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RAW Results - 1/30/12 GONG!

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This post Royal Rumble RAW starts with music and pyro.

Mr. John Laurinaitis to the ring, shaking hands with fans on his way there. King and Cole talk about Royal Rumble being historic and hopefully it will be for Laurinaitis tonight. Cole wants Laurinaitis to stay, King, not so much. Laurinaitis continued shaking hands around the ring as King and Cole talked on about Sheamus winning the Royal Rumble Match. Laurinaitis on mic and says he's looking forward to his performance review, unlike them. Has be made mistakes, yes, but what man hasn't. It's okay to make mistakes, as long as you don't make them twice. After tonight he'll be the permanent GM. Besides the review is by a great man, Trip, and they're good friends. Then there's his performance last night at the Royal Rumble when he was Special Guest Ref, did what he said, called it right down the middle, and did his job backstage. Now we're on on the road to WrestleMania, with a stop at Elimination Chamber. Punk will defend his Title against five others in an Elimination Chamber Match.

The people in the match will be CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Miz, R-Truth, and Jericho. We'll all enjoy watching it, but let's talk tonight. It's special as Beth will defend her Divas Championship against Eve. Kofi will face Miz. Dolph will face Orton. A momentus match, first time ever, D-Bry will take on Punk. Think that's all he has coming...

Punk's music cuts Laurinaitis off, but Laurinaitis keeps that plastic smile on his face! On stage Punk starts stinging Laurinaitis out of the area – sorta. The fans grab right on and keep singing and Punk continues. Has King sing into the mic, then Justin does it, Punk keeps singing – badly. A sign could be seen that said, "Bring back the Anonymous RAW GM!" Punk into the ring and Laurinaitis still with the plastic smile. Again Punk starts the stinging. Right into Laurinaitis' face and Punk says, "Goodbye clown shoes!" Laurinaitis laughs.

Laurinaitis tells Punk that Punk owes him an apology as Punk thought Laurinaitis was going to screw Punk out of his Title, but he didn't. Laurinaitis says he's a man of his word. Punk says he doesn't owe Laurinaitis anything, least of all an apology. Laurinaitis is a liar, not a man of his word! Unless being a man of his word mean poorly dressed patsy? That's a good word. Ham sandwich dork? Dork fits. He came out for one reason and one reason only, to see Laurinaitis' dimwitted face one more time before he gets 86'd by Triple H.

Since this is the last time they'll be seeing each other, he has given Punk entertainment over the past couple of weeks. The way Laurinaitis has no idea how to speak clearly into a mic has given Punk a whole lot of belly laughs. The way Laurinaitis trips and stammer over simple words as if he doesn't have a simple grasp of the English language is just fantastic. Punk's favorite thing over the past couple weeks is how Laurinaitis can both suck and blow at the same time. The fans love this! Punk says it's very, very entertaining for all the wrong reasons. Don't get Punk wrong, he's not Trip's biggest supporter in the world, but he can't wait for him walk out there and kick Laurinaitis' lanky, sorry, underachieving miserable carcass out the front door! The fans love this!

Laurinaitis says he's not going to take Punk's words personally, this is about business. The board of directors are all about business. Punk and the board knows that Laurinaitis' honest, fair, creative and taken RAW and the WWE Championship to new heights. On a personal note, he wants to put their personal differences aside and start anew. Laurinaitis extends his hand as Cole says Laurinaitis is admirable.

Punk just looks at the hand. Then he asks if Laurinaitis is sleepy? The only reason to extend his hand to the best wrestler in the world is if he wants to go to sleep. Fans cheer this.

Daniel Bryan's music and he comes out showing off his belt and acting the overzealous winner. D-Bry into the ring and says it's him the World Heavyweight Champion! They do remember him, right? He wants to give them insight. Nobody cares about them. When they were carrying out their petty personal soap opera, he was busy winning a Steel Cage Match against the World's Strongest Man and the World's Largest Athlete. He doesn't think everyone understands the magnitude of his accomplishments last night. Now, he knows Laurinaitis is trying to save his job by giving the 'Universe' a momentous first time match. No disrespect to Punk, but compared to what D-Bry went through last night, Punk isn't much of a challenge.

Punk smiles, then says D-Bry is right, all Punk is is the best wrestler in the world, then shrugs.

D-Bry says that's wonderful. That's great. That's fantastic. That's truly excellent. But D-Bry is more than just a wrestler, he's a role model! HUGE heat from the fans. He's a vegan! He doesn't even eat meat!

Punk says he knows all that, but since he brought it up, it begs the question – what exactly does he eat?

Joke? Punk makes more comments like that, D-Bry will take Punk's pipe bomb and stick it where the sun don't shine. D-Bry right up in Punk's face.

Punk says they've known each other for a decade. They're friends. Clown shoes is trying to cause problems. Why don't they just give the fans a show. D-Bry's the World Heavyweight Champion, Punk is the WWE Champion, let's give them the best wrestling match in the world?

Sheamus' music cuts them off and he comes out with a huge smile on his face! The fans goe wild for him as he comes to the ring. Sheamus asks them, what's the story fellas? He doesn't want to break up the love fest, but wants to remind people he won the 2012 Royal Rumble Match! He wants to remind them that at Elimination Chamber, they'll both be defending their Titles. Just so Laurinaitis doesn't feel left out, he could be fired! Loosen that tie up, yeah. He's earned the right to be in the main event of WrestleMania. With a bit of luck of the Irish, he'll be the next WWE, or World Heavyweight Champion. She in D-Bry's face. He wishes them both luck. For Laurinaitis, he wants to leave him with a good old Irish saying. Goes like this – May Triple H kick you in the arse so hard, you'll be throwing up your lace colored undies! Laurinaitis blushes. Erin go Bragh! Sheamus leaves the ring. Laurinaitis leaves the ring. D-Bry and Punk face to face. Punk extends his hand. D-Bry shakes it.


WWE Rewind – Last month on Smackdown Wade and Orton fought, then up the elevator, then Orton was pushed down a flight of stairs.

Orton vs Dolph w/ Vickie

Josh is up in a box with Wade who has a vested interest in this match. Orton out and looks up at Wade. Orton into the ring, and Wade says last time they were one on one he put Orton out for a month, this week on Smackdown he's going to do something much worse. Dolph out with his hood pulled over his eyes as Vickie follows.

Orton and Dolph lock up. Cole talks about Orton eliminating Wade in the Royal Rumble Match. Wade says it's typical Orton to attack from behind when he's dealing with seven other guys. One on one he has Orton beat. Dolph runs the ropes back and forth, over and under Orton until he stop just before eating a punch. Dolph shows off, poses. Side headlock on Dolph, takes him down and keeps the hold on tight. Shoulder block to Dolph. They talk on announce, then back up to Wade – split screen – asking if Wade has any regret for throwing Orton down the stairs? The only regret he has is leaving the building. He should have pushed him down more sets. Orton whipped and out with a clothesline. Dolph's face bounced in a corner, then an upper cut. Dolph whipped, Orton eats an upper cut, then a drop kick that barely touched Orton's back.


Headlock on Orton on the mat. Orton to his feet, then slams Dolph back in a corner to get free. Dolph whipped, then feet in Orton's face for two. Wade proved he's better than Orton throwing him down the stairs, but Orton came back. He didn't do enough the first time, so he will next on Smackdown. This whole time is split screen and I can barely see the match, and it's a darn good match! Dolph tries to splash Orton, but eats corner. Clotheslines, but Dolph misses the scoop slam and hits a drop kick to Orton for two. Dolph pulls Orton up and hits a neck breaker, then Dolph with sit ups! Dolph stalks Orton.

Dolph up on the corner, but Orton knocks him down. Vickie upset, then screeching. Another blow to Dolph up there, then more! Orton up and easily hits his father's signature superplex. Orton holds his head as soon as he lands as if he plowed his head into the mat. Orton pins for two. Orton on Dolph with blows that look stiff, then clotheslines and that slam of his! Dolph through the ropes, but Dolph in and locks on his sleeper! Vickie cheers Dolph on. Orton throws Dolph off! Orton up on the corner, but lounging the way Eddie and HBK were known to do. Dolph in at him and Orton rolls down Dolph and rolls him up for a long two. Dolph kicks Orton's knee and takes Orton down hard, but only for two. King makes Freddy Kreuger comments about Vickie.

Dolph tries for his sleeper, but Orton free and clotheslines Dolph from the ring. Dolph sent into the barrier, then onto the apron. Orton in and hits his sick DDT on Dolph! Orton hears voices and pounds the mat. RKO and the three.

Winner – Orton

They keep referring to Orton as 'The Apex Predator', more than usual tonight. King and Cole talk about the matches and who is the next inductee into the Hall of Fame?



Promo for WrestleMania. 62 days away!


Stills from Kane versus Cena last night at the Royal Rumble. Through fighting with Cena, then taking Ryder to the ring as Kane tombstoned Ryder. Eve was freaked out, Cena took a chokeslam.

Backstage Segment

Laurinaitis shaking hands with everyone he could find backstage, then runs into Regal and asks about his son. Regal says he has daughters, conjoined twins actually. Laurinaitis says 5th grade is such a hard year. Regal says he keeps them locked in the attic, actually. (Regal was hysterical in how he put all this across and Laurinaitis heard nothing of it.) A back slap and Laurinaitis is off. More handshakes to everyone and anyone.


Funkasaurus vs Tyler Reks

Funkasaurus 'Clayboys' out in blue leopard outfits dancing, then Funkasaurus out in white. Reks already ringside for his squash match.

Reks into the ring. Lock up, then Reks thrown off. Elbow to the top of his head. Drop kick to Funkasaurus, then blows. Double axe handles to Funkasaurus, then Reks slammed to the mat. A forearm to his back, then Funkasaurus with his crossbody on Reks for three.

Winner – Funkasaurus

Funkasaurus dances with his Claymates (no clue who called them that in the Live Blog, but it works for me.)

Backstage Segment

Punk says to D-Bry that he is like Punk, underdogs who made it to the top. A word to the wise, Punk doesn't think a lot of people know what a vegan is. D-Bry says a vegan is someone who doesn't condone the slaughter of innocent animals. Eating meat is like putting poison in your mouth. Clogs your arteries. Every bite of meat, you should hear the screaming of innocent animals in agony and he doesn't think a whole lot of peopleknows what straight edge is out there either. Punk knows what vegan is, D-Bry knows what straight edge is. He doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs, but unlike D-Bry, he doesn't claim to be a role model. Punk puts his strap over his shoulder and says, "I'm just the best wrestler in the world." D-Bry quietly says, "That's how it is."


Promo for WWE's nine new YouTube shows.


Champion vs Champion Match – Punk vs D-Bry

Punk to the ring to huge pop and all smiles. D-Bry out to less than loving fans, but still so full of himself and celebrating it the whole way to the ring.

They lock up. Side headlock on D-Bry. Pushes out and a sick shoulder block to D-Bry. D-Bry back with a drop kick. D-Bry rolls Punk over and locks Punk's feet, then jumps slamming Punk's knees to the mat. Blows back and forth, snap mare to D-Bry, then a kick to his back for two. Chinlock on D-Bry, knee to his back. D-Bry slammed to the mat. Punk misses a leg drop and eats a kick. Knee drop to Punk's face. Another knee to Punk's forehead. Fingers bent back, muscling Punk's fingers around, then stomps on them. An arm hold on Punk. Punk lifts D-Bry up and over the top. D-Bry outside, then Punk lands on him. Upper cut to D-Bry, then to Punk, then D-Bry, then Punk, then D-Bry and Punk sent flying over the barrier! Punk crawls out of the bell area.

Both into the ring, kicks to Punk's chest. Side headlock on Punk. Punk suplexes out. Punk to the apron and climbs with a flying clothesline for two. Backbreaker on D-Bry for two. Chop to D-Bry, then another. D-Bry reverses a whip, but Punk moves and D-Bry's drop kick falls painfully flat. Punk pins for two.

Chinlock on D-Bry on the mat as Cole rips D-Bry apart verbally. D-Bry free, runs up the corner and flips over Punk. They both run the ropes and hit the nastiest double crossbody I've ever seen! They made my few guts I have left scream in agony! WOW!


Punk on the mat, his face down, and arm wrenched back in an abdominal stretch. Punk free, but then into a fast snap suplex. D-Bry poses, then climbs. Punk hits the ropes and drops D-Bry painfully to his boy parts. Punk up and in D-Bry's face with chops. Punk wrenches D-Bry's head back, yells, Best in the world! in D-Bry's face, then hits a hurricanranna! Both down and sore. "CM Punk!" chants. Blows then a kick to D-Bry's gut. D-Bry runs the ropes and into a sloppy Punk kick to the chest. Clotheslines to D-Bry, the a swinging neck breaker. Punk is acting like his arm hurts, the one D-Bry had been working on. Cole then said Punk's neck was hurt last night in his match with Dolph – something we were discussing in the Live Blog.

Running high knee, in what Cole calls 'vintage' Punk. Then the running bulldog, with the good arm, as Cole points out. Punk motions for GTS, but D-Bry reverses out and leaves the ring quickly shaking his head. Baseball slide to D-Bry. Punk's head through the ropes, but a forearm to his face by D-Bry. D-Bry up on the corner and nails a missile drop kick for two. Both on the mat again. D-Bry is seething and kicks Punk in the chest a couple times, but gets rolled up quickly. Punk flips over D-Bry, then D-Bry rolls through. On the mat Punk pins D-Bry, but D-Bry kicks out. Sick kick to the back of Punk's head, but Punk kicks out!

D-Bry pulls Punk up, then kicks to his chest in a corner, then sets Punk up top. D-Bry up, but then blows from Punk and D-Bry pushed back on the mat. Punk hits his Savage elbow and pins for a very long two. D-Bry up, but pulled back into a pin for two. D-Bry trying to lock on his la bell lock, but Punk counters and sends D-Bry into a corner for snake eyes! Kick to the back of D-Bry's head and he falls to the mat in a heap. D-Bry on the apron and is pulled off by Jericho!

Winner – D-Bry via DQ

Jericho into the ring behind Punk. Punk turns into a code breaker! Jericho stares at Punk, real closely. Jericho to his feet still watching Punk. Then back to his knees watching Punk close. D-Bry on the floor is all excited and yelling about his win. With his strap D-Bry is crowing about his win, only because Jericho touched D-Bry first. Punk left in the ring holding his face. Jericho on the stage. Cole says they're in Elimination Chamber together, but what else?


Mike Tyson's video for him being inducted into the celebrity wing of the Hall of Fame – if there was a physical Hall of Fame. A nice video of Tyson and the issues with SCSA. VKM didn't handle it well and it made news all over the mainstream media. At WrestleMania, Tyson turned on DX and joined Austin. Much later Tyson came back and joined DX against Jericho (I think).

In Ring Segment

R-Truth to the ring in shirt, tie, vest, looking fine!


Kofi vs Miz

R-Truth is at announce. Kofi out to the ring. Miz out with a mic. He says at the Royal Rumble Match, Kofi got a huge ovation and got social media buzz by doing a handstand! A handstand? Really? Really? Really? Really? Miz was the #1 entrant in the Royal Rumble and lasted over 45 minutes. Lasted longer than any other Superstar. Longer than five, four, five former Champions and two HOFers combined. His Road to WM has made a couple detours, but make no mistake about it, he will beat Kofi and every single other Superstar in the Elimination Chamber Match and will go on to headline WM. Because he's the Miz, and he's awesome.

Cole says R-Truth got got by Miz in the Royal Rumble Match. R-Truth says that Miz got got in the end. They lock up in the ring. Side headlock on Miz. Blows to Miz, then runs the ropes, but ends up with blows, then a kick to the face for two. Miz with blows on Kofi in a corner. Kofi comes out and whips Miz, but Miz moves and Kofi eats corner. High knee to Kofi, then Miz glares at R-Truth. Kofi rolls Miz up for two. Kofi slammed to the corner.

Miz's clothesline in the corner as Cole gets up in Little Jimmy's business, R-Truth isn't happy. Cole says R-Truth talks about Little Jimmy all the time. R-Truth says he talks to Little Jimmy, not about him. Miz up and off the corner with a double axe handle. Chinlock on Kofi on the mat. Kofi to his feet and free, taking Miz down for two. Miz hits his sick kneeling DDT on Kofi, but only gets two.

Miz rushes Kofi in a corner, but then eats feet. Kofi climbs and off the top with cross body on Miz for two. More about Little Jimmy, but Cole can't see him and R-Truth is confused as Little Jimmy is looking right at Cole. Kofi and Miz back and forth with reversals until Miz eats a corner, then trouble in paradise for three.

Winner – Kofi

Stills of Kofi's handstand to save himself in the Royal Rumble Match.

Backstage Segment

Laurinaitis in his office, texting away. Otunga in, coffee in hand. Laurinaitis wants to know if Otunga has seen Trip. Otunga says no. Laurinaitis says he's anxious. Laurinaitis gets worried that Otunga is after his job. Otunga likes his job as legal council to Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim RAW General Manager.



About Rocky and how his life has changed from that first night in the WWF. All over the world, but this is coming back home. It's where he grew up, it's in his DNA. He's on Facebook and Twitter to touch people. Pictures of many magazine covers. He loves action, he says as he's in an 18 wheeler in a movie stunt. Then talking about his movie and the pec pop of love. Him dancing as his mother talks about his heritage. Rocky at the graves of his grands. He talks up Grand Chief Peter Maivai.



More about the YouTube shows. WWE Inbox – asking questions of Superstars.

Divas Championship Match – Eve vs Beth (C)

Eve out to the ring in her orange/pink outfit, but selling her worry about Ryder. Beth out in black and pink.

Eve on Beth with forearms fast and hard. Eve pulled off Beth in the corner. Clothesline on Eve. Double chicken wing, glam slam and it's over.

Winner – Beth

Eve left on the mat in tears, but then the lights turn red. On tron Kane asks Eve how it feels? How does it feel to know everything that happened to Ryder could have been avoided if he embraced the hate? Cena's looking past Kane to the Rock, but he can't beat Kane and he can't beat the Rock. So Kane will continue to inflict as much pain upon Ryder as humanly possible until Cena embraces the hate. Tonight he's going to use Eve as a conduit to do just that. Fire erupts from the corners, his music plays as she watches and shakes. She backs up, and up, then Kane is behind her on the apron. She screams and falls. Cena's music and he's there attacking Kane. Cena rolls out. Cena on Kane hard. Kane rolls from the ring, Cena after him. Kane in control up the ramp. Back down and Cena into a barrier. Kane into the stairs. Kane's face into the stairs over and over. Off comes Cena's shirt. He moves the top layer of stairs, then into Kane with them. Kane to the mat, women and children cheering him, Cena smiles. Kane up and Cena runs the stairs into Kane again. Cena yells that every time Kane gets up, Cena will knock him down. Another time with the stairs to Kane, then over to announce. He rips off the top, the monitors, then asks for a mic. The mic off Kane's head, then Cena says, "We gonna party up in here!" (More like He-Auh with the Boston accent – not being mean, I have the same accent). Cena drags Kane to announce, then Kane elbows Cena and Kane gets free. Kane flees through the crowd as Cena yells at him. Cena into the ring all pumped up, then salutes. Cena's waves his hand in front of his face.

Backstage Segment

Laurinaitis, plastic faced, is heading for the ring. He passes Kelly and Fox who laugh at him.


In Ring Segment

Laurinaitis gets heat before Justin even announces his name. Laurinaitis then comes out to even more heat. Cole talks up Laurinaitis as he comes to the ring. The fans are singing Laurinaitis out even as he hits the ring. Laurinaitis says he's been looking forward to this moment all week. Before Triple H comes out, he'd like to take this opportunity to say a few things. While most people may dread this situation because he knows what he's done on RAW and knows that each and every one of us appreciated it. The facts are in the numbers. RAW ratings have been up versus a year ago. That's the facts. In the WWE, during the review process, each employee has to do a self assessment. That means every employee will grade themselves from 0-5. Zero being the lowest, five being the highest, in certain areas. He gave himself a lot of fives. Here's some examples – delivers quality results, he gave himself a five. Creative, artistic impressions (which he could barely get the three words out, as if they were so hard), he gave himself a five. Communicates effectively, a five! Teamwork, five! There's many things he's done very well, that's why he thinks...

Triple H's music and he comes out in a sexy suit, holds up a hand on stage, says five? off mic. Trip into the ring. Laurinaitis puts his hand out, Trip shakes his hand with a smile that barely held back a belly laugh, mocking Laurinaitis. The fans are wild for Trip. Trip says he gave himself a lot of fives, huh? Laurinaitis knows that's a bigger number than four, or three, right? Laurinaitis, off mic, says he does. Trip says okay to that. Here's the thing, forget his performance assessment, forget all that other stuff, this is really pretty simple. Trip's been watching him for a while, because since he took this role... remember when Laurinaitis back-stabbed Trip and grabbed it? He thought Laurinaitis might do a good job, unlike anyone before him in this role, Laurinaitis is pretty much spineless and gutless. And Laurinaitis isn't very swift. He didn't think Laurinaitis would see the obvious grab for power in front of him, but Trip was wrong. See Laurinaitis isn't much different from anybody else, well, he was quite worse than everybody else. So Laurinaitis didn't just grab the power, he did the one thing he couldn't quite do when he was in this ring as a competitor, he tried to use the role to make himself a star.

Laurinaitis stops Trip and says he really respects his opinion, respects Trip, but he's got it all wrong. That's not what he was doing.

Trip tried to stop Laurinaitis, but Laurinaitis says he did a lot of good things for RAW, Trip could ask the fans, he's done all kinds of good things. Trip kept trying to cut in through all this, talking down to Laurinaitis like he's a child who wouldn't listen. Trip says to not lie and make it worse now. Don't lie. Laurinaitis personally involved himself in a lot of things. Was Laurinaitis not just involved in the WWE Championship Match in the Royal Rumble?

Laurinaitis says he was, but... he was there to do the right thing!

Trip says he was involved. He put himself in the show week after week to the detriment of others, all to serve his personal agenda, to make himself a star.

Laurinaitis says to make RAW better.

Trip keeps calling Laurinaitis, Johnny. He says when VKM ran RAW, he let personal decisions cloud his judgment and had to be replaced. When Trip ran RAW, he let personal decisions cloud his judgment and he had to be replaced. Laurinaitis has let personal decisions cloud his already questionable judgment numerous times.

Hunter, please. Please, don't do this. Please. Laurinaitis will do anything, anything to save his job.

Trip wanted to hear that again. Laurinaitis said he'd do anything to keep his job. Well, that's a broad statement. That's one of Johnny's problem as an executive, he's vague in his direction. Leaves a lot to interpretation. Anything! Anything! Wow, that's really broad. He could make Laurinaitis do anything to keep his job. He could make Laurinaitis take a mic and apologize to every single person in the WWE 'Universe'! Laurinaitis says he's winning to do that. Trip says if the fans are willing to accept it, they believe it, he'll reconsider his stance.

Laurinaitis says Triple H has just shown him some errors of his ways, letting personal situations cloud his judgment. This is the loudest heat I have heard in a very long time. Laurinaitis says there's an old saying, to err is human, to forgive is divine. So he wants to take this opportunity right now, to apologize to each of the fans there and each and everyone of the 'Universe', if he's offended anybody. Please take his heartfelt apology into consideration, I'm sorry. Wow, the heat!

Trip asks the fans what they think. Was that good enough for them? NO! Trip said he couldn't hear Laurinaitis over the fans, but his lips were moving, so he was sure Laurinaitis was lying. So, he doesn't think that would work. Anything, well, Laurinaitis wants to be a WWE Superstar pretty badly, what if Trip gave him that opportunity? What if Trip does what Laurinaitis did to Punk a few weeks ago and make a Gauntlet Match. Trip goes back there and asks for every WWE Superstar who wants to take a whack at Laurinaitis to come out and take a whack at him.

Of course Laurinaitis doesn't like this idea. No, he's not ready for that.

Trip says he's right, it's probably not fair. If only he had a good thing. Anything is so vague. This is a good one. This is one of those things where Trip thinks his father-in-law Vince McMahon is a certifiable genius! See, when Vince was in charge and he had an employee and he needed to see where his loyalty lies.

Laurinaitis says Trip knows where his loyalty lies.

Trip says when Vince need to find out for sure, he'd have that person become a member of a certain club. "Kiss my ass!" chants. Trip looks closely at Laurinaitis.

Laurinaitis says Trip knows he doesn't have to prove his loyalty.

Trip disagrees with that.

Laurinaitis loosens his tie. "On your knees!" chants. Laurinaitis pulls out his Chapstick, puts it on, and gets on his knees! Laurinaitis closes his eyes and puckers in the center of the ring.

"You were really going to do it! You freak!" Trip's smile was great, Laurinaitis wasn't so happy. "What's the matter with you? You even put Chapstick on for it? Good lord man! Seriously, you think I'd let those lips anywhere near me? I don't know where those lips have been!" Trip tells him to get some personal help for that. He came out for one reason, to do what needs to be done. Personal issues in the past has clouded everyone's decision making on the way up to this role. But the board, they see now that Trip's put his personal issues behind him, and have made it clear that when Trip wants to come back, he can do it whenever he feels like it. So Johnny, at this time, it truly warms his heart to let Laurinaitis know, that he wishes Laurinaitis well in all...


The lights go out. GONG! Lightening on the tron. Fire balls erupting on the stage. Taker's music, smoke on stage and out comes Taker! Taker's head is down. He stops. Taker raises his head, then starts for the ring slowly. Taker steps on the stairs. Waits. Trip is alone in the ring. Taker up on the apron and in. Taker swishes his coat behind him. He circles Trip who turns, not giving Taker his back. They stare. "Taker!" chants fill the arena. They continue to stare. Taker looks up at the WrestleMania sign, over Trip's shoulder. Taker flamboyantly slides his thumb over his throat. Then more staring. Taker looks back at the WrestleMania sign. Then glares at Trip. Trip looks thoughtfully at Taker, then slaps him on the shoulder. Trip walks away. He leaves the ring. Up the ramp and Trip gets some heat. Taker looks at the sign. Trip stops on the stage for a moment, then holds the bridge of his nose, then leaves. Taker turns and looks up the ramp at where Trip had been.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

My name is John Laurinaitis, Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim RAW General Manager.
Daniel Bryan
Dolph & Vickie

Most mixed

Sorry I was so late. I will be putting together a better work environment this week to make work easier.


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