RAW Results - Laurinaitis? Please! No!


RAW this week starts with a video recap of stills from the Extreme Rules main event. Then bits of Cena's speech after the match. Cena saluted with tears in his eyes and blood on his face.

Music & Pryo

It ended with - Raw Supershow Starring Brock Lesnar.

In Ring Segment

Laurinaitis to the ring, smile on his face. My name is John Laurinaitis, Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and The General Manager of RAW and Smackdown. In one night he revolutionized the WWE! Revolutionized everything we knew! He did it for us and People Power. We should all thank him for having the foresight for bring that destructive force to the WWE. The man that in one night, at Extreme Rules, beat up Cena so bad that he'll never be the man he was and proven to be a mere mortal. A man who turned the WWE on its ear in one night more than anyone has in the past. Who brought legitimacy to the WWE. That man, his honor to introduce, Brock Lesnar!

Out comes Brock, exactly as he always does, yet still without pyro. Brock and Laurinaitis shake hands in the ring, the fans are not happy with either of them. Brock says last night the world got to witness, first hand, Brock Lesnar bringing the pain. Exactly what he told the world he was going to do. Laurinaitis agrees and says that's why he's the face of...

Trip's music cuts Laurinaitis off. Laurinaitis is in the ring clapping for Trip, but Trip looks pissed! Trip shakes hands with both in the ring. Laurinaitis says to Brock that he knows the CAO (sic) of the WWE. Laurinaitis tells Trip he has to know the new face of the WWE. The fans are hot! Trip says he's out there to do what Laurinaitis is supposed to do, but doesn't have the guts to do. Brock's days of holding up the WWE are through. The private jet he flew in on will not be taking him home unless he wants to pay for it. That goes along with the limo that brought him there, if he wants to do it on his dime, go for it. No raise, not treated special, none of that. The name of the show is and will always be, Monday Night RAW. Nobody is bigger than the WWE, or bigger than RAW. If he wants to be here, he'll have everything coming to him in the contract that he negotiated upon coming back. The contract that he negotiated with John Laurinaitis that Trip approved, not the contract he bullied out of John Laurinaitis, which he agreed to and didn't have the authority to do without Trip approving it. Laurinaitis glares at Trip Trip says he won't be approving.

Laurinaitis says as Executive Vice President of Talent Relations Trip's entrusted him with all contracts. He did this in the fairness of the WWE. He doesn't think it's right they go back on their word. Trip takes the contract and rips it up. Trip says Laurinaitis knew he didn't have the authority to do that without Trip's approval. Now Brock is not some country bumpkin, he's a shrewd businessman, that's why he's built himself into a global brand. That's why, he knows Brock knows what he did with Laurinaitis won't hold up. Laurinaitis had no authority and Brock won't get any of it. Don't get Trip wrong, he wants Brock in the WWE. The 'Universe' wants Brock there. The fans didn't exactly sound like they agreed with that. They might not all like, or love, some might hate him, but they want to see him. See him in a rematch with Cena. See him face Punk, Orton, Sheamus. They want to see all of that. If he's going to give it to them, then he will do it under his original contract, which Brock at the time agreed was reasonable. If Brock doesn't want to do this. If he feels wronged, he gets it. If he doesn't want to resign, he gets it. If he wants to take his ball, pack it away with his loss to Cena, take it all and go home, Trip is fine with that. He doesn't think Brock wants that, neither does Trip. So what will it be?

Laurinaitis says he doesn't think it's fair to put a talent of Brock's stature in this position. Trip tells Laurinaitis he's done enough, he has this. Now Brock, it's between Brock and Trip, forget Laurinaitis. Brock keeps wanting Laurinaitis who is now behind Trip as Trip has stepped between them, but Brock keeps reaching for Laurinaitis like a child reaching for his security blanket. Brock says off mic, "He signed the deal!" Trip says the terms were fair, does Brock want to do this?

Laurinaitis says Trip's not being reasonable. Trip says he'll say it once, SHUT UP! Trip tells Brock he wants him there, do they have a deal?

Laurinaitis says Trip is being disrespectful and he may have to take it up with the Board of Directors. Trip turns and says he doesn't think that... Brock attacks Trip from behind. Brock all over Trip in a corner, Trip fights back, but then Brock locks on that arm hold that he worked Cena over with last night. Brock lets go of Trip, then flees the ring as R-Truth, Kofi, Sheamus and Big Show rush the ring, all on their knees around Trip. (I actually had to stop the show at this moment to catch up and found it interesting to see a man wearing a New Hampshire 'Live free or die' t-shirt in the front row, and a man on security detail, but his shirt said 'security 2018' on it.) I also want to mention that Cole was having a fit that Brock attacked Trip. Cole was very behind the COO during the attack.

Brock separates the stairs in frustration. Trip pulls himself into a corner, talking to the doctor, Trip says his arm is broken. Brock removes his shirt as two guys in suits try to usher Brock from the area. Brock leaves around the stage as the guys in the ring get Trip up, but his arm is not at all immobilized. They hold the ropes and get Trip out of the ring. Big Show lifts Trip off the apron. Up the ramp Trip was telling Big Show Brock broke his arm.



Recap of what Brock just did to Trip in the ring as Laurinaitis said Trip was being disrespectful. Then the Superstars in to help Trip.

Backstage Segment

Trip says his elbow is out of socket. The same Superstars are all standing around and over Trip as he's evaluated.

Announce Segment

Cole is going off about what Brock just did to Trip. King says he could swear he heard Trip's arm snapped. Cole says he's sure Brock fired himself with what he did to Trip. Eve out to the stage and says the #1 contender will be decided in a Beat The Clock Challenge. The winner will face Punk at Over The Limit. It's starts now.

Beat The Clock – Miz vs Santino

Miz out to the ring quickly. Santino out quickly right after Miz. No fanfare for either of them.

Santino kicks out at Miz. They lock up. Santino takes Miz down, they bothtry for covers, then Santino smiles. King says Brock has been escorted from the building. A big blow to Santino, then on him with blows. Miz takes Santino down for two. Santino runs the ropes, then a nice shoulder block for two. Kick to Santino, then a boot to his head for two. Miz on Santino in a corner. Ref pulls him off. Santino rolls Miz up for two. Miz plants Santino for two. Miz with his running clothesline in a corner, then climbs. Double axe handle to the top of Santino's head for two. Blows to the head of a sitting Santino, but only for two. Chinlock on Santino as King doesn't agree with the strategy. Santino gets up and slams Miz back on the mat. Santino hangs Miz up on the top rope. Blows on Miz, then Santino's split and hip toss. Head butt to Santino, and out comes the cobra! Miz ducks, rolls Santino up, Santino reveres for two. Miz hits his SCF for three.

Winner – Miz (4:18)

Miz talks smack up the ramp as he gloats.


Triple Threat Match for Divas Championship – Brie vs Nikki vs Layla

Bellas in the ring in black. Layla out to face them, she's all smiles in red.

The Bellas are arguing, Layla hits a drop kick on one into the other. Layla rolls up a Bella for three.

Winner – Layla (0:12)

Recap that's longer than the actual match. Layla heads backstage. King and Cole talk about Brock on trip.

Beat The Clock (4:18) – Jericho vs Big Show

Jericho out to the ring in the newest incarnation of his jacket. He's looking mad.


Clips from the Chicago Street Fight at Extreme Rules. Punk's sister slapped Jericho from the front row. Big Show out and puts his hat on a very young little boy, then to the ring. King and Cole argue about how Big Show lost last night.

Big Show on Jericho with blows, then that big slap to Jericho's chest. Slam to Jericho for two. More on Jericho in a corner, another slap, then Jericho is whipped and splashes, but Jericho comes back with a chop block. Jericho kicks and stomps Big Show. Jericho pins for one. Jericho climbs, but flies into a punch to the chest! Big Show climbs to the second ropes, but Jericho rolls to avoid the splash. Lionsault to Big Show for two. Jericho looks tired, but then tries for the walls, but Big Show rolls to small package for two. Big Show grabs Jericho, but Jericho reverses into a DDT for two. Knees to Big Show's head, but then Big Show takes Jericho down for two. Miz watches backstage. Both down, but Big Show up and calls for the WMD, but Jericho ducks it. Jericho for the code breaker, but Big Show grabs him. Jericho holds on and pulls Big Show out over the top. Outside Big Show slams Jericho into the barrier. Big Show goes after him for a big boot, but Jericho ducks and Big Show into bell area. They were being counted out, but then Jericho is back in. The ref says Jericho beat the count and the clock...



Miz is still holding the top spot in the Beat The Clock Challenge.

Funkasaurus vs JTG

Clay pushes JTG around. JTG tries to kick, but he's tossed off. Another couple blows to JTG. Clay dances and taunts JTG. JTG slammed, then an elbow drop. JTG after Clay's leg with a chop block, but a head butt to JTG's gut, then a splash to JTG in a corner. Clay slams JTG down and splashes him on the mat for the three. (This was not a beat the clock, but I'm keeping track of all the match times from here on out, I planned to start last week, but it fell through.)

Winner – Funkasaurus (1:40)

Video recap, then Funkasaurus and his girls dance with some little kids from the stands.

Announce Segment

King and Cole are again talking about Cena vs Brock. King says he's never seen anything like it, it was brutal. They show the same clip that they started the show with, right to Cena's speech, possibly a bit more than earlier. King then talks about it being a costly win for Cena. Cole then goes on to talk about what happened in the ring earlier. They then go to the video recap of Brock and Trip with Laurinaitis, right through the attack on Trip and the other Superstars to the ring.

Backstage Segment

In Laurinaitis' office, Eve tells Long to leave, he's upsetting Laurinaitis. Eve tells Laurinaitis to have a seat, get a grip. Calm down. She gets it. He's lost Brock, then new face of the WWE, he's gone. He attack Trip and Laurinaitis will be blames, but Laurinaitis needs to decide the leader he will be. The Board of Directors is watching, the 'Universe' is watching. What will Laurinaitis do? Who will Cena's next opponent be? Laurinaitis says he knows and Cena won't like it.

Beat The Clock (4:18) – Orton vs Swagger w/ Vickie

Orton to the ring in his slow and methodical way.


Stills of Orton defeating Kane last night at Extreme Rules. EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Vickie in a a pretty sparkly teal tank announces Swagger. Swagger out in what appears to be a new singlet in red, blue and black with some tiger stripes on the side. They head to the ring.

Swagger on Orton from behind. Swagger eats corner, then roleld up for onw. Swagger on Orton's leg, backs Orton into a corner. Shoulders to Orton. Orton reverses and rolls Swagger for two. Orton out of a corner with a clothesline for one, then to the ropes. Swagger kicks at Orton and off the corner for two. Kicks to Orton, then a missed but wrench. Orton with a back breaker for two. Blows on Swagger. Swagger tackles Orton's knee, then Orton's shoulder and gets two. "RKO" chants. Swagger on Orton in a corner with blows. Orton comes out with blows, but Swagger over powers him! Orton's arms wrenched back, then rolls Orton's shoulders down for two. Orton on the mat, but moves for Swagger splash. Clotheslines to Swagger, then that power slam!less than a minute as Swagger to the apron. Orton's famous DDT, and Orton pounds the mat. Swagger reverses the RKO into an ankle lock. Orton rolls through. RKO for three!

Winner – Orton (4:16)

Miz is pissed backstage. Orton poses on the corner. Orton is all smiles to the soldiers in the front row.


Most Loco Move of The Week

Ryder and Santino faced Primo and Epico. Santino with the cobra for the win.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Primo & Epico (C) w/ Rosa vs R-Truth & Kofi

Primo, Epico and Rosa to the ring. R-Truth out to the ring with Little Jimmy in tow. Kofi comes bouncing out to the ring. Cole says the Bellas have been fired.

R-Truth slaps hands with Little Jimmy, then Primo tries to attack Little Jimmy! R-Truth all over Primo! Shoulder block to Primo, then a bit of dancing and a right takes Primo down. "What's up?" R-Truth screams to the fans.


R-Truth pins Primo for two. R-Truth whipped into heel corner, then distracted. Shoulder blocks to R-Truth's gut. Epico tags in. King says Trip's arm is broken. Epico on R-Truth with blows, R-Truth eats corner and Primo tags in. R-Truth fights back against both, but they double team and pin R-Truth for two. Primo on R-Truth with blows. Primo kicks R-Truth in the ribs and gets two. Chinlock on R-Truth who elbows out, then a back kick to Primo's face. Both men are down.

Both tag out, Kofi comes off the top in a huge way. Clotheslines, then a big drop kick to Epico. Boom drop on Epico. Primo on the apron, Kofi takes him down. Rosa up, but R-Truth attacks Epico from the other side of the ring. Trouble in paradise and Kofi gets the three. New Tag Team Champs!

Winners – Kofi & R-Truth (7:03)

Video highlights of Kofi flying, then the distractions for the win. Kofi and R-Truth are so happy they won, celebrating in the ring while Epico, Primo and Rosa take the walk of shame.

Backstage Segment

Kane and Khali, split screen, heading for the ring.


Backstage Segment

Epico and Primo and Rosa arguing. AW comes up and says if he represented them, they wouldn't have lost. This is very quickly cut off, as if someone hit the button too quickly, or something.

Beat The Clock (4:16) – Khali vs Kane

Khali is already in the ring, dancing to his entrance music. Fire erupts on stage and out comes Kane. Orton is watching backstage. Kane called fire from the corners.

Kane on Khali with blows. Khali sends Kane into the corner. On him with a back elbow, a kick, and a chest slap. Another corner and Kane tries to fight back, but another chest slap. Kane grabs Khali, but blows from Khali. Kane takes Khali down, then on him with stomps. Ungainly DDT to Khali for a long two. Blows to Khali's head on the mat, then a stomp. Kane gets another two. Chinlock on Khali on the mat. Kane up and climbs. Kane flies off the corner and takes Khali down, but only for one. Low drop kick to Khali on the mat for two. More blows to Khali on the mat, then Kane chokes Khali with a foot. Kane outside working Khali over on the apron, then back in and pulls Khali up. Khali with a back elbow, then a big boot. Clothesline to Kane. Big chop to Kane, but Kane rolls out of the ring. Khli goes out after Kane. Big blow to Khali outside. Khali sends Kane back into the ring. Khali back in. Kane sets up for the chokeslam, Khali as well, but the clock runs out. They each push off. Kane then hits a chokeslam on Khali out of frustration.

Didn't beat the clock

Orton celebrates backstage as Kane walks up the ramp.

Backstage Segment

Bryan heading to the ring.


Beat The Clock (4:16) – Daniel Bryan vs Jerry Lawler

Bryan out screaming "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Cole says he didn't know where King had gone. King comes out smiling.

They lock up, King backed into a corner with blows. King whipped, then hits a drop kick on King for two. Bryan back on King with blows in a corner. King comes back with blows. Bryan with a head butt, then snap mare for two. Knee drops on King for two. Orton watches the match. King on Bryan with big blows. Nice drop kick to Bryan for two. Bryan chips King, but King moves out of Bryan's running double kick. King up, strap down, big fist for two. King sets up, but Bryan reverses into a body drop. "YES!" lock and King taps out.

Winner – Bryan (2:21)

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" all over the place, then Punk's music hits. Out comes Punk mocking Bryan with his claps. Punk poses with the belt on the stage. They yell smack back and forth the length of the ramp, then Bryan goes back to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"



Again recap of the altercation between Trip and Brock to start the show.

Announce Segment

Cole says Brock has been escorted out and we have to assume Brock will be fired. Also, Trip's arm has been broken by Brock.

In Ring Segment

Cena out with his left arm in a sling. Cena is careful to climbs the stairs and getting into the ring. Much pop for Cena. Cena says tonight Trip felt his arm break, last night he thought the same. He thought he's be in the hospital in a cast, but he's not, he's here. Brings him joy to say no breaks. MRI shows no tears. The long and the skinny, every muscle through his arm and his shoulder are strained, but he there. He's been in WWE for a long time and knows there a big thing between being injured and being hurt. Injured and you're sent home. Hurt means you feel it, but you come out and do what you do best. So he's there!

Laurinaitis' music hits and out he comes looking rather mad. Into the ring, mic in hand. Laurinaitis says he's glad Cena decided to show up tonight. Cena says, "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. John Laurinaitis!" Huge heat for Ace. Cena says Laurinaitis' new brilliant new scheme is to commemorate the re-DVD-release of No Holds Barred, Laurinaitis went for over the limit and got Cena Zeus for his next opponent. Laurinaitis smirks and says no. Laurinaitis says that when he told Brock he was the new face of the WWE, Laurinaitis was trying to motivate Cena! Cena laughs. Cena says you motivate someone by saying, (in Cena's Laurinaitis voice) "Hey, way to go Sport!" What Laurinaitis did was hire a mercenary to try to take Cena out! Laurinaitis says he was trying to push Cena to the limit, which he did and brought out the best Cena possible! Cena says Laurinaitis was trying push him out the door.

Laurinaitis says Cena should be thanking him.


Cena says Laurinaitis says he should be thanking Laurinaitis. Cena mockingly thanks Laurinaitis. Thank you for being a short sighted corporate jackass who sounds like he smokes five lifetimes, five lifetimes worth of cigarettes and who's head is so far up his ass he brushes his teeth with toilet paper! Thank you.

Laurinaitis says he's the permanent GM of RAW and Smackdown, so Cena needs to be building a relationship with him!


He has the power to make Cena's life very easy, or very difficult.

Cena laughs at this and says, "You are an idiot!" He goes on to say he survived an Extreme Rules Match with former UFC Champ Brock Lesnar and Laurinaitis is going to make Cena's life more difficult? The only thing difficult right now is the fact that he has to sit there and listen to Laurinaitis run this show down in the good name of (Laurinaitis voice) People Power.

Laurinaitis says in the name of People Power, he's willing to put the past in the past and look to the future. He wants to talk about Over The Limit. He knows Cena's not ready to compete due to the condition he's in because of Brock, but as Cena said, if he's hurt, he loves to do, let him show Cena his opponent...

Lord Tensai music hits. Sakamoto comes out to the stage, then Tensai out. The two down the ramp. Tensai removes all of his garb before reaching the ring. Sakamoto on one side of Cena, Tensai on the other, but Cena had his back to Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis hits Cena in the head with the mic – giving that perfect sounding thud through the sound system. Cena hits the mat and doesn't move. Laurinaitis gets huge heat!

Laurinaitis down by Cena, says that Cena's opponent at OTL is Laurinaitis! Cena to his feet, Sakamoto kicks Cena in the leg, then Laurinaitis sends Cena shoulder first into a corner. Tensai then back splashes Cena. Cole freaks that it's to Cena's bad arm! Laurinaitis then kicks and knees Laurinaitis in that side of the back, upper arm and shoulder. Cena on the apron as Sakamoto holds his body, Tensai holds Cena's arm, then Laurinaitis stomps Cena's arm. Laurinaitis grabs a chair as Cole is freaking out about what 'Johnny' is doing. "Johnny no!" screams Cole as Laurinaitis hits Cena's arm with the chair. Laurinaitis back in the ring stands over Cena and waves his hand in front of his face. Laurinaitis, Tensai and Sakamoto leave Cena writhing in pain in the ring.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

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