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RAW Results 12/10/12 - Cody's Peach Fuzz Leaves The Fans Laughing

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Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about how the main event has changed due to Ryback's devastation last week on RAW. Also, Big Show will face Cena in the main event tonight.

Show Starts


Starting with The Shield. Then onto video of Ryback's attack on Punk last week on RAW, and explaining the new match at TLC. Bring ladders, tables, chairs, The Shield will bring a sword.

More on the romance between Cena and AJ, will they finally silence Vickie and Ziggler? Will Ziggler be able to steal the show, or will Cena show up the Showoff?

In Ring Segment

Ziggler is up on a ladder, his case hanging above. He says this is about two numbers 6 and 15. 6 is the number of days until TLC. 15 day until Christmas. But for Cena they're one in the same. After Cena won MITB, cashed in and lost. Since then he's had opportunity after opportunity and failed. Now VKM has forced him to put his MITB up at TLC. Cena won't have a merry Christmas. This will be the proverbial coal in Cena's stocking. He's going to beat Cena. Then he'd giving himself the biggest Christmas gift of all – cash in, beat Big Show and become the biggest WHC of all time!

Sheamus' music and out he comes with a mic. There's ladders, chairs and tables set up all over the stage and down to the ring. Video of the WHC contract signing on Smackdown – they are not allowed to touch each other before their match at TLC. Sheamus tells Ziggler he's finally taller than everyone, congratulations. Sheamus tells Ziggler he will have to cash in on Sheamus, as he's beating Big Show. In order for Ziggler to challenge Sheamus, he has to beat Cena, and he doesn't see that happening. He thinks down the line it will be Sheamus and Cena fighting for the WHC.

Big Show's music and he comes out saying 'Blah, blah, blah, boring.' Both of them are delusional. He'd love nothing more than going to the ring and smearing Sheamus' ugly Irish, immigrant face all over the side of his fist. Because of that 'No Contact' clause, he'd forfeit his WHC if he touched Sheamus. Now Ziggler, he's out there running his mouth, he wants to cash in tonight, try! Big Show will knock him out too. At TLC, he hasn't decided if he's going to knock Sheamus out, or knock that pasty white skin off with a chair.

Sheamus asks Big Show where his Christmas spirit is. Big Show says he doesn't have any. Sheamus says he's knows Big Show is grouchy and why, it's because Sheamus grabbed Ricardo and threw him into Big Show's... Let's just say Big Show chestnuts were roasting on an open fire. He's tired of all the talking, can't wait to fight him. But if he went up there and slap him, but he won't lose his match. Just because he can't have contact with Big Show, doesn't mean he can't with someone else. Sheamus pushes the ladder over and Ziggler lands slightly crotched on the top rope, but then falls to the floor.

Backstage Segment

VKM, suit jacket over his arm, says hello to a few people as he makes his way to the ring.


Stage Segment

Barrett is in the ring, Cesaro and Kofi are at announce, then VKM comes out dancing to the stage. He talks up the main event between Cena and Big Show. He wants to give props to Vickie for making this match. Vickie comes out in a red dress. He tells her to take a bow. She does. He says better than one main event, two.

She stumbles around. He wants to see Sheamus in a match. She tries to figure out who, but VKM whispers in her ear and she yells Dolph Ziggler! What about a third main event, something monumental. Vickie says AJ in a handicap match?

VKM thinks this through, then Vickie prompts him with a big smile. VKM says how not make it big, Vickie Guerrero. VKM steps away and announces R-Truth who comes bouncing out by him.

Barrett vs R-Truth

Barrett on R-Truth hard. Sends R-Truth from the ring, then sends him back first into the apron. Back in the ring for two, then Barrett keeps working R-Truth on the mat for another two. Kofi asks about Cesaro's purse and where can he get one for his mother and sister. R-Truth tries to fight back, but doesn't get much. Barrett fights back, but then R-Truth with a quick roll up for three.

Winner – R-Truth (1:49)

R-Truth leaves the ring and talks smack with Cesaro. Barrett is in the ring, Kofi comes off the corner onto Barrett, then rolls out of the ring. Video of the high points of the match. R-Truth and Kofi celebrate on stage.


Backstage Segment

AJ is telling everyone about her match with Vickie that VKM made. Aksana asked if Cena knows yet. Kaitlyn gets a big hug. AJ heads to tell Cena. He's in the locker room, and AJ bounces in. she's all excited, and he wants to talk elsewhere, holding up a shirt to block her line of sight from seeing the other possibly naked men in the room.

4 Team Elimination Match – Usos vs Colons vs Prime Time Players vs Sandow & Cody

Three teams are already in the ring. Sandow's music plays and he comes out with Cody. Cody appears to have dirt all over his mouth, but upon closer inspection, it appears that he's trying to grow a mustache.

Epico on and Uso, but then the Uso fights back and tags in his twin for a double team. Epico is pinned for two. Epico lands on his feet in a reversal and tags out. They double team the Uso and gain control. Back into the Colon corner and Epico tags in. Epico in over the top and lands on the Uso for two. Primo tags in. Epico whips the Uso into a drop kick from Primo for two. Chinlock on the Uso on the mat. Uso works his way up and punches free, but runs right into a sick low drop kick to his knee. Primo chokes the Uso in the ropes. Primo pins the Uso. Epico tags in and the other Uso tags in. they take Epico down for three.

Eliminated - Colons

O'Neil rushes in with a clothesline on the Uso. He barks going to commercial.


Cody is fighting an Uso. The Prime Time Players were eliminated during the commercial.

Eliminated – Prime Time Players

King asks what's on Cody's face. Sandow tags in and is taken down. The other Uso tags in and they double team Sandow. Uso drops a foot on Sandow's face, then whips him, but eats feet. Sandow stomps the Uso, then sets him up for Cody to attack his ribs when tagging in. "Cody' Mustache!" chants from the fans! Cole says it will be trending soon. Sandow tags in and hits his elbow of disdain.

Cody tags in, tries for a running bulldog and is thrown off. The other twin tags in and a Samoan drop on Cody. They say Rikishi would be proud. A bum slam to Cody sitting in a corner. Sandow sent out, then takes the Uso out on the apron. Uso up, Sandow knocks him to sitting, Cody slammed down and Uso tries to fly, but eats knees. Cross Rhodes for three.

Winners – Sandow & Cody (10:59)

Video of the Uso's third time with the splash failed and Cody got the win.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about a lot of matches – tonight and at TLC – will all the fancy graphics, but just taking up time.

Backstage Segment

Split screen, Eve and Fox heading for the ring.



Promo for the Slammy Awards! Next Monday on RAW!

Announce Segment

All voting exclusively through the WWE App.

Eve vs Fox

Eve out to the ring. Fox is already in the ring in a strange little sailor outfit. Cole says Miss Piggy is Tweeting about RAW.

Eve is all smiles at Fox, then kicks her in the gut. Side headlock takeover on Fox. Eve gets two holding Fox to the mat. Fox slammed down. Eve runs the ropes, over and under into head scissors. Fox slams Eve's face into the corner a couple times, but then takes a back elbow. Eve rolls out, Fox out and send her back in. Eve fakes a bloody nose, the ref checks her, but Fox doesn't believe her and grabs Eve for a suplex and bridging two. Fox telegraphs and is kicked for it, but then nails Eve with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for two. Eve works Fox over in a corner, then Eve's sick neck breaker for three.

Winner – Eve (2:33)

Eve is all smiles and waves. He calls the ringside photographer in, and she poses all sex with her belt behind Fox writing on the ring. Of course Eve is all smiles.

Backstage Segment

Punk is walking slowly and gingerly on crutches, Heyman in tow.


In Ring Segment

Justin announces Punk. Punk comes out very slowly on crutches, Heyman in tow. Punk says it's come to their attention that there's more than a few in the WWE 'Universe' who think this injury is phony. That his surgery didn't actually take place. As an elaborate scheme to duck another Title shot with Ryback. Trust him, this is 100% real. This is what happens when you work more days than anyone else. This is what happens when you're Champ for 388 grueling days. It's a fact of life, injuries happen. It's a tough sport. 388 days, but no sign of slowing down. Injuries happen. In fact, let's look at how this happened.

Video of Ryback slamming Punk to the mat, then through a table. "Feed me more!" chants from the fans.

Heyman says he hates being the bearer of bad news, but on a personal basis, they're ticking him off. How dar they chant "Feed me more!" at the reigning WWE Champ, six days after emergency surgery. This is a legitimate Champ, unlike the NJ Devils who haven't been champs for how long. He's been the reigning Champ for 388 days and had to have emergency surgery. He doesn't have a stunt double like The Rock. He wasn't sitting in his trailer mixing his mocha latte with his finger as they called for a stunt double to go through a table. Your Champ is not complaining, kvetching, he's standing out there like the Champ he is. The longest reigning Champ of the past ¼ century. And he's standing before us tonight,unlike Rock who was too busy to come to, I can't blame them, NJ. He only shows up for a Title opportunity. Ryback isn't still in front of Punk. Punk will defend against Rock because he's not going anywhere. He will continue reigning as the WWE Champ, and the best in the world.

Punk wants to address the vocal minority who thinks he should be stripped of the WWE Title. This gets some mixed reactions from the fans. Punk says mostly Ryback fans, he can tell. The notion that he'd create a felonious injury so he can't face Ryback, a guy who isn't even smart enough to keep the Champ healthy so he can defend the WWE Title is ridiculous. If he should be stripped, come strip him now! Cena couldn't take it. Big Show, ADR, Miz, Bryan, Jericho, probably a whole list he's forgetting. They thought they could, but they couldn't. Rock gets one shot, and he promises that Rock will fail. Heat for Punk. He says to boo him all they want, the truth hurts. He'll leave us with this one this one – Sunday, anyone else would be sitting in a bed, icing their knee, hitting the button on their pain pump, but he will be at TLC. He will be there to watch The Shield, who he is not affiliated with, do to Ryback, what Ryback did to him last week!

Announce Segment

Cole goes through the Six Man TLC match between The Shield and Ryback with Team Hell No. King and Cole talk about AJ's match for later in the show. VKM didn't like any of Vickie's idea for the match, so he made it so Vickie will face AJ. Then R-Truth came out as Vickie stood there on the stage in shock over the match she will be in later tonight. More graphics for that match, then graphics for Cena facing Big Show tonight.

Backstage Segment

Splitscreen – Sheamus and Ziggler head for the ring.


Sheamus vs Ziggler

Sheamus out to the ring, all smiles, slapping the seats of chairs on his way by. Graphics for the WHC at TLC. Ziggler comes out the ring ring yelling and all mad. Video of Sheamus pushing Ziggler's ladder over, sending him flying into the top rope and out.

They lock up, Ziggler's hand pulling Sheamus hand. Sheamus backed into a corner, dirty break by Ziggler. Sheamus kicks at Ziggler's taped upper thigh. Ziggler fights back, but Sheamus' blows gain control, then Ziggler is slammed onto that leg for two. Sheamus telegraphs and is kicked, but Sheamus shoulder blocks Ziggler to the mat. Ziggler face first into a corner, then Sheamus wrenches Ziggler's leg in the ropes for the full count. Sheamus tries to do it again, but Ziggler rips at Sheamus face and ends up slamming Sheamus down. King asks if there's a Comeback of The Year Slammy? Cole says King would win that. Sheamus sends Ziggler from the ring. Sheamus out another side, then hits his double hand clothesline on Ziggler, getting the fans even more riled up.


Chinlock on Sheamus on the mat. During the break Ziggler came off the stairs with a knee to Sheamus, driving his head into the floor. Sheamus works to his feet, and blows to Ziggler's git to get free, but then runs into a high knee. Sheamus rolls from the ring to regroup. The ref out to check Sheamus. Cole says Sheamus' eyes are not focusing. Ziggler out and on Sheamus with blows. Back into the ring, Ziggler beats Sheamus down in corner. Ziggler pins for two.

Another head/arm hold on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus to his feet, elbows out and sends Ziggler into the corner face first, hard. Sheamus is getting mad. They exchange blows, Sheamus with his double armed clotheslines, then a big one in a corner. Sheamus rushes Ziggler, but he moves and Sheamus shoulder first into the post. Ziggler over, rolls Sheamus up, but uses the ropes and the ref catches him. In the middle of the ring, Ziggler rolls Sheamus into the center of the ring for two. Ziggler slowly up to the second rope in a corner, waits for Sheamus to come up to his feet. Ziggler flies, but Sheamus catches him. A back breaker, then a sick fallaway slam on Ziggler that sent him flying! Cole asks King if he can say 'vintage' as Sheamus hits his apron forearms. Suplex into the ring and Sheamus in control. Sheamus goes up, but Ziggler knocks Sheamus to be crotched. Ziggler up with blows, Sheamus pushes him off. Ziggler somehow manages to face plant Sheamus off the top. They struggle back and forth with reversals. Sheamus tries for the cloverleaf, Ziggler to the ropes. Finally Sheamus hits his Irish curse back-breaker. Sheamus calls for the brogue kick, but Ziggler ducks from the ring. Ziggler grabs a chair which Sheamus runs into outside.

Winner – Sheamus via DQ (14:26)

Back in the ring a chair to Sheamus' back and dropping him to the mat, but Sheamus comes back with a brogue kick. Ziggler rolls from the ring. Sheamus is left hurting in the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Kermit Tweeting, then goes on to talk about AJ facing Vickie, showing the same graphics, again.


Backstage Segment

Vickie, in her EXCUSE ME! Shirt is stretching. Horny in with Khali. She's all worried about her match, and is a little stiff. Horns and Khali help her stretch, Khali behind her with her bum up tight to his... her leg on Horns' shoulder and VKM comes in. He's shocked, she freaks and throws them both out. Cole asks if Vickie should take her shower now, or after her match.


Video of The Shield's attack on THN on Smackdown last week. They go on to show The Shield's manifesto that was aired on Smackdown. Talking about Miz getting on Punk, Orton on Maddox. Nobody says no to The Shield. Ryback, welcome back to reality. They don't work for Punk, Heyman, nobody, they work for each other. Welcome to The Shield of Justice. Bring tables, bring ladders, bring chairs, The Shield brings the sword.

In Ring Segment

Ricardo announces ADR who comes out in a blue BMW M6 V2 edition. ADR is wearing his white trunks and scarf this week.


ADR vs Ryder

ADR is still in the ring glaring with Ricardo bouncing around him. Ryder comes bouncing out with a smile on his face, throwing his merch to the fans.

Ryder gets the fans chanting, but ADR on Ryder dropping him. Ryder with a drop kick, then on ADR with blows and elbows in a corner. ADR stumbles to the mat, Ryder pins for two. Ryder takes ADR, chinlock on ADR. "Let's Ryder, woo woo woo!" from the fans. Ryder changes to a side headlock on ADR who finally gets free and flees the ring. ADR hangs Ryder's arm up top, but when ADR comes back in, Ryder is on him. Ryder whipped, gets his feet up, but ADR spins Ryder and kicks him in the bum. Blows back and forth between them. Snap suplex on Ryder for two.

ADR works over Ryder's lower back. Facelock on Ryder,but he gets free. Ryder into a really sloppy looking tilt-a-whirl back breaker for two. ADR, frustrated stomps Ryder and pins for two. ADR back on Ryder with a chinlock on the mat. Cole asks how King feels and he makes eating jokes before thanking Cole and says he feels great and it's great to be back on RAW. Sunset flip on ADR, but only two. Beautiful German suplex on Ryder for two.

ADR claps his hands at the ref to show him how fast to count. A knee to Ryder for two. ADR stomps Ryder's lower back and then back on the chinlock on Ryder. The fans are chanting for Ryder again. Ryder gets free and regroups in a corner. ADR rushes Ryder, but is elevated over the top and out. ADR back in, but eats clotheslines. ADR reverses the whip, but Ryder gets his knees up. ADR, sitting in a corner reverses the broski boot into a drop toe hold on Ryder. ADR locks on his cross arm breaker and Ryder taps out.

Winner – ADR (6:32)

ADR celebrates with Ricardo as Ryder lolls on the mat.

Announce Segment

Cole and King talk about voting for the Slammy Awards, and only through the WWE App. Go to to see all the categories.

Backstage Segment

AJ is skipping along in a black with blue polka dotted version of the same ring gear she wore last week. She's heading to the ring to face Vickie.


Announce Segment

With a shot from outside the arena and Cole was talking about the Rolling Stones concert, but then Cole said The Rock was hosting RAW tonight. I played it three times and heard it each time – then I realized that they're in the Prudential Center in Newark.

AJ vs Vickie

AJ out skipping. She poses on the stage, then skips to the ring. She's all smiles in the ring for the fans. Vickie out without any music, looking rather annoyed. Vickie into the ring looking disgusted. Growing heat for Vickie who yells, trying to figure out where the ref is, give her a ref. She continues to screech, but then Maddox comes out picking his teeth and scratching his chest. Vickie looks disgusted. AJ looks at Vickie like she's put together some sort of scheme. Maddox really slowly out and into the ring. "You can't wrestle!" chants for Maddox! AJ and Vickie argue, then AJ over to argue with Maddox who points to his chest.

Vickie attacks AJ from behind, slamming her head around, then flipping AJ over to yell and scream slamming AJ's head back. AJ choked in the ropes and Maddox does nothing about it. AJ keeps kicking AJ over and over. AJ gets that look on her face and jumps Vickie in a bad Thesz Press as Vickie rolls. Vickie flees, but AJ right after her and tackles her to the ramp. Back in the ring Maddox is yelling at AJ. AJ all over Vickie in the ring. One big slap to Vickie and AJ pins, but Maddox doesn't move. He stands there and watches. AJ to her feet and in Maddox's face. Vickie up and rolls AJ up for three – of course Maddox counts.

Winner – Vickie (2:16)

AJ is left seething on the ring. Being pretty much in her hometown, she lost and pitched a fit. Screaming and freaking in the ring, then outside she throws chairs all over. The front part of announce came off, her screaming the whole time. AJ flips a ladder, screams some more, then slaps the taste out of Justin's mouth as he just sat there. Suddenly, as if in a moment of clarity, AJ turns and stomps up the ramp, looking very focused.


Backstage Segment

AJ is still trashing things, screaming and yelling. Cena in to stop her. He holds her tight until she calms down. "We're together, it's not the end of the world, it's fine." Cena had a look of shock and worry on his face.

Kofi vs Cesaro

Kofi out to the ring. Cesaro out and says as our US Champ, he travels this once proud country, but we've gone rotten. No more obvious as in New Jersey. No one needs him as the US Champ more than each of them. At TLC R-Truth will find out that the truth hurts. Cesaro then in other languages before getting in the ring.

They lock up and into an arm hold on Kofi. Kofi reverses the hold into a hammer lock on Cesaro. Cesaro reverses it back on Kofi. They struggle around, back and forth. Kofi tries to trip Cesaro, but eats a head butt for it. Side headlock on Kofi. Kofi pushes off, but Cesaro off the ropes with a really solid shoulder block. Cesaro runs the ropes, Kofi over and under, and into a back elbow. Kofi with ten blows on Cesaro in a corner. Kofi off the top, but his blow doesn't touch Cesaro. Cesaro sells the move anyway. Cesaro hangs Kofi up top, then on him with blows and stomps for two.

Cesaro chokes Kofi in the ropes. Cesaro grinds a foot in Kofi's face in a corner. Kofi fights back, but eats a scoop slam for two. Cesaro's arm and neck hold on Kofi on the mat. Kofi reverses out of a scoop slam, kicks Cesaro, then a back elbow and clotheslines on Cesaro. Cesaro rolls from the ring to avoid the boom drop. Kofi, on the apron, on Cesaro, then in with a lovely monkey flip. Kofi rushes Cesaro in a corner and eats his foot.


Cesaro with his arms tight around Kofi's ribs on the mat. Kofi struggles to his feet, with forearms to Cesaro back, Kofi gets some spaces and head butts him. Kofi with a sunset flip, but Cesaro doesn't go over. Cesaro picks Kofi up, and Kofi climbs his body, but is take down hard for two. Gut wrench slam on Kofi for two. Cesaro slaps at Kofi's head when he stands. Kofi with a few blows, but then a spinebuster on Kofi for two. Cesaro with his arms tight around Kofi's waist again. Rather than getting free, Kofi is sent into a corner. Kicks at Cesaro, then Kofi up. Kofi splashes a bent over Cesaro for two.

Cesaro fights back with a sick upper cut to the back of Kofi's head. Cesaro on Kofi with body shots in a corner. Kofi manages to hit the SOS, but at the last second Cesaro grabs the rope. Both men are selling their pain. Kofi tries to splash Cesaro in a corner, but Cesaro moves. Kofi kicks up through the ropes. Kofi climbs, but Cesaro catches him as he flies and beautifully spins Kofi into a back-breaker! Cesaro hits the neutralizer for three.

Winner – Cesaro (13:01)

Announce Segment

Cole announces that Sandow and Cody will be on Miz TV after the break.


Miz TV

Miz TV is set up on the stage, and Miz is in a white suit with navy piping and a navy shirt. Miz talks about how Sandow and Cody won the Elimination Tag Match earlier, but he likes to call them, the Beardo and the Weirdo. Sandow is still in his robe, but Cody is in a suit when they come out.

Sandow says the only thing worse than Miz having his own show, are the ignoramuses who actually watch it!

Or the guests I'm forced to have on it, says Miz.

Sandow yells at everyone to remain silent as he continues to speak. "Cody's mustache!" chants. That being said, it's his esteemed honor and priveledge to re-introduce us to his tag team partner and best friend, please attempt to act like adults and remain silent for the new and improved Cody Rhodes! Cody is all smiles and thanks.

Cody thanks Sandow for the proper introduction. Miz might not know this, because he spends all of his time in his room watching YouTube clips of himself in the main event of WrestleMania, when he was somebody. Team Rhodes Scholars are a shining beacon of light. Amongst neanderthals, they're a revelation. They're like Princeton University, an intellectual island among the most dense individuals in the country, New Jersey.

Miz can be seen behind Cody with his fingers less than a half inch apart, he seems to be trying to squish Cody's head, or, no, he is measuring Cody's mustache! Miz says he's sorry, he mustache Cody a question. Cody rolls his eyes. Did he really grow that hideous growth of fur on his upper lip, or did Sandow's beard rub off on it? He's heard of hugging it out, but kissing it out? That's Team Unity!

Sandow says how ironic that someone who used to be the star of a reality show, has himself completely lost touch with reality.

Really? Really? Really? Really? What he finds ironic is that they think they can beat Team Hell No for the TTC, when they can't even beat Rey and Sin Cara at TLC on Sunday! You two are going two are like Manny Pacquiao in the 6th! The fans love this.

Sandow says Miz isn't a very good host, is he? Sandow tells he didn't ask for the fans' irrelevant opinion. Not only are Miz's questions of bad form, they're repugnant, especially when they're directed toward his future TTC.

He wants more refined questions? Cody, how did it feel when Sandow didn't visit you once while he was rehabbing his shoulder?

Sandow asks how Miz could ask that?

Miz asks Cody how it feels when Sandow talks in the locker room about carrying Cody. Saying that Cody is Marty Jannetty to his HBK!

Sandow claims he didn't say that.

How does it feel that no matter what you do, become dashing, wear a mask, have baggers ringside, or grow a piece of dirty on his face, that Cody will always be overshadowed by someone – either his father or his tag partner.

Sandow gets in Miz face, yelling that he's trying to put a wedge between them... Cody backs Sandow off, tells him to calm down. Cody says he's heard it all before. For someone who made a career out of proving people wrong, that he's hosting this show, maybe he's one of those people. He won't take that from someone dressed like Colonel Sanders. This Honey Boo Boo farce is over!

Sandow and Cody leave, Miz asks if it was something he said? "Cody's mustache!" chants. After admiring Sandow's pink trunks and
smelling Cody's putrid new mustache, he has a new name for them – The pink & The Stink! Thank you! Miz continues with his cheesy talk show host smiles and bows to the fans.

Backstage Segment

Cena is heading to the ring, but AJ stops him and says he's been so supportive of her, so she wants to support him. Cena says it's Big Show. She says she knows that Big Show matches don't usually end well, but she wants to be there. Cena, slowly and carefully explains that she should stay back there and be safe. Finally AJ agrees.


Cena vs Big Show

Ziggler out to announce. Cena out to the ring while Ziggler complains about his match at TLC. Big Show out to face him. Big Show into the ring and poses with his Title.

They lock up, Cena into a corner, ducks a Big Show blow, and throws some of his own, but then eats a head butt. More head butts continue to drop Cena to dueling Cena chants. Big Show back splashes Cena in a corner. Cena falls to the mat. Another head butt on Cena. "John Cena sucks!" yells Big Show. Cena ducks out of a corner as Big Show slams in there. Cena jumps on Big Show's back with a sleeper. Big Show is grunting, then drops to a knee, then to the mat. Cena pins, but is thrown way off. Cena grabs Big Show for the AA, but then Cena crumbles and they both land on the mat.


Big Show catches Cena for a chokeslam, but Cena countered with a DDT. Both struggle to their feet, but Big Show with a big side slam for two. Ziggler keeps going on about how Cena just isn't as good as he is. Big Show to his feet, Cena climbs his leg, but then takes a head butt back to the mat. Cena up throwing blows, then a lovely drop kick, but Big Show back with a SICK spear on Cena for a long two.

Cena again climbs up Big Show to get to his feet. Big Show scoops Cena and slams him to the mat. Big Show drops a big elbow for two. Big Show doesn't agree with the ref's count. Big Show rushes Cena in a corner, but eats feet. Cena rushes Big Show, but right into a bear hug. Ziggler says this is a great match, two great athletes, he doesn't know who to root for. Cole and King both called him on this. Ziggler says he doesn't care, he can't wait to get in the ring with Cena, whether Big Show injures him of not. Someone has a headache, that doesn't stop a match! Big Show pushes out as Cena tries to lock on the STF. Cena sent flying from the ring from Big Show escape. Big Show out and sends Cena into the barrier. Big Show back into the ring, pulls Cena up by his head. Cena with shoulder blocks and blows from the apron, but gets in the ring and into a big clothesline. Big Show climbs to the second ropes, bounces, splashes Cena, but he somehow kicks out at two. Ziggler can't wait to face Cena because he never gives up.

Big blows to Cena in the corner. Another head butt drops Cena to the mat. Big Show climbs the opposite corner, to the second ropes, bounces, but Cena moves. Super Cena up, shoulder blocks, back slam, 5 knuckle shuffle! But then Big Show up with a big chokeslam for two. Big Show makes a fist and gets ready. Cena ducks, picks Big Show up and hits his AA! Rollins in the ring and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Cena via DQ (14:09)

Rollins on Cena in a big way, Ambrose in, pushes Rollins off and attacks Cena himself. Reigns in and joins the fight. A table into the ring and Ambrose still on Cena with blows. Reigns calls for a ladder, then fire erupts. Team Hell No into the ring! Bryan and Kane on The Shield. Ziggler in and attacks Cena! Big Show in with head butts. Sheamus' music and he's in on Ziggler! They roll from the ring. Big Show picks Cena up for a chokeslam though the table The Shield set up in a corner. Cena reverses and tackles Big Show through the table.

"Feed me more!" and out comes Ryback. The Shield are lines up in the ring, at the ropes, yelling for Ryback to enter the ring. Ryback smoothly picks up a ladder off one of the tables as he walks by, and throws it up at the top rope, hitting all three of The Shield, knocking them back. Ryback into the ring and fights with Reigns as Cena continues with Big Show, Kane with Ambrose and Bryan with Rollins as this go home to TLC RAW goes off the air!

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Biggest heat
The Shield
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