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RAW Results 2/20/12 - Wade Injured In Battle Royal

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This post Elimination Chamber RAW starts with a video recap of the Cena and Kane feud, including Eve kissing Cena and Ryder being tossed off the side of the stage and taken away in an ambulance.

Eve is chatting up the Bellas, all smiles. They think Ryder is a great guy, but Eve laughs maniacally. She says it was a good one. She says she and Ryder weren't friends, she was using him. People all over the world are talking about her. He didn't even get to second base. The Bellas are shocked. Eve said people use each other and she has the big fish hooked. The way she used Ryder, she's using Cena. She's going to find Cena now. They're going to film her walking into Cena's locker room. She turns right into Cena's chest. He looks down on her and leaves. Eve is almost in tears.

Music and pyro.

In Ring Segment

Cena's music and out he comes. He says it's hot in there to the cameraman, then salutes and to the ring. Stills from his match last night with Kane. Kane taking an AA from the ambulance. It sounds like they changed his music up a bit, a little more thug.

Eve comes down the ramp in tears trying to talk to Cena, wanting to explain. Huge heat from the fans. She says it was taken out of context. Give her a second. It was totally taken out of context. Cena tells her to speak up, but she's been talking quite a bit. She wants to explain. He wants to give the Cliff Notes version. Eve has been sipping the skank juice and use her assets to push her career. She says they've been friends for a long time. Cena says he lost a broski for a hoski. "Hoski!" chants.

Eve flips out that she wants to explain. She says they were just joking around. Cena tells her to not waste her time with him, hold out for the bigger fish, the Rock. She's totally disingenuous, ego maniacally self centered, and will use anybody to get whatever she wants. They're perfect for each other, both scandalous bitches! Fans don't like Rocky being called that.

Eve crumbles to her knees in tears as the "Hoski!" chants come back. Eve bawls and wimpers. Cena over to him and she about climbs up him and holds him around the neck trying to get to his lips. Cena grabs a mic as refs grab Eve. Cena says he's disease free and plans on staying that way. Eve is bawling again as Cena leaves the ring. The refs and suit are in the ring as she's falling and wailing. The tears are running and she's about to fall out of her dress from all angles. "Hoski!" chants are audible. They get her to her feet, then out under the ropes while the nastiness and chants are all for her. Up the ramp and out with a ref on each side.


Taker – every story has an ending and Taker will end Trip's tonight.


Sheamus vs Mark Henry

Justin announces Sheamus with his Royal Rumble Match win and how he's facing D-Bry at WrestleMania. Henry out looking cranky, as usual.

They lock up, Sheamus backed into a corner, Henry pulled back. Blows on Sheamus, but he gets free. Blows to Sheamus, then into a clothesline. Henry shakes his head, pissed. Chop block, then high knee to Henry. Sheamus whipped, but gets his feet up. Sheamus up and hits a flying shoulder for two. Forearms to Henry through the ropes, but Henry fights back. Big blow to Sheamus' upper back.

Sheamus whipped, then clotheslined in the corner. Shoulder blocks to Sheamus in the corner. Sheamus ducks a blow and on Henry in the corner. Back and forth, then Sheamus really on Henry with blows. Fans cheer for Sheamus as the ref checks Henry. Brogue kick is missed, then Henry sets up for the world's strongest slam, but Sheamus gets free and hits his brogue kick for three.

Winner – Sheamus

Shea celebrates and video of the high points of the match.

Backstage Segment

Laurinaitis is going on about how people are talking about the Elimination Chamber, not the matches, but about him, Mr. Excitement, to Otunga. Long comes in and Laurinaitis tells him to make himself at home. Long isn't at home,if he was,then he wouldn't hang out with them. Laurinaitis says the Smackdown GM thing came form Otunga. Laurinaitis had no idea that ADR, Henry or Christian would come out and lend their support. Felt good and he liked it. Long says he agrees that one should be running both, but let's see who the 'Universe' can do a better job.

Laurinaitis doesn't care what the fans think, just what the Board of Directors thinks. Laurinaitis says he's so much taller than Long. Long asks Laurinaitis if he knows what compost is? It's a stack of manure and he didn't know they could stack it that high. Laurinaitis says Long's match, Sheamus versus Henry, was good, but his is better. They're having a Ten Man Battle Royal to see who will be facing Punk at WrestleMania. Long says he has his five, as Laurinaitis has his. Otunga asks if Long thinks his Smackdown is better than RAW. Long says the whole Smackdown roster is better than Otunga. Laurinaitis says Otunga will face anyone off the Smackdown roster tonight? Long agrees, then asks Otunga what's up with that bow tie? He looks like PeeWee Herman's fairy godmama. The fans love that.



They say Rocky will be live on RAW!

R-Truth & Kofi vs Primo & Epico w/ Rosa

R-Truth out, stops and looks around as he comes onto the stage. He slaps some hands on his way to the ring. Kofi out, does he normally get that much pyro? Kofi sells his injuries from last night. The Colons out with their manager/valet.

R-Truth and Epico lock up. Shoulder block to Epico, then a clothesline! R-Truth gets one from it. R-Truth telegraphs and is kicked, but then comes back by ducking a clothesline and hitting one of his own. Primo got the blind tag, R-Truth didn't see it until Primo was on him with blows.rtr choked in the ropes, then Primo lands on his back in the ropes. Drop top hold on R-Truth, then cheap shot on Kofi. Body drop on Primo, then Kofi tags in. Kofi off the top, then on Primo with two handed clotheslines. A final high clothesline, then a boom drop on Primo.

Rosa on the apron distracts the ref. Epico in and sent over, then hangs Kofi up top. R-Truth takes out Epico outside. Primo on Kofi, but Kofi counters the stabber and hits trouble in paradise for three.

Winner – Kofi & R-Truth

The Colons and Rosa yell in at R-Truth and Kofi who are celebrating their win.



Ron Simmons is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. A beautiful video for the man who did so much for the WWE and the wrestling industry. He was the first African American World Heavyweight Champion! During the AE, he tagged with JBL to be the APA. Money and beer were great currency of the day. Simmons returned later with one word... DAMN!

Announce Segment

King and Cole talk up Simmons, then show video of Jericho getting knocked out of the Elimination Chamber with a kick to his head from Punk, then he was deemed unable to continue the match.

Backstage Segment

Josh is with Jericho who is pissed! Josh says Jericho wasn't technically eliminated from the... Jericho on him for the technically word and how last night was a travesty of justice. The rules of the Elimination Chamber clearly state that you must be pinned or submit. He pinned Dolph, then submitted Kofi, but then a cheap shot to the head from Punk and he wakes up in the trainer's room deemed unable to continue. It's unfair. He wasn't eliminated from the chamber. Unfair. What kind of Champion is Punk to allow that to stand? A man with no conviction, no heart, a man who does not believe in what he says. Jericho is the best in the world at everything he does and believes that with every fiber of his being. He knows it. He is it! Tonight is the end of the world as we know it and everyone in that battle royal will feel it and Punk will know it to be true.


Otunga w/ Laurinaitis vs Ezekiel Jackson

Otunga is announced as a graduate of Harvard Law School. Cole talks up Laurinaitis coming out to support Otunga. Long out with Zeke.

They circle, then Zeke throws Otunga back to the mat. Otunga at Zeke, but shoulder blocked to the mat. Huge blows to Otunga in a corner. Ref backs Zeke off and as Zeke returns Otunga kicks him in the knee. Clothesline to Zeke, then forearms to Zeke's chest. Chinlock on Otunga. Laurinaitis texts ringside. Zeke comes back with a clothesline, then two big clotheslines in a corner. Otunga whipped, but moves and Zeke eats corner. Spinebuster on Zeke for three.

Winner – Otunga

Long to check on Zeke as Laurinaitis mocks Long and Zeke, then raises Otunga's hand as Cole acts like a kiss butt and a moron falling all over Laurinaitis.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Trip not wanting to face Taker at WrestleMania. To the video of HBK getting on his best friend's case about not facing Taker. They got a little hot under the collar and pissy at each other, then Trip said he doesn't want to end Taker.

Backstage Segment

All we can see is Taker's feet, the bottom of his trench as he heads through a hall, heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Taker out to the ring, not wearing his normal wide brimmed hat, but a hood, with small studs around the edge, that is attached to his sleeveless trench. "Taker!" chants fill the arena. He says for nearly a year, every passing moment of every passing day, he has lived the memory of the beating he took at the hands of Trip last year at WrestleMania. A lone fan yells, "You suck!" It has been a living hell. Not a physical hell, because the wounds have all healed. It's been a hell of uncertainty. An uncertainty that he can no longer bear. So three weeks ago he challenged Trip for one more match at WrestleMania. To end the uncertainty forever. Never in his wildest nightmares would he expect the answer he got. Trip said no. See Hunter, you missed the point, the choice was not yours to make. This has to come to an end. They are on the verge of apocalypse. The apocalypse of an era of wrestling. They, whether they like it or not, are a last of their kind.

Taker pauses here. So the suit, the tie, all the corporate liabilities are just layers to cover up who Trip really is. They have to end the uncertainty. That same lone fan yells, "Retire!" This is something Trip cannot lie to himself about. He can like to Shawn about, but will not lie to Taker. He will come out and look Taker in the eyes. Taker pauses.

Taker says this is far bigger than them. It is, and he repeats, the apocalypse.

Triple H's music hits and he comes out in a black suit with muted pinstripe, white shirt, and muted purple tie that might be a red and blue pattern mingling together. Trip gets in the ring and it goes right back to 'Taker's lighting.'

Trip looks at Taker who looks back at him. Trip says three weeks ago Taker issued a challenge. He looked Taker in the eye and what he saw-

"SHUT UP!" Taker tells Trip to save his pity, he doesn't need it. What is pitiful is Trip's excuses not to do this. Trip gets it, understands why he wants to do this. It is the end of an era, they're the last two of their kind. He gets it, but their fate isn't to end it. Their fate is to ensure it carries on. His fate is to make sure the WWE exists in the future. Taker's fate is been what it's always been, to be a leader, to carry that torch for the next generation. To carry that torch and lead the way. Trip won't be the one to extinguish that flame. It's bad for business.

Trip turns to leave, but Taker say, "Hey, businessman..." Taker wants Trip to make this clear for him as it's been bothering him. Is it bad for business because Taker will be gone? Or bad for business because Trip will be gone?

Trip stares at Taker, then almost speaks a couple times. Finally said it's just plain bad for business, Deadman. Here's the thing, he gets it. While Taker's spent the year in a supposed uncertainty, Trip has never been more certain of anything in his life. And he thinks, quite honestly, that if Taker looks inside himself, he's certain of it too. Taker's not asking Trip for redemption, salvation or a chance at vengeance, Taker's asking Trip for an end. That one lone fan yells, "This sucks! This sucks!" To beat Taker, he has to finish him. Deep down that's what Taker wants, isn't it? He wants Trip to put an end to it. He won't do it. He won't finish it.

Trip starts to leave and gets through the ropes when Taker starts talking. Taker says Trip can put whatever spin he wants on it, but at the end of the day when Trip looks in the mirror, all he will see is a coward. Trip stands with one foot on the apron, his leg outside of the second rope, but this brings him back into the ring.

Trip paces around the ring as the fans get hot. He says he's sick to death of this coward thing! Trip right in Taker's face. Taker wants coward? Trip stops, calms down and tells Taker he sees what Taker's trying to do and it won't work. He's sorry, but the answer is no. Trip leaves the ring, but still has his mic in hand.

Taker tells Hunter he's figured this out. The camera angle is looking up at Taker in the center of the ring, from the corner that's to the left of announce. Over Taker's shoulder, up on the tron shows Trip's face, head slightly down with a spotlight only on him. Below the tron Trip can be seen on the ramp with the spotlight on him. Powerful image on the screen! Taker says Trip knows he can't do what HBK couldn't do. Because Trip knows HBK was always better than Trip. Trip thinks on this, just stands there thinking. "HBK!" chants.

Trip removes his jacket and drops it. Trip removes his tie and drops it. The top buttons are undone, half of his collar pointing up. Trip stalks to the ring, up on the apron and briefly stares at Taker before getting into the ring. Trip is seething, nostrils flaring, body shaking as he stares at Taker.

"You think this has anything to do with Shawn and who's better? It has nothing to do with it. Shawn couldn't get the job done, and I know damn well that I can! I can do what Shawn couldn't do! I can finish it! I know it! You know it!" Taker just stares as the fans chant, "Prove it!" Trip says Taker thinks that suit and tie cover up layers of who Trip is? Well the layers are gone! He's standing before Taker and stares him in the eye and is more certain than he ever was before. Taker wants this? Taker wants WrestleMania? Taker wants all this to come to a head? Taker wants and end? "You've got it!"

Trip paces some more, then back looking up at Taker. Trip says one more thing, they do it, they go all the way! No return. No uncertainty. No excuses. The streak ends. The era ends. Taker gets his end. They do this, they go all the way. Trip will face Taker at WrestleMania under one condition. Hell In A Cell! The fans go wild!

Taker slightly smiles and lightly slaps Trip on the shoulder and leaves the ring. Trip is left in the ring seething. Taker to the stage, then turns and looks over his shoulder at Trip standing in the ring with the WrestleMania over his head. Trip is still seething. Taker turns and leaves.


Slam of The Week -

Stills of Big Show breaking into D-Bry's pod last night and beat him down. Later Big Show sent D-Bry through the side of an empty pod.

D-Bry vs Santino

D-Bry out to the ring as excited as the first moment he won the World Heavyweight Championship. D-Bry will face Sheamus at WrestleMania. D-Bry grabs a mic and says based on his accomplishments, everyone considers him a role model. He defeated five men inside the Elimination Chamber and is still World Heavyweight Championship! Yes! Yes! Yes! Santino out to face him.

Santino ducks D-Bry, then on his with blows. D-Bry on Santino with a kick and an upper cut. It sounds like the entire arena is chanting for Santino. Santino backed into a corner, then whipped to the opposite corner, but Santino floats over. Hip toss to D-Bry, but not his best, D-Bry looked a half a step behind, or he didn't push off enough. It wasn't horrible, just not the prettiest I've seen and I really expect more from D-Bry than most.

Santino pulls out the cobra, but D-Bry from behind with a forearm. D-Bry sets up for a suplex, but Santino lands on his feet and rolls D-Bry up with a school boy for a long two. D-Bry manages to lock on his la bell lock. Santino tries for the ropes, but then has to tap out.

Winner – D-Bry

Cole is all confused about Smackdown being live tomorrow, but gets the words out and tells us that D-Bry will face Punk tomorrow on the Special Live Smackdown!


Bellas vs Kelly & Aksana

All are in the ring and ready to start the match. Kelly hits a bulldog on a Bella. Tags in Aksana and they both choke her with their feet. The Bella slams Aksana back to the mat by her hair. Snap mare to Aksana. The Bella talks smack, but is then tripped off her feet. Nikki is kicked, then slammed to the mat. Aksana hits whatt I think was supposed to be an elbow drop for two. Aksana slammed into the bottom rope as the ref is distracted by Kelly and Brie comes in to roll Aksana up for three without a tag.

Winners – Bellas

The Bellas celebrate twin magic as Kelly checks on Aksana. Video of the twin switch.

Backstage Segment

Cena heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Cena is in the ring, his music playing, but he didn't get a second full entrance. He says it's cold outside, but about to get hot in there. Before he was distracted by the skank-a-potamus, he was out to talk about WrestleMania, the Rock. Cena is getting little to no reaction, good or bad. He says the guy who isn't here this week, but will be there next week to address Cena. Finally a "Rocky" chant starts, but it takes quite a pause for it to start. He used to love that chant. It's hard for Cena to even call him the Rock now. He used to love that chant, but then he morphed into Dwayne and became a disciple of Team Film It. (It sounded like Team Filmet, no spaces between his words.) Still virtually no reaction for Cena or Rocky's name.

Dwayne is no longer the People's Champion, he's now a Champion with people. He has an entourage. Brian writes all his joke. Hiram, the guy he has to talk to, to even get close to the guy to get close to Dwayne. A crackpot troupe of rent-a-cops to make sure no one messes up that million dollar smile. Some heat for Cena, but very little. He's supposed to say he looks forward to WrestleMania because he respects the Rock, but he doesn't. Some serious heat now. He respects Dwayne Johnson for what he's done, multiple, multiple #1 box office hits.

He convinced the WWE 'Universe' that Cena has a man-gina. And he can make his boobs bounce. Through all that comedy schtick, he has a legitimate beef with Dwayne Johnson. It's been the same problem he's had for seven years. Next week Rocky should show up, raise an eyebrow, hold the millions in the palm of his hand like only he can, then kick it back to Hollywood.

Cena has news for us, that's exactly what will happen. Dwayne, this is not a movie promotion for Cena. For those who saw the Reunion, there won't be a Reunion 2. For those who begged to watch 12 Rounds, halfway through they said, meh, should over gone three rounds, tops. The thing he's most proud of, always made him sleep at night, he always showed up and never left.

When it comes down to Dwayne, when he got into the bright lights, he was out of the WWE faster than Cena could say, Rocky, don't go! A year ago he came back. Finally the Rock has come home and is never leaving again, then he left, again. Mixed reaction from the fans. Cena says VKM will probably fine him for saying this, but the only reason Rocky came back then was to promote Fast 5 and start his Twitter account! Even more reaction – still mixed.

April 1st means everything to him because he's fighting for every person behind that curtain who's dream it was to be in that ring. He's fighting for every person who's dream was to be a WWE Superstar and stay a WWE Superstar. He's fighting for, Cena looks up the ramp and says he's sorry, a professional wrestler! Some pop for Cena. You know what the greatest thing about April 1st, it's April 9th when Cena's on RAW and Dwayne is on a movie set drinking a mai tai. He wants us to enjoy this. 41 days to WrestleMania, enjoy the ride. Cena will always be there, will have kill Cena to beat him. The headline will read that Cena defeats Rocky in his hometown, Miami, Florida, WrestleMania28! "See you next week movie star!" Cena blows a kiss, flips the mic and leaves.


10 Man Battle Royal for #1 Contender for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania

Punk out with his blazer on, guess he's going to announce! Tan blazer over his ring gear. Just as he gets there he sees a blonde girl, probably a teen, wearing a Punk t-shirt. He goes over and shakes her hand and she blushes, grins and looks at Punk in absolute awe. King tells Punk that Cole told him that was Punk's commentator jacket, King thought there was a new dress code. Punk says it's 100% camel fur, or something. Punk is all up in Cole's business and hitting every comment perfectly.

Big Show, then Cody Rhodes, then R-Truth out to the ring individually, to their own music. Dolph out with Vickie as Punk plays with the Cole action figure. Wade, then Khali, then Miz to the ring. Kofi, then Santino with his elbow taped to sell the la bell lock from earlier. The lights go out, then pyro and Jericho out in his blinking jacket as Punk sings about Light Bright. Cole says Punk's jealous and asks where his jacket came from. Punk said thrift store. He buys most of his clothes at thrift stores. Jericho stares over at Punk.

The bell and they all start to fight. Wade on Jericho, then on Kofi as Jericho goes after Dolph. Khali and Big Show fight in a corner. Dolph is wearing his new t-shirt so it hangs over his bum and down his backside. It's bright pink and says, "It's not showing off" in bright blue letters. Then everyone over trying to gets Big Show and Khali out. Big Show gets free and helps the rest eliminate Khali.

Eliminated – Khali

Khali sits on the floor looking confused about what happened.


"Quiet stupid, we're live on Monday Night RAW..." yells over Cole. "In your face!" Punk then says to Cole who is just introducing himself. Kofi to the apron by Miz, but stays on and drags Miz over to the apron. Kofi back in as R-Truth on Miz. Dolph hanging out head first as Jericho tries to get him out. Punk asks what that noise is, it is Vickie. Wade and Cody on Big Show, but he gets free of them. Big Show stands on Dolph's back, but holding the ropes. Miz over the top, but then back in. Miz back over to the apron, then Kofi and R-Truth hit him with double drop kick and Miz flies off, hitting the barrier and the floor.

Eliminated – Miz

R-Truth and Kofi turn right into a double chokeslam, but then Big Show eats a code breaker! Zig-zag on Jericho. Cross Rhodes on Jericho. Spinning side slam from Wade on Cody. Wade tries to hit wasteland on Santino, sending him over the top and out, but Santino holds on, lands on the apron and eliminates Wade!

Eliminated – Wade

R-Truth rushes Santino, then he's elevated over the top and out!

Eliminated – R-Truth

The fans are wild for Santino! Dolph hits an absolutely breathtaking drop kick on Santino, then nips up as if it was nothing! Punk says CM Punk versus Santino Marella at WrestleMania, talk about stealing the show from Dwayne and Cena! Big Show picks up Dolph, then tosses him out onto Wade and R-Truth. They do catch him, but Dolph also hits announce. Wade slams his right hand down on the floor a couple times. He's very obviously in serious pain and his left arm isn't moving. We watched a couple times and he's in SEVERE PAIN! The ref is right there on Wade, checking on him. Wade rolled, but his arm didn't move. Vickie was looking in that direction, trying to look pissed as Dolph was still there in a strange position, but it was obvious that she was watching Wade closely and trying to stay in character.

Jericho kicks Big Show's leg out from under him. Jericho and Cody on Big Show with blows. They show video of Dolph flying out and Cole talks about Dolph, trying to keep the attention off Wade. Big Show throws Cody and Jericho off. Cole says that Dolph is injured and they're calling for medical aid out there. Wade's feet can be seen and he's still kicking them the way he had been since he took tat bump. Jericho and Santino on Big Show. King then says that it looks like Wade might have a broken arm from that one.

Kofi and Jericho fight. Kofi bounces up top and Jericho puts a hand on Kofi's bum and sends Kofi flying out.

Eliminated – Kofi

As Kofi lands a trainer can be seen beside Wade, working on him. Cole calls him Kofi Rhodes, then both King and Punk get on him for that glaring flub. Punk says, "Somebody's Jamaican you crazy, huh Michael Cole?" Cole says he's excited.

Big Show, Santino, Cody and Jericho each stand in a corner and look at the others. The camera pulls back and Kofi can be seen crawling along the side of the ring to get away from ringside. A stretcher is being brought in for Wade. King says he believes Wade has a broken arm, and he's serious. The shot goes to Wade who is laying on his back, right elbow over his eyes, feet still wiggling around as he's obviously in extreme pain. The trainer is holding Wade's arm, pinning it to the floor to immobilize it until the right supplies get there.

Punk says that this has no bearing on anything, but one of the EMTs looks like Buck 'Rock 'n Roll' Zumhofe. For those who don't know, he's a wrestler from the 80's. Jericho points to Big Show, wants the other three to help him eliminate him. The three rush Big Show. A disaster kick from Cody. Lionsault to Big Show. Santino hits his diving headbutt on Big Show. Jericho grabs Santino and throws him over the top, but Santino holds on and skins the cat. Punk is thrilled when Santino pulls out the cobra. Cobra on Jericho, then Cody throws Santino out. The problem is that Santino was flung almost onto Wade! Santino actually hit Wade's hand as they continue to immobilize it.

Eliminated – Santino

Cody talks smack out at Santino, then he goes to help Jericho. They try to double suplex Big Show, but he reverses it and double suplexes them! Jericho goes out to the apron, almost touches the floor, but only went over the bottom rope, so it didn't really matter. Cody with Big Show's hand on his throat, pushes Cody over and out.

Eliminated – Cody

Jericho and Big Show are left in the ring. Jericho runs at Big Show, but then gets a slap to his chest and falls back on he mat. Cody grabs Big Show's foot under the bottom rope. Big Show reaches out and grabs Cody's head in one hand. He raises Cody to the apron. Jericho at Big Show, Big Show grabs Jericho for a chokeslam. Big Show pushes Cody away like he's nothing. Jericho up for the chokeslam, but locks on a hold. Jericho over the top. Jericho holds onto Big Show, partially pulling him over. Cody pulls on Big Show, helps eliminate him.

Eliminated – Big Show

Winner – Jericho

Punk to his feet, then stands on announce holding his strap high. Punk gets into the ring. Behind Punk Wade can be seen walking out on his own two feet, but his elbow is immobilized and there's people there holding onto him, making sure he doesn't bump anything. Punk to Jericho in the ring. Punk extends a hand, but Jericho backs off. Jericho points to his chest and says, off mic, that he's the best in the world. Punk poses on a corner. Jericho goes around the ring to announce. Jericho's lips can be seen saying, "What happened to Wade?" Jericho then looks up at Punk posing as Punk looks down at Jericho.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

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