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RAW Results 4/16/12 - If Brock Stayed, Cena Would Be Carrying His Bags

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RAW, though taped in London, starts with music and pyro.

No DQ WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (C) vs Mark Henry

Punk out the ring. Henry is already there looking pissed. Video of Punk getting counted out two weeks ago. Henry attacked Punk after that, then Jericho doused Punk in Jack Daniels. Punk was carried out. Punk is glaring at what was shown on the tron and shaking his head. "CM Punk!" chants. Justin announces Henry then Punk.

Punk kicks at Henry who easily dodges him. A few kicks land, but nothing big. Punk tossed into a corner, then a headbutt to Punk's collarbone area. Punk tossed across the ring. "CM Punk!" chants. Punk on Henry with kicks, but then runs into Henry and is slammed to the mat. Henry stomps Punk from the ring. Punk in when Henry comes out. Punk with a suicide dive on Henry. Kicks to Henry's back. Punk then flung into the post. Henry smirks, then grinds Punk's face into the post! Henry rushes Punk, but eats a foot. Henry tries again to the same effect. Punk runs the barrier, the way Jeff Hardy used to, but quite a lot further, then onto Henry with a bulldog. Kicks to Henry's back with "YES!" each time from the fans. Punk on the apron and runs at Henry, but Henry catches Punk and slams him into the barrier! Both down.


Head hold on Punk on the mat. Punk kicks Henry in the head to get free, but then runs into a piss poor clothesline. Henry then stands on Punk by the ropes. Henry talks smack at Punk, then stomps him. Punk pulled to his feet, then hangs Henry up top. Punk grabs a chair and brings it in. Top of the chair to the gut, then a full chair to his chest for two. Both down, then Punk grabs the chair and rushes Henry, but Henry kicks back to catch Punk in the gut. Henry grabs the chair and swings over his head to Punk's back, but it was very obviously a pulled swing – didn't look like there was much behind it. The fans are silent as Henry sets the chair in a corner between the ropes. Punk avoids eating the chair and on Henry with blows, each with a "YES!" But Henry then comes out of a corner with a clothesline. Then a bear hug on Punk.

Elbows to Henry's shoulder, a "YES!" each time. A chop block to Henry, then a short DDT for two. The fans humming along with each growing move. Punk climbs and a cross body, but Henry catches him. Punk free and kicks Henry in the side of the head. High knee in the corner in what Cole calls 'vintage' Punk. Henry pushes Punk off the bulldog. Henry rushes Punk, Punk trips Henry who eats the chair he earlier set up. Henry on the mat twitching as Punk climbs. Punk points to the sky and hits his Savage elbow with the chair for three.

Winner – Punk

Video of Punk's Savage elbow, then to him holding his side with the belt over his shoulder. Then, of course, Jericho is on the tron. He is sitting in a bar, reeks of beer. Is it the bar or Punk after last week. He's sure Punk can't wait to get his hands on Jericho. Punk will be facing Jericho for the Title. At ER they will be in a Chicago Street Fight. Punk says he doesn't know how Jericho will survive, especially after why he just did to Henry. This is about kicking Jericho's ass! Now he gets to do it in his hometown in front of his father, sister, mother? Jericho wants Punk to show up sober, with his faculties complete. He knows where Punk was earlier, has footage of it.

Video of Punk going into a pub in London, then later leaving, his hood pulled up. Jericho wants to know what Punk was doing there. Was he drinking? Is he drunk right now. Punk asks of Jericho wants to smell his breath? Be a man, come down! He's straight edge, but he can hang with friends who do. He can go to a pub for fish and chips! Jericho asks that if that's what his father always said, just hanging with friends? Did Punk like the taste of the beer, the Daniels? Punk's lost his honor and his beliefs, in two weeks he'll lose his Title. As Punk is about to address this, the tron blinks off. "CM Punk!" from the fans.


Backstage Segment

R-Truth dressed at Sherlock Holmes with Jimmy Watson, they need to find Long a job! Good day! Long says that's the best news he's heard all month!

US Title Match - Santino vs Otunga

Santino out with an Aresenal jersey, then removed it to show Liverpool and got heat for that. The next shirt under was Chelsea, for more heat. Manchester City shirt, and heat. Manchester United, and more heat. The last was England and the fans are happy. Actually, the fans love him. Otunga out in his ugly cape, then throws it off to pose.

They badly grapple, then Otunga slams Santino for two. Forearms over Santino's shoulder to his chest. Otunga uses the ropes to drop his elbow, then another, but only gets two form it. Santino whipped, but gets an elbow into Otunga's face. Blows to Otunga, but Santino drops too early and eats a foot. Santino badly slammed to the mat, but Santino gets his foot on the rope to break the count. Otunga argues with the ref over it. Santino ducks the right time this time. Hip toss, then his salute head drop. Santino sets up, hits the cobra and gets three for it.

Winner – Santino

Video of Santino getting his foot on the rope, then hitting the cobra. Santino trumpets in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Josh with Lord Tensai. Sakamoto tries to talk, but it cut off. Tensai tells Josh that he knows what Josh should fear.


Announce Segment

Cole talks about the WrestleMania buy rate and how it broke records. They go on to talk about Brock.


Brock says he's not a Superstar, he's an ass kicker. He's Brock Lesnar. There isn't anybody in the WWE who has the accolade he has. In high school he dominated. In college, he dominated. Three time WWE Champion. At the time the youngest WWE Champion. No one thought he'd make it in the UFC, but he became the World Heavyweight Champion. Why did he come back? This is business, a guy to legitimatize the company. The only reason Cena is in the spot he is in is because Brock left. If Brock had stayed, Cena would be carrying his bags. He proved it busting Cena's mouth open. What's running through Cena's mind? He doesn't give a crap. It's what's more important is running down his leg. The guy (Cena) is scared. He's scared BLEEP. He's shitting his pants. On April 29th, it's not a wrestling match. It's an Extreme Rules Match. He's coming for a fight. He got a little appetizer. What makes Brock happy? Beating people up, that's what makes him happy.

Ryder vs Kane

Zack Ryder out to the ring. Stills of Kane chokeslamming Ryder through the stage, then sending him off the side of the ramp in his wheelchair. Back to Ryder who's getting pissed watching the pictures. Fire erupts and out comes Kane.


WWE Rewind

Henry and Orton from Smackdown last week. Orton had Henry down, but fire erupts and Kane is on the tron, he'd taken down Cowboy, then took down Orton and said he's a sucker for family reunions.

Back to Ryder vs Kane

Kane calls for fire from the corners, then removes his over mask. Ryder on the apron, kicked off by Kane and flies off onto announce! Kane out and attacking Ryder by the stairs. Ryder bounced off announce, then back first into the barrier. Kane slides Ryder into the ring and follows. Ryder pulled to his feet, then chokeslams Ryder to the mat. Video of the first kick on Ryder, then how it ended. The bell never rung.

Kane grabs a mic and says what a joyful family reunion on Smackdown Randy. Him and his father laying there together, helpless. He expected cowboy to go down without a fight, but who'd have thought the Viper would be so easy. But he guesses what they say is true, like father, like son. Kane leaves the ring and up the ramp.

Backstage Segment

Kofi talking to AJ back there. Bryan comes up behind them and demands to know if he's hitting on AJ? Just because he doesn't want her, doesn't mean it's open season on her. She should watch when he puts Kofi in the LeBell lock... Wait, he's better than Gene LeBell ever was. When he puts Kofi in the "YES!" lock, he will be yelling "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" The fans are chanting along with Bryan. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Kofi and AJ walk away "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"


In Ring Segment

Cena's music hits and he's even getting heat on the other side of the pond! I'm impressed. Video of the fight between Cena and Brock last week on RAW. Then to video of Cena defeating Otunga, but then Brock with a low blow form behind, then an F5. Cena is wanting the tron, getting heat from the fans. He says it's interesting footage. The thing he finds most interesting is Brock hits F5 and Laurinaitis is ringside, but Laurinaitis was the first to dive out of the ring when the fight started. He knew WrestleMania could be the end of an era, but that era could be his! "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans. That's the night Laurinaitis became the most powerful man in the WWE, and asked what he thinks of Cena he'd say what most of them would 'Cena sucks' The problem is when someone uses authority to end and replace Cena. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Cena says the sad part is Laurinaitis won't fire him, but has to legitimatize all of the WWE, so they go get Brock. The man who's return was the most anticipated in the WWE's history. Why? After a year of hearing about entertaining and movies coming up and shaking hands with the fans, Brock stands for destruction. He doesn't came how many he wins over. He stands for pain, dominance and at Extreme Rules, he stands for torture. Going into this match with someone who doesn't want to win, he's done that. His sole purpose is to end and replace Cena. We heard from Brock that Cena's afraid and he's right. Show Cena a fearless man and he'll show us a liar.

The most vicious man in the most brutal match, Cena will fight. Fear can be overcome, time will heal all wounds, Cena will fight. If he's walking into Chicago to take the biggest ass whooping of his life, he doesn't care, Cena will fight!!!

Laurinaitis' music cuts Cena off. Before his music stops, Laurinaitis is talking with his normal, My name is John Laurinaitis, Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Permanent RAW and Smackdown General Manager. Laurinaitis says it's an end of an era, but the beginning of a new one, People Power. He's glad Cena wants to fight as the fans want to see him fight. So Cena will be in an Extreme Rules Match tonight. And next week on the 3 hour RAW there will be a contract signing. He's not going to tell Cena who he's fighting because that makes it more exciting, innovative, creative and that's the way we do it in the new era of People Power.

Announce Segment

King and Cole go through what happened earlier in the show, show video from Punk defeating Henry, then Jericho on the tron verbally attacking Punk. Right to the footage of Punk going into and out of a pub. Jericho talks down Punk and his straight edge lifestyle.


Backstage Segment

Horney is reading a book in a fake library and R-Truth comes through a secret passage, but then Horney can't get out that way.

Kofi vs Bryan

Kofi out to the ring. Bryan out screaming "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

They lock up and Kofi over his shoulder. Bryan yells "YES!", then gets kicks from Kofi. Kofi whipped and eats a drop kick. Bryan works over Kofi's arm as the fans chant for Bryan. A running knee to Kofi's gut for two. An arm hold on Kofi, then Bryan stomps him. Blows to Bryan's gut, but Bryan comes back slamming Kofi to the mat. Bryan back on that left arm, but Kofi reverses it and sends Bryan flying. Back elbow to Bryan's face, but then Kofi sent outside. Bryan came off the apron, but Kofi moves. Kofi off the top rope onto Bryan outside.


Kofi ducks Bryan and hits a monkey flip. Kofi rushes Bryan, but eats corner. Kofi's head on a buckle padding and Bryan kicks the rope into his face. AJ is watching backstage, looking all meek. Kicks to Kofi in a corner. A "YES!" for each kick. Bryan covers for two. Chinlock on the mat.

Cole is actually defending Bryan to King. Kofi fights back with two handed clotheslines, then a drop kick and a boom drop. Bryan ducks Kofi, but then Kofi reverses the "YES!" lock and hits the SOS, but only gets two. More kicks to Bryan in a corner. Bryan reverses a whip, but Kofi kicks him in the head. Kofi up but Bryan follows. Head butt sends Bryan flying, but Bryan ducks Kofi. Bryan locks on the "YES!" lock and Kofi taps out.

Winner – Bryan

Bryan locks on the "YES!" lock again. Sheamus rushes the ring, but Bryan ducks the brogue kick and flees the ring. Sheamus helps Kofi to his feet as Bryan, on the stage, yells "YES!"


Slam of The Week

Two weeks ago Santino defended again Dolph and Swagger in a Triple Threat US Title Match, then Funkasaurus came out and protected Santino.

Funkasaurus vs Dolph w/ Vickie & Swagger

Funkasaurus out with his dancers, all in red. EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Vickie announces the Showoff, Dolph Ziggler. Vickie looks really great coming to the ring with Dolph. Swagger is in a suit follows them to the ring.

Drop kick to Clay. Clay grabs Dolph and threw him across the ring. Swagger tries to pull Dolph from the ring, but Clay grabs Dolph and drags him back in, Swagger came with.

Winner – Clay via DQ?

A head butt to Swagger, then Dolph flung in the air to use his own gravitational force to make his way back to the mat. Both heels flee the ring as Vickie gets up on the apron to yell at Clay. Clay's dancers pull on Vickie's boots, but he kicks one off and she hits the floor. Vickie points and laughs. The other dancer chases Vickie into the ring and she backs into Clay. Vickie lands on her bum and flees with her ego hurt as the three in red dance in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Laurinaitis talking to Otunga about focusing on his in-ring career the way he does on everything Otunga does for Laurinaitis. Eve comes up and asks about their one on one. Eve into his office, both Laurinaitis and Otunga follow.

Chief Jay Strongbow

King talked up Strongbow the man and what a great person and friend he was. A wonderful video tribute to Strongbow's life.


Backstage Segment

R-Truth Holmes looking at Long. Little Jimmy found Long a job, GM of Smackdown! Long isn't impressed.

Khali & Big Show vs Primo & Epico w/ Rosa

Khali out to the ring. Big Show out looking really slim, for Big Show, then gave a kid his hat on the way to the ring. Primo and Epico to the ring with Rosa.

Epico in on Khali. AW on the stage with his tablet taking notes. Chop to Epico in a corner. Primo tags in and into a big boot. Primo and Epico regroup outside. Rosa demands the belts and they're all leaving the ringside area. Big Show grabs the Champs and throws them back into the ring. Chop to the head of each. Big Show counts off the they hit a chokeslam and Punjabi plunge at the same time. Both pin for the three.

Winners – Big Show & Khali

Big Show and Khali dance to Khali's music in the ring.


For the first time in Russia, Santino and Dolph talk about going there and performing. Kofi talks about seeing the sights and the culture. Cena talks about how big this was for them all.


Extreme Rules Match – Cena vs Lord Tensai w/ Sakamoto

Cena out to the ring, all pumped up for his match. Laurinaitis out wit Otunga in tow, coffee in hand. Laurinaitis is out to introduce his opponent. Cena will face Lord Tensai. Sakamoto out, bows, then out comes Tensai. Cena watched Tensai closely as he comes out and is disrobed by Sakamoto.

They lock up. Cena with blows, Tensai with elbows, then bounces Cena face first off a corner. A stomp, then another blow to Cena. Cena blocks Tensai and hits a suplex on Tensai. Tensai bounces right up and clotheslines Cena. Tensai stomps Cena, then head butts Cena. Cena whipped and falls to the mat. Big boot in a corner. Cena whipped, then Tensai splashes Cena in a corner. Cena rolls from the ring to regroup, but Tensai out and kicks Cena in the ribs a couple times. Cena up with blows on Tensai, but then Tensai reverses and sends Cena into the stairs. Cena reverses on Tensai and hits a body drop. Cena grabs the stairs and lands them to Tensai's head.

Cena sends Tensai into the ring, but Sakamoto on Cena with kicks. Otunga then over and sends Cena into the ring. Tensai with Cena up in an inverted double chicken wing and slams him to the mat. Tensai locks the Vulcan nerve pinch on Cena. Cena up and free and tries to get Tensai into an AA. Cena gets him up, but can't hit the move. Cena whipped, then hits the mat. Tensai has a bit of blood on his lip. Tensai runs at Cena, but Cena moves. Shoulder blocks, then Cena takes Tensai down. Cena hits his second move, the slam, but before move three, the 5 knuckle shuffle, Tensai to his feet and chops Cena in the neck. Back splash to Cena for two.

Tensai on Cena's arm and slams him to the mat. Tensai wrenches Cena's arm back on the mat. Cena rolls through and locks on the STF. Otunga into the ring, but Cena up and hits an AA on Otunga while pointing to Laurinaitis. Cena then turns into green mist that Tensai spits in his face. Sit down powerbomb on Cena for three.

Winner – Tensai

Tensai poses in the ring, a fan with his hands folded over the barrier, but at that camera angle the fan's hands looked to be skin hanging between Tensai's legs – not a good look.

Biggest pop
CM Punk

Biggest heat

Most mixed

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