RAW Results 2/11/13 - The Rock Captivates The Fans, But Punk And Heyman Show True Camaraderie


Show Starts


Recap of The Shield attacking Maddox, until Cena, Ryback and Sheamus united to go after The Shield. What will happen when The Shield address Cena, Ryback and Sheamus. And The Rock will return live. Punk says The Rock will get what he deserves, as will Punk. What will happen? RAW will be electric!

In Ring Segment

Heyman is standing in the ring, huge heat from the fans. He introduces himself and gets even more heat. He asks to be able to get through this, it's not how he envisioned things going down, but something he's compelled to say it. Tonight's the last time we will ever see Paul Heyman. That may make a lot of people happy. He might be a lot of things, but will never play the victim. Everything he's done has been with great passion. He's mad great sacrifices for that passion, and those passions can betray him. For 7 ½ years he sacrificed everything, including his parents' fortune to bring us the single most entertaining and hard hitting vision. That vision was ECW. He came to the WWE and saw the most physically gifted rookie in the history of the industry. He gave of himself vision and passion. He turned that into the Next Big Thing, the people we know as Brock Lesnar. Then, he met a man who he thought was the epitome of everything the WWE audience would support, a man he knew could eclipse even Bruno Sammartino record as WWE Champ. He saw a man who would headline WrestleManias, and carry the WWE into the future, the long term future, and he should be our WWE Champ, CM Punk.

Heyman says you don't have to be Nostradamus to see into the future. He can tell us something really bad is going to happen here. That sort of Damocles is hanging over his head and will come down not just on him and on all around him. That means it will come onto Punk. Punk needs to know he'll become our Champ again. The obsessions by the McMahons will befall him and land on Punk. The sins of the mentor will land on the protege. He can't let that happen, that's why tonight, he's tendering his resignation.

You know what's funny, as someone stands out here and pours their heart out, there wouldn't be a dry eye in the house, but all he sees is cold hearted callousness. Believe him, he has as much compassion for their pathetic lives as they do for him. The one thing he won't miss is the WWE 'Universe'! See what they drive him to? Are they proud of themselves? Punk needs to be focused on the WWE Champ, and he refuses to stand in his way. Punk is the best friend he's ever had, and it might not be popular, but I love him, and I won't stand in his way. It's with that statement, he regrets the fact he can't stand out there with him and celebrate his 455th day when he defeats The Rock, at this moment (looking up he says he's sorry), I say goodbye.

Heyman stands in the ring, his bottom lip pooched out, and there's Punk's music. He comes out looking confused and shocked. Punk to Heyman, they talk off mic, then Punk grabs one of his own. He wants to know what Heyman is doing.

Heyman says he's in Punk's way. VKM thinks he arranged for The Shield to be paid off. That Maddox was paid off, he didn't but VKM thinks he did. VKM thinks he had to do with Brock, but he didn't.

Punk's says no, Heyman's too important to him and the company. These people look up to Heyman, like Punk does. There's a lot of Paul Heyman Guys out there.

Heyman says he told Punk this when he started in the WWE, with the McMahons, perception is reality. What VKM is going to do to Heyman will do to Punk. You think what happened at Royal Rumble was bad? Don't think of Heyman as a martyr, think of him as a friend. Punk has to let him go! I'm in the way.

Punk says no! This Sunday at Elimination Chamber, all this dream goes back to normal. It will be his 455th day of his historic reign. When he does, Heyman will be in his corner! The reigning Champ, Punk. They're a team!

Heyman says Punk is right, beat The Rock, he shall. He will see greatness. Punk's not only a gift from the heavens, but this Sunday, he will be the reigning WWE Champ! Heyman throws his arms around Punk in a HUGE hug! They stand clutching in the ring as Heyman tells Punk over and over that he's the best in the world.

Cole asks if that means Heyman isn't resigning? King says Heyman is just trying to upstage the Pope. Heyman and Punk raise arms high in the air in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Henry is heading for the ring.


Khali vs Henry

Khali, Natalya and Hornswoggle in the ring dancing. Henry comes stomping out to the ring. Recap of Henry's attack on RAW, then on Smackdown last week.

They start throwing blows. A big chop on Henry, then kicks in a corner. Another big chop, then a head butt, but then Henry reverses and fights back, but then eats Khali's elbow, then foot. Khali side steps Henry and chops him. Henry fights back with blows and forearms. A splash in the corner on Khali. Henry with a clothesline, Khali stands, but then falls on his own. Khali to his feet and Henry scoops him up for a WSS on Khali for three.

Winner – Henry (1:35)

Henry leaves the ring, heading for the ramp, but then stops and turns to see Hornswoggle and Natalya in the ring with Khali. Henry back into the ring. Natalya and the ref flee, but Hornswoggle doesn't see him. Henry grabs Hornswoggle for the WSS and hits it beautifully. "That's what I do!" yells Henry as he bores his eyes through me! Henry's music was slow in starting, so he stood still for a moment, then got his bad attitude back when it hit.


Backstage Segment

Long and Booker talk about the Elimination Chamber. Jericho shows up and talks about how he's been in more Elimination Chambers than anyone else in the company. He thinks he should be in the Elimination Chamber! Long says he's in. Booker say he has to impress them to get in. Long whispers an idea. Booker tells him it sucks! Booker says Jericho has to beat someone already in the Elimination Chamber. Bryan. Jericho says that Bryan is good, great whiskers too. Jericho says he'll beat Daniel Beardon and get in that Elimination Chamber and become the 7 time, 7 time, 7 time WHC, (staring at his hand the whole time) now can you dig that suckuh! Jericho takes off and Booker is left with a look of shock and amazement on his face. Long is all smiles.

Backstage Segment

Vickie says on his cell New Orleans, this Sunday, but there's a pounding on her door. Heyman comes in and Vickie says she doesn't have time for his BS. Heyman wants a stip added to the match. Vickie won't do it without VKM. Heyman talks her up, but then her cell rings, and it's VKM. Heyman demands the phone. Vickie puts it on speaker. Heyman says how sorry he is, and Brock was out of line. He knows what a Hurculean effort he's given to get back to RAW. VKM yells at Heyman to shut up, what stip does he want? Heyman says that The Rock wants to prove himself, even through count out of DQ. If The Rock is counted out or gets a DQ, the Title goes back to Punk. Heyman says he will do anything for this. VKM wants it in writing. Heyman agrees. VKM gives him the stip. Heyman goes on to say he's always thought of VKM as a father figure. VKM hangs up the phone.

In Ring Segment

Bryan comes out yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!"



Another for Fandango.

Bryan vs Jericho

Jericho with a quick roll up, then another. Arm drag, then another on Bryan. Jericho in control as Long and Booker watch on a monitor backstage. Jericho runs the ropes over and under Bryan, then into Bryan's knee. Snap mare on Jericho for two. Jericho works over Bryan's arm, then kicks him in the back. Jericho on Bryan in a corner. Bryan telegraphs and is kicked for it. Jericho is thrown out in a most messy way, then sent back in. Jericho tries for a slingshot drop kick, but Bryan ducks and Jericho lands outside. Bryan with a suicide dive through the ropes onto Jericho outside!


Bryan rolls Jericho up for two. Clothesline to Bryan, then Jericho chokes Bryan in a corner. HUGE "Y2J!" chants. Jericho runs into bry's foot, then eats a drop kick. Bryan whipped, runs up and over Jericho, but takes shoulder blocks. Jericho over the top, but stays on the apron. Jericho up and lands on his feet. They're facing off, Bryan rushes Jericho in the corner, but Jericho counter. Lionsault, but Bryan gets his knees up. Bryan climbs, but Jericho up knocks him to sitting up top. Chop to Bryan, Jericho up, sets up, but Bryan blocks. Bryan pushes Jericho back, stands up top, hits his flying head butt for a long two.

Bryan shakes his head to the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants. Knees to Jericho's head. Jericho tries to lock on the walls, and manages to do it! Jericho sits down hard, but Bryan rolls in and counters with his "NO!" lock, but can't lock it in. Jericho counters, but Bryan sends Jericho flying. Kick to Jericho's head for a long two.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" to Bryan's "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Bryan with kicks to Jericho's chest, but Jericho reverses and hits a codebreaker for three!

Winner – Jericho (10:40)

Jericho will be in the Elimination Chamber on Sunday! Video of the high points of the match. Jericho looks sore, holding the back of his head, but waves to the fans with a smile. The fans are wild for him. Jericho, Orton, Bryan and Henry are in the Elimination Chamber this Sunday. Two spots are still open.


WWE Rewind

The Shield attacked Maddox in the ring last week, then Cena, Ryback and Sheamus came through the stands at them. The Shield tries to flee, but the other Superstars who have tangled with The Shield stopped them. The Shield took a beating, then fled.

3MB vs Cena & Sheamus & Ryback

3MB in the ring playing air guitar. Sheamus out to the ring. Ryback out to join him. Cena out to round out the team. During the break they made fun of Cena, Ryback and Sheamus.

Ryback in, Slater decides to start and runs his mouth before air guitar. He pushes Ryback who kicks Slater to the mat. Slater up high, then dropped to the mat. Sheamus tags in, as does Drew, with hip thrusts. Sheamus on Drew in a corner. Drew whipped, gets his feet up and control on Sheamus, but then Drew to the apron and takes the forearms from Sheamus, and he didn't hold back. Hip toss into the ring, and Cena tags in. Mahal tags in. Mahal talks smack, then slaps Cena. Cena slaps him down, then slams him to the mat. 5 knuckle shuffle, then Cena pulls Mahal up, but 3MB rush the ring. All men in and all of 3MB up. AA, shellshock and white noise in unison. Cena pins Mahal for three.

Winners – Cena & Sheamus & Ryback (2:51)

They celebrate, then video of the big finishers. Ryback says Sunday is the day he's waited for. The way he will feast on The Shield! Sheamus says that for the past couple months they've heard 'believe in The Shield'. He doesn't know why they shouldn't get their own justice tonight. Cena gets the mic to a lot of heat. Cena says The Shield will be there, tonight. Why come out to the ring and leave themselves vulnerable. It's a bold choice, but also a bad one. Tonight The Shield meets the sword. Justice meets the law! He's Sheamus, he's Ryback, I'm Cena, you want some? Come get some! Big hug on Cena from Sheamus. All three are riled up an ready for more! "Feed me more!" chants.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about how Big Show won on Smackdown, but found a major surprise. ADR on the tron with Big Show's driver and lackey. ADR removed the back tires from Big Show's tour bus, then dumped orange paint all over Big Show from the top of the bus. Ricardo drives the tow truck away with ADR riding on the back. Big Show stood there crying.

King says earlier Yoshi and Riley talked backstage about how Big Show is hiding in his bus. Riley said that Big Show looked like the world's largest, fattest traffic cone! Yoshi says, giant carrot. Then Big Show attacks them both from behind and leaves them laying as he stomps off with a pissed off look on his face.


In Ring Segment

Big Show's music and he comes stomping out in a beautifully cut black suit and dark blue shirt, no tie. Striker is in the ring and asks Big Show if he feels... Big Show punches him out. Big Show takes the mic off the mat and thinks for a moment before speaking. Big Show shakes, almost seething, but still doesn't speak through the heat from the fans. Striker doesn't move, Big Show seems to regroup, almost speaks, but the "Boring!" chants start filtering through the arena. Big Show paces some more, listens to the scattered chants of how boring he is, thinks some more, almost says something mean and nasty, but then stops himself. More yells, shouts, then he throws down the mic on Striker and the fans cheer. Big Show stomps out. King says Big Show knew he couldn't say anything that the censors would like.

Announce Segment

King talks some more about Big Show, then Cole talks about the HOF. Foley, Backlund, Trish, then last week's historic announcement. They again show that fantastic video for Bruno Sammartino. On Dot.com is a great interview of Sammartino by Triple H!


Ryder vs Swagger

Ryder is in the ring. Swagger comes down to the ring, stomping and looking pissed. Behind him is an older man in a field vest with a beard and handlebar mustache. King and Cole are confused. King says it's before Cole's time and it's Zebekiah Coulter, and he's a real nutter! (Uncle Zebekiah - also known as Dutch Mantel - was a manager who once worked with Justin 'Hawk' Bradshaw.)

Swagger lifts Ryder and slams him to the mat. Ryder set up top, then a hand rubbed in Ryder's face. Ryder pushes Swagger off and lands a missile drop kick. Ryder works Swagger over, Swagger rolls out. Ryder flies out over the top, but Swagger catches Ryder and nails him with a belly-to-belly out there! Swagger slides Ryder in for two. Swagger with blows on Ryder. Ryder whipped, then takes a chop block to the knee. Ryder pulls himself up in a corner, but takes a hard knee. Swagger rushes Ryder again and eats knees. Ryder rushes Swagger, but is caught up on Swagger. Swagger bombs Ryder into a corner. Gut wrench on Ryder, then the Patriot Act and Ryder taps out.

Winner – Swagger (2:33)

Video of the high points of the match, into the ankle lock. Swagger has a mic and introduces his friend. A native and great American, Zeb Coulter! Zeb asks what's wrong with America? He and Swagger know, but most don't know. They laid in a ditch in Vietnam because they were real Patriots. Now they look around and don't see faces like theirs. Where did all these people come from? How do we get rid of them? We, the people! Real Americans know the truth, Zeb Coulter knows the truth. Jack Swagger knows the truth. It's the land of the free, home of the brave, not home to whoever crosses the borders! They're real Patriots and real people!

Backstage Segment

Booker says Swagger has been unstoppable. Long says he knows Zeb from back in the day. Booker says Swagger is in. Ziggler comes up and says that now Jericho is in too? Booker says Ziggler gave up his chance. AJ says Ziggler has a contract! Ziggler says he got Jericho fired! Jericho doesn't deserve a Title Match at WrestleMania! If Jericho's in, he's in! Booker asks that Ziggler wants in? Big E steps up and says that yeah, Ziggler wants in! Booker says one more man wants in, so Ziggler faces him. Ziggler agrees, then asks who. Big Red Machine, Kane! Long and Booker laugh at this.

Announce Segment

They talk about Miz TV with Heyman. They go to that video. Brock comes out and trashes both Miz and his set to protect Heyman.

In Ring Segment

Miz out to the ring, looking quite focused on his way out.


Miz vs Rhodes

Rhodes is in the ring, Cesaro is on announce.

They lock up. Side headlock on Miz. Miz pushes off and takes a clothesline. Rhodes on Miz, Miz rolls through and kicks Rhodes for two. Right on Miz, then Rhodes hangs Miz up and kicks him in the chest. Cesaro verbally attacks Miz. Sounds like a "Goldberg" chant, but no clue why! Arm hold on Miz on the mat. Knee then head butt to Rhodes. Clothesline and flapjack on Rhodes, then the fans a little behind Miz, but not much. Rhodes reverses Miz's moves, but Miz rolls out and lands Rhodes head first on the apron. Cesaro up, but he eats a boot. Rhodes face first on announce, then rolled in. Cesaro is pissed and sends Miz into the post.

Winner – Miz via DQ (3:04)

Cesaro picks up Miz by the legs and swings him into the barricade. Cesaro stands there and swings Miz back and forth, side to side, slamming Miz into the barricade to the right and left like a doll! (Is this his dressing down and beating for what happened with Punk at the house show this past weekend? Will address this more in RIB!)


WrestleMania Reading Challenge. Natalya talks about reading. Clay says when he's not on Planet Funk, he's the biggest bookworm! Fox also talks up reading. They read to the kids, and talk about the WrestleMania Reading Challenge.


Primo & Epico w/ Rosa vs Funkasaurus & Tensai w/ Dactyls

Primo and Epico in the ring dancing with Rosa. Funkasaurus comes out with his Dactyls in blue, Tensai in tow. Tensai paces while the rest dance in the ring.

Primo kicks at Tensai, but takes a head butt. Tensai dances a bit, takes Primo down, then tags out. Looks like problems between Tensai and Clay, Primo tries to slam their heads together, but it doesn't work. Epico tags in and is worked over by Clay, then splashed. Back slam by Tensai who tagged in. Epico pinned for three.

Winners – Tensai & Funkasaurus (1:11)

Funkasaurus gets Tensai dancing. Rosa into the ring, yelling at Tensai, but the Dactyls take her down and out, hard! They then all go back to dancing.


In Ring Segment

The Shield is making their way to the ring, through the crowd, as per usual. They each get their own mic. Ambrose says that they're The Shield. They stand united in the ring with the sole purpose of shielding the WWE from atrocities! Atrocities like Cena makes every night. He threatened The Shield.

Rollins says Cena, Sheamus and Ryback think they will accomplish something by threatening The Shield. When The Shield wants to say something, they do it through action!

Reigns says that they're threatening The Shield? They are threatening The Shield? They want The Shield? Come get them!

All three call for them to come out, but when they don't run right out there, Ambrose says an empty threat from an empty guy. An empty threat from three morally empty individuals.

Reigns says they couldn't get the job done last week with the whole roster. They could bring the whole world, and they'll still be standing.

Reigns says Cena failed. He failed last week, he fail everyday when he gets up and exists. This Sunday, at Elimination Chamber will be no different. At the hands of The Shield, Cena will fail again.

Ambrose says, that's right, he will fail. Cena is a failure, that's why they don't like him. He's not just s Superstar, he's a philosophy. It's not what he's done, it's what he fails to do. The example he fails to set, everyday. Smiling his day away in his little bubble. In his little world, he can do no wrong. He can do and say whatever he wants, but no consequences. That's not the real world, the world they live in. That's what they call, The John Cena Problem!

Reigns says Cena's the problem and has been the problem for the past decade! We, The Shield, are the solution.

Reigns says whether it was Cena's idea or not, but he paved the way for the Sheamuses and Rybacks of the world. Cena laid the groundwork for an entire generation to believe in the system, to believe in Cena! This Sunday they have an opportunity to recify a decade of injustice in one fell swoop!

Ambrose says that this Sunday they walk in together and out together, those three might not walk out at all! Breathe as much fresh air as they can now, because on Sunday The Shield will drown you! Believe that!

Reigns yells, BELIEVE THAT!

Rollins asks where they at, huh?

Ambrose says it's their last chance boys, they're right there, The Shield isn't going anywhere. They drop mics and stand in the ring as the women and children chant for Cena.

The lights go out!

Fighting can be heard in the ring as the lights come up. Cena on Reigns, Ryback on Ambrose, Sheamus on Rollins. Cena clotheslines Reigns from the ring. Sheamus clotheslines Rollins out. Meathook clothesline on Ambrose, then they flee, but Cena, Ryback and Sheamus stop them ringside and keep up the fight. They fight through the stands. Cena with blows on Reigns up the stairs until Reigns turns tail and runs. Sheamus and Ryback are also left standing in the stands without any members of The Shield to fight. Ryback gets the "Feed me more!" chants going as they all slap hand with the fans and the announcers go wild with excitement.


Cole sets up for Heyman's opening the show with his love-fest for Punk, and his resigning. Then Punk won't let Heyman leave, they then show their friendship through a tight and manly hug.

Backstage Segment

ADR and Ricardo are heading for the ring, they're all smiles.


Sandow vs ADR w/ Ricardo

Sandow out, mic in hand. Silence the music, I am about to speak. With the shame of last night's Grammy Awards behind us, sadly they find themselves in the mecca of country music, Nashville, TN. That is not a good thing! This city prides itself in glorifying songs about dead dogs, broken down pickup trucks, and overly sensitive ignoramuses getting their hearts broken. And you choose to listen to this music as opposed to Beethoven and Motzart. Shameful at best! I am doing this not... silence! I am doing this not to agitate you, but to save you from the doldrums of your own self-imposed inadequacies. You're welcome! Cole talks about Sandow being the Jerk of The Month in the WWE Magazine this month. Justin announces Ricardo who announces ADR who comes out to HUGE pop! ADR and Ricardo slap hands and exchange pleasantries with fans on their way to the ring. ADR poses for the fans.

Sandow kicks ADR, then on him with knees. ADR slammed ot the mat, then the elbow of disdain. 'You're welcome!' Sandow eats the corner, then clotheslines from ADR. Back breaker on Sandow and ADR is pumped up. "Si!" chants. Kick to the jaw of a kneeling Sandow for two.

ADR gets the fans chanting again, but is blocked by Sandow. ADR locks on his cross arm breaker and Sandow taps out.

Winner – ADR (1:18)

Ricardo announces ADR the winner. Video of the high points of the match. ADR says he saw Big Show out there and he gave the best promo of his life, didn't say anything! For the first time in his life, he agrees with Big Show. The time for talking is over. The time for hotels, parking lots and tour buses is over. Once he finished Big Show this Sunday, he can take his tour bus anywhere, even Mexico, because there's only one place ADR is going. ADR looks up at the sign and yells WrestleMania!

Backstage Segment

Barrett is heading for the ring to face Kofi. But he's blind sided by Bo Dallas! Dallas attacks Barrett and beats him down until he was peeled off by the refs. Barrett is left holding the side of his face on the floor!



Another for Fandango.

Kofi vs Barrett

Kofi to the ring. Video of Kofi facing Barrett on 12/31/12, where Barrett beat Kofi for the IC Title. Barrett staggers out with his shirt ripped, still holding his face from being attacked by Bo Dallas.

Kofi on Barrett with kicks, then a blow to that side of his face. Kofi telegraphs and is kicked for it. Kofi is taken down, then stomped. Knees to Kofi, then a short clothesline for two. Barrett on Kofi with a chinlock. Kofi struggles to his feet, then a jaw breaker on Barrett. Double hand clotheslines and drop kick to Barrett. Barrett reverses Kofi, but takes Barrett down with feet. Kofi off the second ropes and lands belly first on Barrett's back for two. Kofi on Barrett hard, then up with a crossbody for a long two.

Kofi elevates out, Kofi off the top, but then Barrett's big side slam on Kofi for two. Barrett loads the elbow and waits for Kofi to get to his feet. Kofi ducks. Barrett ducks TIP. Barrett pulls the apron up and gets Kofi wrapped in it. Barrett with his elbow on Kofi, then comes in for three.

Winner – Barrett (3:16)

Video of Barrett with the apron on Kofi and the win. Barrett is yelling that Dallas is a dumb kid and to come on now!


Kane vs Ziggler

Fire erupts and out comes Kane. Fire from all four, then the Elimination Chamber picture to show there's one space left. Ziggler comes out with AJ (wearing skinny jeans – one leg black, the other black with skulls – red Chucks, and a red belly shirt that has one long sleeve one completely bare arm and shoulder) and and Big E.

Ziggler on Kane with blows and kicks, but then into a back elbow. Ziggler eats the corner, then blows. Kane struggle with Ziggler on the mat for two. Long and Booker are watching backstage. Snap mare on Ziggler, but then Kane runs into a drop kick for two. Ziggler kicks at Kane on the mat as AJ looks on. Ziggler backs Kane into a corner with blows. Big shot to Ziggler, then another. Ziggler is kicked to the mat. Ziggler runs the ropes, over Kane, then taken down hard. Ziggler flees the ring really fast to get away from Kane. AJ tends to him outside.


Ziggler is whipped and clotheslined in the corner, but the second time in eats foot. Ziggler sits up top, Kane slaps him off the corner to the floor. Kane out and Big E backs off. The distraction gives Ziggler the time to send Kane into the barrier. Ziggler into the ring, but then Kane up on the apron and takes a DDT through the ropes – but not like Orton's DDT. Ziggler hits his epic elbows as the fans count for him. Ziggler pins for two.

Chinlock on Kane as he is on his knees on the mat. Kane up and free through blows. Ziggler tries for a crossbody and is caught. Ziggler reverses into a DDT for two. Ziggler tries to splash Kane in a corner, but Kane moves and Ziggler eats corner. Kane pins Ziggler for a long two. Ziggler whipped and clotheslined, then the opposite side. Kane tries for a side slam, but Ziggler locks on his sleeper. Kane peels him off, but Ziggler back with the zig-zag for two.

Ziggler is shrugged off by Kane and runs into a side slam for two. Kane climbs, but AJ on the apron. Ziggler ducks Kane, but is sent into the ropes and AJ. Big E catches AJ as she flies. Ziggler is distracted watching AJ and runs into the chokeslam for three.

Winner – Kane (10:35)

Video of the high points of the match. Kane, Bryan, Swagger, Orton, Henry and Jericho are in the Elimination Chamber! Kane leaves the ring as fans yell to him.



Cole calls in an inside look at the Elimination Chamber. Going to WrestleMania, but to solidify that dream, they have to go through the Elimination Chamber. It reminds men who enter that their merely flesh and bones. Welcome to the belly of the beast. Two men start the match, the other four are locked in their chambers. Randomly Superstars are added to the match. Every man for himself. Eliminated through pinfall or submission and will main event WrestleMania. No one leaves the Elimination Chamber the same, but the winner will face the Champion at WrestleMania.

In Ring Segment

If you smelllll... What The Rock is Cookin'! Out comes The Rock to HUGE pop from the fans in Nashville. He bounces around on the stage a bit before heading to the ring. He poses on a corner for the fans, Title belt in hand. Then to the opposite corner for more posing and adoration.

His music ends and the fans are wild! "Rocky!" chants. He's all smiles for the fans showing their love. He says this is a very special night. Not only tonight are we sold out. But The Rock has been waiting a very long time to say this. Finally, The Rock has come back to Nashville! "Rocky!" chants. Nashville, you're a very special city to The Rock. You want to know why? The Rock said, you want to know why? The Rock can't hear you, do you want to know why?

The fans go wild for The Rock.

Right now we're going to have some fun, because right now is story time with The Rock! And this is a true story. Some of you may even know this story. In 1987 a 15 year old The Rock and his family moved to Nashville, TN. The Rock signed up for high school. McGavock High School! The Rock wasn't just any ordinary 15 year old. He was already 6'4", 220lbs! That's right. The Rock kicked puberty's candy ass! By the way, at McGavock, didn't matter The Rock didn't get no play from the girls, because the girls thought The Rock was an undercover cop! So naturally, at 15, The Rock ended up hanging out at a bar listening to country music, right here on Broadway! Hanging out with my buddy Downtown Bruno. When in walked someone magical. Not Jeff Jarrett. (The Rock smirks at the camera for that jab!) And not who The Rock had hoped, Willie Nelson. In walked, a crackhead. That crackhead said to everyone in the bar, does anyone here want to buy a car? He pointed to a busted up 1979 blue Thunderbird he'd parked right outside. Everybody in that bar wisely ignored the crackhead, except for one person.

The 15 year old Rock!

The Rock thought bar, car, crackhead, what could possibly go wrong? He got up and asked the crackhead how much. He said $75. The Rock said okay, I'll give you $40, and in an hour, I'll come back and give you the rest. That's right, at 15 years old The Rock was in a bar hustling a crackhead. Crackhead took the money, gave The Rock the keys. The Rock is driving, driving down the road, The Rock feeling like the king of the road, then he heard something in the back. Something was moving! But The Rock was too excited, he had a new ride, had hustled it from a crackhead, didn't realize that the something in the backseat was another crackhead!

The Rock pulled the car over, said get out Cracky, this is The Rock's ride now. Then The Rock's driving down the road, but then another thought. Another thought came up. The Rock couldn't get rid of a thought that maybe, just maybe, this car is stolen. You'll be proud. So The Rock did the most mature, responsible thing he could do at 15 years old... (The Rock stops here and tries not to laugh. He hears something to the side, and tells the person who yelled that he didn't report it to the cops.) He did the best thing he could do at 15, waited until 2am, dumped the bitch in a Burger King parking lot and walked my ass back to Tootsies Lounge!

"Rocky!" chants as The Rock looks around. There's two takeaways from this story. The first – If you're going to buy a car, don't ever, and The Rock means ever, buy a car from a crackhead! The second part to this story – don't be like The Rock at 15, doing all the things he shouldn't be doing. Instead, be like The Rock 25, that's when I took control of my life. At 25 was when I had my first match Nashville Fairgrounds. Working in the flea markets, wrestling in the used car dealerships for $40 a night all with the dream of becoming what The Rock is today and will be after the Elimination Chamber, WWE Champion!

Punk's music hits and The Rock goes serious. Out comes Punk with Heyman in tow, but neither with mics obviously in their hands.

Oh, you decided to come out here. The last time Nashville saw you, you were (The Rock stumbles over his words here a bit, but recovers) reenacting a love scene from Twilight. You had the homeless looking vampire boy, hugging on the big fat hairy werewolf.

Punk looks over his shoulders to see who The Rock is talking about. Punk puts an arm around his good friend's shoulder.

Paul Heyman, you want to stack the deck against The Rock, you and Vince McMahon, want to add your stipulations, want to stack the deck against The Rock, well The Rock will say what he says everyday, bring it! CM Punk, you want to stand up there and smile, tell you what, The Rock is going to make it perfectly clear, The Rock is going to beat your ass this weekend at the Elimination Chamber. And if you walk down that ramp, The Rock will beat your ass all over Nashville.

The fans are wild, and The Rock drops the mic. Off comes The Rock's shirt. The fans go wild and Punk heads for the ring, Heyman in tow. At the bottom of the ramp Punk stops and stops Heyman. Off mic Heyman tells Punk he has his back.

Punk rushes the ring, but The Rock is on Punk with blows. Punk backed into a corner, taking blows to the gut. Then Punk reverses and is on The Rock with blows to the gut, then a knee. Side headlock on The Rock, then a forearm to The Rock's face. The Rock comes back with a spinebuster! The Rock is pumped up, is setting up for The People's Elbow, but Heyman trips The Rock! The Rock looks at Heyman, then turns right around into Punk. Punk gets The Rock up and hits a lovely GTS. The Rock is sprawled out on the mat as Punk picks up the WWE Championship belt and stares down at The Rock. Punk takes the strap and leaves the ring with it over his shoulder. Punk struts up the ramp to the stage. The Rock is struggling to his knees and looks up the ramp at Punk and Heyman.

Punk had a mic and says, story time is over Rock, I want you to understand one thing. Every time you want to bring it, because it belongs to me, I'm just going to take it. Punk then poses with the belt yelling, off mic, that he's the best in the world. Heyman yells to Punk that he's best in the world. "Rocky!" chants are starting as The Rock, still on his knees, stares up the ramp at Punk and Heyman as RAW fades to black.

Biggest pop
The Rock

Biggest heat
Heyman & Punk
The Shield

Most Mixed

I have a question I need to ask the readers of the Live RAW Results. Do you prefer when I write as if I'm narrating what the Superstars are saying, or if I write as the Superstar is speaking, the way I did with The Rock tonight. I haven't been able to decide which flows better, but as you are the readers, your opinion matters most. I think it's easier to write it the way I did for The Rock here, but if the other way is preferred, I will stick with that. As always, your input will only make my writing better, and I'm here for you.

Thanks for reading,

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