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RAW Results 3/4/13 - Who Doesn't Love The GONG?


Pre-RAW Commercial

Bell bottom, mustard colored sport coats, and larger than life characters. The Rock and Cena face to face for the first time since WrestleMania!

Show Starts


They show a really old opening to WWE shows.


The immortal Deadman comes out very, very slowly. He stops at the top of the ramp, raises his arms and fire erupts!


Opening video for 'Old School' RAW. They show old clips through the years. Right down to the original opening of pyro over the ring.

Announce Segment

King is in his old red King garb. Cole in the infamous mustard blazer!

In Ring Segment

Even the stage and entrance is lower than what we're used to for RAW. There's no real stage for Punk to kneel on as he comes out. I guess Taker was just out to show he's there.

Punk says he should be main eventing this year's WrestleMania. I should be defending my Championship at this year's WrestleMania, but I'm not. Not for anything I did or didn't do. I'm not, because of you! You stole from me what I hold most precious. You screwed me! You did. Punk points to a number of fans. You're only screwing yourselves. If I'm not in the main event, I see no purpose for being at WrestleMania. What I just saw. What the world just laid their eyes on gives me that purpose. You took from me, and now I'm going to take from you. I'm going be beat Taker at WrestleMania. You like The Streak? You like those numbers 20-0, but when I mention a historic 434 days, you roll your eyes? The longest in decades. You want to get snarky when I say how good I am, and back it up, but none of you have done anything great in your lives. You want to roll your eyes at 434, I have a number for 20-1. That one is drug free, alcohol free, he's straight edge, he's best in the world, and he's Punk. He says what he means, means what he says, deal with it.

Orton's music right as Punk drops his mic. Orton says he wouldn't be so confident, especially since I beat you at WrestleMania. You haven't beat Taker at the show of all shows. I have. It was 8 years ago, I was a rookie. And I came this close. The thing is that I'm not a rookie, the most dangerous in that locker room. What I'd like to do is ask the WWE 'Universe' who they'd like to see face Taker at WrestleMania? Punk? The fans give heat. Or Orton? The fans pop for this. Orton and Punk stare at each other.

Big Show's music hits and out he comes. He says they're running off at the lip about facing Taker. What makes them think they can beat Taker. He also faced Taker, but he didn't have this then. His WMD. If you're going to face the Phenom and end his streak, you need to be more than a Viper, more that straight edge. You need to be a giant. This giant is going to knock that 20-0 into oblivion.

Sheamus' music and out he comes. Sheamus says he's listening to them all, but out of the four of them, he's the only one who'd never faced Taker, so he's never lost to him. It will take more than a WMD, GTS, or RKO to put him down. It might be that big boot, all the heart and a little luck to achieve the impossible. With the luck of the Irish, anything is possible.

EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Vickie comes out in a mocha colored ruched dress that makes her backside look worse than Rikishi's. Whoever defeats Taker and cements his legacy... EXCUSE ME! To decide who will face Taker to break The Streak, there will be a Fatal 4 Way tonight. The winner faces Taker at WrestleMania. All three in the ring stare, Punk had rolled out.

Backstage Segment

Ryback heading for the ring.


Announce Segment

Cole and King talking about the Fatal 4 Way and Taker's return. They want the fans to Tout about Taker. #WWETaker

Ryback vs Cesaro

Cesaro in the ring. Cesaro in the corner of the screen talks about all the languages he speaks. Calls Ryback a neanderthal in all five. Ryback out to face him.

Drop kick on Ryback, then another. Ryback takes Cesaro down. Chops in a corner on Cesaro who is in basic blue trunks for 'Old School' RAW. Ryback slams Cesaro to the man. Cesaro rolls out to regroup. Cesaro on the apron, Ryback grabs him in a delayed vertical for two. Head butt from Cesaro, then blows on Ryback into a corner. Ryback hung up top. Cesaro up, but Ryback grabs him, holds him high over his head, then drops him. Cesaro clotheslined from the ring. The ref, in old school ref gear, counts. Ryback out, Cesaro in, Ryback ends up eating the post from the apron, then flies out to eat the old school barricade. Ryback struggles and gets back in at 7 for two. Cesaro on Ryback with blows on the mat.


Chinlock on Ryback on his knees. Ryback up and free, but eats knees. Cesaro yells, "Stupid!" and slaps him. Elbows from Ryback, then a body drop. "Feed me more!" from the fans. Ryback rushes for his meathook, but eats an upper cut to his already bloody mouth. Cesaro tries to hit his finisher, but Ryback counters and hits shellshocked for three.

Winner – Ryback (8:06)

Cesaro rolls out and flops on the floor. Ryback from the ring with the fans chanting, but Henry's music hits. Henry out and they stare off, neither backing down. Henry walks around Ryback, Ryback won't turn his back on Henry, but then Henry stops, stares, then heads for the ring. Video recap of the high points of the match.

Henry vs Ryder

Henry into the ring, ready for his match. Ryder into the ring to face Henry.

Ryder tossed into a corner, comes out with blows. Tossed back and gets his feet up. Ryder whipped, then comes out into a clothesline. Henry gets Ryder up, walks around the ring a bit, WSS, and it's over.

Winner – Henry (0:50)

Video recap of the destruction.

Backstage Segment

Ziggler, AJ and Big E heading for the ring.





Promo for Marine 3: Homefront

Miz vs Ziggler

Miz's mic doesn't work, he gets it going. Since it's 'Old School' RAW, he wants to show someone who personifies Old School, his friend and mentor, Ric Flair! Flair comes out to the ring. Miz is bowing down to Flair as he comes out. Woooooo! From Miz, Flair and the fans. Big E and AJ are disgusted that Flair here.

They lock up. They really try to muscle each other around, but end up breaking as neither gained anything. Knee, then a blow to Miz. Blows to Miz in a corner. Ziggler yells, "Pay attention old man!" as he's on Miz, but Miz fights back, a bit. More blows and chops to Miz in a corner. Miz comes out with blows and a huge kick to Ziggler's face. Flair struts outside the ring, then on the apron. In the ring Miz struts.


Ziggler kicks Miz in the knee. Neck breaker on Miz. Ziggler pins for two. Chinlock on a sitting Miz. During the break Miz was in control until a drop kick. Ziggler with his head stand holding Miz and yelling smack. Miz strarts coming back in an epic way. Miz up and elbows free. Big blows and kicks from Miz in control, backs Ziggler into a corner. Miz rushes Ziggler, elevated over, slides under and rolls up Ziggler for two. Big moves from Miz, but then Ziggler with a small package for two. Chop block on Ziggler. Ziggler somehow comes back with a big DDT for two.

Flair roots on Miz as AJ glares. Miz holds the ropes to avoid Ziggler, but then Ziggler manages to lock on his sleeper. Miz to a knee, but Miz up and sends Ziggler flying. Ziggler elevated and lands. Miz's running clothesline in a corner and climbs. Double ax handle on Ziggler, Flair is strutting, but AJ on the ring. Big E clotheslines Miz from the apron. Flair from behind wraps his jacket around Big E's head. Blows to Big E and he steps toward Flair. Big E eats Miz's feet through the ropes. Miz grabs Ziggler and locks on the figure 4 and Ziggler taps out.

Winner – Miz (10:11)

Cole mentions Little Jimmy as Flair and Miz strut and act silly in the ring. Video of the high points of the match, including Big E. Miz on his knees bowing to Flair as Flair struts.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Taker and King talks about the Fatal 4 Way Match to see who will face Taker at WrestleMania. Cole goes on about Touting some more. They show the WWE Magazine with the posters and covers. King mentions that Cena and The Rock will be in the ring next.


In Ring Segment

If you smelllll... What The Rock is Cookin'! And out comes Rocky! Love to the fans on each side, even without an actual stage there. The fans are wild for him. He ruffles the hair of a little boy in a Cena shirt. The Rock heads to the ring trying to cover a bit of a smile. The Rock poses for the fans on the corners of the ring. The Rock grabs a mic and looks around at the fans chanting, "Rocky!" for him.

I really need you to understand something. I just came in from Panama where it's 95 degrees every single day. But The Rock knew he was coming to RAW and started backing. Packing his boots. His Boots To Asses boots. The Rock went to the airport, a woman asked him if he needed a jacket? Who you think you talking to Sally?

My name is Donna.

It doesn't matter what your name is woman, The Rock don't need a jacket! The Rock told that woman he has electricity enough to melt an igloo. His plane landed and The Rock stepped out... Sweet Harlem shakin' Honey Boo Boo it's cold here! So damn Cole that The Rock had icicles forming on The People's nipples. But that's okay, The Rock knew once the cold air hit his face, he knew that after ten long years. After ten LONG years, I proudly stand in this ring and proudly say, Finally, The Rock has come back to Buffalo!


Happy that The Rock came to Buffalo, we're at 34 days from WrestleMania.

Cena's music and he comes out with a salute and runs to the ring and slides in. His cap is tipped and flies into the ring as The Rock just watches. Cena tucks his dog tags into his shirt, shows off the back of his shirt to the camera. Cena says 34 days from WrestleMania, sorry to interrupt, but I had to come out right this second. I've been waiting for this moment for a year. You don't know why. You can't know why because you're Dwayne Johnson, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, the man conquered the WWE during the AE, then conquered Hollywood, then returned to WWE and conquered again, and you're WWE Champion. You don't fail at anything in life, so you don't know how it feels to tell everyone that you have to do something and fail. Last year I told everyone, especially those close to me that I needed that match, and I failed. You don't know what that does to a man. It makes you feel worthless.

"Cena sucks!"

Cena listens, says it makes you feel like a crowd of hate on you, want to go crawl in a hole. That match wasn't just a loss, sent me into a tailspin. Look at the time line. I couldn't get over that hurdle that I failed. Said I'd do it and didn't. You were responsible for my collapse. But, through failure I became stronger, you're responsible for my turnaround. You think it's coincidence that the night you won the WWE Championship, I won the Royal Rumble? That the night after you cemented yourself at Champ, that I was able to do something I could never do before, defeat Punk with it all on the line? I see what's going on here. I get a chance to rewrite history. This is a shot at redemption. You know how many people don't get a first chance? I get a second chance to right the biggest wrong of my life. I'm out here to give you a 34 day heads up, I am not throwing this chance away.

Cena steps back and looks at The Rock. He listens to the heat from the fans.

The Rock says that fire, that desire, you have no happy I am to see it. That's a man who said he'd beat Punk and did. The truth of the matter is there's one man The Rock wanted to face at WrestleMania, and that's you. That's because The Rock knows. I know, I know what this means to you. I know when your music hits, you salute, throw your hat, kiss your dog tags with all your family's names on them, I know it matters, what it means to you. That's why no one in that locker room has what you have, your fire, your passion, your drive, your will to win, your will to be great. No one has that except The Rock. As much as it matters to you, it matters to much more to me. When my music hits and I connect with every single in this arena, from top to bottom, all the way around, and everyone at home, every man, woman and child, our connection, our bond, our strength. It matters to me. In 34 days you're not getting redemption, you're getting your ass kicked!

Cena thinks on this, nods, says strong words, I think at times like this I like to step back and consult one of the great philosophers of our time, Mike Tyson. Tyson was once quoted as saying (in a Tyson voice), "I'm going to eat his children." That we all remember Tyson is something. But Tyson, in his prime, was once quoted as saying, "In order to be the greatest that ever lived, you have to beat everyone living." I have accomplished every single goal, jumped every roadblock in my career except you. At WrestleMania 29, your time is up. My time is now.

They stare at each other.

Your time is now? My time is up? Nuh nuh nuh no. The Rock's time is just getting started. You want to quote famous athletes? I've got a quote for you. I've got a quote for you. From a famous athlete, "Winning is about heart, you just have to have it in the right place." The man who said that, Lance Armstrong. He was full of crap,a nd so are you.

Cena smiles at this, then laughs.


Well played Rock. That unbelievable confidence in your eyes, I had that a year ago. In 34 days I make history. History will not repeat itself. In 34 days, wma29, I will become the WWE Champion.

More staring.

You just crystallized everything that is The Rock and John Cena. I tell you in front of the world cause we're live, that's the biggest difference between you and me. You think you can beat me, I know I can beat you. And at WrestleMania 29, in front of the world, I will beat you... AGAIN. If you smelllll... What The Rock is Cookin'! (Slowly, quietly, and in Cena's face.) They stare off at each other, the WrestleMania sign between their faces as the camera looks up at them both.


Announce Segment

Cole says someone on Twitter said he looks like a mustard bottle. Video recap of Taker appearing at the start of RAW.

Swagger w/ Zeb vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan w/ Dusty & Slaughter

Zeb is working over his handlebars as Hacksaw comes out with Slaughter and Dusty right with him. The fans are rather quite for the great legends.

Duggan gets the fans chanting, but then Swagger rolls out and grabs the 2X4. Swagger on the apron, then into the ring as Swagger then attacks Duggan with the board, then Dusty and Slaughter. Swagger points to the WrestleMania sign, then an ankle lock on a screaming Duggan. The ref finally gets Swagger to let Duggan free. Swagger stares up at the WrestleMania sign. There was no ending bell, so no real ending to the match. Heat for Swagger and Zeb as they leave.

Announce Segment

Cole is pissed, but then leads in to Marine 3: Homefront. They show the trailer for the movie.

Backstage Segment

Team Hell No is heading for the ring. Bryan glares at Kane, Kane looks at Bryan and Bryan looks away. Kane looks away and Bryan really glares hat his partner, but looks away again when Kane looks at him.


Backstage Segment

Zeb is yelling about Swagger taking out three legends. Striker asks about the men who paved the way for... ADR attacks Swagger and is screaming in Spanish. Finally security breaks them up.

Prime Time Players vs Team Hell No

'Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase is ringside with Prime Time Players who want him to be their manager. If Prime Time Players can beat Team Hell No, DiBiase will think about it. Both teams are already in the ring.

Kane and Young circle, side headlock on Kane. Kane pushes off and shoulder blocks Young. Bryan tags in and off the corner on Young as Kane holds him. Thigh kicks from Bryan, then hammerlock, but Young elbows free. Drop kick on Young for two. O'Neil tags in and they keep Bryan in their corner. O'Neil barks, then works Bryan, then tags out. O'Neil raises Young to splash on Bryan, then Young drops punches on Bryan for two.

O'Neil tags in and locks on a chinlock as DiBiase watches from outside. Bryan up and elbows free, but in a corner. O'Neil rushes and shoulder first into the corner. Both tag out. Blow to Young's gut, then big boot. Drop kick to a sitting Young, then he's clotheslined in a corner. Kane clotheslines in the other corner, then side slam and O'Neil attacks. O'Neil tries to send Bryan out, but Bryan sends O'Neil out, the a big knee off the apron. Young feeds Kane an elbow, but Kane comes back with a chokeslam for three.

Winners – Team Hell No (3:44)

DiBiase stuffs a $100 into Young's mouth and laughs before leaving. Kane and Bryan are leaving too, but then Bryan skulks back, steals the money out of Young's mouth and stuffs it in his trunks. Cole and King make bad goat jokes.

Backstage Segment

Honky Tonk Man is back to the camera as Cole complains about who it might be.


Funkasaurus & Sweet T & Honky Tonk Man vs 3MB

Funkasaurus, Sweet T and the Dactyls to the ring dancing. Funkasaurus and Sweet T are dressed the same way. Honky Tonk Man to the ring to tag. He grabs the mic, but Slater steals it. No body came here to hear you talk or see. We're the rock stars of the WWE. We're 3MB. You need to go back to Vegas with the Elvis impersonators, NOW!

Drew on Sweet T with kicks backing him into a corner. Drew then throws his bandana at Honky Tonk Man outside, but then Sweet T rolls up Drew for three.

Winners – Sweet T & Funkasaurus & Honky Tonk Man (0:25)

Sweet T and Funkasaurus dance, but Honky Tonk Man calls for his music, then they all dance. Slater into the ring yelling at everyone, so, of course, he eats guitar. Funkasaurus is all silly about this, Sweet T with a smile and handshake for Honky Tonk Man. Funkasaurus fakes playing the broken guitar as they all dance around. Video recap of the guitar shot.


It's him again. He's facing Kofi after the commercial.



Premier of Dead Man Down with Barrett narrating bits of it, then other actors and the director talking about the film.

In Ring Segment

Kofi in the ring. First a female dancer comes out, then Fandango comes out to face Kofi, but Justin didn't say his name correctly. Fandango stops the music and says he won't make his debut until you learn how to pronounce my name. Justin, in a blue ruffled tux tries, but fails. Fandango says his name again, but Justin can't get it right. I will not stand here and watch you butcher my name. Tonight will be a night everyone remembers. Justin, Kofi, everyone, tonight was the night that your almost, almost got to see the debut of Fahn-dahn-goh. He and his lady leave.

Announce Segment

King blames Justin for this. Cole says Triple H will be up next. They don't show video of Trip and Brock last week, most likely due to the blood.



Recap of McMahon's match with Heyman, then Brock came out, then Trip came out and they go black and white, and seriously well cut work from the production crew!

In Ring Segment

Trip out in jeans, his leather jacket, t-shirt and water bottle in hand. He is very intense looking, drinks his water, then spits for the fans, the way only he can. Trip looks up at the WrestleMania sign before getting in the ring. He poses on an opposite corner for the fans, the way he always does. The fans are cheering and Trip has a half smile for them, but then back to serious. He says last time he stood in this ring with a mic was 8 days after SummerSlam when Brock broke his arm for the second time in two months. He told us he might be done. I got emotional. I wasn't sure if I was trying to convince you or me. The second that cast was off I was in the gym tearing it up, but no goal in mind. I was doing my day job as the COO, I even cut my hair, but training every day. A few months later I found myself in the best shape of years, and waiting. Waiting for a reason. Then I found myself sitting next to a hospital bed, looking at an old man who had just got done having his hip surgery. And the thing is that the old man put aside that he's the one who created all of this, that he's the reason we're all here, put aside the fact that his daughter, my wife, sat crying at his bedside, put aside the fact that my kids, his grandkids, sat there crying at his bedside. I sat there with a smile inside, because I'd just found my reason, just needed to wait for my opportunity. So when that same crazy ass old man decided to get up out of that bed and challenge Heyman to a fight, and Heyman did what he does and turned to Brock, I was ready. Brock, if you think for one second that we were done after SummerSlam, feel those twelve staples on your head and know that we were just getting started.

I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out why I'm out here today, five weeks, five weeks, from the big dance. Here we got Brock. I'm calling you out. I know you're the guy who usually stands in this ring and does the destruction, but last week I split you wide open. (The last three words Trip channeled McMahon firing someone!) So, here we go, WrestleMania, let's finish what we started, you and I, because I'm back. The ass kicker is back. The King of Kings is back! The Game is back and he's calling you out for WrestleMania. What's it going to be Brock, are you going to show up at WrestleMania. Are you going to show up and fight? Or are you just going to sit there and bleed? Trip drops his mic and leaves the ring, still full of intensity. He poses up on the stage, or where it should be on a regular RAW.


WWE Rewind

The Shield attacked Orton during his match. Sheamus out to help and Reigns eats a WMD, but then ate a brogue kick.

Announce Segment

Cole says The Shield has a response to Smackdown. Video, as The Shield does, stating their names, then Ambrose says everyone wants to make history and throw their hat in to face Taker at WrestleMania. That's impressive Orton and Sheamus, but you seem to be forgetting something. Rollins says Taker 20-0, impressive, but he's not the only person riding an impressive undefeated streak. Ambrose says that before anyone want to run around and tries making history, remember the eye of justice is watching, watching everybody, even you Big Show. Reigns says you got one cheap shot, won't happen again. Rollins says, good luck in your match tonight, nobody can believe that. Rollins says to believe that. Reigns says, believe in The Shield.

Barrett vs ADR w/ Ricardo

Barrett in the ring. Ricardo on 'stage' announces ADR! ADR out with Ricardo.

Barrett kicks ADR, then back him into a corner with blows. ADR reverses a whip. ADR reverses on Barrett's reverses, blows, then back stabber. Swagger and Zeb out to the stage. Zeb holds Swagger back. In the ring a winds of change for two. Barrett still on ADR and gets another two. Ricardo pounds the apron to get the fans chanting. ADR elevated to the apron, they fight over the top, then ADR with his crossarm breaker over the top rope. Barrett comes back with a big boot over the top rope. ADR crumbles to the floor. Barrett sends ADR in, then knees to ADR's face over the apron as King and Cole worry about their table as it's also old school and will easily crumble. Back in Barrett gets two.

Barrett on the second ropes, but ADR avoids the elbow drop. ADR to his feet, but gets his feet up for Barrett. Clotheslines from ADR, then a back breaker from ADR. ADR sick kick to the head for two on Barrett. Zeb points at ADR who sneers at them. ADR sets up, but Barrett moves, ADR then runs into Barrett's kick to the face. ADR reverses on Barrett, back and forth, then ADR with the crossarm breaker. Barrett taps out.

Winner – ADR (4:52)

Swagger and Zeb motion at ADR, but don't head for the ring.



Zeb and Swagger with a video on Political Correctness. They talk about backlash for what they have said. They talk about freedom of speech. When someone stole from you, they were not called racists for it. Real Americans use politically correct language and will call you out on it.

New Age Outlaws vs Colons w/ Rosa

New Age Outlaws out to the ring. Road Dogg on mic to the ring, Billy Gunn with him. Are you ready? No, I said... No, I'm just ribbing I know you, I know you're ready. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages DX proudly brings to you the five time WWE Tag Team Champions of The World! The Road Dogg Jesse James, the Bad Ass Billy Gunn, the New Age Outlaws! (I saw a J.O.B. Sign!) If you're not down with that, we've got two words for you -

This is the New Age Outlaws first match on RAW in 13 years! February of 2000! Road Dogg is kicked by Epico, but Road Dogg came back with his punches, strutting and knee drop for two. Cheap shot on Primo, then Epico takes Road Dogg down for two. Primo tags in to "You've still got it!" chants for the New Age Outlaws! Knee then elbow drops on Road Dogg. Epico tags in and drops an elbow as Rosa shakes her thang outside. Chinlock on Road Dogg. Road Dogg with elbows, then they collide in the center of the ring, both are down. Gunn tags in with blows on Primo and Epico, then a sick slam, but Epico stops the count. Road Dogg on Epico, then Gunn with his finisher for three!

Winners – New Age Outlaws (2:55)

Big hugs between Gunn and Road Dogg.


Recap of Cena and The Rock in the ring together.

Announce Segment

Steph Tweeted that it's time to play the Game.


Announce Segment

King talks up the New Age Outlaws. Touts about Taker's return. One guy thinks Orton will face Taker. A pretty young woman knows it's Punk. Then two other guys argue between Punk and Sheamus.

Backstage Segment

A huge Birthday cake for Mae Young at the entrance. Mean Gene Okerlund is announces and he comes out. Bryan shakes Gene's hand on his way by. Bryan is in jeans and a plaid shirt. Bo Dallas is in dress pants, a yellow shirt, yellow tie and the biggest smile I've seen from anyone in years! Prime Time Players, Ryback, McGillicutty, Khali next to Henry, Cena, Miz. Okerlund announces the oldest living member of the WWE HOF. The Divas carefully bring her out. As per usual, Mae is all smiles. Before the camera cuts away, Henry steps up to Mae and kisses her. They start singing to Mae, but Punk's music cuts it all off. Punk and Heyman stomp right through the party and yells, "What are you going to do about it woman?" Punk poses on a corner and looks really pissed as he chews gum and yells smack at the fans.


Fatal 4 Way Match for #1 Contendership for Taker's Streak – Punk vs Big Show vs Orton vs Sheamus

Punk in the ring. Big Show out. Before Big Show hits the ring Orton's music hits. Orton out slowly, but not as slow as he normally walks, but stops part way to the ring. Sheamus' music and out he comes with a smile.

Punk slides out of the ring and lets the others fight, but Orton and Sheamus also roll out. Sheamus and Orton go after Punk, so Punk steps into the ring and a head butt. Sheamus in with blows on Big Show, then tossed out. Orton hangs Big Show up top, then in on Big Show before sliding out again. Big Show out and gets Orton on his shoulder, but Orton pushes off and Big Show eats post. Orton and Sheamus in the ring. They circle and exchange blows and kicks. Back breaker from Orton, but Punk rolls it and pins for two. Punk slides out and Sheamus eats an upper cut. Sheamus telegraphs and is kicked, but comes back with an Irish curse back breaker. Punk in for two, but Sheamus catches his foot and drags him back. They toss Punk out hard. Orton turns around, right into Big Show's punch.


Snap mare on Orton from Punk for two. Punk and Orton exchange forearms, Punk with a smile whips Orton, but Orton out with clotheslines, then Orton's powerslam. Orton hits a crappy suplex landing Punk on the back of his neck and head for two. Orton sets up for his DDT, but Punk sends Orton flying. Punk bows to the fans, but then turns into Sheamus' battering ram. Punk to the apron and Sheamus grabs him for forearms. Sheamus gets off all ten forearms, but then Big Show takes Sheamus down, Punk breaks the pinfall. Punk walks into a WMD, but then Sheamus in and on Big Show. Shoulder blocks on Big Show in a corner, then a high knee. Sheamus with a flying forearm takes Big Show down! Head butts to Sheamus who is now down. Big Show climbs to the second ropes, tries to splash, but Sheamus rolls out of the way. Sheamus weakly at Big Show, but then gets Big Show up like nothing for white noise! Big Show kicks out.

Sheamus is seething. To his feet and calls for his Brogue kick, but Orton in and Sheamus eats the power slam for two. Big Show grabs Orton for a chokeslam, pushes Sheamus off and hits the move. Big Show grabs Sheamus' foot and hits a chokeslam for two. Big Show calls for another punch. Sheamus struggles to his feet, but Sheamus ducks and hits Brogue kick, but Big Show rolls out. RKO to Sheamus, but then Punk kicks Orton and hits GTS for three.

Winner – Punk (11:50)

Punk sneers and the stares up at the WrestleMania sign. Punk poses for the fans, then...


The lights flash a bit, as if lightening striking, the way they did back in the day. Smoke and there' Taker who slowly walks out in that insane coat and hood! Taker's head comes up, his eyes rolled back. Fire erupting on stage as Punk stares back at him. They then just stare as RAW goes off the air.

Biggest pop
The Rock
Triple H
New Age Outlaws

Biggest heat

Biggest flop

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