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RAW Results - Respect McMahon's Color!

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Pre-RAW Commercial Segment -

Cole talks up VKM apearing on RAW to deliver his State of the WWE Address, and as Cena stated on Twitter, he will be on RAW live!

In Ring Segment

Cena out with thin lines of that medicinal medical tape (saw a lot of it on athletes at the Olympics) down Cena's right arm. Cena to the ring in black and pink, all smiles for the fans who both love him and for those who hate him. Much heat for Cena as his music ends. He says he missed the fans, did they miss him? He was expecting a mixed response, and there it is. One week off felt like a year, but it's great to be back. It's only being outside the WWE does he see what's going on. The TTC have anger issues, Team Hell No! A goat and a demon. Then there's Cesaro who has huge areolas. The Divas are out of control, and AJ is out of her mind, but she hasn't lost her charm. He asks her on a date. Get in touch, or throw it at his face. Cena makes a face, then tells AJ they can go to In N Out for a burger, or a cheeseburger, or even a double double. (I had my first In N Out burger this past week.)

And tonight there's VKM with his State of the WWE Address and Shwarzenneger on Twitter! As loud as he is, he doesn't have a voice. As loud as that place is... he waits for the reaction that has the place stomping their feet to make a strange noise on TV. He says they don't have a voice either. Who stole the voice of the WWE? Punk. Once the voice of the voiceless is now the voice of the selfish. "CM Punk!" chants. Everyday he holds the Title he garners respect. They don't pick who he faces at HIAC, Punk does. What does the length of his reign mean if no one watches. Punk vs Cena at HIAC could be a moment. They have a vocal and loud audience making him feel great to be back. He doesn't know if Punk can be swayed, but they can try. He will go to the cell with one arm, no arm, he will go! People don't turn away because he's a Paul Heyman guy, but because he's not a man. Cement his legacy against Cena at HIAC!

Ryback vs Primo & Epico w/ Rosa

Cena leaves the ring, but as he hits the ramp 'Feed me more!' comes on. Ryback heads to the ring, passes Cena on his way to the ring. Video of Punk embarrassing JR last week, and JR leaving the ring, but then Ryback came out and brought JR back to the ring. Ryback stood in front of JR and stared down Punk. Punk left the ring. Primo and Epico to the ring with Rosa.

Epico ducks Ryback, Primo eats a back elbow. Epico slammed, then Primo slammed. Primo slammed down again and Epico attacks from behind. "Goldberg!" chants start as the Colons beat down on Ryback on the mat. Primo flips Epico onto Ryback. Primo pins, is thrown off, then the same to Epico. Low drop kicks to Ryback. "Feed me more!" chants, but none of the fans seem to be making the chants.

Ryback with an atomic drop, then clotheslines on Primo ad Epico. Ryback calls for the finish. He lines up the cousins, gets them both up (they both helped him), he stomps and slams them down. Ryback stacks them and pins for three.

Winner – Ryback ( 2:32)

Video recap as JR and JBL completely freak out over how powerful Ryback is. "Feed me more!" chants, but I still don't think it's the fans in California chanting.


In Ring Segment

The Funkadactyls out in silver, Funkasaurus comes out in white and black. JBL calls the girls the Funkadelics. They pick on him being from the wrong century. R-Truth chases Little Jimmy into the ring and grabs him by the collar. R-Truth says he's sorry, they can fight any time, Little Jimmy is going through some changes. Changes? Puberty! Little Jimmy wants to dance. The Dactyls are up for it, so they call for the music and all dance in the ring with Little Jimmy. R-Truth and Funkasaurus sell Little Jimmy really well.

VKM stops them and tells them to dance up the ramp, it's time for his State of the WWE Address! They dance their way up the ramp and out.


State of the WWE Address

Justin announces Vince McMahon to the ring. He says the state of the WWE. We saw two grown men out here with the Funadactyls, dancing with an invisible friend. And the WWE has leprechauns, goat faces vegans, red faced monsters. You have pathos, humor and everything. What they have is actions. The best against the best!

Cult of Personality... Punk comes out with Heyman in tow. Of course Heyman has the strap held high as JR and JBL argue about Punk and all he's done lately. Punk has buzzed his hair down again ad circles VKM. VKM tells him he's wearing an ugly t-shirt. VKM isn't happy about this disrespect. Punk says disrespect is VKM talking about what the fans want to see, while Punk stays backstage. The best against the best and Punk's name wasn't mentioned. It was a shot against Punk not facing Cena at HIAC. It was the GM VKM assigned who said Punk could pick his opponent. Cena couldn't get it done in Boston, and the fans disrespect him. The fans still boo him! And the ironic ones who chant his name, he doesn't need them. They all disrespect Punk, does Punk respect him?

VKM respects him for his Title reign. He doesn't respect him being a Heyman guy. VKM's not a Punk guy.

Punk knows that and glad VKM has the grapefruits to say that in front of the world. VKM should be a Punk guy! He's the best in the world, the Champ. A year ago he was a spoke on the wheel, now he is the wheel. He's the best VKM has now and VKM disrespect. Everyone should be on their knees appreciating him. JR Appreciation Night? Where's Punk Appreciation Night? Maybe if Punk doesn't get the respect he deserves, he'll hop the fence and quit. This time he won't come back.

VKM says that Punk says he's the reason the WWE is doing so well?

He's the one paying for the jet, putting fuel in it? Who makes the money, who makes this a billion dollar corp? It's not VKM!

VKM says it's not him, it's not Punk, it's the fans! He listens to the fans on the street, Twitter and Tout. They all say someone needs to shut Punk's mouth. Punk says he's one of the greats? How dare he? He's not Andre, HBK, Trip, Austin!

Punk says how dare him? He's nothing like Austin. He made it to the top through hard work, perseverance and fighting. Austin took short cuts and avoiding fights. What made Austin big was beating up an inept and clueless millionaire. Now he's more clueless, more inept and a senior citizen? Up in VKM's face, he asks if he's mad, under VKM's skin? Now he knows how Punk feels when he gets treated the way he is. It's a slap in the face the way VKM treats him and has been slapping Punk in the face for years! Punk slaps VKM to the mat. "And now that's a slap in your face."

Punk backs up the ramp laughing. VKM says he wants to fire Punk. He'll fire Punk if he doesn't meet VKM in the ring tonight. Heyman tells Punk not to do it! VKM says he'll teach Punk something about respect. Heyman is against this, but Punk says they have VKM where they want him. Trust Punk, everything's going to be just fine.



Recap of Punk slapping VKM to the mat. Then VKM wanted to fire Punk, and would if Punk doesn't face VKM in the ring. Heyman doesn't like this idea. Punk blew VKM a kiss. JBL is on announce thrilled about this big gift they just gave us. Cole talks about Arnold Shwarzenneger on Twitter tonight. He will be back to see Punk versus VKM!

Prime Time Players vs Rey & Sin Cara

The Prime Time Players are already in the ring and waiting. Rey comes out in red. Rey carries a white mask to give to a fan as he's wearing the ½ and ½ mask again and can't put the fake mask over the Sin Cara wing. Sin Cara comes out in gold and red to tag with Rey. Video of the Prime Time Players attacking Sin Cara and Rey three weeks ago on RAW.

Young on Sin Cara with a hammerlock, but sends him flying. Sin Cara runs up the corner and hits a huge arm drag on Young. Head scissors on Young. A back elbow, then Rey tags in and pulls the top rope down for Young to fall out. Rey flies out onto Young. O'Neil out after Rey, so Sin Cara flies out onto O'Neil to stop him.


Sin Cara trying to fight back against O'Neil with blows, but then took a back breaker. During the break O'Neil sent Sin Cara into the barrier back first. Young tags in with a bear hug. Sin Cara set up top, Young up with blows. Sin Cara fights back and comes off the corner with a tornado DDT on Young.

Rey gets the tag. In with a seated senton, then sends O'Neil out. Rey on Young hard for two, O'Neil breaks the count. Sin Cara with a kick, then a missile drop kick on O'Neil. Young hits his finisher on Sin Cara, but Rey is legal. Young gets Rey up, but Rey gets free and sets up. 619 from Rey! Rey off the top with his dive for three and heading to the Tourney Finals!

Winners – Rey & Sin Cara (7:12)

Looking at the brackets. Santino and Ryder will face Rhodes Scholars later on RAW. The winner of that match will face Rey and Sin Cara.

Backstage Segment

Heyman says he proves he's the best in the world every night. This isn't no win, this is no lose! Punk says he's not the VKM he was, he'll put VKM on the mat and annihilate him. Then VKM will spend every moment making their lives miserable. Punk says he'll find a way to win, Heyman needs to not worry about it.



Cena starting the show yelling at Punk to face him at HIAC. Cole then talks about Punk's confrontation with VKM. Video of Punk slapping VKM to the mat. VKM demanded Punk fight him or get fired, Heyman doesn't think Punk should do this. VKM wants to teach Punk about respect. JR doesn't think this is a good idea.

Wade Barrett vs Sheamus

Barrett to the ring as JBL goes off about all the people VKM has beaten over the years and that Punk doesn't have a chance. Sheamus out the ring as JR goes on about VKM facing Punk later. Video of Sheamus cutting off Big Show in the ring by hitting a brogue kick on Tensai to cause Tensai to beat Big Show via DQ.

They circle, then lock up as Cole talks about King recovering nicely. JBL says he's a dollar with two dimes. Barrett into a corner and Big Show's music hits. Sheamus is distracted. Both Barrett and Sheamus stare at Big Show. Barrett blindsides Sheamus with blows. Sheamus ducks a clothesline and locks on a side headlock into a takeover. Sheamus keeps the hold on Barrett as Big Show slouches into a chair to watch.

Shoulder block to Barrett. Side headlock back on Barrett. Barrett backs Sheamus into a corner. Sheamus ends up on the apron and comes over with a battering ram, and puts the side headlock back on Barrett. Barrett up and backs Sheamus into a corner to get free. Elbow to Barrett. Barrett drops Sheamus briefly, then they struggle back and forth until Sheamus gets the snap suplex for two. Side headlock back on Barrett. JBL talks about Regal mentoring Barrett, couldn't have a better mentor. Sheamus gets Barrett up, but Barrett gets free. Barrett to the apron and gets a knee lift. Sheamus to the apron and eats a leg sweep. Barrett pulls Sheamus from the apron by one lag to land hard on the floor. JR says Sheamus is hurt!


Knee in the back of Sheamus' back, but he gets free and on Barrett with blows and clothesline from the ring. Barrett is left holding his head on the floor outside. Upper cut to Barrett outside. Barrett avoids the stairs as Sheamus sends him into them, then up on the stairs with a big back kick to Sheamus! Barrett rolls Sheamus back in for two. Kick to a sitting Sheamus' face. Barrett slams his thighs down on Sheamus' kidneys, then a chinlock on Sheamus. Sheamus to his feet and free from blows, but then into a knee that was close to low on Sheamus. Barrett rolls up with tights and the ref goes off on Barrett for it.

Sheamus sitting on the second rope takes knees, then a big boot lands Sheamus on the apron in a heap. JR - "Barrett is tougher than a $2 steak!" Barrett pins for two. Sheamus comes back with an elbow as Big Show to his feet. Clothesline to Barrett drops him. Sheamus with ax handle clotheslines on Barrett, then shoulder block in a corner. High knee lift to Barrett, then Barrett up, but pushes off Sheamus. Sheamus reverses Barrett's suplex, then side steps Barrett. Forearms to Barrett on the apron. Tensai into the ring and attacks Sheamus from behind.

Winner – Sheamus via DQ (12:37)

Tensai and Barrett beat on Sheamus. Big Show walks away with a grin. Barrett holds Sheamus, Tensai rushes, but eats a brogue kicks. Sheamus takes Barrett out, but Big Show in behind Sheamus. Sheamus tries for a brogue kick, but Big Show grabs the leg. Big Show elevates Sheamus' leg and flips him over the top rope with that leg in a beautiful and painful looking sight! Big Show leaves the ring, but Sheamus is right back up and in the ring ready to fight.

Announce Segment

JBL is going crazy about how VKM will take Punk apart, he's no geriatric! JR says he's going to talk to VKM about this match. JR stomps up the ramp on Sheamus' heels, very obviously intent on VKM.


Backstage Segment

AJ on her cell and Punk comes in. She thinks he has a big match he should be preparing for, not here. He asks about him beating up an old guy on her show. He'll break VKM's arm, legs,hands, put him in a wheelchair. The Board of Directors might not light this. AJ says she knows the best in the world is afraid of facing Cena, but is he afraid of facing VKM too? Punk says no, but now it's on AJ's pretty little head.


Cena was on Live With Kelly & Michael Show. Kelly gives Cena a pic of Punk to doodle on. Cena then signed it for them to auction off for Komen. Kelly asks about Komen and WWE teaming together. Cena talks up spreading the message. Cena talks up all the proceeds from his pink gear will go to Komen.


WWE Rewind

On RAW last week Cesaro elevated Clay and planted him for three.

Kidd vs Cesaro

Kidd in the ring waiting. Cesaro out to face him. Earlier Cesaro gave his version of Americana. He checked out fine dining – corn dog and chili cheese fries. Over seas they only talk about our obesity. He's disgusted by the chili cheese fries, says only swine will eat them – though they are served in a real dish. The server ate the food when Cesaro walked away.

Hammer lock on Kidd. Kidd through the ropes and back in to tie up Cesaro. Clothesline drops Kidd, then kicks. Cesaro, with his knees on Kidd, rolls Kidd' hand back. Reversals and Kidd flips Cesaro over to the mat. Blows to Kidd in a corner. Cesaro grinds a foot onto Kidd until pulled off. Double stomps to Kidd's chest on the mat. Big suplex on Kidd back in the ring. Cesaro talks smack over Kidd in a fetal position on the mat. Chinlock on Kidd, but he gets up and free. Kidd hung up top and falls to the floor.

Cesaro backs off, then out the other side of the ring. Cesaro rushes Kidd who's too face. Kidd on the apron attacking Cesaro, then a big double kick through the ropes. Kidd over the top takes Cesaro down for two. Kidd hangs Cesaro on the bottom rope and drops a leg on the apron. Kidd's slingshot elbow is dodged. Cesaro with his sick upper cut, then the neutralizer for three.

Winner – Cesaro (3:54)

Video of the high points of the match. Cesaro is talking smack off mic while celebrating in the ring.


Ziggler w/ Vickie & ADR w/ Ricardo vs Team Hell No!

EXCUSE ME! I said EXCUSE ME! Vickie in a ruffled black tank and a mullet wrap skirt cut so high I'm shocked it's PG13! Ziggler and Vickie to the ring. Video from the RAW main event last week. AJ, as the Special Guest Ref, threw Vickie out, so Ziggler left with her, leaving Punk alone in the match. Ricardo comes out on the stage announce ADR who comes out in a silver 2010 Maserati Quattroporte! Bryan comes out yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" as the fans yell "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan to the ring, still yelling "NO!" Fire erupts, the lights go out, organ music and out comes his demonic partner. Kane can't call fire because Bryan gets in his face yelling about who is the TTC. They then argue over who is starting the match.

Ziggler and Bryan lock up. Arm drag to Bryan, then shows off. JBL goes on an on about Ted Turner, as he has all night. Shoulder block to Bryan, and Ziggler shows off. A knee drops Ziggler to the mat. Bryan reaches to tag out, then won't. Ziggler takes Bryan down and tags out. ADR backs Bryan into the face corner and Kane takes the tag.

Kane on ADR with blows in a corner. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans. Arm bar on ADR, then Kane taunts Bryan, but won't tag out. Kane telegraphs and is kicked. Ziggler tags in and runs into Kane's right hand. Snap mare on Ziggler, then a low drop kick to Ziggler's face. Ziggler fight back with blows on Kane, backing him into a corner. Ziggler tries to send Kane running the ropes, but didn't have the power and Ziggler is sent flying out over the top. Bryan tags in and goes off the apron onto Ziggler outside.


Ziggler with a chinlock on Kane on the mat. Kane free, then Ziggler into a big boot. Bryan tags in with a clothesline on Ziggler. Bryan flies onto Ziggler in a corner, then sets him up top. Head scissors on Ziggler, but Ziggler rolls through for two. ADR with a cheap shot. Ziggler takes Bryan down and tags out.

ADR pins Bryan for two. Chinlock on Bryan on the mat as JBL talks up ADR in a huge way. Bryan free and hits a sunset flip on ADR for two, but then a huge back kick to Bryan's face drops him. Ziggler tags in and shows off gyrating before a neck breaker on Bryan. Big elbow drop on Bryan for two. Ziggler holds Bryan as ADR tags in.

Big snap suplex on Bryan for two. Kick to Bryan's back, then ADR kicks and stomps Bryan in a corner. The ref calls ADR off and Bryan is on the attack in the corner. ADR whipped, but moves and Bryan's drop kick lands him on his back. Ziggler tags in for two. Chinlock on Bryan on the mat as Vickie screeches outside the ring. Jaw breaker on Ziggler, then Bryan ducks out of Ziggler's flying splash in the corner. Both men are down. Bryan crawls, but Ziggler holds onto Bryan's ankle. Ziggler drags Bryan back and ADR tags in.

ADR stomps away on Bryan, then yells at Bryan to get up. Side slam on Bryan for two. Chinlock on the mat on Bryan. Ricardo and Vickie get into a screaming match about Vickie's screeching. Bryan up and elbows free, but runs right into a backbreaker. Kane breaks the pin attempt.

Ziggler tags in and struts around the ring. JBL doesn't like the showboating, but says Ziggler's as talented as they come. Bryan and Ziggler exchange blows. Ziggler keeps Bryan from tagging out, and tags out himself. ADR pins Bryan for two. Chinlock on Bryan on the mat. Kane paces the apron. Bryan knees free, then moves as ADR lands shoulder first into the corner post. Ricardo tends to ADR as Bryan crawls.

Kane in and on ADR. Kane whips and clotheslines, another whip but ADR gets his feet up. Ziggler gets the tag and Kane almost with a double chokeslam on the heels, but Ziggler free with a zig-zag. Kane comes back with a sidewalk slam as Vickie screeches! Kane climbs, but Bryan steals the tag. Bryan off the top with a beautiful missile drop kick. ADR breaks the count, but Kane sends ADR flying outside hard. Ziggler tries to steal the pinfall, but eats a kick to the head. Kane steals the tag and chokeslams Ziggler for three.

Winners – Team Hell No! (16:01)

Bryan and Kane celebrate for moments, then start arguing in the center of the ring. Video of Bryan's missile drop kick, then Kane in with the chokeslam for three. Both men are still arguing about everything, including who won that match. Kane calls fire from all four, then they're back to arguing.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about VKM facing Punk later. JBL is all smiles on announce as they go to video of Punk slapping VKM to the mat. VKM then told Punk he'll be fired if he doesn't face VKM in that ring tonight. Heyman is against this, but Punk didn't listen and blew VKM a kiss.

Backstage Segment

JR says after RAW VKM called JR to the ring and called him an American Icon, but more importantly his friend. He doesn't want VKM to be hurt, and think about what happened to King after he faced Punk? VKM wants JR to call his match the way he used to call 'Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!' JR says he will if VKM has to have this match. Well, VKM wants it now! "McMahon! McMahon! McMahon! McMahon's Beating Punk like a government mule! Stomping a mud hole and walking it dry!" VKM says like someone else they know, 'It doesn't matter what you think!' He and JR have a few pleasantries and said they'll see each other out there.


Announce Segment

Cole and JBL talk about JBL reaching the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and all he earned for charity!

Larry King Now!

LK has his table set up and is there with his lovely wife Shawn. He's there to introduce... Miz's music cuts LK off. He says he's the most must see Superstar on RAW. What an honor for LK to interview him. If it goes well, he might be on LK's show. Miz says today is his birthday! Miz cuts LK off and demands LK and Shawn lead the audience in singing Happy Birthday to him. LK says his sources tell him nobody there cares if it's Miz's birthday. What he loves about the WWE, he can do things there he can't do on his show. He's replacing a boring guest with a better guest. He introduces Kofi Kingston. Kofi out, shakes hands and sits down. LK wants to know about Kofi's day. Ko's been interviewing today. The good word is that RAW is live in Sacramento, baby!

Really? Really? He doesn't know which is worse, a has been interviewer, or a never been Superstar! Miz says he's had more championships than LK's had wives and Kofi's had matches. LK needs to get off the stage before another divorce. Miz divorcing LK's little head from his body. Shawn gets in Miz's face and throws her mug of drink in his face. Miz takes off his jacket, glaring, but Kofi attacks. Miz knocked off the stage, the his jacket and shirt comes off. Two booms, the third for LK, then he flies off the stage onto Miz. LK says goodnight.


Santino & Ryder vs Rhodes Scholars

Santino and Ryder to the ring together to Santino's music. Video of high points of Rey and Sin Cara defeating the Prime Time Players earlier tonight. They go to the brackets to show who will be going on to face who next week on RAW. Team Rhodes Scholars out to the ring earlier. Earlier today TRS – Sandow talks up their IQs, then calls Santino and Ryder mental midgets. Biggest mental mismatch in the ring ever.

Cody backs Ryder into a corner, but no clean break. Ryder fights back and takes Cody down for two. JBL doesn't know how the fat guy in polka-dots had this muscle bound guy in the ring. Sandow tags in and pins Ryder for two. JR is back on announce playing the straight man as the two men in purple fight it out.

Cody tags in and stomps Ryder for two. Blow to Cody, then Sandow tags in. Upper cut from Cody, then the elbow of disdain on Ryder from Sandow. Cody tags in with a front facelock on Ryder. Ryder fights back and tags out.

Santino on Cody, but is taken down. Hip toss on Cody, then the cobra comes out. Cobra at illegal Sandow who flees. Disaster kick on Santino for three.

Winners – Team Rhodes Scholar (3:07)

Celebrating in the ring Cody pulls Sandow arm down and sets him into his cart wheel. Slater, Drew and Mahal out. Slater as the leader calls to three and they all attack Santino. Ryder tossed out from the ring. Slater sets them up and they all go air band over Santino's prone body. Cole and JBL talk Poison and Warren.

Backstage Segment

VKM demands to know why Heyman is there. Heyman is there to apologize. Punk shouldn't have done that. Heyman knew VKM's father. He's known VKM since Heyman was only 14! Let him broker peace between them.

VKM says that Heyman been poisoning Punk's mind for years.

Heyman says that he's there for VKM.

VKM doesn't believe him.

Heyman says to not let Punk do to VKM, what Brock did to Trip. Heyman turns and leaves VKM seething, but not as sure of himself as he always seems.

Backstage Segment

Eve heading to the ring.


Divas Championship Match – Eve (C) vs Kaitlyn

Layla is on announce, sitting beside JBL. Eve out to the ring smiling and waving. Cole talks through how Eve became Divas Champ. Kaitlyn comes stomping out looking quite a bit mad, her left ankle taped. Layla talks that Kaitlyn is not 100%, JBL on her for her conspiracy theory.

Kaitlyn rushes Eve. Kaitlyn takes Eve down for two. Eve kicks at Kaitlyn's ankle, but a body drop on Eve for two. Kaitlyn gets Eve up as JR says Kaitlyn has more strength than most Divas. Kaitlyn keeps Eve up in a rack. Eve looks about to tap out, but Eve rakes Kaitlyn's face. Back breaker on Eve, but Kaitlyn drops holding that ankle. Eve crawls to a corner, but not up. Kaitlyn on Eve, but the ref pulls her off. Eve kicks at the ankle, then works the ankle over on the ropes. Eve wrenches on that ankle, slams back with the ankle. Vince McMahon is trending, or so says Cole. Eve locks a submission hold on Kaitlyn's ankle. Kaitlyn taps out.

Winner – Eve (2:54)

Eve won't release the ankle. Layla to the ring, and Eve breaks the hold. Eve regroups and plays concerned for Kaitlyn. Layla stands up from tending to Kaitlyn and pushes Eve away. Eve backs up the ramp holding the belt and shaking her head in worry. Layla back to Kaitlyn's side.

Backstage Segment

ADR and Ricardo walking along talking. Josh stops ADR and asks about a Tweet. ADR won't stop, Josh pushes more. ADR doesn't care, but Josh says it's from Orton who ADR's attacked twice. This Tweet says that Orton will be on Smackdown. Is ADR worried that Orton is coming after ADR? ADR pushes Josh away and stomps off with Ricardo in tow.



WWE Superstars support Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Backstage Segment

LK and Shawn talking about how great it felt for her to take Miz down. Aberdeen, Washington, next caller! Bryan in talking about how he was said to look like an owl, how did he get past it. Bryan doesn't have a goat face, but LK looks like an owl. Bryan hits on Shawn, but she doesn't date trolls from under bridges. Now, a man from nowhere – Kane in and says that he's carried Bryan. They argue. Bryan says Kane's face looks like he was hit with a Fruit Roll-Up! They go back and forth. Bryan turns back, but LK and Shawn have left. Bryan goes off on Kane for chasing off LK. Kane says, "That was Larry King? I thought it was Skeletor."

Backstage Segment

Heyman is trying to talk Punk down and that VKM is going to make sure they spend the rest of their lives in hell. Unless Punk delivers such a beating that VKM is rendered a helpless bastard who can't make another decision for the rest of his hopeless life. Punk says he's going to victimize VKM and enjoy every minute of it, and Heyman should too.



Again they show us Punk slapping VKM to the mat, but VKM demanding Punk in the ring or he'll be fired. By the time tonight is over, Punk will learn something about respect.

Vince McMahon vs CM Punk w/ Heyman

VKM comes out, strutting down the ramp, but Punk attacks VKM from behind. Punk with knees to VKM outside the ring. JBL goes on and on about VKM taking on our government and Ted Turner, of course Punk has to do this!

VKM rolled into the ring. Punk into the ring and slowly removes his shirt. Punk turns around and is tackled by VKM. VKM with blow, but Punk reverses it, straddles VKM and beats on him. A kick to the back of VKM's head. Cole and JBL yell at each other. JBL says VKM won the Royal Rumble 13 years ago. Cole says VKM shouldn't be in there at his age. It's apples and oranges – 13 years ago! VKM sent through the ropes to the floor. Punk slams VKM face first onto announce a couple times. Punk grabs Cole's headset and says something I can't understand. Punk climbs easily over announce, then picks VKM. Punk shows off, but before he can hit GTS, VKM pushes Punk away. Punk eats ring post face first. Heyman is standing there with his eyes wide and jaw hanging open.

VKM stalks Punk, his left eye busted open. VKM throws Punk across announce. VKM with a mic and says he's going to treat Punk something about respect. VKM dives, slides on his belly across announce and lands on Punk throwing punches. VKM up, waits for Punk, then sends an announce chair into Punk, slightly low. VKM sends Punk into the ring, then looks under the ring. JR comments on VKM showing evidence of this fight around his left eye.

VKM into the ring with a kendo stick. VKM sets up, Punk looks up, then flees the ring. VKM is in the ring swinging the kendo stick. Punk looks at Heyman and widely shrugs. Punk calls for the Title belt, but VKM cuts Heyman on. VKM takes the belt, then punches Heyman who hits the floor.

VKM into the ring with the belt and the kendo stick. "This is awesome!" chants. VKM puts down the belt and tells Punk if he wants it, he has to come get it. VKM keeps Punk from getting too close to the belt in the ring. Punk finds his own kendo stick under the ring.

Punk into the ring and they go at each other. Blows on each other. Punk loses his stick and begs VKM. The fans are cheering and stomping their feet. The tron appears to be shaking from the stomping. Then the camera is shaking so badly that the whole picture is bouncing!

VKM rushes Punk, but takes a low blow. Punk takes both kendo sticks and starts to grandstand. Punk gets VKM up, but... 'Feed me more!' Ryback to the ring. Punk flees the ring. Punk yells in at Ryback, but there's Cena spinning Punk around and sending him into the ring. A huge clothesline from Ryback. Ryback stacks Punk up and marches, but Punk wiggles free. Punk then flees the ring with his Title belt in hand.

VKM grabs a mic and says that hopefully Punk's earned a little something about respect tonight. VKM says it's decision time, then calls Punk a creep. At HIAC Punk either face Cena, or Ryback. Punk better make a decision soon, of VKM will make it for him! Punk stands in the crowd hugging his belt to his chest. (No bell was rung, but the segment lasted 11:16.)

Biggest pop
Team Hell No

Biggest heat

Least reaction

Please check in tomorrow for RAW Is Blogged for all my reactions to RAW, and for my review of an interesting little wrestling theme restaurant I discovered while I was gone.


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