WWE Main Event Results (7/24/13) - A Real American Faces a Bruised Irish Warrior

WWE Main Event

Theme song starts us off this week. Bray Wyatt and RVD have been added to it. Sheamus' music hits for the opening match of the night! Josh Mathews and The Miz talk about the bruise Sheamus received during one of the ladder matches at MITB. Swagger enters with Zeb Colter, no Cesaro. Colter asks "Where am I?". He then asks if he's in America or Mexico, as they are in Texas. Sheamus should be ashamed of himself for sneaking across the border.

Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger

Lock up, Swagger goes after the bruised leg. Lock up again, headlock take down to Jack. Swagger repeats the move onto Sheamus. Swagger punches the leg to get out of a head submission. Swagger wraps Sheamus up in the ropes. They each take turns beating up the other in the corner. Swagger continues to focus on the thigh. They trade big punches, clothesline from Sheamus, pin and kickout. Swagger avoids going into the turnbuckle and unloads with punches. Sheamus slams him to the mat for a two. Colter gets on the steps, while Swagger throws Sheamus to the outside. Jack tackles the leg, and throws Sheamus into the steps.


After the break, Sheamus and Swagger are trading punches in the ring. Jack applies a hold onto the left leg. Sheamus kicks and punches Swagger off of him. Jack puts him on the turnbuckle upside-down and attacks with kicks. Swagger Bomb connects for a nearfall. Jack goes to the turnbuckle and does a We the People stance. Sheamus attacks him, puts Jack on his shoulders and falls backwards. Punches are thrown, Irish Hammers, followed by the Irish Curse backbreaker for a two. Sheamus limps on the apron to the turnbuckle, but delivers a shoulderblock over the ropes for another two.

Sheamus goes for Texas Cloverleaf, but Swagger gets out. Jack tries for gut-wrench, Sheamus powers out and flips Swagger over the ropes to the outside. Sheamus hits the ten forearms to the chest, and back into the ring. Swagger slams Sheamus to the mat for a two. Jack tries for the Patriot Lock, Sheamus kicks him away. Swagger locks it in, Sheamus crawls to the ropes. Jack drags Sheamus' legs in between the post, Sheamus kicks him away. Once Swagger gets back in the ring, Sheamus connects with the Brouge Kick for the three.

Winner: Sheamus - by pinfall (15:12)

Mathews and Miz talk about CM Punk being betrayed by Paul Heyman and then brutally attacked by Brock Lesnar a couple weeks ago on Raw.

Raw Rebound: Punk wants Lesnar at SummerSlam. Via satellite, Heyman accepts the challenge. "The Best" CM Punk will face "The Beast" Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam!

Mr. MITB Damien Sandow will be on later in the show.


Sin Cara is on his way out for the next match. Instead of the big jacket, he's wearing a small one with a hood. He's facing Drew McIntyre of 3MB.

Sin Cara vs. Drew McIntyre

Cara ducks a punch, and hits a couple kicks. Drew catches Cara, outs him on the turnbuckle. Sin Cara goes for a crossbody, turned into a couple of armdrags. Sin Cara did a back flip and landed on his stomach. On the apron, Sin Cara kicks Drew, but Slater throws Cara down outside, allowing McIntyre some time. Drew slams Cara into the apron. In the ring, Drew kicks Sin Cara, but then is countered with a couple kicks. Flying elbow connects, and then an armdrag and hurricanrana that sends McIntyre out. Cara flips out onto 3MB who catches Sin Cara and throws him back into the ring. Cara nails a hurricanrana for the win.

Winner: Sin Cara - by pinfall (3:47)


The Miz will be the host of this year's SummerSlam.

Raw Rebound: Cena and Bryan had a contract signing for their match at SummerSlam. Maddox puts Bryan into multiple matches. Bryan beats Swagger by submission. After a great match, Bryan knocks off Cesaro with a roll-up. Then Daniel is put up against Ryback. Bryan wins by DQ as Ryback sends him through a table. Cena makes the save, and attacks Ryback. Cena challenges Ryback to a tables match. Maddox tells Mr. McMahon that the main event is set for next week. Vince asks about Bryan. Daniel will face Kane.

Cena faces Ryback in a tables match, Bryan faces Kane next Monday on Raw.

Sandow enters with the blue briefcase and a mic. It is his duty to free us from these false idols. We don't know what it's like to win a MITB ladder match, or anything at that. Sandow's facing Justin Gabriel after the commercial break.


On SmackDown, World Champion Alberto Del Rio will go one-on-one with Rob Van Dam!

Damien Sandow vs. Justin Gabriel

Lock up, Sandow pulls Gabriel's hair. Sandow locks in a hold on Justin's arm, and is sent into the ropes. Gabriel trips Sandow, pin. Backslide on Damien, kickout. Sandow with punches and then headbutts in the corner. Sandow kicks Gabriel down, and applies a headlock. Sandow is rolled-up. Sandow pins Justin, kickout. Another headlock applied on Justin. Clothesline from the turnbuckle connects onto Sandow. Gabriel goes for 450, Sandow hits the ropes to make him fall.


Sandow kicks Justin, followed by knee drops for a two. Abdominal stretch applied by Damien. Gabriel switches it into one of his own. Justin with punches, but is then hit with a knee. Elbow of Disdain connects from Sandow. Damien wraps his legs around Gabriel. Justin gets out, but can't escape punches. Gabriel flips Sandow to the outside. Justin dropkicks Sandow from the ropes for a nearfall. Gabriel connects with an elbow drop, which allows Gabriel to connect with the moonsault. Sandow slams Gabriel down for a nearfall. Gabriel with a roll-up, but Sandow kicks out. Damien connects with his new finisher for the victory.

Winner: Damien Sandow - by pinfall (11:29)

Mathews and Miz sign out by reminding us to catch Del Rio vs. RVD on SmackDown!

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