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WWE RAW Results - 11/28/11 - Cena's A Big Hit In Pipper's Pit!

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RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

Justin announces Rowdy Roddy Piper! He comes out in his kilt with a very snazzy sporran. The fans are chanting for him. He says that they have had some times together. Question! How does a guy who's never won the WWE Title, not the strongest or biggest guy become a HOFer and one of the biggest icons in the WWE 'Universe'. Answer: energy. It's all the fans. They cheer him and made him feel good so he did good things. When they were booing him, they made him feel bad and he did rotten things. It's their energy! There's a man in the building who's not sure if their energy is important. Ladies and gentlemen, John Cena!

Cena says to the camera that it's Piper's Pit, he had to show up. Cena to the ring and talks about the loud fans. Cheap pops for Piper from Cena, but little pop for Cena. Cena is confused about the WWE energy not being important for Cena. A couple guys yell to Cena that he sucks.

Piper is playing word association, fans do what they want. SCSA: cheers. Bret Hart: cheers. Rock: cheers. Cena: mixed, mostly heat & a "Cena" chant, but all female. Cena sees what Piper's trying to do. Piper says he's trying to help Cena. The heat gets loud again. Piper says when all the people were yelling to the people to Rock bottom Cena, the fans became unglued. "Boots to asses!" chants. Cena gets it, this isn't the first time this has happened. It's happened his whole career. There's a group of people who know who Cena is and what he stands for. He's extremely loyal to them, but you can't please everyone. That's what makes the WWE energy what Piper's talking about. They can do what they want.

Cena can do what he wants, they don't get it. Piper says Cena's the face of the WWE. The man and the booing is getting louder and louder and louder. Cena's losing it. If Cena doesn't buck up and tell them what he thinks... this isn't Foley's have a nice day stuff. This is Rowdy Roddy Piper's reality check. If he doesn't tell them what he thinks, Cena will be the loser of the biggest WM in history.

Cena tells Piper he's going overboard. Piper's a HOFer, he's seen the show. WM22 in Chicago. He faced Trip and they loved Cena. The HOF the night before, Eddie was honored and the fans loved him. CM Punk, MITB, they loved him too. TLC with Edge in Toronto. Hammerstein Ballroom, one night stand. Compared to those, MSG was a cakewalk. Piper is getting pissed! Cena says it was New York being New York. They were excited to see Rock. Rock had one great night. See those kids in the front row? They're having the time of their life. The camera closes in on two little boys decked out in Cena red, they can't be more than six years old. Cena says he met three great families through Make A Wish today, they're at the show. Members of the Armed Forces in the front row. He wants Piper to do something before flying off the handle. Cena shows his shirt and says that's why they don't get to him, why he doesn't get rattled, why he can walk into Miami and if they like him, great. They don't, whatever. He still likes himself and can beat Rock.

Piper says he came a long way to have Cena in Piper's Pit. He knows Cena's career and proud of him. It was his generation who passed the torch to Cena and he rose the bar higher than they could. Rock comes one day, but everyday Cena is stepping up to the plate everyday. How much energy can Cena tap into. He's seen and done it all and has the jewelry to prove it. Piper says from a HOFer to a future HOFer, (Piper hands Cena his HOF ring) if Cena doesn't get it off his chest, he's going to be in denial. Cena says it's a fine gesture, but he's in a good place.

Piper slaps Cena and tells him to feel the energy? Does he feel it? Off comes Cena's cap. Cena forcefully hands back the ring and leaves the ring. Up the ramp Cena pulls out his dog tags and kisses them.

Cole and King talk about the heat possibly getting to Cena. They then talk about Miz and his mission. Video of Awesome Truth breaking up last week.

Backstage Riley and JoMo talk and joke.

> Commercial
Falls Count Anywhere Match – JoMo vs Miz

JoMo heading for the ring and Miz attacks him from behind. Miz on JoMo's leg with a pipe (the pipe hasn't touched JoMo more than once or twice). Miz to the ring, JoMo's on the top of the ramp. They get him to his feet. JoMo struggles down the ramp, mostly held up. JoMo into the ring and wants this Match.

Miz after JoMo, but JoMo on him with blows. Miz kicks that leg out from under JoMo. Miz on that right leg, then wraps it around a post. Cole talks about R-Truth being out due to his injury last week. Could R-Truth be out at least 30 days? Miz grabs a kendo stick and back into the ring, but eats a clothesline. JoMo with the kendo stick whales on Miz. Outside the ring and JoMo is still beating on Miz with the stick. JoMo pins for two. JoMo uses the stick as a crutch. Miz crawls up the ramp to the stage. JoMo up using his stick. Miz plays possum, then sends JoMo head first into the WWE on the stage. SCF on JoMo on the stage. JoMo doesn't move. Miz stares at JoMo, then rolls over JoMo's limp body. Miz wants more of JoMo, but the ref stops the Match and calls for the bell.

Winner > Miz

Video of high points in the Match. Refs and EMTs out to strap JoMo together and stretcher him out. Miz has a mic and is heading for the ring. They wheel JoMo out.

Miz says last week it was R-Truth. This week it's JoMo. Next week, we'll see. The fans are all 'what' at him. There's only one Superstar who can make this kind of impact, this kind of statement. That's him, the Miz. He can do it because he's... awesome. Miz spoke slowly and quietly. The camera comes in for a closeup and he has a dark and hooded look in his eyes.

> Commercial

Bellas vs Kelly & Fox

Kelly and a Bella in the ring, but the Bellas in new red ring gear keep together and don't want to fight. Just as Kelly grabs a Bella, Beth and Natalya come running down the ramp in black sports bras and black capri leggings. They have sweatbands on, hair in low pigtails, ipods in hand, buds in ears. They're out there running. Around the ring as the Bellas double team Kelly. Back up the ramp as a Bella gets two. Head scissors on Nikki. Brie attacks from outside, pulls Kelly out. Fox on Nikki with a leg drop for three.

Winners > Kelly & Fox

The Bellas leave as Kelly and Fox celebrate.

King and Cole talk about WWE 12. They show off ADR beating Punk in the game. Supposedly it was from Cole playing earlier.

> Commercial

Video promo for Sheamus. About him being a nice guy, spirited.

Backstage Laurinaitis on his cell telling Brodus that he'll see Brodus next Monday! (Believe it when I see it!) Otunga in. He wants to know about Brodus being held off. Laurinaitis says this is his ploy. He wants Brodus to be ready to kill when he comes in, that's why he keeps getting pushed off. ADR in as Laurinaitis wants to see him. He wants to know if ADR is ready for his Title Match. ADR says he's ready. Laurinaitis says that ADR said that last time but lost in front of WWE sponsors and WWE executives at SS. Laurinaitis says he's unbiased, but many want to see the Champ have integrity. ADR says he will win tonight.

A knock on the door and Punk comes in saying he thought he heard for him to come in. He says 156,000. Laurinaitis doesn't get it. Punk says Laurinaitis was talking about Twitter followers, so Punk went on line and 156,000 is the number of Google hits you get when you type in 'Laurinaitis' and 'spineless'! ADR and Ricardo converse in Spanish. Punk says, 918,900, that's what you get when you type in 'Del Rio' and 'boring'! ADR is nine times more boring than Laurinaitis is spineless. Oh, he typed in Otunga, but all he got was something about someone named Jennifer Hudson. The fans love this. Punk says they must be dreaming about the safe vanilla Champ, but it won't happen. Punk leaves and Otunga says that the way to make sure Punk wins, get intentionally disqualified. Otunga knows what he's saying, he has a law degree from Harvard. Laurinaitis said to spread the word that if Punk gets disqualified, then he loses his Title.

Split screen shows Orton and Dolph with Vickie heading for the ring.

> Commercial

Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie

Wade Barrett comes out in black dress pants and button down with a slight sheen to it. He goes and joins them at announce. Orton comes out to the ring in his normal way. Dolph comes out with Vickie in a pink tank, gray mini and gray boots. A little video about taking Punk to the limit and this week he'll beat Orton and do what he does best, show off. King tells Cole to pay attention and stop Tweeting about how Vickie looks.

They lock up, then break. Lock up, then break. Dolph tries for a leg but ends up in a side headlock. Dolph pushes out and takes a shoulder block. Dolph and Orton reverse back and forth until Orton rolled up for on. Orton regroups, then gets distracted by Vickie. Dolph on Orton with blows into a corner. Dolph whipped, floats over, then eats a clothesline! Dolph out and over by announce to regroup.

Hip toss on Dolph, then he stomps Dolph. Orton talks smack at Vickie, then pins Dolph for two. Orton with a knee drop, but Dolph missed. Elbow drop to Orton for two. Dolph rolls Orton up, then Orton rolls out. Orton up on the apron and eats a beautiful drop kick from Dolph. The ref starts counting Orton out. Dolph out and rolls Orton back in. Dolph stomps Orton in a corner. Dolph and the ref get into a yelling Match. Dolph with a clothesline in the corner, but Orton moves. Upper cut to Dolph, but Dolph back with a neck breaker for two. Elbows to Orton's shoulder as the fans chant, "RKO!" Dolph up top, Orton on him with blows. Orton climbs, blows from Dolph, but Orton fights back. Orton sets up and hits his father's superplex beautifully. Orton pins for two.

> Commercial

Orton on Dolph with blows. Dolph fights back with blows and a kick. Blows to Dolph, kicks to Orton. Upper cut from Orton. Dolph telegraphs and is kicked. Clotheslines, then that sick scoop slam. Orton stares at Wade, then set Orton up and hits his DDT. Orton pounds the mat but Dolph rolled from the ring. Wade up on the apron. He eats a drop kick. Dolph is then behind Orton and hits the zig-zag for three.

Winner > Dolph

Outside the ring Vickie announces Dolph the winner as Dolph does another head stand!

> Commercial

In the ring Cole introduces the biggest hypocrite in the WWE Daniel Bryan. Cole says he has been given the opportunity to face Henry in a Cage Match. Bryan says he wasn't given anything, he earned a WHC Match by winning a Fatal Four Way. He doesn't expect Cole to be accurate or even a good announcer. Everyone knows Cole is by far the worst announcer in the WWE, but maybe by now he's earned just a little bit of Cole's respect. Last week he did beat Cody, Wade and Orton to... Cole snaps at Bryan about respecting a man who tried to cash in his MITB against a defenseless Champ. He's a liar and said he was going to cash in at WM. Didn't Bryan say that? He's nothing but a hypocrite. What happened on SD was hysterical. It's a think funniest home videos is about. Cole laughs and shows the video of Henry knocked out, then Bryan rushed the ring and cashed in and won the strap, clichés come true, but then he went to announce and shoved the Title in Cole's face. Cole says what's funny is he thought he was Champ, then his dreams were shattered. Teddy realized that Henry wasn't cleared, so Henry got his Title back and Bryan got his MITB back. If Cole was the GM, then Bryan wouldn't have gotten it back and Bryan would have been suspended indefinitely for conduct unbecoming a WWE Superstar. You know why? Bryan disgusts him, he's nothing but a hypocrite. He hope Henry tears him apart in that cage.

Bryan said he is a hypocrite. He had big hopes for the Title, main eventing WM, but plans change! His plans changed when Henry tried to end his career. That's when he realized the MITB doesn't guarantee anything. He saw and opportunity and took it. Tomorrow night he has another in the cage with Henry tomorrow night. No matter what happens, main eventing would be good, but his more important dream is becoming WHC!

Henry comes out onto the stage in one of his shirts and jeans, but no crutch. He says Bryan must be kidding thinking he can beat Henry in that cage. Hasn't he knocked Bryan upside his head enough lately. He should be ashamed of trying to take advantage of a defenseless man. But who should really be ashamed is Long for booking him in a WHC Match when he knows Henry's half injured. But he's the world's strongest man and will defend his WHC tomorrow in a steel cage. Bryan can talk all he can down there, but no matter what, Bryan can't beat him. Bryan up the ramp and kicks Henry in the knee! Bryan says they'll see tomorrow night. Henry finally scoops up his strap and poses with it on stage.

> Commercial

Jack Swagger w/ Vickie vs Zack Ryder

Swagger in the ring, Vickie outside the ring. Ryder out to a little pop.

Swagger takes Ryder down, then celebrates. They lock up, Ryder backed into a corner. Ryder fights back with blows, then a shoulder block. Belly-to-belly on Ryder for two. Forearm drops to Ryder's back. Swagger slams Ryder to the mat, then drops a leg for two. Arm hold on Ryder a little bit of chanting for him. Forearms to Ryder's back, then back on the arm lock. Ryder up and on Swagger with blows. Swinging neck breaker on Swagger for two. Gutwrench failed and Ryder with a back elbow. Ryder up and flies, but Swagger catches him and hits a back breaker on his knee.

Swagger sets Ryder up and was going to use the corner to splash Ryder, but it looked like Swagger's footing wasn't right, might have stepped on Ryder's hand which wasn't tucked in, and had to abort the splash. A couple of stomps and Swagger tries again but eats Ryder's feet as he blocked! Rough Ryder and he gets the three.

Winner – Ryder

Ryder celebrates on the ramp as Swagger hits the apron and Vickie glares.

> Commercial

Video of Cena and Piper in the Pit earlier. Piper gave Cena his HOF ring, but after a slap to Cena's face, Cena roughly gave Piper his ring back before leaving the ring.

Justin announces Foley who comes out dressed as Santa, sans beard.

Twas the night before SD and all through the land,
Mick Foley's smile shown brightly, he had something planned.
Festive fun's the only rule, come tomorrow night,
as sure as Hornswoggle's tiny and Sheamus is real white.
Mark Henry is an angry man, his brain is filled with rage,
He'll defend his Title against Daniel Bryan, inside of a steel cage.
There'll be Divas and some dancing too, direct from the North Pole,
It's everything you want to see, but no ho ho ho Michael Cole.
It's sure to be an awesome night, couldn't possibly be finer,
I hope you will enjoy it especially all of you, right here in South Carolina!
He tells everyone to have a good night and he will see us tomorrow on SD.

Backstage Josh catches up with Punk and asks about Laurinaitis statement about Punk getting himself disqualified and lose the Title. Punk says it's painfully obvious that Laurinaitis is dealing from the bottom of the deck. After the Match he can kiss Punk's bottom. "I mean kiss my ass." Punk starts to walk away, but returns and says that so he doesn't think he will get intentionally disqualified, what he means to say is, "Kiss my ass!"

> Commercial

WWE Championship Match > ADR w/ Ricardo vs CM Punk ( c)

Ricardo announces ADR who drives out in an Astin Martin Vantage V8 convertible in white. Punk comes out to the ring and poses. He kisses the belt, then hands it over to the ref.

They lock up. Arm bar on ADR, then taken down over Punk's shoulders. ADR comes back with an arm bar on ADR. Punk free, whips ADR, then sends him flying with a monkey flip. Arm bar on ADR. Side headlock takeover on Punk, ADR keeps the hold. "CM Punk!" chants. Shoulder block to Punk for one. Arm drag on Punk, then an arm bar. ADR rips at Punk's face. Shoulder block drops Punk. ADR runs the ropes into a back elbow. Running the ropes ADR holds the ropes. Punk clotheslines ADR from the ring, then flies out through the rings onto ADR.

> Commercial

ADR is still on Punk's arm with blows, then stomps the arm on the mat. ADR pins for two. ADR back up on Punk's arm and shoulder. Blows on ADR, then Punk tries a one armed sunset flip that didn't work. ADR back to stomping Punk. ADR climbs and flies with a double ax handle to Punk's shoulder. ADR wrenches Punk's arm into the ropes. ADR rushes Punk and eats foot. Punk quickly up and flies but ADR ducks, Punk lands on that shoulder. ADR pins for two.

The crowd is dead when ADR is at all in control. Punk with the fans behind him to his feet and free, but then right into a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for two. ADR back on Punk's arm and shoulder. ADR up top and flies with a double ax handle on Punk for two. Arm hold on Punk. There's a chant about ice cream I can't make out. Punk rolls through the hold, but then takes a kick to the head for two. A number of men are chanting, "Del Rio!" with other voices throwing in, "Sucks!" between the chants. ADR climbs and flies, but right into a Punk kick. Punk crawls with one arm to ADR, but only gets two.

Cole goes crazy about the Title being defended on RAW and how it never happens, on and on. ADR and Punk exchange kicks to the legs. More kicks from Punk, but blows from ADR. Heel kick to ADR, then a swinging neck breaker for two. Knees to ADR's face. ADR to a corner and eats a high knee. Arm stabber to Punk and ADR pins for two. ADR keeps ducking Punk's blows. A suplex, ADR bridges and pins Punk for a long two. Punk reverses ADR who reverses Punk. ADR hits a DDT for two.

A sickening sounding kick to Punk. The ref checks Punk and ADR is trying to remove turnbuckle padding. The ref sees him and stops him. Ricardo slides a chair into the ring. ADR grabs the chair and throws it to Punk. Punk 'pulls an Eddie' by throwing the chair back to ADR and flopping to the mat. ADR tries to get rid of the chair and the ref sees him. ADR blocks the ref from calling for the bell. Punk grabs ADR and rolls him up. The ref down and counted a long two, but ADR kicks out. Back stabber on Punk for a long two. Both men down.

Ricardo up on the apron to distract the ref. ADR tries to send Punk into the exposed corner, but reverses and drops ADR face first on it (really didn't get close). Punk rolls up ADR for three.

Winner > Punk

Punk celebrates as King and Cole have differing views on the ending. Ricardo in to argue with the ref. Punk over and plays arguing with the ref, mocking Ricardo, entertaining the fans. Punk then picks up Ricardo and hits his GTS.

Biggest Pop
Rowdy Roddy Piper
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan

Biggest Heat

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