RAW Results - HBK Appreciation Night? Not So Much


RAW this week starts with video recap of last week's happenings between AJ, Cena, Big Show and Punk. AJ set a #1 contenders match, Punk caused the DQ, and called them both losers. AJ made it a Triple Threat Match at SummerSlam. Punk got right in AJ's face, yelling at her, demanding respect.

Music & Pyro

Cole welcomes us to RAW in San Antonio, Texas.

In Ring Segment

Justin announces AJ to the ring. She bounces out in a white suit, more curve hugging than last week. She welcomes us to RAW. She's there to announce some blockbuster matches. Big Show versus Orton. Also, her dear ex-fiance Daniel Bryan will face Cena. Wait until we hear this, tonight...

Punk's music cuts AJ off. He comes out, but his hair is dark, unlike some pictures I saw online about him changing it. AJ crosses her arms and smirks. He says he lives with zero regret and man enough to know when he makes a mistake. He's big enough to admit he's not proud of and would like to take back and can't. He grossly crossed the line and is out there to apologize. He let his emotions get a hold of him. He got in her face and she doesn't deserve to be disrespected. Like he doesn't deserve to be disrespected. He knows what it feels like, and tells AJ that he's sorry.

She accepts his apology.

He says he hopes they can be friends. She's new doing this and will fall on her face, like she did last week making that Triple Threat Match. Why don't they just cancel it now?

AJ smiles up at Punk in that coy way. "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" from the fans. She says she's new and will make mistakes, but that wasn't one of them. Her decision stands.

Punk says he gets it. This is her getting back at him for humiliating her when she proposed? Don't tell him she's going to be the evil RAW GM who sticks it to the guy everyone likes. Heat from the fans. They need to get on with this so they can go to the back...

Cena's music cuts Punk off. He stomps down to the ring, grabs a mic, then in. Cena glares at Punk. Punk wants to know why Cena's glaring at him. Cena says because Punk's become one of those guys. The last person he ever thought would be, and now he's out every week demanding respect. You don't demand it, you come out and earn. Dueling chants of "Let's go Cena!" and "Cena sucks!" Cena hold his mic up. Cena says that if Punk thinks that belt meas respect, Cena had 11 of them and as we can hear, he has to fight every night for respect. Punk looks at his nails. Cena says of Punk wants to play the blame game, that's on Punk. Cena was doing well, but Punk got involved and it's now a Triple Threat Match, that's on Punk.

Cena then turns to AJ and says, "You smell great, I'm John." Cena reaches out to shake AJ's hand.

Punk says he hasn't become anything. Cena is the guy who turns a blind eye to facts. Punk didn't get involved with their match, it was Cena who went at Punk on announce. He's the WWE Champ and will not be disrespected. Not by Cena, not by Big Show, not by anybody – looking at AJ. Punk says he saved Cena, he had Big Show up and his knees couldn't handle it, so you're welcome.

Cena says Triple Threat Match are not for the Champ. They go off about who will be beating Punk in two weeks. They argue, but Big Show's music cut them off.

Big Show out yelling and demands they all stop it! She's not about to let things get out of hand on her show. Cena and Big Show have matches, so save their aggression for later.

Punk is mad that they have matches and he doesn't. He deserves the main event.

AJ says he has a match. Punk asks who? AJ doesn't know. Punk is confused. AJ says it's up to the WWE 'Universe'. Before he interrupted, she was going to announce that the fans can vote on Twitter. It's either Miz, Kane or Rey. Voting starts now as that match is next. AJ skips up the ramp and out. Punk is in the ring looking annoyed.


Brock broke Trip's arm. Brock is there tonight, as is Trip.


Announce Segment

King stands and announces who Punk will face. Who will it be? Rey at 47% Kane got 31% and Miz got 22%

Punk vs Rey

Rey out white and lime green to solid pop. In the ring Rey takes off his t-shirt to show he's wearing a sleeveless shirt with a big ? on the front.

They lock up, Rey backed into a corner. Clean break. "CM Punk!" chants. They about to lock up and Rey grabs Punk's leg and takes him down. Muscling around and into a hammer lock on Rey and Punk talks into his ear. Punk was flipped, then kicked. Rey rushed Punk but ran into post shoulder first. Punk pins for one. Rey slammed to the mat, leg drop on Rey for two. Punk locks his legs around Rey's head from behind, but Rey free. Tilt-a-whirl back breaker on Rey for two. Suplex on Rey, then Punk out and climbs, but Rey with a drop kick on Punk and he crumbles to the floor. Seated senton on Punk outside.


Punk is holding his face in a corner, Rey climbs up and holds Punk for a forearm, then pulls Punk, but fights back up there. Big suplerplex from up top, but Punk only gets two from it. Punk is back on Rey with body scissors on the mat. Blows from Rey to get free, but Punk keeps tightening the hold. Punk grabs and pulls at Rey's face, but somehow Rey gets free. Punk sends Rey sliding out under the bottom rope.

Rey climbs and hits another seated senton. Punk tries a sunset, but Rey rolls trough, but Punk kicks out at two! Both slow to their feet. Rey pushed into corner, Rey kicks back. Punk gets Rey up, but Rey free and hits 619. Rey up top, but his splash is met with knees! GTS and three.

Winner – Punk (10:10)

Punk poses with his belt. Video of the 619, then the blocked splash and GTS. Punk sitting up top is checking his mouth for blood, but then poses for the fans.

Backstage Segment

ADR is in a Ferrari, leaning on his horn. A couple guys run off with their table carried between them and ADR backs into that spot. Ricardo tries to say something, but ADR tells him to come on as he's stomping off.



Wade Barrett promo. Talking about fight5ing where he comes from. It looks like he's in a warehouse and bare knuckle fighting. He talks about his Barrett Barrage, but then they show his name in rather stylized letters that could be a bit western, but not really manly.

Backstage Segment

AJ's black knee high Chucks with pink laces are sitting on her desk. ADR and Ricardo in. He tells her she's doing a fantastic job. Unlike Booker T, they both know he shouldn't compete until SummerSlam. She doesn't have him booked to compete tonight. ADR says he knew she wouldn't do anything crazy. Ricardo eyes bug out of his head.

AJ turns and demands to know what ADR called her. He back peddles, but she then tells him he is in a match tonight. It's next. She turns and flounces off. ADR freaks and yells at Ricardo to get his bags!

Announce Segment

Cole doesn't know what ADR said wrong. Cole then talks about HBK being on RAW tonight.


They replay Trip getting his arm broken, but they show the whole video through Steph attacking Heyman, then Brock to the ring.


Christian vs ADR

Christian in the ring. ADR's music and Ricardo runs out on stage to announce him, all out of breath. ADR stomps out, still dressed from the waist up. He throws his jacket at Ricardo, then takes off his shirt on his way down the ramp. His boots are not completely ready yet. Video of the fight between ADR and Sheamus when Sheamus was slammed in the hood. Cole talks about it being Ricardo's idea for Sheamus to use the hood of the car (Oops, Cole messed up a bit here, it was ADR using the hood). Cole then says it was ADR who used the hood on Sheamus.

ADR rushes Christian, but backed into a corner and blows from Christian and ADR rolls out. ADR pulls Christian out and sends him into the post. Christian into the barrier head and back first. Back in the ring and ADR only gets a one. ADR works over Christian's arm and gets two. ADR gets a hold on Christian's left arm and pulls Christian's hair. ADR with the arm buster. Big slap to ADR, then Christian with a blow through the ropes from outside. Christian climbs and nails a cross body for two. ADR out of the killswitch, but Christian pins for two. ADR stomps Christian, then goes for a back splash from the second ropes. Christian in a corner is ready, but into a kick rather than the spear. Christian counters ADR who counters Christian, then Ricardo on the apron and ADR attacks Christian by hitting Christian in the head with his boot behind the ref's back! ADR locks on the cross arm breaker and Christian taps out.

Winner – ADR (3:06)

Video of ADR hitting Christian with the boot for the win. ADR celebrates, but then Sheamus is on the tron, from backstage, talking about how ADR said last week that Sheamus is beneath him. Sheamus agrees and says he's going to class up his act, starting with the care he drives. Sheamus grins and the camera pans down. Ricky Ricardo, next time he takes the gear out of ADR's car, try not to leave the keys in it. Don't worry Berty, he's going to take a tour of San Antonio. He turns on the car, says he feels classier already, and blazes out of there as ADR about has a cow over it all.


Orton vs Big Show

Orton out to the ring in his normally slow and methodical way, but to huge pop. Big Show stomps out to face him.

They stare off a bit. They lock and Orton thrown back to the mat. Orton in a corner, Big Show shushes, but Orton attacks with blows. Clotheslines in a corner, then Orton up with nine blows. Side slam on Orton in the center of the ring. Big Show walks on Orton while a couple guys chant about Big Show sucking. Big Show tells Orton he's in over his head. Head butt to Orton who drops to the mat. Big Show says it's too easy! Orton back up with kicks and blows, but Orton runs the ropes and eats a back elbow.

A sort of chinlock on Orton as the fans chant for Randy. Orton elbows out, then blows on Big Show. Orton pushed back into a corner, but gets his feet up. Clotheslines, then a drop kick drops Big Show to the mat. Orton hears voices and pounds the mat. Big Show to his feet with a big chokeslam on Orton for a long two!

Orton rolls out, leaning on the apron, pulled up by his head, but hangs Big Show up top. Orton back in and a shoulder block knocks Orton from the ring. Big Show out to kicks to the gut. Blows to Orton, then a big slap to the chest. Orton crumbles. They get back in at 7. Big Show calls for the end, but Orton kicks at Big Show and is dumped over the top. Big Show out and pulls Orton up. Big slap to the chest against announce. Orton up, but pushes off and Big Show eats post. Spear to Orton and both are down outside. The ref counts them both out.

Double Count Out (5:38)

Video of the ending of the match. Big Show throws Orton back into the ring and climbs in after him. Big Show calls for the WMD, but Orton ducks and hits the RKO. Orton's music plays.


Trip and Brock fighting in the ring on the 1,000th episode of RAW.



Promo for SummerSlam.

Reks & Hawkins vs Ryback

Reks and Hawkins in the ring, waiting. Ryback comes out shaking with that bloodshot eye. To the ring and ready saying to feed him more. Split screen saying he's hungry and the WWE is where he feasts. Reks and Hawkins are being served. Welcome to the food chain. Feed me more.

Reks kicks and knees Ryback, but then slammed to the mat – very awkwardly. A blow to Ryback, then Hawkins in with a boot to his chest. Hawkins tags out. Reks pulled over the top and in. Hawkins distracts Ryback and he eats a big boot, then another. Clothesline and Reks gets one! Hawkins tags in and on Ryback, but Reks tags in and on Ryback's back. Hawkins tags in and they double team Ryback, but Hawkins doesn't even get one!

Facelock on Ryback who elbows free. Reks grabs a leg from outside, but Ryback sends Hawkins over the top onto Reks! Back in and Hawkins eats a spinebuster. Big clothesline and Ryback calls to finish it. Hawkins up and Ryback marches. Hawkins slammed down for three.

Winner – Ryback (3:02)

The fans chant along with Ryback's 'Feed me more!' Video of the high points of the match.


Primo & Epico vs Young & O'Neil w/ AW

All five in the ring, but the PTP and AW are in lilac! AW on mic gets serious heat. Young pushes Primo and eats a drop kick!

O'Neil kicks Primo, then upper cut drops Primo. Young tags in and they double shoulder block Primo. Clothesline then Young taunts Primo in a corner. Young whipped, but Primo stands on his shoulders up top and kicks at Young for two.

O'Neil tags in and they both stomp him, though AW is very quiet so far. Primo tossed and hits the ropes. O'Neil holds an arm, then a foot on Primo's neck and pulls. Primo lifted, then dropped hard, but O'Neil is still holding that left arm and it doesn't look at all comfortable or right. AW yells at O'Neil to tag out. O'Neil does, then lifts Young to slam him onto Primo. AW getting loud, but only cheerleading, nothing more than talking about the PTP's. Primo up, then reverses on Young for two. Primo caught, then a sick fast scoop slam. AW says Young is like Mother Theresa, he can do no wrong!

Primo whipped, but gets an elbow up. Primo rolls through and tags out. Epico on Young hard with clotheslines, drop kick and a body drop! Suplex on Young, then another and a third! AW yells at O'Neil to get him out of there. AW says they've had enough. They try to leave by Kofi and R-Truth come out. Primo and Epico grab Young and O'Neil. O'Neil and Young almost appear to get the upper hand, but a back stabber from Epico on Young and they get the three!

Winners – Primo & Epico (4:52)

The Colons celebrate in the ring. Kofi and R-Truth are all smiles as the PTPs and AW are unhappy.


King and Cole talk up Sandow and what DX did to him, but then showed what Sandow did to Funkasaurus last week.

Backstage Segment

Josh asks Sandow to explain his actions last week. As the intellectual savior of the masses, and our martyr, he's obligated to rid the WWE of all foolishness. Any man who engages in frivolous activities such as dancing, serves only to contribute to the delinquency of our society. Therefore tonight he disposes to Brodus Clay to the betterment of all of us. You're welcome.


Stage Segment

Funkasaurus and his Dactyls out in green tonight, but Sandow with a chop block on the stage. Clay to the floor, pants falling down. Sandow with blows, then pulls his pants off, but Sandow off the stage with blows, a kick to the leg and another chop block. The Dactyls are screaming through it all. Stomping Clay and Sandow sets up Clay's foot on the stage, then stomps on the leg, appearing to break the leg. Sandow does this again, then locks a hold on the leg. Finally the refs get Sandow off Clay. Sly stands center stage and yells, off mic, "You're welcome!"

Video recap of the attack. Clay on the floor and Sandow yells from the stage that Brodus did this to himself. Huge heat for Sandow.

Backstage Segment

AJ looks thoughtful. The camera pulls back to show Bryan. AJ says the psychologist might have deemed Bryan sane, but he does have some serious anger management issues. Bryan says it might have to do with her leaving him at the altar, but he's calm now. He agrees with her decision to face Cena tonight. After he beats Cena she will be forced to change it into a Fatal 4 Way. AJ tells him he has a match at SummerSlam. It's against Kane.


"YES!" very calmly.


"YES!" but calmly.

Bryan turns to leave and yells one more "NO!" but is mad to see AJ smiling serenely up at him.


Kelly Kelly vs Eve

Kelly Kelly out to the ring in pink. They talk about how Kelly Kelly has been gone for a while. Eve out in her gray studded outfit. Cole again brings up Eve's comment to AJ about learning to walk in heels if she wants to pull off a business suit.

Eve is in Kelly Kelly's face talking, Kelly Kelly isn't impressed. Eve tries to leave, but Kelly Kelly grabs her and slams her back by the hair. Thesz Press, then Eve stomped in a corner. Flipping back splash, but Eve flees Kelly Kelly's stink face. Eve out and Kelly Kelly runs out and slaps her across the face. Eve slammed back first hard into the barrier! Eve rolled in. Kelly Kelly up top, tentatively, but hits an awkward crossbody on Eve for two.

Eve whips Kelly Kelly who tries to float over, but her legs are caught and she's slammed to the mat. Eve works Kelly Kelly in the ropes. Eve sits up top and pulls Kelly Kelly up to choke her. On the mat Eve with a chinlock on Kelly Kelly, but Kelly Kelly up and fee, but Eve with blows. Kelly Kelly with screaming head scissors on Eve and pins her for three.

Winner – Kelly Kelly (3:03)

Eve backs up the ramp yelling about being better than Kelly Kelly and all the fans. Kelly Kelly is all smiles in the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about ADR being thrown into a match and beating Christian, but then Sheamus stole ADR's car. Video of Sheamus stealing the car.


Brock and Trip fighting in the ring at 1,000th episode of RAW!

Announce Segment

HBK is up next.


In Ring Segment

Justin announces San Antonio's own – HBK! He comes bouncing out in jeans and what looks like a new HBK t-shirt with an HOF ring on the front. Of course he has his straw cowboy hat on. The fans are wild for the hometown boy! He's as goofy as ever, bouncing around and posing for the fans to his famous music. "HBK!" chants when his music stops.

Doesn't matter how many time he tells them he can't be doing this all the time, (panting) he can't be running down to the ring like this every two years. (Panting) Okay, first of all, he has to thank the WWE 'Universe' for allowing him once again to be a part of history, the 1,000th episode of RAW, truly a historic moment and the reunion of DX! Priceless. As we know he's pretty comfortable watching the world go by at his ranch, but when he found out RAW was going to be in his hometown of San Antonio, he figured there's no way old #HBK is going to miss that. So here he is.

The irony is that the more things change, the more things stay the same. Walking into the locker room, there are a lot of new faces. A lot of faces he didn't recognize, but the scuttlebut is the same. They're talking about the confrontation at SummerSlam. Trip versus Brock. They all ask HBK's opinion...

Brock's music and out he comes with Heyman in tow. They both come to the bottom of the ramp, then to the ring. Brock to the apron, then into the ring. Heyman joins him, HBK looks nervous, not wanting any trouble.

Heyman says it's not surprising to him that everyone wants HBK's opinion about the match between his client Brock and HBK's best friend Trip. HBK is the greatest in-ring entertainer in the history of the WWE. He and Brock would seek out HBK's opinion as well, except not for this match because HBK, Brock isn't going to walk into SummerSlam as an entertainer. He's not there to entertain with Trip. Brock doesn't want to be the heir apparent to Mr. Showstopper, Mr. WrestleMania. At SummerSlam Brock doesn't care about entertaining, he's showing up to fight Trip and prove he's the baddest dude on the planet today.


HBK says he's not there to dispute the attributes of Brock.

Heyman says HBK said it!

HBK tells him to not put words in his mouth. Any other time with anyone else for Brock, but not him. Brock shouldn't have gone there with Trip. Shouldn't have gone there with any man. He made it personal by attacking his wife and kids. He doesn't recognize Trip now. Heyman didn't ask for his opinion, but he's going to give it anyway. HBK is talking directly to Heyman, but keeps glancing over at Brock to make sure he's not going to be jumped. HBK says that on this day, the guy he's going with is Trip. He believes this down to his core. In fact, he believes it so much that he wants to be there to see it personally. He'll be in Trip's corner and watch him defeat Brock.

Heyman says that's the big announcement. That's the moment in time that they're going to play over, and over and over again when they look back at history and examine Trip's career. HBK had a choice and he left on his own terms. Trip doesn't have that choice, Brock's taking that. It's bad enough that Trip's wife and kids will have to witness what Brock is going to do at SummerSlam...

Brock pulls the mic from Heyman and addresses HBK. The only reason HBK thinks Trip will beat Brock is because HBK has never been in the ring with him. Until now.

The mic is slammed back into Heyman's chest as he steps toward HBK, but Trip's music stops Brock.

Trip comes stomping out with his brow ridge furrowed, looking really mad, the way only he can. Heyman to the apron as Trip gets in the ring. Trip steps a bit in front of HBK, but also next to him.

All tension and angst in the ring, then Brock laughs and goes through the ropes. But then Brock back into the ring, points a finger at Trip and says, "You, I'll see you at SummerSlam!" Then a pregnant pause for heat from the fans, then Brock points at HBK, "You, I'll see you before then." More heat for Brock who drops the mic and leaves the ring.

Trip stares Brock down as HBK looks a bit green and nervous. Brock to the ramp, backing up, bouncing and smiling. Heyman walks backward talking to Brock. Trip's music plays as the best friends talk off mic to each other. At one point Trip points up the ramp.

Announce Segment

Cole explains about Sheamus stealing ADR's Ferrari. Video of Sheamus leaving in the car. King says Sheamus is only borrowing the car. Cole talks about Sheamus putting up a Tout. Sheamus tells Berty that he's loving the car. He's at the Alamo. He then sings, "The stars at night, are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas!" Cole isn't impressed at all.


Riley vs Ziggler w/ Vickie

Riley in the ring, waiting. Jericho is on announce in a Ziggler shirt. Jericho says it's great to see King, "Cole, you're as mediocre and goofy as always." EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Jericho says to listen to Vickie, then come back to Jericho as no one wants to listen to Cole. Ziggler out with Vickie. Ziggler has finally bleached his roots! He no longer has blond hair with black roots! Video of Jericho beating Miz last week, but then Ziggler attacked Jericho with the case to Jericho's head. Jericho then talks up Ziggler, but he needs to figure this out. He didn't know this was Ziggler's shirt. He found it in the trash and it's nice summer colors, pink and teal? Is it teal? But Ziggler is dangerous.

They almost tie up, then Ziggler struts. Behind Riley, but then Riley slams Ziggler to the mat. Cole and Jericho argue on announce. Arm bar on Riley. Cole talks Jericho down. Riley on Ziggler, Ziggler up, arm Abraham back on Ziggler. Jericho says that he might have lost those matches, but he's still Chris Jericho, he's still Y2J and maybe this is what he needed to put it in second gear!

Riley backed into a corner, but dirty break. Knees, then kicks to Riley. Jericho says it's been a long time since they've seen Alex Riley on RAW. King and Jericho go off about Ziggler's hair oil being Penzoil or Quaker State. Jericho gets off track and says something about it being a long time since Alex Wright has been on RAW as well.

Blows on Riley. Ziggler talks smack at Jericho. Riley back on Ziggler with blows, but ran into a sick drop kick! Ziggler yells at Jericho. Jericho says Ziggler is the future of the WWE. Ziggler stomps Riley. Elbow drop on Riley for two. Cole asks if Jericho is doing too much. King wants Cole to eat a codebreaker. Riley and Ziggler fuss around on the mat. Riley on with blows. Jericho says Ziggler will be world Champ. Riley shoulder first. Neck breaker on Riley. Jericho says Ziggler is too focused on Jericho. Jericho stands up and films Ziggler and Tout it. Ziggler yelling at Jericho, then Riley rolls him up for three.

Winner – Riley (4:30)

Jericho yells at Ziggler that Riley is trending. Ziggler pitches a bit of a fit in the ring over his loss.

Announce Segment

Since Miz and Kane were not chosen to face Punk, they will face each other tonight.



David Arquette starts a B.A. Star video, goes on to Punk, Cena, Sheamus and they talk down being a bully.

Announce Segment

Cole goes off about Sheamus stealing ADR's car, King says it's borrowed. Sheamus is eating Mexican food and spills food all over the inside of the car.

Kane vs Miz

The lights go out, then a red spotlight on Kane as the red lights come up. Kane into the ring and calls fire from all four. Miz out without his new coat he's been wearing to the ring. Miz shows off his belt, then heads to the ring.

They circle and lock up. Miz backed into a corner, Miz doesn't give a clean break and he's slammed back into the corner and big blows on Miz. Kane backed off, then back on him with blows. Kane rushes with a big boot, but Miz moves and attacks that leg. Chop block on make, then a DDT on a kneeling Kane for one. Miz stomps at Kane in a corner, gets him to sitting on the mat and keeps stomping. Kane up with a blow, then another. Low drop kick to Kane's left knee. Big boot to a sitting Kane for two.

Chinlock on a kneeling Kane. Kane free, but Miz still on that knee until he runs into a blow. Miz slammed, then a low drop kick to Miz for two. Miz whipped, then clotheslined. Miz moves and Kane eats corner. Miz tries for the SCF, but Kane backs him into a corner, the back of his head hitting buckle. Miz, on the mat, hits a drop toe hold on a rushing Kane who eats corner. Miz rushes Kane and so Miz eats corner. Chokeslam and Kane gets the three.

Winner – Kane (3:49)

Video of the high points of this match.


Backstage Segment

Sheamus is back and the car is trashed – inside and out! He hands the keys over to a guy with a donut and tells him to take care of it, but don't tell anyone.

In Ring Segment

Bryan out yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" as the fans chant "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan is getting madder and madder as the fans chant

Backstage Segment

ADR is freaking out at the car. Then ADR tells Ricardo it's all his fault and to clean it up. Ricardo is unhappy, but he starts taking branches out of the wipers, a traffic cone out of the passenger seat and more.



Promo for Smackdown, the Highlight Reel is going to be back! Ziggler and Vickie will be Jericho's guests!

Bryan vs Cena

Bryan still in the ring chanting back and forth with the fans. King says Tom Arnold is watching RAW and Touting about it. They shout out to Tom. Cena's music and he comes out with a salute and runs to the ring. Video from Cena flying into Punk last week, then Punk attacked both Cena and Big Show in the ring causing the DQ and the Triple Threat Match at SummerSlam.

They circle they lock up. Side headlock on Bryan. Bryan to the ropes, clean break. Dueling chants for Cena and Bryan looks very mad about this. He starts yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" This is about him! "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Bryan leaves the ring and yells in the faces of fans all around the ring. All the fans yelling "YES!" at Bryan.

Bryan in and eats a hip toss. Chinlock on Bryan who is still saying "NO!" Bryan to his feet and punches free. Bryan rushes Cena and is shoulder blocked. Side headlock on Bryan on the mat and huge dueling chants for Cena. Bryan on Cena's left arm, gets Cena down and yells "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Cena muscles up and free, Bryan grabs the ropes and slides out. Cena gives chase, Bryan back in and hits a low drop kick on Cena's legs knocking Cena from the apron. Bryan is mad, runs the apron and flies with a knee to Cena's head!

Bryan back in the face of fans in the front row yelling "NO!" at them while they (a group of guys in ref's shirts) yell "YES!" back at him.


Hammer lock on Cena. Cena free and kicked down to the mat. Bryan stomps Cena yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Bryan is seething, then runs from one corner to a drop kick on Cena's chest in the other for two. Cena is on the mat and struggling. Bryan keeps kicking at Cena as the ref tries to keep some order. Cena to his feet in a corner. Cena reverses the whip and hits a body drop on Bryan. Both are down.

Cena up and Bryan with a drop toe hold so Cena eats corner. Bryan kicks the second rope into Cena's face. Bryan pins for two. Hammer lock on Cena on the mat. Cena to his feet, then muscles free and gets Bryan up, but Bryan free and kicks Cena. Knee to the back of Cena's head for two. King mentions again that this is the first time they've faced off on RAW.

Super Cena with shoulder blocks, then slams Bryan to the mat in what Cole calls 'vintage' Cena. 5 knuckle shuffle to Bryan. Bryan up, but counters the AA into a front facelock on Cena, legs wrapped around Cena's waist. Cena slams Bryan into a corner, but Bryan doesn't let go. Cena back to his feet and slams Bryan into the corner again. Drop toe hold on to Bryan, Cena tries to set up for the STF, but Bryan kicks Cena back with both feet. Bryan rolls Cena up for two. Kick to the back of Cena's head, rolls Cena over and only gets two. Bryan is incensed, shaking his head to the "YES!" chants.

Bryan moves Cena, then climbs. Bryan points up and lands his flying head butt, but Cena seems to be sitting up as he readies for this move and Bryan seems to hit his head hard on Cena's shoulder. Bryan seems to be praying, nods, then starts kicking Cena in the chest over and over, but Cena ducks the kick to the head and locks in the STF. Bryan's hand is up to tap, but reverses it into what is now the "NO!" lock, but Cena blocks, and somehow Super Cena gets to his feet with Bryan on his shoulders and hits his AA on Bryan for three.

Winner – Cena (13:52)

In Ring Segment

Punk's music and he stomps to the ring in a black hoodie and his trunks. Punk holds his belt high in front of Cena. They stare off, but then Cena pushes Punk aside as Big Show is barreling into the ring. Cena on Big Show hard, ducks a chokeslam and gets Big Show up for the AA, but Punk is up and mad! Punk hits Big Show in the back, so Cena falls forward with Big Show still on his shoulders. Both are down on the mat as the fans are hot at Punk.

Punk to announce. He says maybe Cena is right, it might be Punk's fault he's in this mess. It might be Punk's fault he's in this Triple Threat Match. It might be Punk's fault that people are disrespecting him. It's because he lets people disrespect him. He might have done everything to make people happy, let people do this. Big Show and Cena getting acquainted with the mat. RAW ends the same way the last two did – with Punk standing tall clutching his Title proving that he's the best wrestler in the world. And anybody who gets in his way is going to be lying on the match like Big Show and Cena.

Punk into the ring as Big Show is getting to his feet. Big Show garbs Punk's roundhouse kick and lays Punk out with the WMD. Cena struggles to his feet and he eats a WMD. Big Show picks up the belt, looks at it, then unsnaps it and puts it over his shoulder as his music plays and he stands over both Punk and Cena's prone bodies. Video recap of how we got here, then back to Big Show holding the belt high over his head.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
Big Show

Biggest reaction to the fans

Thanks for standing by me through these long three hours, it means a lot to me. Make sure you check in to read my RAW Is Blogged and tell me what you think about what went down tonight, and what you think about all I have to say about RAW. Come on, you know you want to!


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