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RAW Results 3/19/12 - Which Rocky Is He?

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RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

In Ring Segment

Punk out to the ring. Punk looks rather pissy. Video of Jericho on the tron last week verbally attacking Punk, telling that Punk's father is an alcoholic. Punk looks even madder after that. Punk says that Jericho isn't there tonight, which goes to show the kind of man Jericho is. At the end of the Jericho not being there is a gift. Jericho pissed him off. Lats week Jericho said Punk's... Punk stops and appears choked up. The fans chant, then Punk says that Jericho said his father's an alcoholic. It's not a big secret, those close to him know. But it's not Jericho's story to tell. It's not so much that he said it, or how he said it, but that he did it in front of the world. Here he is in front of millions, under a microscope for the world to see.

He sees everyone, families, no one hasn't been negatively affected by the disease of alcoholism. He's not going to let Jericho make a little kid think that because life dealt him a bad hand, that he can't shake it off and be destined for greatness. Jericho just wants to be in his head, under his skin to get an advantage at WrestleMania. Jericho now whats to say it's in Punk's genes? That shows he doesn't know Punk at all. If there's a monster in Punk, he's letting it out at WrestleMania! He refuses to let his past dictate his future. There isn't a person on the planet who should let let a past nightmare dictate of cloud their future dreams.

Jericho forgot to tell us the finish of the story. That that his father has work extra hard, as have millions around the world and has overcome his addictions, beat his demons. Punk is proud of his father! Punk looks stronger, madder and more determined than I've ever seen him. He's proud of the fact he's straight edge and it comes form the heart. It's tattooed on his skin for a reason. Jericho is only an obstacle and he's going through Jericho to prove he's the best in the world!

Punk's leaving the ring but Jericho is on the tron, but not there. He wants Punk to hear this. All the points Punk made are right. Jericho says he was out of line last week and he's sorry. This is Chris, none of the flash, no Jericho, no jacket. It was none of his business, he shouldn't have brought it up and he's sorry. He promises to never say anything about his father again. However, Punk's sister, that's a whole other ballgame, isn't it. Jericho says it's well documented that Punk's sister has troubles with drugs. All people with drug problems are always looking for their next fix. Punk may say he loves her and is proud of her, the way he claims to be about his father. There's a pattern starting here. His father's an alcoholic, his sister's a drug addict and Punk is going to end up just like them, it's inevitable. He's going to drink, it's his destiny. It's good news, bad news. It can be overcome. But when Jericho beats him at WrestleMania, that's something Punk will never overcome. Never.

Punk looks pained, then yells something that is bleeped out and the fans are obviously shocked at what he said. Punk then says that Jericho is BLEEP (bullshit), and that's exactly what Punk's going to beat out of him. Punk is seething as he leaves the ring and walks up the ramp staring at Jericho on the tron.

Backstage Segment

Split screen – Kane and Big Show are heading for the ring.


Kane vs Big Show

Kane to the ring and calls fire from the corners. Big Show out, pointing way up in the stands at fans, all smiles, then gives a little boy his hat. As Big Show climbs into the ring, Cody's music hits. Cody comes out to announce with a smile on his face. Video 'Cody made' about Big Show's humiliating moments. They're all WrestleMania moments, Mayweather, sumo, Kane, Cena, Mankind, Socko. Big Show isn't impressed.

Kane backed into a corner, blows to Kane. Then Kane whipped again, but gets his feet up. Cody ringside with boxing gloves. Kane free, but runs into a spear. Big Show sitting up top, Cody on the apron, then Kane chokeslams Big Show from the corner – sorta. Kane pins for three.

Winner – Kane

Cody in, off the corner, disaster kick. Cody grabs handcuffs and Big Show helps get his arms back to be cuffed to the ropes. Big Show has to be BLEEPed out! Cody on Big Show with blows, wearing the boxing gloves. A couple refs trying to keep Cody back. Four of them in the ring, all Big Show says to Cody is, "RUN!" They cut the cuffs off Big Show and he tries to stand, but can't get his bearings and falls. Big Show sells the head shots, trying to get his bearings in the ring. Trainer in talking to Big Show who is selling head shots wonderfully.



Recap of Cody's attack on Big Show.

Otunga w/ Laurinaitis vs Santino w/ Long

Otunga out showing off his muscles and Laurinaitis' smile. Santino out being silly with Long in tow. Each GM on either side of announce.

Otunga poses. Santino poses. Otunga poses to heat. Santino poses to pop. Santino acts like he pulled something and Otunga attacked. Santino face first into a corner. Santino comes back with blows, ducks Otunga, then a hip toss. Flying head butt, then out comes cobra, but Laurinaitis is ringside with his cell. Long pushes him and the cell slides into the ring. Santino stomps the phone, but then turns into a spinebuster for three.

Winner – Otunga

Laurinaitis in and mocks Santino's trombone playing. Laurinaitis gets down by Santino and claps at him. Long up in Laurinaitis' face. They argue, then Long bitch slaps Laurinaitis and flees the ring. Long runs up the ramp, Santino joins him.


Triple H accepting Taker's challenge, but only in HIAC.



Promo for a new wrestler! Tattoos and a bald head, his name is Lord Tensai.

Announce Segment

King and Cole talk about the new WWE website.


Rocky in the city of Brotherly Love. Philadelphia is the city of ass kickers. He's in front of the statue of Rocky Balboa. When Rocky was 12 he looked up at the statue and was inspired. He showed a picture of himself posing in front of the statue. He was self depricating about his looks then. Rocky went on to talk about the first WrestleMania and Hogan. WrestleMania 6, he watched Warrior, but had no idea what he said, but Warrior became an icon. Years later Rocky headlined WrestleMania as Champ in Philly against Austin. Austin stunned him and won 1-2-3. That night Rocky made two vows. The first was to never again wrestle a man in jean shorts. The other one, the Rock was going to continue his dream to become the greatest. He want on to beat Austin. He beat Hogan. There's one guy left – Cena. Rocky can see you. When the Rock wants some, he gets some. 13 days away! But tonight Rocky's getting in his car, coming to the arena. Rocky will come out and the roof will blow off with electricity. Rocky will send a message live. If Cena does get that, then Rocky's going to Pat's. Want it with or without? Both! He's going to take it all, roll it up in a ball, turn it sideways and send it straight up Cena's candy ass. When Cena's running around Philly with a cheese steak up his ass, all the greats will thank Rocky in their special way. They'll say 'bang bang', they'll say 'wooooooooooo', and looking down they'll say, 'Ohhhhhhhh yeah, dig it?' It's just the beginning. In the spirit of Rocky Balboa, he's going to eat lightening, crap thunder, layeth the smacketh down. At WrestleMania 28, what the world is waiting for, when Rock beats you, the dream of that 12 year old boy, it comes true. Yo, Adrienne, I did it! If you smellllll what the Rock is cookin'?


WWE Rewind

Video of Jericho and Sheamus on Smackdown. D-Bry attacked Sheamus outside the ring and Jericho got the win.

D-Bry w/ AJ vs Ryder

D-Bry and AJ came to the ring before the commercial break. Earlier Ryder had a rally. He was trying to get on Team Teddy. AJ and D-Bry kiss before she drops from the apron.

Hammerlocks and reversals, then Ryder with a shoulder block, D-Bry back with a high knee and a kick to Ryder's kidney. D-Bry stomps Ryder, then chokes in the ropes. D-Bry slams Ryder up into the bottom rope and gets two. Headlock on Ryder, but he elbows out and whips D-Bry. Back elbow to Ryder, but he kicks D-Bry in the face and hits his corner kick (actually caught D-Bry's face). D-Bry comes back with a la bell lock and Ryder taps.

Winner – D-Bry

D-Bry celebrates. Video of Ryder's corner kick, then the win. Aj kisses D-Bry on the cheek.

Announce Segment

Cole then talks about Cena's car accident and they're turning it into a big work.


Cena vs Henry

Cena out to the ring. Cole says Cena's been cleared to compete. Henry out to the ring looking grumpy. Henry throws his shirt down before stomping up the stairs to the ring.

They lock up, Cena pushed to the mat. Cena gets a side headlock on Henry, but is pushed away and Cena is sent sliding form the ring. Cena for a shoulder block, but Henry puts muscle into it and Cena hits the mat. Henry on Cena in a corner, then in the middle of the ring with blows. Cena tossed through the ropes by his belt. Henry out and clubs Cena over his shoulder with one big arm. Cena into the ring, but Henry pulls him out and slams Cena into the barrier. Cena looks dazed on the floor.


Cena muscles free of Henry. Blows on Henry, but then Cena runs into a clothesline. Splash on Cena on the mat, but Cena kicks out! Henry looks shocked. Cena lolls in a corner, Henry grabs him and punches Cena in the gut. Cena whipped, then splashed in the corner. Henry seems happier now. Henry rushes Cena who moves. Cena hit a "side suplex" on Henry by barely getting Henry off the mat. 5 knuckle shuffle on Henry. Cena can't get Henry up for the AA, but can't. Henry grabs Cena who fights free. Cena then gets Henry up and hits the AA for three.

Winner – Cena

Rocky's music hits! Rocky on the stage pacing, then to the ring. Rocky into the ring and hits a Rock bottom on Henry! Rocky underlines 'Boots to asses' on his shirt, then slaps his chest at Cena, then leaves the ring all pumped up while Cena is left staring. Video recap of Cena hitting the AA on Henry, but then Rocky out and hit the Rock bottom. Cena points to the WrestleMania sign.


Recap of HBK getting in Triple H's face about Trip not getting it done last year and HBK was right. HBK said he knows who will win at HIAC and will be right again. The reason HBK knows that is because he's been made Special Guest Ref!



Kelly on Extra, but Beth and Eve showed up on the set. Maria mentioned pinning Beth in the ring. Things got a little physical and security got involved. Maria will be at WrestleMania tagging with Kelly against Beth and Eve.

Miz vs Sheamus

Miz says 1987 King Kong Bundy was in the main event of WrestleMania 2, then had a match with Hillbilly Jim and two little people at WrestleMania 3. This is known as the biggest WrestleMania drop off in WrestleMania's history. That is until now. At least Bundy had a match, right? He won't go from main eventing WrestleMania 27, to not being on WrestleMania 28. He put out an open challenge to prove to Laurinaitis that he's should be on his team. Because he's the Miz, and he's... Sheamus' music cuts Miz off.

Miz all over Sheamus with blows, Sheamus then telegraphs and is kicked for it. Big clothesline to Miz, but then Sheamus eats a back elbow. Miz tries for the SCF, but after struggling, Sheamus reverses, gets Miz on his shoulders and slams Miz for two. Sheamus rips on Miz in a corner, Miz back with a neck breaker for one. Miz chokes Sheamus in the ropes. Miz stomps Sheamus and gets two.

Chinlock on Sheamus on the mat. Chanting for Sheamus starts. Sheamus to his feet and free. Miz whipped and clotheslined in the corner. Sheamus beats Miz down hard in a corner. Miz is slammed to the mat for two. Miz ducks the brogue kick, but Sheamus comes back and hits it for three.

Winner – Sheamus

Laurinaitis and Otunga are watching on a monitor backstage and shaking their heads.


Recap of the horrible things Jericho said to Punk about his sister earlier in the show.


Slam of The Week

HBK and Taker in the ring talking last week on RAW.

Stage Segment

Josh announces Orton who joins him over to the side of the stage. Josh asks Orton how he plans on beating the monster. Orton say the question is, how does the monster plan on beating him? They're talking about a WrestleMania match between them because he beat the monster so badly that he shook Orton's hand and became human. Now Kane has no humanity. Orton knows who Orton is and what he's capable. He's not the Big Red Monster. He's not the Big Red Machine. He's not the Devil's Demon. His name is Randy Orton. Orton over to the edge of the stage, by the ramp, and poses for the fans.


Big Show, Otunga and Steph were out pushing the Be A Star program. The three of them spoke to children about bullying.

Stage Segment

EXCUSE ME!! EXCUSE ME!! She announces the two newest members of Team Johnny at WrestleMania – Swagger and Dolph! They both come out to the stage and pose, then head to the ring. Interesting to note that they both came out to Dolph's music.


Swagger & Dolph w/ vs Kofi & R-Truth w/ Aksana

Kofi and R-Truth are holding Aksana back as Swagger and Dolph hold Vickie back. Finally the women are out of the ring.

Kofi on Swagger. Kofi whipped but kicks Swagger. Kofi kicks Swagger through the ropes. Kofi off the top in a cross body for two. Kofi slammed to the heel corner, then Dolph clotheslines from the apron. Swagger splashes Kofi on the mat for two. Cole says Vickie is so pretty tonight. King says he's seen better heads on a pimple!

Swagger with blows on Kofi. Dolph attacks from the apron, then drops down. Kofi choked by Swagger's foot. Kofi tries to fight back, but Dolph tags in and taunts Kofi. Kofi fights back with a backslide, but Dolph free and hits a beautiful drop kick for a long two. Dolph shows off, then drags Kofi to the heel corner and tags out. Elbows to Kofi's chest on the mat. Swagger does pushups, one hand on Kofi's upper back, one hand on Kofi's bum. Swagger wrenches back Kofi's arms and locks on. Kofi free, but caught by Swagger before getting to R-Truth. Kofi reverses into a DDT and both are down!

Both tag out. Clotheslines to Dolph, then a spinning clothesline to Dolph. Dolph slammed face first to the mat. Swagger in and lands on Dolph when trying to break up the count. R-Truth clotheslines Swagger to the mat. Kofi up top and flies out onto Swagger. Dolph ducks the scissors kick. Zig-zag on R-Truth. R-Truth gets a foot on the rope, but Vickie pushes it off and Dolph gets the three.

Winners – Dolph & Swagger

Aksana over and pushes Vickie to the floor. Aksana in to tell the ref what Vickie did. Much boob bumping, then Vickie pushes Aksana's head. Aksana slams Vickie down and on her with blows. Kofi and R-Truth peel Aksana off Vickie, Swagger drags Vickie from the ring by her ankle.


Last night at MSG Trip faced Dolph. Rather than hitting the pedigree, Trip hit the tombstone!



Cena hit an AA on Henry for the win, but then Rocky came out and hit a Rock bottom on Henry.

In Ring Segment

HBK out to the ring to huge pop. He says the end of an era. The HIAC at WrestleMania between Taker and Trip, and what's everybody talking about? HBK. No big surprise, he made a career by being the Show Stopper. He did it at WrestleMania and this year won't be different. It's pretty darn cool knowing the end of an era in the palm of his hand. What's HBK's prediction? We have to wait. But his opinion? Can he be impartial after his 17 year friendship with Trip? Taker, end of an era is just saying end of a streak. He was in Taker's shoes. He looked at Taker and knew it was inevitable. Not that's where Taker stands and...


Taker takes a very long time to get to the ring, and he's still hooded. HBK started to talk, but Taker tells him it's in his best interest to shut up and listen. Taker said that this match has to remain pure. So before HBK and his buddy start to make plans...

Time to play the Game!

Trip comes out, bottle of water in hand. At the bottom of the stage Trip stops and stares in at both of them. Then over to the side of the ring. Trip glares over his shoulder at them, then spits his water in the air. Trip again stares before getting into the ring. Trip tells Taker to stop worrying about HBK, because as much as HBK's ego wants it to be about him. It's not. It's about them. It's always been about them. They've been destined to do this. To parallel legendary careers running side by side, connected by one thing – HIAC. There have been 24 HIAC Matches since the beginning. Trip and Taker have been in 19 of them. It's not a coincidence. It's not a coincidence that the match that started out as Taker's playground, became Trip's proving ground. He learned that if it didn't kill him, it made him stronger. It's where he learned to push the limits of human endurance. It's where he learned to end another man's career! Taker just stares. Trip says it's where he thrives, where he excels. All those match have been for one moment. Trip says, "April 1st, WrestleMania, HIAC. The whole world is gonna see the end of an era. Yours." Trip continues on to assure Taker that he shouldn't worry, Trip knows exactly what it will take to finish the job.

Taker cuts him off at the end and asks if Trip does? Is Trip sure? His mind? His body? His soul? His career? His wife? His kids? All this? Even his life? Is he willing to put it all on the line?

Trip takes a step back, looks over at HBK. Trip says if it means giving Taker the end Taker so richly deserves? Then he is. Trip steps up to Taker and says, "And I will."

They are up close and stare. Taker thinks, steps back, slightly nods and is about to go out through the ropes, but then he stops and returns to Trip. Taker is about to say something, then stops. Then Taker says Trip remembers when Taker said HBK is better than Trip? Taker gets right in Trip's face and simply says, "He is."

The camera pulls back a bit as Taker steps back. Trip in the foreground, HBK behind him and HBK has this smirk on his face. It's somewhat devious, but also somewhat knowing – very interesting to see how HBK puts so much into something so simple. Taker leaves the ring and HBK turns to his best friend. The smirk leaves his face as Trip glowers and HBK just stares. Then Trip turns and looks up at Taker leaving and HBK's smirk returns. Trip turns back to HBK who again drops the smirk to look at his friend.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

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