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RAW Results 3/11/13 - In The Wake Of Punk


Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about Trip wanting to face Brock, and Brock will be live to respond. And it's been an emotion driven week with the death of Paul Bearer. RAW will start with Taker's tribute.

Show Starts

Paul Bearer Tribute

Justin asks everyone to rise and a lovely tribute video for Bearer plays. King, Mean Gene, Ziggler, Miz spoke about him before going back to more video of Bearer. Kofi, McMahon spoke. Then Taker says Rest In Peace! Fans on their feet clapping.


Out comes Taker, walks to the edge of the stage, head down, then looks up and slowly heads to the ring. He's wearing what appears to be an old school Ministry robe, hood added. Taker climbs the stairs, rolls his eyes back and raises his arms. An urn is shown on a fabric wrapped pedestal in the center of the ring. Taker in and over to the urn. He stares, walks a tiny bit, drops to a knee, head down. Bearer's image appears on the tron. Taker looks through the urn to the tron.

Punk's music cuts through and out he comes. Taker to his feet, glaring. The fans are pissed! Punk tells them to simmer down, they misunderstand him coming out. I wanted to come out and personally extend his heartfelt condolences and apologies for your loss... at WrestleMania. The silver lining in all this tragedy, to Bearer you will always be perfect. Always be 20-0. To everyone else in 4 weeks, you will be 20-1. The night after WrestleMania there won't be heartfelt videos for Bearer, they will be for him. In 50 years your grandkids will be asking you where you were when Punk beat The Streak. Punk poses. The heat gets really ugly.

Taker glares.

"You suck!" chants.

The camera slowly zooms on Taker. Then the camera on Punk, but someone screws up, swings away from Punk showing the empty side of the stage, then back to Punk. Punk turns and leaves.

Backstage Segment

Big Show is getting ready to face Seth Rollins.



During the commercial, after Punk disrespected Taker. Fire erupted and Kane came out. Punk was almost chokeslamed from the stage, but Punk got free and fled.

Backstage Segment

Kane is trashing everything, trying to find Punk. Poor Riley is tossed across the locker room. Dallas rushes to Riley's side and they call for help as Kane continues hunting for who he called PCM Punk.

Big Show vs Seth Rollins

Big Show to the ring. Video from after RAW last week when The Shield beat down Big Show in the ring. The Shield's music and they come to the ring with a herd of security following them through the stands. The Shield around the ring, and Rollins has some dark roots growing into his blond.

Big Show throws Rollins back into a corner, then on him. Rollins whipped, but moves and Big Show into the corner. Rollins keeps trying to fight back, but then Big Show tosses him out onto Ambrose. Big Show out and tosses Reigns into the barricade. Ambrose attacks Big Show and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Big Show via DQ (0:39)

Big Show is getting beaten down, but comes back. Big Show sends Ambrose in and works him over, but then Reigns in with a big spear on Big Show, then the three "stomp" Big Show into the mat. They then try to pull Big Show up, into the air, Reigns staggers under Big Show's weight, but the three manage to bomb him. Video recap of the brief match, then the beat down. The Shield is standing over Big Show.

Backstage Segment

Punk in demanding to know if Vickie is in charge. He's facing Taker, not Kane. Taker needs his little brother fighting his battles? Vickie says that may God have mercy on Punk's soul at WrestleMania. What Punk did tonight was very disrespectful and will face Kane in a No DQ Match tonight. Punk's not impressed with this.

In Ring Segment

Bryan to the ring. Video of Ricardo dousing AJ with water ringside on Smackdown. Backstage Bryan talks to AJ about when he had the MITB. AJ said he lost in 18 seconds. Bryan said with Ziggler, she should be used to things lasting 18 seconds.


Remembering Paul Bearer

The introduction of Bearer on WWE TV by Brother Love as Taker's new manager. King says we will see a lot of Bearer moments tonight, and to Tout about Bearer.

Bryan vs Ziggler

Cole talks about the 'beard off' that Bryan is in. Bryan on Ziggler with an arm bar, then clothesline. Ziggler tries to jump over Bryan, but Bryan grabs a leg and takes him down face first. Bryan with his surfboard on Ziggler's shoulders down for two. King talks about AJ not melting when hit with water. Bryan on Ziggler with kicks and manages to get two from it.

Bryan with an arm bar on Ziggler, working over the whole arm over his shoulder, then stomping his elbow pointed up from the mat. Bryan telegraphs and is kicked, but then launches Ziggler out to land hard. Bryan stops dead in his tracks when Big E gets on the apron and in his way.


Ziggler is standing on his head while holding on Bryan on the mat. Bryan free and sends Ziggler face first into the corner. Kicks from Bryan, then Bryan runs up the corner and flips over Ziggler. Bryan runs right into Ziggler's foot. Bryan flips Ziggler off out of his sleeper, but only gets two. Bryan with kicks to Ziggler's head and chest, then a back kick to Ziggler's face for two as the fans yell every kick and count from the ref. Bryan climbs, but Ziggler knocks him to sitting up top. Ziggler climbs up, stands up top, but Bryan between his legs and lands Ziggler crotch first facing out. Standing up top, Bryan tries for a suplex, but Ziggler counters into a crossbody – mid-air! Ziggler only gets two for that lovely move!

Bryan jumps up on Ziggler, but gets hung up on top chest first. Zig/zag on Bryan for a long two. AJ and Big E are pacing outside. Ziggler with forearms over Bryan's shoulder, Bryan reverses into the "NO!" lock. AJ distracts and Big E puts Ziggler's foot on the rope. Ziggler rolls Bryan up for two with tights. Bryan with the "NO!" lock, but Ziggler gets free with the zig/zag for three.

Winner – Ziggler (11:35)

AJ and Big E into the ring, and AJ kisses on Ziggler. AJ then looks over her shoulder at Big E, and down comes the straps. Big E grabs Bryan and hits his 5-Count. Ziggler, AJ and Big E leave Bryan lolling on the mat.


Recap of Triple H's feud with Brock. Trip's speech from last week on RAW over video of their past and Brock's attack on McMahon and the question about WrestleMania.


WWE Slam of the Week

Video of Funkasaurus, Sweet T and Honky Tonk Man and Slater taking the guitar.

Sweet T vs Fandango

Sweet T and Funkasaurus are in the ring in matching white track suits and hats, the Dactyls in black and white. They have their own in-ring pyro. Justin announces Fandango, but nothing. Sweet T – wearing pleather pants like he did as A-Train - grabs a mic and tells him to get out there! Fandango says Sweet T can't say his name, and they're an abomination to the arts. He'll come to the ring when they get his name right.

Justin starts talking, but Fandango tells him no, no Joshua, not you, Joshua. Fandango wants Naomi say his name. She's better than all this.

Sweet T grabs the mic and says Fandango.

Fandango says it's his fault they're missing a match with Fahn-dahn-gooo!


A special sneak preview of GI Joe: Retaliation for the WWE audience. They show movie clips, and bit of them making the movie.


Remembering Paul Bearer

WrestleMania XX when Taker and Bearer returned. They dulled the roar of the crowd from when it happened.

New Age Outlaws vs Team Rhodes Scholars

Sandow says the following interpretation is brought to you by taste and good form.

Sandow does the beat, then Cody says, Oh, you were not aware of this?

Sandow says – Your posterior better contact someone at once.

Ladies and gentlemen, young people of all gender and age, taste and decency proudly presents to you the reunited future tag team champions, and best friends, then essence of mustachioed excellence, the intellectual saviors of the masses, Team Rhodes Scholars!

And, if you're not "down" with that, we have two words for you...

Together – You're welcome!

New Age Outlaws to the ring in their DX attire. Road Dogg says, very clever ladies. Then asks if they're ready. Lord have mercy, this one's for you Percy! Then Road Dogg goes into his wonderful schpeal!

Cody and Road Dogg lock up, Road Dogg dances, but poked in the eye. Blows and dancing from Road Dogg, and a big blow to Rhodes. Sandow in and eats a punch. Disaster kick from Rhodes, but then Brock's music hits and Rhodes drops to his knees in shock. (1:26)

Gunn on Brock with blows, but then Gunn is up and eats an F5. Brock then grabs Road Dogg and he eats an F5. Heyman into the ring, all giddy. Heyman says, so, let me get this straight Triple H wants Brock to know that The Game is on. Brock doesn't play games, he hurts people. Take HBK, Trip's best friend. Brock broke his arm. Take McMahon, not just the CEO, but Trip's father-in-law, Brock broke McMahon in half. Steph watched as her own father got lifted with a broken body into an ambulance and she had tears rolling. Trip, what does that do to a man? New Age Outlaws, the last vestiges of DX laid to waste, F5 into oblivion. What's he babbling about? Everyone wants the answer. Will Brock fight Trip at WrestleMania? The answer is YEEESSSS! But, and ladies and gentleman, there is a but attached to this, Brock will face Trip at WrestleMania only if they get to name the stips. Brock won't tell Trip the stips until after Trip signs the contract. Now you see the dilemma they put Trip in. Either Trip blindly accepts the challenge, or the cerebral assassin, avenger, you disappoint the WWE 'Universe', your wife, your children, your father-in-law, and most of all, yourself. If you ain't down with that, I've got two words for you – Brock Lesnar!

Brock and Heyman leave the ring. Refs in to check in on Road Dogg and Billy Gunn.


Announce Segment

Cole talking about Touting for Bearer.

Kofi vs Henry

Kofi in the ring waiting. Henry out to face him. Video of Ryback and Henry crossing paths on Smackdown last week.

Kofi on Henry with blows, but takes a head butt. Elbow to Kofi in a corner, then splashing Kofi's back in a corner. Henry pulls Kofi up into a bear hug. Kofi pushes Henry's face back, and punches at him, but Kofi slammed back into a corner. Kofi on Henry's shoulder, but Kofi wiggles free. Cole calls it a kick, but Henry actually knees Kofi in the face. Kofi rolls out. Henry out and waits. Henry rushes Kofi, but Kofi moves and Henry eats post. Kofi launches off the stairs onto Henry and Henry lands on the floor. Henry rolls into the ring, Kofi climbs. Henry up, Kofi flies, but Henry catches him like it's nothing an hits the WSS for three.

Winner – Henry (2:26)

Henry yells down at Kofi, then slaps his face around a bit. Video recap Henry's kick to Kofi, then the rest of the match.

Backstage Segment

Cody gives his water to Kaitlyn. He says, I mustachio a question, then translates to I must ask you a question. Sandow comes bustling in says he has a surprise and takes Kaitlyn's water. He's found two suitable companions, they're double the Divas in the Division. The Bellas are back! Each latches on to Sandow and Rhodes. Kaitlyn stomps off. Vickie says that Rhodes Scholars will face Sheamus and Orton since their match was cut short – you're welcome!

In Ring Segment

Ryback stomps to the ring with the fans going wild for him. Cole and King talk about Psych. They go to a sneak peak of Big Show on Psych.


Ryback vs Slater

3MB in the ring, the other two leave Slater alone with Ryback in the ring. Henry on the stage watching, arms crossed. Ryback looks and Slater attacks. Ryback comes back elevating Slater high and dropping him. "Feed me more!" chants and a meathook clothesline! Slater up, Ryback marches, shell shocked.

Winner – Ryback (1:05)

Drew in on Ryback, so he's up and shell shocked. Henry stomps to the ring. "Feed me more!" chants. Henry grabs Drew and slams him. Ryback grabs Drew, marches, shell shocked. Henry then grans Drew for the sloppiest WSS I've ever seen. They stare and talk smack over Drew' prone body. Refs in to check on Drew and telling them to back off. "Feed me more!" chants. Henry leaves the ring, backs up the ramp staring at Ryback.

Backstage Segment

ADR and Ricardo heading for the ring to face Cesaro.


Announce Segment

Cole and King talk about WWE movies. They show video of The Call.

Cesaro vs ADR

Cesaro is already in the ring. Ricardo to the stage and announces ADR – the fans holding the long O with Ricardo the whole way. They head to the ring together, then pose.

They lock up. Hammer lock on ADR, then into a corner with blows on ADR. Cesaro eats ADR's feet, then a lovely hurricanranna. ADR climbs with a simple cross body on Cesaro for two. ADR back up sitting, but Cesaro pulls his foot out and ADR hits the mat. They say ADR's head hit the top buckle, but it was his upper back, no where near his head, or even neck. Headlock on ADR on the mat. ADR up, but eats an upper cut for two.

Elbow drop into a headlock on ADR. ADR side steps Cesaro, then comes back with a back breaker. ADR stalks Cesaro and nails his sick kick to a kneeling Cesaro for two. ADR calls for his finisher, but Cesaro with blows. ADR elevates Cesaro to the apron, then kidney shots followed by the back stabber on Cesaro for two. ADR climbs, but then flies into an upper cut for a long two.

Cesaro is upset and in the ref's face over the count. Cesaro on ADR with a sick kick to the head. Cesaro on ADR, but ADR reverses into his cross arm breaker. Cesaro taps out.

Winner – ADR (4:49)

ADR and Ricardo celebrate in the ring. Video of the high points.

Backstage Segment

Josh says it's a troubling time for Kane. Kane slowly looks at Josh. He holds the urn, cradles it, looks at it. Kane starts to breathe heavy, almost seethe, then looks back at the urn and walks away.


Remembering Paul Bearer

1997 Bearer was sans hair dye and makeup, he returned with Taker's brother Kane. Kane called fire from all four in the HIAC.

Announce Segment

King says he doesn't know if he's ever heard a bad word about Paul Bearer, ever. Cole agrees, then they go into a video building for the WWE Championship Match – The Rock vs Cena. Cena talks about losing to The Rock last year, being left feeling worthless. Music is interspersed through Cena's words. Newspaper headlines pop up about Cena's divorce – blaming it on Cena's loss at WrestleMania? On to The Rock talking up Cena's drive and passion. The unveiling of the new WWE Championship belt. Cena says it's more than a match, a shot at redemption. The Rock says no redemption, he's getting his ass kicked.

In Ring Segment

Orton out to the ring.



Recap of Brock's carnage.

Orton & Sheamus vs Team Rhodes Scholars

Rhodes Scholars are in the ring. Sheamus out to join Orton.

Orton and Sandow lock up. Side headlock on Orton. Orton pushes out, Orton under then over and gives a back elbow. Another blow, then snap suplex on Sandow for two. Orton tags out. Sheamus with his battering ram on Sandow for two. Arm bar on Sandow, but Sheamus eats a forearm. Into the heel corner and Rhodes tags in. Rhodes on Sheamus, but then Rhodes up and eats a rolling senton on Rhodes for two. Big kick to Rhodes' shoulder, but then Sheamus low roped from the ring. Clothesline to Sheamus by Sandow outside. Rhodes out and rolls Sheamus in for two.

Sandow tags in and on Sheamus with blows. Knee drop on Sheamus for two. Rhodes tags in and kicks Sheamus in the fans. More kicks, then a knee to Sheamus' face for two. Chinlock on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus up with blows, then blocks Rhodes and hits a short clothesline. Orton calls to Sheamus and gets the tag.

Clotheslines, then that power slam on Rhodes. T-bone from Orton for two. Rhodes to the apron, but Sandow pulls Rhodes from the apron. Orton out and on Sandow with blows, but Rhodes sends Orton into the post head first. Rhodes stomps his former mentor outside the ring, then sends him in. Rhodes in and tags out.

Sandow holds Orton's arm up and drops knees to his ribs for two. Side Russian leg sweep followed by the elbow of disdain for two. Rhodes tags in and stomps Orton. Rhodes elevates Orton and lands him on the mat, but Orton lands more on his knee than anything. Rhodes climbs, but Orton trips him up and Rhodes is crotched. Orton up and hits his father's superplex on Rhodes. Both hit the back of their heads and are down.

Both tag out. Clotheslines on Sandow, then a shoulder in the corner. High knee, then forearms to Sandow over the top rope. Sandow brought in the hard way. Sandow up and holds him there like he weighs nothing, then white noise. Sandow pulls himself up in a corner as Sheamus calls for it. Rhodes rushes in, Sheamus ducks him, but Rhodes right into an RKO. Brogue kick to Sandow for three.

Winners – Orton & Sheamus (8:03)

Video of the high points of the match. They post in the ring together.



During the commercial Orton and Sheamus get into it with The Shield. Rollins with a flying knee to Orton's head off the stage. Spear on the stage from Reigns leaves Sheamus in a heap. Cole asks who will stop The Shield? He then goes on to talk about Bearer and Tout. King talks about what a great friend he was. They show the Touts from fans. They were quite lovely!

Highlight Reel

"Y2J!" chants could be heard during the Announce Segment, but he comes to the ring now in ring gear, but his blinkie jacket and a huge smile. More "Y2J!" chants. Welcome to RAW Is Jericho! This is The Highlight Reel. Is this jacket working? It's very temperamental. He talks about The Marine 3 and calls for the monkeys to roll the footage.

Did you see my magic trick? I made my Jeritron disappear like that, baby! My guest tonight is the star of The Marine 3, Miz! Miz to the ring in his gear.

Miz says it's nice to be a guest, quite a nice set!

Jericho says he had some furniture and a Jeritron, but I guess there was some budget issues, but that's neither here nor there. The first day sales blows projections out of the water, you have a hit on your hands!

Barrett comes out and is disgusted. Miz isn't a real actor. His movie Dead Man Down opened in the top 5 this weekend! This is why. Video of DMD. Barrett says that's a movie. What we should eb talking about.

Miz puts on his British accent and says we've been hearing about this the past three weeks.

Barrett says if that was supposed to be him, then it shows his lack of range. He's been getting tons of movie offers, but he's too busy being the IC Champ and Wade Barrett.







Really? I think the only reason you keep bringing up your movie is to distract from the fact that you haven't won a match in weeks. Only a matter of time until you lose the IC Title.

Jericho then goes on a 'really!' kick of his own.

Barrett tells Jericho to butt out.

Jericho's blinkie jacket comes off and they stare. Let me remind you who you're talking to junior. I helped bring you into this company. I helped you win the first NXT, and you've done a great job. You're an amazing two time IC Champ. I'm a nine time IC Champ! Nine times, more than anyone in this company. Maybe I'll make it ten. What do you say Wadeski, should I make it ten?

Stop it, stop it right now, not on my show! Maddox out, introduces himself and talks up Brickie. They need to chill out in the ring. They're all very good, and the IC is the most prestigious Title there is. You, you, you, Barrett, you will defend your IC Championship against the winner of this next match between Miz and Jericho. Clear out the Jeritron 6000 because this match is now. Jericho mutters that it's already gone. King is laughing and mocking Maddox through this whole display.


Jericho vs Miz

Jericho pulls Miz up and a back suplex. The match started during the commercial. Jericho locks on Miz on the mat. Barrett is on announce saying that of course he's trending, he's on TV! Jericho is whipped, but gets a foot up. Jericho eats corner himself, then a clothesline. Shoulder blocks to Miz, but then Jericho over the top, but lands on the apron and climbs. Jericho off the top with a chop to the head. Jericho then runs into a boot for two.

Barrett is droning on and on. Running bulldog on Miz, but then his lionsault is blocked by Miz's feet. Jericho tries for the walls, but flipped away. Miz sets up for the fig 4, then Jericho reverses with walls, but Miz reverses and rolls Jericho up for two. Jericho tries for the walls and is able to lock it on. Miz is on the mat screaming. He crawls for the bottom rope, makes a spectacle of it, but makes it to the bottom rope. Miz out, Jericho after him. Miz blocks eating stairs and sends Miz into Barrett on announce. Barrett attacks Miz and Jericho.

Winner – N/A (4:18)

Barrett eats a left from Miz, then a baseball slide from Jericho lands Barrett in announce. They slide Barrett in. King asks Cole if he's okay, and while he says he is, it's not convincing. Miz with a SCF on Barrett. Jericho waits, then a code breaker on Barrett. They both stare at Barrett lolling on the mat selling the bumps.

Announce Segment

Cole looks fine and discusses Ricardo and ADR's videos back at Zeb and Swagger. They show the same video of them from Smackdown.

Backstage Segment

Swagger and Zeb are heading for the ring.


Remembering Paul Bearer

1995 – Bearer is the suspect in Yokozuna's disappearance. Bearer is dressed as a woman. GONG! The lights go out and when they come up Fuji is in the dress!

Sin Cara vs Swagger w/ Zeb

Sin Cara in the ring. Swagger and Zeb stomp out. On the ramp Zeb says they're not happy. They have problems, and one is in the ring. He can't say Sin Cara's name. He can't speak English. We don't cheer him, we're programmed to cheer him. He bounces around the ring like a Mexican jumping bean. He looks in the fans eyes and know they feel the way he and Swagger do because they know what he is. He's a theif. Every night, somewhere, there's a Sin Cara with his little band of amigos sneaking across the border stealing from an American. You know who's fault it is? It's you're fault. You enabled it. You allowed it. You're afraid to say something about it. Zeb isn't afraid. Swagger's not afraid. If you're afraid, we'll say it for you. Now ADR says he's born in Mexico, but made in America. The only thing ADR has made is aware of how things have to be changed in this country.

"Boring!" chants.

Swagger says that on April 7th I'll bring that Title back where it belongs. Back to Jack Swagger's America. We the people!

Sin Cara with kicks on Swagger. Slingshot back elbow. Swagger takes Sin Cara out over the top. Cole says next week a Triple Threat Match for the IC Title. Sin Cara off the corner onto Swagger outside. Back in the ring Swagger eats Sin Cara's feet, then reverses around Swagger and kicks him in the head. Sin Cara off the top and into a kick. Swagger with an elbow drop on Sin Cara's leg on the bottom rope. Patriot lock on Sin Cara who taps.

Winner – Swagger (1:49)

Swagger won't let go, but ADR rushes out and on Swagger with blows. Swagger fights back. ADR locks on his cross arm breaker. Zeb helps pull Swagger from the ring and free. ADR is seething in the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole says an interview with Halle Berry before she's interrupted by a phone call. She's talking up the great role and gets a phone call from Otunga. She wants to know why he was calling her. He says that he was supposed to keep her number private, but he shared it with someone who wants to do her harm. He gets off the phone fast.

Her phone rings and it's Kane. He talks to her, knows where she lives then asks about why she won't answer his fan mail.

She asks if he's the guy in the red mask who writes her everyday?


She says his address is Depths of Hell, how can she answer that?

He says that you know how kids write to Santa, this is the opposite.

I'm going to kill Otunga!

Does this mean we aren't going on that picnic?

She hangs up, raises her arms and calls fire from all four, the ring is behind Kane. Halle says she's not answering her phone again.


WWE Rewind

The opening Taker tribute to Bearer, then Punk cuts into it, but Kane comes after him.

No DQ Match – Punk vs Kane

Cole says Ryback will face Henry Friday on Smackdown. Punk to the ring. Kane comes out, still holding the urn, staring down at it as he walks to the ring. The urn is placed back on the pedestal outside the ring.

Punk dives out over the top onto Kane when the lights hadn't even come up. Punk all over Kane with blows. Kane comes back sending Punk back first into the barricade. Punk face first into the post. Kane elevates Punk and drops him on the top of the barricade. A big punch from Kane, then Punk tossed into the time keeper's area. Kane starts clearing announce. Ring bell to Kane's face, then Punk off the barricade with a double ax handle. Kane fights back and slams the top shroud of announce onto Punk.

Into the ring and Punk is set up top. Kane climbs, pulls Punk up. Punk punches, forearms to Kane's back, then rakes his eyes. Punk up and hits his Savage elbow for two. Punk kicks and stomps on Kane in a corner. Punk's high knee in the corner. Punk says 20-1, then hits another high running knee. Kane pushes out of the bulldog and tosses Punk out over the top rope.


Kane rushes Punk in a corner and eats a foot. Punk off the corner on Kane for two. They show the urn again and Cole talks about Bearer. Kane sends Punk back first into a chair between the ropes in a corner that Punk had set up. Punk whipped and clotheslined, then again. Kane sends Punk from the ring, and out after him. Punk chest first into the barricade. Kane tosses chairs into the ring, pushing people out of his way to get more chairs. Then he grabs Punk and rolls him in.

Punk takes a chokeslam on a chair, but it was reversed into a DDT onto the chair for two. Punk with a blow to Kane's back with a chair. Thumb across his throat to mock Taker, but Punk turns and Kane grabs him. Roundhouse kick to Kane. Punk calls for the GTS.


Punk is distracted and turns around into a chokeslam for three.

Winner – Kane (12:08)


The lights go low and Taker comes out. Taker drops to one knee looks to his brother in the ring. Kane to one knee. The Brothers of Destruction pose facing each other, Paul Bearer's tribute on the tron.

Punk has the urn and hits Kane from behind with it. Punk works Kane over with the urn as Taker heads for the ring. Punk flees the ring, but takes the urn with him. Taker checks on his brother as Punk heads up the ramp.

Punk on the stage looks at the urn, then drops to one knee and poses with the urn, one hand in the air staring at Taker.

Taker, shaking, draws his thumb across his throat at Punk. The fans go wild!

Punk continues to pose with the urn, puts his lips to the top edge of the urn, then smiles behind it, one hand still in the air.

Biggest pop
Paul Bearer

Biggest heat

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