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RAW Results 12/17/12 - Whoooo! Who Would Have Thought The Slammy Awards Could Be So Not Dull?

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Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about how AJ changed the direction of MITB, and the Slammy Awards are next!

Show Starts


Setting up for the honor and glory of the Slammy Awards! Showing old winners, tiny clips from old events, and things that could be nominated from the past year. Tonight is the 2012 Slammy Awards!

Announce Segment

Cole, JBL and King are on announce in tuxes. They talk about the MITB Match and how AJ pushed Cena off the ladder. Then onto The Shield, and showed Rollins going through the table after being pulled off the ladder by Ryback up by the stage.

Rey w/ Sin Cara vs Sandow w/ Cody

Rey out in black and purple. He poses on the stage, then waves for Sin Cara to come out. They come to the ring together. Sandow is already in the ring waiting with Cody. Cole talks up the WWE App and how to vote for the Slammy Awards tonight. King shows how you can download on any phone type.

Sandow beats Rey down in a corner, Rey comes back briefly, but then sent sliding from the ring. King rips on Cody's mustache. Sandow out to attack Rey as JBL talks up Cody's mustache. Back in the ring for two. Side Russian leg sweep then the elbow of disdain for two on Rey.

Shoulder blocks on Rey in a corner, then Sandow sets Rey up top. JBL talks about his friendship with Ron and how it makes a great team. Sandow pushed down and eats a seated senton. Head scissors from Rey followed by a low drop kick for two. Rey runs into a kick, then a lovely flipping/swinging neckbreaker on Rey for two. Rey, from behind with a drop kick, then hits 619. Rey splashes off the top for three.

Winner - Rey (3:09)

Video of the high points of the match. Rey celebrates in the ring with Sin Cara. Cole and King have each won three Slammy, how many has JBL won?

Slammy Award

Booker is out to award the 'Tell Me I Did Not Just See That' Slammy Award! Booker walks people through downloading the WWE App.
1-Maddox's low blow on Ryback
2- Bryan loses at WrestleMania in 18 seconds
3- Kofi's miracle save of a handstand at the Royal Rumble.
4- Rock gets Punk-ed

Booker asks how that was, then Boogeyman comes crawling out! He stands, removes some hair things and slams the clock into his head breaking the glass. He pulls out the worms...


Booker is still looking shocked on stage. He says he didn't see that. Tell him he did not just see that. The WWE 'Universe' has spoken, and for the Tell Ma We Did Not Just See That Shocking Moment of The Year. Maddox is walking out as Booker is talking, but Booker announces Kofi as the winner. Kofi comes out with a big smile on his face. He didn't expect to win this, but the WWE 'Universe' has spoken. He's always wanted one, and he's thrilled. He'll continue to make the WWE 'Universe' say wow!

Eve vs Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn attacks Eve and on her with blows. They roll around on the mat hitting each other. Eve rolls out, but Kaitlyn out after her and slams Eve face first into the barrier a couple times. A bitch slap,then Eve's rolled in. Kaitlyn in to a drop kick to Kaitlyn's knee, then a kick to her face. Kaitlyn is whipped and falls to the mat, then Eve stomps her. Eve sits up top and picks Kaitlyn up in a choke. Eve tries this again, but Kaitlyn back elbows and hits a GTS-esque move on Eve for three!

Winner – Kaitlyn (2:06)

Kaitlyn stands over Eve holding the belt, then drapes it on Eve and drops down to pose as Eve usually does.

Slammy Award

New Age Outlaws out for Comeback of The Year! They come out in DX shirts and DX Santa hats! Gunn wants to hit the ring, but RD to the podium with his DX/NAO schpeal, as if he never had a day off. RD says Gunn will screw it up, Gunn pushes RD away and announces the nominees -
1- Brock Lesnar
2- Jericho
3- DX (all 5 of them)
4- King, returning from his heart attack


RD says the 'Universe' has spoken, the winner of Comeback of The Year is – Jerry 'The King's Lawler. King sprints up the ramp as if it's nothing. Hugs RD and Gunn, Cole and JBL on their feet clapping for King. King says he shouldn't run like that, he'll have another heart attack. He thanks the fans for appreciating his comeback so much. Thanks to the fans, and thank God he's back.

Kofi vs Tensai

Kofi bounces out to the ring. Tensai is already out there. JBL asks King what he's going to do next year to top this one?

Drop kick to Tensai, then Kofi on Tensai, but pushed off hard. Tensai really works Kofi on the mat for two. Tensai beats Kofi down in a corner. "Albert!" chants. Tensai climbs and splashes Kofi for two. Tensai tries to splash in a corner, but Kofi moves. TIP and Kofi gets the three.

Winner – Kofi (1:07)

Video of the high points of the match. Kofi celebrates in the ring, up on a corner, but then Barrett trips Kofi off the corner. Kidney shots on Kofi, then he's sent back first into the post. Barrett's finishing punch and Kofi is down. Video recap of Barrett's attack on Kofi. The refs are checking on Kofi.

Announce Segment

Cole is again explaining how the WWE App works and that it will work on either format.

Slammy Award

Vickie out in a black sheath dress. She's there there for Kiss of The Year.
1- AJ & Bryan
2- AJ & Kane
3- AJ & Punk
4- AJ & Cena


Vickie says before she announces the winner, she wants to say for the record... EXCUSE ME! I'd never be nominated for this award. She'd never abuse her authority with a romantic relationship. The winner is, well, AJ, and Cena!

AJ skips out and Vickie says AJ needs to explain her actions to her, Ziggler and the fans for what she did during Ziggler's match last night. "I don't own anyone anything, Vickie." For the past year she's cared a lot about what everyone thought of her, including Vickie, including the fans. Vickie says she knows AJ is trash, and Ziggler knows she's trash. Ziggler rushes out and gets between them. Ziggler stops AJ from attack Ziggler. "That may have been kiss of the year, but it's nothing compared to this..." AJ jumps up with her legs around Ziggler's waist, plants one on him, and really goes at it. He then really gets into it and grasps AJ tightly, is all into the kiss. Vickie is behind him screaming! AJ lets go, drops down, skips around Ziggler, grabs her Slammy and leaves. Ziggler RUNS after AJ.

In Ring Segment

Khali, Natalya and Horns to the ring.


Khali vs Otunga

Otunga is in the ring with Khali.

Otunga goes at Khali, is stopped, then chopped. Otunga into a corner, then a big slap to his chest. Khali will be on the JBL & Cole Show to show people how to Tweet. Another big slap in another corner. Khali comes at Otunga with a big boot, but Otunga moves and Khali is hung up top. Otunga works over Khali's leg, but when Khali is to his feet he pushes Otunga back. Then Khali holds a foot up into the face of a running Otunga. A big chop to Otunga's head and he's down. Khali gets the three.

Winner – Khali (1:55)

Khali and Natalya dance in the ring together.


Cole says there's someone huge there to announce Superstars of The Year, but he won tell. "Whooooooooo, Superstar of The Year nominees are" -
1- Sheamus
2- Cena
3- Big Show
4- Punk



Promo for The Rock and his return at the Royal Rumble. This Rumble is going to Rock.

Announce Segment

Back to Cole talking about how to vote for the Slammy Awards.

Slammy Award

It actually is Flair! Flair comes out and soaks up the glory. No clue how he's there, but he is on the WWE RAW stage! "I wonder why I love Philadelphia. Good Lord what a crowd! Monday Night RAW, and the Nature Boy is back in town. I can't tell anyone where I'll be tonight, 'cause I'll get in trouble if I do that. Maybe later on."

The Superstar of The Year, in the WWE! It's my man John Cena! Cena comes out, takes off his hat, and looks like a kid looking at Flair. He goes over and hugs Flair. To the podium and much heat from the fans. Cena soaks it up and smiles at the reactions. Cena tells Flair he's right, they're a lively crowd here tonight. The fans just keep going with the reaction. Cena thanks them for all the noise, and it gets louder and meaner. Flair smirks. Cena says Superstar of The Year embodies hustle, loyalty and respect. The person who holds it has to work harder than anyone else. He also wants to recognize the loyalty of the WWE 'Universe'. That's why, out of respect, the Superstar of this year should be the greatest Superstar of all time. The Two time HOF Nature Boy Ric Flair, it's great to see you back where you belong. This, my friend, belongs to you. Cena leaves.

Flair says Cena's too much, he doesn't understand why they don't like him. Punk's music cuts Flair off. Punk comes hobbling out, picks up the Slammy, looks at it, then yells, off mic, at the fans that they're stupid. "This is ridiculous on multiple, multiple levels. There's so many things going though my head right now. This doesn't belong to you! You haven't even been here in this past calendar year! The fact that anybody even vote Cena to be Superstar of The Year is absolutely atrocious! This was possibly the worst year of Cena's life. He was beaten by somebody I'm going to decimate at Royal Rumble. I beat him at SummerSlam. He lost last night. The first Superstar to cash in his MITB and lose! He's a loser!" The fans go wild in agreement.

He's a loser like everyone in Philadelphia. Punk used to sit in the locker room and listen to HBK talk about how he wanted to be Flair. Punk never wanted to be Flair. He never wanted to be anybody but me. I was Superstar of The Year last year, that means this year I'm Superstar of The Year. I've been Champ 393 days. I'm the man, not Cena and not Flair. Whooo! Whooo!

Flair asks if Punk wants to know what time it is? The numbers on Rollex (yes, he pronounced it wrong) are hidden behind all those diamonds. He doesn't think so. It's time for you to go brother. This is Philadelphia and Punk can't even walk. Plus he has so much baggage, he couldn't walk a block. Flair looked behind Punk and pointed to Heyman, telling him that he's the baggage. Flair wants to know how Heyman is getting around. He's right, he hasn't been here, but he's been watching.

So Flair knows that Punk can kick his ass even with one leg. Punk says they should talking about baggage!

Flair asks if he means his two HOF rings, or his four ex-wives? Flair laughs.

Punk says he's glad Flair said it, but he can still kick everyone's asses with one leg.

Flair agrees too it. Off comes the jacket and Flair heads to the ring. Up on the apron, 'Whoooo! Whoooo! Whoooo!' Flair into the ring and runs the ropes as Punk wobbles down the ramp and Heyman freaks out.


Punk is slowly climbing onto the apron and Flair starts to hold the ropes for Punk, but then backs off rather than hurting Punk more. Heyman into the ring holding the belt high. Punk and Flair talk smack. The tip of his crutch into Flair's gut, very lightly, then he broke a crutch over Flair's back. It broke too easily. Punk then hobbles a Flair strut, then back over to Flair with a crutch held high, and takes a thumb to the eye from Flair. Heyman is tripped, and Flair locks on the figure 4! Heyman screams like he's being killed. Flair lets go and his music plays. Heyman rolls out of the ring. Flair takes a mic and says he just came to have a good time. "And I have to say something I haven't said – I love you Jerry. They ain't never getting rid of you or I, my friend." King is all smiles at Flair. Flair says he told VKM he wanted to die right here, with a woman from Philadelphia. He's had more fun in that town, and he got paid. He got paid in one of the best sporting towns in the world...

Strange sound from a mic of some sort, and The Shield is coming down through the stands. King, Cole and JBL are all yelling at Flair to get out of the ring. That he can't be the man with these guys.


Bryan and Kane are out there fighting Rollins and Reigns, Ambrose with Flair, but knocks him out. Ambrose out to help Reigns with Kane. Bryan must have been handled as the three worked over Kane. Reigns yells at King, Cole and JBL to get out of the way! They gets Flair from the ring as Reigns clears off announce. They get Flair over, start setting him up, then... "Feed me more!" Out comes Ryback and they drop Flair. Ryback sends Ambrose into the barrier, then onto the other two. Kane and Bryan up. Ryback raises Rollins high in the air and drops him on announce, but Rollins bounces! The table doesn't break, he BOUNCES! Ryback slams his hands down on the table and it still doesn't break.

All into the ring. Ryback shakes Flair's hand. Flair gets silly and leaves the ring, but Ryback calls him back. Kane and Ryback raise Flair, badly, onto their shoulders.


Backstage Segment

Handshakes between Kane and Bryan. Flair is thrilled to be in the middle of it all. It deteriorates into a "YES!" "NO!" and "Whooo!" yell-fest until they stop suddenly and Ron walks into the shot. "DAMN!"

Funkasaurus vs JTG

Funkasaurus dancing in the ring with the Dactyls. Slowly climbs into the ring.

JTG on Clay, but nailed in the gut and slammed down. Clay rushes JTG twice and eats feet twice. JTG off the corner with a really rough looking swinging neckbreaker. Clay fights back with clotheslines, then a splash in a corner. Clay with a fallaway slam. Clay's running head butt to JTG's gut. Clay splashes JTG for three.

Winner – Funkasaurus (1:59)

Funkasaurus, the Dactyls and some kids dance in the ring.

Slammy Award

Santino and Tensai presenting LOL Moment of The Year. Santino comes out in nice shirt and pants, Tensai, falls through the curtain, lands on his face, then gets up to show he has an ice bottle bandaged to the side of his head from Kofi's TIP! He's turning around in circles, looking lost and confused. He stares into space. Santino says they're there to present the Slammy Award for LOL Moment of The Year – laughing the whole time. They know about Haha. Santino turned and says, Albert, it's your turn!

Don't worry, don't worry. I'll say your lines for you. I'll pretend I'm you. "I know things that are funny or my name is not Tensai! In Japanese Tensai means Fat Albert!" Albert turns and puts a hand on Santino's shoulder. Santino says it says it on the teleprompter. Albert says there's no teleprompter!
1- The Rock – throwing Cena stuff into the Boston Harbor
2- Anger Management
3- Orton dumps coffee and sauce on Ricardo & cake on Striker
4- Vickie's bad dancing with Funkasaurus


Albert stares down at Santino. Santino asks if he wants to read the winner? No? This segment really fell flat on its face. Albert glares, then looks over his shoulder to where he did fall flat on his face. Santino says the winner is The Rock. Unfortunately Rock couldn't be there to accept in person. Heat for this. Santino says he had nothing to do with that. He will accept on The Rock's behalf. To tell the truth, if he doesn't come to claim it, I'm going to keep it.

Bryan comes stomping out, grabs the Slammy from Santino, slams it on the podium and starts yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "This should be my Slammy!" Kane pulls Bryan away, but he breaks away and runs back to the podium and yells "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Kane picks Bryan up like a child and carries him off as Bryan waves his arms over Kane's shoulder yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" the whole way out! The fans yell "YES!" between each "NO!"

Rhodes vs Sin Cara

Just as the camera gets to the ring, the bells sounds. No entrances on TV for either wrestler.

They lock up and the lights go to Sin Cara gold. Rhodes on Sin Cara hard. Sin Cara with a back elbow on Sin Cara, then runs up the corner, sending Rhodes flying. Rhodes outside, Sin Cara out after him and Rey almost gets into it with Sandow. They show stills of Sin Cara' leg being beaten between the post and the stairs last night. "Cody' mustache!" chants. Rhodes really works Sin Cara over for two. Rhodes with an arm swing, then arm hold on Sin Cara in the center of the ring. JBL is again defending Rhodes' and his mustache. Rhodes stomps on Sin Cara for two. King says he's seen better hair in his drain. JBL says Rhodes' Daddy wore a polka dotted shirt and got over!

Rhodes keeps stomping away at Sin Cara. Sin Cara to the apron, Rhodes rushes Sin Cara who flips a kick up into Rhodes' face, but it actually hits Rhodes' arm – no where near his face. Sin Cara off the top with a missile drop kick. Sin Cara ducks a clothesline and hits a hurricanranna. Rhodes reveres Sin Cara into cross Rhodes for three

Winner – Rhodes (4:18)

Rhodes and Sandow celebrate in the ring. Cole and King talk about the WWE App again.

Slammy Award

Layla and Ryder out. Layla talks about social media and how we can interact with the Superstars. She tells everyone to download the WWE App. This is the Slammy Award for WWE Trending Now # of The Year. Ryder says not only is he a presenter, but also a nominee.
1- #feedmemore
2- #peoplepower
3- #littlejimmy
4- #wwwyki


Layla announces that the Slammy goes to (Ryder picks up the Slammy) #feedmemore. Ryder says he's going to take it to the big guy backstage, but woo woo woo, you know it! Layla is all smiles and fist pumps for Ryder.

In Ring Segment

Big Show out with his big chair. He drapes his belt over the top of it. Why is he shocked he's getting booed here. Why isn't he upset that he's not Superstar of The Year? This right here shows he's still WHC. Why boo? He said he'd beat Sheamus and did! He's the most dominant Superstar in the WWE. What he'd like to ask Sheamus is, as he bashed Sheamus with his Big Show chair... "What?" That's how you treat me? "What?" "Boring!" Big Show stands there and tells them to keep chanting. He will open up this chair, sit down and stay all night. They will not chant boring at him when he's the most dominant...

Sheamus' music cuts him off. JBL says it sure ain't boring now! Sheamus out to the ring as Big Show hides behind his chair. Sheamus tells Big Show to relax, he's not there to fight him. To be honest, last night was one hell of a fight. They beat the crap out of each other with fists and chairs all over the arena. Probably the most physical match of his career, he can still feel some of those chair shots. "You suck Sheamus!" yells one very loud man. Sheamus goes on to say, here's the thing, last night Big Show was the better man. Big Show asks what he said. Sheamus says he isn't ashamed to say Big Show beat him fair and square, even with that giant chair, and deserves to be WHC. So he's out to be the bigger man and congratulate Big Show and shake his hand. Sheamus says he's serious.

Big Show actually shakes Sheamus hand! As Sheamus turns to leave the ring Big Show says, "Now get to the back of the line you potato eating Irishman! Whatever made you think your gingersnap pasty white self could ever defeat me?" Sheamus turns and tackles Big Show. Sheamus then starts beating Big Show over the back with that huge chair. Sheamus to a corner. Big Show to his feet, then Sheamus turns and feeds Big Show the brogue kick. Video recap of the brogue kick. Sheamus on the ramp, looks back at Big Show who still hasn't moved!

Ziggler runs to the ring, ref in tow! Ziggler tells the ref to call the bell, but Cena runs out and slams into Ziggler, then into the ref, but only knocking the case from the ref's hand. Ziggler into the barrier three times before Cena stomps away up the ramp. Video recap to see if the ref actually rung the bell or not. He didn't.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about how Cena thinks he should be MITB, and Cole does too. They then go to stills of AJ pushing the ladder and Cena over, costing him the match. Then onto Ryback throwing Rollins off the ladder and through the pile of tables in slo-mo. Then to other stills of the TLC Match, including Bryan being put through a table, giving The Shield the win.

3MB vs ADR & Miz

3MB out to the ring, all rock & roll! Cole gives the same 'air citar' joke. Ricardo announces ADR who comes out in a black Bentley Continental GTC convertible. Miz comes stomping out to a smiling ADR. Miz, ADR and Ricardo stand outside the ring talking and smiling.


Backstage Segment

Ziggler looking for Vickie. He demands to know if she saw Cena cost him the WHC? What is she going to do about it?

Vickie has questions about the match last night and that kiss from AJ?

Ziggler asks Vickie what she was doing out there last night?

Vickie says it was an anything goes match. She was doing her job! How did Ziggler get AJ to help him last night?

Ziggler asks if she doesn't have a Board of Directors to answer to?

Ziggler says he had no idea! Everyone knows how unpredictable AJ is. Besides, this, their relationship is over. Vickie jealousy is getting tired, old, and just plain ugly. Just like Vickie!

Vickie says Ziggler wants revenge against Cena? He and his little girlfriend can have his match again Cena, and his partner will be Vickie!

3MB vs Miz & ADR & Dreamer

Miz says that last night in their match with 3MB, they surprised everybody with the Brooklyn Brawler as their tag team partner. Tonight, boy do they have a surprise for Philly. Their partner isn't just awesome, he takes it to the extreme. The heart of ECW, Tommy Dreamer! Dreamer comes out, kendo stick in hand, and looks like he's almost going to cry! The ref takes the kendo from Dreamer. "ECW" chants.

ADR locks up with Drew. ADR backed into a corner and ADR stomped down. "ECW!" ADR turned it around and beat on Drew. Dreamer tags in. "Tommy Dreamer!" chants. Slater wants Dreamer, so he tags in and yells smack. Slater swings his hips and hits Dreamer's chest. Dreamer sways and hits Slater. 3MB rushes in, Miz and ADR join in and send 3MB packing. ADR with a suicide dive through the ropes. Dreamer climbs and flies off the corner onto the three. Dreamer to his feet and yells as the fans go wild for him.


Mahal tags out, as does Dreamer. Miz with clotheslines and a body drop on Slater. "This is awesome!" chants from the front couple rows. Miz on Mahal on the apron, but outside Mahal takes Miz down. Slater out and hangs Miz on the barrier. In the ring Slater gets two on Miz. Miz whipped into the heel corner and Drew tags in. Miz slammed to the mat, but doesn't even get one. Drew with blows on Miz. Miz with a sunset flip on Drew for two. JBL says he was talking to them and losing brain cells by the minute.

Mahal tags in and gets two on Miz. Chinlock on Miz on the mat. Miz with his back-to-neck breakers. Mahal tags out and Slater stops Miz from reaching his corner. Front facelock on Miz on the mat. King wants to see Dreamer back in the ring. Miz is pushing to reach his corner, but Slater is keeping him away and backs him into the heel corner. Drew tags in and nails Miz with a big boot. Drew stomps Miz a couple times, then back into the heel corner and Slater works over Miz from outside illegally, then tags in. A big kick to Miz, then air guitar. Slater grabs Miz, but rolled up for two. Slater grabs an ankle and keeps Miz from tagging out. Mahal tags in and drops an elbow on Miz for two. Mahal chokes Miz on the second rope. Mahal uses the ropes and drops knees on Miz, then chokes Miz with a foot as Drew tags in. Drew scoops Miz up, prances a bit, then drops Miz to the mat for two. Slater tags in and on Miz's ribs as Drew holds him. Slater gets two on Miz. Chinlock on Miz as Dreamer gets the fans clapping for him, Miz free and a body drop on Slater.

ADR tags in and clotheslines on Slater. Back breaker on Slater, then sends Drew flying from the apron. A big kick to Slater's face for two. Mahal breaks up the count and sent flying. Slater reverses the cross arm breaker, but ADR hits his enziguri in a corner. ADR about to lock on his finisher, but Dreamer wants in. ADR tags out and the fans are wild! DDT on Slater for three!

Winners – ADR & Miz & Dreamer! (14:14)

Hugs and celebrations in the ring, Ricardo joins them and the fans love it all!

Slammy Award

Sheamus out says that the chair beating he gave Big Show had to be one of the most enjoyable moments of his life. "ECW!" chants. Sheamus says ah, Tommy Dreamer! It's obvious that most of the fans are more interested in Dreamer in the ring than Sheamus on stage, but Sheamus smiles through it. Sheamus says three years ago a pasty skinned Irishman who lives a good fight and a great pint won the Slammy Award for Newcomer of The Year. Now he stands before you a three time world champion. The nominees haven't reached that height, but they're off to a great start. The nominees -
1- Cesaro
2- Funkasaurus
3- Sandow
4- Ryback


Sheamus says the winner is Ryback! "Feed me more!" and Ryback comes out, shakes hands with Sheamus, then to the podium. "The late great Owen Hart used to say, 'enough is enough, and it's time for a change' I am that change." "Feed me more!" "Feed me more!" "Feed me more!" Ryback gets huge pop for talking about Owen Hart.

Ryback vs Cesaro

Ryback leaves the podium and heads to the ring. Cesaro out and says what a typical American election in which the voting is rigged. Cesaro is the true newcomer of the year. He's stronger than Ryback. Smarter than Ryback. Unlike Ryback, I am a Champion!

Cesaro on Ryback with a kick and upper cuts. Ryback sends Cesaro running the ropes into a Thesz Press. Cesaro slammed back to the mat a couple times. Big right on Cesaro. Cesaro is scooped but lands on his feet and attacks Cesaro from behind with his upper cut. "Goldberg!" chants. Ryback gets Cesaro up in a delayed, marches, and hits the move, but Cesaro kicks out. Cesaro whipped but gets a knee up. Cesaro out, lifts Ryback high and slams Ryback to the mat hard. Cesaro goes for his finisher, but Ryback counters. Spinebuster on Cesaro and the "Feed me more!" chants start by Ryback's arms. Cesaro rolls out of the ring, grabs his belt and puts it over his head and one arm. Ryback follows him out of the ring and grabs Cesaro, raising him high in the air again. Ryback throws Cesaro back into the ring, he rolls through and out the other side. Cesaro up the ramp and is counted out.

Winner – Ryback via DQ (2:45)

Slammy Award

Mean Gene Okerlund comes out. Then Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat! Out comes JR!!! They line up at the podium to some serious pop. They're all quiet. Gene says it's his honor to be out there with two of his dearest, closest, personal friends to award the final Slammy of the night. Steamboat says he's won this Match of The Year Award on a couple of occasions and it's something he will take with him for the rest of his life. What a moment. JR says he's had the privilege of calling some of these matches this year and each is deserving. The nominees -
1- Taker vs Trip – End of An Era
2- Brock Lesnar vs John Cena
3- Sheamus vs Big Show at HIAC
4- Rock vs Cena - Once In A Lifetime


Steamboat slowly opens, shows Gene and JR, then announces Taker vs Trip! Trip's music plays and he comes out in a suit with his lack of hair. He claps and points at the fans. A big smile and handshakes along with hugs for the three legends. They vacate and leave Trip alone. The fans are loving Trip. "Triple H!" chants. "What's ironic is I won one of these in like '97 for best hair!" Trip points to his almost bald head as he turns to show off his professional 'do to the fans in attendance, and us at home. Every now and then you have the opportunity to be a part of something that... "We want Taker!" chants fill the arena. Trip just stops and waits for them. Sometimes in this business, sometimes you have the opportunity to be a part of something that is... magic. Last year at WrestleMania he was able to be part of something that was just magical. To be out there with two guys he respects more than anybody in this business, HBK and the guy he quite literally considers to be the benchmark of what this industry is all about, The Undertaker. That night was, again a magical night he'll never forget. It was an honor to be a part of it, and it was the end of an era. But, um, he'll let us in on a little something because there's a question... "Thank you Hunter!" chants. Let me just say this from the bottom of my heart, thank you. And I mean that, thank you." Here's the deal and I know there's a million dollar question hanging in the air, and I'm going to answer it now. You've not seen the last of the Undertaker! The fans go wild for this. Trip thanks everyone, and holds his Slammy high.

Announce Segment

JBL talks about how huge it is that this isn't the last of the Taker. They continue on, but then to backstage where The Shield is beating the heck out of Dreamer. They slam him into a garage type door. Ricardo and refs run up. They grab Ricardo who runs into the fray, and send him into the garage door. The ref tells The Shield to leave. They do leave and they call for trainers.

In Ring Segment

AJ to the ring in her little black top with skulls and short denim shorts. She demands a ladder into the ring. Yells and demands they do what she says. They set up a ladder in the ring and she climbs to the the top – and it's one of the TALL ladders!


AJ & Ziggler vs Vickie & Cena

AJ is standing up on the ladder, resting her arms on the top. She smiles, looks coy and says she's just full of surprises, isn't she? All people keeps saying to her is why? Why would she do that to everyone's favorite hero Cena at TLC. She stopped at a gas station and they asked her why? She leans over on the ladder, giving quite the view to those behind her. She says the bus boy at the hotel this morning asked her why? She looks coyly to the side. A couple Divas asked her why in the hall a bit ago, but she thinks that's probably because she'd just made out with Dolph Ziggler. She smiles. She says everyone keeps asking her why. She thought it would be obvious. The reason why she knocked Cena off the ladder at TLC.

EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Nobody cares why AJ did it. They only care about Vickie dragging AJ's scrawny butt all around that ring again. Vickie into the ring as AJ climbs down. They talk smack as Ziggler comes out to the ring. AJ looks over at Ziggler as he comes down the ramp, a smile and a smirk as well as those coy eyes. Video of AJ making out with Dolph earlier. AJ is standing against the ropes, her arms over the top, a foot back on the bottom rope, her hip cocked to the side. Cena out to the ring, then looks around the ring at the circus out there. Cena looks between AJ and Vickie.

"Ziggler's better!" chants and Cena smirks. Ziggler ducks Cena twice and showed off a bit. Cena takes Ziggler down by a leg and pins for one. Front facelock on Ziggler that Ziggler reverses into a hammerlock on Cena. Dueling chants for Cena fill the arena. Cena up and slams Ziggler back to the mat. Ziggler tags out and AJ steps in giggling and walks up to Cena with a smile, but Vickie in screeching with a sort of Thesz Press. They roll around, vicslamming aj'head to the mat. AJ rolls from the ring and leaves the area. Ziggler rushes and knocks Cena from the apron. Cena sent back in and elbows to Cena's head. Ziggler turns and looks to see Vickie sneering at him. "Ziggler' better!" chants. Cena gets Ziggler up for the AA, but he gets free and hits a DDT for two. Ziggler's epic elbows on Cena. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Cena to his feet and somehow locks on the STF! Ziggler makes it to the ropes, but Cena pulls Ziggler away from the rope and locks the hold back on, but AJ is walking to the ring with Big E Langston from NXT. Big E into the ring and slams into Cena.

Winner – Cena & Vickie via DQ (4:26)

Big E gets Cena up on a shoulder and slams down to the mat. Big E stands over Cena and looks down as AJ skips around them as Ziggler stands in the corner looking very confused.

Biggest Legendary pop
Ric Flair
Triple H

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Biggest heat
Punk & Heyman
The Shield

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Big Show!

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