that tonight.

"45 seconds!" chants.

Big Show freaks out that he wants Bryan right now. One punch, one pin, end this! Bring him Bryan, right now! Right here!

Backstage R-Truth, Team Hell No, Ryder, Santino, and a number of others watching on a monitor. R-Truth talks to Little Jimmy about this. Kane stares at Bryan. Bryan says no way, he's not going out there. AJ comes in – wearing a white shirt with a keyhole opening, and a skull tie - and says Bryan should go out. He doesn't like this. She says she's quirky and unpredictable, get out there. Bryan says Kane will come out and do his thing? Kane laughs in Bryan's face. "NO!" "YES!" "NO!" "YES!"

Bryan vs Big Show

Bryan out to the ring and rips up a goat face puppet.

Big Show rushes Bryan, throws him down. Then in a corner with a blow. Big chop to Bryan. Bryan comes back with kicks on Big Show's leg, but then Bryan sent out over the top and out. Big Show goes out after Bryan.


Bryan on the mat, holds onto Big Show, then up and running the ropes, right into a bear hug. During the break Big Show hit a SICK spear on Bryan! Bryan elbows Big Show in the head, and it looks like Big Show is bleeding slightly from an eye. Big Show runs the ropes, but Bryan goes after Big Show's knee and Big Show flew beautiful. Kicks to Big Show, then a sick kick to the head drops Big Show for two.

Bryan with two running drop kick to Big Show in a corner. Bryan climbs, but is caught and chokeslammed to the mat for three!

Winner – Big Show (6:33)

Cole is shocked at how Big Show won the match. The ref is tending to Bryan as fire erupts. Kane comes out laughing. Big Show cocked and loaded to hit Bryan, but Kane in and between them. Big Show leaves the ring. Cole talks about how Kane is the only one aloud to laugh at Bryan. Kane talks to Bryan, who is still on the mat, about the chokeslam. Video of Kane stepping into the ring to protect Bryan with a 'guttural noise', so says JR.


In Ring Segment

Heyman in the ring with Punk's belt hugged to his chest, and a painting, or something, covered with black crushed velvet. Heyman goes on and on about Punk's accolades, and that he has been our WWE Champ for 330 consecutive days. Punk out in his new yellow shirt.

Heyman hands the mic over to Punk, and as his music ends the heat can be heard. Punk says last week was a perfect microcosm of what his life has become. He was called out and proved him wrong. He doesn't care if it's Bret Hart, Foley, bucket head JR, even if it's the Rock. He doesn't care if it's any of them. If he disrespects him – verbally of physically – he will put you down. Last week it was VKM. Some might applaud his intestinal fortitude, but he thinks it's sad. This show doesn't revolve around one guy, but VKM thinks it does. VKM disrespected him, and he slapped him in the face. Think about that, he slapped the owner of the company. Then he grew grapefruits. But then Punk victimized him, and now we won't see VKM in that ring, and we can all thank him. It took two Superstars to save VKM from Punk. Then he backs Punk into a corner to choose who he's facing at HIAC.

Just for perspective, look at what VKM and everyone thinks of Punk. He shows the poster for HIAC that shows Punk with devil horns. Punk asks if he's the Devil? Compared to the fans there, he's an angel! This is how he's treated. We all know devils don't exist, but let's live in our make believe world. There's the devil he doesn't know, Ryback. He's a monster of a man who's physically inserted himself into a conversation he has no part of. The devil he does know, someone he's broken, our hero, Cena.

So who does he face at HIAC? Which will help him cement his legacy at HIAC. The one armed man, or to borrow form Heyman, the next big thing in the WWE. A picture's worth a thousand words, let him show us who he's facing. He stops and asks for decorum and respect for the unveiling, but gets huge heat. He stops again and says since they're being so disrespectful, he needs more time. He has nothing but time. The fans need patience with him, alright?

VKM's music hits and he comes out in a sexy striped navy blazer. He says he was hoping Punk learned a little something about respect last week. Last week VKM said if Punk didn't decide, then VKM would. Punk just blew it and VKM's making that decision for him. Tonight there will be a contract signing, and in that ring VKM will announce who Punk will face at HIAC – Cena or Ryback. Punk fate at HIAC is in VKM's hands, respect that! VKM leaves the stage and Punk is going off about it all, pointing up at the stage and back at himself, talking at Heyman the whole time.


Layla talking about losing her mother to breast cancer. No matter how many times she beat it, it kept coming back. Her mother never saw her wrestle, will never see her get married. You only have one mom.


WWE Slam of the Week -

Last Friday on Smackdown ADR called himself the apex preditor, then Orton was in the ring behind him. ADR managed to flee after part of a beating, so Ricardo ate the RKO on announce.

Funkasaurus vs ADR

ADR will face Orton at HIAC. ADR and Clay are already into the ring.

They lock up, Clay backed into a corner, then reversed and ADR beaten down. Clay takes ADR down and out of the ring. Clay's arm hung up top. Clay's arm into the corner, then ADR takes Clay down for two. ADR still on Clay's left arm. Clay up and fights back, but ADR with kicks and blows, ADR on that arm. Clay back up and blows on ADR. ADR runs the ropes into a head butt to the chest. Clay rushes ADR in a corner, but ADR moves. Drop kick to the back of Clay's head in the corner. Face cracker on Clay, then the cross-arm breaker. Clay taps out.

Winner – ADR (2:11)

Backstage Segment

Power hungry, angry old son of a... Who does he think he is? Heyman says this is what Heyman told him! You can't beat VKM in a battle, but... Punk says that's what he'll do. He's going to fight again tonight. Heyman needs to tell VKM, VKM beats him, then VKM can pick his opponent. Heyman doesn't like this, but Punk sends him off to do it.

In Ring Segment

Ryder and Santino to the ring. Both decked out in Ryder gear that they fling to the fans.


Ryder & Santino vs Prime Time Players

The match is already started. O'Neil tags in and they double stomp Santino . Jaw breaker to O'Neil and he tags out. Ryder on O'Neil with blows. Missile drop kick on O'Neil, then a blow in the opposite corner. Boot to O'Neil's head in a corner. Pins O'Neil for two. Young into the ring, Santino in, but taken out. Young on Ryder, then O'Neil on Ryder with bomb for three.

Winner – Prime Time Players (1:21)

Video of the end of the match. Slater, Mahal and Drew to the ring in jeans, leather jackets, and a new rocker look. They stomp Ryder from the ring. They want to introduce Nashville to the 3MB. Cole and JR are confused about what that means. Cole talks about how effective they've been recently. JR has to agree.



Scenes from outside the arena as Cole talks about what happened earlier in the ring. Then to video of Punk demanding more patience, but VKM didn't like this and took the decision from Punk. It will be announced later by VKM as to who Punk will face at HIAC. Cole and JR talk more about Punk wanting to face VKM again.

In Ring Segment

EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Vickie out in a short little black chiffon swing dress and announces Ziggler. Ziggler goes off, on mic, as they walk to the ring. Ryback? Ryback? He puts it all out there every week. He had to defeat seven people to EARN his MITB Title contract. Ryback is a flash in the pan, fly by night. Two months from now we won't remember him, but Ziggler will still be here. If anyone deserves a WWE Title match, it's Ziggler. In fact, he wants to take on Punk at HIAC, then go on to cash in and win the WHC in the same night.

Otunga comes out and says Ziggler has something. It doesn't take a Harvard degree to see this, but Ziggler doesn't deserve it. It's time the strongest Superstars get a chance. Not a bleach blond show off who hangs out backstage with his – mother. Otunga's talking about himself.

AJ's music and she skips out to the stage. She says they all have the right to their opinion and she respects that, but instead on doing it verbally, they can do it physically in a two on one handicap match against the man himself.

Ryback vs Otunga & Ziggler w/ Vickie

'Feed me more!' and out comes Ryback to the ring. Fans are reacting as they sound like they are.

The bell and Otunga flees to the apron. Then the "Feed me more!" chants and more fans are involved. Drop kick to Ryback, but he stays standing into a corner, and clotheslines Ziggler. Ziggler tags Otunga hard. Interesting atomic drop on Otunga! Ziggler flees the ringside and heads up the ramp with Vickie and his case. Ryback shakes the ropes, then picks up Otunga and marches. Otunga slammed to the mat for three.

Winner – Ryback (1:51)

Ryback gets the chants going and more fans seem to be joining in with him.

Backstage Segment

VKM on his cell saying Bryan is good, they both have their fine points, but then Heyman walks in. VKM says, "A swarm of locusts have descended on Nashville." Heyman says he deserves that. VKM asks how Punk is. Heyman says not good, as anyone going against VKM. He has a proposition for VKM. Heyman talks VKM up as Hurculean, that's why Punk has a challenge. VKM doesn't back down from a challenge. Punk wants to face VKM, and if Punk gets the pinfall, or maybe makes VKM tap out, then Punk can pick his opponent.

VKM agrees to that. Heyman thanks him. VKM says the match isn't with Punk, it's with Heyman. Heyman whines 'no, that's not what I pitched you'. VKM tells Heyman to get out!

Backstage Segment

Striker approaches AJ about interviewing THN and got attacked. He wants an apology. He thinks it's crazy... Well it's nuts that... AJ laughs and laughs. AJ agrees and tells him to ask for one, right after his match with Kane. Striker doesn't like this, but AJ walks off smiling.



Stills of Cena hanging out with the Jets, and Tebow.

Cesaro vs Gabriel

Cesaro to the ring. Spilt screen Cesaro talks about elevating the Title and the USA. He doesn't need the USA, the USA needs Cesaro. Gabriel is already in the ring waiting.

Back elbow to Gabriel as Cole give King a shout out. Cesaro sends Gabriel flying, then double stomp to his gut. Blows to Gabriel in a corner. Cesaro lands Gabriel across the corner, then nails him with a sick running knee to the gut! Gabriel lands on the mat. "USA!" chants. Cesaro gets really mad and attacks Gabriel (not originally from the USA) with blows and kicks in a corner. Gut buster on Gabriel in the center of the ring. Cesaro locks his arms around Gabriel's ribs from behind on the mat. Gabriel to his feet and muscles free, but is slammed back by his tights. Cesaro locks back on, Gabriel up and on Cesaro with blows. They exchange. Gabriel into a corner. Gabriel into the corner, flips off, then a neck breaker on Cesaro. Gabriel with his 450, but Cesaro's shoulder comes up and Gabriel lands badly. Gabriel pulls it together through the pain and pins Cesaro, but Cesaro gets a foot on the rope. Gabriel climbs again, but eats an uppercut mid-air. Neutralizer on Gabriel for three.

Winner – Cesaro (3:54)

Video of the high points. JR calls the upper cut a slobberknocker of a move. Cesaro celebrates in the ring.


Stiker vs Kane

Striker in the ring. Kane out to face him, calls fire from all four. Video of Striker upsetting Bryan by calling him the weak link on Smackdown. Bryan locked on the "NO!" lock. Kane pulls Bryan off Striker, but then chokeslams Striker to the mat.

Striker with a mic says they don't need to do this. He's not a competitor anymore. He'd be fine with an apology. Think of this therapy. What would Shelby say. The fans want to see competition, not mindless carnage. The fans start chanting, "Mindless carnage!" Kane puts his arms wide and gives Striker a hug, but then as Striker tries to leave, he's pulled into another hug, but then Kane won't let go. JR says it reminds him of his second mother-in-law! Chokeslam on Striker for three.

Winner – Kane (2:02)

Cole says that's why you don't call AJ the 'C' word. Kane drops to the mat by Striker, kind of lounging out, and asks if he can get a word with him. Highly competitive, but in the end, tough loss. Kane says he couldn't have said it better himself. 'I am the Tag Team Champions! I am the Tag Team Champions! I am the Tag Team Champions!


Miz told LK to get his little show off his stage. LK's wife Shawn threw a drink in Miz's face. Kofi attacked Miz, then threw him off the stage. Up next is 'Miz TV!' Kofi is his guest.


Miz TV

Miz's music is playing while Cole and JR talk through the sponsors. Miz is in the ring with his show set up, the WWE logo upside-down. He welcomes us all to Miz TV. Unless they've all been living in a barn, which they do as they're from Nashville, they would have seen his guest challenge Miz for his Title at Main Event. Video of Miz trying to attack Kofi after the challenge, but he ate TIP!

Kofi out to the ring. Kofi says he thought Miz would like that footage. Miz asks if Kofi likes to be revevant due to Miz? Kofi hasn't strung three sentences in his WWE career. All his partners have carried him. Kofi says Miz looked like he needed to be carried?

Miz goes off about no one remembering him other than some bad tag teams in the past five years. Kofi should thank Miz, because Kofi will always be a B player. Kofi will put smiles on faces, but Miz is the guy they will never forget.

"Kofi Kingston!" chants.

Kofi says he's right. He might need to add some more memorable moments to his career. Like beating Miz for his Title on Wednesday. That will be memorable. It will be more than memorable. It will be must see! Thanks for the pep talk! He will step up his game on Main Event, and tonight.

Kofi wants a match? Miz asks the fans if they really want to see this? Really? Really? Really? He doesn't back down from a fight, so Kofi is on. Miz goes on to say that Kofi has reached his ceiling. Maxed out at 60% while Miz is at 100%. the kids cheer for them, but no one cares about him. All that Kofi will be is a guy who says, 'boom – boom – b...' Kofi attacks Miz and take shim down hard. Miz flees. Miz tries to get back up in the ring, but he's knocked to the floor. Cole says AJ has set up this match. Kofi celebrates in the ring.


Announce Segment

JR and Cole talk about Komen For The Cure. JR points out all the pink in support.

Sheamus vs Barrett

Sheamus out to really solid pop. Barrett out to face him. Video of Sheamus getting free of Tensai and Barrett, but then sent out over the top from trying to brogue kick Big Show.

They lock up, Barrett backed into a corner, Barrett reverses, the ref backs him off. They lock up, Barrett behind Sheamus, Sheamus behind with drop toe hold. Barrett fights back with a blow. Arm bar on Sheamus, then Barrett works that left arm. Sheamus reverses and goes to work on Barrett's left arm. Sheamus blocks a hip toss and clotheslines Barrett. Barrett hung up in the ropes on the apron, but free and on Sheamus with a blow, then a kick. Blows on Sheamus on the mat. Barrett and the ref have words, then Barrett gets Sheamus and slams him to the mat for two.

Chinlock on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus to his feet and free through blows. Sheamus back on with a clothesline, then a back elbow. Rolling senton from Sheamus and Barrett rolls out. Sheamus goes outside and takes Barrett down hard, then Big Show's music hits. Big Show comes out with a blue metal folding chair in hand.


Sheamus on Barrett with blows. Big Show is sitting on that chair on the stage at the top of the ramp. Sheamus sent through the ropes, but hangs on. Barrett after Sheamus with a big boot, but hung up top. Barrett sent into the stairs, runs over, but Sheamus is out of the way when Barrett kicks the stairs back at Sheamus – like last week. Barrett back into the ring, a back kick through the ropes to Sheamus' gut drops him hard. Sheamus beats the count.

Barrett on Sheamus with blows, then a knee to Sheamus' gut. JR says it's one thing to find a guy who's really, really tough, but to find one who's also really, really smart is hard – Barrett is both. Barrett works Sheamus over through the ropes, then kicks Sheamus in the face and he crumbles. Back outside Barrett throws Sheamus onto announce, but to beat the bell sends Sheamus back in. Barrett pins for two.

Big Show to his feet and watching the match closely. Chinlock on Sheamus, but Sheamus up and fighting back. Somehow Sheamus hits his Irish curse back breaker! Both men are down! Sheamus with ax handle clotheslines, then shoulder block in a corner. Running knee lift, then running powerslam on Barrett for two. Sheamus' ten blows through the ropes onto Barrett, then Barrett is suplexed into the ring for two.

Big Show is on the stage shaking his head and pacing. Knee to Barrett in a corner. Sheamus whipped, then out into a clothesline from Barrett. Barrett to the second ropes with a big elbow for two. Cole says Barrett is a future World Champ in the WWE. JR agrees with him. JR says there's something special there. Sheamus up, but wiggles free, but Barrett back with a sick side slam for two!

Barrett stands on Sheamus' chest/neck by the ropes. Sheamus tries to fight back. Sheamus rushes Barrett in a corner, elevated, then into blocks and reverses. Sheamus manages to lock on the Texas cloverleaf, but Big Show rushes to the ring and Sheamus lets go to face Big Show. Sheamus gets Barrett up, but he wiggles free. Sheamus to the ropes and Big Show pulls the top rope down so Sheamus falls from the ring, and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Sheamus via DQ (15:18)

Big Show yells, "He fell out!" Sheamus rolled back in. He hits a brogue kick on Barrett, then clotheslines Big Show from the ring.


Punk saying he needs more time, but VKM taking the choice from him.

Backstage Segment

VKM on his cell saying heads he wins, tails he wins. He gets off the phone and asks Cena for his prognosis, he's already spoke to the doctor. Cena says he's not a doctor. People told VKM not to go to the ring last week, but that's where he belongs. If he's asked if he's 100%, then he says he's not, but belongs out there. If chosen, he will be there.

Divas Championship Match – Eve vs Layla

Eve to the ring.


WWE Rewind -

Last month, at NoC, after Kaitlyn was attacked, Eve won the Divas Title from Layla.

Layla runs at Eve and locks up, she looks mad. They break and Layla pushes Eve. Side headlock takeover on Layla. Layla tries to get a leg around Eve's neck, but Eve pushes it off. Eve keeps the hold on and to her feet. Layla elbows out, but a knee gets Eve an arm bar on Layla, then down to the mat. Layla up and kicks free. Arm bar on Eve, and Layla works it Eve grabs Layla's hair and sends her out through the ropes, but the ref didn't see the hair pull. Eve out and slams Layla face first on the apron. Back in Eve pins for two.

Hair mare on Layla for two. Another pin on Layla for two. JR talks up Eve's work with the Gracie family. Eve locks her legs around Layla's neck in a lovely head scissors on the mat. "This is awesome!" from a handful of guys. Layla's arm is up through the hold, and Eve works it hard. Layla to the ropes, so Eve has to break. Layla choked in the ropes.

Layla fights back with a solid kick for two. Layla uses her springboard bounce in the corner for a crossbody for two. Layla backed into a corner and beaten on. Layla climbs, but Eve goes after Layla's bad knee with a back kick. Layla fall and Eve pins, but Layla's foot is on the rope. The ref doesn't see foot on the rope.

Winner – Eve (4:38)

Eve is all smiles, but she saw the video of Layla's foot on the rope. Layla sits outside the ring crying.


Good Will Summit – Steph is there talking about the Nothing But Nets initiative. She talks about the WWE fan-base and if people will donate just ten dollars, it's the most powerful thing you can do.


Backstage Segment

Kane asks if Bryan saw what he did to Striker out there? It was great? Bryan says no, because he was thinking about Kane laughing at him after losing to Big Show. Was that funny? "YES!" "NO!" "YES!" "NO!" "YES!" "NO!" "YES!" "NO!" If Kane thinks it's so funny he was chokeslammed by Big Show, he should face Big Show next week, and "I"m the TTC!"

Backstage Segment

Ryback in VKM's office, no facial expression. VKM thanks Ryback for saving him. He wonders if Ryback knows what they are saying about him. That Ryback is heartless, merciless, that Ryback's unstoppable, the new kin of the mountain. What does Ryback say? "Feed me Punk!" Ryback leaves and VKM says he'll take is under consideration.

In Ring Segment

Rhodes Scholars to the ring. Cole says Rey has a touch of the flu, so they will face off next week for the #1 Contendership.


Outside Segment

Outside of a bar called Honky Tonk Central. 3MB head in and get on stage. They don't like the music, so they're going to show them music. But before they can do anything they're threatened by someone with handcuffs and thrown out.

Rhodes Scholars vs Colons

Primo and Epico attack both Cody and Sandow. The bell wasn't run. Finally Rhodes Scholars come back down the ramp. The bell and Primo with a drop kick on Cody for one. Cody eats heel corner and Epico tags in. Drop kick to Cody for two. Primo tags in. Epico takes Cody down, then Primo on Cody for two. Cody reverses into a whip, Primo eats corner and is pinned for two. Sandow distracts, so Cody gets the upper hand. Epico distracts the ref at Sandow attacks from outside. Sandow tags in.

Snap mare as JR talks up Sandow in a HUGE way, then Cole talks about Sandow being trained by Killer Kowalski. Grapevine on Primo as Sandow tags out. Knee to Primo's gut, then takes him down. Sandow tags in. Sandow takes Primo down and hits his elbow of disdain for two. Sandow keeps a hold on Primo, blows on Primo on the mat, then pulls a knee pad down for a knee drop. Cody tags in and pins Primo for two.

JR continues to talk Rhodes Scholars up as a team. Primo reverses on Cody, fights back, but can't get to his cousin. Sandow tags himself in. Sandow rips at Primo's face in the ropes as that same group of guys continue with strange chants I cannot understand. Cody tags in and on Primo with a blow to the head, but can be seen calling his moves before taking Primo down for two. Rosa is screaming outside the ring, but Primo can't reach his corner.

Sandow in and on Primo for two. Finally Primo is able to tag out and on Sandow with blows. A flying clothesline and a drop kick on Sandow. Three back suplexes on Sandow, but Cody breaks the attempt. Cody sends Primo out of the ring, but is clotheslined from the ring himself. Sandow whipped, but gets a back elbow up. Sandow hits 'the end'. On Epico for three.

Winners – Rhodes Scholars (6:58)

JR is impressed with Cole's Latin, though Cole says his pronunciation is terrible. Cody whips Sandow's arm and he flows into his cartwheel.


Miz vs Kofi

Miz and Kofi are in the ring. Video of Miz ripping on Kofi verbally earlier, then Kofi attacked.

Miz runs at Kofi, but Kofi ducks the clothesline and on Miz in the corner with kicks and blows. Kofi backed off, but Thesz Press and on Miz with blows. Miz rolls out, Kofi out after him and takes Miz down hard. Miz rolled in. Kofi slingshots, but goes over Miz. Kofi still on Miz hard with kicks to the ribs on the mat. Kofi chokes Miz with his foot in the corner, but then Miz elevates Kofi in a flapjack into the top buckle. Miz on Kofi with kicks, but Kofi comes back with forearms and kicks. Kofi whipped, then Miz's corner clothesline. Miz climbs, and double ax handle on Kofi for two.

Chinlock on Kofi on the mat. Kofi to his feet, Miz tries for a suplex, Kofi counter. Kofi with a sunset press on Miz, but Miz back up with his neck/backbreaker sequence for two. Chinlock on Kofi on the mat. Kofi up and free, hits a back suplex on Miz as JR talks about how nice Kofi is. Both are down. Kofi up with double hand clotheslines. Kofi takes Miz down, but Miz rolls from the boom drop. Miz brought back into the ring, but Kofi counters the SCF. They struggle around. Miz eats corner, then a SICK TIP for three!

Winner – Kofi (5:18)

Kofi celebrates and the fans love him. Video replay of that TIP, then again in slo-mo! Kofi is still celebrating all over the ring, the ref keeps him back from Miz. Someone is checking Miz, the ref throws the X!!! Miz still looks out. He has no clue where he is. That TIP didn't connect correctly. Smelling salts, trying to get Miz back. His eyes opened some, but no one is home. Hope he's okay.


Announce Segment

Cole talks about the Rolling Stones PPV.

In Ring Segment

VKM out to the stage, makes a motion that he wants to hear more, smiles a bit, then heads to the ring. VKM says he has the contract for the WWE Championship, it will be defended in HIAC. The man defending his Championship, CM Punk. Punk comes out seething, Heyman in tow. Punk turns, says something to Heyman while pointing at VKM, then heads for the ring. Heyman holds the Title belt high as JR ponders whether Heyman feels like a boil on the buttocks of life sometimes. Punk into the ring and paces a bit. And now for a man who has an insatiable appetite for aggression – Ryback. VKM then announces John Cena to the ring. He, of course, comes out with a big smile on his face. On the stage he shakes out that elbow, then salutes. Into the ring and Cena removes his hat to look around at the fans, then puts it back on. The fans are wild, yelling and screaming.

VKM says he's been thinking about his decsion all week as he knew Punk wouldn't have the grapefruits to do it. He thought about Ryback...

Punk says he's done listening, then calls VKM an egomaniac! He must have beaten him so badly he has some screws loose, you egomaniac. Punk signs and tells VKM to choose and he'll do what he did to VKM, destroy them.

VKM says that Punk should have taken Cena's challenge weeks ago.

Punk says he should have figured that VKM would side with Cena, they're two of a kind! A pair of egomaniacs, and jealous little men. Cena says Punk's been Champ for 330 days. He respect the achievement, but from one man to another, shut the hell up! Cena says he'd love to face Punk for the Title. He looks at Ryback and wonders if Ryback cares about the Title, seems like all he cares about is getting his ass whipped. Punk needs his ass whipped. Over the next two week Punk won't get any sleep. Either demanding respect in the ring, or sitting at home, his brain will be filled with three little words, 'Feed me more!' Cena chants it over and over and over, gets the fans going in the loudest chant of this I've heard. Ryback signs the contract and Punk looks green around the edges and gray inside.

Punk yells smack over the table, as the Cena and VKM have left. Ryback stares, barely reacts, then reaches up and slams Punk's head down on the table. Punk flies back. Ryback throws the table out of the way. Ryback gets the 'Feed me more!' chant going and the fans are right with him. He turns, kicks Punk, picks him up, marches, then lands Punk hard to the mat. Ryback gets the fans chanting along with him again, 'Feed me more!' Punk is shown on the mat, but the show goes off with Ryback.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
Big Show

Most mixed

Thanks for joining me for RAW this evening. Please check in to read my RAW Is Blogged tomorrow, but honestly I'm more worried about Miz than anything else. It looked like it was a kick that just landed wrong, and he should be fine, but we will all have to wait to see. I'm sure Richard will get us all the information as soon as he possibly can.


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