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WWE Smackdown - Great American Bash Results 7/3/12 - Hacksaw, Slaughter & Tonsil Hockey

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This Live Smackdown, Great American Bash starts with a Big Show's party for the USA. Everyone is partying. Beth talking to Yoshi, Camacho and Hunico. Hornswoggle in a kiddie pool with some Divas. Long there to welcome everyone to GAB. Don't worry about making a mess, his volunteer will clean it up – Eve in a horrible dress and name tag. Long announces Santino, with cobra wearing a stars and stripes hat. Santino tries to light the grill, but can't. Kane appears, throws his hands down and fire erupts from the grill!!!!

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

Ricardo announce ADR who comes out in a 1979 Rolls Royce Convertible Corniche. Video of ADR beating up Sin Cara last night. He's not there to celebrate America, this is more important, he's talking about him! He got his one on one to Sheamus. He's going to destroy Sheamus and send him back to Ireland, crying like a little girl. We love Sheamus because he's like us, a hooligan, something in Spanish. Always trying to take advantage of the working people like ADR. Don't hate him because he's successful and he isn't. He came to this country legally. He made a lot of money in Mexico, and here. The fans make him sick! After the MITB PPV Sheamus is going back to where he belongs and hopes they can go to. He'd like to send them all where they belong. He wants to start right now.

Ricardo and ADR leave the ring. He demands papers from a number of the fans. He says they don't deserve to be there, they're illegal aliens. He get into a plant's face and he yells something in Spanish. He wants to get rid of one of them, before he gets rid of Sheamus. The man says this is no Arizona, it's Texas! ADR and Ricardo rush him, but Sheamus' music and out he comes. ADR throws Ricardo at Sheamus, but he bounces off and Sheamus on ADR in a big way. ADR sent off the side of the ramp. Ricardo on Sheamus' back, so he's flipped to the ramp. Sheamus sends ADR into one barrier, then another. Ricardo gets involved and Sheamus is down. They're over by the car. Ricardo opens the hood of the car and says ADR should put Sheamus in and slam the hood on him. So, of course, ADR does, over and over and over. Sheamus crumbles to the floor, his head busted open. Sheamus in a heap with ADR standing over him talking smack in Spanish. The refs are out to stop ADR. ADR looks at the blood on his hand and backs off.



Recap of ADR and Sheamus fighting before the break. Josh talks about how vicious ADR has become. Now Sheamus is by the car, but standing. Some blood dripping from his head as Sheamus is led away from the car area.

Mixed Tag Match - Khali & Layla vs Antonio Cesaro & Aksana

Layla and Khali out to Khali's music. She's in piunk and he's in his regular red. Booker sends a shout out to JR and his BBQ sauce. Antonio in red and black, as is Aksana, but her's is a lace overlay.

Antonio ducks Khali and tries to attack, but is backed into a corner and chopped. Antonio sent back into the corner, but ducks the big boot and chop blocks Khali before stomping him. Khali then grabs Antonio and chops him in the corner. A sick blow drops Antonio! Aksana tags.

Layla in with a Thesz Press. Layla toys with Aksana, keeping her in the ring, then slaps her bum! Layla's slingshot crossbody, but Antonio breaks the count. Khali takes Antonio out of the ring. A sick neck breaker/cutter on Aksana for three.

Winners – Khali & Layla (1:57)

Khali is at a loss, didn't know they'd won, but then dances with Layla!

Backstage Segment

Long runs into Cody who laughs at Long' outfit. Cody says the Board of Directors accepted his appeal and he has another Qualifying Match, or hadn't Long heard. Long says he did, and he gets to pick his opponent. It's not someone qualifying, but someone already in who Cody hasn't beaten – Christian!



WCW announced that Foley was going to win the WWF Title and 600,000 people changed the channel. Foley says it was an amazing moment, something he thought he'd never see. It came at a pivotal time in the Monday Night War, WCW Nitro never defeated RAW in the ratings again.

MITB Qualifying Match – Cody vs Christian

Cody out to the ring, the blue case hanging over the ring. Christian out to face him to a solid pop.

Christian gets the fans clapping, then they lock up. Shoulder block and one on Christian. Cody kicks Christian, then slams him back for two. Christian behind Cody, reversed and Christian elbows free. Cody whipped, but gets his feet up. Flap Jack on Cody for one. Christian whipped, but moves and kicks Cody, but then gets kicked in the head himself. Christian' arm hung up top and pinned for two, twice. Cody looks up at the case and takes a deep breath.


Hammerlock on Christian on the mat. Christian gets the fans behind and and to his feet. He elbows, but is slammed to the mat with his arm behind him, but only for two. Cody gets Christian up and vertical, but then slams him face first to the mat. Christian into a corner and beaten down. Cody sets Christian up top and climbs. Christian with blows drops Cody. Missile drop kick to Cody. A big blow, then a forearm to Cody. Cody in the ropes, so Christian out and upper cut from out there. Low drop kick on Cody. Christian up and hits his crossbody, but only for two.

Christian again gets the fans clapping. Kick to Christian, then an upper cut. Cody sets up, but Christian reverses on Cody for two. Christian shoulder first into the post, but Cody only gets two. Cody tries to untie the padding, but Christian takes Cody down backward for two. Christian sets up for Edge's spear, but runs into a kick. Christian ducks Cody's blow and sets up for the killswitch, but Cody reverses into cross-rhodes for three!

Winner – Cody (9:37)

A beautiful shot of Cody posing on a corner with the case dangling over his shoulder.

Backstage Segment

Hornswoggle still in the kiddie pool hanging with the Usos. Ryder wants to play Beiber and other kiddie pop, but Slater comes in and starts singing. They throw things at him. Ryder calls for a fist pump and starts playing Funkasaurus' music. He comes in wearing white with green trim, his girls in green.


MITB Qualifying Match – Alex Riley vs Ziggler

Riley in the ring waiting. EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! She's giving America its greatest gift, Ziggler! Ziggler out, ego and all!

Ziggler points up and talks smack. Huge drop kick to Ziggler for a long two. Blows to Riley, swinging neck breaker on Riley for two. Knee drop on Riley for two. Chinlock on Riley as Vickie screeches from outside the ring. Ziggler holds the lock on Riley, stands on his head and continues the hold. Riley works his way to his feet and a suplex on Ziggler to get free. Ziggler rushes Riley in a corner and eats an elbow. Riley with a couple clotheslines and a spinebuster! Ziggler reverses on Riley and lands him in the corner, but Riley moves and Ziggler eats corner for two. Ziggler on the apron gets a blow on Riley. The zig-zag and Ziggler gets the three.

Winner – Ziggler (2:27)

Ziggler up on a corner yells that it's his time! Vickie raises Ziggler's hand as they back up the ramp. Ziggler again yells it's his time!


In Ring Segment

Cole in the ring asks for everyone's attention. His guest is the most talked about figure in the WWE today – AJ AJ bounces out in black and pink. He thanks her for joining him. He says he's been nothing but fair and balanced, unlike AJ who is nothing like balanced. AJ tries to talk, but Cole cuts her off and says he'll give her a chance to explain everything, including what she did to Punk and Bryan last night on RAW. Video of AJ's segment with Bryan saying that she'll win and run into the arms of who the WWE calls her soul mate. After her match Punk was on the phone, missed the match. She was upset that he wasn't paying attention to her. AJ had a discussion with Eve about getting attention. Then, AJ to the ring, but Bryan and Punk ignore her. AJ sets up the table, then climbs. AJ kisses Punk, then pushes him into Bryan and they both go through the table. RAW ends with AJ yelling "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

AJ has that sweet smile on her face from watching. Cole asks her what the hell she was thinking. AJ says a lot have asked her that over 24 hours. Cole yells that she wasn't thinking. She switched allegiances on a dime. The Board of Directors made a huge mistake making her the Special Guest Ref at MITB. Cole calls AJ a troubled little girl. AJ glares at him. Cole says she holds in her hands the most prestigious Title in the history of this business. She's a teenager living out this tug-of-war fantasy between two guys who he doesn't know what she sees in them. He she thought of pursuing a real man? A man of power and influence? Maybe, a former war correspondent turned voice of the WWE. Fame, and fortune. Think about it AJ, she could have all of that (he opens his jacket to show his pink shirt), a physical specimen...

Bryan's music cuts Cole off. Bryan says they get it. He thinks he's some big, tough, investigative journalist, but he's not. He's a sexist, emotionally abusive bully. Just like the rest of the media he makes things up and puts words in people's mouths. This story isn't about Cole. Bryan turns to AJ. He says he thinks he knows AJ just about better than anyone. Not only is she taking her job as Special Guest Ref seriously, she will do an excellent job. He also knows AJ didn't mean for both of them to go through that table. She only wanted Punk to go through that table. Bryan forgive her for not realizing he was in the line of fire...

Punk's music cuts Bryan off. Punk out to the ring looking rather unhappy. Punk slow to the ring and in. "CM Punk!" chants. Punk tells Cole it has nothing to do with him. He claims it was his interview. "Get out now!" growls Punk. Punk says two people were directly effected by AJ's actions last night, him and Bryan. Last night he fell through a table, so today his body feels wrecked, but it's days and situations like that you get when you sign up to be a wrestler. He, unlike Bryan, isn't going to sweep it under the ring. He won't suck up to her because she's Special Guest Ref. He's going to be blunt because that's what she deserves and she needs help. He tells AJ that she's not in a good place mentally. Part of that is his fault. He should have said something about it sooner, and because he didn't, he's sorry. But AJ needs professional help. AJ glares. Punk says he, unlike Bryan, won't lie to her face and toy with her emotions to get what he wants. She's a sweet girl...

"What a load of garbage!" yells Bryan. He says Punk's just doing an end run, playing passive aggressive to get what he wants. Punk doesn't care about AJ, "I CARE ABOUT AJ!" Bryan yells. Here is Punk playing the good guy, that it's not important that AJ is the Special Guest Ref. He's something about Punk, all he cares about is AJ being ref because Punk needs AJ so he can beat Bryan. Mics are dropped and AJ gets between them. AJ looks back and forth. AJ then steps up to Bryan and kisses him deeply, passionately. Punk looks very upset, quite upset. Punk leaves the ring. AJ goes out after him, stops Punk with a hand, then really plants one on him. Punk was all there for that kiss. Bryan's mouth is hanging open – shocked and almost hurt looking. After AJ was done kissing Punk, she skips up the ramp. Punk looks happy, sad, confused. Up on the ramp AJ starts with the hands, "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"


6 Man Tag Match – Santino & Slaughter & Hacksaw vs Hunico & Camacho & Drew McIntyre

Lilian announces Santino to the ring. Santino has a mic and thanks Lilian. He announces his partners. He's a real American hero, Sgt. Slaughter. And then an American patriot, Hacksaw! I then notice that heels are already out to the ring.

Camacho is attacked by Slaughter. Elbows to Camacho, then Santino tags in. Camacho with a forearm to Santino, but Hacksaw gets the chants going. Hunico in and takes Santino down for two. Drew tags in and takes Santino down for two. Forearms to Drew, but then Drew takes Santino down. Drew sent into his own corner and Hunico tags in, as does Hacksaw.

Hacksaw with a huge clothesline. Three point stance, 'vintage' Hacksaw on Hunico, but they all rush the ring. Back elbow to Hunico, then a clothesline. Santino tags in and out comes cobra. Cobra on Hunico for three.

Winners – Santino & Slaughter & Hacksaw (2:27)

They celebrate in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Long says Little Jimmy can't hold his punch. R-Truth and Long laugh, but then Sandow pulls the plug on the music. Ryder gets in his face and calls Sandow 'bro'. Sandow gets mouthy and tells Sandow if he doesn't want to be there, then leave. They get into it, Sandow is slammed into the table. Ryder sees the punch bowl, so he grabs it, turns and throws. Sandow ducks and Eve is covered in red punch. Everyone laughs at her, there's comments about how she looks like Carrie. Long laughs at her, a lot. R-Truth tries to mop a tiny bit off her brow with the corner of a napkin, but Long brushes him off. "You all wet Eve!" says R-Truth. Long laughs more, so Eve screams and stomps off to more laughter from all.


Hawkins w/ Reks vs Ryback

Reks says Hawkins thinks he can beat Ryback. Reks knows he can beat Ryback. They flipped a coin, Hawkins won, so have fun. Ryback out to the ring. Reks slaps Hawkins on the shoulder and jumps down from the apron.

Hawkins behind Ryback with a forearm, then another blow. Hawkins reverses, then on Ryback's back, so Ryback slams back. Hawkins slammed to the mat, then a huge belly-to-belly. Hawkins to a corner, but moves and Ryback hits it with his chest, but comes out with a SICK clothesline to Hawkins. Hawkins up, Ryback marches, then he slams Hawkins to the mat for three.

Winner – Ryback (1:11)

Reks, outside the ring, just shakes his head. Video of the high points of the match. Ryback leaves the ring, then Reks in to help Hawkins as Ryback wants them to feed him more.


Recap of the earlier fight between Sheamus and ADR.



January 29, 2007 – Donald Trump wanted to upstage VKM. It was Fan Appreciation Night. Trump was on the tron and cut on VKM. Trump dropped thousands of dollars to the fans. The fans appreciated Trump more than VKM.


Jael de Pardo is in the front row. They show a promo for Haunter Highway with her and Jack Osbourne.

Stage Segment

Long out and asks for a 'Holla holla holla'! He thanks everyone. He doesn't know who will be GM, but he's had a blast tonight. That being said, it's time to find out who will be GM of Smackdown next week.

Great American Bash Battle Royal for Smackdown GM

ADR out with Ricardo. Fire, then Kane comes out. Swagger is the next to the ring. Cena comes out to solid pop, and is all pumped up.


Tensai out to the ring. The rest are around the inside of the ring, facing in. Punk comes out and Bryan glares! Big Show stomps out to the ring.

The bell and they all fight. Gabriel eliminated by Big Show. Funkasaurus eliminated by Big Show. Khlon Slater, then on Ziggler. Kane picks up Punk, but he gets free. Zeke is eliminated.

Eliminated – Gabriel & Clay & Zeke

A bunch eliminate Khali. Sandow on the apron, Ryder eliminates him. Santino flung out by Cody.

Eliminated – Khali & Sandow & Santino

Cody and Big Show fight, then Kofi is caught. Big Show eliminates one with each hand.

Eliminated – Cody & Kofi


Tensai and Kane on Ziggler. Punk and Bryan to blows in the center of the ring. Punk and Bryan eliminated! Kane whips ADR, then slams him to the mat. Chokeslam to Cena from Kane. Big Show and Kane catch each other for chokeslams – Kane hits it! Tensai on Kane in a corner, ADR joins in. Tensai grabs Ziggler and they go after Cena, ADR joins in. They place Cena pinball. Super Cena takes Tensai down, then Ziggler, then ADR. ADR eliminated!

Eliminated – Punk & Bryan & ADR

AA to Kane. Tens tries to eliminate Cena, but can't. Cena eliminates Tensai, then Big Show gets Cena out. Christian climbs and flies on Big Show, but Big Show catches him and eliminates him.

Eliminated – Tensai & Cena & Christian

Ziggler jumps on Big Show back with a sleeper. Ziggler and Big Show both go over the top and out. It's down to Ryder and Kane!

Eliminated – Big Show & Ziggler

Kane all over Ryder! Beats Ryder down in a corner. Ryder gets free but eats a big boot. Drop toe hold on Kane into the second buckle. Ryder with his kick in the corner. Rough Ryder countered by Kane, but nothing comes of it. Kane rushes Ryder, but Ryder pulls the ropes down and Kane is eliminated!

Winner & GM of Smackdown next week – Zack Ryder (10:49)

Ryder celebrates all over the ring. He's glowing and all smiles.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

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