RAW Results 2/4/13 - Jericho & Punk Prove They Really Are The Best At What They Do


Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about Brock's attack on VKM and his surgery. And on Miz TV will be Heyman to talk about the Brock assault because he's been Brock's long time confidant.

Show Starts


Cena declared the Title he would be going after at WrestleMania, but then The Shield came out and attacked. Ryback and Sheamus helped, but they were all taken down.

Heyman then declared he wasn't lying about The Shield and Maddox, but VKM had video proof. VKM was about to fire him, but then there was The Pain! Brock didn't say a word, but an F5 to VKM made his intentions obvious.

In Ring Segment

Punk's music and he stomps out to the ring in his ring gear and black hoodie. He takes a little kid's birthday poster and broke it over his knee! Punk forces Justin into the ring. Justin announces Punk as The People's Champion, then flees with Punk still glaring.

Now that that's out of the way, he wants to let us know what sitting back and thinking about it for a week does to ones perspective. Did he come out and yell and scream? If he thinks he overreacted, they don't know how he felt, they've never held anything of worth like the WWE Championship. No one in this building has done anything great in their entire life! He's had a week to sit back, watch the footage and think about what happened, and he can say he didn't overreact. He acted like a normal person would react, because he was screwed. The WWE Championship in its physical form was stolen from him and is held by somebody who doesn't deserve it. Someone who doesn't understand what it means to be Champ. All week people have asked about this supposed video VKM had and showed the world about him and Heyman working with The Shield and Maddox. People asking him questions? No!

Punk leaves the ring to the front row. The guy yells at Punk that he sucks. Did he see Punk in that video? No! He asks a blonde who is leaning on the barrier with her elbows and glaring at him, but she shakes her head no. Punk says he wasn't there, but they all point their fat little fingers at him! Over to announce and Punk asks Cole. Cole just stares, then says Punk wasn't in the video.

Back into the ring and Punk says that if Heyman says it wasn't him, then it was someone else. As ridiculous as that may sound, put that up to what they believe. They all believe what VKM has put up on his tron as gospel truth. As if VKM wouldn't hire an actor! That wasn't Paul Heyman, it was Paul Giamatti! It was CGI. VKM has the cash and is vindictive enough to do it. If he wants to paint them as horrible people, he'll doctor a video and play it. And all of you mindless, no good, low down, fat , stupid, lazy people will eat it up! VKM last week was hoisted high in the air, and dumped on his hip and got what he deserved. VKM had hip surgery today (actually it was Friday that he had hip surgery, and it was scheduled due to previous issues, not because of Brock), because Brock broke VKM's hip! VKM got what he deserved. It's karma folks. None of you will amount to anything, because you don't deserve it. If you don't believe me, come in here and I'll punch you in face and dump you over the rail because I'm the real Champ. All you losers get what you deserve because you're worthless. VKM got what he deserve, and in a couple weeks Punk will get what he deserves. The Rock can run around with the strap, but the real Champ is right here. He's granting The Rock a rematch and The Rock will get what he deserves and Punk will get what he deserves, because today is his 442 day as Champ.

Booker's music hits and Cole says he never thought he'd be so glad to see Booker! Booker to the stage, but Punk says that no one wants to hear from him, this isn't his show, hit the bricks.

Booker says that's not true, as managing manager or managing. Excuse me (with a smirk knowing he screwed that one up), as Managing Supervisor of RAW, Vickie allowed him to come out and decide Punk's fate. He won't he's letting the fans do it.

Punk asks Booker if he's drunk putting it in the hands of these people!

They're on the Road To WrestleMania, so why not have Punk face one of his past WrestleMania opponents? WrestleMania 26, Rey? Like that? Or maybe WrestleMania 27, Orton? Or, maybe his last WrestleMania opponent, Jericho! "Y2J!" chants. Booker tells the 'Universe' to download the App and vote for who Punk should face.

Punk says these people don't have Smartphones, he's putting in the hands of idiots.

You know you can dig that, Suckah!

Announce Segment

Cole talks up the App, he made a tutorial about downloading the App. So they show us him downloading the App, with his own fat fingers – his words! Later they will tell us when we can vote for this. Also, tonight, ESPN broke the story tonight, a long time coming, an announcement of who will be inducted into the WWE HOF!

In Ring Segment

"Feed me more!" and out comes Ryback.



Orton, on the WWE App says he beat Punk, in Atlanta, so he should face him tonight. Punk running his mouth? He can fix that with an RKO.

Ryback vs Cesaro

Cesaro out to the ring in a new white jacket with a flag of the USA on it (twice), on his trunks, and in hand.

They lock up, Cesaro tossed off to a corner. Cesaro tries to do the same. Cesaro behind Ryback, but easily lifted and flipped to the mat. Ryback on Cesaro in a corner, but takes an eye poke. Ryback takes Cesaro down to "Goldberg!" chants. Cesaro hung upside-down and stomped in a corner as he chants "Feed me more!" Cesaro out, Ryback out and sends him in, but is under attack. Cesaro stomps Ryback on the mat. Upper cuts to Ryback, but Ryback fights back with a Thesz Press. Ryback keeps picking Cesaro up and slamming him back on the mat, but then Cesaro back with a clothesline to Ryback's back!


Ryback pushes out of a side headlock, and takes Cesaro down, a couple times. Cesaro flees the ring and heading up the ramp, but Ryback attacks from behind and throws Cesaro back into the ring. Ryback on the apron and is hung up top by Cesaro. Cesaro low through the ropes on Ryback. Ryback into the post, then into the stairs! Cesaro into the ring and tells the ref to count! Ryback is flat on the floor, but makes it in just before ten. Cesaro on Ryback in a corner with blows, then a boot to the face. Cesaro off the corner onto Ryback with a knee for two.

Cesaro waits for Ryback to get up, but then eats a knee lift. Beautiful body drop on Cesaro and the "Feed me more!" chants are loud! Meathook clothesline to Cesaro, but then Cesaro rolls out. Ryback goes out and catches Cesaro as he's going over the barrier into someone's lap. Back in the ring a boot to Ryback head, but he catches Cesaro trying the second time and powerbombs him to the mat! Meathook clothesline and Ryback gets Cesaro up, marches. Shell shocked for three.

Winner – Ryback (9:53)

Video of the high points of the match, specifically Cesaro dominating. King says it's like the Super Bowl, Cesaro had the first half, but Ryback had the second. "Feed me more!"

Announce Segment

Cole is still going on about the WWE App and vote for Orton, Rey or Jericho to face Punk tonight. Cole says that Cena, winner of the Royal Rumble, declared who he was facing at WrestleMania. Video of Cena saying he'll face the WWE Champ, but not mentioning any names. Then The Shield attacked. Sheamus rushed out to help, but no luck. They Ryback out, but it was too late for the numbers game. Cena was triple bombed to the mat.


Announce Segment

Chilli from the former TLC is in the front row. Video of Rey saying Punk is embarrassing himself. Who else took Punk's hair? He's been Champ himself and knows how to handle Punk. Cole talks about The Shield and how they arrived at Survivor Series. Video of The Shield's attack on Ryback that night. Then on to bits of The Shield's videos and explanations, and clips of those they've attacked. They don't talk about injustice, they rectify it.

Backstage Segment

Cena is in Vickie's office. Vickie laughs at Cena for wanting to all out The Shield himself. Does he remember the movie called Death Wish?

Cena says right now there's a TV show called Monday Night RAW, and on that show is Cena, the guy who won the Royal Rumble Match, will go to WrestleMania and become WWE Champ, but this guy thinks The Shield needs to be stopped, and stopped tonight.

Announce Segment

The Shield is trending right now. Cole talking about the HOF at MSG. Video for Trish being inducted into the WWE HOF! Same video they showed last week. Cole then goes on to talk about later tonight, among the greatest of all time, will be announced.



Jericho on the App says if Punk's the best in the world, he doesn't have to claim it, he is it. Tonight they can see who is the best in the world. Download the App and vote for Jericho!

Santino vs Swagger

Santino to the ring. Booker is on announce. Swagger out in black with gold to face Santino.

They lock up and Santino slammed to the mat. Santino runs the ropes, stops Swagger once, but is taken down hard the second time by. Swagger with a high knee, then on Santino with blows and knees in a corner. Swagger rushes Santino, but eats corner. Santino gets silly and dodges Swagger a bit, but is them taken down and eats a Swagger bomb. Ankle lock and Santino taps out.

Winner – Swagger (1:24)

Swagger is now calling his ankle lock, 'The Patriot Act!' Swagger over to Booker asking if he's now impressed, as Booker is finally impressed?

Announce Segment

Now it's time to vote for who will face Punk!


Announce Segment

King says that the Super Bowl had their power surge, but the WWE is having theirs tonight with the WWE App.

ADR vs Rhodes

ADR to the ring, gives a scarf to a kid ringside. Video of Big Show attacking ADR and Ricardo in the ring last week. Then onto ADR attacking Big Show on Smackdown, and Big Show's attack on Ricardo later in the night. Rhodes and his mustache out to face ADR.

Rhodes with kicks, then punches ADR into a corner. ADR whipped, but a knee to Rhodes, then off the corner taking Rhodes down hard. Rhodes slaps ADR who is shocked and goes after Rhodes with kicks, backs him into a corner. Enziguri in a corner for two, but then Rhodes with control over ADR in a corner. Blows, knees and kicks, but ADR from the corner and Rhodes eats padding. ADR works Rhodes over, then kicks Rhodes in the face for a long two!

ADR gets the 'Si!' chants going. ADR misses the arm breaker. Rhodes with his disaster kick, and ADR is barely able to kick out before the three. ADR tries again, locks on his arm breaker and Rhodes taps out.

Winner – ADR (2:46)

ADR is all smiles. Video of ADR getting the win. ADR poses for thew fans and calls for a mic. He's standing in front of them a different person. He used to look down on everybody, but he now knows he was wrong. Big Show bullied him like he bullies everyone. He's not going to allow it. The fans helped open his eyes. It's not just for him, it's for the people who work, fight, every single day to put food on the table. Those who are bullied by monsters like Big Show. Big Show will pay for what he did to his brother, Ricardo. If he thinks what he did last week was bad...

Big Show is suddenly on the tron, speaking a little Spanish to get ADR's attention. He tells ADR not to get his hot sauce blood in a stir as he's not even there at the arena.

ADR says Big Show is at his hotel room because he's a coward, then goes off in Spanish.

Big Show says ADR doesn't know how hard it is to control his rage. He wasn't afraid of ADR with a little stick. He left to keep himself from tearing ADR limb from limb. ADR stole his Title. For Big Show to finish ADR in a parking lot, or in the ring tonight, he wants a rematch at Elimination Chamber. Sign the contract and have Booker or someone bring the contract over. But don't even think of trying to find Big Show. If he thinks what Big Show did to Ricardo was bad, he doesn't know anything. ADR is all upset, then Big Show's music hits. ADR waits in the ring, but he's not there.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the App being overloaded and having to send people to WWE.com. King has the mic and talks about the voting for Punk's match tonight.
Orton – 30%
Rey – 13%
Jericho – 57%


WWE Rewind

Rey and Sin Cara beat Team Hell No last week on Smackdown.

Backstage Segment

Bryan tells Kane it was his fault. He's Bryan's partner and not doing his part. Kane thought Bryan can take care of himself, partner. Bryan says he can, but doesn't want his chance to get in the Elimination Chamber to get messed up, so Kane has to stay back here. Kane petulantly says, 'FINE!'

Rey vs Bryan

Rey out in black and green, stopping to see kids on his way down to the ring. Bryan out to the ring yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

They circle and lock up. Snap mare into kicks to Rey's chest for one, then one, then one. An amazing arm drag into a drop kick on Bryan. Bryan reverses head scissors by falling back and putting his knees up into Rey's gut! Rey on the apron with blows on Bryan. Rey up top, Bryan trips him and hangs him upside-down. Blows to Rey, but then Rey up to avoid Bryan rushing him. Bryan shoulder first into the post.


Arm bar on Rey,but Rey with blows on Bryan. Bryan uses the arm bar to flip Rey to the mat. Bryan set Rey's arm up on the mat and dropped a hard foot to the pointing up elbow. Bryan slams Rey's left arm over his own shoulder a couple times. Kicks to Rey while he's down, then Bryan sends Rey sliding out under the ropes. Baseball slide on Rey as he starts to get up. Bryan rushes the ropes again, but eats a forearm. Rey up with a seated senton, then a hurricanranna. Rey rolls Bryan through and hits an 'vintage' enziguri on Bryan. Rey sets up, but Bryan counters the 619. Bryan tried for his "NO!" lock, but Rey countered and rolled Bryan back for two. Rey sets Bryan up again and hits 619, but Bryan avoids Rey's drop off the corner. Bryan locks on the "NO!" lock for three.

Winner – Bryan (8:40)

Mark Henry's music and he walks out with that pissed look on his face. Bryan out of the ring, but slammed head first into the barrier. Henry into the ring and stalks Rey. Rey is scooped up into a sick power slam! Henry drags Rey to a corner, but then Sin Cara is there! Sin Cara off the top in a crossbody that Henry easily catches. WSS on Sin Cara. Henry back to Rey. Rey tries to fight back, but right into a WSS on Rey. Henry yells, "That ain't enough!" Henry up on the corner and splashes Rey on the mat (barely even touches him, and it's obvious). "That's what I do!" yells Henry. Henry leaves the ring as they go to a video recap of his destruction of the smallest members of the WWE roster. Back to Henry on the ramp still yelling at the fans that, "I ain't never left!"


Backstage Segment

Bryan runs up on Kane and asks if he saw what Henry did? Where was Kane?

You told me to stay back here.

You owe me an apology.

Kane says in a very 1st grade teacher voice, "Daniel, I'm hurt by your tone. Words hurt, and there's nothing more powerful than our friendship."

Bryan asks if he really means that.

"Hell no! Ha ha ha!" and Kane walks away.

Announce Segment

Cole says we'll have more info on Rey and Sin Cara later. But dot.com has lit up over Brock's return. They again go to video of VKM talking to Heyman about The Shield and Maddox. The video is cut together a bit differently from the version they showed at the opening of the show. It goes through the ending segment from RAW last week, including the video and VKM about to fire Heyman, but Brock came out and attacked VKM. They show the attack over and over from every angle as Heyman freaked out about the whole thing.

King says the impact of the F5 shattered VKM's hip, so he had a full hip replacement today (Friday).

Backstage Segment

Big Show telling Booker that he's not waiting all night. There's a knock on the door, Big Show looks out and it's room service. He's starving, needs calories, you know. Big Show signs for his food, the guy wants a tip. "Next time, get a better job," a slap on his back and Big Show shuts the door.

In Ring Segment

Sheamus to the ring.



Recap of Cena's announcement of his WrestleMania intentions and what happened with The Shield.

Sheamus vs Kane

Sheamus is in the ring pacing. Fire erupts and Kane comes out to face him. Fire from all four.

They circle and lock up. After pushing around Sheamus into a corner. They reverse spots and Sheamus on Kane. Sheamus whipped and comes out into a clothesline. Sheamus eats the top corner padding, then Kane stomps him down. Kane telegraphs and eats a kick, but comes back with a sidewalk slam on Sheamus for two. Big blows on Sheamus. Kane out and pulling on Sheamus, but kicked back into the barrier. They tussle a bit, then back into the ring when Kane takes Sheamus down. They exchange blows, then Sheamus with a rough Irish curse back breaker. Shoulder block to Kane backs him into a corner. Then Kane is clotheslined from the ring, landing on his feet in what King calls 'vintage' Kane. Kane on the apron, Sheamus tries his forearms, but only a couple before hung up top. Kane climbs, but Sheamus ducks. Sheamus tries for a brogue kick, but Kane catches his foot. Kane tries for a chokeslam, but Sheamus counters. Sheamus gets Kane up for white noise, but Kane gets free! Sheamus up, but wiggles free. Finally a DDT plants Sheamus on the mat.

Bryan runs to the ring, up on the apron and demands to know where Kane was? Kane grabs Bryan around the neck and pushes him off the apron. Kane turns into a brogue kick for three.

Winner – Sheamus (3:49)

Bryan says he's sorry, but is there a smirk there? Video recap of Bryan getting involved and the downfall of Kane. They replay Bryan's apology and slight smile. Sheamus celebrates in the ring.


Slam of the Week

VKM starts to fire Heyman, but then Brock returned and got into VKM's face. VKM told Brock not to do something he'd regret later, and Heyman was told to stay in the corner by Brock who then hit an F5 on VKM as Heyman freaked out.

Miz TV

Miz in the ring in a charcoal plaid shirt with an open white shirt. Miz starts to introduce Heyman with all that happened last week, but Heyman cuts him off, telling him not to say all that.

Heyman says he agreed to be on Miz TV, to clear his name and won't have someone like Miz soil his reputation.

Miz smirks and says that's because Heyman's reputation wasn't spoiled before Miz?

Heyman tells Miz he's stepping over into a territory called slander. Heyman then says he would like to offer his best wishes to the Chairman of the WWE... Heat for Heyman. VKM actually had hip surgery today and it would behoove the WWE 'Universe' to...

Miz cuts him off and says Heyman has to be kidding him. He really cares what happens to VKM? After what happened last week?

Heyman says here's the allegations again. Heyman says he wants to spell it out so even Miz can understand. He didn't know Brock was in Vegas. He didn't know Brock was going to attack VKM. He didn't order Brock to attack VKM. If Miz would stop for a moment and watch the video and see where Heyman tried to talk him down.

Miz says he saw a tape of Heyman paying off Maddox and The Shield so Punk could keep his Championship. What he also saw, we all saw, as VKM going to fire Heyman for it. Miz says he has to give it to Heyman, he might be the most committed liar he's ever seen in his entire life.

"How dare you! How dare you invite me on your show and try to make yourself look good at my expense." Heyman goes on about Miz's questions about The Shield and Maddox. Doesn't he agree that Punk should be Champ, not The Rock? Doesn't he agree that VKM screwed Punk out of the Title. Doesn't he agree in 13 days Punk will mop the floor with The Rock and celebrate 455 as your defending WWE Champion?

Miz tells Heyman he's changing the subject.

Heyman says he'll answer all of Miz's questions, as soon as Miz answers his.

Miz tells Heyman he's crowding Miz and needs to take a step back.

EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! This bickering has to stop! EXCUSE ME! Vickie into the ring says that Heyman is telling the truth. He had nothing to do with Brock returning last week, she did! She was secretly negotiating with Brock for a while. She knew his track record is controversial, but that he's an elite free agent that was available. She signed Brock so she would impress VKM so he would promote her to GM of RAW! Last week on RAW, they finalized their deal. "What?" She and Heyman had no idea what Brock would do to VKM. She feels terrible about what happened to VKM. She falls into Heyman's arms in tears.

"I believe you Vickie, I really do," says Heyman. Heyman calls for a minute of silence for VKM. Vickie bounces back and says she has one better than him, let's all pray for VKM.

Really? Really? Really? They're lying through their teeth. Heyman has hated VKM since he crushed his little company. And how many times has VKM dangled the little carrot of GM under her nose and ripped it away? They're trying to make us believe that they're not popping the champagne?

Vickie yells that they are decent people!

Heyman tells Miz that now he's offending him.

Miz calls them both bottom feeders who live and breathe off the success of others.

Vickie gets all pointy at Miz and reminds him that she's his boss.

"For how long Vickie?" It's only a matter of time before he fires her, and finishes firing Heyman. Only a matter of time before they don't have to hear their lying, pathetic, two faced, thirty chinned, walrus faces again! Miz can't wait to see that...

Brock's music hits and here he comes. In the ring Heyman is yelling at someone (Vickie or Miz) to get out of there! Miz stands his ground. Brock on the apron and stares at Miz. Miz is seething as he stares back and waits. Vickie is gone, Heyman on the apron watching and yelling, and freaking out. Miz just stares. "Miz, back down!"

Miz double hand pushes Brock's chest. Big clothesline to Miz, then he's tossed from the ring in front of announce. Brock throws the chairs out on Miz. One sofa to the ramp, and Brock grabs the other, but Miz is back into the ring attacking Brock! A couple knees to Miz's gut, then Brock gets him up and hits his F5. Miz lands badly, partially on the back of the sofa.

Heyman is into the ring telling Brock no more, that Miz is sorry, no more. He's sorry, he apologizes, he's sorry. Heyman yells, "What did you do?" just before Brock leaves the ring. Video recap of Brock beating down Miz, including throwing chairs at him, and the F5. Up on the ramp Heyman and Brock look back to the ring.



Recap of Brock's attack on Miz.

Announce Segment

Cole King talk about how Brock is capable of anything and all Superstars should be careful.

Orton vs Barrett

Orton to the ring. Barrett out to face him. Video of Dallas saying he eliminated Barrett at the Royal Rumble, then pinned Barrett in the ring the next night. It wasn't a fluke, that underdog has a bite. Video of Barrett calling out Dallas last week on RAW, but then getting beaten by him. Barrett attacked Dallas backstage on Smackdown.

Barrett on Orton with blows and into a corner. The ref pulls Barrett off. Barrett ducks a clothesline, but into a Thesz Press and blows form Orton. Upper cuts from Orton, then a big clothesline. Barrett rolls out, Orton out after him and Barrett is face first into the apron a couple times, then back slammed on the barricade. King and Cole talk about Barrett's nose and that it doesn't need any more abuse after his bear fighting (he meant bare knuckle, but he missed the word knuckle, so I guess Barrett is a bear fighter now – I thought that was Big Show's job in that movie he made). Back in the ring Orton gets two. Orton stomps his way around Barrett. Barrett tries to send Orton out, but he doesn't go over, so Barrett keeps working him in the ring until Orton rolls out. Orton into the apron, then rolled back into the ring for two.

Elbow drops on Orton. Cole is talking about Barrett's foot long scar, but is remembering the word knuckle now. Chinlock on Orton on the mat. Orton works to his feet, and elbows free. Rights to Barrett, then a couple big clotheslines. That sick power slam on Barrett. Barrett on the apron, and Barrett eats Orton's DDT. Orton is ready, but Barrett rolls out. Orton out and rolls Barrett back in. Barrett with a big side slam on Orton for two.

Orton up on Barrett's shoulders, but elbows free. Barrett ducks the RKO. Orton ducks Barrett's big boot and comes back with his RKO for three.

Winner – Orton (4:55)

Orton poses and pops his pecs for the fans.



A promo for Fandango!

Jericho vs Punk

Jericho's music and HUGE pop. The lights are out and he's there in his blinkie jacket. He comes strutting to the ring with his ever famous smirk. Punk's music and he comes stomping out in his 'knees 2 faces' shirt. He stops on the stage, the way he always does, then to the ring. He poses on the corner to huge heat. Jericho just watches. Jericho says the Royal Rumble reaction was the loudest of his life.

HUGE "Y2J!" chants. Chop to Jericho, then back at Punk over and over. Punk into a back elbow, then knees and kicks on Punk in a corner. A big chop on Punk in the corner. They come out of the corner and it sounds like the whole arena is in a dueling chant of "Y2J!" and "CM Punk!" - LOUD! Suplex on Punk in the center of the ring. Jericho with a hand to hear the chants, drops a punch, but Punk bounces back and stomps Jericho on the mat. Another chop, then high knee to Jericho for two.

Arm hold on Jericho on the mat. Punk yells at the ref to "Ask him! Ask him! Ask him!" Jericho up and backs Punk into a corner and on him with forearms, then a chop. Jericho whipped, but gets a foot in Punk's face. Jericho goes to Punk's corner and eats a boot. Punk sets up for his tornado DDT, but Jericho pushes him off. Punk sent flying out onto announce, then eats a baseball slide. Jericho to that side to grab Punk, but gets hung up top.


Back suplex on Jericho. Leg drop to the back of Jericho's head. Punk sets up again and hits another, and another, but only gets two for it. A headlock on Jericho on the mat. Jericho keeps his arm high for the fans. Jericho works to his feet, punches, and forearms to get free. Punk reverses a whip, and Punk elevated over the top by Jericho. Punk comes off the top rope, but Jericho moves, so Punk eats mat. Shoulder blocks drop Punk, then Jericho climbs and lands on Punk. Running bulldog on Punk. Punk counters the lionsault, but Jericho tries for the walls. Punk pushes off. Punk climbs, Jericho up on Punk with blows. Head scissors on Punk from the top! Both men are down, but Jericho crawls to Punk and gets two.

Jericho crawls to the ropes, then sets up for his lionsault, but is caught and ends up on Punk's shoulders. Jericho reverses and tries for the walls. Punk reverses and they roll through small packages back and forth. Neck breaker on Jericho for two. "Y2J!" chants. High knee to Jericho in a corner, this time followed by a clothesline. Punk slowly climbs and sets up for his Savage elbow with a big smile, but Jericho moves at the last moment. Lionsault, but it hurt Jericho, so it was a slow cover for two.

Jericho slaps at Punk head, but a sick kick to Jericho's head drops him like a stone, but only for two. Punk manages to lock on his anaconda vice. Jericho wiggles all over and makes it to the ropes. Punk doesn't want to break, makes the ref count to four. Punk lets go, "Shut up marks!" "This is awesome!" chants. Jericho up top, but Punk attacks and puts Jericho on his shoulders. Jericho counters on his way down and locks on the walls! Punk, somehow, makes it to the bottom rope.

Punk tries to get Jericho up, but can't Jericho tries for the walls, but can't. Jericho sent shoulder first into the post. Jericho up and Punk hits the GTS for three.

Winner – Punk (13:51)

Video recap of the last couple moves of the match and into the finisher for three. Both men are on the mat gasping for air and moving slowly.

Announce Segment

They quickly go to Cole talking about ESPN and possibly the greatest of all time. They start a lovely video for Bruno Sammartino. An old video of Vince McMahon Sr. talking up Sammartino, then to Mike Tyson talking about looking up to him. George 'The Animal' Steele talking about Sammartino being the best Champion ever, EVER! They go on to Sammartino's life and his career. Rocky Johnson talked about how big and powerful he was. Sammartino had his neck broken and came back three months later. He beat Buddy Rogers for the WWF Championship and held the Title for nearly 8 years, the record still stands. It was in MSG that he was established as a Superstar. He headlined 187 sellouts of MSG! He even got to meet The Pope at the Vatican. Cena says that Sammartino was his father's favorite. Regal talks about how Sammartino carried the Title with pride and honor. 4,040 days as Champion, but no name resonates more than Bruno Sammartino! (The fans are going wild when the video ends.) Cole says that Sammartino has always been his hero. King says no one is more deserving to be in the HOF.


Backstage Segment

Punk is walking along, drinking water, limping and stopped by Striker. He asks where Punk's head is at. He's not mad that The Rock shoots commercials and movies, but that he stole from Punk. Every second, every day, every hour, every month every year he proves it and will at Elimination Chamber.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about The Rock beating Punk at Royal Rumble for the WWE Title. Video of The Rock winning and the media – social, online and other about it. Pictures of his father and grandfather in their day. More of The Rock talking about winning and more media talking about him.

Backstage Segment

Josh asks Cena why he would call out The Shield alone. Cena says at WrestleMania he's going to face The Rock, impossible. The year he's had, impossible. Winning the Royal Rumble Match, impossible. Take a good look, he's back, he's smoking and they're smack dab in the middle of whoop ass season! That's why he's calling them out. There's a time to laugh, smile, entertain, that time stops when he gets picked on, knocked down, beat up. Last week The Shield pushed, tonight Cena pushes back!


Backstage Segment

Big Show is done eating and waited all night. Is the contract on his way or not? Knock on the door, so Big Show gets off the phone and answers. The guy comes in with the contract, but wants to tell Big Show something. Big Show won't let him because he's reading. Big Show signs, but won't listen to the guy. He knows the guy wants a picture and autograph, but he doesn't do that. Big Show opens the door, but the guy doesn't move, just looks. There's ADR. ADR on Big Show, but then Big Show takes ADR down and works him over. Big Show says that he told ADR not to show up. ADR into a wall and takes out a shelf. Big Show toys with ADR, kicking him down the hall as he goes. Big Show breaks a table to get the leg, turns to ADR who sprays him with a fire extinguisher, then hits Big Show in the shoulder with it, but Big Show drops like a rock! ADR talks smack to Big Show, then the elevator opens and some guys see the scene. ADR says that his friend had some bad Mexican food, he's going to go get him some Pepto, just keep walking. ADR tells Big Show he'll be fine, and the elevator door closes.

In Ring Segment

Maddox is in the ring. He says that VKM exposed the truth that he was manipulated by Heyman to help him at HIAC. Heyman preyed on his... (A fan yells something, throws Maddox off his game. Maddox looks in shock in that direction and points, saying, "I'm not going there!") Heyman preyed on him because he knew Maddox was an honest, hard working, up and coming Superstar! Just trying to make a name for himself and now they all know the truth. You know what? He's glad it's all out there. He's an innocent victim. He's innocent, a wronged man and did all he could do, and did the right thing when he gave VKM the footage that proved that Heyman was lying about him and lying about The Shield's involvement with Punk! So, in a very, very real way, he is the hero. He is the hero of this story. As their hero it will be him, and not Cena... he looks up the ramp and waits. He says he will teach The Shield about justice. So, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, justice awaits you.

He motions with his hand for them to come out, but looks a bit shocked when their 'music' hits. Ambrose thanks them for the invitation, but they don't need one. Maddox is just a rat, scurrying under floor boards, looking for scraps.

Maddox says no, he's not the only one who took money from Heyman.

Ambrose says to not compare himself to The Shield. Nobody ever said justice was free.

Rollins with the mic and says that Maddox wants to teach The Shield about justice? He doesn't understand the concept of justice. Justice is The Shield putting a fame hungry, stupid looking weasel like Maddox in his place! Justice is The Shield giving Maddox the beating he deserves.

Reigns says last time it was all business. Tonight we're going to take the time to enjoy this, little man.

Ambrose says they have the feeling Maddox doesn't believe in The Shield.

They circle the ring, Maddox is still in there. Maddox rushes Ambrose and he is beaten down quickly. A big clothesline from Reigns, then they rip up his clothes and triple bomb him to the mat.

They stand over Maddox, and Cena's music hits. Cena is coming through the stands. Then "Feed me more!" and Ryback is coming through the stands. Then Sheamus' music and he struggles through the fans who are blocking him all the way. They get to ringside and they flee up the ramp, but the locker room clears to stop, let by Orton, but right with him is Funkasaurus, Santino, Kofi, Kane, Bryan.

The Shield flee back to the ring, trapped. Cena slowly up on the apron, as are Sheamus and Ryback. Ryback licks his lips. Cena smirks. They get into the ring together. Sheamus with Ambrose, Ryback with Rollins, Cena with Reigns. They gain control over The Shield. Reigns flees, then Rollins, and then Ambrose, all flee through the crowd. Cena's music plays as they stare back down into the ring licking their wounds and making bad guy faces.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
The Shield

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