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RAW Results 2/6/12 - Beep, Beep, Beep

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RAW this week starts with video of Triple H out to fire Laurinaitis last week, then GONG. Narration states Taker rose and made his intentions clear. What's Trip's reaction?

Music and pyro.

There will be a Six-Pack Challenge to be the last person in the Elimination Chamber Match. Also, D-Bry will face Big Show.

In Ring Segment

Trip to the ring and the fans are hot for him. "Triple H!" chants. He'd like to discuss why he was out last week. There have been rumors, spread by Laurinaitis, about what he was out there to do. He was out there to fire him. He wasn't there to wish him well, he wanted to wish him well in his future endeavors. He wants to make that point clear. John Laurinaitis the man, calling him a man is a gross exaggeration. He's a back stabbing, conniving, lying, manipulative weasel. Basically and ass kisser and those are his good qualities. He doesn't have anything redeeming about him in any way and hopefully the Board of Directors will see it that. Laurinaitis flew to Stamford to make a plea for his job. They don't want Trip to fire him, to wait for them to review his plea. They could decide as early as tomorrow morning. Whatever. He's out there to talk about is very important. That's the return of Taker. Taker returned after not been seen since WrestleMania last year. Not seen since he was carried, carried from the ring for the first time in his career. Carried from the ring because he was unable to walk under his own power. Last week Taker's gong hit and he walked down that ramp. He's not ashamed to tell us that after 20 years in the business, he's the one person he gets that feeling for. That gong hits and he walks down that ramp, it's a rush for him up his spine. Butterflies in his stomach. After 20 years he can stand in the ring with Taker and is awe. He says this about Taker and no one else, don't take this lightly. He stands in the ring before Taker and he's truly humbled to be in the ring with him. Monday Taker walked to the ring in a scene reminiscent of last year, but roles reversed. Taker pointed to that sign – as Trip does in the ring – he wanted the rematch of rematches, the epic to continue. He looked into the eyes of the Deadman, but for the first time there was no rush up his spine, no butterflies in his stomach. He wasn't in awe, and wasn't humbled to stand in front of him. He looked Taker in the eyes and was sorry. He felt bad for Taker. This gets Trip some heat, but not a lot. Trip says maybe we can understand it, maybe we can't, but he knows what he did to Taker last year and, you know what, he chooses to remember Taker in a certain light, in a certain way. This is how he chooses to remember Taker.

Video of taker's high points through the years. Just great! Trip says that's Taker, the Phenom, the Deadman. That's how he chooses to remember Taker. He doesn't want to remember this - Video of Taker down on the mat, crawling, not able to get up, falling to the floor from the ring, then taken out on the back of the mule's flatbed. Trip says that was last years WrestleMania. No one will ever compare to Taker. His legacy will never be matched. 19-0, the most dominant force ever in the WWE! This gains some love fore Trip. Trip says for that reason, Taker challenged him to WrestleMania, out of respect in his heart, he says no. Might not be a popular decision, be we weren't in the ring with Taker, he was. We watched it, Trip saw it first hand. He knows what he did to Taker. Taker would not die! He knows if they do it again. If they do it again, Trip has to finish it and Taker knows it too. Looking in Taker's eyes, maybe that's what Taker wants, to finish it.

As a child Trip heard a saying. Not dead that which can eternal lie. But with strange eons, even death may die. He didn't understand it then, but he does now. Everyone, even Taker has limits. He saw Taker's limits last year. Taker saw them last year and Trip's not going to be the one to push Taker past them. He respects Taker too much. This – Trip points to the sign – this is over. Trip's music plays, he starts to leave the ring, but then his music stops and he stops.

Lights go out. Up on the tron is a video of Taker watching clips of their match last year, with Trip's own words that he just spoke. Taker's victory over Trip means nothing. He will give Trip one more chance at immortality. This is not over.

Trip can barely be seen in the ring as the camera zooms in on Trip's eyes glaring.


Big Show vs Daniel Bryan

Big Show out to the ring all pumped up and read to go. Video of Big Show plowing over AJ last month, then D-Bry verbally abusing him over it. D-Bry out all cheering and pointing at his Title belt. He motions for AJ to come out. She comes out to the stage. He goes up, gets her and tells her that she will be fine, she will be safe ringside. D-Bry then poses on a corner. Cole is blaming AJ for buying into what D-Bry's telling her. He's taking her for a ride and hasn't even told her that he loves her.

Big Show at D-Bry who hides in a corner. Blows to D-Bry's gut, then that big slap to the chest. More blows to his gut and D-Bry is down. Kicks to Big Show's legs, but Big Show takes him down. D-Bry slammed to the mat. D-Bry whipped, then splashed by Big Show's back. D-Bry kicks Big Show's knee out from under him and Big Show hits the mat.


Big Show spears D-Bry, then pins, but only gets two. Big Show motions for the chokeslam, D-Bry up, but then locks on to Big Show's neck. Big Show pushes D-Bry off. Big Show tries to splash, but D-Bry moves out of the corner. Big Show's foot up, but D-Bry grabs it and slams down with Big Show's foot on his shoulder in and interesting move for two. D-Bry climbs, but Big Show up to his feet and raises a fist and D-Bry drops to the mat. Big Show kicks D-Bry off the apron, right next to AJ. She tends to him, then blocks Big Show from attacking D-Bry. D-Bry up and chop block to Big Show's knee. D-Bry taunts Big Show who rushes him, but D-Bry moves and AJ is right there. Big Show stops himself on the post before squishing her between him and the stairs.

All three of them look a little shocked and freaked out by what almost happened. AJ looks up at Big Show, then D-Bry pulls her away. Big Show rolls into the ring, but D-Bry escorts her up the ramp.

Winner – Big Show via Countout

D-Bry on the stage with a mic yelling no! D-Bry goes off on Big Show asking what type of giant freak is Big Show? What kind of man is Big Show? He just proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the first time he ran through AJ it was on purpose. Big Show could have pulled up then the way Big Show pulled up now. Big Show takes AJ's hand and looks in her eyes. He asks Big Show why he would torture this poor, innocent woman? Why? To be the World Heavyweight Championship? Is it worth that much to Big Show? Protecting this woman who loves him is more important than winning or losing any match. At Elimination Chamber, things will be the same. He will still be Daniel Bryan. He will still be a vegan. And he will still be World Heavyweight Champion! D-Bry delicately kisses AJ's hand, then motions that Big Show is nothing. Big Show rolls his eyes in the ring.



WrestleMania is 55 days away.


Backstage last week, the #99 NASCAR was doing donuts outside, then into the building to see Cena. They shook hands and talked. He's there to invite Cena to be the honorary starter, wave the green flag, of the Daytona 500! They both talk about how they will win. They then head to the ring together.


Promo for the Elimination Chamber being the last ominous bump on the Road to WM. Clips from previous years, Edge being crazy eyed, Big Show testing the cage. They then go on to talk about what can happen in the Elimination Chamber. Edge spearing Rey to win. Punk, Orton, Big Show, Sheamus, Trip, but much of the video was Edge – looked to me paying unnamed double duty by showing so much Edge.


In Ring Segment

Otunga in the ring in his goofy outfit and bow tie. As a graduate of Harvard Law School, he's never had a boss that was so creative, considerate, insightful, or as intelligent as Mr. John Laurinaitis. He can only pray that the Board of Directors does the right thing and keeps John Laurinaitis, Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim RAW General Manager. Please, pray with him now... Otunga Tebows in the center of the ring. Justin announces that per the COO, Otunga has a match, right now. Otunga isn't impressed and isn't dressed for it. Sheamus out with a huge grin on his face!

Otunga vs Sheamus

Sheamus stalks Otunga, then grabs Otunga's kick in the air. Sheamus grabs Otunga, but he wiggles out of his sweater and free of the ring. Sheamus rolls it up and throws it from the ring. Sheamus ducks a clothesline, then double axe handle clotheslines Otunga. Sheamus through the rope forearms, then a short clothesline. Sheamus picks up Otunga who holds onto the ropes. DDT on Sheamus for one. Otunga stomps Sheamus in a corner, then right back on Sheamus with blows and stomps as the ref yells at Otunga to get off. Otunga removes his shirt to show his physique, but then a big boot for three from Sheamus as Cole yells that it wasn't fair.

Winner – Sheamus

Video recap where King says it might not have been fair, but it was fun! Sheamus celebrates in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Jericho walks through with his nose in the air as he heads for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Jericho out to the ring in his blinky jacket, but still a number of Y2J signs in the stands. Video of Jericho's code breaker on Punk last week. Still some pop for Jericho. He says the end of the world as we know it has arrived. Now that Jericho is back it will be the end of the thievery, plagiarism, charlatans and the end of liars claiming to be something they are not. By just re-appearing on RAW, he's made every other performer obsolete. Because every man and woman who appears in that ring is a Christ Jericho wannabe. Still some pop for Jericho.

He goes on to say a cheap copy stealing his ideas, thoughts that he made popular, that he invented. He has a whole roster of WWE Superstars who are Jericho wannabes, and a who arena of Jericho wannabes right there, right now. Still some pop, but more heat. Jericho picks out wannabes from the fans, pointing all over. The pathetic thing is that he manipulated all of us without saying a single word! He trolled all of us and we did whatever he wanted us to do because we're all wannabes, like Miz. Miz walked out in a suit and tie and scowl, Jericho did it first. Kofi came out and did those incredible moves, Jericho did things we never saw before! Before R-Truth said 'what's up?', Jericho said, 'shut the hell up!' Before Dolph walked to the ring with Vickie Guerrero, Jericho walked to the ring for the main event of WrestleMania with Stephanie McMahon. Steph's name garnered a lot of wolf whistles! Then there's CM Punk – the fans pop. He's the worst of them all. A man who will look you in the eye and bold faced lie saying he's the best wrestler in the world when he certainly is not. He's nothing original or unique. He's nothing more then a Jericho wannabe. And he knows, deep down inside that Jericho is the best in the world at everything he does. He is the best in the world at everything he does and he doesn't have to write it on the back of a t-shirt to prove it, because he is it! He lives and breathes it. He became it when he became the first Undisputed Champion in the history of this business. He dominated the WWE and won every Championship he could conceivably win.

He eliminated 28 other men, including Orton in his hometown, he earned the right to be called the best in the world. It's his legacy, his legend, who he is. So yes, this is the end of the world as we know it because he's coming back to claim what is his. He's back to...

Punk's music and he comes out with a new Punk t-shirt on, mic in hand. Punk into the ring watching Jericho closely. The fans are hot for Punk and chant for him loudly. Punk holds the mic, but just stares at Jericho. He drops the pipe bomb and raises his strap high, all the while staring at Jericho. Punk turns, gives Jericho his back and waits. Jericho looks about to attack, but doesn't Punk smirks and leaves the ring strap high. Punk walks up the ramp with his belt held high in one hand.

Jericho goes crazy that Punk didn't say anything. Jericho demands Punk say something, then demands Punk look at him while Jericho is talking to him, then whole time calling Punk a wannabe. Punk up the ramp and out aft Jericho fumes and calls him wannabe.


Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton & Great Khali

Barrett out to the ring. Cody out to the ring with a big grin. Khali out to the ring. Orton out to join him. On Smackdown Orton will face D-Bry.

Orton slapped his chest a couple times to show he'd be starting the match. Cody on Orton, but Orton back with a back elbow and a slam to Cody. Orton slaps hard on Khali's chest. Wade in and down. Big slap to Wade's chest, then a chop to the top of his head. Khali over and slaps Orton hard to tag Orton in. Wade on Orton, neck breaker on Orton for two. Wade brings Orton into heel corner. Cody tags in and stomps Orton. Knee to Orton's gut, then backs Orton into a corner. Orton comes out with blows. Back and forth. Drop kick on Orton for two. Cody poses, then more blows on Orton. Orton back with blows on Cody. Cody backed into a corner. Orton whipped, but eats a suplex.

Orton shaken, but won't tag out. Wade in and eats that sick scoop slam, but Cody is still legal. Cody through the ropes, then that DDT. In what Cole calls 'vintage' Orton. Orton backs up too much and Khali takes the tag – hard on Orton's back. A chop to the top of Cody's head for three.

Winners – Khali & Orton

Khali poses. Orton over to Khali. Khali raises his hands again in pose – WAY over Orton's head. Khali grabs Orton around the neck and yells at him a bit, then pushes Orton off. Orton bounces off the ropes, ducks Khali's chop, then hits a solid RKO on Khali. Orton poses on a corner, then holds his chest and looks back at Khali on the mat. Orton poses on other corners.

Announce Segment

King and Cole talk about what Rocky and Cena have been Tweeting back and forth, making their feud hotter on social media.


Cena all over mainstream media, the kids who love him, the Make-A-Wish hero and so much more. The same video that was shown at the Royal Rumble.


Announce Segment

More about Cena and Rocky on Twitter.

8 Diva Tag Match – Kelly & Eve & Fox & Tamina vs Beth & Natalya & Bellas

Three of the face Divas out in orange, Tamina in black and animal print for her father. Video of Eve beaing stalked by Kane last week before Cena saved her and beat down Kane. Bellas out in teal, Natalya in pink, Beth in black. Beth talking smack about all the other Divas and there's no competition for the Title.

Eve and Beth start, but an ugly clothesline on Eve for two. Beth slams Eve to the mat, then slaps a Bella hard on the chest, wanted to see what she can do. Swinging neck breaker on Beth. Bellas talking smack at Beth, but Tamina taks in and a Samoan drop on the Bella. Tamina climbs, but the other Bella rushes her. Kelly and Fox rush around and rip the Bella from the apron. Tamina up, cocks her head, flies and pins the Bella.

Winners – face Divas

Beth outside the ring smiling at Tamina. Tamina smiles back.


Rocky on Leno later. Leno asks if Rocky has had a wardrobe malfunction, but the video cuts off.

Backstage Segment

Trip on his cell talking about the Board of Directors and waiting for tomorrow when Laurinaitis walks in behind Trip and slaps him on the back. Trip looks, then rolls his eyes and gets off the phone. Laurinaitis, of course says that he is still, at least until tomorrow, the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim RAW General Manager. He met with the board earlier and they're professional. From a humanistic standpoint, they're nice people. They seem to be fair. Whatever they decide, he accepts. And HBK will be there next week on RAW. Trip says HBK is out in the middle of nowhere hunting. Laurinaitis says he was, but he talked to the Board of Directors and they want to give the fans what they want, they want HBK, the Show Stopper, Mr. WrestleMania... "I know who he is, moron!" replies Trip. Laurinaitis also suggested a main even at Elimination Chamber, Cena vs Kane in an Ambulance Match. Trip asks who gave Laurinaitis the idea, he couldn't have thought it up. Trip asks if there's an ambulance at RAW? Laurinaitis says it's out there. Trip says in there they have the machine that goes – beep, beep, beep, then, when something dies, it flatlines, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. They could hook Laurinaitis' career up to it and see how long it lasts. Laurinaitis says Trip is funny (deadpan), always joking around. Trip then says maybe they can hook Laurinaitis up to it right now and see if Trip can flatline Laurinaitis if he doesn't get out of Trip's office. Laurinaitis glares and leave. Trip says, "Humanistic. Moron!"



Recap of Taker's video from earlier in the show.

Backstage Segment

Josh stops Laurinaitis backstage and asks what he thinks the Board of Directors will say. Laurinaitis says he admitted to mistakes, but what man hasn't made mistakes? He thinks the Board of Directors is looking for someone with integrity, who is honest. Not someone who is a brute, intimidating, a hot head. Trip is refusing to face Taker. He doesn't think the Board of Directors wants someone who's perceived as cowardly to be running RAW. Laurinaitis walks off.

Six-Pack Challenge – R-Truth vs Dolph vs Kofi vs Jericho vs Miz vs Punk

Justin started explaining the match to the fans, then stumbled over his own words and recovered well. The first Superstar to get a pinfall or submission will be the last in the Elimination Chamber Match. R-Truth to the ring.


R-Truth is still standing in the ring talking to Little Jimmy. Dolph out with Vickie in two. Kofi comes bouncing out to the ring. Jericho out to the ring. Miz out to join them. Punk rounds out the match.

The bell rang and all except Punk rushed Jericho and attacked. They then split up, except Jericho who lays outside holding his neck. Then he looks over the edge, but finally climbs into the ring. Miz kicks Jericho back out. Miz then tries to gain a pinfall. Punk rushes Miz, but ends up eating corner and out. R-Truth out too. Kofi flies out onto Jericho and Miz. Dolph shows off an struts in the ring. Punk in on Dolph for two.


Ref's are helping R-Truth from the ring. The doctors have decided that R-Truth could not continue in this match. They show what happened from a couple of angles. R-Truth came flipping over the top and was trying to / supposed to land on Miz, but things didn't go as they should and R-Truth landed hard outside on his bum/lower back and his head/neck. The thumping noise of him hitting the floor outside the ring was gross. I can't say if one of them was in the wrong spot at the wrong time as Miz was there, but seemed to have been thrown back a bit rather than actually catching R-Truth. I just hope R-Truth is okay. I don't like to see anyone get injured.

Dolph splashes Punk in a corner. Miz is then whipped at him, but Punk moves. Clothesline to Dolph from Punk, then one fore Miz. Slam to Dolph, then drop kick to Miz for two. Anaconda vice on Miz, Dolph breaks it up. Punk locks it on Dolph and Kofi breaks it up. Punk whipped, but then end up on Punk's shoulder for GTS! Kofi grabs the ropes and ends up flying out of the ring. Punk and Jericho in the ring. They stare at each other. They fans are hot for Punk and he calls for more. Jericho talks smack, but then Miz and Dolph in and attack to break this up. Blows on Punk on the mat from Dolph. Jericho ducks Miz's clotheslines over and other until they double clothesline and both are down!

Vickie outside laughing and pointing at Punk. Dolph up, but Punk with a chop to Dolph, then blows. Punk up for a superplex, but then Jericho and Miz over, each grab one of Punk's legs. Everyone goes flying, but Dolph gets the worst of that tower of terror. Even Jericho is holding his knee. Jericho pins Dolph, Miz pins Punk, the ref counts them both, but only two. Everyone up and out of the ring except Jericho who runs the ropes into Miz's back elbow. Kofi rushes in to kick Jericho with trouble in paradise, but lands it on Miz. Kofi on Jericho, whips him, but eats a foot. Jericho off the corner with a big kick to Kofi for two.

Jericho on Kofi with a cobra clutch. The fans start chanting for Kofi as Jericho yells at them to shut up! Kofi elbows free. Kofi whipped, bounces off the corner and flies back on Jericho for two. Kofi still on Jericho with clotheslines and a drop kick. Kofi rolls Jericho up for long two. Back elbow from Jericho, but then Kofi rolls out of the way of the lionsault. Jericho blocks trouble and locks on the walls. Punk in with a knee to the back of Jericho's head Jericho out of the match. Dolph in and pins Punk for two. Dolph ducks Punk's kick to the head. Dolph up for the zig/zag, but Punk reverses it for GTS and hits it. Punk pins Dolph, but Jericho grabs Punk's ankle and pulls him from the match.

Punk sent across announce. Jericho into the ring and pins Dolph for three. Jericho puts a foot on the bottom rope during the pin, but only to look more the heel, it did nothing.

Winner – Jericho

Video recap of Jericho winning the match. Punk down behind announce and Jericho puts the WWE Title belt over his shoulder, then sitting in the center of the ring the way Punk is so fond of doing. All sorts of screaming that sounds like it's right next to the camera, right on the mic, but no females to be see. Punk finally looks up and see Jericho with his belt in the ring and glares.

Backstage Segment

Kane has Eve, only wrapped in a towel, backed up tight against something. It was Eve who was screaming. Someone must have hit that button too soon as it sounded really odd while the camera was pointed at the ring. Kane says he can't stand it. He can't stand the hate. It's pouring out of his soul and he has to do something. Cena's almost there, but not yet. If Cena doesn't get there soon, he's afraid for Eve. He's afraid of Cena. He's afraid of anyone who gets in his path. For the first time in his life, Kane is afraid of Kane. Kane is looking at Eve as she weeps.

Biggest pop
CM Punk

Biggest heat

Most mixed
Triple H

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