RAW Results – Finally, A Title Belt Has Come Back To The WWE


Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about The Rock winning and his Championship Celebration tonight!

Show Starts


Recap of the major matches at Elimination Chamber last night, then on to Cena challenging The Rock, and the Road to WrestleMania!

In Ring Segment

Cole welcomes us to RAW, then Cena's music hits. He comes bouncing out to the stage and says to the camera that, 'It's heatin' up!' Cena to the ring. Cole talks about the stage being set in 48 nights at WrestleMania! King says it doesn't get any bigger that that! Here we are in the heart of Cajun Country. The Road to WrestleMania is heating up. It was a year ago they announced WrestleMania would be at Met Life Stadium. For ten months it was nothing more than that sign, but now we can see what he can see. WrestleMania is taking shape. After last night two main events have been announced. Swagger will challenge ADR for the WHC. On April7th, Cena tries his hand to become WWE Champ when he faces The Rock!

Punk's music hits and out comes a hooded Punk with Heyman in tow. They don't stop on the stage. Punk's focus brings him straight down to the ring. He walks around to announce side, grabbing a strategically placed mic at the first corner of the ring. Off comes the hood as Punk gets right up at Cena. Punk says, You're fighting The Rock for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania? Are you sure? Are you positive? That's the way you want to go? That's the easy way out. But I expect nothing less from you. Let me clear the air. The Rock beat me last night, fair and square. If you want to go ahead and ignore that I had him pinned for about an 18 count, that he struck a WWE official, as per the match, should have immediately disqualified him. Bringing the Title back to where it rightfully belongs. But yeah, The Rock beat me fair and square last night. He beat Cena fair and square at WrestleMania last year. But looking at wins and losses, Cena has never beat Punk.

Cena says, I'm not talking about wins and losses, I'm talking about WrestleMania. I won the Royal Rumble, I deserve to go. The Rock won. For once, this is not about CM Punk.

But it is about me! You earned the right to the WrestleMania main event? The Rock earned it? What about me being Champ for 434 days! Best in the world. Took on all comers and single handedly bested the best in the business. How did Cena earn his right, joined a circus of a match, 30 Battle Royal, over the top match? Entered at 25, throw a couple ham and eggers over the top rope and you think you deserve it? You were lucky! Cena vs The Rock is deja vous. I've seen it. The Rock wins. You can't win the big one John!

Cena smiles, but has hurt in his eyes. Typical Punk, comes out here and state your grievance. What do you want from me? What do you want me to do?

Punk says what he wants is Cena to just walk away. He has something that doesn't belong to him. Turn around, walk away. Leave the ring, the WWE, my life. Just walk away.

Cena looks down, thinks on this, then looks like he's leaving the ring when women and children chant for him. Cena steps up and says, No! I'll give you credit. I admire your honesty. You have a hell of a set of stones. I bet if you sift through the excuses, there's a halfway decent human being under there. But like him of not, he has to know that Cena's not going to hand away a golden ticket to the main event of WrestleMania. With all Punk's skewed history, Punk has some merit. Cena hasn't beat Punk or The Rock. Cena has his critics that doesn't think he should be at WrestleMania. Punk thinks he should go to WrestleMania, and Cena would like to shut those critics up. So, I have a solution. I'm nothing to give you a golden ticket, but I'll let you earn it. A match., the big one, Cena versus Punk. If I win, you shut your mouth, crawl back in the hole you came from, and go away. If Punk wins, then he's right, Cena doesn't deserve to be at WrestleMania. If Punk beats him, he wins it. Punk beats him, right here, right now, he gets Cena's WrestleMania shot. (Punk breaks into a lovely and devious smile.) See, here's the problem with calling me out Punk, you talk business, I handle business. We do this right here, right now and see who's traveling the Road to WrestleMania!

Punk confers with Heyman. Then to Cena. Your word, you just made the stupidest... (Punk stops himself from cussing here) decision of your life. And I'm going to take you up on it, but I'm not going to do it here. Because I'm going to do it on my terms. Because of how I was screwed last night, I shouldn't be in this position. We'll do it next week. Punk drops his mic and leaves the ring with Heyman and a big smile on his face.

Cena say, Let him go. Cena face Punk next week, winner faces The Rock at WrestleMania. Punk wants a week to rest. Get your beauty sleep and bring your best next week. Punk says I can't get the job done? I want everyone behind this, and everyone to know that he can beat Punk and will go to WrestleMania and beat The Rock. And all of you will know that the Champ is here!



Thomas Jefferson, "One man with courage is a majority."

Announce Segment

Cole talks up Presidents Day, then goes on and talks about how The Shield impressed last night at Elimination Chamber.

Backstage Segment

Striker talks about The Shield finding a weakness. As Sheamus starts talking Ryback walks in front of the camera as if they weren't even filming! Sheamus goes on about letting people down. Ryback keeps pacing and Sheamus gets pissed. He stops Ryback saying that he should be a machine, or is he a mindless Neanderthal like everyone says? Sheamus and Ryback get into a shoving match and it's Jericho who breaks them up, yelling at them to stop it! They need to deal with The Shield, not get into each others faces. Jericho's seen it before in nWo, Nexus. They have to do what it takes to save this company. They all have to do what it takes to save this company – all of them! Yes, I said all of us! I've loved the WWE since I started here in 1999 and love it now! I will never wrestle for another company again! We have to stop The Shield, and it has to start tonight. Vickie knows what Jericho brings to the table, and she can't deny the box office draw of The Shield versus Sheamus, Ryback and Y2J! If I talk to her, I guarantee we'll see that match tonight on RAW Is Jericho! Sheamus says if he can make it happen, Jericho has a deal. Ryback says, Done! "Feed me Shield!"

Sin Cara vs Henry

Sin Cara in the ring waiting. Henry comes out to face him. Video recap of Henry attacking Bryan, Rey and Sin Cara on his return, then getting all screamy about it. Video of Henry destroying Khali last week on RAW.

Sin Cara ducks Henry, then on him with kicks, but taken down fast. Sin Cara tossed across the ring to a corner like a doll. Sin Cara slammed down. Henry uses the ropes to stand on Sin Cara' back. Sin Cara to another corner and splashed. Sin Cara falls to the mat as Henry yells, That's what I do! Sin Cara with a kick from the apron to Henry's head. Henry grabs Sin Cara this time and hits a running power slam. Henry pulls him up, hits the WSS for three.

Winner – Henry (1:33)

Henry rips at Sin Cara' face, tries to smother him. Henry pulls Sin Cara up, but then Khali's music hits. He comes stomping out looking rather pissed! Henry tosses Sin Cara aside, calls for Khali, then the leaves the ring. Henry smiles up at Khali and says he has all of Khali he wants. Henry then mocks Khali, dancing outside. "If I wants to dance, I get a date! You dance! That's all you do fine anyway, dancin'!" Henry shakes his head and leaves.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the US Title match last night at Elimination Chamber. Cole asks if it was accidental, or not? Up next they have a No DQ Match! Also, Vickie Tweets that Jericho, Sheamus and Ryback will get to face The Shield tonight!





Recap of Miz facing Rhodes last week, then Cesaro using Miz as t tether ball toy.

No DQ Match - Cesaro vs Miz

Miz on Cesaro with blows, then clotheslines him from the ring. Miz out with a big clothesline on Cesaro. Cesaro blocks eating the barricade, then sends Miz into it. Cesaro gets Miz up and drives his shoulder into the post. Miz rolled in, Cesaro gets a couple chairs and a kendo stick. Kendo stick to Miz for two. Cesaro sets a chair into the ropes in the corner. A high knee on Miz, but then Miz blocks eating the chair and manages to roll Cesaro up for two. Kendo stick to Miz for two.

Cesaro ropes Miz's arm into the chair and wrenches it back. Cens pins for two. Another arm hold on Miz, working that shoulder, but Miz to his feet. Cesaro gets Miz up, but he wiggles free. Neck breaker, but then Miz shoulder first into the corner and the chair. Miz set into the corner, his legs out, crotch exposed. Cesaro rushes Miz, but eats foot, then corner chair, then chair on the mat. Miz locks on the Fig 4 and Cesaro taps out!

Winner – Miz (3:39)

Video of the high points of the match. Miz is staring up at Cesaro retreating up the ramp.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Swagger winning and will face ADR. King says Coulter is the big question in this. They will put out their State of The Union. They put out some video earlier stating some of their feelings.


Swagger is standing in front of a wooden wall, or fence with a Don't Tread On Me flag to the left of him. Zeb sets up the video camera, and rushes to Swagger's side. Zeb talks about immigration. He talks about how America was a place for people to come, work hard, and provide a better way of life for their families. But somewhere along the way that land of opportunity has turned into a desert of despair. We have allowed a bunch of greedy, selfish delinquents to cross our borders and Rob our country of wealth. They come across in car loads, live 22 in an apartment with their hands out looking for a handout and preying on the hospitality of Americans and drained the USA of productivity and resources. Swagger and Zeb will give you a hand out, a one way ticket. If our government won't help us, tell us who will Jack. Swagger says, We, the people.

Announce Segment

King and Cole talk about Swagger, and how he will face ADR, but who will face The Rock? He talks about the match between Cena and Punk next week. The Rock celebrates later.



Abraham Lincoln, "You can fool all of the people some of the time, you can fool dome of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

Backstage Segment

Bryan walks to Kane. Bryan is upset that he didn't get a hug, but got an upper cut to the jaw. He went to Vickie and got a singles match with Swagger and doesn't want Kane out with him. Kane says he's going to get a match, and doesn't want Bryan out with him. But Bryan better stick to his word, because he doesn't like snakes.

"Is someone talking about me?" asks Orton from behind Kane.

"I said I don't like snakes. I don't deal well with snakes. They slither around on the ground and can't be trusted. And when one gets close, I stomp on its head with my boot."

Orton says, That that might have had him shaking in his boots previously, but since Kane traded in his chokeslam and piledrivers for therapy sessions and hug, not really the Big Red Monster anymore. More like Barney, The Dinosaur.

Bryan slaps Kane on the back and laughs. He thinks that's great.

Kane is left seething, but Orton is gone.

Backstage Segment

Vickie is on her cell and says a big surprise is planned for her show. Heyman comes up as Vickie is all giddy on her phone. He asks if she summoned for him.

Vickie teases Heyman for his stips on the WWE Title Match. The Rock won, but good for you! Nothing to say?

Not to you!

Well, I have something to say to Heyman, has some great new, dramatic news that will effect your life. No, your whole career.

What is it?

I'm not going to tell you here, I'm going to wait for the ring!

Oh, of course, says Heyman. How I love over dramatic women. Vickie, I don't like surprises.

I know, Vickie says with a giggle.

Ziggler w/ AJ & Big E vs ADR

Ziggler out with AJ and Big E. They make out on stage before heading to the ring.


Ricardo comes out and announces ADR to the ring, drawing out ADR's name much longer than usual.

Kicks to ADR, then a drop kick. Ziggler stomps on ADR on the mat. Back kick from ADR, but then telegraphs and is kicked. Ziggler elevated over the top, landed on the apron. Ziggler thought he had it handled, then eats a big enziguri over the top rope.


Big drop kick on ADR for two. Ziggler chokes ADR with a bottom rope, then distracts the ref for Big E to hit ADR. Ziggler gets two from it. Chinlock on ADR on the mat. Backstage Zeb and Swagger are watching closely. ADR up and head butts free, but then runs into a high knee. Zig-zag on ADR for a long two. Ziggler climbs, but ADR up and kicks him in the head. Another kick to Ziggler's back. ADR climbs and grabs Ziggler and hits a strange reverse face first suplex on Ziggler to the mat. Both men are down, the ref is counting, but up at 6. Ziggler on ADR with blows and kicks. ADR fights back with clotheslines, the a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Ziggler. Big kick to Ziggler's face, but only gets a long two for it. ADR gets the fans chanting for him, and sets up, but Ziggler reverses with a swinging neckbreaker for two. ADR reverses a whip, and ADR gets Ziggler sitting in the ropes and hits 9 kidney blows, then a back stabber for two.

Big E up on the apron, but takes a baseball slide to the legs. ADR then gets fancy and locks on his cross arm breaker. Ziggler has to tap out.

Winner – ADR (9:52)

Video of the high points of the match, then Big E plows through ADR with a clothesline. Big E keeps yelling, "It's over for you! Your time is over! It's over for you!" Big E hits his finished. Ziggler decides to cash in, right now! Ziggler yells for his case. As he grabs it, Ricardo grabs the case and runs with it. Big E takes off after him. Ricardo up the ramp, Big E on his heels. Ricardo drops it on the ramp, but Ricardo keeps running with Big E on his heels. AJ grabs the case and runs it back to Ziggler in the ring. Ziggler grabs the case and turns around, right into an enziguri from ADR. ADR celebrates in the ring, looking up at the WrestleMania sign. AJ is on the apron, kneeling next to Ziggler, looking like she's about to lose it.


In Ring Segment

Barrett in the ring says, As we all know, he's a top WWE Superstar. But in addition to that, I'm about to become a huge movie star, as well. I just starred in Dead Man Down. It comes out March 8th. This is why the great Barrett Barrage is going to Hollywood. They show video of Dead Man Down, but I only saw a tiny flash of Barrett in it. Sheamus is on the tron and says Barrett isn't the star of Dead Man Down, his good friend Collin Farrell is. I think it's a brilliant film, mainly because Barrett doesn't say a word in it. What? I'm out of time? That's all fella.

Announce Segment

Cole and King laugh at Barrett running out of time. They show the new WWE Power Slammers toys, and play with them a bit.

Mixed Tag Match – Rosa & Primo & Epico vs Clay & Albert & Cameron

The Dactyls come out, Funkasaurus and Albert behind them. The music changes to the Colons who come out very quickly. The bell is rung when they're barely ready – so I guess they're running short on time!

Rosa and Cameron lock up. Rosa slaps, but runs into a power bum. Cameron is whipped, but pulls an HBK up over the top and then climbs to hit a beautiful cross body. Epico rushes in and eats head scissors from Cameron, who then dances. Albert stops Primo with clotheslines, then an elbow drop, but Epico breaks the count. Cameron with a baseball slide between Albert's feet. Clay tags in, they both splash Primo. Clay gets the three.

Winners – Funkasaurus, Albert & Cameron (0:49)

They dance in the ring as King and Cole laugh.


New Orleans will present WrestleMania 30. VKM, Steph, The Rock and Cena all talk up New Orleans and WrestleMania.


In Ring Segment

Swagger to the podium says, My fellow Americans, last night is what happens when you live dignity, respect and patriotism. He conquered the Elimination Chamber and put the weight of the nation upon our shoulder. Tonight's not about him, it's about our country. It's about the state of the union. There's only one man brave, wise and honest enough to deliver it. That man is a great friend and greater American.

Zeb says that it's Presidents Day, so we should thank them for the Bill of Rights! And the Bill of Rights give them the right to voice their opinion. We might not agree with it, or like it, but the 2nd Amendment gives them the right to proudly speak. The state of the union is pathetic. The blame lies solely on the shoulders of the millions and millions living in this country illegally. Those people live in our country but have no qualms about taking our medical care, our educations, and our freedom. Presidents Day, it's high time we put a stop to it. We have a big problem in this country that needs to be fixed. Real Americans need to stand up and say no more, and that's what Swagger is ready to do.

Last night at Elimination Chamber, Swagger won the right to challenge for the WHC at WrestleMania. Now that Title, it's much more than a Title match, more like a battle for the heart and soul of this country. On one side you have a real man, this man, a real American, Swagger. On the other side you have the WHC, but the name of Alberto Del Rio. A man who came into our country to reap the rewards of our motherland. Swagger is going to accomplish two goals at WrestleMania. He's going to recapture the WHC, and reclaim America! I will be glad to see once again that it's an America I'll be happy to live in. Swagger's America.

Swagger yells, over and over again, "We, the people!"

Bryan's music hits and he comes out yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!"


Swagger vs Bryan

Swagger's arms clasped around Bryan's gut. He gets free and kicks at Swagger's side and legs. Bryan is grabbed, but goes over Swagger's shoulder and down over the side, but only gets two. Drop toe hold on Swagger to eat a corner, then a low drop kick to the back of Swagger's knee for two. Bryan works Swagger's arm, then kicks him with he telegraphs, but then Swagger comes back to clothesline Bryan from the ring. Swagger follows Bryan out, gets him up to eat the post, but Bryan pushes Swagger off. Bryan off the apron, but Swagger moves. Swagger slams Bryan back into the barricade. Back in the ring Swagger gets one.

Swagger stomps Bryan, and grinds his foot into Bryan's taped ribs. Knees to Bryan in a corner. Bryan flipped across the mat. Swagger with a knee to Bryan's ribs in the opposite corner. Swagger stalks Bryan, then chicken wings Bryan's arms on the mat. Bryan to his feet, and elbows free, but then takes a knee to the ribs. Swagger bomb on Bryan for two.

Swagger rushes Bryan in a corner, but eats a knee, then an elbow. Bryan with blows, but Swagger back with a knee. Bryan dodges Swagger and takes Swagger down. Bryan pulls the ropes down to send Swagger out, then hits a suicide dive on Swagger outside. Bryan up and sends Swagger in. Bryan up and climbs. Big missile drop kick for a long two on Swagger! "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants. Bryan starts kicking a kneeling Swagger wile yelling, but is caught before the last and slammed to the mat. Bryan rolls into the "NO!" lock, but Swagger gets a foot to the bottom rope. Bryan has to break the hold.

Bryan rushes Swagger, but Swagger moves and Bryan drop kick lands badly on the corner. Swagger hard on Bryan's knee. Bryan to his feet, but then takes a chop block. Zeb says, "That knee's gone. That knee's gone." Swagger locks on the Patriot Act.

Winner – Swagger (8:10)

Video of the high points of the match. Swagger in the ring goes back to yelling, "We, the people!" over and over.

Backstage Segment

Heyman is heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! I am Vickie Guerrero and the Managing Supervisor of RAW. I have a huge announcement that could drastically change Heyman's career, and his whole life. Tonight I'm going to be naming a new assistant for myself. The Assistant to the Managing Supervisor of RAW is Brad Maddox! Maddox comes out on the stage with that arrogant smirk on his face.

Thank you so much Vickie. Hi Paul, I'm Brad.

Heyman, leaning against the ropes says hi to Brad, off mic.

Maddox goes on to say, In case you're wondering why. It's a reward for my loyalty and my (Maddox says hi to a fan yelling at him as he walks down the ramp) and my services to the company, and to this company and the show by exposing Heyman and The Shield. And Vincent Kennedy McMahon is so happy with me that he gave me the opportunity of a lifetime, and named me Assistant Managing Supervisor.

Vickie says, sorry Brad, it's Assistant to the Managing Supervisor.

Right, Assistant Managing Supervisor.

Heyman asks, Is this my cue to vomit? Come on! This is Vickie's big surprise. I don't care what either one of you have to say. Thank you, and goodnight.

VKM clears his throat and stops Heyman. VKM is on the tron, crutches and all. VKM says that wasn't Heyman's surprise, this is your surprise.

Heyman kowtows to VKM. You look fantastic, and two weeks.

Just shut your mouth. When your mouth is open, you're lying. Last week I granted you that stip to the match.

Heyman recounts the stip he and Punk wanted, and out of the goodness of VKM's heart, he granted that stip.

VKM stops Heyman, and says everyone knows that, I don't have a heart. If I did, it would be black and cold. Let's go back and show some footage of last week.

Video of Heyman asking VKM to give him the stip, and he'd do anything.

VKM says he has that anything in writing.

Heyman says that, of course, faced with the footage, of course he's going to tell the truth.

VKM says Heyman is incapable of telling the truth. Anything, as in anything. I could fire your right now. That might be a very good idea. Mr. Heyman, no, firing is too good for you. Tell you what's going to happen. I'm only two weeks removed from hip surgery due to Heyman and Brock.

Heyman snivels that he had nothing to do with that, Vickie Guerrero...

SHUT YOUR MOUTH! SO, NEXT WEEK, Mr. Heyman, I'm going to walk to the ring, on my crutches. Heyman, you will be there too. We're going to have a fight.

Heyman drops his mic in shock. Vickie and Maddox are standing there laughing at Heyman. Heyman sits on the bottom buckle padding, runs his hand through his three strands of hair and looks shocked.



WrestleMania Reading Challenge!


Recap of Cena challenging Punk to a match for his WrestleMania golden ticket.

Jericho & Ryback & Sheamus vs The Shield

Jericho out to the ring. Sheamus out and joins him. Ryback rounds out the team. The Shield out through the crowd to face them.

Ryback grabs Rollins and hits shoulder blocks in the corner on him. Jericho calms Ryback down to avoid the DQ. Ambrose rushes Jericho and eats a kick, then a back elbow. Lovely suplex on Ambrose! Kicks to Ambrose in a corner. Jericho whipped, but gets a foot up. Jericho sits up top, and comes off with a drop kick for two. Back elbow to Ambrose's face. Jericho runs the ropes into across body on Ambrose for two.

Sheamus tags in, Ambrose scrabbled to his corner. Reigns in yelling smack, but Sheamus with blows on Reigns. They fight around the ring, but Sheamus telegraphs and is kicked for it. Clotheslines to Reigns, then a shoulder block in a corner, then a high running knee. White noise on Reigns! Sheamus calls for it, sets up, but Rollins pulls Reigns out. Ambrose is there and eats the brogue kick! Ambrose falls out of the ring and is left sitting against the barricade, looking totally out of it.


Ambrose with a running drop kick on Sheamus. Rollins in and pins Sheamus for two. Front facelock on Sheamus. "Feed me more!" chants. Sheamus free but stomped in a corner. Reigns tags in, but Sheamus kicks him and comes back with a big clothesline! Both men are down. Ryback tags in and clotheslines Rollins, cheaps shot on Ambrose. Spine buster on Rollins. "Feed me more!" chants. Big clothesline on Rollins. Rollins up, Ryback marches, but the ref is distracted and Reigns spears Ryback. Rollins pins Ryback, but only gets two.

Ambrose stomps Ryback. Ryback tries to fight back through the "Y2J!" chants, but Ambrose on him with blows. Reigns tags in and chokes Ryback in the ropes. Reigns distracts the ref and Ambrose works Ryback over from outside. Rollins tags in and stomps on Ryback. Another kick to Ryback's head. "Feed me more!" chants from the fans as Rollins pins for two.

Ambrose tags in and hits a neckbreaker while taunting Sheamus and Jericho. Reigns tags in with blows on Ryback. Ryback ducks Reigns who gets hung up up top, the hard way – right in the slats. Ryback struggles and is able to tag out.

Jericho with clotheslines on Ambrose, cheap shot on Rollins. Running bulldog, and lionsault on Ambrose for a long two. Jericho sets up for the walls, but Ambrose free. Chop from Jericho as Ryback and Reigns fight outside. Jericho locks on the walls! Ambrose scrabbles the mat. Sheamus cuts off Reigns before he can gets to Ambrose, but then Rollins is flying off the top rope and slamming his knee into Jericho. Ambrose pins Jericho for three.

Winners – The Shield (13:41)

The Shield flee the ring and into the crowd. Reigns, for some reason, steals a chair from the front row as they flee. Video of the high points of the match.



John F. Kennedy, "Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country."

Kofi vs Sandow

Kofi is in the ring waiting. Sandow comes out, mic in hand. Sandow says, Silence the music, I am about to speak. To all of you uninformed halfwits, today is Presidents Day, a day that is very near and dear to your intellectual savior's heart. It is common knowledge that several members of the Sandow family served as personal advisers to presidents throughout history. Like my great grandfather, Ozius P. Sandow who came up with the concept of The New Deal which propelled President Roosevelt to greatness. And so, tonight, I propose a new deal. All of you nitwits remain silent (big heat here) and simply allow me to save you from the doldrums of your own self-imposed ignorance. You're welcome!

Sandow tosses the mic at Kofi and is on him with an attack. Off comes the robe and the blows are flying from both. Kofi is stomped, then sent shoulder first into the post. Outside Sandow grabs Kofi and puts Kofi on the apron and attacks with knees.

R-Truth's music and he rushes Sandow. He's on Sandow hard outside, then in the ring with a big back kick, a lot of dancing, and his scissors kick. R-Truth clotheslines Sandow from the ring. The bell was never run to start this match, so there's no winner. R-Truth checks on Kofi, gets him to his feet, makes sure he's okay. Video recap of Sandow's attack on Kofi, then R-Truth's attack on Sandow!

Ringside Segment

DJ and Adrienne are ringside and Josh asks about The Rock winning. They both talk up The Rock, then they go to a video clip of G.I. Joe: Retaliation.



Fandago, again.

Orton vs Kane

Orton out to the ring. Fire erupts, and Kane comes out to the ring. Fire from all four.

Orton waves some smoke from a corner before a side headlock on Kane. Kane pushes off and hits a shoulder block on Orton. They circle, then Orton on Kane with blows, then on Kane's left arm. Orton whipped, but puts a foot up for Kane. Orton sits up top and forearms on Kane's chest over his shoulder. Kane comes back with a blow that knocks Orton to the floor!


Chinlock on Orton on the mat. Orton to his feet, elbows out, then kicks a telegraphing Kane. Orton runs the ropes, right into a big boot for a long two. Kane stomps Orton on the mat. Another boot to the head of Orton. Kane grinds his knee into Orton's face. Orton eats corner, but then they exchange blows. Big DDT to Orton for two. Kane wrenches Orton's head to the side, then locks on a chinlock. Kane yells at Randy to kick out, but then the "Randy!" chants start. Orton whipped, eats a clothesline. Orton whipped again, but side steps Kane and is up there on the corner with blows. Big drop kick on Kane. Orton stomps around on Kane. Kane comes back with blows and a low drop kick on a sitting Orton for two.

Chinlock on Orton on the mat. Orton up and free through blows. Orton ducks Kane, then hits his (not the best) powerslam. Kane up and hits a 'vintage' sidewalk slam for two. Kane to the apron, then climbs. Kane flies and Orton ducks. Orton sends Kane to the apron, but Kane back through and then sends Orton over, but he gets caught on the top rope and lands badly up there.

Bryan stomps out the ring to distract Kane. RKO and it's over!

Winner – Orton (9:52)

Bryan stands outside staring at Kane in the ring as Orton poses. Video of the end of the match. Orton continues to pose, Kane is on the mat struggling to regain his composure.


In Ring Segment

Justin announces the University of Louisiana, Lafayette Marching Band. They're on the stage, ready and waiting. They play down the ramp, organize along the sides of the ramp, all the way down, then stop playing. King is in awe. If you smelllll... What The Rock is Cookin'! The Rock comes out to the stage, raises an eyebrow, bounces around a bit, then heads to the ring through the band. To the ring, and he poses for the fans on one corner. The Rock to the opposite corner and poses again. The Rock's music and the band stops playing.

The Rock says to Punk that last night he did everything he could to beat The Rock and showed what a real piece of walking garbage you were spitting in The Rock's face! The best in the world, two PPVs in a row, The Rock beat your ass, 1-2-3. which allowed The Rock to wake up in New Orleans, drive on I10, so The Rock can come down through the marching band, hold this WWE Championship, live, and the world is watching, and when the world is watching, they know that, Finally, The Rock has come back to Lafayette!

"Rocky!" chants. 48 days to WrestleMania. The Rock is going to WrestleMania as WWE Champion. But The Rock is not going with this! He holds up the spinner belt. You know his story, knows The Rock has been in this business a long time, born in this business, I have deep respect for the WWE Championship. When this belt, this Title was unveiled 8 years ago by a certain WWE Superstar, one of the greatest of all time (The Rock stops for yelling). When this was unveiled 8 years ago, it worked. There were some who thought this was cool. There's also some people who believe in Bigfoot! But the bottom line is this, the WWE Title should never look like a toy. It should never, ever spin! The Rock called over a hand ringside and tells them to make sure that ring makes it to the back, and into the Hall of Fame.

The Rock circles the table with the new strap under red velvet. To me, when you see the WWE Title, as a Superstars, as part of the WWE 'Universe', or watching the WWE for the first time, the WWE Title should inspire you. It should be worthy of being worn by the men who paved the way for The Rock, and every man in that locker room. Bruno Sammartino. Hulk Hogan. Bret Hart. The Rock's good buddy SCSA! With that in mind, ladies and gentlemen of Lafayette, and around the world, I give you the new WWE Championship! He unveils a WWE Title with his Brahma bull on each side of the huge WWE in the middle.

"Rocky!" chants. The Rock says, So, Lafayette, by the sound of that chant, you love the Title? The fans go wild. The Rock says you love the Title. The Rock says do you love the Title? They wanted to create something that was timeless, prestigious, but above all, something that was bad ass! The Rock puts the new belt over his shoulder! One side chanting 'Boots to asses!', the other side chanting, "Who dat!" Crazy Cajuns going on tonight. Here's the thing, the bottom line, who's The Rock going to face at WrestleMania? Is it going to be CM Punk, or John Cena? (The fans cheered for Cena more.) There's one man The Rock wants to face at WrestleMania. There's one man who brings out the very best in The Rock. For professional reasons, for personal reasons, that man is...

Cena's music hits and cuts off The Rock! Cena comes out on stage, looks down at The Rock who stares back. Cena rubs his hands together. There's a lot of reaction from the fans, good and bad, but they're getting loud watching The Rock and Cena stare at each other. Then Punk is behind Cena, swinging the old spinner belt, slamming it into Cena's back, sending him flying down the ramp. Cena is left sprawled on the ramp, face down, hat askew. Punk looks at Cena and the belt, then tosses the belt over Cena and onto the ramp. Punk points at The Rock in the ring. The Rock bounces around in the ring. "Rocky!" chants from the fans. They both keep staring. Punk turns on his heels and leaves. Cena slowly starts moving on the ramp, barely lifts his head. The Rock is still pacing in the ring.

Biggest pop
The Rock

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Most mixed

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